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May 17, 2024 35 mins
Today, Doug Pike discusses the wicked storm that hit the Houston area.
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Remember what it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis? Remember when social media was truly
social? Hey, John, how'sit going today? Good? Well,
this show is all about you one. This is fifty plus with Doug Pike.

Helpful information on your finances, goodhealth, and what to do for
fun. Fifty plus brought to youby the UT Health Houston Institute on Aging
Informed Decisions for a healthier, happierlife and by Texas Indoor Air Quality Specialists
because clean air is healthier air.And now fifty plus with Doug Pike.

All right, Wow, Friday editionof the program starts right now. And
I man, I hope everybody inthis audience made it through okay. If
you had damage, if you haveinjury, I sympathize. I feel very

grateful and fortunate and just thank godI got through it. Last night.
I had to drive home in kindof a lot of the worst of the
weather, but not nearly anything thatwould have kept me from driving. It
was like driving in a hurricane.And I've had to do that a few
times coming in here during the summertime, but it was nothing compared to what

I've heard from. We have onewoman who works here whose house took a
tree right down the middle. Wehave other I have several other people had
emailed me this morning to let meknow that they had problems as well,
and damage, a lot of damage. The storm I believe has killed four

people so far. And it's justit's just a freak. It's an absolute
freak, straight line wind, justlike a hurricane coming through, but a
little teeny tiny just one time throughone direction. And yeah, at last
I heard this morning, there areabout seven hundred thousand people still without power

behind this thing. That's hurricane likestuff there. That's not just a little
thunderstorm running through. That's turning everythingupside down. And it's gonna take a
long time in the places that gothit hardest by that for the memory to
go away a little bit. Itwill never go all the way away.

Not to live through something like that, not to have a tree fall on
your house or your car, notto have somebody you care about hurt in
a storm like this. Man ohMan, I tried to check Center Points
energy outage tracker this morning, bythe way, but I'm presuming it was
overwhelmed and overloaded because it never wouldload for me. So I just moved

on. That's all I could do. Anybody you know involved at all,
will I called. We called theparents last night while it was happening to
make sure they were okay. Andmy parents were fine. And my girlfriend's
parents lost power but got it backyet or do you know, I do

not know yet. But that wasabout it. We didn't have. Luckily,
A lot of damage happened at thehouse. I mean the fence,
some panels fell off, and ourgarbage cans got strewn across the lawn.
So what But last last night Iwas looking at the garbage cans because it
was they were mainly the recycling binsthat fell over. So it's wet paper

on the lawn and I'm just hopingnone of it anywhere else when I have
to go clean it up. AndI saw my neighbor, as she's a
she's an older woman, her dogwalking out outside, and I think she
let her in or let her outto you know, go peel. Once
it kind of tapered off a littlebit, and I saw that and I

was like, oh, I gottaI gotta go and get that dog.
So I went outside and I sawher and she was in her raincoat with
her umbrella, and she's like,did you see my dog? Go back
here? And I was like no, I was like I did, I'll
go and find her. And Idid, and luckily she didn't go far.
And you know, I went andI picked her up and brought her
back to her. Well. Goodjob, will Yeah, helping the fifty

plus community. Yeah, every chanceyou get. Oh my gosh, Yeah,
there's still I'm sure there's still alot of anxiety among a lot of
people. Nobody wants to wake upto what we did this morning. And
I, like I said, mymy family was spared and I feel very
blessed. And any of you whoare not in that situation today, I

hope whatever issues you have get resolvedquickly so you can get back on with
your life. Like I said,last night, when I drove home,
I had to pick up some medicinefor my wife and I was about probably
eight miles away from home, andseven of those I had to do on
the Southwest Freeway and it was justnuts. One of the things that bugs
me, by the way, andit's not illegal in Texas, it's illegal

in about thirty five states to drivewith your hazard lights on. Flash flash
here, I am no, I'mnot here. I am no, I'm
not And with the wind and raindriving as hard as they were while I
was trying to drive back, itwas just a distraction just to put your

headlights on so that your tail lightscome on and now I can see where
your car is and I don't haveto guess when the lights go out.
Well, I know, when Iwas driving back from New Orleans, we
got caught in some pretty heavy rainabout thirty or so miles outside of Lake
Charles, and everybody on the roadput their hazards on. But at that

point it really was necessary because I'mthinking in my mind, when do I
need to pull over? Because it'sgoing it's I don't know how long it's
gonna last, and I'm okay rightnow. You know I'm going about thirty
Yeah, that's I'm smart. I'mkeeping it back, it down slow,
I'm just trying to move it along. And luckily that only lasted about ten

fifteen minutes or so. Those arewhite knuckle minutes every one. Yes,
that's what it was last night,and it really is. It's much safer
to just put the put those taillights on with your head lights and because
that's a constant, a steady pictureof where you are in relation to other
traffic and whatnot, and it's nota it's not a distraction every time that

light comes on and goes off,which it is to the people behind you.
You know, if you don't haveanybody with your flashers on in front
of you, lucky you. Butbehind you people are going, come on,
come on, man, don't dothat. So don't do that,
will okay? Please? I don'tknow. It helped me out. Having
the person in front of me seeingI could then gage because I really could

not see any If it wasn't forthe hazards, I don't think I would
have been able to see anything.You would, You would have been able
to see them. I'm telling youit was. It was that next play.
If you really believe that, thenexplain to me why you knew where
they were because their hazard lights wereon because a light was on right only
half the time, though, Butthat that little split second of going boom

boom boom, it helped me out, It's all I'm saying. It helped
me out on the road. AllI'm saying is it's illegal in about thirty
five states. Well there's a reason. Well, that's that's if you want
to put them all in full offthe road and put them on over there
on the shoulder, so we'll knowthat's where you are. All right,
Well, let's let's let that go. It's a that's something that we could

be debating for the entire hour,and I certainly don't want to do that.
And you're already tell them who wehave to stop for this break,
so we will. Texas home Buyers, Oh boy, there are all kinds
of people whose homes have had issuesin the last twenty four hours, had
issues in the last two weeks,from flooding, all kinds of things.
Might have you thinking to yourself,you know what, I'm just ready to

move away from here. I gottaget out of here. I don't want
to hassle with a real estate agentand take a little extra time and maybe
have them tell me I need topaint and replace this and fix that.
I want to right now, righthere, offer on my home. And
that's what Texas home Buyers does.Single family, multiple family properties, any

kind of property really, any kindof real estate. They will make you
a cash offer and they can getthat deal closed. Usually within two weeks,
they will come to the property,they'll look it over, and then
they'll go back to the office anddo some calculation, and then they will

call you with or email you,I don't know which, with a cash
offer. Right then, right there, a very fair offer too. These
are top dollar offers. They're notgoing to try to lowball you. They've
been in business for more than thirtyyears and they are A plus rated with
a Better Business Bureau. And there'sa reason for that. It's because they
do make fair offers as simple asthat. You want to find out a
lot more about this, you cantune into Texas Home Buyers Radio three o'clock

Saturday afternoons right here on KPRC,or you can call them seven one three
six four nine twenty two twenty two. Seven one three six four nine twenty
two twenty two. Now they suredon't make them like they used to.
That's why every few months we washthem, check his fluids and spring on

a fresh coat o wax. Thisis fifty plus with Doug Pike lcome back
fifty plus this Friday edition. LikeI said in the front end, I
hope, I hope everybody gets throughthis thing. I know there's some there's

been a lot of trouble, andwe've got at least four people that I've
heard about so far who were killedby this storm. This was one of
the worst I've ever seen that didn'thave a name, that's for sure.
It wasn't I don't know. Ireally don't have the words I want.

I want to just move on alittle bit. I think on the good
news, the good news side behindthis thing is what we have in store
today. After a little bit oflight rain moves through coastal counties, we're
going to see a much calmer anddryer week ahead, and that at least
will enable power crews to get thelights turned back on for the I don't
know, probably at least a halfa million still who don't have lights.

That's just frightening. This and futureweathercast, by the way, are going
to be brought to us by TexasIndoor Quality Indoor air quality specialists. Excuse
me, because after all, cleanerair is healthier air, and that will
be the truth forever and ever.Amen. It makes sense to me,
and it's gonna make sense once theyget through my house and clean my duckwork

to know that I don't have tosneeze when I come home. My contacts
don't feel dry. They feel fineall day and I get home and kind
of dried out, and my eyesare itchy a little bit. They're not
dry, They're just stuff in theair. I think I'm gonna find out
from up in New York. FormerPresident Trump's trial over charges that he paid
hush money to adult film star StormyDaniels garnered media attention yesterday when the prosecution

star witnessed Michael Cohen, who bythe way, formally convicted of tax evasion
found guilty of lying to Congress.He not exactly, not exactly a perfect
example who you want on the stand, I don't think anyway. His testimony
was pretty much shredded by defense attorneysduring cross examination, and even even the

liberal media couldn't spend that into anythingbut bad news for the prosecution. Still,
speaking of Stormy, Representative Jim Jordanhas asked New York Attorney General Leticia
James, I see all these weirdstories like this, and I can't help
myself but to share them. AndI'm not I'm not telling you to take

my word for anything. Just goread up on it yourselves and hopefully I'm
inspiring some research. In the afternoon, and Jim Jordan asked Attorney General Leticia
James up in New York to handover all the documents and all the communications
from several years back related to oneof the prosecutors working on this case.

And he had He's he's just beenhe worked for da Alvin Bragg for a
while, he worked for James,He's worked for the Department of Justice.
And from a Newsweek story, Jordanhas concerns in regard to the quote perception
that the Justice Department is assisting inda Bragg's politicized prosecution and quote He's asked

for everything. We'll see how muchit gets, and I bet it won't
be everything. I just have agut feeling in golf news that I cannot
ignore the world's number one Scotti.Scheffler was arrested this morning outside Valhall Golf
Club after he drove past the policebarricade on his way to his tea time.

There was an issue a man,a pedestrian was struck and killed by
a shuttle bus there and Scheffler drovearound for some reason. The police barricade
that was kind of keeping people fromgoing through there, and as he did,

according to the story, a policeman, it's said, attached himself to
Scheffler's car. I don't know,he probably just grabbed the door handles something
like that. In any event,Scotty was taken out of the car,
handcuffed, taking a police station wherehe was booked and released, and actually
still made it back for his tenoh eight te time. If that's not

a distraction, I don't know whatwould be. Holy Cow. Several charges
were followed against him. I'm gonnaguess that most of them will be dropped
or reduced, not because he's ScottyScheffler, but because I don't know,
they'll find they'll find reasons. Probablythey'll find reasons. Hats off to the

University of Utah, where pro Palestinianprotesters and their unlawful encampment were handled brilliantly
in quotes. According to Utah GovernorSpencer Cox, almost as soon as the
situation started, there moved in.They instructed the demonstrators to disassemble and take

their tents with them, and endedup having to arrest twenty one of them
after they refused to obey that instruction. Governor Cox said the right to protest
is clearly protected in our country,and he had no problem with that.
However, however, it is notthe right of anyone to threaten other people,

or harass them, or restrict theirability to get an education and know,
the governor continued, You can't justpitch a tent anywhere you want in
Utah. Sorry, that's not allowed. All right, very little time left.
I'll this I found interesting. Willa poll on table manners. Let's
see, did you use these tablemanners properly yesterday? When you had lunch

with your mother and you were diningon your lobster? Did you say you
got lobsters? That what you got? The cheeseburger? Oh my god.
One in nine Americans chew with theirmouth open. Uh. I know,
that's just disgusting. I don't wantto see what you're having for lunch.
I really don't, And I presumeyou don't want to see what I'm having

for lunch, so I'll keep mymouth shut. Oh I can't. That's
just nasty. Let's move on,shaw, we let's get out of here.
Let me tell you about bronze roofing. Skeeter Broun Skeeter Bron was gonna
come to my house this morning anddrop off materials for a delivery for a
roof on Monday. We changed thatplan, and I guarantee you that Skeeter

didn't just go home and put hisfeet up on the couch this morning.
He has probably been what is thistwelve twenty something that we our clock has
broken in here in the studio.It's twelve something, twelve twenty ish,
and he has probably been on Idon't know, four or five roofs himself
already this morning, helping people whohad damage, maybe in the heights,
maybe toward downtown somewhere, and tryingto help them make sure that that lid

on their home is safe and secure, and if it's not, he's gonna
help them. He and his crewswill come to you usually within twelve hours.
They'll get you an estimate. They'llbe on your house for a free
estimate this time of year and withas busy as they are, worst case
scenario a day, but he's beenin business thirty seven years doing exactly that.

They get to your house as fastas they can, which is very
fast, and then they walk itand they visually inspect it and come down
from that ladder, and if you'relucky, they'll say, ah, you're
done, You're good, everything's fine. If you get other news, they'll
show you pictures of the damage,they'll explain how they can fix it,
if they can fix it, ormaybe you need a replacement, and if

they can fix it, they'll tellyou how much it's going to cost,
and then ask you if you wouldlike to get started. The best thing
you can say at that point isyes, get started. He's helped my
mother in law with her roof.He's helped me with my roof more than
once. He did my mother's roofout in Katie when she was still alive.
And he will come to your placewherever you are, he and his
cruise and make sure that you getthe same treatment that every customer gets from

Bronze Roofing two eight one four eightzero ninety nine hundred Very easy too eight
one four eight zero ninety nine hundred. Or go to Bronze Roofing dot com.
That's b R a U n s. Bronze Roofing dot com. What's
life without a net? I suggestyou go to bed, sleep it off,
just wait until the show's over.Sleepy. Back to Doug Pike as

fifty plus continues. Welcome back fiftyplus, bottom of the hour, a
little past the bottom of the hour. We've got a lot of ground to

cover here, will I'm gonna scratchout that whole thing about table manners.
That was just disgusting. I don'tI shouldn't have done that during the lunch
hour. Should I? Probably not? Well, maybe it's just a good
reminder for people that are listening whileeating lunch with their mouths open. Exactly.
Yeah, like shut that, shutit up. Yeah, we don't

want to see the chewed remains ofyour shrimp pull boy, or your lobster
and cheeseburger, what can I say? Or my protein bar. Nobody wants
any of that. There is acompany called exos will now that has created
a policy. I want to getyour your gut reaction to this. Have
you heard of this yet? Whatis excess with that? Have no idea

what they do? Okay? Youdo you fridays? Okay, And here
are the rules. You have twochoices. You can either catch up on
work or you can take the dayoff. But here's the deal. Okay,
no meetings, no emails for thewhole day. You just it's a
recharge day. You can neither comeinto the office and catch you up on

the things that they tell you youhave to do every week, or you
can just chill at the house.But no email and no meetings. That
sounds great to me. It's kindof like a no brainer. Yeah,
I'm going off for that home option. Yeah, a single time. And
don't you worry. I won't evenlook at my phone. Oh I so

far as you know, I'll makeit up on Monday, don't worry.
Yeah, that's I don't know howlong that's gonna last for Exos. Probably
wouldn't buy stock in that company rightnow. I don't think if that's their
new plan, I don't have everybodyFriday, Saturday and Sunday. I think
I could learn a little something somethingfrom it. Yeah, I'll try out

a three day work week, soten hour work week, yeah, two
hours a day. Come on fromthe desk of Captain obvious. I love
this. They just think about thiswhen I'm gonna read it slowly so you
can think about it, will andunderstand, and you tell me. A
new study found that men are morelikely to be friends if they do not

share the same taste in women.There was noticeable. There was no noticeable
trend for women. They didn't carewhat the other woman wanted. Men,
for anybody who hadn't figured this outyet, can't be buddies if they have
the same taste in women, becauseif they have the same taste in women,

sooner or later, guy A's boyfriendor girlfriend is gonna get hit on
by guy B. Well, that'sjust not that's not a good friend.
I think if you can't control yourself, your bad friend. I would agree
with that, But I think thatit's much easier. I think it would

be easier to just I don't know. Yeah, it depends on the depends
on what what you do with thatdude, if you just occasionally run into
it. But that's not a goodfriend. A good friend would be somebody
you hung out with a lot,Like you go fishing, or you go
to basketball games, or you gowhere do you go? You got guy
friends? Are you allowed to hangout with guy friends? Of course?
Yeah? Bold talks she's not here, Yeah, yeah, anytime I want.

I'm the man of the house wheneverI want. Yeah yeah yeah.
So so what do you all godo? We would go out we get
dinner, lunch, you know,go to shows, hang out, talk
about the world. Sure you complainabout anything, Yeah, yeah, come

up a lot, of course,I'm sure will. Thanks a lot.
Thanks for that. All right,I'm gonna move on. I gotta do
this. Let's take that. Scratchthat out. Uh. An executive order
executive order issued by our president directsfederal agencies to who coordinate with outside groups

on voter turnout. Hmm. Thatsounds like that sounds great. We want
everybody to get out and vote.Only the problem is the problem is that
what's going on is only being theseagencies. Federal agencies are only being directed
to work with organizations that are wayleft to center, way left the center,

and a where's his name? HouseAdministration Committee Chairman Brian Style from Wisconsin.
He's not real happy about that,and he's wanting some he's wanting somebody
else to take a look at this, because what he said is, and
I quote, our federal agencies shouldbe focused on serving the American people,
not focused on re electing President Biden. And to quote, made his comments

after it became pretty clear that everybodywho's or at least the overwhelming majority,
let's call them being assisted by helpfrom our federal government in turning out the
vote. Are far and away,way way left of center, way way

left of center. And that,my friends, is is not right.
If if you want to do this, make sure that you have equal representation
on both sides. That would seemonly fair. But when did this administration
do anything it's any fair? Thenit's just not again, Will with the
no warning gave you? No,you didn't know? I did. I

saw that one, that special onethat you sometimes pass my way A lot
of that, friends, Yeah,when you're talking about me, Yeah,
sometimes I get too. I betlet's get out of here. A late
health is as a group of clinicsaround town where you can be seen for

vascular issues, and that would includethere are certain headaches that can be cured
with some vascular treatments. There areugly veins that can be made to go
away with their treatments. There arefibroid issues for women that can be made
to go away, and the procedurethey do most often that would be prostate

artery embolization, which makes an enlarged, non cancerous prostate turns that into just
a shriveled up old thing. Kindof like us. It's a lot of
us guys. That's how we feelon the bad days, on the good
days. If you get rid ofthat in large prostate, you're gonna feel
a lot better because you're gonna sleepbetter. You're gonna be able to sleep
through the night with that having toget up and go to the bathroom three

times. A lot of aspects ofyour life will be improved if you get
that prostate taken care of. Whatthey do is they a dentieri the arteries
that fuel and feed these conditions andthen shut them off. I just like
they build a dam. The bloodcan't get to them anymore, and they
shrink and die and go away.No hospital stays, no bothersome anything.

It's just a nice couple of hoursin the in the clinic, and then
you get to go home and recoupand recover in a comfortable, confident place
where you're gonna just be waited on, hand over foot by everybody in the
family. Seven one three, fiveeight eight thirty eight eighty eight. Most
of this stuff's covered by Medicare andMedicaid too. Seven one three, five
eight eight thirty eight eighty eight.And they also do regenerative medicine. Don't

forget about that if you deal withchronic pain. A latehealth dot com a
l A t E, A latehealthdot com aged to perfection. This is
fifty plus with Dougpike. All right, welcome back, fifty plus on a

cloudy but not stormy Thank god,Friday afternoon. Thank you for listening.
I certainly do appreciate it. LikeI said a couple of times already,
I'm gonna say again, I hopeall of my audience members and everybody else,
I hope all of us came outsafe. I know some of us
did not wishful thinking that everybody madeit through that, and I know better.

Still, hundreds of thousands of peoplewithout power right now in this area.
They're trying. Everybody's trying, allhands on deck. I think the
thing that's going to cause some ofthis power to take a little longer than
we would like to be restored isthat I don't think the power companies saw

this as something that would take downso much electricity and transmission a hurricane.
When a hurricane comes, there aretrucks lined up and staged at a safe
distance from where from the path ofthe storm. And as soon as it's
safe, they rush in and startfixing the wires and transformers and everything else.

This one, I think wasn't expectedto do as much damage as it
did and take out the size ofthe structures that it did. I saw
one of those those huge, hightall power transmission line towers. The structure
looks like an erector set, gianterector set stuff. One of those really

tall ones was just toppled. Andthat's going to take some time to fix,
and I don't know how long,And I just I hope they can
find some way to work around thatto get power to these homes that don't
have it yet, because it's goingto be pretty hot and sticky for anybody
who doesn't have AC moving forward.The president of ABC News I kind of

okay, I'll confess I snickered alittle bit when I read this. Kim
Godwin has resigned, and much tothe delight. According to the story,
I read of many employees who whoshared their thoughts anonymously. They aren't allowed
to speak publicly about things like this, but once that resignation was shared publicly,

they anonymously voiced their opinions and saidokay. She issued a statement said
she just has decided to leave broadcastnews the entire industry altogether. I don't
know what she'll do moving forward.She may not have to do anything.
A position of that prominence within ABCNews probably set her up pretty good.

Oh maybe she doesn't have to doanything for the rest of her life,
and more power to her. Shecan retire right now. I am happy
to see that resignation because she likeda lot of people in mainstream media.
We're pretty far left, and accordingto the employees, actually what bothers me
even more. I think for thosepeople, the people who had to work

with her, A lot of themsaid she was more interested in self promotion
than in leading that newsroom. Andhaving worked in a newsroom at least a
sports department right next to a newsroomfor twenty three years, I understand the
value and importance of the person whoat whose desk the buck stops. When

there is a decision to be madeabout whether to run a story, how
deeply to cover a story, howto cover a story, and whether your
outlet is liberal or conservative or somewherein the middle, it's still there still
has to be a brain. Therestill has to be a top the last

place you go to find out whetheryou could run a story or not,
or how it needs to be presented. And it sounds from what I've read
from her employees and whatnot, shejust wasn't wasn't doing that. Now.
I don't know, I'm not accusingher of anything. Like I said,
more Power Tour, she can ifyou can just retire now and sit back

and relax a little bit, that'swhatever the reasons I can tell you.
And I do respect the fact thatthat's a very high pressure job. It's
an extremely high pressure job because thatone desk is where a lot of big
decisions on what makes the news andwhat doesn't make the news are made.

Is that's where the decision is made. So more Power Tour. A former
teacher in California, a woman whowas fired for refusing to use preferred pronouns
or to hide students gender identities fromtheir parents based on her own Christian beliefs,
has settled a lawsuit with her formeremployer, private school three hundred and

sixty thousand dollars. That's what theschool had to pay her for believing her
of her duties. Ever so slowly, it seems like just ever so slowly,
common sense, morality, all thesethings creeping back into this country and
its courts still got long ways togo, a very long ways to go.

I'll be interested to see how howthe Olympics go this summer in a
lot of directions, and that willbe eye opening. I'm sure, one
way or the other. I don'tknow which way it's going to be,
one way or the other. Allright, well, let's finish it off
a little fun at the end ofthe weekend. According to the clock on
the wall, it's hyphen hyphen hyphenhyphen hyphen hyphen time. It is twelve

fifty five. That a couple ofminutes. Oh we do we got two
brain is money or beauty? Yeah, sure it does. Or that's just
nasty. That's just nasty. Andonce again, this is a lunch yard
thing, do I tell it ornot? Yes, I just asked for

it. High end restaurant in Tampa, Okay, Fortunately we're not not start
going there, not for them.They used garnishes taken from plants out behind
the restaurant where dogs do their business. What what yeah, pucking, I

guess they got a little herb gardengoing back there. And that's where the
and it's not fenced off apparently notunless the employees are just keeping their dogs
out back. Yeah. What kindof herbs they grown back there? I
don't know, but they all startwith a P. Let's get away from

that. That's pretty rough. Ohhere about how about not for the little
people? You want that one?Fine? How much time to go?
Have you have a minute? Ohthat's perfect luxury supermarket, beautiful place,
very fancy, fancy place selling icethat costs twenty nine ninety nine thirty bucks.
You'd get thirty bucks? Okay,how much? It's just not for

us peons. This is for fancypeople, okay, because they need them
for their fancy cocktails. What amI talking about? You talking about?
Uh? You know? Ice balls? Oh? You ever seen the little
I have sing at the house thatmakes them? Somebody left it here?
Thirty bucks? How many ice ballsdo you get? I'm gonna go with
thirty Oh no, no, no, no, no, oh, fifteen,

no, ten? Eight? Heget em for thirty bucks. Eight
ice balls, which is probably morethan the cost of the liquor you're gonna
be using, and all the ingredientscombined and the glasses. Wow. Yeah,
so no, don't do that.That's bad, bad, bad,
bad bad bad. I'm gonna savethis brains money of your beauty because it's

good. We'll do that on Tuesday, maybe. Everybody stay safe. I'm
glad you made it through. We'llbe back next week. Audios.
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