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February 20, 2024 3 mins
What If Tyler Doesn't Play Football? 02/16/24
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So we've made it to the weekend. Thank goodness, here we are.
Dude, what you got going onthis weekend? Well, you know work,
we do have the bridal expost.We do. So that's why I'm
hoping to rest my voice from thisevening until Sunday until I got to come
back to work nice because yeah,obviously I'm not sounding great. I sound
froggy. We have basketball tonight,Oh no, yes, we do,

s locker, I finally locked.It's the final regular season game. Okay.
So when you say words like final, I think that means it's over.
Well, it's never over. Theregular season's over, that's what you
said. Like, I think twoweeks ago, I swear weeks ago.
Tournament begins on Monday. I swearit's already started. I don't know.
I feel like you've been in atournament already. Well, okay, Jackson
has Okay, Okay, you're confusing, Betty. I swear you have so

many things. But it's yeah,sports related different because you've got little league
All star tournaments and then you havelike high school varsity basketball, like a
state championship tournament. Oh cool,okay, and then what happens after that?
Well, if you lose, yougo home. You're done. Good.
Let's hope they lose. Shut itdown, then you move on to
baseball. Oh good god, that'show that works. You will just never

sit down and watch Netflix. No, I mean I get to watch some
suits on Netflix to your children onoccasion. I mean that's really not great
for him. Okay, we liketo keep him active. Listen. I
get keeping him active, but keepinghim so active that they don't have time
to chill. Listen, I willsay, we do not make our kids

participate in everything. They just do. They just do exactly because they love
it. They really do well.Good for them, which is right.
I'm glad. I'm happy for him. Now. I will say, if
they did not like sports, wewould make them do something. Well,
yes, I understand that it's important, just like Presley being in Girls Scout
right, you know she's got tobe a part of something, do something,

whether be karate or banned or youknow, whatever you want to get
into. Is Tyler junior? Tyleris a junior in high school. So
what if this is a hypothe janWhat if he came to you, you
don't need to go there by theend of this year and I was like,
Dad, listen, I really wantto focus on school. Yes,
so I want to focus on whereI want to go to college, Okay,

and I want to focus on myacademics more than sports. I'd really
like to not do football this senioryear. Crush me, Gabe, I
mean it would crush me, Butyou wouldn't let your feelings, huh persuade
Well. I would tell him,you realize you've played football ever since you
were six years old. Okay,Well see that. That's that's that's swaying

him one way or the other.But I'm just saying you might regret it
one day if you choose not todo that your senior year, your final
year, because you're never going toget the opportunity, you know, to
play again if you don't play yoursenior year. And he says, that's
okay, Dad, I'm okay withit, you say, but you might regret
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