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April 22, 2024 3 mins
Today is Earth Day and Dangerous Dave talks about Earth Day stats and tips on how to be more enviromentally conscious.
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This is deeper in the din withdangerous Day. Happy Earth Day to you,
ladies and gentlemen. One day youprobably think it's okay to wear that
old Hug the Planet t shirt andnot feel too bad about it. The
first Earthdays observed fifty four years agoin nineteen seventy. Have things improved or
gotten worse since then? It dependswho you ask. And a poll,

seventy percent of Americans say the amountof pollution globally has increased, eleven percent
say it's stayed the same, eightpercent decreased the same question, sixty three
percent said global temperatures have increased,twenty percent say they've stayed the same in
three percent say they've decreased both.In questions gen Z's and Millennials, I'm
concerned about things getting worse, Boomerssay their pollution and global climates are getting

better, but many Americans are worriedwhat comes after them. Seventeen percent said
they've actually lost sleep worrying about theenvironment, and fifty four percent of them
primary concern that the planet won't belivable for their children or grandchildren. In
a different survey, sixty percent ofpeople said they make an effort to minimize
their pay use every day. Inthirty one percent say paper over use is
a major ecological problem. A newstudy suggests that hotels, too, could

save water by bringing artificial intelligence intotheir showers. The idea would be to
have a screen to provide guests withfeedback about their shower length and use.
An aspect could be a timer,encouraging people to beat the clock. Supposedly,
that would reduce the length of timesin showers by more than twenty five
percent. So how it environmentally conscious? Are you? Well? For some
people, it depends they give themselvesan eight out of ten when it comes

to going through trash recycling and doingit all the time. Five thousand Americans
were surveyed. Included residents of everystate. How they ranked themselves as eco
friendly in a scale from zero toten. People in New Mexico rated themselves
the best, that is five pointseven yep, but five point seven was
the highest. Residence in California andOregon, Delaware, Massachusetts, vervont,

Washington, Florida, Maryland, andRhode Island ranked themselves the highest is environmentally
conscious? People in North Carolina admittedthey were the worst, and an average
of a three point nine. Tennesseewas second lowest fault by Arizona, Ohio,
and Alabama in the bottom five.North Kota was in the bottom at
number eight. Are you environmentally conscious? All? We should at least try
to be, at least today it'sEarth Day. Deeper in the two there's

a ton of things we could door should do to help the planet,
especially on Earth Day. Some aresomewhat easy. Some of the things the
experts say that we should do.Stop wasting leftovers. It'll save money too.
Just make it a personal rule.If you buy food, eat It
takes a lot of water and resourcesto grow all those vegetables if you buy
or let them rot. Stop overusing napkins, Well, so do you

really need more than one to getthrough the meal. Well, it seems
that nobody uses cloth napkins anymore,so that would be more sustainable. They
say, to use reusable grocery bags. Stop telling the checkout person you forgot
them at home. Again, don'tpretend you really use those plastic bags.
You all got balled up. It'snot hard to remember, they say.

Once you make it a habit,it seems like all those little things wouldn't
make a dent. But if wedo all of them, it might or
at least it's a good place tostart, so why not. There you
go, some tips for your birthday. Tune it again for another episode of
Deeper in the Den with Dangerous Davedright here.
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