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April 24, 2024 35 mins
Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Julia Hiner about self-neglect in the elderly community.  Pike also speaks with Shanisty Ireland about backyard BBQ.  
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Remember when it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis, Remember when social media was truly
social? Hey John, how's itgoing today? Well, this show is
all about you. This is fiftyplus with Doug Pike. Helpful information on

your finances, good health, andwhat to do for fun. Fifty plus
brought to you by the UT HealthHouston Institute on Aging Informed Decisions for a
healthier, happier life, and byTexas Indoor Air Quality Specialists because clean air
is healthier air. And now fiftyplus with Doug Pike. All right,

Wednesday edition. The program starts rightnow. Thank you all for listening wherever
you may be. It still kindof fascinates me that these shows catch tension
and so many cities and even statesand other countries. Pretty strong testimony to
the power of digital options these days, streaming the podcast and of course broadcast
radio. If that's how you're listeningthis morning, this afternoon, excuse me,

it was just this morning four minutesago, and here we are on
the other side of twelve o'clock.Thrilled honestly that you chose fifty plus today,
your ten second weather forecast threat torain around now in some spots,
it said earlier looking outside, I'mnot buying it. Then nothing for a
few days. I took another lookat the markets around eleven. All four

major indices were down roughly a thirdof a point. Even oil was down
by not enough, not enough thatyou'd notice at the pump next week.
And gold courtesy is always a Houstongold Exchange dot Com down four bucks and
change, but still well north oftwenty three hundred dollars. It just seems
a good time to buy or sellfor any of us who have stuff we

have put away in a drawer,a closet, top shelf, somewhere in
a sock, just old pieces thatyou never look at anymore, you never
use, you never wear. There'svalue in that right now. By the
way, Will, how are youdoing over there on word? Are you
getting torn up? Beat up?Or what? I my Unfortunately, my

fourth guests, I'm gonna remind youand let the audience know that I got
the word in three guesses today.Oh wow, why don't you brag a
little more? Just drop that in, Just drop that in. All right.
We'll move on from the border andEl Paso County judge dismissed one hundred
and forty cases filed against the illegalimmigrants who were charged in connection to the

April twelve incident in which migrants firstcut the wire separating them from entry and
then as many as three hundred orso surged forward fully that our National Guard
troops had to pull back. Theyhad no choice, they could not contain
the rush of humanity. The countypublic defender down there, liking the incident

to someone in line for a concertgetting into fight with the bouncer. That's
the way she put it. Idon't know how many concerts have bouncers in
any event, she said, andeverybody in line gets arrested. Well,
the prosecutor argued that these people knewdarned well they were participating in a riot
when they crossed the border unlawfully.So anyway, if you keeping score at

home, the official count of unlawfulentries into our country for fiscal twenty twenty
three turned out to be more thanthree million, and overall, since President
Biden took off office, the numbersnorth of ten million, and by some
estimates nearer to fourteen million, andof course including smugglers of fentanyl, which

is killing our young people in recordnumbers, sex traffickers who pray on women
and children, and literal armies ofyoung unaccompanied men who aren't all coming here
because they like the food. Andnone of us, not one aspect of
this. None of this is anaccident, and nor was any of it
unstoppable. It's deliberate, and weeventually are going to pay a dear price

for allowing to this cool one.And when that happens, there's gonna be
a whole lot of politicians who havebeen on this, on this train,
and I'm certain we're promised some sortof pass, some sort of oh,
don't worry, we're not going todo anything to you, big promise,
promise of safety. When when ithits the fan and they're gonna find out

they were lied to, just likeit's like everybody else. That's the end
of that, at least for today. Back to oil for a second.
The Biden administration announced this past Prietaythat it is shutting off drilling access to
thirteen million acres in Alaska, ina reserve that was established in nineteen twenty
three is a strategic supply for theUS Navy in case the Navy ever needed

a strategic supply, you know,maybe to fight a war. Opponents point
out that another decision to stop aroad critical to that mining operation deprived Native
communities along its length the valuable jobsand other economic benefits. So, ah,

well, another swipe of the pen. They have pretty much ignored what's
best for this country and just shovedsomething else down our throats. This administration
called those moves historic for their protectionof indigenous subsistence use and conserving natural resources,

bragging now that Biden and Harris haveprotected more than forty one million acres
of land and water from what That'swhat I want to know. What they
don't say, by the way,is how critically damaged and weak these these
bundled plans leave every American. We'vesacrificed energy independence when we desperately need it,

potentially to defend ourselves, and probablysooner than later on that front.
And finally, Resident Biden actually saidthis during an address in Tampa, and
it's it's a slip, of course, another one in a string of many,
but it sure strikes close to home. He was addressing an audience in
Tampa and said, I don't knowwhy we're surprised by Trump. How many

times does he have to prove thatwe can't be trusted? That's what he
said. Oopsie, a little slipthere. Oopsie, mister President. You
know you probably shouldn't have said that, because a whole lot, whole lot
of media outlets took far more advantageof that that mistake than I did.
But there there it was. Okay, Well, I'm gonna give you a

chance to get something kind of coolgoing here. Do you want scientists from
Australia, Taco Bell or Mountain ChickadeeGo Bell. Yeah, that's a good
one actually, and I'm glad andit gives you just enough time to talk
about this. A manager at aTaco Bell used CPR to save the life
of a baby that these people justdrove up in the drive through lane and

their baby was choking or in someother distress I'm not sure what, but
the Taco Bell manager ran out thereand did CPR and saved the baby's life.
I hope all of those employees aretrained in that, I really do.
They should be, because you neverknow when the opportunity is going to
arise where for somebody to step up, somebody who knows how to take charge.

I had to take that course yearsago, and I still think I
could do it. I wouldn't betextbook perfect, but in those cases,
somebody's got to step in and dosomething, because doing nothing, it's just
gonna get somebody killed. All right. Speaking of doing something good for people,
A late Health does that every day. If you are a man with

an issue with your prostate, anenlarged, non cancerous prostate, and in
this audience, I suspect there aremore than a few of you, your
best bet is to get in touchwith a late Health and learn more about
a process called prostate artery embolization.They determine exactly which artery in your body

is feeding that prostate, and thenthey flip the switch, they turn it
off, They close the valve,and no more blood gets to that prostate,
and it essentially chokes and dies.And when it goes, all those
nasty symptoms of that problem go rightwith it up late going to the bathroom

all the time, all kinds ofissues in large prostate and make it go
away just a couple of hours inthe office and then you get to recover
at home too. They can dothe same for fibroids with women they can
do the same with ugly veins foranybody who needs a help. They're very
good at what they do, andmost of it's covered by Medicare and Medicaid
seven one three, five eight eightthirty eight eighty eight. Seven one three,

five eight eight thirty eight eighty eight. Or go to a latehealth dot
com. That's a lat e alate health dot com aged to perfection.
This is fifty plus with Dougpike.All right, welcome back to fifty plus.

Thanks for listening. Certainly do appreciateit. On this Wednesday afternoon,
Chance Ray is pretty much gone.I think left the building for today and
tomorrow, maybe Friday. We'll talkin this segment about cases, although somewhat
rare. I would think of selfneglect and how they can start a downward
spiral. That's probably pretty difficult reverseto help. I'm going to bring in

doctor Julia Hine Or, Assistant Professorin Geriatric and Palliative Medicine at UTA Health.
Welcome a board, doctor Hunter.Hey, thank you. How are
you doing today? I'm doing okayfor a tired old man. I gotta
tell you, so, how commonis it for people to just kind of
abandon I guess their attention to personalhygiene and whatever else is important in most

people's lives. That's a great question, and I admit I have bias.
It is what I do professionally,so most of my patients are in that
state. But it's definitely something thatbecomes increasingly common with age. You know,
the likelihood of finding it in someonewho's in their sixties versus their eighties.

You certainly see it increase dramatically,and that's because it follows the same
trend of increasing dementias as you getolder. Is there a median agent which
this typically starts or you typically firstsee the signs of it, or is
it onset more closely tied to maybea personal situation or a tragedy or something.

It ultimately depends on the underlying causeof the neglect. So in people
with psychiatric illness, for example,that's not being cared for, we might
see these signs of self neglect muchyounger than someone who has something like Alzheimer's
disease that'll typically occur later, youknow, more in the seventies and the

eighties, where psychiatric illness might bejust much younger. Is is self neglect?
I guess then in some cases kindof considered a mental illness in your
world, or is it something else, or you know, it's kind of
a mix of medical and mental illness. Absolutely, what about early signs,

let's talk about that. For you'retalking to somebody on the phone, or
you go visit them at their house, what are you looking for that would
kind of let you know that they'vepretty much lost interest in caring for themselves.
Absolutely, So I would say theearly signs, as supported by some
good research, start with financial decisionmaking. We see we see changes in

how people approach their finances, andthis leads into vulnerability to scams and exploitation.
And I know you've talked about thaton your show, but financial decision
making is both complicated and something thatis very bound by certain days you have
to do it by. And sowe see signs of slipping cognition. They

are much sooner than something that youknow, making an adequate meal. People
are driven by hunger, of course, and so even when your cognition is
on pretty significantly poor, you stillhave that hunger sensation which will drive most
people to eat. So I wouldsay I look for early warning signs in
managing finances maybe complicated medical decisions,but if you're at the point of failing

to remember to eat or you know, bathe or things that we've been doing
our entire life by instinct, I'mvery concerned when I'm seeing those later signs.
Doctor Juliehina are on fifty plus.So if somebody would care about is
really kind of throwing in a towel, so to speak, stop grooming themselves,
no interest in changing maybe forgetting medicationsor to pick up prescriptions or whatever.

Talk about how quickly that can spiralinto something far worse. And just
not washing your hair. Absolutely,So, when people start to neglect important
medical conditions, such as if theyhave diabetes and they're not taking their insulin,
we can start to see a lotmore health outcomes, you know.

So what I would do in thatsituation, if we're seeing a loved one,
like you said, spiraling, Iwould be interested in doing two things
pretty simultaneously. One, I wouldmake a report to Adult Protective Services.
They are people with one wonderful expertiseand in Texas that we have an excellent
APS in Texas. And I wouldalso reach out to that person's primary doctor.

I think making sure it's nothing else. Addressing these medical concerns is how
we can at least slow down therisk of something catastrophic like a severe illness
or injury from happening, which givestime to APS to do their own investigation.
If somebody calls APS on, saya loved one, what happens?

What do they do? They cometo the house and do an evaluation,
and then what exactly. So whenyou make an APS to report, although
you have the option to be anonymousif you call over the telephone, I
always encourage people to leave contact information. The more information the better for adult
protective services to really intervene that theywill work to establish face to face encounters

with the individual in question and interviewboth the individual who is concerned to be
in a state of self neglect aswell as family, neighbors, physicians involved,
really anyone who has helpful collateral information, and then work to set up
supports and services to help make thatperson be in a safer and better supported

situation. And the range of thosethings is quite broad, but anything from
home cleaning services if hoarding has becomea problem, helping with groceries, temporarily
getting utilities reconnected, even helping transferto a supported facility like an assisted living
or nursing facility. What about creatinga plan with that person maybe to slowly

turn the tide back, would you? I guess you would have to set
some real deadlines with real consequences though, for that to have any impact,
right, Yeah, And you know, one of the hard things is with
mental health, the prognosis or youknow, the likelihood of improvement is better.
Often these people can be stabilized onmedications and may be able to kind

of resume taking care of themselves asthey were previously. But with dementia.
Dementia is very tough because it's bothirreversible and it progresses and gets worse with
time. We know that, andso in those instances sometimes we have to
consider options like establishing a power ofattorney or even a guardianship to protect that

individual. What about maybe socialization abook club or a church group or something.
Does that inspire these people typically todo better about themselves or not?
Are they going to respond negatively?It kind of depends on the underlying cause.
But I'm a big fan of anythingthat gets our older adults engage in

their community, building relationships and helpingthat social isolation and loneliness, because social
isolation and loneliness cause huge impacts oncognition. It's one of those if you
lose it, if you don't useit situations. We want the brain to
be active and engaged in socializing withanyone, whether that's with children or people

similarly aged. It's good for thebrain. So I'm a big fan of
socializing early and often, and hopefullywell before signs of self neglect could start.
That sounds like good advice to me. Thank you so very much,
doctor Julia Heiner. I do appreciateit anytime. Good to talk to you.
Thanks Bobby. All right, wegot to take a little break here.
Good advice. Everybody knows somebody who'skind of feeling down a little bit,

maybe not whatever, it is notthe way they used to be.
So take take the doctor's advice toheart and maybe talk to that person.
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Yew, they sure don't make themlike they used to. That's why every
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This is fifty plus with Doug Pike. All right, welcome back to fifty

plus. Thanks as always for listeningSoutheast Texas these days. In case you
haven't been outside in a month,kind of in flux. Now it's neither
cold, nor hot, which meansas if there's ever really a bad time,
means it's a pretty darn good timefor some outdoor cooking. As much
as I love standard issue cheeseburgers andpotato salad and stuff, my next guest

is gonna offer up some fresh takeson the theme to liven up your next
backyard gathering. With that, Iwill welcome in Shennessey, Ireland. Former
TV host turned entrepreneur and influencer withgrowing expertise as a mother of five,
I would imagine in backyard parties,welcome aboard, Thanks for having me.
I'm glad you're here help me out. So do you come from a background

of backyard cookers and partiers? Youknow kind of you know where I'm in
Ohio, So unfortunately we don't haveas many months that are prime real estate
for the backyard cooking. Is Houstonand this Texas says now, I know
you mentioned when it gets too hot, it's a little bit too hot to
be near the grill, and Itotally understand that, so right now is

a perfect time. And I alsothink, Doug, everyone kind of has
it in their mind that this isa great time to get outside because school's
about to end, We're about tokick into the summer months. We're gonna,
of course, have a Memorial Dayright around the corner. It's going
to be here before we know it. Even Mother's Day and Father's Day,
all of these holidays are a greattime to get outside and enjoy some outdoor
cooking. What do you think ismore memorable to an outdoor party, the

food or the activities? Ooh,I think the food. I really do.
I think people. I mean,let's be honest, that's the key
to any heart, a male,female child, whatever you want, you,
whatever you wherever you come from.I think that that's what has the
long lasting memories. People are goingto remember how delicious the food was.

They're going to be asking people forother recipes, especially if you have some
kind of a potluck, and Ireally recommend that, Doug. If you're
going to be a hosting a lotof people, ask your guests to bring
something. You will be amazed.They're going to be happy to bring something.
And if you're thinking to yourself,you know what, though I'm not
really a cook, just bring chipsand salsa. It's so easy. Just
please bring something to contribute to theguests, because it's going to give some

of that it's going to save someof the sanity for the for the folks
that are hosting the outdoor gathering.Good point. So let's get to that
grill now, and I would imagineto start, you would recommend making sure
it's clean before we fire up thecoals and throw raw meat on it.
Yes, and do that the daybefore. That way you're not wasting any
time, you know, trying toget ready to get you know, the

day of, you're not going towaste any of that time. So making
sure that you get it nice andclean. If you don't have a great
cleaner handy, a simple sheet oftinfoil will actually do the job as well.
You can put it with you cangive a set of tongs and just
scrub away with that. You don'thave to go out and get a fancy,
great cleaner for that. So goahead and clean up the grill.

Make sure that the grill, whenyou're ready to put all of the items
on it is naturally ready to go. And what I being met by naturally
is you don't have to use oil. This is kind of a misconception.
People think that they've got to putoil or butter on it. But if
you want to create a natural,healthier alternative to create a non stick surface,

you can actually have a potato andrub that potato all over the grill.
Yes. Yes, the start fromthe potato is going to cause it
to be a nonstick surface without anyof the oils. Yeah. And this
last tip I have for you,Doug, is kind of a no brainer.
We're talking about marinating. You're gonnatypically here a few hours before.

Ideally, though, you really needto marinate your meat the night before.
It's just gonna make everything taste thatmuch better. And make sure that you
leave a little of that marinate asa reserve. That way, you can
moisture up all of your meat rightbefore you are about ready to serve it.
So most of what we're throwing onthe grill around here is gonna be

beef. It's either gonna be steaksor hamburg or something like that. Is
there anything new for the beef loversin this audience that they might want to
try it a little something different?Yeah? I mean hamburgers, of course,
are just kind of a standard goto that everyone's gonna love. And
if you want to serve some deliciousside dishes that people may not think about.
Of course, we think, ofcourse the potato salad. We think

the egg salad, macronian cheese,casserole, cornbread, all of that.
But if you want something that's alittle bit different that you can also put
on the grill, I really recommenda grilled bruce. Shut up, okay,
now bear with me. You're thinkingwhat on earth? Yeah, you
can pick up what are the brandsthat I love is called Julian's recipe.

This is going to be a garletbread brand. Or they also have a
pretzel baguette. You can find itin your frozen food section. And you
can just take this baguette and slapit onto the grill. That's how you
can cook it. It's going togive it a really nice charcoali or taste
to it. And then you can'ttop it with all of your favorite brushetta
toppings that I'm talking about, alittle bit of olild oil, garlet,

tomato, basil, balsamic vinegar,even some red pepper flakes on top.
This is a great side dish tohave along with all of your meats and
your beef and your chicken and whateverit may be or it can be even
served as an appetizer as well.Sounds very good to me. There are
a lot of back to the factthat you trying to entertain at least five

kids plus their friends and their families. Any ideas on how to keep the
grand children happy until the food's cooked. Oh yeah, that's a good one,
and keeping everybody happy. Honestly,people can get very angry, especially
if they're smelling everything that smells deliciouson the grill. So having lots of
those finger foods readily available, youknow, the potatoes, the cheeseboard,

of course, keeping that inside.You don't want that to roast in the
in the Texas, But just havingsome of those appetizers now, I will
say, Doug, don't overdo theappetizers because too many times I have hosted
parties and everyone's gotten so full onthose appetizers that nobody wants to eat the
main course. That makes sense havingkind of a happy medium, and as

the host being the one that's goingto restock the chip bowl and the salcea
bowl and whatever it may be,don't put all of it out at once
because people will fill up on thatand they won't have room for the main
course. I don't worry much aboutthe adults around here because as long as
there's another picture of Margarita's nearby,they're going to be okay. I love

it. Yeah, definitely having thoseadult beverages on hands as well. And
of course the water. You gotto stay lots of hydrated, especially when
you're gonna be outside. That makesvery good sense. Shannessy Island. I
know you're all over social media.Which are your sites? Has the most
backyard party in cooking tips ooh soover on Instagram? It's just at Shannessy,

Ireland. I've got a lot ofrecipes on there. But more importantly,
you're going to find more stuff onmy blog. It's called She's Becoming
domestics dot com. I also havea Facebook page, Pinterest, YouTube pretty
much, Doug. If you googlemy name, I'm pretty sure I'm the
only one out there. Wow,So you'll find me. You'll find me

one way or another. It Shannessey, Ireland. Thank you so very much.
This was really entertaining and fun.Thank you, Thank you for having
me you bet boy. Oh my, she is a spitfire and she has
got a lot of stuff. Itook a look at some of her social
media stuff, and there are alot of good tips. There really are
Texas Indoor air Quality Specialists. There'sanother good tip I can give you.

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Pound two fifty healthy air. Oldguys rule, and of course women never
get old. If you want toavoid sleeping on the couch. Okay,
I think that sounds like a goodclee. Fifty plus continues. Here's more

with doug By. Welcome back fiftyplus on kp RC. Thank you for
listening wherever you are and whenever youlisten to this, and who knows,
there'll be somebody listening on the podcast, maybe tomorrow, next week, a

month from now, on the anniversaryof this day, ten years from now,
they'll go back and check it out. Now they won't. Not really,
all right, will, I'm gonnaengage you for this segment. Let's
make it simple. Deal with it. Hot dogs or turn up the heat?

Hot dogs? Hot dogs is notwhat you think, right, Will?
What do you think you can get? Boy? This did not It
would take too long to get there. There is a product. A company
is making a product called throw Flamethat for just ninety four hundred dollars will

get you a robotic dog that hasflamethrowers attached to its head. That's something
you can buy. They call itTherminator. What do you think? Will
you want one? Want one foryour birthday? I don't know what if
it turns on me? Yeah,just I need to go outside. I

need to go outside. Yeah,or else, give me a treat,
give me a treat. No,well, that's not how it works.
I don't think. I think youget to control the dog. I'm hoping
it's not like the Jetsons. Andwhat was there? What was there?
Pet? Dog's name? Do youremember fight? Oh no it was not

No, no, no, Rosiewas the Rosie was the housekeeper. I
don't know. It's it's not importantenough never mind, don't worry about it.
Turn up the heat. By theway, I'm gonna give you that
one, because I find this veryand just more it just fuel for the
fire, as it will for climatechange and all that. It says here
it's getting so hot that the NationalWeather Service has added a new color for

heat warnings that's hotter than red.Ooh so scary. It's magenta. Oh
no, we're all gonna fry.Nope, we're not. Oh we're not.
It's gonna be okay, it's hot. Okay, it's summertime and it's
gonna get hot. One thing Idid read yesterday that got my attention was
that where you put giant solar panelfarms with those big black surfaces facing the

sun, guess what they do.They heat up and guess what they do
to the atmosphere above them, Thesetens of thousands of acres covered with solar
panels. They heat up the atmosphereand guess what that does. It generates
and gives birth to thunderstorms and severeweather. So we're doing it to ourselves.

We kind of soreda are how muchtime do I have? Will three?
You have two minutes and ten secondsOkay, I'm gonna go to Australia.
Then this is another one of theseironic things that's going on. Scientists
have found a way in Australia.I think they were in Brisbane maybe to

turn carbon dioxide, the gas thatwe're desperately trying to get rid of.
And if we get rid of justa little bit more than we're getting rid
of now, the plants are gonnadie, and that means we're gonna die.
But in Australia they found a wayusing positive and negative ions of different
sizes to create electricity from CO two. So the more CO two we've got,

the more electricity we can generate bythis system. Now, if we
can just get the world to stopreducing CO two emission, we can probably
produce enough power in maybe a yearto run a tesla for around the block.
It's just so so crazy, thisworld we're in right now, so

crazy. In good medical news,high tech way to heal broken bones not
only could speed the process, butadditionally could render those bones the new ones,
the new growth three and a halftime stronger than the original. It's
being trialed over in Japan. Ituses plasma irradiation way past my pay grade.

I'm not sure how it works,but it does, and it'll be
a totally new approach to complex anddisplaced fractures. Pop quiz will mountain chickadees
have the ability to recall the locationsof how many snacks? I don't know
what a mountain chickadee is? Justa little bird. You don't know what

a chickadee? No, not really, I'm gonna say they can recall over
a hundred places, ten thousand snacklocations. You gotta be hungry to be
a chickadee, and if you are, you're in luck. You'll find your
food. We'll be back tomorrow,Audios.
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Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know

If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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