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February 20, 2024 2 mins
The No Beard Look 02/16/24
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So Sarah's boyfriend Clayton shaved his beard, ah out of the blue yesterday,
Ah, and didn't warn Sarah.Ah, you know you got to throw
something out there to warn. Yeah. Okay, so it did remind me
of a situation. But here's thething. He can pull it off.
Okay, he can pull off theno facial hair look. I think a

lot of men can when they're younger. Okay, I do think that makeup.
I'm sorry, A beard is likemakeup, you know, to men.
Yeah, I do think sometimes itreally changes your look. Oh.
Absolutely. Okay. Here's the deal. When Sarah was about five years old,
we were living in Texas. Tyleris about a year old at the

time. I had quite a bitof time off at work at Christmas time.
Sarah asked me if I would shavemy beard. Okay. She had
never seen my face cleanly shaved it. Okay, And I said, you
know what, neither has your mom. Oh Tracy had never seen my chin
at that point. Now, backthen, I didn't have a full beard.
I kind of had the sideburns andthen like a goatee. Right,

but Tracy had never seen my bearchin. Okay, Well you gotta see
the bear chin. I mean,I can't believe she married. I can't
believe it either. She didn't knowwhat she was getting into, because once
I shaved, she was like,oh my, oh my, let's never
do that again. Oh my,honey, don't worry, I will never
do this again. Worried. Ididn't leave the house for two weeks.

My goodness, it changes my looksso much. I mean, I get
it. So it was like Clayton, you've got nothing to worry about,
Bud, you can pull this off. Dave can not, and never again
have I shaved or will I shavemy beard ever? Oh come on,
no, listen, it's that bad. It's not that bad, Yes it

is, Oh my goodness. Maybeone day I'll make a bet down the
road. Good, I'll keep thatin the back of the mine, buddy,
oh my, And that'll be howI take it off. Then I'll
immediately grow it back. But listen, Dave should not be caught without a
beard. It's like me without makeup. Okay, I might scare a couple
of people, but typically I lookfine. Okay,
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