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February 21, 2024 2 mins
Where Is The Furnace? 02/20/24
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Friday, I had to go tomy renter's house. The heat had not
been working all week. Oh yeahgood. That was not good. And
then Friday was when a Friday eveninganyways, when we got that massive snow,
so it's like, oh, weneed heat, they need heat.
Yeah. So but we get therepair guy there and he is looking at
the thermostat and he goes, so, where's the furnace? And I was

like, I don't know why Isaid this, by the way, and
I don't know what I was thinking. I really feel like maybe I was
just a little not paying super attention. I don't know, but I was
like, oh, it's outside.And he was like okay. So we
go outside and the unit that he'slooking at and he was like, well,
that's a that's a that's the ACair conditions. Yeah, yeah,

that's what that is. I waslike, right, okay. He goes,
is it under the house? Thefurnace? He goes, is it
under the house? I was like, yeah, yeah, probably a s.
So uh he owens up the crawlspace door. Oh boy, and
he's like you sure. And Iwas like, now that I think of

it, you know what, Ithink it's inside. And so we walked
back inside. By the way,my renter is with me the whole time,
and I say, look at that. It's right beside where the actual
thermometer is or what is the thermostthat's the one. Yeah, yeah,
I'm good at that too. AndI was like, yeah, it's right
there behind the wall right there,opened the little door. But here's the

furnace. Uh yeah. I knewit wouldn't take us too long to figure
out where it is. I evensaid this. I was like, dude,
I am the stereotypical woman today.I am sorry that I did not
know where my own furnace was.I apologize, but to be fair,
I haven't lived in that home fora good six years. There you go.
I'm just say, you just forgotwhere it was, got, buddy,

and you what on my plate?Buddy? I'm sorry. I
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