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May 11, 2024 28 mins
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Good morning everybody, welcome back.I'm Ron Wilson. You are in the
garden here on news radio six'ten WTVN, and I don't want to
take up a lot of time witheven with the introduction, because every time
we do, we don't get enoughtime to talk with the guy because it's
a it's always an honor and privilegeto get him on our show. You
know who he is. He's probablygetting gotten every award you could ever imagine
in this entire industry. As amatter of fact, he had to build

a separate house just to put allthe awards in. He's an inspirational speaker.
He's a you know, the somany plants in your garden right now.
This guy probably came up with somewheredown the road is phenomenal. And
his latest book that just came out, A Field Guide to Specially Cut Flowers,
a Grower's Manual, is absolutely outstanding. His new app has been updated.
We'll talk about that as well.Ladies and gentlemen with us this morning.

The one, the only we callhim the Doctor Triple A Alan Apple
Arm and he's good morning, sir, Good morning, Ron. You are
crazy as all this, So it'salways got to do with you. Well,
it's good to have you on withus. I understand you just got
back from Toronto. Love that town. Yes, well, my my son
and a samily live in Toronto,so we always make a great excuse to

go there and we're just happy atheck to hang out in the old Canada
place. So it's doing really well. Does he let you stay at his
house? You don't have to geta hotel? Oh gosh, nobody can
afford anything in Toronto. That's whatwe can. We can barely sit in
great city. Yeah, a greatcity. I always said it was a
it was a you know, agreat like New York, but a lot

cleaner. Well yeah, well thenit's a big place and New York.
When you go out, there's aton of people. It's very vibrant.
It's a wonderful place. Actually,but it's too expensive unless you're certainly has
gotten expensive. I'm I'm so surprised. So if I throw your name out
when I'm up there, maybe I'llcut me a break. It'll it'll triple

in costs, I guarantee you.Anyway, it's great and it's lovely,
and we we came back and nowwe're back in beautiful Asses, Georgia where
I'm standing in my garden talking toyou. So, so when you came,
So, when you came back tothe garden, what did you find?
Everything's starting to flower earlier than usual? No, not really. We've
had some pretty guys cool weather,but it's flowering nicely. I haven't.

We didn't have any late freezes thisyear, and for us, that's that's
great. So yeah, even hydrangersare still alive. But uh no,
no, things are doing well.The climbers, like the cleminers are growing
beautifully, and you know the earlystuff like blood roots and all the ephemerals
they're they're oh they're still there,but they flowered out. But it's it's
it seemed quite beautiful. I'm quitehappy. So anything new that you planted

in that garden this year, asfar as perennial goes, Yeah, I've
got some new digitalis or you know, fox gloves, which I'm really excited
about. I've got I don't know, I knew the nepetas I you know,
I just I know you're just asexcited about Nepeta as I am.
Ye, people called cat nip orwhatever it is. But it's beautiful stuff,

and it's just floweringly crazy right now. Yeah, I think that the
thing about Nepada, And of courseit all started out, and I think
walkers Low is the first one Ireally remember getting any kind of recognition,
and since then there's like ten ortwelve selections, all different sizes. I
think walkers Low is probably the biggestones. But you know, I think
the thing about the Nepuda. Obviouslyit's a pollinator magnet. I mean,

the color is great, it's alow maintenance perennial. It's tough and durable.
But right now, when you seethat, you see it in places
where you know it's not getting takencare of, like in traffic islands and
in islands and parking lots and it'sjust flowering its head off right now.
It's a tough old bird, itreally is. And it also really works
well with other plants, with hydranges, with roses, with almost anything.

It's a wonderful calfland plant. Butit's tough. I mean they even put
it to They even put it,you know, in really really high traffic
areas because they know it's it's strongenough to take all that abuse. What
do you tell folks, when youknow we're talking about you know, how
important it is the plant today forpollinators, annuals, perennials, trees and
shrubs that somebody says, you know, I don't want to tract all those

bees into mind. I don't wantto swarming into my yard. I mean,
you know they don't do that.Obviously, they're not after you.
How do you I mean, I'msure you get addressed. If folks asking
you that, you know, asyou're out in the bout and speaking with
all the people around the world,what do you tell them? I tell
them the same thing you tell them, you know, I think the pollinators

are just they're so important OBVII.The I've always been important. We just
we just recognize them. We alsorecognize that our gardens can be you know,
a great place for the pollinators andthe birds and everything else. And
they want the flowers. They don'twant you, and you smell bad.
The flowers smell good to them.So you know the fact is that how

do you know I smell badden.Yeah, they're not going to cover to
the garden, but they're they're lookingfor the nectar and the various things like
that. And honestly, I mean, I guess you. You know,
you behave yourself. You don't goflying around. But there's a ton of
bees there, but in fact thatmost of them are not going to sing
you at all. I guarantee youright talking with doctor Alan Armitage's website is

Alan Armitage dot net. As Alanarmitage dot net. I would go through
all these webpage I was who hedid. But the Twitter and the Instagram
and YouTube. How do you rememberall of those anything? I don't remember
anything. I'm old and crotchity here. I'd like to remember my name half

the time. But now the youknow, they sing to me sometimes when
these plants come up, like Gerbertdaisies right now are looking fabulous. You
know, I've got these wonderful climbingplants and I do remember their names.
It is. It is amazing.So yeah, and I've got even the
old pulmon areas that are probably floweringfor you or maybe finished flowering, but
the foliage is beautiful. Those arelungworks because they used to the people who

name them thought they looked like thealveoli of the lung. So it's a
great story as well. And thegreat plant. So you know, you
walk around your garden, and justgod, if not supposed to take it
seriously whatever you do, don't takethis gardening stuff seriously. Well, you
know what last week was My plantpick of the week was Naked Ladies.
And I also put an honorable mentionin there for your book of Naked Ladies

and Forget Me Nots, which isan outstanding book to read that tells the
stories about the names of plants whereit came from. But you know why
I did that last Saturday, don'tyou. I'm afraid to ask. I
really am World Naked Gardening Day.Oh well, of course World Naked Gardening
Day. I mean, of coursethere would be. I should have known,
I would have I would have youjoined and you were out of town.

I was out of town and theywould have arrested me in Toronto.
So just as well, Oh Idid, though, I said, you
know, here, here's in honorof this day. I put through both
those out there. So there yougo. Hey, you know what,
let me let me ask you.You know, we don't talk much about
roses, and you don't bring thatup much, but in your garden of
limited space, do you get involvedwith roses at all? A limited space

is one and two. I'm nota rose lover, and that's mainly because
I was so tired of either roseshave got a lot of diseases like black
spot, mildew, or roses thatyou know, don't have any fragrance,
And of course there's other issues goingon with roses right now as well.
But I do have two bush roses, both of which I have, well,

I haven't selected. I selected frommy garden that are clean, I
eat, I don't get disease,and they're fragrant and I love them.
And I've got some climbing roses aroundtoo, because I just like climbers.
But yeah, I guess, butI got all of two and it's all
I want, and so I do. I do enjoy them. Yeah,
so in your limited garden, andwe've never really addressed this, and I've
seen a couple of pictures vertical gardeningobviously really hot. You're really into a

lot of the different vinding plants.Oh I am. You know. Actually
one of the books I did,which is out of print, and I
just still get it. The courseof you go to the website was on
vines and climbers, and there areso many spectacular vines and climbers. Many
of them are annual. Quite truthfully, I love the perennials like Clemitis and
Roses, and but you know,how about Moonflower and you know, and

you know some some just terrific annualclimbers that I love, and there's just
there's just no end to them.And I think that they make your garden
twice as big because you can goup instead of going through. You know,
that really helps. By the way, about fifteen years ago, Raymond
Everson was in Columbus and they hadhim on our show, and he gave
me the okay to call him Clematisinstead of Clemitis. Yeah, that's right.

Raymond knows best. He's quite afellow. He's done all the many
of the Cleminists that we enjoy today. Oh yeah, yeah. He told
me didn't matter what I said,as long as I grew him. You
know. One of the things thatwe get into around and I know you
do too, and you talk topeople. Some people we're very fortunately,
I just love this stuff, youknow, but some people take it seriously
and they're very upset at you.According to them, mispronounced the name.

Well, according to me, Ijust walk away because if you're that serious
about a name. Who cares cleminisclematis. I mean, come on really
here and and uh really, justget the right order and fire away and
just grow it and enjoy it.That's the way. That's the way you
got to do it. Doctor AllenArmidy's just with us this morning. His

website is Alan Armedies dot net.Let's take a quick break, we come
back. We'll talk about the latestedition in his repertoire of books and the
app, The Gardening App, whichis one of the best out there,
has a brand new content and abrand new look coming up next here on
news radio six to ten WTV.In one of his favorite songs when he
was growing up, I'll bet doctorAllan Armady is with us this morning.

We call him the Triple A.I'll bet you you sang that when you
were younger and roll Hoochi coup allthe cous couldn't keep me away from not
singing very badly, very badly.I love it. Okay, real,
let's go. First of all,I want to talk about, because I

just got this notice about a weekand half ago, your gardening app,
which is one of the best outthere. If you want to have out
doctor allan Armitage in your back pocket. I'm not sure you do or don't,
but if you want him in yourback pocket, his gardening app is
absolutely wonderful. Well, now youhave a new look and brand new content.
Well, the gardening app, youknow, the content is something that

I enjoy doing. But the wholesoftware thing, man, it's way above
me. So we had some issueswith software. And you know, it
makes it work on your phone,it makes it work on your tablet,
but so I had to go getall that redone. And so now if
you go to your app and well, hey, if it's not working,
just delete it from your phone oryour tablet and just reload it. It's

in the cloud, so you're notgoing to pay for it again, and
then it'll work perfectly. It's notso much and well there's lots of new
content, a bit of a newlook. But I think it's fab Well,
of course I think it's fabulous,but you know, I hope so
my book, all my books inone right there, and it costs all
of a bad Hamburger four ninety nine, and so yeah, I'm very excited

about getting it out again, bothon the iPhone and the androids. And
trust me, this gardening app seriouslywill be one of the best four ninety
nines you've ever spent. And ofcourse you can get that on his website
at the Alan Armidys dot net.The new book out, which is actually
a redo of something you did manymany years ago, Field Guide to Specialty
Cut Flowers, The Grower's Manual Youand Kelly Garcia great typically great information,

perfect book from whether you're a professionalcut flower grower or a home cut flower
grower. But why the big trendall of a sudden, Why is everybody
now back into the specialty cut flowersgrowing him in our gardens? Well,
I think what's happening is that,you know, people are looking for something
a little bit different, I wanthim say, a new lifestyle, because

it's hard work. If you're growingcut flowers for the farmers, marketers,
cut flowers for the floorest, it'shard work, but it's also your own
hard work. I think people havereally become enamored with going back to nature
and if they can find something theycan do. Heck, you don't even
need a half an acre, youdon't even need just need a big backyard,
quite truthfully, and this book allowsthem to say, when you sew

it, how long does it taketo germinate? You know, when do
you cut it? How long willit persistent? Of oz, all of
those things on how to grow allthese really cool flowers. So it's perfect
for the gardener as well. Butyou know it was designed for people who
really want that information so they canmake a little money. But it's gone
through the roof front and I reallydon't know all the reasons, but I

can't doe you. It is amazingwell and typical Alan Armidy is your fashion.
Of course, Kelly Garcia gets alittle credit here too, but in
your fashion, it's again well readand easy to read. You cover the
basis, it's annual's perennials. Thereare a few shrubs that are worked in
here as well, if I'm notmistaken. So you can go through and
you will find which I know allabout it. I know what this is,

but a lot of folks don't looka lilium section. Look at that
garden lily that's that's featured there foreverSusan. Wow, that thing is outstanding.
It is outstanding. It's a greatstory. I won't go through it.
I'll bore everybody to death, butessentially that Forever Susan is his name
for my wife Susan. I wasable to. Uh I had the opportunity

of naming a lily, even thiswonderful lily breeder in Holland, and uh
I was put on the spot.He said, well you want to call
it? Well, gosh, Imean, I had a beer too,
and I wasn't sure, so Isaid, well, let's call it from
my beautiful wife forever season. Andthat lily is really quite spectacular. It's
a great cut flower, of course, but it's all just a great cardenally
that is. I'm sure you've gotone of those in your garden. Oh,

it's it's full flower right now.And I have all the neighbors over
and they all think I'm crazy,but they love the lily. Well they
know. They don't think it,they know it. But that's okay.
Yeah, yeah, it's way pastthe point I even do you know,
just put something out of the internetsaid hey, come out over tomorrow.
All these people show up. Mywife's is just cringing under the bed because

there's just so many people in thegarden. But it's great fun to share.
It's just great fun. Uh.Love it well. The book is
outstanding and it is great if youwant to learn more about how to grow
cut flowers, and you take itfrom the beginning to the end. You
tell all about it, when thepension, when to harvested, how to
hang on to it. You gotit all covered. I think the one
thing you did convince me at thevery beginning of this book is that I
don't want to get into business growingcut flowers. I did. I send

a significant amount of time talking peopleout of it, So you did.
I did. I did my duediligence here because it's hard work. But
there's a lot of people doing avery very good jobs and then they're very
quite successful. So it's just amatter like anything else, starts small,
dream big, and where you go. And I think people relove it.
And again in Alan Armitage Fashion.Scattered throughout this book are stories to share,

and I want to tell you something. I the one about Liza Machia.
You won't I was ready on afarm and there ain't no way I'm
going to take a piece of thatto try to call him a raging bull.
I can't make up these story,bro, this is the way they
are. But if you want toif you get in trouble to pick some
of that stuff and wave it orsomething, and well, like heck,

I would think I would run,Like heck, I don't think I'd wait
around. And you know, Ido want to say that this time of
the year, what's very busy.A lot of questions about perennials and all
your herbaceous perennial plants. That fourthedition getting a lot of use right now
as we're planning and put planting ourperennial gardens. Another great book. And
again you can learn all about thesebooks. I bought the garden app all

the great information go to his website. It's Alan Armitage dot net. That's
Alan Armitage dot net. And Ican't thank you enough for taking time.
I know you're a busy man tospend with us this morning talking about this,
and I hope to get you backon as we go through the gardening
season and just keep giving us updateson all the things that you're doing in
your garden and make us a littlebit more successful. All right, Ron,

Well, thank you so much,and thank you for listening. Let's
just go gardening, Go gardening,all right, Doctor Allen Armonies. We
call him triple a Alan apple armoniesbecause he loves apples. Matter of fact,
that's the way to his hardest tojust what fried apple pies? I
guess, send me a pie,send him a pie, and you'll be
good. All right, take careand I appreciate it, all right,

Doctor Allen Armiti's right there, ladiesand gentlemen. It's always fun to talk
to him. I've gotten to knowhim over the years, and just he
is as nice as you hear onthe radio as in person. Almost.
It's kind of like Nancy Walsh.She's you know, he's at that Nancy
Walsh level as far as niceness.Teresa Parker not close. But by the
way, I was going to takea break, we come back. Teresa

Parker did ask me to address anissue that a gardener friend of hers,
Deb Schlater, has been dealing with. I guess last year was a problem.
She was growing the Persian cucumbers.And if you're not familiar with Persian
cucumbers, it's the smaller cucumber.Like you you'll see him in the pack
at the grocery store where there's likefive in a pack. They're about four
or five inches long, thin skinned, a little bit sweeter flavor, not

as watery as a regular cucumber.Growing a lot of those trying to anyway,
but losing the crop. We'll addresswhat could be the problems, because
as we all know, you can'tmake a positive diagnosis until you actually see
what's going on. But we'll talkabout that after the break, and we'll
be taking your calls at eight twoto one WTVN, eight hundred and sixty
ten WTVN here on news radio sixto ten WTVN on this Mother's Day weekend.

And again the mom's like gifts fourin from the garden. Don't forget
about that. Get out here lookingat independent garden centers. You know what,
potted roses in the ground or incontainers are excellent little plants for mom
over the summer. That petit knockoutrose p E T T E petit.
I tell you what is really provingto be a great as far as I'm

concerned, in container or in theground rose. They took the double knockout
crossbread it with a dwarf red rose, miniature rose, and you've got this
in between sized rows, in betweensized flower, dark red, dark green
foliage. It looks like a littlehedge. I mean it just grows like
a little hedge. I've seen acouple of folks that took them and actually
planted them as a hedge, andthen they get those small red flowers that

are just gorgeous, outstanding red flowers. But it's called petit knockout. Look
for that one. Tomatoes are peppersand containers, new gardening gloves, moisture
meters pH meters and you know,if you're going inside, look at African
violence. Easy for mom to grow, orchids, easy for mom to grow
zz plants. She wants a houseplant, zz plant. I'm telling you the

only way you kill that thing isto either try to grow it in total
darkness or over water. I mean, that's what the bottom line is.
It's an easy one for you.The pop up garden year we're talking about
obviously too late to get from momfor this weekend, but you could order
it and then kind of, youknow, print out a little something from
the website and put it in anenvelope and say, I got your pop
up garden common. I think thatwould be good. Doctor Armadage's books,

his latest one with the Cut Flowers, or of Naked Ladies and Forgive Me
Nots, which is a truly greatread. It's a wonderful gift. Hanging
baskets, and of course, ifyou still can't figure out what to get
mom, gift cards from your localindependent garden center, she would love you
for that as well. As Isaid earlier, I like redoing my mom's

patio area with some edibles, tomatoes, peppers, herb planter, you know,
some annuals. Hanging baskets. Ialways use dragon wing pogonias, and
I use the red. And I'mtelling you what that is. A plant
in a hanging basket pretty much takessun or shade. If it's in full
sun all day and it gets reallydry, can scorch a little bit,

but otherwise it'll take the sun,it'll take the shade. Practically indestructible,
big glossy green leaves, red orpink. I used the red. Great
in hanging baskets, great in containers. Does well on the ground, but
I like them in containers better.But that thing just puts on a tremendous
show, and she counts on thoseevery year. But those are all great

plants and things that you can dofor your mom out on a patio porch,
whatever it may be, herb planters. If your mom likes to cook
with herbs, all right, goand find see if you can find a
pot that's wide and not very deep, about twelve inches deep, maybe so
or so eighteen twenty twenty four incheswide. You find a pot like that

with good draining holes in the bottom, good potting soil, you can plant
an herb garden and something like thatwith maybe six eight ten herbs in that
one area. So you can picka theme, a seafood garden, a
tex Mex garden of Simon and Garfunkelgarden, Parsley sage, rose Maria in
time, anything like that that youcould have the theme. Or if mom

just has her favorite kitchen herbs thatshe likes to use in the kitchen fresh
put them in there. You canget like I said, you get eight
or ten of them in a potof that size, and now she's got
her own fresh herb garden right ather fingertips, right outside that the back
door, out on the porch erpatio to harvest throughout the entire season.
Herbs are easy to grow. They'relow feeders. Matter of fact, when

you mix up your potting soil withherbs, put a little osma coat in
there, a little slow released fertilizer. You may feed it once through the
rest of the year, and that'sabout all they need watering and harvesting.
That's the bottom line. But herbplanners with different types of themes absolutely outstanding.
If you look at mixed planters,and you'll find the local garden centers

are doing a darn good job puttingtogether combination planters sun or shade, and
they'll give you a good mix ofthings that are going to flower off and
on. Many of them now arecreating pollinator mixed planners, so that mixed
planter could have a combination of annualsand perennials that flour all summer long that
attract pollinators. So now when youset this nice you know, twenty inch

or whatever it may be planter outon the mom's patio one or two or
three, and you've got these pollinatorplants. Now she sits back, and
not only does she enjoy the flowersthat you see coming out of those,
but you get to see all thepollinators, the bees, the butterflies,
the hummingbirds moving out in and out. And by the way, supplement that

for the hummingbirds with a hummingbird feeder, so hang that. Matter of fact,
I've seen a lot of folks takethe bigger one and if you can't,
you get one of those shepherd's hooks. Do it inside the planter if
it's big enough, or right outsidethe planter, hanging the hummingbird feeder over
top, so they're not only attractiveto the feeder, but to the hummingbird
plants in the planter as well.But it's the old dinner in a show.

I mean, you set that thingup and it's just a great entertainment
throughout the entire summer season. Andthen once it starts to wind down and
those annuals and perennials start to poopout at the end of the season,
you got a couple options. Youcould go back in there and grow some
late cool season crops, some greensand things like that for mom. Or
you could come back and now fallplant that with ornamental cabbage and kale and

pansies and mums and do the fallthing and then turn it into a holiday
planner with greens and things like that. Make your container gardening a three sixty
five a four season planter. Keepthose things going all the time. But
I think that pollinator garden is anoutstanding way to go, easy to do,

and again it's a great dinner ona show because you get to watch
all the activity. There. Onelast one that you can consider this very
very simple butterfly weed milkweed. Puttingthat in containers butterfly weed slash milkweed,
and there are many different types thatyou can put in there, along with
maybe a few other butterfly annuals orperennials. It's a magnet for butterflies,

whether it be the monarch butterfly orany of the other ones. I guarantee
you you put that in a containeron a patio sunny area that you plant
it, and they will come.They'll be there seeing it happen too many
times, not only the monarchs,but all the other butterflies, and there's
a lot of other insects and pollinatorsthat love butterflyweed or milkweed. Put it
in a container and grow it asa container plant, and you'll wind up

having these butterflies showing up and thenext thing you know, they're laying their
eggs on it. You've got thepupy and they're all the feeding on there
and the caterpillars and then they turnedinto the crystalist and it's the whole life
cycle can happen right there in frontof you in a container pollinator garden.
Even if you only use just milkweedor butterfly weed in the one container,

it does work. But again,I can't stress enough Mother's Day weekend get
out. Moms love to have thingsfor or from the garden, and your
local independent garden centers are well stockedright now, trust me, and got
lots for you to you to considerfor mom out there as well. I
do want to remind you, foryou folks that have the landscape or whatever.

If you're looking out there right nowand your lilacs are in flower or
maybe starting to finish up flowering rightnow, remember if there's any pruning that
needs to be done on lilacs andthere. When it comes to flowering shrubs,
spring flowering shrubs is good to geton it fairly soon after they're done
flowering, but you can wait longeron most of these, except for the
lilacs. Lilacs like to be prunedwithin a week or two after the flowers

are spent because once the new growthstarts to come out on those, and
then you go in and start pruningon those, you will be eliminating some
of your flowers for next year.So lilacs are a little unique in the
fact that they need that pruning ifneeded. If you if you have to
prune, and if you don't haveto, you don't have to worry about
it. But you've got to getthat done within a couple of weeks as

soon as you can. After thespent flowers are are they're spent on that
on a lilac, all the varietiesdoesn't matter, all right, So you've
got to make sure you get thattaken care of. The Other thing I'm
seeing a lot in landscapes right nowis we're walking around. Managed by walking
around, I'm still seen a lotof dead branches, a lot of brown
branches and evergreens arbravity that results fromthe fall last year or winter or whatever

it may be. But things thatjust haven't come out. You should know
by now for the most part,what's gonna come out and what's not.
For the last minute test, usethe old thumbnail or a sharp knife and
just kind of scratch the bark.Is it green underneath or is it brown.
Is it gonna check one of thebuds, are they going to come
out or not? And if they'renot, get rid of that stuff,

get it out of the way.And you're gonna say, well, if
I take all of that dead branchout of the side of that lilac,
all those branches is going to bea big hole there. Well, guess
what, those dead branches are comingback the sooner you can get that out
of there, the sooner the plantcan start to send buds going that direction
to start to fill that back inagain. Same way with the evergreens,

get rid of it. A lotof folks think, right now you're seeing
some of the evergreens, you know, spot of brown here and there,
and some brown needles and all fromthe winter, thinking that it's spreading or
whatever. I always say, youknow what, take ten minutes, fifteen
minutes with a pair of pruners,go into that evergreen and clip out everything
you see that's brown. Get ridof it right now. Clip it all
out. So when you stand backand you flush it out with the garden

nose, you see no brown whatsoever. Now watch it over the next couple
weeks, do you still see brownshowing up? Ninety percent of the time
you don't. Now, there's somecases you get into you have some issues
going on, but in ninety percentof the time you don't. It was
all just a handling break each snowdamage, winter damage, whatever it may

be. But prune all that outof there and then stand back and watch.
But do that now, get allthat dead stuff out of there,
out of your landscape, and thenlet's move forward from that point on.
All right, that's all for today, Thanks to all of our colors,
thanks to our sponsors, Thanks ofcourse to Ela Pollardi, our producer,
because as you all well know,without La Polardi, none of this stuff
would go Now, Ella, thankyou so much for all you do,

and I hope you have a veryhappy Mother's Day weekend as well. Now
do yourself a favor. Figure outwhere you can plant a tree or two
or three. Keep planning those pollinatorplants, pamper your worms, keep the
kids and dogs involved with gardening,and by all means, get out and
make it the best Mother's Day weekendof your life. See ya.
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