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April 30, 2024 34 mins
Today, Doug Pike tells jokes he forgot to tell over the weekend at Moody Gardens.
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Remember when it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis, Remember when social media was truly
social? Hey, Don, how'sit going today? Good? Well,
this show is all about you,the good. This is fifty plus with

Doug Pike, helpful information on yourfinances, good health, and what to
do for fun. Fifty plus broughtto you by the UT Health Houston Institute
on Aging Informed Decisions for a healthier, happier life, and by Texas Indoor
Air Quality Specialists because clean air ishealthier air. And now fifty plus with

Doug Pike. All right, Tuesdayedition of the program starts right now.
Thank you all for listening. Icertainly do appreciate it. Let me get
my headphones plugged in here only backin Houston. Finally here in the studio.
After spending the entire weekend, I'mnot going to tell you I wasn't
suffering at all. I spent theentire weekend at Moody Gardens. I was

there to mc the third annual flyFishing Film Festival that took place there,
and these films were presented on prettymuch the largest screen in Texas. If
I'm not mistaken, and it isa fantastic venue in which to see any
kind of film. They have allkinds of different films they're going on throughout

the week, every month and whatnot. But this event has become a pretty
good when it grew about fifty percentthis year over last year. And I
think one of the reasons was thatthey actually offered if you signed up for
them, free fly casting lessons,so you could kind of get yourself immersed

into the experience even a little bitmore deeply. Now, this weekend wouldn't
have been a great well, SaturdayFriday, North Saturday, North Sunday would
have been ideal fly fishing conditions.I actually actually went out and played the
Moody Garden's golf course on Saturday afterI got up and did my show.
And I don't know what pulled meout of bed and pushed me over there.

Well, I know what pulled meout of bed the show. I
don't know what pushed me over tothe golf course when it was blowing twenty
twenty five gusta thirty thirty five.It was a challenge and I accepted the
challenge from one of my listeners onSaturday morning who said he had just played
the course a couple of days prior, but after accepting that challenge, I
kind of wished I hadn't. Iended up with a couple of other guys

who I think all three of usfor the first six or eight holes were
trying to figure out whether any ofus was any good at all, because
the wind was just absolutely doing itsbidding with our golf balls once they got
in the air. It was crazyfun, though absolutely fun. I always
enjoy just going out and jumping inwith a threesome that has a hole to

fill because I always end up gettingto meet pretty cool people. All Right,
we are what are we? We'rethe people who remember life. I
get before social media that comes tomine first, I guess before handheld phones.
My first portable phone was something thatwas as big as a shoe box.
It had to be bolted into thecar. We are BC before calculators,

and even before college students actually believedspending the night in a shiny new
tent on campus would change foreign policyamong foreign leaders. Way back way back,
when taking out a loan met youalso were going to pay it back
with your own money, by theway that you earned because your degree open

doors to well paying careers a littledifferent now anyway, Well, I'll step
away from memory lane. I amback at like I said, and so
and I got some great, greatfeedback on this year's films too, which
included incredible things, incredible scenery,and incredible fishing action all around the world,

quite literally, with hard fighting fishfrom less than a pound in some
of the little mountain streams and whatnottoo well in excess of one hundred pounds
in the case of Coasta del Mar'smarlin fly project, which enlisted I think
it's about a half a dozen peoplewho actually got to fish with fly rods

force stripe marlin over off the Bajacoast. And I only wish my phone
had run for that project. Thatwould have been a lot of fun.
Quick look at the markets. Allwere down a fair chunk this morning about
ten o'clock. On the plus side, though, so was oil, more
than a buck of barrel and goldthanks to Houston gooldexchange dot com down nearly

fifty bucks an ounce, but stillnorth of twenty three hundred dollars. All's
not bad in the gold world eitherway. The weather in ten seconds partly
Sunday today, then chances for rainand thunder through Friday, then more sunshine
on Saturday. High's in the loweighties, low's in the mid seventies.
And done, moving into the bitsand pieces of the week so far,

and boy has it been a busyone. And no judgment whatsoever for these
first few items, just reporting sothat you can maybe be inspired to go
look up more information for yourself.Leading off and in no particular order,
at Disney World down in Florida,evidence has arisen. There's video of the

person playing the Evil Queen in acharacter meet and greet that if you pay
enough money you get to meet theactual these costumed characters for the kids and
whoever else is interested for the guests, snow white characters. The Evil Queen
is a guy. Nancy Pelosi actuallyaccused smbc's Katie Her of siding with President

Trump's record on job creation over Pelosi'sconveniently manipulated growth numbers for President Biden.
She really got a little bit aggressivewith Katie Her, and well, she
said, things you can find onthe internet. It's not that big a
deal. So Katie Her kind ofcalled her out on the numbers she was

quoting and Pelosi very conveniently glossed overthe facts that President Trump's job losses were
overwhelming. She was trying to saythat he was the worst job's president ever.
But there was this little thing calledCOVID that arose and wiped out a
significant number of jobs in this countryand held them back for several years.

And not coincidentally, when President Bidentook office, people were coming back to
work, companies were rehiring, peoplewere and more recently, this is the
one that really bothers me that theydon't ever talk about a lot of these
jobs that are being picked up arebecause people are having to take second jobs

just to be able to buy groceriesand gasoline. They don't want to talk
about that. Though also interesting,a high percentage of the new jobs under
President Biden are month by month bymonth, record setting numbers of government jobs.
Katie ground, Katie Hurr stood aground though good for her. All

Right, we gotta take a littlebreak here on the way out. Ut
Hell's Institute on Aging is that collaborativeabout which I have talked for so long
now that really has impressed me everyday I've been involved with them. I
look at the website every now andthen to just siphon through all the information,
just sift through it, one pieceby one piece. I'll go from

page to page and look around.And every time I flip a page,
every time I tap the cursor,I get new information about something related to
senior medicine. Everybody involved, thisentire collaborative of hundreds of providers are all
specially trained in senior medicine, whichgives them an edge over other providers.
When you or I or anybody elsein our age group walks in and says,

hey, this hurts. This hurtsa lot, and that used to
hurt, but it only barely hurts. Now, can you fix me?
They'll know where to start. They'llknow where to start because they are specially
trained in treating us. Go tothat website, see all the information that's
available, see all the resources thatare available through it, and above all
else, make sure that you areseeing. Henceforwarth providers who are are trained

to help us ut dot edu slashaging, ut h dot edu slash aging.
Now they sure don't make them likethey used to. That's why every
few months we wash him, checkhis words, and spring on a fresh
coat of wax. This is fiftyplus with Doug Pike. All right,

welcome back to fifty plus on Tuesdayafternoon. It's not bad looking gray as
can be from from sea to shiningsea, I guess, but not nearly
as horrible as Charles Barkley made Galvestonout to be. One of the guys
I played golf with very quickly onSaturday. Was from Ohio. He just

moved down here, and he hada lot of questions about here there everywhere,
as relates to pretty much everything fromabout the woodlands all the way down
to the beach, And eventually hegot around to the question. I told
him I'd live there all my life. I'd help him if he had any
questions about where we were or anywherenearby, I'd happy, happily try to

answer him. And he finally gotaround to the question that I knew would
come up. I just knew itbecause he'd only been down there at the
beach just for a day or two, and it had been windy the entire
time, and he finally just cameout and said it, Hey, man,
does the does the water always looklike that? And I said,
actually, no, this is aboutas bad as it can look for something

that doesn't. His name was Josh, and I told Josh that when it's
that rough, it's always going tobe ugly looking, kind of a brownish,
yucky looking color, because there's somuch sediment and sand that get stirred
up by the wind. Because ourend of the Texas coast is relatively shallow

thanks to eons of Mississippi River runoffpouring into the Gulf and coming over this
way on the tide flow and thecurrent, and they're just it just is
what it is. However, Josh, if you stick around long enough and
you wait for the right day tocome down here and there, granted they're

not everyday. Occurrence is when thewater really cleans up. It gets speckled,
trout clear as fairly often during thelate spring through summer months, but
occasionally in the death of summer andoccasionally in winter we get the right convergence

of tides, of light, breeze, and all of those things come together
and make the Gulf of Mexico offGalveston, Texas really and truly look like
the Caribbean. I've seen it enoughtimes I know it's real. It's the
most amazing, beautiful thing as someonewho grows up here, it's just you

just almost can't believe your eyes becauseas a surfer, I was down there
in ugly water, sitting on asurfboard and couldn't even see my shins.
It was so off color and sofull of sediment and silk. But on
those right days you look down andyou can clearly see your toes on either
side of the surfboard, and youthink, yeah, galves is not so

bad. And rare days you getgood waves and clean water, and that's
just a double blessing if you will. Uh ant, Well, do you
know what national day today is?Is it National Galveston Day? No?
But every day should be. Reallytoday's National Honesty Day, no less.
And I've got two stories that justoh, well, well, one of

them would be technically, I don'tknow. It doesn't even say where.
Maybe it was in this country.Panera Bread. These are true stories on
National Honesty Day, no less.Panera Bread created a bread hat to coincide
with the Kentucky Derby. But it'snot even made of bread. That's good.

I think I think that's dishonest.Really, why do you call it
a bread hat? Maybe it justlooks like bread looks like one of their
bowls. It's sold out. I'llgive it that. I don't know if
i'd want to wear bread on myhead even I don't even know that i'd
want to wear something that looks likea loaf of bread on my head.
Unless it was French bread, that'dbe kind of cool. I only want

my Yeah, I want my breadto carry a soup and then I want
to eat it. Just bring aspoon and just eat right out at the
top. Yeah. But think aboutnow, that might be not a bad
Halloween stunt. Fill that thing upwith some I don't know, something gray
and be eating out top of yourown head. That's kind of creepy at

lunch time, I guess. Alsoon National Honesty Honesty Day, the story
comes to light about a cheese thatwas a finalist for It says here,
with all the research, I guessthese people could do a finalist for some
kind of cheese award. It sayshere, some kind of cheese, presumably

someware on some day recently. Well. The bottom line is, though the
dairy industry found out about this particularcheese, it was an impostor will.
It was a vegan cheese. Oh, and you know what the dairy industry
did? What dqt them DQR.They don't even know what the award was

for. Well that's a good point. Now, these are the people who
wrote the story, don't know that. I think the people who were awarding
the award were aware of the awardswhatever. So if the person writing the
story, how could they not findout what the award was? How tiny
is this award? Well, Iguess you know if you don't have an

extra six or seven seconds for yourwriting. This person was assigned to find
out about the vegan cheese that wasdisqualified and didn't bother to even find out
where or when or for what allthis happened. To be honest, if
I was getting that story, Ithink I'd do the exact same thing.

How'd you go? How't you go? Here's a conversation starter for you.
Will all right, and just fillin the blank with whatever comes to mind.
This is remembering, will that thisis National Honesty Day. Okay,
Okay. A blue whale's tongue canweigh as much as what a blue whale's

tongue it's another animal, oh asmuch as another. Don't say, dump
truck or something I'm gonna say elephant. That's exactly right, a blue think
about that. It's how how many? It should be so easy to work
that into a conversation. I think. I think it's cool a blue whales
tongue can weigh as much as anelephant, because I was originally thinking buses,

because that's usually what the size ofa boy. Yeah, blue whale
is about the size of a schoolor a metro bus. Uh, maybe
the blue whale's tongue could be Whatif it's a vegan whale? Though?
It is interesting? Yeah, Iknow, all right, I don't want
to do that. Columbia University,let's go there. After the university began

suspending, Well, how much timedo I have one year of Well?
Really have thirty seconds? Oh well, let's don't do that. Get this.
Harris County just won a court casethat challenged the county's free money handouts
at total millions of dollars. So, congratulations, you're gonna give a bunch
of free money, no strings attachedto to people for who qualified. I

think there were almost nineteen hundred orsomething like that out of fifty thousand applications
filled out. The bottom line isthat same County. Harrison County is gonna
be about fifteen point seven million dollars. They're facing that big a deficit this
year. The money they're giving away, by the way, is money they
don't have, kind of like Washington, DC. I guess all right,

on the way out, I'm gonnatell you about Primo Doors. This is
my buddy Jason and my front door. My new front door is over there
at their showroom in the final stagesof curing it. I cannot wait,
my wife and I cannot wait toget that on the front of our house.
Is gonna be so pretty, socool. We love it and I
can't wait to get it up there. It's gonna help us with a light

issue, it's gonna help us withjust a beautiful new look on the front
of our home. To just kindof let everybody know that, Yeah,
we take great pride in having abeautiful front door. And that's what Primo
Dors has been doing now for thebetter part of ten plus years. A
man who owns the company has beenin the door business in Houston for more
than twenty years. What you dois you go to the website and you

start looking at all these before andafter pictures. It's premodors dot Com.
Go there, look at the website, get yourself all excited, and then
schedule an appointment to go over tothe showroom on North Post Oak and sit
down with someone there who will helpyou whittle down all these choices of the
door. Is it gonna be fiberglassor iron or wood? Is it gonna
have a particular stain, Are yougonna have a particular handle set? All

of these different things. All thesedecisions have to be made, and the
people there are experts at helping youmake that decision, those decisions as my
wife and I did with Jason.The fantastic way to use that tax refund
you got coming to start yourself offwith a brand new front door from Premote
Doors. And if you drop myname, by the way Jason says he

will steal for people who listen tomy show, will still offer you a
free handle set with the purchase ofthat door. Premote Doors dot Com family
owned and operated, Like I said, for since they open the doors,
Primo Doors dot Com aged to perfection. This is fifty plus with Dougpike.

Welcome back to fifty plus. Thanksfor listening. Certainly do appreciate it.
I found on the printer a littlewhile ago. One, two, three,
four sheets actually five, no,four. This is I don't know
what this is, but it wasn'tmine. Somebody will be looking for that.
Actually it was on there from theweekend, so I don't think any
anybody will be looking for it.Put that over there, and what it

was I was gonna I was gonnatake this down there to Moody Guards and
use these little one and two linejokes to kind of fill gaps in inscripted
things that we were doing. AndI'm debating Will on whether or not to
say any of these because they arepretty dumb. You want one, you
want to try one? Hit me. I stayed up all night wondering where

the sun went, and then itdawned on me. Okay, dog,
you can do one more kend ofOh so you like that one? Huh?
It was fine. How many applesgrow on an apple tree? Will?
How many apples? I don't knowabout how many all of them?
Oh? Okay, that's that's kindof what of what I got here?

That's good. I like that one. Yeah, yeah, that's pretty good.
All right, I'll skip that.Let's let's move on to some more
serious things. I tried to getinto the Columbia University piece that I was
gonna do here right before the break, but it it will take more than
one minute, which is what Ihad. After the university began suspending students

who stayed in their encampments, hundredsof protesters took over Hamilton Hall, which
is used by the dean and otherfaculty. These are young adults being led,
I'm really sure, by mostly trained, paid agitators who walk among them,

and they've been led to believe foryears that screaming somehow solves problems,
which not to my knowledge, andsadly, the people who taught them that,
in many cases are their professors.They're rioting at school while school is
still in session, and I'm notsure why. There have been threats made

to the students that you better getback in class, or we're gonna suspend
you, or you better and therehave been arrest made. At ut in
Austin, there were arrest made andthen promptly all those peoples that I know
of, at least I saw onestory out of fifty something people arrested for
criminal trespass, all their charges weredropped. So what exactly do they learn

by going in and making a lotof noise. Now, the Columbia issue
and some of the other ones insome of the bluer states have gotten either
to the point of destroying property orin some cases not serious violence, but
violence is violence, nonetheless, andthere's very little being done to slow this

down. Robert Kraft, the NFLowner, Robert Craft, said recently that
he was done donating to Colombia.That's his alma mater, and I'm sure
he was writing them a pretty darnnice check every year, but he's tossed
them to the curb because the schoolhas allowed these protests to continue and to

escalate for so long without doing adarn thing about him. You know who's
applauding the protests on our college campusesmost loudly, now Hamas and Iran that
that's going on around the world,and at some point we've got to regain

control of not only these kids inthe short term, but what they're being
taught and whose side they're on inthe long term. There's a lot of
ground in the middle of where theseextremists are and where the most conservative among
us are, and somehow, someway We've got to find our way back

to that middle. In tax news, isn't that's fun? Boy? What
a great subject this is the Bidenadministration is considering for twenty twenty five taxes
I'm just reading from the story thatwill be higher for white people, which
they say would ease racial wealth inequality. And they're going to try to achieve

that goal with higher capital gains taxes, which by the way, don't just
apply to any don't apply to anyrace. It's just a level of savings,
a level of returns on investments.Economists say that his plans amount to
pretty much economic suicide, because investorsbefore this tax ever goes into effect,

are gonna yank their money out ofanything subject to the forty four point six
percent tax recommendation for anybody who makesmore than four hundred thousand a year,
many of whom are the people whocreate the most real jobs. Not the
government jobs, of course, butreal jobs that real people can use to

achieve real financial independence. Someday.Ah, I talked about that already.
I don't want to talk about thatanymore. Really wouldn't be how much time
do I have? Will do Ihave? Three? One? Okay,
I'm gonna I'm gonna, yeah,let's go back to something interesting and cool.
This is cool. Dozens of masterpieces, artistic masterpieces. Do you remember

the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in twentynineteen. It was horrible to watch.
What a historic place to have togo through that, And yet dozens of
pieces of art masterpieces, some ofthese paintings more than ten feet tall.
A lot of them have finally beenrestored and are back on display. A

lot of these things date back toguess how old they are, will take
what's century? I'm sorry, Iwasn'tless never mind then the seventeenth century.
Will oh, I was gonna say, I was gonna say the seventeenth I
figured, yeah, because it's NationalHonesty Day, right, Well, I
mean I've I've been on the moneyfor for most of the day, you

know, I mean getting things right. There's no reason to think that I
wouldn't have gotten that right. Okay, fair enough. Study shows that too
much traffic noise can slowly kill you. By the way, over time,
the stress of it leads to heartdisease and other issues. I can see
that around here, all right,gets you a little healthier. Go over
to a late health it may nothelp your ears with the traffic noise.

Earplugs that do that, headphones thatdo that. But what they can do
is take care of and this issomething that's equally problematic for a lot of
guys our age an enlarged, noncancerous prostate. At a late health they
do prostate artery embolization, which isa process that identifies and plugs up basically

the artery that's supplying blood to thatgrowing prostate. When the blood gets taken
away from it, it shrivels anddies, and so do the symptoms that
have been driving you crazy. Needa good night's sleep. You don't want
to be up going to the bathroomfour or five times now. There are
a lot of issues that go alongwithin a large prostate. They can be
alleviated with just a couple of hoursin the office at a late health.

Same with fibroids for women, say, with ugly veins for whomever presents with
those. And most of this stuffis covered by Medicare and Medicaid too,
which takes the takes the weight offyour wallet, if you will. They're
also doing a lot of regenerative medicineover there, which is extremely helpful and
becoming more and more so as theprocesses and techniques are refined in eliminating not

just even covering up, which iseliminating chronic pain in a lot of people.
Oh, wouldn't that be nice?If you experience chronic pain of any
sort, call a late health setup an appointment and go talk about getting
rid of it. Seven to onethree five eight eight thirty eight eighty eight
seven one three five eight eight thirtyeight thirty eight. Or go to a

latehealth dot com. That's a lat e a latehealth dot com? What's
life without a net? I suggestyou go to bed, sleep it off.
Just wait until the show's over,Sleepy. Back to Doug Pike as
fifty plus continues. All right,welcome back, fourth and final segment of

the show starts right now. Willdo you want me to just give you
a couple of more of those sillythings I was gonna do down in Galison?
Would you like something to make yousmile? Maybe? All right,
you can try and be the judgeof that. It's National Honesty Day,
so you can tell me if theystink or if they are hilarious or something
in the middle. Okay, AndI'm not gonna start with my best one.

I'm gonna save that one for asecond. Hey, will Hey.
The owner of the tuxedo store kepthovering over me when I was browsing,
so I just asked him to leaveme alone. You know what he said?
What he said? He said,fine, suit yourself. Oh uh,
that's that's a no. Go okay, scratch it out. I found

a book called How to Solve FiftyPercent of Your Problems, so I bought
two of them. Wow. Nono, no, no, no,
no no, no, all right, you get one more? Ah?
Do I have to go? Igotta go straight to the top. Then
I thought the dryer was sinking,shrinking my clothes. Turns out it was
the refrigerator. You like that one? Do you get it? I don't

go, you don't The refrigerator wasshrinking my clothes. Yeah, because you're
eating so much. I didn't realizethis was kind of like an intellectual joke.
I think I'm going to do theshow by myself tomorrow. My buddy
Robert down and Gallas. I hopehe's listening because it'll it'll make him smile.

My buddy Robert down and Gallison's worriedabout catching COVID, but he doesn't
have to. He never catches anything. Oh, I thought I thought you
were gonna tell me an actual storyabout I saw him down at the fly
fishing event, and now he's allfired up. He decided he's gonna start
fly fishing off his pier behind hishouse. And that pier, Uh,
if you can manage not to hitthe lights on his back cast, that

pier is going to come to gonnaproduce some really good fish for him.
I thought fly fishing was when yougot to stand in the water. No,
you don't have to stand in thewater to do any kind of fishing.
No, that's wade fishing. Oh. In wade fishing, you can
fly cast. You can use conventionalrods and reels. You could use a

cane pole standing in the water.So it's just the type of cast.
It's the equipment, the rod.The rod is different, the line is
very different. With most casting,the weight of the lure and in the
momentum of the rod throw that lureout, and the way that the lure
pulls the line off the reel.With fly fishing, the weight of the

line itself in conjunction with the mechanicsof the rod moved the line back and
forth, and then the little flythat you're throwing. There are flies that
I fished with for rainbow trout inColorado that you could put probably seventy five
of them in a thimble in athimble will and we use those for fishing

up there because they imitate tiny littleinsects that have just hatched, and so
actual flies well that they imitate flies, and some may flies and midges and
all these differs. I had noidea that fly fishing had anything to do
with flies. Oh my word.Okay, wouldn't be fifty plus without some

silliness from California, this time theform of a bill introduced by assembly Member
Pilar Chavo, a Democrat who wouldwho plans to develop the bill would develop
new strategies every five years that essentiallyare going to reduce homework for school kids.

I think the kids are probably goingto be in favor of that.
Teachers have it hard enough all overthe country I swhere, and at least
the ones who are actually trying toteach and not just getting bogged down and
indoctrination. Less homework for kids.How's that going to work out? Okay?
How is it going to prepare themfor real life? It's good.
Then again, you know, ifyou're if you're on that side of the

of the pendulum, if with thependulum leans that way, isn't it going
to be handy? They finally founda way to get sixteen year olds interested
in voting for them. We wantless homework. No, you just want
a free ride, that's what Well, that's what the loan program gets you.
Loan buybacks. Yeah, it getsyou that too. Uh. Here

in Texas last week, by theway, how much time do I have?
Will I wonder if I have timefor this? You have a minute
twenty? I'll try by way thisSupreme Court here in Texas, Democrats lost
an attempt to make universal mail invoting okay for anybody and everybody who wants
to do it. Currently in Texasonly people sixty five and older. My

hands in the air. You gotto be disabled that or disabled or jailed
or outside your home county during theelection or maybe home country actually excuse me,
anyway, the bottom lines, yougot to be gone to be able
to mail in your vote. Democratstried to waive the COVID risk flag again
on this but the supremes weren't buyinginto that. One day. Here's how

elections ought to be held in thiscountry. One day on a national holiday,
rain or shine, voter, don'tvote, It's up to you.
Valid ID required, same for cashand a check barring against anything, buying
liquor or tobacco, a fishing license. You gotta have that ID to vote.
Everybody who's eligible to vote in thiscountry has access at least to a

valid ID, even if they don'thave one. Now, who don't have
one today have six months to getone if voting matters that much to them.
Which it better this year? Allright? We gotta take a little
break. Well now, we're gonnatake a twenty three hour break. We'll
be back tomorrow. Huh. I'mgonna go enjoy some delicious food out in
the kitchen. That's it. Thankyou for listening, Audios
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