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February 21, 2024 1 min
Tracy Hides Food from Dave 02/20/24
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Tracy and I yesterday afternoon were onthe couch just folding some laundry. Yeah,
Sarah had gone to the gym,and when she got home, the
screen door to our front door waslocked because it doesn't latch all the way
and sometimes Bester will go over andnose against the door and then Poofy's gone.

So Tracy keeps the door locked quitea bit. And she hops up
to go let Sarah in, andI see when she walks in, she's
got, you know, a Chickfil A bag and drink. And then
I see them talk to each other, and Sarah looks at me with this
little smirk and then immediately turns herhead, and I said, what what

is it? Yeah? Right,She says nothing and goes on to her
room. And then I asked Tracy. I said, what what was that
all about? She said, Oh, it was nothing. I said,
Tracey, there's something going on.Yeah, they're talking smack about you and
happening right now. I saw youboth kind of smirk, and I know

something is happening. She said,no, it's nothing, really, and
she cannot keep a straight face foranything. Never. Then it hit me,
I said, did you tell herto hide her food, her Chick
fil A bag, and her drink. And she laughed and said, yes,
that was it. I said,you just had to bring that in

here, didn't you. Now Dad'sgonna want Chick fil A. And I
had already asked her earlier if wecould have like a lunch date for lunch.
My god, she said no.She was like, I don't want
to spend money. I just wantto eat here or whatever. And she
asked to bring Chick fil A andit now you're gonna want it exactly.
And did it happen. I knewi'd be like dad, you know,

oh gosh, But she was tryingto get her tied her food from me.
That's so sad. I totally get
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