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May 2, 2024 33 mins
Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Megan Rogge about skin health.  ( Show from 5/1/2024 )
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Remember when it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis? You remember when social media was
truly social? Hey John, how'sit going today? Well? This show
is all about you. This isfifty plus with Doug Pike, helpful information

on your finances, good health,and what to do for fun. Fifty
plus brought to you by the UTHealth Houston Institute on Aging Informed Decisions for
a healthier, happier life and byTexas Indoor Air Quality Specialists because clean air
is healthier air. And now fiftyplus with Doug Pike. Wednesday edition of

the program starts right now. Don'teven have my headphones on? Now?
I do? Now it's official.I guess I WILL wouldn't be a show
without headphones. I guess it couldbe. I've thought about going to little
earbuds. Will What do you thinkof that? Would I look more?
Would I look more hip and coolif I just had earbuds? I think

so? You know, it wouldbe really cool. They need to implement
bluetooths so that way you can youcan have ear pods and yeah, not
just to earphones, and then youcould walk around while you do the show.
I could, I could go tothe I could go to the restaurant.
Yeah, I have something to eat? How cool would that be?

Some days would be cooler than others. For sure, this wouldn't be a
bad one. I've got I've gota little bit of hunger left over from
this morning. I was running aroundtrying to do some banking business before I
came in here, and in anticipationof finalizing my my son's automobile that he's
been wanting so badly. At leastit'll take some of the miles off of

my vehicle. That'll be good.I can't frankly, I can't wait for
that part of it. All Right, here we go. Welcome to fifty
plus, home of the what isit, the coolest gray haired people on
the planet? And will do youknow who the coolest of the cool gray
haired people on the planet are?I really do not. Well, that
would be those who are listening rightnow to fifty plus. Oh okay,

you had you had your shot,I just I'd roll it right out in
front of you, like in kickball. I just rolled. I didn't even
bounce it. I just rolled itgently to you. I was never very
good at kidding and you Charlie brownField Golden, Yeah, you know what
I'm talking about. That's actually exactlywhat I did every time we played kickball.
That was horrible at it. Ihad my son over it. In

a quick aside, I had myson over in San Antonio at the that
huge, big resort where they playthe golf tournament every year, and there
was an open field down there,just in the middle of nowhere, and
there were a couple of kids kindof standing around and I couldn't figure out
what they were standing around for.And they were all basically looking for something

to do because their parents were offdoing other things, or maybe the parents
were standing around if they were alittle bit younger. But I had brought
in my car a set of basesand a kickball, And when my son
and I went and got that stuffand went back to this big open field
between the buildings and laid out thebases and the kickball, it was like

a pied piper moment. Well they'reprobably within five minutes there were probably twenty
kids who had already chosen sides andwere in the middle of a kickball game.
Oh wow, Oh it was cool. It really was. There were
kids of all ages, and thebigger kids were being very respectful and mindful
of the younger kids and helping themout. And it was just a fantastic

moment for all those kids because theya lot of them just looked bored to
tears. But not for long.I'm around there. It's bound to be
a football or a kickball, oryou really don't want to bring out a
ball in a bat in a certaincircumstance like that because you don't you don't
know the kids that well. Butthe bottom line is there you go.
So anyway, there's been a lotof rain just north of here lately,

enough that emergency evacuations have been necessary. I can't just gloss over that if
you are a prayerful person, whichI believe most of us in this audience,
So I say a few words forthe people who are in harm's way
just north of us police. I'msure they would appreciate that as they're trying
to get out of the house andget away before the big, big water
comes. There was somebody I heardsomebody interview this morning. He just said,

yeah, we're leaving. We're leavingright now because we know what's coming.
We've been through this more than oncebefore. And that's kind of goes
to the old story. You know, what are you gonna You've been living
here all this long, what areyou gonna do? We don't know what
to do. We just we justmove here and we live here, and
the rain comes in, our housefloats away, and we build something else.

It's beautiful to be on the water, but it can be that can
be dicey. Ask anybody who livescloser to the coast than the Galleria.
Every time it every time something boilsup in the Gulf of Mexico, we
all have to hold our breath.And according to the according to the meteorologists

who predict such things, this mightbe a pretty active season. So hang
on, get every If you've livedhere more than an hour and a half,
you know what to do to preparefor storm season. And now would
be the time, because we're justa few weeks out from that legitimate,
first real start kick off of theseason. There was already one little thing
showed up in the Atlantic, butit didn't amount to much and it faded

and disappeared in a day. Thatwon't be the case moving forward. I
think some of these are gonna growlegs and come running across the Atlantic Ocean
in our way, hopefully not anyway. A little bit more rain the weather
in ten seconds. A little bitmore rain tomorrow on Friday. Then we
catch a nice stretch of five orsix beautiful days after that. If you

don't mind temperatures in the load tomid nineties, that's back. Not very
fun. I could live without thatfor another month or two, that'd be
nice. And the money world,three or four big indicators are down.
Three of the four, and theother one was only up a quarter point,
so not much to see there.On the brighter side. The brightest

news on that little page I lookat oil dropped below eighty dollars a barrel.
Kind of wish I hadn't filled upyesterday. Now knock off about a
dime off that stuff pretty quick,Closer to seventy nine dollars than anything else
the last time I looked. Andthat's very encouraging, since it was tickling

eighty four and eighty five dollars therefor a while. I hope this sticks,
and I hope it keeps going down, which I suspect it will the
closer we get to the election.Gold thanks to Houston gooldexchange dot Com once
again up four teen dollars at lastglance, a little north of twenty three
hundred, which is still there's alot of money to pay for announce of
gold. Uh? Do I havetime to move into the nosor shall I

slow down less than a minute?Okay, well let's go to one of
these. Then where did I putthem? Here? They are? And
then these are just straight up coldwill I didn't have time to vet them.
I didn't have time to Oh,guess what today is? National?
What day? You and I talkedabout this? Oh? We've talked about
that. Yeah, I think recently. I don't know whether it was on

or off the air. Mm National. Well, we're gonna run out of
National Interpreter Appreciation Day. You rememberthe story about that person who was just
flashing all these hand signs and Iguess whatever, looked like she was washing
her hands and was absolutely fooling.Everybody had no idea what she was signing.

Oh, yeah, you remember thatone? Of course? You know
who else is not really keen onNational Interpreter Appreciation Day show? How taani?
You think that's? That is definitelytrue? The expensive mistake just a
couple ten million or so, what'sten million for a guy who makes a

couple of hundred. That's true.You know it'll be like you or me
throwing a quarter out the window ofthe car driving down the street. UTL's
Institute on Aging specializes every one ofthe providers in this collaborative, which involves
people throughout the medical center, certainlya heavy concentration there, and then others

scattered all throughout this region quite frankly, to where you can go see them
to deal with anything and everything inthe in the entire medical field, and
you'll be seen by somebody who alsohas exceptionally more training as how that plan

their best at applies to seniors.Did I say that very well? Maybe
not as well as I should have. The bottom line is everybody in this
collaborative goes above and beyond the educationalrequirements to get the diploma you'll see on
their office wall, to also bespecially trained in how that particular arm of
medicine applies to seniors. You goto the website, you can see a

whole lot more there, and youcan see a lot of resources as well
that will help you, as seniorslive better health or longer, happier lives,
very proud to speak for them nowfor more than eight years. It
might be nine, might be closingin on ten. I'm not sure.
It's been a long time, andI'm sticking with them as long as they'll
have me. Ut dot edu slashaging, uth dot edu slash aging once,

life without a net. I suggestto go to bed, sleep it
off, just wait until the show'sover. Sleepy back that Doug Pike as
fifty plus continues. All right,welcome back, almost said the Doug Pike

Show. I was down in MoodyGardens doing the show this past weekend because
I was there to attend this flyFishing film festival that was absolutely spectacular.
I'll tell you about that later on. We got stuff to do here.
Thank you all for sharing this frontend of your afternoon with us. We'll
talk in this segment about our skin, and I'm pretty sure most of the

folks in this audience probably need tohear this one, even if they don't
want to. We spent our summersand weekends in the sun period almost entirely
oblivious to the damage that the sunwas doing to our skin. We burn,
we peeled, and now we're payingthe price to explain. I'll welcome
in doctor Meghan ROGI welcome her backto the program. She an associate professor

at UT Health Mcgovernment Medical School.Welcome back, Welcome back, doctor Hi,
thank you so much. Thanks forhaving me. Oh, you bet,
I think this is something we oughtto probably do more often. I
think you would agree as well,because nobody in this audience did their skin
any favors. And I'm feeling optimistichonestly about the answer to this first question.
So with fingers crossed, among thegeneral population, our skins cancer cases

going down? I don't think soyet. I don't think. I mean.
The trouble is that a lot ofthe damage, like you mentioned,
was done long ago and can't turnback time. So unfortunately, skin cancer

rates are still you know, skincancer is still the most common type of
cancer in America, with about onein five Americans getting skin cancer in their
lifetime. So what you're saying is, once we're gone, it'll be okay.
Is that what you're trying to tellme? Oh? I get it.
If we can get the message out, well, okay, Well,

and let me make it an easierquestion to answer among people twenty to forty
are cancer cases going down? Skincancers, you know. Still, yeah,
I'm not sure about that one either. Yeah. I mean also because
detection rates are much better than that'sa good point as well, so we
diagnose skin cancers a lot earlier.But but I do think there could be

a general trend against protecting skin.You know, a lot of younger people
are really into these kind of intenseskincare routines, and you know, Korean
skincare for instance, very popular,and it's very you know, on trend
to have that kind of bright,you know, fair look to you.
I think some people. Yeah,I think people are kind of embracing you

know, fair skin in a waywhich is good for people who have fair
skin, not good for your business. But that's okay. Yeah, no,
I'm happy to see. Oh yeah, I'm sure you are. Okay.
So sorry, I mean especially like, yeah, sorry, Well,
I was going to say, we'vehad increasingly effective sunscreens now for at least
what a decade or two, Andthen what percentage of people do you think

are actually using a regimen that protectstheir skin on a daily basis, which
what I would imagine you would recommend. Oh, you know, I would
say, people who've had a skincancer before, they kind of wise up
and they kind of start But again, kind of old habits are hard to
break. You know, people ifthey hadn't been doing it for you know,

it's not part of the regular routine. It's sometimes hard to break that
habit. You know, they're justsay, well, I just go outside
to walk the dog. You know, I've been doing that my whole life.
It's like, well that you know, and I get that, but
you know, we are if you'reexposing your skin during peak hours, you
know, from ten am to twopm, you really need to be careful
about even small amounts of sun exposure. They do add up and that can

lead to skin cancers. Doctor MeghanRogio on fifty plus and to dispel the
myth right now, talk about howclouds don't protect us from the sun.
Sure, Yeah, clouds only blockabout excuse me, eighty percent of UV
radiation can pass through clouds, Soit really doesn't give you adequate protection.

So even on a cloudy day,you do need to be putting on sun
protection, wearing sun protective clothing andsunscreen and something else. I think merits
a reminder very quickly to this audience, especially that sun damage is cumulative.
It's like the wear on tires.If you start carrying a parasol today,

you're not going to undo the damagethat's already done. And because of all
the damage that's already done to mostof this audience, we need to start
looking at ourselves and doing some selfexamination. What on earth are we looking
for? Sure? So, youknow, some of the signs of non
melanoma skin cancer are seeing like soreson the skin that are not healing,

or you know, a lot ofpeople describe them as kind of like pimples
that don't go away, continue togrow, anything that bleeds on its own,
or you know, with minimal trauma, something that's bleeding on the skin
growing it's really hard. Those areall the things for non melanimal skin cancer.
For melanoma, you're looking for brownor black spots typically that are growing

kind of quickly, have irregular borders, maybe different colors, or if you
have an existing mole that you've hadfor years and suddenly it's changing that those
would all be concerning signs. Andif anybody is unsure whether it is or
isn't, the idea is that theyneed to come see you and let you
tell them. Yeah, absolutely,I mean truthfully, I would say I

diagnosed more skin cancers based off ofa patient coming into this is the spot
I'm concerned about, And I'll lookat their skin and say, it's actually
that spot's fine, but you know, I'm kind of concerned about what's over
here, and so surprisingly, itcan also be that you're not suspicious of
which could be the real problem.So yeah, seeing a board certified dermatologist

and having them take a look atyour skin and make that determination, you
know, it's something that both meand the patient are kind of making the
decision together, right, because Ialso have to go off of what you're
telling me. And I would saythat to all patients that you have to
advocate for yourself. If you're surethat something is, you know, changing
kind of quickly, don't let someonedismiss it. That's the important part for

us to know what to do.Is you telling us while this thing really
is kind of growing pretty quickly,or it was bleeding on a tone last
week. You know, that's somethingthat we need to know very quickly because
we're almost out of time. Asusual, when I go now, they're
usually more than I'll wait till there'smore than one thing to look at.
And what I've gotten my wife todo for me is either either I'll put

a diagram of myself down and putlittle circles where I want to be checked
out and so I don't forget anything. Is that a good idea to come
prepared. Yeah? Absolutely, Ihave patients to do the same thing.
I even have patients whose spouses will. It's just sharpy. Yeah, I
mean I would. I would letyour dermatologists look everywhere. I know some

people that's kind of uncomfortable, butI you know, I would recommend a
full skin check, just because itis often the spot that you're not worried
about, or that you can't see, you know, on your lower back
or something like that that catches oureye. And so so yeah, let
them take a look. Here Iam and all my glory. Doctor,
take a look. Tell me whatyou see. Thank you so much,

doctor Roge. I really do appreciateit, of course. All right,
Yeah, you gotta just just leaveyour anything in your shame, your humility,
leave all that at the door,and let them take a close look
at your skin so that you don'thave any surprises that could ultimately kill you.

Texas indoor Speaking of things that could, well, I don't know that
the air in your house could killyou, but it can sure make you
sneeze and make your eyes itch,make your throat a little sore sometimes.
If you've got these allergens and contaminantsand whatever else comes in the door or
a window. Every time you evencrack one of those things, there's stuff
that gets in. The wind's blowingoutside, there's polling everywhere, there's other

stuff in the air that gets inthere. And even though you've got the
filters for your air conditioning and whatnot, some of that stuff starts to accumulate
in your duct work. And ifthat happens, it's not good for you.
It's really not. That's where TexasInto Air Quality Specialists comes in.
They have been cleaning duct work inand around the Greater Houston area for more

than twenty years. That's all theydo. They send out technicians in a
truck that has a specially designed,patented mounted in the truck system that they
will bring into your home and usethat to clean the coils on every unit
in the house. They will cleanthe plenums. I said, big giant

tube that comes out of there.They clean that at every unit, and
then they go methodically from vent tovent to vent in the house and work
back to that unit to clean anythingand everything that's accumulated in there, whether
it's over the last few years orthe last ever. You've never done it
before, and you will be breathingcleaner, healthier air from the time they

leave for many years to come.There are no hidden fees. You don't
have to worry about that. Callthem, drop my name. You'll get
a special little gift, and youwill be breathing healthier air from the moment
they drive away from your home.Not going to tear up your duct,
not gonna surprise you with all wefound something. No, they don't find
anything. They just remove stuff fromyour duct work. Call pound two fifty,

pound two fifty, and then saythe words healthy air, pound two
fifty, healthy air. You willbe connected directly to their offices, and
that's where you can say, hey, by the way, Doug sent me,
I can't I can't emphasize how stronglyI feel about you doing this for
yourself. Start breathing healthier air.Pound two fifty, healthy air. Now,

they sure don't make them like theyused to. That's why every few
months we wash them, check hisfluids, and spring on a fresh coat
of wax. This is fifty pluswith Doug Pike. Hi, welcome back

to fifty plus. Thanks for listeningon this gray but so far, at
least around the galley a dry afternoon. Thank you for listening. I really
do appreciate it. I mentioned thatMoody Gardens Fly Fishing Film Festival. That
was the second time they've allowed meto come down there, and I'm very

thrilled that they did to MC thisevent. It's a fantastic film festival.
If you like the ocean, ifyou like beautiful mountain streams, if you
like anything to do with water,amazing scenery, amazing cinematography and fish and
fly fishing, it's a fantastic event. I hope you can come next year

because I certainly plan on being there. Moving into the news, specifically Houston
News, as I promised on Facebook, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said,
the investigation. Here's the good news. The investigation into those two hundred and
sixty four thousand suspended cases is completed. That's great. So what they find

out, well, we're not gonnafind that out. For quite some time
actually, because Chief Finner also saidthat the results of the investigation two hundred
and sixty four thousand cases have tobe reviewed by the Independent Police Oversight Board
and the Administration Disciplinary Committee. Sothere's still a whole lot of reading that's

got to go on, and awhole lot of reviewing, and a whole
lot of investigation. Well, Iguess they technically finished investigating. Now they're
going to review, and probably someother folks will get their hands on all
this and have to read it aswell. This has got a rank among
the most dreadful, horrible blunders inthe history of law enforcement. I'm really

curious to see who, if anybody, either ultimately takes responsibility for this or
gets it heaped upon himself or herself. Somebody has to answer for two hundred
and sixty four thousand. We justdon't have time or the people for that.

These are some pretty serious charges thatwere just swept under a really big
big rug. Meanwhile, yesterday thepeople who live in shore acres over by
the ship channel were told to boiltheir water for two minutes before use it,
the way the rest of us huesour tap water. The story I
saw didn't say why the boil inplay or boil order was put in place

the notice, But I wouldn't askwhy. I'd just do it if they
told me to do it. Imight ask why later on. But the
first thing I do is turn onthe stove. The question I want to
know is when can I stop doingthis? Just let me know, And
there's supposed to be a text messageor something like that that'll go out to
everybody who lives over there when it'sokay to start using the water again.

Yeah, I'm gonna call an audibleand get away from Houston and open the
news to Texas, not just Houstonthis time. For an outdoors related story
I saw while I was down atMoody Gardens, as a matter of fact,
got word that Texas game wardens hadshown up at a major, a
big time bass fishing tournament goes onevery year, has for the better part

of my about thirty years now,maybe more than that. Over on sam
Raven Reservoir, I think is whereit is still, and that's where it
started. Weekend event and wardens wentthrough the parking lot, checking boats and
motors and trailers and all kinds ofthings that had been numbers on them,
looking for things that didn't match upor had maybe been reported stolen, and

they ended up seizing more than onehundred thousand dollars worth of equipment. Now,
I had a friend of mine callme and say, yeah, that's
one hundred thousand. But in thisday and age, how many actual pieces
of equipment did that represent? Morethan one hundred grand. Could have been
just one bass boat, easily morethan one hundred grand, could have been
a couple of motors, and maybesome of these new fancy electronics. What

it was I find out I foundout from somebody up in Austin, is
that they ultimately have put in they'veseized but not found any charges just yet.
They've seized for further investigation two boatsand ten motors. And that was
one hundred grand. Two boats andten motors back when I started at the

newspaper wouldn't have been It might havebeen ten grand, maybe twenty tops.
Anyway, I intend to interview acaptain from the game wardens up there in
Austin about that this Saturday morning onmy outdoor show over on Sports Talk seven
ninety shooting for eight am. That'sgoing to be the time I'm hoping for,

and if it's other than that,I'll probably make a notice on my
Facebook page of when exactly we're gonnainterview her and find out what's going on
and whether this is this is somethingthat really warrants. Uh. They they
brought in wardens from five or sixcounties, I think, to really comb
through that parking lot for every possibletheft thing. Other state news. How

much time do I have now?Will twenty seconds? Dang it? Dang
so close David Busters. It says, here's adding a gambling feature to their
app, so you can bet onarcade games with your friends. Sure,
how can't be real? That can'tbe real money? How cool is that?
You want to you wanna? Youwant to bet on a game of

ski boone? That's what they're talkingabout. I mean they left fiver or
on your ski ball game. Seewhat happens. This is just a marketing
ploy to get people to back intoDavid Busters. Gee you think I think
those those That's why I like arelic of the past. That's why I
almost never talk about food, newfood twists and new variations on cookies and

whatnot like that. That it's justit's click bait. It's actually buy bait,
that's what it is. Do youthink that they have an over under
like a point spread? How supposedto? And me playing ski ball?
No problem? I don't know.Well are you even? You can't bet
on the game that you're playing.You gotta bet on other people, you

know. Yeah, that's never happenedsports. That's why I know. But
I'm just saying, Yeah, anybody, anybody who makes the money that professional
athletes makes and bets on their owngames, deserves to not make that money
anymore. That's just so messed up. A late health is not messed up.

That's a great place for you togo. If you've got issues with
ugly veins, if you've got issueswith fibroids for the women in the audience,
or an enlarged prostate, non cancerousprostate for the men in the audience.
Symptoms of any and all of thosethings are horrible, they really are.
You don't want to have those uglyveins on you. You don't want
the fibroid issues, you don't wantthe enlarged prostate issues, and you can

alleviate all of that at a latehealth. It's a vascular clinic. And
what they do is they go inand identify the blood supply where that's coming
from to all of these things youwant to fix, and then they plug
it up and stop it and cutit off. And anything on your body
that's not getting blood supplied to it, I guess others well, yeah,

period, anything on your body that'snot getting a blood supply can't prosper,
it can't bother you anymore. Takea little while. It takes a couple
of hours in the office to getthe procedures done, and then you get
to go home and recover in fairlyshort time, really at home, which
is nice. No, don't haveto hang around a hospital at all.
You don't ever have to go intoa hospital. And even better, almost

all of the procedures they do overthere are covered by Medicare and Medicaid,
which is a really nice way toget anybody's hands out of your wallet,
out of your wallet a latehealth dotcom. They also do regenerative medicine over
there too, by the way,which is extremely effective on chronic pain.
That's a that's a good one tolook into as well if you're dealing with

that seven one, three, five, eight, eight, thirty eight,
eighty eight seven, one three fiveeight eight thirty eight eighty eight. Or
it's easy just go to a latehealthdot com a L A T E.
A latehealth dot com old guy's rule. And of course women never get old
if you want to avoid sleeping onthe couch. Oh, I think that

sounds like a good plan. Fiftyplus continues. Here's more with Doug round
a third and headed home on fiftyplus on this very cloudy and I'm sure
in some regions rainy Wednesday afternoon startingto blow a little bit more. My

gosh, I played golf Saturday,done at Moody Gardens, oh, gusting
to probably thirty five steady twenty twentyfive, almost impossible to play the game.
And my group and I pretty muchproved that nearly impossible to make a
birdie. And plus we had someother there were a lot of things going

on down there, But I digress. In a gun news story you likely
won't hear anywhere else, a NewMexico grandmother and this attendant sitting at home
with her four year old granddaughter,just mining her own business when some thirty
two year old man running from thepolice comes busting into her house, grabs

her and demands her keys. Thiswoman is as just as cool as a
cucumber, so she sends her granddaughterto the back of the house to go
hide, tells her just going back, everything's gonna be okay. I got
this, and then she tells himthat he's gonna get those keys so long
as he doesn't hurt anybody, andthat she needs to be let go so

that she can retrieve the keys,because she's not gonna do it while he's
holding on to her. Somehow,this genius thirty two year old guy running
from the police didn't notice that shehad hit nine one one on her phone,
didn't notice that instead of grabbing herkeys, she grabbed her gun,

and she warned the guy. There'sactually the the ninety one one call kind
of confirms this. She warned himseveral times to get back, get back,
or I will blankety blank shoot you, but he didn't, so she
did. And then this is thegrandma ent her. She got a cloth

and held it over the guy's woundand even got him a bottle of water.
And this is the cool as acucumber granty. Enter told him that
if you he moved, she'd shoothim again. So the police got there,
they hauled him off to the hospital. I'm sure he's wishing he'd picked
a different house at this point.Amazing, just amazing. Um, I've

got a new category of news thatI'm gonna insert in his redneck news.
Will are you ready for that?I'm ready? And these are just going
to be shorts a twenty year oldman. We need some kind of a
sounder for redneck news, so workon that. I don't know if that's
what I'm looking for. I thinkthe people love that. Okay, twenty

year o game, Well we'll getwe'll find out. Call pound two fifty,
say fifty plus and let me knowwhether you like that or not for
the official sounder for redneck news.Twenty year old g Goa in Florida arrested
for beating his sister with fried chickenduring a fight. According to the police
report, and this is in quotesfrom the police report, one piece of

fried chicken hit her in the backand then the end quote there and then
it says here it sounds like shewasn't hurt though, but it did leave
quote. This is also from thereport. Debris of food on her shoulders,
h debris A debris of food.I might call the colonel. Put

that thing back in the bucket.Man. That's just so goofy. It
is just so goofy. By theway, if you have an iPhone,
some of the alarms on some iPhonesin this country have mysteriously stopped working.
That is incredible that something like thatcould just happen at RANT. We'll be
back tomorrow.
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