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February 20, 2024 2 mins
Jaxon Thinks He's Witnessing a Robbery 02/16/24
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Yesterday, I'm watching some TV onthe couch. Okay, nobody's home with
me other than Jackson. And Jacksonis outside in the backyard up in the
little treehouse, playing with his friendBrigham, okay, and I hear a
knock on the door. Oh god, I'm like, shoot me, I
don't want to get up. Idon't want to answer the door. So

I just kind of sit there fora second. I do. Sarah comes
in the back door, in throughthe sun room, and she says,
is that someone at the door?Said? Yeah? She said, down,
Are you going to get it?I was like no, Dad,
I said, well, is ita kid? I was thinking, you

know, maybe one of Jackson's friendsor whatever. And she looks She's like,
Dad, no, that's a man. She's like, will you answer
it? She said, will youplease get up and get the door now?
Okay, if it's a guy,I'm gonna I'm gonna have to get
up pay that one. Okay.So I go to the door and it's
a guy asking about a grill wehave just setting out back of our garage.

Okay, well, this is agrill we've had for probably about a
year, and it was given tous by a friend who told me that
it needed a part to be fixed. You done, Oh, Dave never
got around to it. Okay,And I'm not really a fixer, yeah,
okay, it's like I like tobuy things that work. So but

I really did have good intentions of, you know, fixing it and using
it. It never happened. Tracygot tired of it just sitting in the
garage, so she set it outback garage, right, and it's set
out there probably a couple of months, no kidding. So this guy says,
I was just wondering about your grillout back, you know, if

you're doing anything with it. Isaid, actually, you could have it.
He said, oh wow, wereally appreciate that. Probably take it.
So he leaves and drives around,and I'm just kind of watching through
you know, the the blinds orwhatever. And then I go and sit
down on the couch. Suddenly Iget a text from Jackson Dad, some
guy is taking the hibachi thing.And then he says, Dad, Dad,

Dad, Oh my god, saidJackson. No, it's okay,
I said. He and Jackson andhis friend Brigham are up in the treehouse
just watching this go down. Thisguy trying to load that's fantastic rail in
the back of his true and I'mwatching and by the way, they had
Jackson's airsoft guns. And he toldme later he was like, we were

thinking of starting to shoot him becauseI wish, oh my gosh, I
just would have happened that Jackson's
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