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February 16, 2024 1 min
Valentine's Day Very Different Now 02/15/24
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We also got to have dinner lastnight night and we tried a new place.
Oh my gosh, it was sodelicious. I will tell you about
that later, okay, but it'sit's funny how our Valentine's days have changed
really well. I mean, youknow, Heath and I have typically gone
to dinner, you know, justthe two of us and maybe a fancy

little restaurant, and you know,we just kind of spend the evening,
you know, very chill. Thatdoesn't happen anymore. It's a little different.
But we did have mom and Dadpick up Leo from daycare so that
Heath, Presley and I could goto dinner. Cool. While we're at
dinner, first of all, thissickness has come back with a vengeance.

I had my z pack and mysteroids last week off of those that finished
them, finished them good, andnow for some reason, everything's coming back.
So as soon as we get tothe restaurant, we sit down and
my nose immediately stops up and Icannot breathe, like I am a mouth
breather at this point. It isterrible. So that's hot, Okay.

Then as we're sitting there, Presleyreaches over to point at the at the
menu and there goes my drink inmy lap. So then I have a
drink all over me. I'm cleaningit up and now so I cannot breathe
through my nose. I am wet. And yeah, I thought to myself,

well this is a different Valentine.What a good fun turn
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