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May 21, 2024 34 mins
Today, Doug Pike discusses the creation of the Red Cross, speed limits, and outdated advice.
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Remember when it was impossible to misplacethe TV remote because you were the TV
remote. Remember when music sounded likethis, Remember when social media was truly
social? Hey John, how's itgoing today? Well, this show is
all about you. This is fiftyplus with Doug Pike, helpful information on

your finances, good health, andwhat to do for fun. Fifty plus
brought to you by the UT HealthHouston Institute on Aging Informed Decisions for a
healthier, happier life and by TexasIndoor Air Quality Specialists because clean air is
healthier air. And now fifty pluswith Doug Pike. All right, here

we go, Tuesday edition. Theprogram starts right now, first rendition,
first edition of this week. SinceI do take Mondays off, and not
the brag or anything because they didn'tplay that well yesterday. But I did
play golf and I did win.Yay, not enough for a tank of
gas even so, But then againI didn't risk as much as a tank

of gas either, So it wasfun. And like I've talked about before,
this whole group in which I'm allowedto play the one day a week
off that I get, I trulyenjoy it. They're all a lot of
fun and none of us is anywherenear. There's actually a USGA event,

a Senior Open qualifier going on atthe club today, and all those guys,
I think that starts at fifty andolder. By the way, same
as this show. Fifty plus isthe cutoff for seniors in golf. And
those guys, I remember when Iwas fifty I could still play, and

watching some of these guys, yeah, they can still play too, way
better than so we just will juststay in our little group, Thank you
very much. Weather in ten secondscourtesy of Texas Indoor Air Quality Specialists,
because cleaner air is healthier air.And I had a good conversation with Jordan
actually yesterday about some work I'm gonnaneed at the house. The forecast windy

and warm for the next week,but no rain in the forecast that entire
time period. Five seconds there.That wasn't bad. If you're still powerless,
by the way, where most ofthe electricity has been restored, but
there are still some homes without.If you're still parallels, I'm truly sorry.

I'm not exactly sure how this works, but I do know that there
are lots of people who know howto get it fixed, and lots of
them still in the process of fixingit, and they're not going to stop
until everybody's lights and air conditioners arerunning again. So just hang in there,
hang in there, find a coolplace to go, hang out,

and soon, just like one ofmy coworkers found out about about an hour
ago, his lights have come backon. Uh. The markets all yawners
yet again, minimal movement. Nothingto see there. The market's high,
but I'm not so sure these benchmarksit's it's hit lately or are sustainable.

Whenever you see something looking better inthe coming months, just know that it's
gonna be temporary and that it's gonnago up in smoke if our current administration
remains in power. That's that's howit's gonna play out. They actually are
ta well. I just heard themtalking about it on Fox News. There
is a move afoot to pull abunch of gasoline from our reserves, or

oil from the reserves, or findit, turn it into gas line and
bring the price of gas down forsummer. What a surprise. I've been
talking about this, so has everybodyelse in Hawk radio, really in conservative
talk radio. We've been talking aboutit for a year. The closer we
get to the election. The prettierthe picture they're gonna try to paint.

Do not be fooled by that,Please, do not be fooled. Oil
was down in the open market fortycents a barrel at ten o'clock this morning.
Probably gonna drop a little more magically, like I said here, going
into the holidays, as soon asthe kids get out of school. Oh
wow, gas is down a littlebit. Huh, that's pretty interesting.
Wow, it's all a show,all a show. Good news come to

town leading right up to the election. Gold by the way courtesy of Houston
Gold Exchange down five bucks and attwenty four thirty two announce about thirty forty
five minutes ago, our city stillreeling from the storms that punched their way
through here Thursday, with wind ina few areas actually stronger than one hundred

miles an hour. How did y'allcome out? Will you and your girlfriend?
And then over at your parents' house? Everybody was okay, we didn't
lose any power. Luckily, Nowe didn't either. I was out of
sugar Land. I had to gopick up medicine for my wife. We
talked about that last week, andyeah, it was pretty scary. It
really was pretty scary. One personhere, another coworker, not the one

whose lights came on today, Anothercoworker's home over in the Heights wound up
in the national spotlight. Actually,no, it was. Did you see
all those pictures? Yeah? Yeah, how about that crazy? Yeah?
I talked to her this morning.She was back here at work, interestingly,
in a pair of tennis shoes.You never see her in tennis shoes,
okay, never, but that's theonly pair of shoes she's got right

now. The rest of them soakingwet, scattered all over the yard.
It'd be like an Easter egg huntwhere you had to find two identical easter
eggsits what do you even do inthat situation? And you just punt you
start over. They have she andher husband first to describe what they went
through. They got the text messagesthat bad weather was coming, and then

a neighbor actually texted them and alsosaid, hey, you need to get
covered up and hidden in that housequick. Stuff's bad and it's coming this
way. And they went into apantry, hid in the pantry and then
listened while the noise got louder,felt the house shaking and all of that

went on and the lights went out, and it was noisy and scary and
really really crazy. And then whenthings finally quieted down a little and they
went out and assessed damage, anda huge tree had come down on the
front of their house, ripped theporch off, the front second floor porch,

ripped the whole face of the houseoff, and dumped it in the
yard basically to where their upstairs bedroomwas just now an open space, totally
open space. Mosquitoes and whatever andall took the entire front of the house
down with it. All the badthings you can imagine about this are their

world right now, and that ofhundreds of others around here too, by
the way, but she and herhusband were both safe, both uninjured,
and from talking to her this morning, they both realized how much worse this
story could have ended for them anda lot of other people. At this
point. Movers have come and takentheir good stuff to storage, and their
lives are going on the same stormkilled eight people here, and as I

mentioned this past week, one ofmy son's friends took his dog for a
walk right as the storm began andwent missing for nearly a full day before
somebody found him still unconscious after gettingwhacked in the head by a tree limb,
and still no report on the dog, but I suspect that it didn't
go far and probably has either runhome or been brought home. Could have

been worse, could have been somuch worse. We got to take a
little break here on the way out. Speaking of homes that got torn up,
Texas home buyers would be more thanwilling to come by your property wherever
it is, whatever shape it's inbefore, after the storm, before or
after a flood, anything, andtake a look at it and within a

day offer you a cash price,a very fair offer on that home as
it sits, where it sits,so that if you're ready to get out
of that storm path or flood path, whatever you're scared of and not wanting
to deal with anymore, they'll takethat home off your hands, and usually

if you accept their offer, canget the closing done within two weeks.
As is where is Texas home Buyersthirty five years doing this for people who
just don't want to hassle with staginga home or painting it or making it
more attractive to strangers who are goingto walk through there and judge how you

live for an hour or so.Texas home Buyers seven to one three six
four nine, twenty two twenty twoseven one three six four nine twenty two
twenty two. If you want tolearn more about them, listen to Texas
Home Buyers Radio Saturday's at three righthere on KPRC. What's life without a

nap? I suggest you go tobed, sleep it off, Just wait
until the show's over. Sleepy.Back to Doug Pike as fifty plus continues.
Hi, welcome back to fifty plusthis Tuesday afternoon. He's Will.

I'm Doug Will. What did youdo over the weekend? I did a
whole lot of nothing. Yes,well I've had I've had I've had a
busy couple of weekends, so weneeded a little, uh recharge. Well,
it's a good thing that the personback one hundred and forty three years

ago who decided she was gonna dosomething for the good of the world didn't
just sit around and recharge. Whoare you talking about? Who you think
I'm talking about? Clara Barton,founder of the American Red Cross. Will
somebody who was doing something that dayin DC, Washington, d C.

Pretty much every great thing in thisworld can be traced back to just the
idea of one person. Me.My challenge to you now, my challenge
to you, before you wither anddie in this great world of ours,
is to be that person for onegrand idea? Can you do that?
Will? Can you do that forme? Okay? Are you ready?

Yeah? What he got? You'vealready got to figure it out. You've
been sitting on this, Okay,while you while you reach our I've been
thinking about this idea for a verylong time, an hour, now years.
Okay, spit it out. Then. Spaghetti in meatballs? Why well?

Why it's the perfect amount of spaghettifor your meatball. How do you
determine how thick a meatball? Wejust gonna put like a shell, like
the crust of the earth. No, you're a spaghetti core. Yeah,
you when you're forming the meatballs,you know you? Okay, here,
well, no, let's just stop. You gotta make a little pocket for

enough spaghetti to fill in, andthen you know, aim higher will.
I think it's a great idea helpsome people? Well what helps some people?
Yeah? Because sometimes you're like Idon't have enough spaghetti with my meatball.
I have too much spaghetti with mymeatball or well, and the other
problem. You know, you takea bite of both on the fork and
the spaghetti hangs out of your mouth. Yeah, and you look like a

SKUEI yeah, I'm trying to savepeople. That's great, will, That's
just great, man. Okay,moving on quickly as I can from the
stupid game. Stupid prizes. Deskcons another taste of reality for a student
who, while shouting blank the Jewsand the Holocaust should have happened, well,

she decided she could emphasize her hatredof people even further by spitting on
a Holocaust memorial and destroying a bunchof color coded flags at that memorial.
Twenty three year old arrested, bannedfrom campus, and faces three misdemeanor charges.

I only wish it could be morein that I don't know who this
young woman thinks she is, andthat that's okay. The memorial, by
the way, consists of rows offlags, eleven hundred of these flags in
all, each of which represents tenthousand people from different targeted groups who died

during that horrible Holocaust. And shedecided she was just gonna tear it all
up and that nothing would happen toher. I guess she presumed. I'm
kind of betting that's what she thought. Oh, I'm just a little twenty
three year old. Uh. Ididn't do anything really, really, really
really wrong, did I? Well, yeah, you did three things specifically
according to the law, and thereyou have it. By the way,

speaking of gasoline prices, a veryinfluential I will say conservative group is working
with gas stations this week in variousparts of the country. And they're not
doing it all over the place ofdon't go looking for one right near you.
But what they're doing is trying toremind people just how bad fuel prices

are now under the Biden administration bygoing to certain gas stations about and I'd
be willing to bet big money thatyou won't see anything about this on television
at all, maybe maybe briefly,maybe just a snippet of something. But
what they're doing is posting the gastaking the gas prices back by putting their

own money into it to where theywere when on the day that President Biden
assumed office in whatever town they're in, that price nationwide, by the way,
that price was as low in someplaces around this country as two dollars
and thirty eight cents a gallon twothirty eight out in California over five dollars

now, I can't remember how muchover and that's set to tack on another
They're supposed to get another fifty centraise in taxes next year and another fifty
cents the year after in twenty twentysix, so keep an eye on that.
I specifically remember it being lower thantwo dollars here for a while.
Done in sugar Land where I liveunder President Trump, when we were an

energy independent nation, when inflation wasaround two percent, back when groceries weren't
forty percent higher like they are now. I remember that a pretty substant How
much time do I have? Willyou have two minutes? You know what?
I'm gonna wait on this one.I'll come back to it and I'll

go to producer participation, will slowdown, empty pockets or good luck?
Spin it out? Okay, Iwill, but you need to just stop.
Okay, you need to come toa complete halt. Red light will

one hundred and twenty three years ago, just twenty years after Clara Barton founded
the Red Cross in nineteen oh one, Connecticut became the first state to do
what will and the title is ahint to add traffic laws. Yeah,
technically yes, speed right, yes, speed limit? Wow, now for

bonus points, not a chance.What was the new speed limit in town,
in the city limits and one hundredand twenty three years ago? Yeah,
nineteen oh one, nineteen oh one. I'm gonna go with in town,
in town, twenty miles fifteen maybenot twelve twelve. Now, if

you really wanted to ramp it up, really put your foot into it.
Yeah, once you got out oftown sixty No, you could go fifteen
miles speed miles. Got to stopand think. Before that, it was
just however far and fast your horsecould go. And now, granted a
horse can run faster than thirty milesan hour, but not for very long

and not with pulling something. Probably, Yeah, you're not to drag a
wagon. Yeah, thirty miles anhour, that'd be although that would that
would take you back to the chariotracing times. I got to hook up
a team of six horses, andyou could get around pretty good, I'm
sure, But the average person could. I'd say, if you're carrying a
wagon with a bunch of supplies,oh yeah, ring, yeah, but

with a chariot. It's just it'sjust one person on there or two.
Maybe they don't have sidecars on chariots. Well you know, maybe maybe you
got one hanging on the back ofthe Yeah, come on, come on
to the gladiator of that. Comeon, dad, I got a date.
Let me let me take the chariot. I got the hottest seat in
town. No, well know youdon't uh this really? Yeah, we

gotta take a break. Oh,I got so much more I want to
try to cover today. We'll doit when we get back, I guess.
Kirk Holmbs twenty twenty four Southern LivingBuilder of the Year. We should
have some applause and ovation, justa rousing ovation for Kirk Combs after doing
this. Of course, it's justthe latest of the awards Kirk Coombs has

won over its three decades, itsthird generation of building custom homes from the
northwest side of Houston all the wayout through the hill country. Now they
continue to exceed people's expectations. Theycontinue to make people's dreams come true about
what their dream home is going tolook like. Only two things I've told

you before. Only two things arecommon. The twenty year structural Warranty which
is twice the standard. See howmany other companies will give you that.
And then the two by six exteriorwalls, which costs them more in materials
obviously and changes up a lot ofthings, but it also bolsters the insulation
you have against summer's horrible heat andwinters aweso just horrible cold as well.

Kirkcolmbs dot com is the website startthe journey to your dream home, no
matter where you see it, nomatter what it looks like in your head,
and just get with their architectural team, get with their design team,
and just watch that dream come true. Kirkcombs dot com is a website that's
k you are k because at Kirkcombs, it's all about you. Yeah,

they sure don't make them like theyused to. That's why every few months
we wash them, check his fluidsand spring on a fresh coat of wax.
This is fifty plus with Dougpike,twelve thirty six on Tuesday Afternoon fifty

plus on KPRC. Thank you forlistening. Certainly do appreciate it. Bring
some friends next time I've gotten calls. Just so you know, it doesn't
even have to be around Houston,Because I talk about things all over the
country, and I try not tobelabor any point. I try not to
stick with something for more than afew minutes, because there's just so there
are so many little things that Ijust want to point out to you,

so that you can go do yourown research, form your own opinions,
and feel free, by the way, to email me and tell me I'm
dead wrong on something if you thinkthat I'm I'm certainly happy to listen.
I have a very open mind,and I absorb as much information as I
can before I open my mouth.Usually somebody might disagree. Somebody in this

room even might disagree. Generally,yes, can always count on you.
Will, all right, So wheream I gonna go? Oh, here's
some good news. We can bothagree that this is good news. Will
Researchers have developed a process called mechanicalthrombectomy that is enabling emergency physicians to save

patients who typically would have died fromthis particular particular type of stroke. It's
called an LVO stroke. And withthis new process, they can determine that
this particular stroke is responsible if theycan get to these people within six hours.
They got six hours, which isbetter really than in a lot of

cases and a lot of outcomes,and if they can reach those patients and
get that diagnosis done within the sixhours using this particular technology, the outcomes,
rather than death, which has beenthe case in most up to now,
are showing tremendous like full recoveries.Wow, yeah, I mean full

recoveries. Yeah. And the itsays here detection in less than six hours.
Well, the use of this processin less than six hours detected what
are called these LVO strokes with andI don't know what this part means,
honestly don't. Ninety three percent specificityin eighty one percent sensitivity, which I

would imagine in the medical world ispretty darn good and pretty darn substantial confirmation
of what they're dealing with, whichthen enables them to go through the right
protocols to fix that and get thesepeople back up and running and out of
the hospital instead of on the wayto the morgue. I like that,

I really do. From the historydesk, will you like history? Yeah?
You just ate up with it,aren't you. I love that story
of a twenty two hundred year oldtomb unearthed in China that may in fact
have belonged to a king Whose reignKing Kyle Lee, I think is how

it would be pronounced from what I'mreading, who reigned from two sixty two
to two thirty eight BC. Ooh, long rain, long time ago.
Yeah, yeah, pretty significant term. Mayre what thirty twenty four, twenty
four years? It's pretty long timeto be in power, I would think

back then already more than three thousandartifacts recovered from the site, which that
kind of stuff. There's a storyabout what is it called The Ancient Somethings
of Egypt on television now and Iwatch it almost every time it comes on.
There's also I saw a story aboutthat how someone has kind of unlocked

the translations of a lot of thesehieroglyphics and whatnot that we're still kind of
we didn't know what they meant.And I'm gonna go back and look at
that. I might talk about thattomorrow. We'll see, Okay, well,
empty pockets outdated concept and I hopenot, but who knows. And
well, I guess they've cleaned upall the crime. Outdated concept. That's

not my favorite one, but it'sokay. You picked it. A website
collected a list of common pieces ofadvice that we should stop following, okay,
because they're outdated, all right,hit me with them. One of
them is, don't go to bedangry. I guess it's okay now now
just be just be red hot.Now I'm going to bed now I'm mad
at you. Yeah, and everything'sgonna be fine in the morning. You

know you're still gonna be mad.I think having a good night's sleep can
change a lot of different things.I go to bed angry every single day,
and look at me, I'm beachy. The other one and this,
I really kind of hope this iswrong. I hope this is not outdated.
But boy, I tell you what, the world as it is right

now makes me have to scratch myhead a little bit. Treat people how
you want to be treated. No, you know, I would have never
thought that I would come to apoint in my life where I would I
would say anything like I'm about tosay. But a lot of people,
no matter how nicely you treat them, they don't reciprocate. What if I
want to be treated poorly, Well, I'm sure people would accommodate you.

Yeah, just tell them. Youmay not even have to tell them.
Just walk down the street. We'llsee what happens. I'm not going to
tell you where it happened, butin the in the past week, I
walked past a group of people whowere who were I don't even want to
say where I was, but anyway, I walked past three different people in

a relatively confined space. It wasn'tout in public. This was in a
building. And I walked past threedifferent people who were walking as close to
me as I am to you rightnow, will, which is just a
few feet. And it was earlyand I just I looked looked into their
I looked toward their eyes. Theywouldn't make Not one of these three people
made eye contact. And I saidgood morning, just like I would to

anybody else. And not one ofthose three people acknowledged my existence. They
were tired, No, they weren't. No morning, No they weren't.
Yeah, they're sleepy. No,it wasn't that early, Will, Well,
how early it was o'clock in themorning. This was nine o'clock,
nine to twenty. I'm frequently gettingup at nine o'clock because you barely make

it in here for noon. I'mtired. How much time we have?
Twenty seconds? Neuroscientist recommends that wewait twenty minutes after waking up before we
reach for our phones and start scrolling. You know what headline I put on
that? Good luck? How longbefore you hit your phone? Honest?

Well knockings? Yeah? Not long? I mean I gotta go to the
bathroom, you know, I gottacheck emails. I gotta see what's up.
Ye wait, t am I.A late Health is a vascular clinic
where you and anybody else who needstreatment for symptoms of an enlarged prostate fellas

and boy, if you have one, you know what it feels like.
They will go in there, theywill find the artery that is pouring gas
into the tank of that enlarged prostate, and they will shut it off.
They will plug the gas tank sothat no more oxygenated blood can reach that

nasty old prostate, and your problemsare going to go away. They do
that. They do fibroids for women, they do ugly veins for anybody who's
got them, and they do anumber of other procedures, all done right
in their offices around town, usuallywithin a couple of hours, and then
you get to go home to recoverand recuperate. You don't have to hang

out in the hospital and walk downthe hall with that gown flapping behind you.
No, it's just quick and easy, in and out of the clinic,
go home, recover, and you'llbe feeling better every day after that
until you're completely taken care of.Most of these treatments are covered by Medicare

and Medicaid as well, which isvery important. I know that seven one
three, five eight, eight thirtyeight eighty eight. Seven one three,
five eight eight thirty eight eighty eight. They're also doing regenerative medicine IWO for
chronic pain. Check into that ifyou're interested. That is really really helpful.
A latehealth dot com a l At E. A latehealth dot com

Old Guy's rule. And of coursewomen never get old. If you want
to avoid sleeping on the couch,I think that sounds like a good plan.
Fifty plus continues. Here's more withDoug. Wow, this hour's kind

of jumped on and rode off tothe sunset. Almost holy cow. All
right, let me see where Iam and what I want to talk about.
I'm gonna leave this one for tomorrowbecause it's pretty long. Will I'll
give you one more chance, andI'll go back to a couple of news
things in the hot seat right underyour nose or what are the odds right

under your nose? Workers had toremove dozens of marijuana plants. This is
just so funny. Man from theWisconsin Capital's tulip garden. Wow, the
capital of Wisconsin was also Not onlywas it a beautiful place to go see

the tulips, but man, theycould be made to look really cool if
you just pluck one of those weedsand fired up. Wow. Yeah,
it doesn't say how many, butdozens is a lot. Dozens is quite
a few. What I want toknow is how tall did they get before
somebody recognized what it was and saidsomething about it and he started walking by,
and you know what, you know, how question is there's a skunk

in this garden. You know what? My other question is what how many?
How many marijuana plants were there originallybefore they came and took out dozens
might have been one hundred and fifty. Yeah, you know that technically that's
dozens. But if they you know, if they came in and there was
a bunch you have turned over soillooked like little holes in the ground,

and then there are two dozen plantsstill in some other area. You know,
you never know, never know,somebody who recognized it might have had
interest in making maybe taking a souvenirhome, you know what. Good for
them? Good for them? Sure? One well spoken like a twenty something

on Sunday? What are the oddson Sunday and ambulance in Ontario, Canada
collided with a moose whilst on theway to another moose collision? No way?
Yeah, wow, that's some mooseor MEAs mooses or MEAs it's mooses'

that's just an old, old sillything. Uh. What percentage of people
when asked if they wanted to bepresident? Five thousand people were asked?
What percentage of said no? Oh, I'm gonna say ninety nine percent.

No, no, no, notthat many, Not that many people understand
the pressure that they would have todeal with. No, seventy three percent
though, seventy yeah, far morethan half realize what a disruption to your
life it is and what a trueobligation. Who are these twenty three percent
of people? Don't you know thatthink that they could be president? And
as for names, well, that'sa very good point. Yeah, can

we can we see your credential?Yeah, Red Lobster, it's going under,
yep, down under, it goesbankruptcy. Company said it had more
than a billion dollars in debt andless than thirty million cash on hand.
Sounds kind of like our own nationaldebt, doesn't it. Only you'd have
to multiply that debt by about thirtyfour thousand to get where we are.

Red Lobster's looking pretty flush when theyshould do that, what with the with
the remaining thirty million dollars that theyhave on hand, as they should rent
out helicopters, and they should justdrop those cheddar biscuits, you know,
on people's heads. Oh no,Now, if they were to take that
thirty million dollars and baked cheddar biscuitsand hand them to people who who hadn't

eaten in a while, I'd gofor that. Yeah, but you can't
drop them on people's heads. Andwhatever they have left of the free shrimp
oh yeah, yeah, bottomless shrimpplates and all that bottomless shrimp plates and
free cheddar biscuits. Okay, howmuch time do I have too? Minutes?
Real quickly back out to California.The gift that just keeps giving and

making Florida look like a just can'thold its own installation of that twenty dollars
minimum wage a while back, notlike two months of not maybe a month
ago, like tossing gas on afire. Now the low wage workers out
there are demanding thirty dollars an hour. That's, if you haven't already done
the math, that's more than sixtygrand a year, and almost certain to

be the final straw for hundreds,if not thousands. Really, if they
were to do that, fast foodfranchise franchise owners would just be goners.
There's no way. Uh. PresidentBiden made another gaff the NCAA an address
to them in Michigan on Sunday night. He said that he was vice president
during the pandemic and that Barack toldhim to end, I quote, go

to Detroit, help fix it.That's what he said. I don't think
that's how it happened. Though,How much time now? Will aren't we
out? We have one minute?No way, you told me that just
a second ago we had two minutes. Oh my god, I'll check the
record. Yeah, go back andlook, will you? All right?
One more quick one from over here. New York City is setting up special

recycling bins for pizza boxes. Iguess they pretty much cleaned up all the
crime in the subways and on thestreets. I saw a great video of
a guy who tried to attack awoman and a man walking their dog,
and the two of them turned onthat dude and just beat him. Yeah,

he picked on the wrong two people. Will he made a very very
bad choice. I was gonna saysomething else, but I won't. I'll
save that for tomorrow. All right, that's gonna do it for today.
Thank you all for listening. Pleasebring some friends tomorrow from anywhere in the
country. Just get them on iHeartRadio. Thanks for listening. Ideas
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