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October 12, 2022 2 mins

Let’s Be Real, hosted by GenZ change maker Sammy Jaye, is all about having powerful and candid conversations with celebrities, activists, and influencers, while discussing real-life issues – from mental health and political activism to pop culture and more. This highly acclaimed podcast has been recognized by some amazing people & publications, from the Ryan Seacrest show and 17 Magazine, to Variety, Refinery 29 and so many more. Sammy Jaye, at 20, is the youngest person to host her own podcast on iHeartRadio and was recently named to PopSugar’s 20-under-20 list. Season 4 is refreshing, inspiring, thoughtful & empowering. New episodes drop every Thursday, go check it out! To learn more, follow @itssammyjaye on Instagram!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey guys, this is Sammy J with some of great news.
We're back with season four. That's right, Season four of
my podcast Let's Be Real with Sammy J. If the
past couple of years have taught us anything it's that
life is so precious and we should not hold ourselves
back from our hopes or dreams and from having authentic
conversations and learning from each other. And that's what my podcast,

Let's Be Real with Sammy J is all about. Now,
let's break down season four. Joel McHale talks about his
experience growing up with dyslexia, and he helps me name
my anxiety, which that was the first I was talking
to my friends. She's like, you should name your anxiety
and I was like yeah, and it's like you put
a name to it, so it's not like yourself. So

I'm like, what did your name? I haven't named it yet,
so I think we should. Dole Hill talks about his
transition from being a dancer to an actor, and we
go in depth on one of my favorite shows of
his psych to all the cycles. I will say, wait
for me, I had to do it right there we go?

Was that a plan? Name? Gus? Thank you? Oh? Yeah,
you know this. Right the minute I met singer songwriter Ash,
I felt like I'd known her for years. You're like
giving me a moment to have perspective over the last
how many years of my life? Isn't it cool to
see how far you come and grown? Yeah, I appreciate

you for giving me a moment. Other guests include Danielle Pearson,
Megan Trainer, Navia Robinson, Monica Padman, and so many more.
I am so beyond humbled and appreciative that Let's Be
Real has been recognized by some amazing people in publications
from The Ryan Seacrest Show, in seventeen magazine to Variety,

Refinery twenty nine, Pop Sugar, and many more. New episodes
job every Thursday. To learn more, follow me on Instagram
at it Sammy J. That's I T S S A
M M Y j A Y d M
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