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May 23, 2024 36 mins
Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Sara Taveras Alam about immunotherapy.  
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Remember what it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis, Remember when social media was truly
social? Hey John, how's itgoing today? Well, this show is
all about you, only the gooddie. This is fifty plus with Doug

Pike. Helpful information on your finances, good health, and what to do
for fun. Fifty plus brought toyou by the ut Health Houston Institute on
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Specialists because clean air is healthier air. And now fifty plus with Doug Pike.

All Right, Thursday edition of theprogram starts right now, and we've
got some good stuff lined up inthe in the meate of the show.
In the middle of the show,we're gonna talk first about first about immunotherapy,
and then after that interview, we'regonna delve into the world with a
man who's been there, into theworld of mental illness and addiction. Very

interesting stories, both, very interestinginterviews. Both. I'm sure they're not
done yet, not like I'm likeI already know and recorded them. I
tried very hard not to use recordedinterviews in my shows. Not this one,
neither this one nor my outdoor show, because I think the spontaneity and
the I think the spontaneity brings morehonest reaction, more honest answers than if

you give somebody. And I've hada lot of pr people, Yeah,
just send me the questions and I'llget them over to the guest Like,
no, not really, I don'tdo it that way if they're not willing
to trust me not to try totrick them up. I'm not John Stossel.
I'm not jumping out of the bushesto try to trip somebody up.
I'm just looking for honest answers togood questions, and I feel like I

do okay with that. After spendingtwenty three years in the newspaper business.
Then I was getting to ask peopleabout hunting and fishing and camping, skiing,
sailing, snowboarding, all that stuffto get answers to questions I thought
my readers wanted to hear. Andnow I'm doing the same thing on radio

and able to ask these people questionslive, and I do feel like that's
the only way that you get realresponse. Now a lot of television interviews
have to be recorded for a varietyof reasons, but just doing ten minutes
on the radio where somebody doesn't evenhave to leave from wherever they are and

go anywhere. All they have todo is accept our phone call when it's
time to get them queued up.Think that does help, and it does.
I think it relaxes people a littlebit too. Honestly. I reassure
my guests, especially the ones whodon't do a lot of interviews. I
reassure them early on that I'm notgoing to trip them, and I give

them a little a little standard responsejust in case I happen to ask a
question. I'm not going to tellyou what that response is, because then
you'd be then you'd know more thanyou need to know. And that's not
that big a deal really, Butanyway, I just I just reassure them
I'm not going to trip them up. And I in thinking about it in

what is this will eight nine yearswhatever, we've been doing this show eight
and change, I think, andit's okay, you don't have to respond
something like that, Yeah, well, you haven't been on it the whole
time. In fairness to you,I've been on this side of the of
the console the whole time, andseveral people have sat where you sit.
Yeah. The bottom line is nobodygets worried about me asking them a crazy

question, and it's just good solidinformation. I hope that will help all
of us, and that will behere before you know it, because I've
almost yapped through this entire first segmentalready. Nice Thursday, we're having here
for a change, right, oneweek removed from the devastation of that storm,
and still twenty something thousand people withoutpower. Current busted window counting downtown

up to about four thousand, maybemore. I don't know that anybody's really
counted them. I think they're justball parking it. I what a wonderful
job that would have been. Okay, you go downtown, you count the
broken windows on this block. Bob, you go to that block and you
count busted windows. Mary, yougo over to that block and you count
busted windows. And then when youall get back, we'll count up how

many busted windows we have. Andit totaled up to four thousand. That's
the number that's being thrown around.I'll bet you it's more than that.
Honestly, Still giant trees that werevertical a week ago but are now horizontal
still at last count, I think, well, have you heard any other
fatalities than the eight we've heard aboutso far that I have anyway, that's

all I've heard. That is that'spegged at eight. That's still that's eight
times. That's eight too many.Really, that's the saddest part. In
a year or so, the propertydamage is all going to be repaired.
Things that blew away are going tobe replaced, But we can't get those
people back. And right now thereare plenty of people grieving the loss of
those eight. I don't even knowthem, but I'm sad for their families

and friends. It's horrible. Moveon, though, we must, and
move on we will. Ten secondforecast brought our way by Texas Indoor Air
Quality Specialists at pound two fifty cleanerair. Several more days of what's outside
right now. If you like theway it is now, you're going to
love the next several No rain inthe current forecast until Tuesday, right about

the same time everybody goes back towork after the Memorial Day weekend. Two
up, two down among the marketindicators, and this time it's some fairly
significance. Winth of Dow actually wasdown about three hundred and forty something points
I think it was, which isa full point. That's kind of frightening.

I hope that ship gets righted beforebefore anything else weird happens. If
you're a player, go check youraccount. Gold, thanks to Houston Gold
Exchange, dropped forty five dollars todayand now is more than fifty bucks off
its recent high that was north oftwenty four hundred current price last time I
looked about an hour ago, twothousand, three hundred and forty seven dollars

and some change. I think oillaughably down another thirty cents, as if
that mattered, and currently about seventyseven dollars in change per barrel as our
president pulls another million barrels from ouremergency reserves. How that makes any sense?
I have no idea where do Iwant to go? I tell you

what, I'm gonna wait until thefinal segment of the show to talk about
the holiday weekend and some of thethings you need to be watching out for.
And on the way out here,I'm gonna let well jump in real
quick. It's your lucky day.Only a matter of time or I might
do that. I might do that. Photos making around showing a vending machine
in Germany that sells unopened mystery packages. You have no idea what's in it.

They're just random packages. You can'tsee what the prices are like in
the photo. I guess so thevending machine, I'm sure you have.
You know what you have to payto get the price or to get the
package, but you don't know what'sin it. Would you do that?
Maybe too? Up to how much? How much would you spend to just
take a flyer on something being worthmore? Oh, I don't know,

Maybe five dollars, that's about whatI'm thinking too. Yeah, you know,
I'm I've got a little bit ofa gambler in me, but I
don't know if i'd want to.Just that's the sling people of what a
what if people won? Oh Ihaven't. I didn't look at any of
the details. That makes it justboring. At that point, he said,
no, you want to know whatcould the prizes be? You know,

a new car? I doubt it. But what if there was a
card inside the little package that said, you just want a brand new Ferrari.
I don't like Ferrari. Give itback, gotta shove it back in
the slot in the vending machine.Give me something else, go for the
snickers bar. Yeah, I'm hungry. I'm at the vending machine. It's

just so hard sometimes to deal withyou. Uh, just a rambunctious child.
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the website Primo Doors dot Com.Now they sure don't make them like they
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and spring on a fresh cod owax. This is fifty plus with Dougpike.

Hi, welcome back to fifty plus. Thanks for listening. Certainly do
appreciate it. This warm but otherwisepleasant Thursday and dry, relatively calm day.
That's points in its favor as well. We'll talk to this segment about
immunotherapy, which I researched yesterday andtoday just practically till my head hurt from
reading. Fascinating, honestly, buta good portion of what I read was

over my head, which is exactlywhy I'm going to now introduce doctor Sarah
taveres Alam, who specially specifically treatspatients with leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma
for ut physicians. Welcome aboard,doctor, Thanks for having me, Doug,
happy to be here, my pleasure. So let's start with a general
definition. If we could have immunotherapy, what exactly but in regular people language,

okay, what are we talking abouthere? Yes, of course,
immunotherapy is a type of treatment thatuses the body's own immune system to fight
cancer. Our body has complex systemsto combat cancer, and the immune system
is a major role. In fact, we know that patients who have a

weak immune system are prone to havecancer, aren't a higher risk of cancer.
So cancer immunotherapy really is a paradigmshift from traditional modalities of cancer treatment
like chemo and radiation. Those reallywork by killing rapidly dividing cancer cells,

but unfortunately also kill some normal cellsin that process. And we have different
types of aminotherapies like immune checkpoint inhibitorsand cart T cells. I don't know
if you've read about those, butthey have law names. You may have
seen ads on TV. Checkpoint inhibitorsinclude tembrolism ab, nivola, maab,

ipilimumab, a teszlism ab. Theseare medicines that really release breaks on the
natural cancer killing power of the immunesystem. And then car T cell iminotherapy
is even fancier. These are producedby the genetic engineering of a patient's own

immune system, and they make itso that those cells that were extracted from
the patient and are infused back attackthe cancer cells. And before we get
to now any more about the now, let's talk a little bit about the
long history of this because I readthat it goes back centuries. Really,
yeah, it really does. Ithink that the immunotherapy that we're used to

nowadays has been more over the lastten to fifteen years where we've had a
lot of approvals of medications, butthere have been a tense on making the
immune system work more for us inattacking cancer from you know, even fifty

years ago, trying to identify moleculesthat we normally produced and replicate that in
the lab and then give that topatients. So the old medications that like
interferon are in a sense of meunotherapyas well. It's kind of the older
version, right, but the modernimmunotherapy has been around more so for like

ten to fifteen years and glad tohave it too. What types of cancers
respond best to this? To behonest, I cannot think of a cancer
where immunotherapy is not used at all. Wo Melanoma is really one of the
flagship ones. Back in twenty tentwenty eleven there are the first major trials
with the modern type of amunotherapy workfor melanoma. But melanoma, lung cancer,

triple negative breast cancer, esophagio livercolon, kidney bladder cancer, and
in my world, Hodgkin lynsoma.Those are cancers where ammunotherapy is commonly included.
And then this other version of itthe carti cell therapy that is mostly
for the blood cancers like lukin yelland foma my aldoma. Oh sorry,

dog, So I was just goingto say that before when this boom kind
of first started, immunotherapy was beingused after something else didn't work. But
now we see more and more againthat we're starting to use it from the
very beginning of diagnosias. Outside theworld of families and people who actually are
cancer patients, I doubt that manypeople truly understand the side effects of cancer

treatment talk about that a little bitand how immunotherapy isn't quite as trying.
I think I believe, at leaston patients that is so true. I
believe that most people will associate cancertherapy with, you know, nausea,
vomiting, a lot of fatigue,and this is not something that we see

really with immunotherapy. It can bea lot more tolerable than the traditional cancer
therapy. It may take a littlebit longer to work. Sometimes with things
like chemotherapy, you could have aneffect within days or weeks, whereas for
immunotherapy and may take weeks two monthsto really first see that that effect.

In terms of the side effects thatare more specific to immunotherapy, because it
revs up the immune system, itaugments the immune system. There can be
side effects from that, like anoveractive immune system with some fever and inflammation
of different organs like the thyroids,long heart, liver, kidneys, or

skin. These side effects are rare. Like I said, generally, immunotherapy
is quite tolerable, but some ofthe side effects can be serious. Doctor
Sarah taveras Alam on fifty plus.So if we're looking for a why when
it comes to immunotherapy, I'm goingto presume until you tell me otherwise,
that it results in a lower rateof return among these cancers it treats.

Is that fair to say? May? And part of that is because since
it harnesses the immune system, itmay still be working after immunotherapy is stopped
because that immune system is still there, so it may still have an effect
beyond the administration of treatment. Andsince this audience is mostly seniors, anything

specific to our group, my groupand my audiences, you're not that old
to do that stuff. We shouldknow as it relates to immunotherapy. Yes,
it's important to know that immunotherapy isnot only effective, but often better
tolerated than other forms of cancer therapyfor the older patients. You know,

we've had patients that are older andnot too healthy or not too fit who
maybe would not be offered other typesof cancer therapy, but tolerate immunotherapy quite
well. And there was a study, actually I was reading up in advance
of this interview. There was astudy in twenty twenty two in gen Oncology

evaluating immunotherapy in patients older than eighty. Oh wow, And even in that
range of age group, it hada comparable treatment response and survival, so
very good response and no significant differencein side effects compared to younger patients.
Fantastic, Doctor Sarah Tavaris, Alam, we are out of time. I'm

so sorry. That was fantastic though. Thank you so very much. I
really appreciate it. Thank you forhaving me. Have a great day,
my pleasure. All Right, we'vegot to take a break. Dog gone.
I wanted to ask. I don'tknow about medicare and medicaid. I'm
not sure how that works, butwe'll find out at some point, and
I'll find out and I will mentionit as soon as I can. Kirk

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aged to perfection. This is fiftyplus with Dougpike. All Right, welcome

back. I have a little technicaldifficulty with the mental health and addiction interview,
so I'll have to reschedule that one. So sorry, but we just
we just couldn't make it work.And I'm disappointed, I really am,
because I thought that would have beena very important one and a very good
one. But I also don't wantto have to abbreviate the interview, and

that's what we would have to havedone. There was a scheduling conflict,
and so there you have it.Back to what I wanted to talk about
in the very first segment but didn'thave time to do it. Justice about
the coming holiday weekend. Got agood forecast, and I'm gonna remind anybody
and everybody who's going to be aroundthe water or on the water this weekend

that this is National Safe Boating Weekand not without It's not coincidence. That
is national say voting week because abunch of people, I guarantee you a
bunch of people are going to gethurt this weekend who shouldn't be hurt.
Voting safety. I'm going to talkabout it in depth over the weekend over
on kbame, because it's still necessary, sadly, to tell grown ups to

tell adult people that they shouldn't drinkand operate a boat, they shouldn't drive
like idiots on the water, butthey do. And I keep hoping,
in praying that before I die,I witnessed two things. A year without
a boating fatality in Texas and awinter without a hunting fatality, or a

whole year. Let's just make ita year without a hunting fatality in Texas
because we have wild game, nonnative species, not we have things we
can hunt all year long, solet's go there. We've come close,
actually on the hunting side, justthis past year, only ten non fatal
accidents and only one fatality. Thatten, by the way, set a

new low for non fatal accidents,and the one ties the past four years.
But still, somehow, before it'sall over, we end up have
somebody killed on hunting accident. Boatingnot nearly so safe as hunting. For
twenty twenty three, the fatality totalwas twenty eight and that's down a little

from the year prior. I thinkit was about thirty or thirty one the
prior year, but nowhere near thezero I'm looking for. So if you're
gonna be on the water this weekend, keep a sober person behind the wheel
of the boat, and keep asharp watch that most boating accidents happen in
good weather because people are relaxed,they're having a good time. They're not

really paying attention when a thunderstorm bruiseup on a lake or on a bay
or out in the ocean. Boy, it's all hands on deck. Everybody's
watching, everybody's paying attention. Peopleare putting on PFDs. That's personal flotation
devices for those who don't know.Not the old May West jackets either.
There are inflatables now by the waythat are very comfortable and very able to

keep you upright if you happen tofall out of a boat and hit the
water. And why people who evenpeople who can swim, should probably consider
doing that. I fancy myself apretty good swimmer, even in seniority,
and at least capable of relaxing inthe water and not panicking, hopefully able

to float. Boy, I've gotmore floatation on me now than I used
to too. I've got a prettygood little life ring around the middle that
wasn't there thirty years ago or eventwenty years ago. But you know what
happens will right do you know?You know what I'm talking about? I
have no idea what your little extrafloatation. Just hold my breath to any
long. The bottom line on thisis just if you really value your life,

go ahead and get one of thosevest style just that they're very you'll
hardly even know you have the thingon. But if you hit the water,
it just blows right up. Itjust blows right up, and it
will pop your little head right tothe surface of the water. You can
lean back and lean back and float, float and breathe. Those are the

only two things you have to dountil people get to you. And they
will come looking for you, andif you're wearing a bright orange PFD,
they'll probably find you. It's agood thing. That's a good thing.
Keep a sober driver out there,watch for the idiots, and make sure
that we don't mess up this holiday. Weekend by having somebody lose their life

unnecessarily, which is what all ofthese are on the water in the news
in case the mainstream missed it,lista whatever you're looking at. Two Jordanians,
one of whom entered illegally this countryand was released as usual on promise
he'd come back for a hearing someday. Well, these guys tried to bust
into Quantico, a marine base,and fortunately we're stopped, and very shortly,

if not already, we'll be deephoarded. They'll boot them out,
and I'd almost bet you that atleast one of them will be back in
a week and a half. Raiseyour hand if you don't think that these
two were scouting out procedures at thatbase gate in advance to something else.

No hands, That's what I thought, all right, So watch for more
of this to be successful. I'mnot a terrorist, I'm not a military
person. I don't know a wholelot about all that stuff, but I
know that if I was gonna dosomething crazy, i'd want to know how
the good guys were gonna try tokeep me from doing it before I tried
it, so that I can changemy plan, so that I can get

by him. Not hard to figureout what that was. That was what
you call a test run. Andspeaking of doing things illegal, Houston police
actually arrested fifteen people during last Thursdaystorm. People who hope that the chaos
and the danger and all of thatwould keep them from getting caught. Well

they did. They got caught,and I hope they get prosecuted. I
hope they don't just get thrown backout on the streets to go keep doing
whatever they were doing. Nice work, HPD. Let's see if the court
system can follow up and set anexample so that future storms don't have just
as much looting and stealing and allthat going on. And talk about opportunistic

scumbags. Oh, I gotta takea break. Texas Indoor air Quality Specialists.
I talked to Jordan this morning,guy who owns a company. Talk
to him and we're talking about somethingelse actually, but he he actually said
to me something that very few businessowners tell me when they have an opportunity
to get some business. He said, you know, I'm gonna let this

one go back to that guy who'sbeen helping you for a long time at
your house. And I so respecthim for saying that because He is the
most stand up guy, one ofthe most stand up guys certainly. I've
known a few in my life,and he I count as one of them.
Who is gonna take good care ofyou. On cleaning the duct work

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dust, dirt, whatever's gotten pastyour filtration system and into that ductwork
gets banged around and sucked right outof the house with a patented truck mounted
system that leaves nothing behind except cleanhealthy air. Clean air and healthy air

are synonymous. Not so good,make you sick, make your eyes itch,
make you sneeze. Clean air,Ah, that's the good stuff.
Drop my name. You get alittle discount. Like I've talked about before,
there are no hidden fees, nothingthat's gonna trip you up. When
you talk to them on the phone, before they even send the truck in

your direction, you'll know exactly howmuch your clean air for years to come
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It's an investment in your health.What's more important than your health? Pound
two point fifty. Dial that onyour phone pound two fifty, and then
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Healthy air. That'll get you connecteddirectly to their offices and might even wind
up talking to Jordan if you dotell him I said, hello, pound
two fifty, healthy air. What'slife without a nap? If I suggest
to go to bed, sleep itoff, just wait until the show's over,
Sleepy. Back to Doug Pike asfifty plus continues. All right,

welcome back, Thanks for listening.Certainly do appreciated. Apologies for not being
able to get in the interview withPatrick Kennedy, former congressman. He's written
a great book. It's called Profilesand Mental Health Courage, and I have
thumb through it. I haven't readit cover to cover yet, but I
have thumb through it and like whatI read so far. It's a very

very helpful book and a very encouragingbook, I would think. And yeah,
he covers the well, he justcovers it. Go look at the
book, Go buy the book.For Heaven's Sakes, Profiles and Metal Health
Courage, Patrick Kennedy. Sorry wecouldn't get that done, all right?
Moving forward? Oh yeah, justtalked about that right as we went out.

I'll scratch it out from the bizarreworld of reaction television. Well,
how much reality television do you watch? Zero? No, I watch some,
but it kind of depends on whatyou mean by reality tea. Yeah,
well i'll wrap it in quotes then, okay, because I watched Survivor.
Yeah, okay, yeah, that'skind of it's not entirely scripted.

Yeah good, No, No,you go stand over there and we got
the camera running. Yeah, exact. Everybody's miked up. Everybody knows they're
on camera everywhere they go, andthere are there are all these bachelor and
Bachelorette and Love Triangle, this andwhatever. They're they're just going I think

all actually just deeper and deeper intothe toilet. They really are. They're
nasty. Have you heard of millfIsland? Yes, of course, that's
disgusting. Who need disgusting? Theygo on with their sons, Oh my
gosh. Yeah, and somebody else'sson is is trying to get a little
get a little frisky with somebody else'smama, And that's just messed up,

I know. And you know,honestly, you can kind of just No,
I'm not gonna judge people that way. I'm not gonna judge. But
now we have a new one.Okay from Hulu, now comes Virgin Island.
Oh oh yow where and I quotestunningly attractive and confident singles end quote

who claim who claim to never havedone the deed. Yeah, yeah,
they they're gonna try to get thatchanged up. Okay, they're going to
join the other team. Wow inten episodes or less. Who knows.
Maybe I don't know just from whatI read, anything bizarre and weird that

you can think of along those linesthat might be part of the story lines
of the show, it's in there. I'm just so I'm so done with
all these people going to island.But you're gonna watch that, aren't you.
You know what I want to seewhat bonefish Island? Where all the
people who go there just fish allday every day and then they eat,

sleep and then they go fishing thenext day. That's my idea. I
bet you would like that show.I would like that lot, watch that
all day every day. That's thereality TV you want. Yeah, yeah,
Blue Marlin Island, that'd be goodto anything anything with fish. Yeah,
theme developments here and there. Throwa golf course, you know,

teasing trout. Yeah, there yougo. You can pitch to start cool
Virgin Island. Don't you know?The people at the Virgin Islands Tourism Bureau
a going, oh my god,how are we going to fix this that
there's not gonna be a person whogoes in a year? Well there's there

won't be a person who watches thisshow and actually vacations in the Virgin Islands
who won't come up and say,hey, did you know there's a TV
show about y'all? Like, yeah, we knew, we knew, we
knew before you knew. Because isthe island in the Virgin Islands. I
didn't even bother to go that farinto. I don't know where it is.
It's probably just it's probably not inGalveston somewhere. Maybe it's probably on

a set somewhere gilligans. Yeah,thats not been used. Let's make something
out of this. We can doour president. This rolled out another seven
point seven billion dollars in student votepurchases this week, aka student loan forgiveness.

I can only hope that these studentsrealize they're being played for suckers with
this, and that another four yearsdown the road, their degrees will be
worth exactly what they ended up payingfor them, which in many cases will
be nothing, and that they shouldhave made better decisions, and that life's
not fair. If I take outa loan, if Will takes out a

loan, if any of us takeout a loan, we are expected to
pay it back, and if wedon't, there are serious consequences. Usually,
if it's a car loan or ahouse loan, there's a foreclosure process
that takes place and the lender getswhat you use the money to pay for.
The only trouble is nobody wants adiploma that says somebody they don't even

know graduated with a degree in socialinjustice or whatever. It's just messed up,
totally messed up. Speaking of thePresident, when asked if he was
on any medications, prior to hisState of the Union address, Remember that
one when he was so fired upand hadn't been before. It hasn't been

since. The White House has actuallycome out and said now that he was
high on confidence. Yeah, that'sit. If that's true though, which
is not. But if that's true, then he hadn't been confident since.
Not that I can tell what you'reabout to tell me how much time I
have left? But you're taking yourtime about it. Oh already, no

oh, no oh, I hadsome good stuff. I'm gonna save it
for tomorrow. We'll be back tomorrowto wrap up the week. And I
promised this one little bit you'll getif you tune in see it tomorrow at
noon. Audios
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