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February 21, 2024 1 min
The 3-3-3 Program 02/20/24
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This company is doing something pretty interesting. They are paying their employees to socialize
with one another. Jen. Whyyes, So it's called the three three
three program. It lets three ormore. There can be more than three
employees expense food and drinks as longas they go out together dop it after

three pm. Uh so there yougo. It covers about thirty bucks per
person and does not require like apre approval or anything. They just have
to post a photo. Are thenkidding me that we're hanging out together?
Come on, Jen? I meanI think we could do three okay,

me, you and another failing,and then that's about all oh that I
want to do. Okay, butyou're getting paid for it, So I
mean your drinks, your food's covered, not you know, things you can't
buy, Dave, my time withothers. I like to keep that pretty

close. So if our company woulddo this, you wouldn't take advantage.
Well, I mean, like Isaid, I can do it once with
with you, and and and andwith another and and and that's it,
and that's it and then I'm good,
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