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May 8, 2024 35 mins
Today, Doug Pike interviews Dr. Rajesh Gupta about ALS.
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Remember when it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis, Remember when social media was truly
social? Hey John, how's itgoing today? Well, this show is
all about you. This is fiftyplus with Doug Pike, helpful information on

your finances, good health, andwhat to do for fun. Fifty plus
brought to you by the UT HealthHouston Institute on Aging Informed Decisions for a
healthier, happier life and by TexasIndoor Air Quality Specialists because clean air is
healthier air. And now fifty pluswith Doug Pike, my Wednesday edition.

The program starts right now. Thankyou all for coming aboard. You don't
mind. I want to ask you, as always, to bring some friends
next time. Let people know aboutthis show. I'm trying to grow it.
I want it to get bigger,not just hang out where it is.
I love all of you, everysingle one of you, but we've
got room for more. There areplenty of chairs left in the auditorium,
as they say, finally gotten somerelief from the devastating rain that hit the

north side of this region the pastweek or so, Still got a lot
of people stuck out of their homes, a lot of people dealing with flooded
cars, dealing with having to pulleverything out and just throw it to the
curb because the water got in andkept rising. In a lot of areas
up there, there are serious correlationsbetween that storm or those thunderstorms and a

major tropical event like Harvey or Allison. When you start getting that much rain
over that short period of time,the water has nowhere to go. And
even worse for some of these people, the river sheds are so big and
the rain was so widespread, widespreadthat it just it filled up the watersheds.

There wasn't a there was no roomfor another drop of water anywhere,
and then here it came again fora couple more days. So keep those
people in mind, and if youknow somebody who is in that situation and
you're not, maybe calling off froma little help that wouldn't hurt We are

we we Texans take great pride inhelping each other. And if you live
up that way and you were spared, just take pause and be thankful that
you were, and then maybe givea call to somebody, either somebody you
know, or just drive around andfind somebody who looks like they could use
some help dragging carpet out of ahouse, or use some help get into

the grocery store, or whatever itis. To try to do something nice
for somebody. Let me know whenyou do that too it I'll try to
mention it for you. By theway, I was, I was very
greatly flattered yesterday in the grocery store, of all places, this guy about
my age kind of walks over andjust out of the blue just says,

hey, man, I really enjoyedreading your stories in the newspaper back in
the day. And he asked aboutJoe Dogge, he asked about Bob Briister,
and we had a we had anice conversation that we really did.
He he is a year older atleast, he graduated a year before me.
Yeah, a year before me outof Sharpstown High School way back in

the day. And uh, wejust caught up a little bit. Believe
it. Believe the name is DennisCox. I hope that's right them.
I know that the last name iscorrect. I cannot remember if I'm spot
on with Dennis or it may havebeen something else that's well, because well
you know, I just can't remembereverything. But yeah, graduate from sharpshown

and you're ahead of me. Differenttimes back then too, Who boy,
were they different. We as wewent off to college, none of us
did what some of these kids aredoing. And something to remember about all
of these sit ins and encampments andchest beating and calls for all kinds of

horrible things to happen to people,just remember that that's not representative of the
entire school. Those are fairly smallgroups of very easily influenced and encouraged young
people who somehow want to be heard. And even though they don't know what
they're talking about and they can't evenarticulate why they're protesting, they just want

to be out there. They wantto be out there and be part of
something bigger than them. And that'sgreat. But when you cut to the
chase and look at them, everyone of them's wearing a mask almost they
don't do really believe in what they'redoing. If they did, they wouldn't
hide behind a mask, now,would they. They would be proud.
You don't see any conservative protesters reallyall masked up, because they believe strongly

enough in what they say that they'llsay it right to the world. And
I applaud them for that, andevery now and then you'll run across one
of the liberals, one of theprogressives, who is willing to do that.
In that setting, few and farbetween. No, pretty few and
pretty far between. If you're wonderingabout the markets, pretty stagnant, really

nothing much to see at all.I watched look two or three times.
I guess it was this morning,waiting for something significant to really jump off
the page at me, and Inever really saw it. Everything I looked
at was either up or down.There was kind of a mix of them,
but just by small fractions of points. Oil inching back upward, unfortunately

slightly north of seventy nine dollars afew minutes ago, and Gold thanks to
Houston gooldexchange dot com. Thank youvery much, Brad. Gold also up
a little more than three bucks,still twenty three fifty seven, not shabby,
not a bad price if you.If you have some like I do,
and still have not found the tenminutes it's gonna take me to go

pick it up. I don't Idon't remember it when I get home.
I don't remember to do this.I think about it every time I talk
about it right here, and thenby the time I get home, it's
like, Okay, I'm gonna eatsomething and go to bed. I'm too
old for all this. From thehow much time do I have? Will
minute and a half? A minute? Oh, I was thinking one or
two, so kind of I wasright, you know, it just felt

like that one or two thing.Mmm, I'll do this from the he
actually said this desk comes a termthat President Biden used in a radio interview
this week, and it ought toIt ought to raise flags all over this
country. In that interview, hedescribed unlawful immigrants as Hispanic voters. Unlawful

immigrants Hispanic voters. They may beHispanic, but they absolutely should not be
allowed to vote for the president ofthe United States. That he would even
say such a thing is it's awarning. There ought to be a siren
going off in your head about exactlyhow his party wants this election to go

and to what links they're willing togo to make it happen. I heard
a story earlier this morning about somejurisdiction somewhere in this country I don't remember
where, but pretty much anybody whocould produce a driver's license was being registered
to vote. And that really doesn'twork all right, Texas home Buyers.

If your house was flout with theserecent storms, Texas home Buyers wants to
kind of come in and help youout. They will buy that home as
is still the floorish, carpet stillwet, doesn't matter to them, as
is where it is, and theywill pay all your closing costs. Texas
home Buyers is a Houston company,a plus rated with the Better Business Bureau,

has been for the better part ofthirty something years now, and they
will get that closing done for youwithin two weeks. If you're looking for
a fair no obligation offer, they'lljust come out. They'll look around,
they'll go back to the office,punch you in a few buttons, and
come up with a price that theythink is very fair to take that house
off your hands without you ever havingto do anything else to try to fix

it up, to try to makeit look better, get rid of whatever
happened with the flooding. They'll doall of that after they pay you a
big chunk of money seven one threesix two twenty two seven one three for
a fair no obligation offer seven onethree six four nine twenty two twenty two
what's life without a net? Isuggest you to go to bed and sleep

it off. Just wait until thisshow's over. Sleepy. Back to Doug
Pike as fifty plus continues. Allright, welcome back on this still cloudy
Wednesday. At least it's not borndown Raper Heaven's Sex Holy Castle. Glad

we got out of that, allright, we are thanks for listening,
By the way, I do appreciateit. This one's going to be a
special importance to me because I havean old friend who is suffering through the
condition we're about to discuss, andhas been now for quite some time.
Actually, uh, that condition isALS. That is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis,
also known as lou Gerrigg's disease.And to help us all understand this devastating

condition a little bit better, I'llbring in doctor Rajesh Gupta, one of
the nation's foremost experts in this condition. Welcome aboard, doctor, Yeah,
thank you. So yeah, wecan you know, we can talk briefly
about like what the LS is andthen how it affects seniors. Oh yes,
please, let's just if you wouldstart with a definition of what ALS

is. Let's just start there sowe can get that off the table and
everybody will understand it better. Yes, So it basically, as a name
suggests, a myotopic letters clevers is. So basically, when there is a
neurons that comes from the brain andit goes down this spinal cord and ultimately
you know, going and supplying themuscles. So basically the neurons that start

from the brain going all the waydown to the muscles, that's controlling the
function of the muscles. So overtime in this disease, there's a neurodegeneration,
so those motor neurons start degenerating,so they are not giving signals to
the muscles properly, and that's whythe muscles start degenerating, causing the muscle
weakness. That's just so horrible tothink about that because I know this,

like I said, this friend ofmine is dealing with it. Do we
know anything about what causes this?Yeah, Unfortunately, I still don't know
what exactly triggers are caused the als. There are some hypothesis that there are
certain protein that accumulates, but theyare still in the controversial state. So

at this point there is no clearetiolgy or cause of the disease. Are
there any specific groups of people whoare more or less susceptible to developing this.
Yeah, so definitely, you know, elderly people, especially around the
age of eighty, they tend tobe more prone to have it. They

have seen that, you know,younger patients have I incidence means like one
case for one hundred thousand in theUS. But when we come to this
age of seventy five to eighty,almost fifteen to twenty people per one hundred
thousand, it's like almost fifteen ortwenty times higher compared to a twenty year

old. So definitely more prevalent andolder people, and fifteen or twenty doesn't
sound like that many unless you orsomeone you know is one of them.
Let's talk about talk about anything thatwe maybe could do to lower our odds
of developing this. So basically,you know what that means is like prevention

because we don't know the cause,and when we come and talk about the
prevention of the disease, it's stillvery little, is not. However,
you know, they have seen thatmaybe living a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly
that may have a may lower slightrisk of you know, of als.

That is still very controversial, butas I think we have seen with other
neurodegenerative diseases that you know, livinghealthy life, healthy lifestyle would habits the
lower you know, the risk ofother neurodegendered diseases like dementia, Algeimer's disease,
Parkinson disease. We believe that maybeALS is also lower in this group,

but it's not improven yet. Yeah. Honestly, everything that we do
to our bodies, it's not eatinghealthy and not exercising, is hurting us
in some way. And even ifyou don't end up with ALS, you'll
be glad if you're working out alittle bit and eating good food. In
my research, doctor Gupta, Isaw the term sporadic ALS. What does

that mean? Yeah, So thesporadic means that those people don't have a
genetic risk, you know, andso you know, obviously there is some
trigger in the genes causing some abnormalproteins, and that abnormal proteins are affecting
the neurons, but that the genedid not came from the family or you
know, parents or ancestors. Youknow, it just happens suddenly it's poradically.

Yeah, and that's gosh, that'sgot to be even worse. Just
nothing in your history at all,and all of a sudden you get this
talk about the early physical symptoms ofals. What are we watching for in
ourselves or other people? Yeah,So it can start either start with the
swallowing difficulty, speak difficulty, sopredominantly affecting the muscles of the ourofar engel

drag which is like food pipe andface what we call bulbar ons at els.
Or it can start in the limbsmeans extremities like upper limb, lower
limbs like arms or legs and whatwe call it limb ons at els.
So people will said limb on setmeans to start in the legs or arms,

people will start with the foot ofgating balance, frequent falls. If
it's in the arms, they willhave difficulty you know, grabbing things,
you know, hand grip weakness,difficulty calming, they hear because they can
all lift their arm. And ifit is a bulbar arms at els,
then they will have predominantly speech difficulty, swallowing difficulty at times, so the

breathing difficulty, which usually start late, but they may sometimes see early on.
How quick is the onset of thisfrom the first time somebody thinks,
oh gosh, iam have a littlehard time swallowing, and they maybe put
it off for a little while.What's what's the time progression of going from
barely noticeable to significant? Yeah,unfortunately, this is a relatively rapid progression

when we compare with other neurodegenerative conditions. You know, the median age after
the onset of symptoms is like threeto four years, So so you so
rapidly progress. You know, ifyou notice some subtle difficulty with the speech
swallowing, you know in the beginning, one can assume that after six months

or yeah, they will have significantdifficulty with those functions. But we'll also
have other symptoms like leg weakness coulddrop and those kind of things. Wow,
are there any treatment options that willlessen the symptoms at all? Of
ail us? So, there area few treatment options which slow down the
progression. It doesn't really reverse thecourse of the disease. You know,

it will not show any improvement orcause and improvement. But you know,
there is a medication called rile resoalwhich has been in the market for several
years. But maybe it slows down, but very little you know, in
that range of five to ten person, there is a newer medication go ahead.
I was gonna say, we're downto less than a minute. Are

there any current research on this thatlooks hopeful. Yeah, there's a lot
of research going on, including astem cell trials, So we are very
hopeful that maybe, you know,five to ten years down the road,
will have medications or treatment that willslow down the progression significantly. Wonderful,
Doctor Rogers Gupta, thank you sovery much. Sir Yeah, thank you,

Sir oh Man. Yeah, thatthis one really hits home with me.
Like I said, I've got afriend who is dealing with it and
it's it's hard. It's hard tosee what he's going through and it's not
an easy thing. Kirk Holmes isCustom Builder of the Year for Southern Living
twenty twenty four. Southern Living Builderof the Year's only one, and it's

Kirk Holmes. They've been doing thisfor thirty plus years now, three generations
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you. The only two things they'regonna do that are common to every kirk
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It's gonna help keep those elements outof there. Kirkholmes dot com is
the website. I've known these peoplefor a very long time. I've been
in a half dozen homes. Theybuilt every one of them, magnificent Kirkhomes
dot com. That's k You arek because of kirk Holmbs. It's all
about you old guy's rule. Andof course women never get old. If

you want to avoid sleeping on thecouch, Okay, well, I think
that sounds like a good plan.Fifty plus continues Here's more with Doug Hi.

Welcome back listening to fifty plus onkPr C. Thanks for doing that.
I appreciate that. I really do. Oh did I mention yesterday?
Will I played golf Monday, andI won closest to the hole on a
par three. I don't know ifyou mentioned that part, but I did.
I probably did. I I wasso puffed up. I felt really

good. Joe, says Aerato,a very old friend of former co worker
here and he's gone into business forhimself now. He invited me to go
play with his wife, Curti andher friend Marguerite, and we had a
blast. It was just zero pressure, which was really nice. We put
no pressure on ourselves to even thinkabout winning against a bunch of people about

I don't know a lot of themabout half our age, to be honest,
and we and we had a goodtime. We finished under par,
which was no small feet considering thatBogie was your friend. If you know
about scrambles, you know how thatworks. Yeah, we had a good
time. Couldn't make a putt outsideten feet, but we had a good
time. We did power warnings,by the way, popping up all over

the state. We're being told alreadythat we are possibly going to use up
all the electricity we have while thereare some maintenance issues with some of the
generation facilities. Oh if only wecould just come up with a source like,
oh, I don't know, naturalgas. Nuclear nuclear power would be

awesome and we certainly wouldn't take longto build it around here if we could
get past the permitting process for it. Very frustrating to hear all that stuff.
Let's some let's get off of that, will I'll come back to some
of that. Wad this all up? Mm hm oh from the bidenflation desk,
And this one really kind of isn'this fault. The rest of them

probably are, but this one was. Na I saw a story from Did
you see the Miami Grand Prix menuprices? Will no, okay, this
is an opportunity for a pop quizat the swanky hard Rock Beach Club that
was some special place at the MiamiGrand Prix. How much you think you're
gonna pay for carne asada nachos?Carne asadachos? How many dollars? Will

I'll say thirty two dollars? Hilarious? Are you ready? Yep? Glad
you're sitting down. That would betimes five, almost six, one hundred
and eighty dollars for the nachos.These are the best nachos in the world,
apparently for the yellowfin tuna poke Whatis a poke bowl? Is that
hokey pokey hokey like it's a pokethere? Oh, there was some cartoon

show gumbay and pokey Ye, youwouldn't know what that is. But what
is a pokey bowl? Pokey bowlis like a rice bowl with raw fish
and you know, seaweed salad.Oh that sounds just disgusting, yellowfin tune
of poke bowl? How much?Okay? Well, I'm gonna set the
stage, okay. And if thenachos I'm assuming are an appetizer or whatever,

I'm going to just give you ahint the poke bowl is an appetizer
as well. Problem you're not goingto beat you up too bad, Okay,
I'm going to say, and it'syellow yellow, I'm gonna mid middle
of the pack. I'm going tosay, uh two twenty oh no,
just a mere one hundred and seventydollars, okay, But for the lobster

rolls, oh man, I meanthat's that much. That's easily. This
is all appetizer stuff. It hasto be, that's all. It's easily
four hundred dollars. Oh no,no, no, no, come on,
no letter let you out for twoeighty eight I was talking to somebody
out in the office earlier. Uh, they read more about this story than
I had, and it turned outI believe it was one thousand dollars just

to get into the hard rock whatdo they call that thing? They called
it the the hard Rock Beach ClubGrand to get in apparently or something like
that. And then on top ofthat you got to drop twot eighty for
lobster rolls. So it is pluralthough. Yeah, there's at least well

that or won the size of afootball. I would think it all be
come a little boat to go catchhim in two hundred and eighty dollars for
that one hundred and eighty dollars ornachos. And you know, the crazy
part is that there are people whothought nothing of that. They they wanted
to pay that much money so theycould go home and tell people beneath them

how much money they paid for theirfood at the Grand Prix. In women's
track, a man who identifies asa woman won multiple events over the weekend
with times that would have placed himdeadly last in the men's divisions, And
just like that, a few moreyoung women lost future scholarships and had their
dreams crushed. This is just soI I don't know. It's just another

thing. It's just another thing thatwe're having to deal with from the alternative
protein desk. Guess where I'm gonnago with this one? Will the alternative
protein desk? What is this gonnabe about? It is a timely story.
Is it about different types of proteinto eat in stuff? Well?

Yeah, well one specifically cicadas.Yeah yeah, let's go have some bugs
for lunch. Well, you knowaround here, I got friends today after
my show ends and before I canget there, who are gonna be eating
bugs? But they're not gonna beeating cicadas. They're gonna be eating Cajun
bugs. Crawfish, that's a bug, crawdaddies, craw dads, crawfish,
I don't care, mud bugs.Call them what yeah, call them what

you want, but don't call themalternative protein. They are real deal protein.
They're meat protein. You gotta eata bunch of them too, And
the more I eat, the moreI want. I love those. You
gotta eat a lot of them toreally get filled up here. I am
up to that. How many?How many? How many pounds do you
think you can put away these days? Maybe maybe two or three, not

a lot. Come on, nog, Come on, I'm not gonna go
no, because I'll pay for itlater back in the day. Yeah,
I could. I could slam fivea dozen oysters, a bunch of crawfish.
Yeah, corn, the potatoes,all of it, the sausage,
all of it. And if Isee somebody, if I see one more

person sprinkling seasoning all over the wholecrawfish, that's messed up. You don't
do that. Will You put theseasoning in with the water while they're boiling
and let the seasoning seep through thatshell into the meat. You don't just
put powdi No, no, willyeah? Yeah, yeah, we're gonna

go. Oh do we Yeah,all right, we'll get some other stuff
in a minute. Yeah, that'senough of that. Do not do not
if you really want to show yourhackles as a non Texan and as a
non Cajun, sprinkle some powder,any powder, on your already cooked crawfish.
It's too late then a late health. Never too late to go to

a late health and get something fixed, like maybe bybroids for women. Ugly
symptoms. There veins that pop outand look horrible on you. You don't
want them anymore. They'll take careof that. In large non cancerous prostate,
they can make that go away.All of these things get done within
a couple of hours in the office, after which you get to go and

recuperate at home. Fairly short recovery. They're not major procedures. They're serious
medical procedures. But doctor Doe andhis staff have been doing these things for
many, many years, and they'requite good at what they do. He
every time I talk to him,he's very proud, especially of that prostrate
arty reambolization, and now of regenerativemedicine as well. This is regenerative medicine

is the latest and greatest, andthey do it quite well at a late
health This is a system through whichyour own body basically does repair work with
cells that are it's along. Youhave to go look it up or go
talk to them. Actually better yet, just set an appointment, go over
there and talk to them about regenerativemedicine. Get rid of whatever chronic pain

you have. It works on alot of different sources of chronic pain to
make it go away. Seven one, three, five, eight, eight
thirty eight eighty eight seven one three, five eight eight thirty eight eighty eight
or go to a latehealth dot com. That's a l at e a latehealth
dot com. Yeah, they suredon't make them like they used to.
That's why every few months we washhim, check his fluids, and spring

on a fresh coat of wax.This is fifty plus with Doug Pike.
Welcome back fifty plus. On thisWednesday afternoon, middle of the week,

middle of the week, a womanin Virginia will bought her first ever lottery
ticket and won fifty thousand dollars.What do you think she did with it?
She it's a good thing. Oh, okay, she donated it to
charity. Uh, kind of.She used it to pay off her sister's

college tuition. If she'd have waiteda couple of more weeks, I'm sure
our president would have put her onthe list and taken care of that for
them, and then they could havetaken a nice, lovely family vacation,
couldn't they. But no, shehas to jump the gun and pay it
off before our president who is basicallythumbing his nose at the Supreme Court with

this program of his to drop anothersix billion dollars out there and in vote
purchases. Man oh Man O manfrom the mile high desk. No,
not that will. Don't look atme like that in a smirky smile.
You perked right up when I saidthat, didn't you. No, it's

not that will, not at all. Colorado just passed the law that requires
teachers to use students preferred pronouns.How did that even come up? Because
what's gonna happen now is some reallygood teachers are going to slip up and

call somebody the wrong thing and thenget in I don't know what the legal
what's the ramification, what's the penaltygonna be for that? What are they
gonna do to these teachers who mistakenlee or otherwise misgender a very young person
who really shouldn't be running the classand really shouldn't be dictating how things go

that bothers me, I said,I haven't scratched out this cicada thing yet
from up in New York where peopleare being encouraged to push steaks and chicken
legs and honey baked hams to theside for cicadas. If I want to
eat bugs, I'm gonna apply fora spot on Naked and Afraid and that,

you know, even at my itdepends on where they put me.
I think whether I would have asnowballs chance of getting through that. I've
watched a little bit of some episodes, and I admire the ingenuity enginuity I
see. I admire the courage ittakes to just shed your clothes and try

to build a fire with somebody andtry to go hunt with. Now,
they did start letting him bring bowsand arrows, which were greatly up the
odds of getting something decent to eatother than a bug or a maybe a
toad or something. I was thumbingthrough the channels just the other day and
there was a woman on there,and she was so proud that she had

gotten this toad. Was thrilled todeath, and she cooked it all up,
and she took a couple of bites, and within a couple of minutes
her lip and her tongue started toswell. Not good, not good.
I just I turned it off.I went to something else if I wanted
to. I think that was thenight I wanted to watch something really gloomy

and disappointing. So I went tothe Astros game. God, they've got
to do something. How much timedo I have? You have three minutes?
And forty five. Oh so good, I've got lots to go with.
Then one of these little things Ihad here that I titled blade Runner,
the company that makes Swiss Army knivesknives, excuse me, is developing

bladeless products. Now, okay,because of the rise in knife crime,
which just you might as well getready for it. If they start taking
away guns again, you're just gonnaend up with crimes being committed with knives
or whatever. Instead of that,how about you just take the crooks off

the streets and keep them off thestreets so that they don't go out and
have one person responsible for multiple crimesagainst other people, multiple violent crimes,
multiple potentially deadly crimes, several versionsof the new tools, the Swiss Army
knives and the works man. They'regonna be targeted. It says, you're

at different jobs and activities. Youknow what we're gonna see eventually, Well,
the way this country's going, youknow it's gonna be on your Swiss
Army knife, HM, cotton balls, Q tips, Kleenex, and six
squares a toy paper. To behonest, I'd be happy with that.
God, you would, wouldn't you. It'd be useful. Well, okay,
let me ask you this, whichone is going to be more useful?
Hang on, I nicked my finger? Oh what on a Swiss army

knife? I have a multi toolin my pocket. It's not a Swiss
army knife because the particular tool thatI use. And if I ever need
to go find one of the onesI've lost, all I gotta do is
go to the TSA just rummage throughtheir boxes, because they've already picked off
a half a dozen at least overthe years. Did I just I get
you get all the way into theairport, it's time to get on the

airplane and going through baggage and what'sthat? Oh no? And I just
have to just hand it over.That's all you can do. It's all
you can do, because, afterall, a one inch knife blade and
a pair of scissors that where theblades are about three maybe a half inch.
I think on my little multi tool, that's no, that's not a

weapon. It's just it's a it'san elaborate fingernail file. Well, I
carry has tweezers, good, ithas a Philip screwdriver head. It has
a flathead screwdriver head, It hasscissors, a little knife, blade,
a file, all of that ina very compact, little package. Why
do you look so perplexed? Justso it's just a bigger Swiss army Now,

no, it's a little baby Swissarmy. Why take it? I
don't want to be scared of it. Yeah, I'm a little scared weapon.
You gonna poke myself? Yeah?Yeah? Probably pokey pokey bowl,
that's what it is. You gota try one. They're really good.
It's just like the bulls we getin the in the cafe over here,
is it not? What's the difference, it's it's raw. Yeah, Well

we're done now. No, I'mnot doing that. I don't do raw
fish, man. I just can't. Why from the no, from the
give them an inch desk. Thisone really concerns me too, almost as
much as our president saying that illegalmigrants are Hispanic voters protesters ramping up their
threats and taking just one step afteranother toward total anarchy if we don't shut

this down. In addition to burningAmerican flags, now, there are also
some of these people, and I'msure they're being coached to do this,
running around talking about at some ofthese university encampments and whatnot referencing sending school
officials to the guillotine. That's messedup. We'll solve it all tomorrow.

I don't worry. We'll be back. Thank you for listening. Audios
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Stuff You Should Know

If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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