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February 21, 2024 1 min
Just Wanna Do Nothing 02/20/24
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Pretty much. Our whole family hadthe day off yesterday for President's Day.
Nice. Tyler did have his collegeclass at O you. Yeah, they
don't close Southern Campus. Yeah,sorry, son still got to go to
class. Yeah, college classes don'tstop. Yeah, you don't. You
don't have to go to high highschool your high school classes, but you
gotta go to college. But yougotta go to college class. That's right.
And I asked Tracy, I said, oh my, should we have

a lunch date today? Should youand I go out for lunch? He
said, oh no, I'm notleaving the house all day. I don't
blame you. Girlfriend did oh,I am not leaving today. I said,
you know we have basketball tonight.Well I'm skipping it. She did
not say that, but she didsay, oh crap, are you seriously?

I mean, it's so nice.You don't understand how much women have
to do just to go outside.It was a pretty big game, though,
final they're always the big game sectionthe state tournament is done under way.
Oh lord, you've got rock Hill, You've got Ironton going head to
head. You can't do Facebook liveso she can watch it from home?

Well, I mean usually she goesFacebook live, so a lot of people
count on her. Well, itwould be counting on you, buddy.
She had sixty some people watching.Oh lord, So she can't let the
masses down. Yeah, that's whyI don't get that started
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