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May 9, 2024 34 mins
Today, Doug Pike discusses omelets, stolen cars, and older politicians.
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Remember when it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis? You remember when social media was
truly social? Hey John, how'sit going today? Well, this show
is all about you. This isfifty plus with Doug Pike, helpful information

on your finances, good health,and what to do for fun. Fifty
plus brought to you by the UTHealth Houston Institute on Aging Informed Decisions for
a healthier, happier life, andby Texas Indoor Air Quality Specialists because clean
air is healthier air. And nowfifty plus with Doug Pike. One second,

I gotta finish up a note.It's very important and I don't know
what point it'll come up in theprogram, but it will today, I
can assure you. On a Thursday, we've got lots of ground tocover as
usual and welcome to Thursday, HuntThursday and I string of dry days which
I think we all can appreciate.Just now. I am truly grateful that
you're sharing your lunch hour with us, and hope you're all gonna be around

to keep doing the same for aslong as I'm able to do what I
do over here. Will's gonna beway far out there. You're you're gonna
be here a lot longer than us. Do you do you believe you should?
Maybe? Maybe there's a there's apretty good chance. I think you
you're not a risk taker. Idon't believe. Oh you don't think so?
No, I don't, I don't. Am I? Am I wrong?

Am I? Dad? Wrong?Well? You know I used to
walk around with my shoes untied allthe time, so that you know you
did. I remember that. I'da little danger. I remember that phase.
Yeah, living on the edge,were a little bit uh uh yeah,
Okay, who was that on thebig motorcycle? I'm looking right at
him, dang it, the moviestar. It was a big ri take

er. There have been a bunchof them over the years. It doesn't
matter very quick glance at the marketswhere all the big indicators were green by
anywhere. Well, that's the goodnews. But it was only by about
a quarter to a half a point, which is significant, really a quarter
of half a point, let's sayhalf a point today. If it did

it for a month, that wouldbe a fifteen percent bump. And if
you're stacking them on top of eachother, that's not bad. Not gonna
happen, but it's not bad ifit did. Gold up too, by
the way, thanks to Houston gooldexchangedot com for this. Currently around two
thousand, three hundred and forty dollarsan ounce. That's up. I want

to say twelve to fifteen bucks somethinglike that. Oil. Unfortunately, also
in the green good news if yousell oil for a living, the bad
news is it's still just a littlesouth of eighty dollars a barrel. It
could be worse. It was justa couple of weeks ago. Could also
be significantly better, like by aboutfifteen sixteen bucks a barrel, and the

world would keep on spinning. Itcertainly would. From the Only in the
South desk comes something I found prettyinteresting from the Only in the South desk,
Cleveland, Texas, not Cleveland,Ohio. It could not possibly have
happened in Cleveland, Ohio, exceptmaybe at a zoo. Cleveland, Texas
police officers respond to, Uh,there's something in the middle of the road.

You got to come get it outof here before somebody gets hurt or
before it gets run over. Itwas an alligator, and a significant one
too. It looked in the photographI saw to be about probably eight feet
long somewhere in there, and I'ma pretty good judge of alligator length.
He and not he the alligator,but he the police officer who was responding

to that call along with other officers, wound up. In addition to them
succeeding to get this thing out ofthe road, he wound up getting bitten
pretty badly on the right wrist,slashing tooth, and I'm sure one good
chump. It ended up breaking somebones in his wrist and also caused a

very deep laceration that required application ofa tourniquet. This is all going on
up there, somewhere around fifty ninefifty nine where it passes close to nearby
through Cleveland. Police tried to getgame wardens involved, by the way,
who would have been most of whom, especially up that way, would have
been far more schooled in alligator wrestling, but they weren't available because they're still

helping all the flood victims up there. Anyway, They unfortunately, since this
alligator bit the police officer, theydispatched it and disposed of it. And
it doesn't say winter where how doesn'tmatter? This one kind of caught my
attention this morning there was a storyat American Thinker online about why so many

anti Israel protesters are wearing masks,And some of them are going to tell
you they're still trying to be safein what they think is still a COVID
pandemic or maybe and this one's definitelyon the table. They just don't want
their identities known to potential future employers, to school officials, to anybody who

might point them out, and theiractions might reflect on them very negatively.
But there's a third, deeper messagethat I'd never even thought of, in
how and why they cover their headsand faces. According to Jamie Glasoff,
the story's author, masks and headcovers, and if you look around the

world, you'll see where this hasalready been done. And I'll get to
that in a second. Masks andhead covers erase individuality, which is directly
in line with what Glasov called,and I quote here, the left's morbid
pining for enforced sameness, and toquote, in their world, all people

are gonna have to be identical.We're just we're just interchangeable parts. In
the names of social justice and equality, everybody's got to be the same.
But that's not really how it works. That's how Kim rules North Korea,
That's how malruled China. Identical dress, identical haircuts. And now it's here,

and now they all want us tobe the same, and they're scared.
I think as much or most ofthe masking and head dress wearing is
to mask their own identity, tocover up their everything but their eyeballs.
And I got news for them.AI can spot the right. They can

do eyeball identification too. So ifyou're act and the fool out there as
a student, you're gonna get what'scoming to you. There was another hold
on. Let me see if Ican find this other one really quickly about
what's going on with school folks andwhat they think is right and what I
think is ridiculous. Where did itgo? I had it here? I
know I did. The bottom lineis well, first of all, the

people who have been busy at ColumbiaUniversity protesting of what for a better part
of two or three two and ahalf weeks now they want free passes on
their final exams because you know,they've been protesting it all, and that's
more important than their high priced educationsto them. I presume it's not more

important to the people who are givingthem that education. Break already, will
It just seems like a minute agothat you didn't tell me we had a
minute left. Well, you know, I don't know it's time to get
out of you is saying all right, let's get out of here, and
where we going to a good spottoo. Kirk Holmes twenty twenty four Southern

Living Builder of the Year. Ijust I get tickled because I know them
so well and I know that meansso much to them to hear that.
It should mean something to you too. If you're planning on building your dream
home in the next year, twoor three or five. Been around for
three generations, they're not going anywhere. But if you're ready for that new
dream home of years, the oneyou're going to live in forever, or

the one you maybe just want tolive in for two years and give it
to your kids and go build somethingeven cooler somewhere else, Kirkcombs can help
you all the way from start tofinish. Their design team, their architectural
teams, everybody involved at Kirkcolmbs wantsto have a part in making your dream
home reality. Anywhere from northwest sideof town all the way out through the

hill country Kirkholmes dot com. That'sk you r K because at kirk holmbs
it's all about you. What's lifewithout a net? Just to go to
bed and sleep it off. Justwait until the show's over. Sleepy.
Back to Doug Pike as fifty pluscontinues. All right, welcome back to

fifty plus. Thanks for listening.Certainly do appreciate it. On this Thursday
afternoon, where was I? WhereI spread everything out all over the console
in here because I was looking forsomething very specific? But I can I
can move on from that? Oh, where do I want to go?
Did the alligator that checked that?I didn't that. I saw a story

online this morning. I thought thiswas interesting from Channel to Investigates. That
got my attention, really did.The question it answered was this, and
we'll play along. This is popquiz, okay, And there's no right
or wrong answer, because you mayor may not know. If you have
your car in a repair shop ormaybe had a dealership for some work or

whatever, and it gets stolen,whose problem is it? It's kind to
be the dealership's problem, you wouldthink, you would think. But in
the story it came up that alot of times dealership Will Will recommend that
you call your insurance company and filewith them, which I'm kind of in

your court here. I'm in thesame bucket you are Will in that No,
my car was out of my controlin your hands. And there's a
word I can't remember exactly which itwas, what a n abrogation, but
whatever it was. Anyway, itessentially says that since it's in their care,
they have to take care of it. And at that point, according

to the story, if I readit correctly, what you say to them
is, no, why don't youput it on your insurance because if you
put it on your if fire youput it on hours Will, then we're
gonna be expected to pay a deductible. We're gonna be expected to absorb the
higher rate we're gonna get in neckall that. No, I didn't even
have my car. And there wasa story in there by the way around

Houston. This was in the storythieves steal about fifty five well last year
anyway, fifty five cars a day, two an hour more than two an
hour. Fifty five cars a daygets stolen in Houston. That's some kind
of scary and a lot of themwere not a lot, but some right
off of dealer's lots. And man, what happens then is the dealer there

was one the good example that wasin this woman had a recall on her
car, remember, a big suv. She takes it over there, and
she was just double checking because ithad been there a few days, to
make sure it was still there.And lo and behold on her app that
she uses to look these things up. But where's my car? It was
like twenty miles away. So shehops in another family member's car. They

go driving out there, and sureenough, there is her big beautiful suv
in front of an old probably abeat up old house, I don't know,
maybe in front of a mansion.At the bottom line is it's wide
open. All the doors are open, the back hatch is open, there's
stuff piled up in it, andso they just keep a safe distance,

which is a really good idea.Called the police. The police come out
and arrest a guy who originally triedto tell him that he had rented the
car from somebody. And they're goinglike, no, because the car that's
registered to you we see in thevideo from the dealership parking lot, and
so nah, it's your fault.Yeah, what a mess man. But

the dealership ultimately is gonna end upprobably covering, but you you may even
have to file a lawsuit to getthem to do it. Now, if
you file with your own in shurecompany, they will on your behalf.
Usually go ahead and call the dealershipand say, hi, uh huh,
we're not playing this game. Eitheryou pay up or we'll take you to

court, and they'll because that caris on their lot and they they said
they had to keep it then toobad, So sad for them. I
think that's about right, and itmakes sense, it really does goes.
The story's there at Channel two website, kprc's website, and it's really good.
It's very interesting. Our president andhis cronies are telling Americas that inflation,

inflation he has said recently, wasat nine percent nine percent while President
Trump was in office, which isa flat out lie, flat out lie.
Biden inhered inflation. I believe itwas blow two percent actually, if
memory serves, and it's shot throughthe roof once he got in office and

began dismantling our democracy on with greathelp from his allies. Enough of that
for an now, or maybe not, let's go one more. Also,
President Biden's new air conditioner rules,which which bit me last year because I
ended up having to buy a newunit in January and found out that if

I had bought it in December,I could have saved a couple of thousand
dollars. The new rules made itmore expensive. And now there are more
new rules coming in, prices goingup dramatically because well, frankly, more
and more appliance regulations are being handeddown by this administration that really served no

other purpose than to just burden homeownersburden. Twenty twenty five will have even
more regulations in effect that all raiseprices and do little or very nothing for
efficiency. And of course they're tryingto get everything a lot so that they

can flip a switch and make itall go off. And if they don't
flip it, somebody else will youcan bet on that? What do we
have ten million people we don't knowabout in this country right now? Speaking
of I'm gonna get to this early. How much time do I have?
Will they have two minutes? Youhave forty five seconds? I'll hold I'll
make you wait up there in Denver, in Denver, the illegal people who

have been housed there been taken careof their pretty dog on well, much
better than their homeless population. Imight add, have issued a list of
thirteen demands to the City Council ofDenver on by gosh, the way they
think they should be treated, thethings that they should have just because they're

here. They're not citizens of thiscountry, not all. And all those
citizens up there, all those veteransup there, all the homeless people there,
I guess they're gonna have to getin line behind these migrants, because
after all, it seems like they'remore important than we are. A late
health is a vascular clinic. Vascularclinics, I should say, where you

could be treated for things that botheryou in any number of ways. Really,
the big one, mostly for thisfacility these facilities, is prostate artery
embolization, which helps a lot ofguys in our age category, frankly,
alleviate symptoms that gets you up halfhalf a dozen times in the middle of

the night. There's other just discomfortableor discomfort associated with that condition, and
it can be treated usually within acouple of hours, right there in the
office. You don't have to goto the hospital. You don't have to
walk up and down the hall withyour gown flapping open in the back.
You just get to go home andrelax and be pampered. You know that

your teenagers and your your spouse aregonna pamper you you through your recovery,
you know they will, And evenif they don't, you can still watch
your favorite shows and nobody can tellyou turn TV down. They also do
fibroids for women, They do uglyveins. They take care of all of
these things and most of what theydo. There's a long list of things
they do at the website. Youshould go there, and most of it

is covered by Medicare and medicaid.Keep the keep people out of your pocket
for a while, keep some ofyour money in your own pocket. Let
them cover it for you. Youworked hard to get that. Take advantage
of it. Seven one three,five eight eight thirty eight eighty eight.
They're doing regenerative medicine too, bythe way, which is fantastic for chronic
pain. Seven one three, fiveeight eight thirty eight eighty eight. Or

a latehealth dot com. That's alat e a latehealth dot com. Now
they sure don't make them like theyused to. That's why every few months
we wash them, check his fluids, and spring on a fresh coat of
wax. This is fifty plus withDoug Pike. Welcome back, fifty plus.

Thank you for listening. Certainly doyou appreciate it? Sip of water?
Ah, so much better now.Actually, I need lunch. I
didn't get to eat a good breakfastthis morning. I'm getting I'm getting worse
and worse about that. I don'tknow. Why, Well do you do
you sit down and really eat breakfastin the morning or no, no,
unless it's the weekends. Now,who cooks? Well, we don't.

We don't cook breakfast. You justgo somewhere and get breakfast. You're rich,
huh oh yeah, loaded. Weget a little pastry here and there,
a little something mum, let meguess, maybe a Colochie or five
Starbucks or no, the other one. What's that fancy little place that has
the pastries and some meals? Andyou're talking about common bond? No,

no, no, no, no, I can't remember. It's a chain,
big old chain. No, wecan't remember. We go to we
go to you know, just coffeeshop, hipster places. You go to
Hips Street. Yeah, we gotit. When we get breakfast stocks.
You know, maybe at Giche we'vegot an old school deli kind of close
to our house that does an incrediblebreakfast. Oh yeah, yeah. My

wife and my son are all overthe French toast. And then I'm an
omelet guy, a sucker for agood omelet. What kind of omelet do
you get? It varies? Really, there's a California omelet at Cheesecake Factory.
That's good. There's something as longas it's got a little meat in
it and some mushrooms and cheese andall that stuff, that's fine. And

I think that started when I wasa little bitty kid. I grew up
here and out in Sharpstown, inthe original section of Sharpstown, and on
weekends when when I guess on Payday, I don't know. We weren't wealthy
at all, but we had enoughmoney that maybe once a month or so
we would come into Felix's Mech restaurantin bel Air, roughly where bel Air

and Bissonet kind of kind of crossback, and I would get a cheese
omelet there, and I just thoughtthat was the coolest thing in the world.
Oh that was so good, sogood, All right, let me
get back. Oh, speaking ofomelets, but not a Denver omelet.
We're going to go to Denver.At least the unlawful immigrants there have handed

off to the city thirteen demands,written very very young, eloquently, by
the way, by some attorney upthere. I'm sure, because that's that's
where a lot of this is goingto lead. Here's what they want.
They want to cook their own food. I think I mentioned that part of
it, or did I not?Did I? Or did I not?
Do you recall? Well, Ithink I was reading it to somebody else.

They want to cook their own foodwith fresh, culturally appropriate ingredients provided
by the city instead of those allthose horrible pre made meals, which are
probably one hundred times better with ourcombat veterans eat. They want a nobody
to be punished for bringing in oreating outside food. This is in their

shelter that they're staying in, bythe way. They want shower access all
day, all night, no timelimits, and access whenever. And they
add to that it says we're notin the military, we're civilians. Yeah
maybe, but you're not citizens andyou're not even legally here, so shut

your mouth. And that's only thefirst two They also want medical professional visits
to happen regularly, and they wantreferrals and connections for specialty care as needed.
If you want something fancy or youneed something fancy, will and I
are gonna pay for it. Don'tworry. All will receive the same housing

support that has been offered to others. Can't kick people go out in thirty
days without something stable established. Therewill be a clear, just process before
exiting anybody for any reason, includingverbal, written, and final warnings.
In other words, they're gonna haveto say pretty please two or three times

before they can boot somebody out fordoing really stupid, weird stuff. What
else is here that's just unbelievable?Ah, free consultations with immigration lawyers.
I get that. Okay, that'snot a big problem. And then the
city will provide ongoing legal support inthe form of immigration document clinics, including

transportation to their court dates. Citywill provide privacy for families individuals within the
shelter. No more verbal or physicalor mental abuse will be permitted from the
staff. Okay, I get that. No sheriff sleeping inside and monitoring all
day, monitoring all day and night. We're not criminal and won't be treated

as such. Wait a minute,let's back up. Let's back up a
little bit. You came here unlawfully, but you're not criminals. Explain that
to me. Transportation for all childrentoo and from their schools will be provided
until they finish in three weeks.No separating families, I get that,
regardless of if family members have childrenor not. That's that's kind of interesting

and weird. The city must schedulea meeting with the mayor and those directly
involved in running the Newcomer Program andSAP to discuss further improvements and ways to
support migrants. A city has allresidents with a document signed by a city
official in English and Spanish with allof these demands. That includes a number
to call to report mistreatment. Iget it, and I don't think anybody

should be treated cruelly, but hey, you came here voluntarily, and we're
giving you more than we give ourown citizens, far and away more,
and you just can't help yourself.Somebody can't help themselves in telling you that
you should keep you. What's thesaying? You give people an inch and

they'll take a mile, and they'rethey're laying out demands as people who are
not legally in this country. They'relaying out demands that are going to absolutely
eat up Denver and Colorado's budget,whatever budget they've got left. That bothers

me. How about how about wedo give all of that to our homeless
people and all of that to ourveterans first, and then we'll talk to
them. Let's make sure all ofour veterans and all of our homeless people
are taken care of with at leastthat because they are US citizens, and
then we'll take take a look.From a chronicle story comes news Harris County

as installing and this is just actually, I think this is probably one of
the best things I've heard to comeout of the court system in Harris County
in a long time. They're puttingin three lactation pods. Now, before
you snicker, there are people whoare called into court when they're just have
newborns or have people go to courtall kinds of different days, and they

don't have a choice really, andif that is an issue, if they
need to feed that infant baby oftheirs, I don't have a problem at
all with setting up someplace to doit. And it didn't cost a city
any money either. The Houston BarFoundation has put the bill for these things.
Maybe they could find a little bitmore money to put a few more
of them out there somewhere. I'mnot put off and I don't have a

problem at all. Again, We'llwe're late again. That's a good thing.
We'll stop on a good thing.We'll come back with some interesting and
slightly amusing things when we get backhere. Ut Health Institute on Aging is
where seniors can go and be seen. It's not a building, per say,

it's a collaborative and you can goto the website ut H dot edu
slash aging and see exactly what I'mtalking about here. This is a group
of hundreds of providers in the greaterHouston area, many of them out of
the med Center, where the hubof medicine practically for the continent almost but

a lot of those people also spendtime in outlying areas around Houston, the
pair Lands, the Kingwoods, Katie, Sugarland. Friends, would all of
those areas, all of those areaswhere these providers go at least a couple
of days a week to see patientsout there. So maybe somebody who's really
scared of driving on the freeway,you get to a point in life and

I, boy, it's not gonnabe long for me. Where these people
driving by it to one hundred,don't they just scare me to death?
So maybe I could see a providerout there about where I live. You
can do the same thing, whetherit's an eye doctor, you need,
a podiatrist, a cardiologist, anyof the ists. They're all members of
ut Hell's Institute on Aging, whereevery one of them has special training in

senior medicine ut h dot edu slashAging U t h dot ed U slash
Aging Aged to Perfection. This isfifty plus with Dougpike. Welcome back,

fourth and final segment of fifty plus. Oh we're a little ahead of time
today, aren't we. No o, dang, I thought I thought maybe
we had an extra minute or something. Oh well, it just I get
okay, I get wound up.Sometimes we've been that, we've we've been
getting back in earlier than we haveas of late. However, you're just
gonna dock me some time to makeup for the last year or what.

No, I'm just saying that,you know, if we were really getting
in on time, we want togo into the production of it I'm saying
on time would be twelve forty eight. Oh wow, so we are a
little late. Never mind, sowe're just wasting my time, though,
yo, very quickly before I getto the fun stuff. And there is

some fun stuff out there today.Senator Bernie Sanders, who by the way,
is re is running for reelection.He says, at eighty two years
old, I'm pretty much ready toput a limit on this stuff. And
I think qualification ought to include cognitivetests. I think it really should.

At this point, we have somany politicians hanging around representing the Dinosaur Party,
and honestly, I'm I'm happy thatthey're still here. I'm happy they're
still healthy. But we've got towe've got to make sure we vet some
of these people a little bit andlearn a little bit more about them before
we throw them back into the office, because there's so much at stake right

now and we need clear, soundminds making these decisions. Anyway, you've
heard him talk, I'm sure aboutinequality and wealth, and he's got a
heck of a plan he wants toroll out. Now. It wouldn't apply
to anybody I know, but acouple of this nation's wealthiest individuals might not
even stick around for Sanders' idea totax any income higher than Here's why it

doesn't apply to me, or will, or at least anybody I know.
I know some pretty well to dopeople, but I don't know many of
them who make more than a billiondollars a year. And he's going to
tax that. Now, Biden's goingto take care of tax and everybody who
makes more than four hundred thousand,and if he gets back in office,
he'll bring that down to three hundred, then two hundred. Then whoever makes

more than minimum wage is going topay more. But according to Sanders,
if you make more than a billiondollars, the rest of that money you
make gets taxed at what rate?Will pop quiz, what do you think
could be a good rate to chargepeople who have already made a billion dollars
and then they made a bunch moremoney, how much of that does the

government get? That's Bernie's idea.Very cool, that's Bernie's idea. So
we're gonna get dinged already by ourpresident, and then we're gonna get dinged
again by Bernie. And oh,by the way, don't forget his capital
gains taxes. Not Bernie's President Biden'sWhat a mess, what an absolute mess.

I just want to scratch that outand forget about it. All right,
Well, I'll let you have acouple of choices here. Cool,
but let's get out of here.You're not that special or flying down the
road. Flying down the road.Years ago, somebody created a huge,
this is kind of cool, reallyroad legal version of the old radio flyer

red wagons. Have you ever seenone of those? Will? Yeah?
Of course, grew up with them. Everybody in this country practically who's still
alive, grew up with radio flyers. They're still out there today. And
now this one that is road legalis for sale at auction auction online.
Go see what the go, seewhat it's going for real quick, radio

flyer auction. That's what I shouldhave gotten for my son instead of the
car that he got. That wouldhave been the coolest thing parked in that
school parking lot. I guarantee youfar and away. Are you finding anything
at all? I see the pictureof it. Okay, but is there
no current bid or anything like that? Let's see let me Okay, at

the time of riding, the highestbid for the truck is seven, six
hundred dollars. I'm in. There'sstill three days left on the ouction.
I'm cut halfway. What's it?How old a truck? Is it?
Like? Real? Old? Nineteen? Okay, I had a seventy I
want to say, a seventy eightFord pick up years ago. Young people

have no idea, is what Iput on this When a poll found that
the average person starts feeling aches andpains at thirty seven and spoiler alert,
that's just entry level. As somebodymy age, ask somebody ten years younger

than me if they don't have regularaches and pains. Now, some days
are much better than others, grantyou, And I'm still in pretty darn
good shape. I feel for itfor somebody who who really pushed his physical
limits for a lot of baseball,a lot of football, a lot of
just really active outdoor stuff with myhigh school friends, and everything I've done

ever since I marched through the woods, I climb up and down irregular terrain.
I've done a lot of stuff thatcould have torn me to pieces,
and just thank goodness it hasn't yet. Maybe someday I'll start getting really worse.
There's a couple of things my backhas an issue that if I mess

it up just right, I canbarely stand up for a little while.
I got a knee that wakes meup every now and then says, Hey,
remember what you did about twenty fiveyears ago playing basketball with those guys
at night in camouflage and hunting boots. Yeah, you shouldn't have done that.
Top three spots, legs, neck, and shoulders that I've just checked

all three boxes right there. Iblew up my left arm throwing a softball
when I went to work first forthe newspaper here in a pickup game.
And I've talked about this. I'vementioned the story before, but those who
haven't heard it, I played outfieldin college and I went pretty much on
my arm. In my legs,I didn't have much power in my bat.

But anyway, when I got backhere, I got a chance.
Oh no, Will ten seconds,that was the fastest. That wasn't a
minute I had. He's making meleave again. I'll be back tomorrow.
I'll finish the story. Thanks forlistening, Audios
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