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April 23, 2024 35 mins
Today, Doug Pike interviews Brad Schweiss of Houston Gold Exchange.  Pike also speaks with Aaron Innis about trade school. 
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Remember what it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis? Remember when social media was truly
social? Hey John, how's itgoing today? Cool? This show is
all about you on the Goode.This is fifty plus with Doug Pike.

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right, Tuesday edition of the programstarts right now. We have got a
lot of ground to cover. Iscrambled and cobbled and faith book post a
few minutes ago to let you knowthat what we're going to talk about today,
in addition to all the little thingsthat merit, they merit mentioned,

and I'm not going to get toall of them. There's no way today
because I've got bigger fish to fry. In both the second and third segments.
In the second segment, I gota text from Brad Schweisch from over
at Houston Gold Exchange this morning,and he said, here's something that you
might want to just share with youraudience. I don't know. It's kind
of coming up lately in my business, in my world, and that is

that all of this gold that yousee people wanting to sell you as an
investment tool sometimes isn't as easy toactually get hands on as you might think.
And according to Brad, it's takingconsiderably longer than it should for some
people to get their hands on thegold they have purchased from wherever. And

I'm gonna figure all that. I'mgonna let him tell me the answers to
about close to a full page ofquestions on that, and then a little
later in the program, we're goingto talk to a man named Aaron Ennis,
whose name, unless you are fromBras's Port, probably you have not
heard. And even still, itmight not be just in anywhere in your

mind, even from Brass's Port,if you don't know much about the school
district down there, or about afantastic program that is enabling young people to
position them to high school seniors,to position themselves so that when they finish
high school they can go straight intoone of the trades that are very much

desirable, they pay very well,and rather than rather than go the four
year college education route, some ofthese kids are doing exactly what we're going
to talk about, and they gointo a training program that pays them from
the time they start, and inmany cases, if they have any sense
about what to do with the moneythey're making, which can be significant,

and especially once they finally get outand get into that trade as somebody more
than just an apprentice, they dovery well. So we'll talk about that
a little after, well, rightaround the bottom of the hour, we'll
start that. We'll talk to bradin about maybe a little bit more than
a quarter after the hour. Yourten second weather report, I'm not well.

It may not even take ten seconds. It looks pretty good now,
but it's getting more cloudy. IfI recall, there's a little bit of
weather of in clement weather, perhapssome showers or something in the next forty
eight hours. I didn't look thatclosely because I don't want to. I
don't want to dwindle. I don'twant to just stick around to the weather.
We'll move from that to the markets. All four of the big major

indicators were green, and significantly sofor some of them. The downside on
oil was that it was down Iwant to say, to eighty one and
a quarter or something like that thismorning, which was down about a buck
and a half from yesterday day.In the meantime since then up to now,
it has rebounded and has bounced aboveeighty three dollars again for some well,

I know why it's the why iseasy, The why we continue to
have to endure this is not andmaybe we can do something about it in
November. Gold at twenty three fortytwo that is off the records. It's
set a while back last week,but still still pretty dog on impressive,
about right around seven times what Ipaid for gold the last time I bought

anything made of it. And asI've talked about, and I may have
to set up with bread very soon, I've got some old pieces around the
house that are of no interest tome whatsoever anymore. And at twenty three
hundred dollars an ounce might be worthtalking about. In Texas News, by

way of Washington D and C.D OFC. Colin all read, the
Democrat who is going to oppose TedCruz in November for a Senate seat to
represent this state conveniently opted not tovote on a major border security bill that
would have tremendously helped in the slowingof the flow of migrants, legal and

otherwise into this country. He justcouldn't make that vote. Just who knows
why. He just couldn't couldn't quitemake it for that one. However,
he did find time to vote infavor of shoveling ninety five billion dollars.
Let me correct that, ninety fivebillion tax dollars. Maybe they could just

turn on the print and press andfire that off in a couple of hours,
anyway, just to send eight halfwayaround the world. We have big
enough problems in this country that theymerit attention, They merit immediate attention,
and the people who are in chargeof them now aren't giving them any attention.
And that goes beyond just the border. It goes beyond a lot of

that. It goes beyond the idiocythat's going on in California, which is
just almost impossible to believe that theycoming up with They keep coming up with
these plans and ideas when they're sixtyseventy billion dollars in debt already. There
was a story I saw this morningCalifornia plans to build and has approved.

I think it's in LA. Itapproved a homeless apartment building, if you
will, with one, two,three, and I think even four bedroom
apartments for homeless people, not forthe indigent, not for the people who
are kind of poor in LA whoare barely getting by and having trouble paying

rent and buying groceries and all ofthose things, I'm sure. But these
apartments they are going to build nowfor or homeless people, Well that the
building is gonna have I want tosay it's about ninety nine units something like
that. Let's say it has onehundred units. And if that is the

case, the cost of this thingis going to be more than one hundred
million dollars. So they're gonna builda building at a million dollars per apartment
to house homeless people. I amall for helping homeless people get off the
street if they want off the street, and if they don't want off the
street, that's a horse of adifferent color. We could talk about that

for a long time too. Butto hand someone an apartment that's worth a
million dollars wherever they're building it,at whatever level of fancy or not fancy,
when they don't even have They don'thave any money. California is basically
broke. All right, we gottatake a little break here, don't we
will. Let's do that, shallwe. On the way out, I'll

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I suggest you go to bed,sleep it off, just wait until the
show's over, Sleepy. Back toDoug Pike as fifty plus continues. Arl
here we go. Welcome back tofifty plus. Another five star day in

Southeast Texas. Pretty nice this morning, for sure, this afternoon a little
bit cloudier than it was, butit's not a big deal. We'll talk
in this segment about gold and silverand all those precious metals, which,
according to a lot of commercials latelyare outstanding investments in any economy. Only
only there's been a bit of ahiccup lately, I'm told, in the

ability of people who bought gold fromsome of the online sources and whatnot and
actually taking physical possession of that asset. That's got tougher and tougher to seal
the deals, to shed some lighton precious metals and how all this works.
I'll bring in and bring back BradSchweis from Houston Gold Exchange. Welcome
back, Brad. Hello, thanksfor having me. Yeah, my pleasure.

So where is it that people arebuying goal, paying up front,
but getting pretty much little more thanan email confirmation or a letter in the
mail to say they actually own it? How does that work? Well,
there are some very legitimate goal sellershere online and advertised. Of course.
The problem I've seen lately is mostlywith the depositories. There's you know,

probably about one hundred across the nation. And I have an eighty four year
old female client who needs her moneyreally bed just to keep up with their
you know, expenses. Sure,and we've been trying for a month to
get her goal out of the Delawareupon Oh my god. And I think
that's just an absurd situation. IfI could elaborate that on a little bit,

I would also tell people that thethought to have your gold in your
hands right now is stronger than everbefore. We go back about ninety two
hundred years ago, even our governmentconfiscated people's gold. Wow, we need
to ask ourselves where do we wantto be if I have my gold and
a depository somewhere and the government stepsin and throws the wrench in the works

says yeah we need this, andthat's boy. That seems to be about
all it takes these days. Huh. Yeah. Like I said, I
try to prepare my clients for whatI think is the best options, and
these days I'm strongly recommending physical possession. So if I'd have bought gold,
say twenty years ago, how longwould it have taken to get it in
my hands? Well, twenty yearsago is cash and carry, okay,

Yeah, you just walk in someplace, buy some and walk out. Yeah,
they have very few online services.Twenty years ago. It's the old
school where you'd have to go toa fiscal establishment. And how does it
work now? If somebody comes intoyour place and says, okay, I
want to buy six ounces of gold, how does that transaction take place?
So when we just look at thecurrent live spot market and we quote a

price based on whatever the current marketis, typically it's cash and carry,
Okay, some bigger amounts you cando back wires, bigger amount you got
to go out back to the barnand bring the big wheelbarrow, right,
yes, sir, I guess itreally wouldn't take a very big wheelbarrow to
carry a whole lot in value ofgold at twenty three hundred wells at twenty

three forty two earlier today. Ohyeah, I saw it somewhere. For
the last couple of weeks, I'veseen commercials talks about getting a three hundred
dollars gold bar at at prices rightnow, Brad, that couldn't be much
bigger than the postage stamp right well, yeah, one hundred dollars would not

be very much at all. Andthe other thing I tell people that advertising
sometimes has implied lost leaders in thereand just attention getters. I just heard
an advertisement on this station earlier thismorning. I said, you know you
can get up to ten thousand dollarsin free coins. Well, my word,

somebody has to pay for those freecoins. So obviously the client he's
getting the free coins is ultimately payingfor them, otherwise they couldn't make a
business happen. Yeah, that's aninteresting assertion for sure. And for explain
how you talked about how your store'sgot to make money. You got to
make money. Everybody's got to makemoney in the transaction, So it's based

on current prices. And then Iwould imagine for you, knowing what you
know about gold. You're not reallyworried about making a lot off of the
sale now because you know it's goingto be going up, right. That's
a fairly confident statement, isn't it. Well, And obviously we're in the
business to buy himsell for forty fiveyears, so yeah, you know,

we have a different game plan thanan individual investor may have. That's a
very good point. Yeah, you'vebeen doing something right for a very long
time. Let me let's let's talkfor shift gears a little bit, Brad
Brad twice here from Houston Golden Chaseand explain to people how the carrot markings
work on gold. Because if they'vegot something that's stamp fourteen K and they
put it on their little postage scale, it says one ounce. That's not

an ounce of gold. Yes,that's a tricky conversation. Yeah, it's
okay, And we can if wecan elaborate on stamping. For example,
the Federal Trade Commission requires anything thatstamped fourteen K to have the manufacturer's trademark
adjacent to that. Oh, okay, and if that doesn't happen, uh,

it could be you know, counterfeiturs definitely against the rules, and
laws of the Federal Trade Commission couldbe a plug nickel. Huh, well,
that's funny, should say that.I joke with my clients all the
time that ask well is stamped fourteencarrot. I said, well, see
this penny right here, I cango back and stamp it for you.
Yeah, it doesn't make it gold. It's a very good point. Yeah,
how much how many carrots you wantin this penny and we can put

some more of the nickel to Yeah, that's a very good point. You
have to know that I did notknow that. By the way, I've
gotten pieces that were that were stampedfourteen K and then most of it has
something next to it that I don'tunderstand, So that would be the maker's
mark basically, right, Yes,absolutely, And you know different countries around
the world have different criteria for that. Some are very loose, especially in

South America, don't require trademark.So you can't get a piece out of
Italy without a trademark on it.Oh, so want to what look in
your crystal ball? And if youhad to get well, do you want
to even guess which way gold's goingto go? With the way the politics
are in the world right now,well, I mean a lot of people

think I'm a conspiracy theorist that Ireally feel like between now in election town,
we're going to see a lot oftumultuous things happen in all the financial
markets, you know, you know, gold, stock market, gas and
oil and all that's going to begreatly affected by some of this craziness that
we're getting thrown on a daily basis. I've got a strong hunts that that

gasoline and oil are gonna slump prettyhard, getting closed, so that people
can feel like like we're just aboutto turn the corner and everything's going to
be okay. But holy cow,that what I'm paying for groceries now,
I might as well be buying gold, I swear my goodness. Yeah all
right, senior, Well what's hot? Real quick? I've got maybe thirty
seconds left. Which is hottest?Gold? Silver, Platinum? Well,

platinum definitely is out of the conversation. As far as investing, they just
very low, you know, totalsales, you know, goal is obviously
the number one too go to.However, what I'm encouraging people to do
is study the gold and silver ratio. So pretty big spread in the gold
of silver ratio, right, now, which makes me say that, well,

your money might be better off putin a silver than it is gold
at sometime, or a fifty tofifty plenned. All right, we'll have
to end on that. Will istelling me we are done talking about precious
metals for them. It's all right, Thank you so much conversation. Yeah,
Brad Schwiss, Houston, gooldexchange dotcom, southwest corner of West timert
Daria, Ashford. Thank you.All right, we got to run fly

fishing enthusiasts pay attention. Or evenif you just love the ocean, you
love beautiful mountain rivers, you lovethe outdoors, there is going to be
value this weekend at Moody Gardens inthe two different fly fishing film festivals that
will be presented there, one onFriday night, one on Saturday night.

I'm going to MC both and I'mexcited to be going back because I did
the same thing last year and Iwas just absolutely overwhelmed by the quality of
these films, the amazing footage thatthey get going all around the world to
some of the most incredible destinations youcould imagine. There's a little bit of

conservation mixed in. There's a littlebit of fisheries management mixed in. There's
all kinds of stuff buttoned up andwrapped up in a beautiful, beautiful presentation
that will be shown on the largestscreen in Texas. That MG three D
theater screen is the largest screen inTexas, and BOYD does it make things

jump right out at you. Ihad a great time last year. I
know you will this year as well. Different totally different films this year on
Friday night and Saturday Night. Sotry to make a weekend of it.
Maybe get with Moody Gardens and getyourself one of their room packages that includes
pretty much everything you could possibly needto enjoy both of these film festivals.

Tickets for the film festivals spit itout, Doug just fifteen bucks. And
then again those one and two nightpackages. There's going to be food there,
cash bar if you're interested, andyou can register in advance at Moodygardens
dot org for youth and adult flyfishing lessons Moodygardens dot org Moodygardens dot org.
Now they sure don't make them likethey used to. That's why every

few months we wash them, checkhis fluids and spring on a fresh cod
o wax. This is fifty pluswith Doug Pike. All right, welcome
back fifty plus on this cloudy butvery comfortable day. It's gonna be warming
up a little bit. We'll seehow that works at it. It really

doesn't matter. We know about weather. No secret to anybody in this audience.
At higher educationist country refers lately moreto the cost than the benefits it
provides, and way too many cases, especially around major universities that care more
about indoctrination than teaching much of anything. So, for many many reasons,

and mostly good ones, growing numbersof high school grads are veering away from
student loans and low PAN degrees andmore towards skilled trades that these trades often
pay young people to train in themand relatively quickly put them in position to
make some really good money. Toexplain what's called generation tool belt, I'm

going to bring in Aaron Ennis,alternate funding director for the brasses Port ID
and chair of the bc PC SigningDay Committee. Welcome aboard, Doug,
thank you for having me. Greatto be here. Aaron's kind of a
big day in Brass's Port. Didn'tit talk about career signing day generally yeah.

So we started the program about sixyears ago to build career and technical
education up and because we know thatthe boomer gap is real in the skills
and trades industry. We have athriving construction and petrochemical industry here in the
Freeport area. And so what we'vedone is is we've recognized those CT students
and we've been able to align themwith contractors and owner companies that will recruit

them through CT, go through aninterview in process, and then we will
have a big signing day where theywill sign on to go to work full
time as soon as they graduate inthe craft. And so tonight we are
honored that we will be able torecognize one hundred and twelve CT students.
Six years ago we only started witheleven. So every school district in Bazoria

County and Mattagorda County will be recognizedwith students here tonight. Oh my goodness,
Yeah, this is fantastic. Theseare the letters are similar to athletic
letters of intent, right only onlythe promises are made by the kids who
have career interest in what welding,carpentry, electrical pipe fitting, all of
that stuff that you truly do needthese people in those careers down there,

don't you? Absolutely so we have. We've had a long standing thriving construction
industry down here in Bazoria County allthe way over to Swinging near matt Borda
County. You know, we needelectricians, we need instrumentation folks, welders,
fitters, general labor equipment operators.And so what better way than to
find those students that are in careerand technical education in their local high school

and recruit them and build them upand train them and sign them and then
they can earn while they learn ifthey want to go to Brassport Community Community
College and the evenings or go throughmerit shop training. A lot of these
companies will help provide that and wehave a big support with our petrichemical community
to get that done. Talk aboutsome of the companies that have signed on
to support this program and to employthese young people once they get finished with

all their training. Yeah. Sowe have we have family owned businesses up
to large scale corporations. So wehave family you know owned and operated businesses
like KCG to big ones like Zacharyor Wood Group, Contech, you name
it. The patch Industrial Services Brock. We have probably well over thirty that

did interviews. We have well overtour that are actually hiring here tonight.
Wow, and explain that that electionof the selection process too. What makes
what makes a kid stand out fromthe rest to earn one of these opportunities.
Well, let me tell you wehad one hundred and eighty six students
there this year's sign up. Weguarantee them four interviews and a four hour

span, which is kind of likespeed dating. Yeah, we did well
over, well over seven hundred interviewsand a four hour span. So we
have a lot of students that willhave a number of certifications through CTE at
their local high school. Some ofthem will be doing dual credit already at
their local community college in the craftand trade skills programs, And so they
go through their interview, they getto kind of showcase everything they've learned in

CTE and it's been really good becauseit gives them a full time job.
And then also in return, itbuilds up career in technical education where a
parent can go oh my egh ofseventh graders enter and into high school.
You need to get involved with thatbecause there is a pathway and some longevity
for you whenever you graduate, andto give my audience a better feel for

the potential earnings of people who workin these trades, toss out some average
salaries for somebody that's now been throughthe apprenticeship program and is actually a full
time welder or pipe fitter or whatever. Sure, so everyone, all these
students will come through their helper programor their training program for an apprentice.
It is not a regular for studentto come out and make forty to fifty

thousand dollars a year right out thegate in construction. And then as they
get going and become a journeyman ora craftsmen, you know, the sky
to the limit, they may makenear one hundred grand just in a few
years. So getting into construction,especially on the petrochemical side, has very
very good benefits. And when theycome out like that. The important thing
I think to take away from thisis that as a high school kid,

they graduate from high school, theystart making money already and they're able to
get years of jump start on otherkids. Not a diamond loan debt either.
That kid's got a chance to dowell financially, while some of his
or her buddies four or five yearsahead from now are in debt to their
ears and learning how to squiggle caramelon top of whipped cream, aren't they.

Yeah, So the earn YU learnprocess like through merit Shop, and
a lot of our companies that behere tonight, they have tuition reimbursements.
So a student, again, ifthey were to become a pipefitter, they
can take classes, go through MeritShop, go through Brassport College, and
once they pass those classes, theythen can be reimbursed for their coursework that

I benefited from that back and wayback in the early two thousands when I
graduated high school, did a numberof craft based classes and safety classes and
things like that. I eventually graduatedwith an industrial management degree that was fully
paid for, a bachelor's degree fullypaid for by the company I was working
with. And so I encourage studentsto kind of go to work, figure
out what it is that you wantto do. If you want to go

to school, then that's hey,that's great, get a good degree,
you know, help with the helpof your company, and then the sky's
the limit for you. There's someplace Aaron innis from Brassport Independent School District.
They've got signing night tonight and onehundred and twelve kids are gonna make
a life changing decision. Is theresomeplace they could go to find more information

about this? Sure so our BCPCwebsite. You can also follow me on
LinkedIn. The Missouria County Petrick ChemicalCouncil also has a really good Facebook page
and LinkedIn page, okay, andyou can follow along there. And then
we'll also have a lot of photosdifferent things like that, and the live
feed that won't be able to bestreamed tonight, but we'll be able to
post that at a later date whereeverybody can view the BCPC career signing day

to night. I wish I couldbe there. Do me a favor and
shake as many of those kids' handsas you can on my behalf. Will
you, sure will, Doug,thank y'all for having me. Thank you,
Eric, let's see buby. Okay, take care, audios. What
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fifty plus with Doug Pike. Welcomeback, fifty plus, thanks for listening.
Fourth final segment starts now, andas usual, I'm gonna end up
with quite a few things I don'tget to today, but there is tomorrow,
and there will be Thursday and Friday, and yeah, also from up

North, I had mentioned the issuewith Colin Alred who skipped a vote on
border security but managed to show upto shovel ninety five billion tax dollars halfway
around the world. That is TedCruz's opposition in November, also from up
North, federally funded hard left leaningNPR. In case you haven't heard it

yet, National Public Radio actually hasplaced a trigger warning on the Declaration of
Independence. This same document for yearshas been read word for word annually by
NPR, and now suddenly trigger It'sgot a sensitive language. Somebody might get

their feelings hurt. And this comeson the heels of an NPR whistleblower claiming
that a top editor over there wouldn'tcover the Hunter Biden laptop story because it
would have helped President Trump win intwenty twenty, so they just swept it
under the rug. Apparently I don'tknow. That's what I've read, and
it concerns me greatly. Of orse, this is funded by the federal government,

so beholding is beholden. From abright bart story, comes word that
vandals defaced the Georgetown office of TexasRep. John Carter by splatter and there
are pictures you can find them online. Splattered red paint all over the door,
in the walls, and wrote freeGaza in red letters on the sidewalk

in front of the door. Theircameras nearby, and almost certainly the people
did this can and should be foundand identified and charged and prosecuted. When
those people are are pointed out bysomebody. Somebody will do it. They'll
know who they are. It's goingto be quite interesting to see how they're
treated by law enforcement and the mediaespecially. Will they be treated as vandals

and criminals or will they be treatedas heroes? Can't wait? Saw a
college woman being in a discussion withCharlie Kirk, the guy who goes around
to college campuses and tries to havediscussions, and they get sometimes they get
a little heated, especially by thestudents who on occasion will just start screaming

because they have nothing else smart tosay. But this one young woman was
championing the thought of free education.She thought that everybody in this country should
be entitled to free college education.And when she was asked by Charlie Kirk,
who was going to pay for that, she said, no, no,
no, it'll be free. Andhe said, so, you mean

with tax dollars and she said,well, yes, of course, tax
dollars. It's free. Uh no, And he further asked her what else
she thought tax dollars should go for, and she said, well, we
don't need them for the military.We don't really need that military stuff,
and we don't need it for policingeither all of that money should go to

education. That doesn't work. Itwould not work. For if we dismantled
our military and dismantled our police,this country wouldn't last six months. It
honestly wouldn't. One more thing.Speaking of government stuff, the government jobs,
President Biden has announced all these thousandsof positions in the newly created Climate

Core, which is going to goto go to war with the climate and
we're gonna, boy, we're gonnaput up solar panels, and we're gonna
put up wind farms, and we'regonna teach people how to go around and
beat the tambourine for climate change,against climate change, I guess. And

basically what they're doing is handing peoplefederal jobs from which they almost it's almost
impossible to get fired from a governmentjob, I guess, unless you maybe
quit voting for the left. Aslong as you cast the right voat,
you probably can't get fired from anyof those jobs. Very frustrating to watch

what's happening right before our eyes,and a concerning number of people don't pay
attention to it. All right,well, waste of time down by the
river or oh my, where doI want to go part time down by
the river. Down by the river. It's just what you might think if

you've ever watched Saturday Night Live.A third of Americans have said that they
wouldn't they wouldn't mind living in avan down by the river. Thirty six
thousand people polled and thirty thirty thousandpeople polled in thirty six percent said living
the van life would be something theywould consider. If you want to know

about a waste of time, howabout washing. This is a trend on
social media, washing your shredded cheese. How about you just shred your own
cheese or not wash your cheese thatI don't there's something disgusting about that.
We'll be back tomorrow. Thanks forlistening. Audios
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