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December 2, 2021 32 mins

Though we didn’t post an episode last week because it was Thanksgiving, we are back and this week Sammy got to chat with singer-songwriter, Oliva O’Brien! You may remember her 2016 hit, “I Hate U, I Love U” that put her on the map but in this down to earth conversation, they talk about life, growing up in the public eye, creating music, dating, her latest tour and so much more!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hi guys, and welcome back to this week's episode of
The Left bal Podcast. I'm your host, Sammy J. Welcome.
I hope you guys had a lovely week. We did
not pose last week because it was Thanksgiving, but I
hope you had a lovely day and I'm very thankful
for all of you, and I'm also thankful for this episode.
Look at that transition, you guys. Anyways, Um, this week

I got to chat with the incredibly talented Olivia O'Brien.
We have a really daunderous conversation about life growing up
in the public eye, social media, dating, her music, her
latest tour, her EP episode season one, and so much more.
I hope you guys enjoy. I was so excited during

my podcast and I'm so excited we're doing this in person.
Thanks for having me. Do you normally do zoom stuff?
Is that what even doing lately? Or what was in
person than pandemic and now it's like a mixture. So
I'm like seeing people in person just makes me so happy. Yeah, same, same.
I'd love to tell to about social media. How do
you find a balance? You have millions of followers on Instagram.

I'm nineteen and for so many other people in my age,
and for some it's fun, but it's also part of
a business and it can sometimes be really difficult. It's
really hard, and I pretty much have to be on
social media. Like I've taken breaks before and just like
send my photos to Max and been like you can
you post this? Um, it's weird. It's it's hard. I
stopped editing my photos like I used to, like not

like changing everything, but like I used to like use
face two and like I don't really use it anymore,
like I do. I mean, if I have a pimple
or like, if something looks weird in a photo, I'm
gonna edit it out. But I don't know. It's just
like I'm trying really hard to have a healthy relationship
with social media myself. It's I think it's a struggle.
It's kind of um an impossible task, or it seems

very daunting because like you, literally the internet is dangerous.
You have access to literally any piece of information about
anything or anyone at any time pretty much, and even
if it's not true, you can still probably find out
something about something like people's conspiracy theories and like I
don't know and and everyone's um, you can go down

a rabbit hole so fast. Yeah, Like I always see
things about myself that aren't even true, and like that
must be so annoying. It's like the weirdest feeling in
the world. But I have just really been trying to
not focus on anyone else but me when I'm on
social media. Like that sounds not like in a selfish way,
but like I don't need to go compare my likes

to this person. Also, turning my legs off was really
like I I really really liked doing that. I'm not
ashamed to admit it. I've deleted photos in the past,
and it's just it's stupid. If you like a photo,
just post it exactly when you turn the legs off,
and you like, I don't even really check, Like I'm
the only one that can see how many I get
and I don't even check it because it's it still
says like and others to me and my profile and

you click on any looks like if I don't want
to know, I don't even have to know. I haven't
been on TikTok in a really long time. And maybe
it's add but I'm proud of myself for that. But
I am um what's your favorite social media app? Because
something that I know I've talked about in past episodes,
but in college specifically, the main app that's used is Snapchat.
Texting is not a thing. It's just snapchatting. And to me,

I just I missed text and I wish I could
delete Snapchat sometimes, but it's how everyone communicates. Yeah, that's
such a like college and high school thing. I hate it.
I absolutely hate it. My best friend she is uh,
she goes to school at um Pitzer, like forty five
minutes away from here, and she's she came over. She
sleep and sleeping my house for the past two nights,
and she was like snapchatting this boy last night. And
I'm like, dude, I haven't used snapchat in so long,

Like I just don't use it. Whenever someone snapchats me,
I'm very confused. Um, but it's such a college thing.
I know, it's terrible. I wish people could just text
me or call me, just text me, I know, seriously,
Like why it just seems like sus and weird and
it reminds me of like middle school and it's not.
It triggers me from high school. And I was like,
did I just get out of here. Yeah, it's not
not the greatest. Um. I'd say my go to social

media is probably TikTok, just because it's so easy to
just waste so much time and and I feel like
it's especially in the music industry, everyone's so obsessed with
it right now, like let's make this a trend and
blahlah ball and you feel like you're left out if
you're not always on TikTok. Like there's so many weird
trends that are always happening. It's like, I don't know,

it's it's like there's always another one. It feels like
the like YouTube for people with really short attentions. Because
is it hard writing music in such an time period
when it's all about, you know, making sure that this
goes viral, this blows up, but actually focusing on the
art of it still. Honestly, when I'm writing, I don't
think about anything except for what I want to say, um,
because that's just how my best songs are made, and

that's how I work as an artists, like always what
I've done since I was a little kid. Um. But
you know, like the other day I wrote a song
I was I just started writing going back into sessions
pretty recently, um, after like me in my little tour
and just I've been super busy with other things and
I haven't really been writing. But I had two sessions
last week, and the first one we wrote this song

and it was we were having so much fun. It
was like a really great session and we finished a
song and I was like, wait, like this, actually I
could see like this being a moment on TikTok or something,
and I was glad that I didn't have that thought
until after we had already written the song. But like,
that's kind of how it works. It's like, oh, I
could see this happening, and then it's like after the
song is done, I'm like, oh, what could I do

for this? But I also don't really like I it
sucks to think like that, Like you don't want to
be like, well, let's make a song that will but
with the age we're living in, it's kind of hard
not to think that way. Yeah. Yeah, but it's like
I've never even like even before TikTok was a thing, um,

I never wrote a song or wrote songs being like, well,
let's try to get it as as top forty radio
as possible so that we could get it like to
sound as radio and cool, like I never thought like
that work. That's what I find so interesting and so
kind of unique about your career is that it just
started with that one song I Hate You, I Love You,
and it wasn't about blowing up. It was just about
writing and using that as therapy, which is so special,

and it just just goes to show like art can
speak alone for itself exactly, and that's what I've been
trying to, like not necessarily trying to replicate, but I
don't want to ever like be like, oh and you
know their head and their head, I need to write
a hit, because that's not how I Hate You, I
Love You happened. Yeah, it's not how anything like you know. Yeah,
I just want to you know, make stuff that I'm

proud of and that I like, and um, stay true
to myself, and that's more important to me than anything else.
What was your favorite experience playing so far, Like, have
you had a certain performance that's that as your mind
is like your favorite. I think Lollapalooza was really special
because it was my first real show back after um
the Pandemic, and it was just incredible. There was so

so many more people than I thought would be there.
It was really really hot and like kind of excruciating,
but it was really fun. So um yeah, that was
just like a great weekend. It was kind of like
my my introduction back into the world of performing and
just festivals in general. Um, and it was it was
really great and memorable. But I think all my performances

are special for different reasons, you know. Like it's kind
of like asking me what my favorite song of mine is,
Like I don't really have one, because like I like
them for all all for different reasons, you know. And
also like each performance is a different audience and you
get like a different energy and I make a different mistake.
What happens when you do and make a mistake on stage,
because I cannot imagine do you just like embrace it

and then just go forward or do you just kind
of skip past it. I always I pretty much always
pointed out like I'm always like oh sorry, guys, or
like I just like I'm like fuck. I think people
forget that everyone's human, and then when people funk up
on stage, it's like, yeah, they are. That needs to
think be celebrated more than anything else. I think I
try to make it a point to like show the

fact that I am very imperfect whenever I can, because
I don't ever want anyone It's not just like, it's
kind of multiple things, like I don't want to have
to uphold some perfect image that I know I'm never
gonna be. And I also, you know, want everyone to
know that nobody's perfect and they don't have to be perfect.
E there. You know. It's kind of like a bunch
of different things. It's something that I love about performances.

I don't know if you've ever seen Julie Michaels live,
but it was one of the best performances I've ever seen.
It's like when artists talk to the audience and just
have fun with it like you do, it makes you
feel like you have a connection with the people that
are there, and it just makes you experience so much
more enjoyable. Yeah. Yeah, I don't want to ever feel
like I'm like a robot. And just like some people,

I feel like the only thing that they change in
their set at each city is like hello in different
city here, and like I always try I have like
this this uh tour that I most recently just did,
I did my California shows in like week. But um,
it's like the closest thing I've ever had to like
something kind of scripted, Like I have things that I say,

but I still kind of try to mix it up
a little bit because keep you on your toes. Yeah,
because I I don't know, it's hard for me to
do the same thing every single night I want it
gets boring and too Like I do want to make
it personal to whoever is there, Like I don't want
every single person to get the exact same thing and
they know exactly what they're getting and then it's not special,
you know. And I know you've talked about like being
in creative threats and all that, and they creative threats

are so underratedly terrible and not discussed because enough because
a few months ago I was in a really bad
creative right, probably the first one I've ever truly experienced.
And I look at YouTube videos like how to get
out of creative rent, and there is nothing. It happens
all the time. Um, sometimes I there's nothing I can
really do to get out of it. I just kind
of cancel all my sessions and try to go live

my life. That's usually what I do is I just
try to experience things. I try to not work and
not force myself to work sometimes if it's if it's
been a really long time and I'm just kind of
used to like having writer's block. Like the other day
a couple weeks ago, I was like starting to write
by myself in my studio again, and I just forced
myself to write like eight songs. Um Like I would

go in every single day and just like write a
little song by myself. Didn't ask me good, Yeah, don't
have to be good, just like as a little exercise.
Like so if you really are stuck and you know
you need to start being creative again, you just kind
of have to force yourself. And if it's bad, it's bad.
But once you get kind of back into the rhythm
of it, like it'll start feeling normal again and then
you'll get more inspired. But for the most part, I
just like to go out and live my life and

meet people and try to get inspiration from wherever I can,
because like that's that's just how it works for me. Look,
that's what your songs are. They're about your life. So
the best way to be inspired is to live your life.
What's your favorite part of songwriting. I like how it
just kind of acts as a therapy for me and
I can say whatever I want, um, and a lot
of times, like I'll be too afraid to tell someone

something to their face, but I can always write a
song about it. That's awesome. What an awesome outlet to have. Great,
it's amazing, and it kind of it can help me
realize things. And it's also like every time I go
in and especially when I work with a top lener
that I really love, like another writer, Um, it's like
having therapy because I should tell them what we're going
to write about, like to tell them about everything that's
been going on with my life, and I'll realize so

many things. Like my last session that I had, I
even told her, I was like, this feels like therapy
right now because we were going over just everything that
I've done in the past week and how I was
getting over this guy and I realized like that and
she made me realize, like I'm that I don't love
this kid. Like it was like crazy. I was. I
was saying, They're like, wow, this is a very clarity,

very deep session we're having right now. But it was great.
It was awesome, so Um, yeah, I mean it's it's
also nice that I get to do this as a
job because it's something I would be doing regardless if
you weren't a singer or if you weren't an artist
who was putting their music out there. What do you
think you'd be doing, Um, I'll probably be either a

lawyer or a psychologist. Like being interested in psychology has
helped me with my song writing a law because it's
like analyze people and it makes me like think deeper
about what I'm writing, about what I want to say,
and how I feel about other people and how they
feel about me, and it gives me more concepts and
it's cool. I think that's so interesting. Something that we
actually have in common is that I also have O

c D and struggle with anxiety. And when I heard
you talking about it, I was like, Man, more people
should talk about it because I feel like there's such
a stereotype like if you have O c D, like
you just like to have everything clean and organize. It's like, no,
it's different for everybody. For me, it's like I never
even would have thought that I possibly could have O

c D until I got diagnosed. Because people are so
wrong about what it is and it can be. Yes,
some people with o c D love to have everything
clean and a lot of time, but it's not. Yeah,
and like, especially if you have like O c D
and a d h D, like that's so hard because
you don't have the eni span to like clean and
make your life perfect. But then it piss you off

that it's not perfect, but then you can't fix it
because it's so distracted and you're doing it all these days.
I don't know, it's just like, yeah, anxiety disorders are
really so annoying. Yeah, and they're also really complex, Like
I think they all are very similar, but then they're different.
So it's like and everyone reacts to it differently, everyone
perceives differently exactly. My sister has OCD two, so it's

like and we both just got diagnosed. And it's crazy
because I've been going to therapy and seeing psychiatrists since
I was a kid, so like I should have been
but they were just like we were depressed, you anxiety whatever, whatever.
And then it took a long time with me actually explaining.
And then I also started talking to my friends about
like you know, intrusive thoughts and random things and I'm like,
did this happen to you guys? And they're like no.

And I always thought that that happened until I started
actually asking people about it. I hate it therapy for
a while because my my mom like kind of forced
me to be in therapy. I would think I was
around eight two was when my parents were separated. My
mom was like, I need to put them in therapy.
My mom like loves therapy and she's the biggest advocate
for therapy. But you got to be ready to do. Yeah,

if you don't want to go, you're not going to
get anything out of therapy if someone's forcing you to go.
Like I would sit there and I wouldn't talk because
I didn't know. I didn't want to talk. I didn't
know what I wanted to say. I didn't know why
I was even there. Like it was, it was just
not beneficial to me at all. It was wasting an
hour of my week every week. It took me a
while of realizing like, Okay, I actually want to go

to therapy and I want to help myself. This is
the first time in my life that has actually been
beneficial to me. Because I decided that I wanted to
go and I made the active decision, and that's when
I got my diagnosis and when everything started to make
sense and I got a medication, and now I'm doing
so much better because I wanted to do better. You know,
there's something very special. I know special is an interesting

word to is, but I'm going to use it anyways.
About when you get diagnosed, everything, at least for me,
it just clicks. I've just went through so many life
experiences and it all made sense. You go home and
google literally everything about it, and you're like, does this
have to do with my O c D? And you're like,
oh my god, and it makes you feel less alone.

But you've got to be ready for it. But I
think one of the things that I've learned for me
at least is that I wouldn't be who I am
if I don't have anxiety. If I don't have O
c D, it wouldn't have I wouldn't be talking to
you right now, frankly. And I think I'm trying to
find the good parts in it and then what sucks?
It's making me who I am? Yeah, and I think
it makes I think having an anxiety disorder like makes

you a little bit more of a complex thinker because
you're always thinking about literally everything, and I know that's
such a like it sucks and there there's no I'm
just relating to you right now. I'm just trying to
find a solverligning is like it's like, okay, well, I
still don't want an anxiety disorders because it makes me
a deep thinker. But like it's a nice, cool little

side of it, like you know what different integay, Yeah,
and and I agree it's I mean, but that's with
everything in life you're you wouldn't be who you are
without every single part of you, and it all, it
all makes up the big picture, right, So yeah, I
like to look at I like to look at it
that way as well. Okay, we have to take a
quick break, but when we come back, I want to

talk more about your music, tour and so much more.
We'll be right back and we're back. I will say.
One thing I love about your projects and you as
an artist is that you're so versatile. Like Seasons episode one,
it just shows the difference in the styles you like,

and that's so incredible in itself. I like a lot
of different things. I like a lot of different genres
of music and also different TV shows. I'll go through
phases where I'm super into a certain kind of music
or certain show. Yeah, but but then I think, and
then when I move on from that, or like I'll
start dressing differently, But I still like how of all

the other parts of me and the other phases within
my personality and within who I am. So I feel
like I can kind of be everything all at once,
and I don't ever want to put myself into a
box of like, oh, I have to make songs at
all sound like this because this is what people want
from me, or oh I can only have this aesthetic
because everyone thinks that this is my thing. Like, no,
you can literally if you like the whole The most
beautiful part about living in the time that we live

in is you can be and do anything that pretty
much anything that you want now hear me at But
I think it would be so cool if one of
the songs he wrote on Seasons was actually put in
a TV show. That would be that would be pretty cool. Yeah,
that would be pretty cool. When is season two coming out? Um? Seasons? Um,
That's a great question. I don't know. So basically what

happened right now is um or what's happening right now
is that are my labels in like a very transitional period.
We are president left and basically like everyone that I've
worked with on on the team at my label is gone.
They've either and laid off or quit and move like
went to another years stock. Yeah, not the best, and

it's happened. This is like the this will be the
third president that I've had at my label, so five
five years, six years almost. Um, that's frustrating. Yeah, it's
a little frustrating. But um, the new presidents, there's gonna
be two of them that are working together, and they
start on January one, so after that I'll be able

to you know, kind of regroup with them and um
hopefully put something out. The plan originally was like I'm
gonna put out UM season one and then season two
is going to come really shortly after. It was really
really frustrating at first because all I wanted to do
was put it out. I've had these songs for literally years,
Like a lot of these songs UM on season two

are like two years old or more like really really
crazy when you write songs so many years ago, like
you grow as a person and you're like I kind
of want to shut that era out and start something new. Yeah,
and I want to now I'm still writing, and that's
the that's the problem is I'm still writing, and I'm
liking everything that I'm writing, And it's like, am I
going to boot out all these songs that I know
are really good that I've had for two years because

I want to show the world these new things that
are more representative of who I am now? And like
that's not funny either, because then I have these old
songs that are really good, and then you're proud of
and then I'm proud of him. That would be something
amazing that I just don't want to put out anymore
because I've moved on from it. It just sucks. It's like,
just take so long for anything to happen. I wish

I could just write a song and just put it
out like it don't make my life so much easier
and be kind of iconic if he did that. Though
people don't understand how people only see the finished product.
They don't understand really everything that goes into it. It's
it's a lot, and it sucks. Like, let's talk about
sociopath for a secon You're wearing the hat. So it's
reminding me you did a full like horror movie that
which is so sick by the way things I thought out.

It's not just about like writing a song and putting
it out. There's whole coordination that happens too. You know,
have him and come out Jordan Jordan Fisher told me,
like when he was filming a movie, people just see
the finished product. People don't see going on set, the
working that editing and everything that takes to put something out.
You have to kind of have a plan before you

do anything with music, like you have to come up
with a concept, especially with visuals, like with music videos
and cover art if you're doing singles before the project.
It all kind of has to be cohesive. There's been
times I've put stuff out thinking that it's going to
be one way, and then I'll completely change everything and
then it's like this is different. So it's hard. It's
like you have to be like preemptive and I'm not

like whenever I'll have an idea for something and be
like this is it is going to be the best
thing ever, and then we'll wait months for it to
come out, and by the time that it's like I've switched.
I'm like, oh, I don't want to call it that anymore.
I want to call it this because I have a
better idea. And it's like, well, you just put this
stuff out without that concept, and they're going on the projects,
so like, what are you gonna do? I'm like, I
don't know, I'll figure it out. How are you doing
being twenty one and my brother's a You're balancing so

much a career, just growing up, like all of it.
How are you balancing all of it? Because I feel
like it's it's not easy and we need to recognize
that because having millions of people look at what you
do all the time is not a normal thing. Yeah.
I mean, I'm definitely doing a lot better than I was.
I had to grow up really fast when I was
really young. So um like I was sixteen when I

moved to l A. And as soon as I got here,
I realized people aren't very nice. Just like in high
school everyone's mean, but in l A. It's another level.
There are another breeds out here. Yeah, and I you know,
I was used to like high school mean girls and
their guys are mean too, but it's different because people
are nice to your face. But then or the people

will go actually out of their way to plot on
your fucking downfall out here. It's crazy like they will
they will like plot and scheme like they will make
up plans to like make you like it's it's it's frightening.
It's truly frightening. Like they'll say things to you like
it's like it's it's literal manipulation. It's insane. Um. So

I hope you cut those people out of your life,
but it's you can't fully ever cut anyone out here
because you'll see them out so and I don't want
to ever have beef with anyone or be fighting with anyone.
So I always just kind of people that I that
have done me wrong a lot in the past. I
just kind of keep them in an arm's length because
I don't want them. I don't want to be on
their bad side. I don't want them on like I

don't want to have bad blood with anyone. But there's
some people that you just can't have in your life,
and you can't forgive because they're going to keep doing
the same thing over and over and over and over again.
But I've tried to really make it a point to
not to not have that bad blood with anyone because
it's just not there's no point. It's just we don't
need that energy exactly. Um, but I think I've just

it's just it takes time to just learn how to
what works best for you in terms of balancing everything
in your life. And I've been out here for a
while and I'm just kind of finally getting into the
groove of things about a house. I have my little
like pets. Yeah, I have a dog. He's a Toyllion Shepherd.
That's very cute. I missed my dog the best. But

I recently started seeing this guy who was fifteen dogs
fifteen dogs my wife. That's weird. It's really the same
kind of dog or like he like saves them from
Like you got a guy who saves poppies in his
free time. That's good job, Olivia, thank you. I have

you written any songs yet about this person? One kind
of Okay, we have to take one more quick break,
but when we come back, let's talk more about life,
dating and a lot more. We'll be right back and
we're back. I'm still trying to figure out like the

whole dating situation. I hate that dates aren't a thing anymore. Well, actually,
I've been with this guy. He's been taking me out
on a bunch dates, which is really sweetly. He'll come
and pick me up and take me to dinner and stuff,
the bare minimum we should have. Like, oh my god,
I don't work. I'm telling my friends all these things
that he's doing, and they're just like, wow, that's so
cute and so amazing. But I'm like, this is what
we all should be getting. Yeah, like he's setting the

standard really high for everyone else, but it's because the
bar is so flow already right now. So um yeah,
that's the song that I wrote about him, is about
how like he's putting all the other guys that I've
ever talked to to shame because he like actually is
nice to me. Um, but that like, yeah, it's it's well,
my problem is that I never I always liked the

guys that are mean or not mean, but you know,
kind of asshole guys. There's something like appealing about it.
I was like, I was talking to my friends, like
guy in writing me over at like not at like
five pm. I was like, oh my god, not like
eleven pm, and they're like that shouldn't be something you
should be like excited about. It's like a basic thing.
I'm like, yeah, my only advice to you is find
someone smart because and an aspect, just someone that you

street smart, academic smart, like they don't have to be
academic smart, just like someone that when you talk to them,
you feel like your brain and their brain are on
the same level. Like whatever I'm if I'm dating someone
who I don't think is as intellectually capable as I
am and not and like I'm I don't think I'm
like a genius. Like I've obviously met people that I'm like, Okay,

this person's way smart. I need to leave. But you
want to feel like you're kind of on the same
level as them because you'll understand life at like a
similar place. Also, like it's you. You don't have to
like stop and wait for someone to figure something out,
and it's it's it's like a banter thing to like
when you talk to them, you want to be able
to make sure that they understand your jokes and you

understand their jokes and things that you say. You don't
want there to be any miscommunication. That's I think it's
not even just intelligence, it's just like the way that
their brain works. But that's the most important thing in
any relationship that I've realized, because I only ever like
people when we're able to really talk about important things,
like I don't care if people are hot anymore, which
is like sad. Know that that is not sad. It's

about that's like hot, like looks at a temporar anything, Like,
let's be honest about that. And also, anyone can be hot.
It's really not that hard, but it's anyone can be
like at least mediocreally hot, exactly. Not everyone can have
a good personality, and not everyone can be smart, and
not everyone can be funny. Something I've learned about myself
is that I don't like cleaniness. I like people that

are independent, independent and are driven and like to do
their own thing. Yeah, because something I'm realizing is that
people follow my Instagram, which it's not I'm not verified,
I don't not have millions and there like, oh my god,
it's like you know famous people, and I'm like like no,
like what that's a red flag. It's also very um

because like I get what I do is so peculiar
and I get it's not normal for my age, but
at the same time, I don't like then that's all
people want to talk about. Yeah, you have to have
someone that's and I I deal with that all the
time of like, that's why it's hard for me to
date people Like That's why I always date guys that
are like assholes, because they're they understand in the entertainment industry.

They understand what I do, so they're not like, yeah,
they're not like intimidated by the fact that I have
a really crazy, weird job and I'm on the road
all the time and I make more money than most
twenty one year old and like I it's it can
be kind of emasculating for a lot of guys if
they don't feel like they're as successful as you, even
if it's even if you don't see it that way,

they may see it that way as it just like
their own personal insecurity thing, because you know, society tells
us the boss aspect. Society tells us that we're supposed
to you know that men are supposed to be the
breadwinners and they're supposed to be like the big strong
man that has the better career. And it it really
has like taking a toll on a lot of people.
Um like a lot of guys mentally because they don't

think they're good enough if their woman is like strong
or see, they like it's it's complicated, but it just
sucks because it makes me feel like I can't date
guys that don't aren't like in my industry or at
least as successful as me. But then I don't want
to measure success in any way, like success is what
you make it that's not in the industry but understands it. Yeah,

and that's like the guy that I'm talking to right now,
he's not he's not in the music industry at all
or entertainment, and he's like he like works in banking.
You have finance, bro. But it's been really nice. He
has the same job as my dad actually, which is like,
like he's a c f A, which is weird. And uh,
they're the same exact tight and they're both the youngest

of they both have four older siblings. They're the youngest
in their family. That's weird, and there's like a bunch
of weird things. Yeah, it's like, but I don't it's
it's very strange feeling with that. Um. But yeah, it's
been nice to like because he gets it and he's
friends with a lot of people that I know, and
he's been around like he gets it, but he's not
in it and he doesn't I don't know, it's just

knows it from a distance but doesn't like especially someone
that doesn't want to be in it. I'm like so
over the whole just it's complicated and I haven't even started.
I started. Yeah, it's complicated, and you're going to face
that a lot as just like a strong independent woman
that you know has career driven, like you're gonna you're
gonna face a lot of and secure boys that are

gonna Yeah, so you just have to learn what to
what to spot. It's okay, I'll just listen to your
songs and I just perfect. I'm still figuring it out myself.
So we'll see, why, aren't we all? Isn't that the
journey were never ending? It really is. Do you have
any hobbies you like to do in your free time? Right?

Besides that, I went through a phase where I made
friendship bracelets. I used to be obsessed with making friendship bracelets.
It's kind of therapeutic to just like check out and
just tie a bunch of knots. Yeah, I don't have
to use my brain because especially as someone who has
O c D, like like a focusing on something. But
then that's the other problem is I also a d

h D. So I can't like I get overthink like
I'm not. Sometimes it's hard for me to take a
moment to actually once I start. If I sit down
and I do something hard, I can't get starting. It's
I just can't bring myself working out. Yeah, oh god.
But sometime once I start working out, I'll work out
and it'll I'll love it, and I'll go like for
a couple of like a couple of weeks, I'll like

work a couple of days a week and I'll go
with my friends. And then if I stop, I'm never
going back. But that's the other thing with like I'm
also I think my CD makes me more of a perfectionist.
So I have this trouble of like I don't want
to do anything unless and really good. You know. So
something that I really enjoyed. I started listening to Bob
Rass videos to go to sleep, and I said, you

know what, I went to Bob Ross Incorporated dot com.
This is not an AD, but I got his painting
kit and I watched his YouTube videos and I am
obsessed with me Boba's painting. I learned how to use
oil paint, and it's such a good distraction for my mind.
So yeah, little things like little crafts and things like
that are so Yeah. Sewing is fun. I used to

work my first quote unquote job. I was unpaid in
turn when I was like eight years old, and my
ripped seems in a dress shop in Noa. Honestly, what's
kind of. When I was ten, I created a business
called Sammy J Designs where I made bags and sold
them fun. I think you're just You're just a businesswoman,
just an ultimate girl boss. It's hard to find people

also that just like are driven as well, so it's
nice to like especially talk to like minded people where
it's all about working and just doing what you love. Yeah, Olivia,
thank you for coming on my podcast. I really enjoyed
talking with you. Thanks for having me big sister vibes.
Oh god, don't even feel old. No, you're you're my

brother's age, your older brother's age. So care for our
older sister. Okay, I'll take it. Only a couple of years,
only only two years, Like, It's well, I do turned
twenty two in a month, so oh my god, have
your really birthday. Thank you. We need to look out
for each other, especially just as girls in general. Like
it's scary out there, really is. Thank you so much,

thank you, Thank you guys so much for listening to
this week's episode of Last Week World Podcast Olivia. Again,
thank you so much for coming on. I hope you
enjoyed it. Subscribe to the podcast if you haven't already,
follow Olivia O'Brien on all of her socials, and I'd
lovely if you followed me my Instagram's It's Sammy J.

That's I T S S A M M Y j
A y E. And I will see you guys next
week with another episode. Bye.
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