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February 20, 2024 2 mins
Leo Playing with Trains 02/16/24
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Oh, Dave, yes, Jen. So last night we went to Mimi
and Pop's house for dinner as he'sparents. But so I did not know
what. They always have toys forLeo, you know, and a lot
of the toys, by the way, it used to be Presley's toys because
Leo plays with anything and everything,Okay, okay, yeah, Well,
they have this huge track that wasdonated to them that is like, I

don't know, it's like this big, huge construction looking thing. And then
it's got like a track that youcan connect all these tracks too, so
it's this huge long loop of atrack. Now. Nice. And they
have these Thomas the train trains okaythat turn on by themselves so they move
alone. Right, so fun.So Leo literally will spend hours in their

upstairs bedroom it's actually Shannon's old bedroom, okay, and they will he will
spend hours up there literally. Johntold me yesterday he was like, oh
when they came over last weekend andhung out for a little while, he
was up here for four hours.I was like, oh my god,
are you serious. He was likejust playing the whole time with these trains.
I was like, oh my god, Ama, dude. Well,
and but here's the deal. Yeah, he is the most frustrating little boy
to play with. Okay, whybecause so the track is not exactly,

you know, sturdy, Okay,I mean it does. It goes up
and down, so you kind ofgot us support it with a support beams.
And they're grabbing other toys trying tosupport the crash. And what does
Leo do. He thinks those areother toys to play with, so he
takes them out from underneath the track. It falls, so then you gotta
put the track back and be like, dude, stop touching it. And
then he takes the trains like he'llput them on the track and watch them

go. And then before they startup their little journey to go back up
the other track, he grabs itreal quick. He grabs train off the
track and takes them all off,and then he starts it again. Really
stop it let them go around.Yeah, exactly, dude, he needs
to figure that out. Well,he's just very frustrating to play with it.
Okay. Then as we're sitting thereand all the trains are on the
track and everything looks like it's goinggreat, then he kicks the track and

he starts and it of course itcrashes and it falls over. I'm like,
dude, stops. But I mean, that's just his way of playing,
and it's fine, jin he doesn'thave to play your way. Well,
then I don't want to play anymore.
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