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September 15, 2023 27 mins

It’s undeniable: los Latinos dominated la noche de los VMAs 2023! Them flags were being WAVED a lo ALTO. So let’s talk Shakira, Karol G, Peso Pluma, Ice Spice, Cardi B, Anitta y mas + we get serious and discuss how acting R.A.P.I.D.O can help you save LIVES.

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
I'm Honey Germany. My parents are Dominican. I was born
and raised in New York City. I love sneakers and
I'm a body positive advocate.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
I'm Carolina Bermudez. Soy nikaa wins it. But I was
born and raised in Ohio. I'm a wife, a mama,
and a worker bee.

Speaker 1 (00:18):
This is life in Spanglish.

Speaker 2 (00:21):
Well, it happened and we weren't there, but we are
still talking about it. And I'm telling you right now,
we are all in on the Latino explosion and presence
on the MTV VMAs.

Speaker 1 (00:34):
Mih no scohimos alos VMAs. They belonged to us this year.

Speaker 3 (00:40):
It is so wild.

Speaker 2 (00:42):
I truly thought that the like Olivia Rodrigoz or you know,
the Taylor Swift which, by the way, congratulations to Taylor
Swift winning nine awards, that's just like beyond Okay, yes
we get it.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
But when I.

Speaker 2 (00:54):
Tell you, the most exciting, explosive, amazing per performances came
from our people, and that is what is trending all
over social media.

Speaker 3 (01:05):

Speaker 2 (01:06):
Now, how many days after like what now it's Friday,
it's like four or five days later, we're still talking
about Shakita's performance, Anita, Demi Lovado, Selena Gomez's faces.

Speaker 3 (01:17):
I mean, forget it.

Speaker 2 (01:18):
It's like she's a meme everywhere and this is what
is happening. So today we are discussing the MTV VMAs
and the Latino influence because I tell you it was.

Speaker 1 (01:28):
Everywhere Carolina no skohimos, premio stambim Because I feel like
it's like eventually we end up taking over wherever we go,
and the BMAS was no exception, and I feel like
it's a trend that's not going to die out anytime soon.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
No, And you know what I failed to mention, like
besl Pluma, Cardi b Dalia, Factory g Carol g oh
my gosh.

Speaker 1 (01:50):
Yeah, I Spice Hello.

Speaker 3 (01:53):
I know That's what I'm saying. It's like there are
so many and we're doing.

Speaker 2 (01:56):
This like off the cuff right now obviously, so like
I don't have a list of the performance or anything,
but it's just like boom boom boom everywhere you look.
Like first of all, Ice Spice sat real nice next
to the Queen. I love their placement. She and Taylor
Swift were having a ball.

Speaker 3 (02:08):
I wished that those two.

Speaker 1 (02:09):
Are homies, those two homies, I know it, I know.

Speaker 2 (02:13):
And it was just like nobody was having more fun
than Taylor Swift and Ice Spice because the camera kept
on going to them, so you know that they were
like getting good content, you know.

Speaker 1 (02:22):
And then Ice Spice wins Best New Artists bringing it
home to the Bronx for what a Dominicans like, how
big was that?

Speaker 2 (02:29):
Well, in case you missed it, we did do a
deep dive on Ice Spice right here on Life in Spanglish.
We devoted an entire episode to her. It's almost like
we had the premonition that she was gonna just totally
take over this year, which you know, also, let us
not forget how is Ice Spice in a Duncan Donuts
add with j Loo's husband Ben Affleck.

Speaker 3 (02:50):
I mean, there's like there's just so much that we
can talk about right now.

Speaker 1 (02:54):
It makes total sense, Caroline. Unbeknownst to us, we've been munchkins. Okay,
just so you know, I.

Speaker 3 (03:01):
Know, right, little Ice Spice lunge get.

Speaker 1 (03:03):
Yeah. But I love this for her, and I love
the fact that you know, she went up there and
she thanked the Bronx like I feel like the Bronx
gets ragged on so much. At that moment right there,
I was like, yes, the BXY, it was big and
I loved it. I loved it for all of our
Dominicans and you know, just New York and Latinos and
after Latinos in general. It was just a big moment.

And that's just the beginning of it totally.

Speaker 2 (03:27):
And you know what, I will say this, like I
wanted to like kind of put this into different little
sections because like, the one thing that I loved was
going Carol g and Shakidra won for their song together. Yes,
I really loved how Carol Ge stopped down for a
second and gave Shakida her flowers, Like I can't believe
that I am winning this award with the legend herself,

you know, Shakidra, And I thought that was really just
such a cool moment and the fact that they accepted
their awards in Spanish.

Speaker 1 (03:57):
Thank you. I was like, even though I I love
when Carol Ge speaks English, it's just it's just the
cutest thing. People rag her, but I think it's the
most adorable thing, and she makes fun of it herself.
Even when no album dropped. The first thing she does
on the first song is try to talk English and
you know, just poke fun at herself, which is super cute.

But yeah, the fact that they spoke in Espanol Chef's kiss, well, I.

Speaker 3 (04:21):
Do want to say something about that though.

Speaker 2 (04:23):
You know, I've seen the criticism of Carol g and
her attempts to speak English, and I think it kind
of goes both ways because there are plenty of people,
myself included, that don't speak proper Spanish all the time.

Speaker 3 (04:36):
But listen, we're trying and she yeah, And I.

Speaker 2 (04:39):
Got to give her the credit there because it's like
anybody else would.

Speaker 3 (04:42):
Be like, you know, up and out. I wouldn't want to.

Speaker 2 (04:44):
Speak anymore because like, oh my gosh, you guys have
made so much fun of me.

Speaker 3 (04:47):
But like, no, she still gets after it.

Speaker 1 (04:50):
You know, better get to it, man, she sells adorable.
I think it is the cutest, cutest thing.

Speaker 2 (04:57):
Absolutely well, you know, we are just hitting like some
quikies right here. But I wanted to touch like a
little bit on the Video Vanguard Award recipient and that
was Shakida on a night when like they were acknowledging
ditty as the global icon. We must discuss Shakira, Like,

this performance was mind blowing, you guys. And in case
you missed it, it's like, from beginning to end, she
had that place. Crudential Center was on its feet without question.

Speaker 1 (05:33):
Listen her trajectory, you know, decades of music. Like, it's
just she's an icon. She is an icon. We cannot
take that away from Shakira. And she looked so good.

Speaker 2 (05:45):
Carolina, Oh, she is giving so much credit to us
forty four plus moms out there.

Speaker 3 (05:52):
I mean this and.

Speaker 1 (05:53):
Mom, yeah, the moms. I'm like, this woman cannot have
possibly had had not even half a kid. The way
she looks.

Speaker 2 (05:59):
I mean, it was it was strong, it was giving
me like her Lebanese culture, her Colombian culture. It was
just it was such a good mix of like also
all of her hits, all of her songs. But I
really do love when she gave her acceptance speech because
she talked about how her parents and her kids helped

her throughout this time. Even let us not forget that
this woman has gone through a year that most people
would not even be able to see the light of day,
from the cheating accusations to divorcing her husband to finding
out that he was cheating on her, to the mother
in law being involved to the tax evasion, you know,

stuff that she's got going on. I mean, like anybody
else just dealing with one of those things would probably
be like, I don't even want to see the light
of day right now. But she came out there and
she did not come to play. She came to slay.

Speaker 1 (06:56):
And the fact that she was just singing for ten minutes,
I'm like, yo, bro, I can't even do ten minutes
on the treadmill. This woman is an alien.

Speaker 3 (07:03):
Well, her stage presence, to me, it was unmatched.

Speaker 2 (07:06):
I don't think anybody and we can sit here and
we can argue, okay, beyond say.

Speaker 3 (07:12):
No, you know Taylor Swift, all these people.

Speaker 2 (07:15):
No, let's like just focus on this icon and what
she did and how she had that audience in the
palm of her hand.

Speaker 3 (07:22):
So I am just I truly was rooting for her.

Speaker 2 (07:26):
But I think that she that performance she let everybody know,
Ay you counted me out. I'm letting you know I've
never counted myself out. I'm still here. Everything about it
was perfection.

Speaker 1 (07:37):
Safe to say that was the number one performance of
the night.

Speaker 3 (07:40):
Safe to say, and and based on social media.

Speaker 2 (07:45):
It was the number one performance of the night because
people are talking about, yeah, Olivia was cool, like they
thought that there was a stage you know, production problem,
or you know, Anita was great and that was fun,
but like nobody.

Speaker 3 (07:56):
Did it like Shakida did.

Speaker 2 (07:58):
People were talking about Meganie Style and Cardi B and
how that was like a great performance and it was
hot whatever, but like this shut it down.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
People were singing their hearts out, like when do you
really see that? For ten minutes, everybody was vibing. I'm
talking celebrities, the fans, people at home, because I know
I was vibing out to Ordo songs.

Speaker 2 (08:18):
I know, I know I loved it, and you know what,
this is a little bit of what it sounded like.
And also, you know what, honey, we pulled the clip

too of her thanking her parents when she won the
Video Bandguard Award, and this is what she had to say.

Speaker 1 (08:46):
I want to thank my parents. I want to thank
my kids, Milan and Sasha. We're here. Thank you so
much for cheering me up and for making me feel
that mama can do it all.

Speaker 2 (08:58):
So yeah, when we come back from the break, my gosh,
there's so much more that we need to discuss. But yeah,
we're talking all VMA's and how people are really consuming
it differently now, so we'll do that after this. Well, honey,
I can't believe that we spent almost ten minutes just
discussing Shakida, but I feel like we gave her like

her time, and I think that, like that was incredible.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
But now we even want to move on from Shiki.
I am sorry, but let's do it. Let's get to
somebody else, because there was so many different Latin artists
that we could touch on.

Speaker 2 (09:31):
I loved Demi Levado's performance because like she brought the
rock edge to the VMA.

Speaker 1 (09:36):
Yeah, she's been on he thing for like I feel
like this whole year has been like Demi lakera.

Speaker 3 (09:42):
Well, the crowd loved it.

Speaker 2 (09:43):
So I heard that she's re recording her old music,
which is kind of a trend in the industry. So
I'm wondering if she's doing that to like make more
money or like what the basis is behind that.

Speaker 1 (09:54):
Of course she's doing the same thing your homegirl Taylor
Swift did. Isn't that what she did exactly?

Speaker 3 (09:59):
Listen one and they're learning from the queen.

Speaker 2 (10:02):
So I'm not mad at it, but I thought Demi
did a really, really great performance.

Speaker 1 (10:07):
She did a great performance. Someone who left me a
little bit underwhelmedough Carolina was Fiso Bluma.

Speaker 3 (10:12):
So wait, okay, I love him.

Speaker 1 (10:14):
I love him, but I don't know. I just didn't
like his song choice. He performed his hit Lady Gaga.
If he would have brought out Lady Gaga, that would
have been epic. But we gotta definitely give him his flowers.
He's the first regional Mexican act ever to perform at
the VMA, so respects to him on that.

Speaker 2 (10:30):
Well, respect to him on that, but also like I
think that I was reading somewhere that it got him
in trouble that he was taught, like now there's like
a cartel in Mexico, because I guess he was talking
about a chapel and now he's in danger.

Speaker 1 (10:42):
It's like, bro, I saw, yeah, I saw something like that. Yeah,
I saw something like that. Like he has a show
coming up. It's a lot of because like Besso Pluma,
there's a lot of like speculations about him. You know,
they sing about Narco and Gridas and stuff like that.
That's like a regular Mexican thing. What's quo gridas. Sometimes
they think about sing about narco lords. They're not you know,

they're not except from being touched by the cartels in Mexico.
So I want him to be safe and I want
him to, you know, just accept you know, the popularity
that he's having all over the world and maybe not
touch that area of discussing, you know, narcos.

Speaker 2 (11:18):
Yeah, I would basically if I were him, I would
just kind of back it up, walk away and pretend
like nothing ever happened.

Speaker 3 (11:26):
But I don't think that you can do that with
the cartel. Then Narco you're crazy, girl.

Speaker 1 (11:30):
Yes, it is the best thing. So he had he
has a concert coming up, and well he had a
concert in Tijuana and there was like a threat, a
cartel threat. That is a problem.

Speaker 2 (11:41):
That is a problem, man. So pessel Bluma a little underwhelming.
I know that a lot of people wanted him on
the red carpet. We had a couple of friends that
were working the red carpet and one of my girlfriends
that works for you News, she was really surprised. She
was like, man, that Betel Bluma guy. Everybody wanted him.
But he's only huge. He is so huge he's popping
off right now. And that's the reason why I was

kind of disappointed and a little concern for him, because
once I heard about the cartels, I was like, oh shit,
that's not good.

Speaker 1 (12:08):
Yeah. It was like a banner that they put on
a bridge. It was in Iguana, and they were talking
about this is going to be the last concert that
you perform. Wow, that is that's super scary. That is
super super scary. But I was him, stay right here
in the US with us, because.

Speaker 2 (12:24):
I know, I know definitely if I were him, I
would not be going back there right now.

Speaker 1 (12:28):
Kate de Gacillo, don't ever go back to may he
go ever in life? He Simon, She's right here, I
think in like La somewhere in the hills and it's
forever f u Schwampenn. But whatever, let's get back to
the bmas.

Speaker 3 (12:40):
Oh, let's get back to it.

Speaker 2 (12:41):
So I do have to talk about how incredible Selena
Gomez looked.

Speaker 1 (12:49):
She looked amazing. I love her.

Speaker 3 (12:52):
Selena is out here looking like a whole woman. Honey.

Speaker 1 (12:55):
He grew the f up Carolina. That's it, though, Maya Hello.

Speaker 2 (13:00):
I don't know why I always look at her, Maybe
because she was always so much younger than me. And
I mean obviously, like you know, I've seen the trajectory
of her career.

Speaker 3 (13:09):
But she looks absolutely stunning. That red dress was perfection.

Speaker 2 (13:14):
Them diamonds, those diamonds were diamonding. They were shining all
over the place. I was like, oh my gosh, this
girl looks money.

Speaker 3 (13:22):
And it happened.

Speaker 1 (13:23):
She looked good.

Speaker 2 (13:24):
That purple dress that she wore for the after parties.
It's like, Selena, Okay, you can do this. But the
best part was her reactions, which everybody is talking about.
And she said that she's sick of being a meme.
But when they announced Chris Brown and did you see
the face that she made, she was like.

Speaker 1 (13:41):
Course I did. She looked amazing. The cleavage was definitely hidden.
That red dress was stunning on her. She just looked beautiful.
And you know what, I'm glad she went up with
Vima when he won his award for like Best Afrobeat
Song of the Year. It was a new category and
it was super cool. I'm glad she up there with him.

Speaker 3 (14:01):
It was me too.

Speaker 2 (14:02):
I love that but that song too, it's like you
can't get away from it. I feel like Okay, I
want to verify this because I don't want to say
something that isn't true. But did it reach like a
billion streams or something like that? Did I read that somewhere?

Speaker 1 (14:14):
I am one hundred percent or that? And you know what,
I gotta point this out. That song was huge before
Selena Gomes jumped on it. I got to give him
his flowers because the man was already popping off. And
she came in and she put the icing on the cake.
She put you know when they make those flowers on
the cake. That's what she did to that song.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
No, I know, I definitely. I mean I feel like
it was a good song, but I think that she
gave it that it needed, you know what I mean,
like it needed that one thing and she was it.

Speaker 3 (14:42):
And yeah it did.

Speaker 2 (14:43):
It reached a billion streams on Spotify, which, by the way, guys,
is no easy feat.

Speaker 1 (14:47):
Mm mmmm. That song is huge. And congratulations to both
of them. I'm glad that you know they won award
for the night.

Speaker 2 (14:54):
Well, Cardi b was everywhere and I don't know if
you saw all over social media, but her and her
husband they were in the bathroom.

Speaker 3 (15:00):
You see those videos.

Speaker 1 (15:02):
I love them. I love them because they're crazy about
each other, I.

Speaker 3 (15:06):
Know, and it's so beautiful to see.

Speaker 2 (15:08):
But also she had her moment with Megan b' stallion
and stuff, and people were talking about how she was
bringing like a whole seventies vibe and stuff. The thing
that I love about Cardi B. Is that she's going
to give you something different every single time.

Speaker 1 (15:19):
She's unapologetic, and you know, she brings it. Wherever Cardi
B pops out at, you know she's gonna bring it.
And that performance was dope. That was her new song.
She took a risk by performing a new song, but
like I said, everybody likes to perform their new songs
and you know, just get it out there to the world.
But they get good. It was good.

Speaker 2 (15:36):
Well, we were talking about before we went to break,
how we were going to discuss the fact that this
is now being consumed in such a different way. So
for example, like when we were younger, and I don't
know about you, I can only speak for myself, honey,
but I remember the build up for the MTB Video
Music Awards was craziness, right.

Speaker 1 (15:54):
It was like it was it was parties. It was
just like, who are we watching with let's get together
at my house. Let's watched it together.

Speaker 2 (16:01):
Well, like also you were it was like a must
see moment, like you would plan like nobody call me
on Tuesday night because the MTVVM aseron and you were
gonna watch the Red Carpet and you know.

Speaker 3 (16:11):
You would see like your favorite celebrities.

Speaker 2 (16:13):
I feel like it had an essence of that this
year for the very first time in a long time,
because they were like obviously like they're they're not latinos,
but like the n Sync reunion, that was humanbody losing
out over me too totally, And so I feel like
it had that little bit of nostalgia.

Speaker 3 (16:30):
But also like these new artists that you see.

Speaker 2 (16:33):
That are totally like hitting on TikTok and you know
on YouTube, all of these like artists that maybe like
my kids are interested in. So I think that they
did a really good job of mixing it up. But
also like something to note is that now the reason
why we're discussing this is not because like we watched
the four Hour by the way, it went so long
that thing was on until like midnight girl, It's.

Speaker 1 (16:56):
Like we didn't wrap it up to like one am
as far as like work digitally. We were still on
to like one o'clock in the morning.

Speaker 3 (17:03):
It was nuts. But yeah, like I mean, they really
brought it.

Speaker 2 (17:06):
And I think that like a lot of people before,
they used to be so strict about time and like
getting out and doing this, so they have to get
like their legs back there as far as the timing goes.
But what a lot of people aren't realizing is that,
like most people don't have cable anymore, and where a
lot of people are getting this is from the clips
on YouTube, from the clips on social media, and it's continuing.

It has legs, and it's continuing because of the hashtags
and because of the different performers that you know, people
missed or didn't see.

Speaker 3 (17:35):
So I think that it's just interesting.

Speaker 2 (17:36):
How before we would have to sit in front of
the TV and the whole family would be there, and
you know, if your mom wanted to watch a show,
too bad for you because we have to watch MTV
the VMA's. But now it's like everybody's getting it on
their phones or on their computers. You know, like you
didn't have to stay up until midnight like some of us,
and you actually got to go to bed and you
saw the whole thing the next day, and you can
tailor it to what you wanted to watch.

Speaker 1 (17:58):
That is a fact. You don't have to stay home
and watch award shows anymore. I've been out in places
and award shows are happening, and immediately, let's say I
go to the VMA's website or I mean on Instagram,
I see everybody walking the carpet. I don't need to
be home on my couch the performances. If I go
to sleep early, I'll miss them. Guess what, tomorrow, I
watch them on TikTok, or I watch them on even

on Twitter. People are posting performances of the VMAs on Twitter.

Speaker 2 (18:24):
I know, and that's where I saw some of them
the next day because I had to go to bed,
you know, I wake up at like three four o'clock
in the morning. I will say that ratings are such
a big, big deal when it comes to television and
this award show. It it was such an impactful award show,
but it doesn't get the numbers like the numbers that
it used to. So when you look at it from

an industry perspective, people will say, oh, it was a waste,
like you know, or they didn't have the viewership that
they did before, but they're not realizing that it is
that it does have life after war show, do you
know what I mean?

Speaker 3 (19:01):
Because of social media and because.

Speaker 2 (19:02):
Of like YouTube and things like that, that people have
the ability to consume it in different ways. So I
think the whole model has changed, and I think that
everybody has to realize that like things the way that
we used to know them, they're not impacting the same way.

Speaker 1 (19:17):
That's the past. Like let's with gen Z, it's like
they love YouTube. They find YouTube and TikTok are like
their search engines. So you can only imagine next day
on YouTube. For the I watched every single performance all
over again on MTV's YouTube, so then and I had
already watched a show. So that tells you it's like, yeah,
they got my viewership on TV and they got my YouTube,

my Instagram, my TikTok because I was all over the
place during the war shows. I want to see everything
that's happening.

Speaker 3 (19:45):
I know.

Speaker 2 (19:46):
But you know what, when you look at the numbers,
and that's why I'm saying, it's like if you look
at the numbers from the eighties or the nineties, even
like when they used to have like four or five
six million people watching at one point in time, and
then just last year they had six hundred and thirty thousand. Like,
just to put it in perspective, my radio show gets
more listeners than that show.

Speaker 1 (20:06):
No, no, I love it, I love it, I love it.

Speaker 2 (20:09):
The reach of my radio show on KTU, we reach
millions of people. So when you look at it that way,
it's just like wow, Okay, So, like, are they going
to pivot and maybe do live streams? Maybe they won't
do them on cable anymore. It's an interesting time for
the industry, and I'm wondering if they're going to like
start to pick this apart and be like, maybe we
don't need to do this on cable TV. Maybe we

end up doing it streaming it on TikTok or on
YouTube only.

Speaker 1 (20:35):
Yeah, they can stream it on YouTube only. And even
though this year, in the VMA's defense, the viewership was
up thirty seven percent this year, so they did a
little bit better this year than they did last year.

Speaker 3 (20:48):
Well I will point out you know, something still not.

Speaker 1 (20:51):
Great, still not great, but they were up a little bit.

Speaker 3 (20:54):
Yeah, and that's good for them.

Speaker 2 (20:56):
Definitely, Like year to year, you always look for an increase,
but when we come back from the break, we have
a very important message. And I do want to wrap
something up with what Talia and Fat Joe had to say.

Speaker 1 (21:07):

Speaker 2 (21:12):
So, if you didn't see the award show, Dalia and
Fat Joe, they were presenting an award for the I
think it was for best Latin Song.

Speaker 1 (21:21):
I think it was yeah, best Latin Artist, which went to.

Speaker 2 (21:24):
Yeah, Oh oh my gosh, she just perfection. But I
think that they brought up something very interesting. They said
that this is the first year where Latin music generated
over a billion dollars. You know, previously it was always
like a subset of all of the different charts and
all of the different things that people were listening to.

And now I think that people are going to be
paying more attention when you see what the influence is
and how we just basically took over this show.

Speaker 1 (21:55):
We done took over the world. I feel like people
are so late to this, Carolina, but yes, a billion.

Speaker 2 (22:01):
Totally now you know what we want to hear what
you guys saw. What was your favorite performance?

Speaker 3 (22:05):
You know?

Speaker 2 (22:06):
I think that just when we see people like Carol
g selling out and coming to the New York tri
state area and people just going wild and crazy for her.
And you know, seeing the response to all of our
people out there on those stages. You know, what do
you think is next for our artists in music? Are
we really going to be the mainstream? Which is my
hope because I feel like we're already almost there.

Speaker 3 (22:28):
I would love to hear your thoughts. That's right.

Speaker 2 (22:35):
Oh wait, by the way, sidebar, I do want to
talk about did you see Sweety doing the on air
the red carpet.

Speaker 1 (22:42):
Wait, the correspondent work. Yeah, my god, she's such a cutey.
She kept licking that bone. I'm like, Sweety, stop, I'm
not even gay, but I'm getting turned on right now.

Speaker 2 (22:50):
Oh my gosh, but everybody on social media is talking
about that bone, talking about Flynn. Thought I was dying,
But you're right, she is absolutely adorable. Now, Honey, you
were telling me earlier today that you have a very
special message that you want to share this month with
our listeners, and I think it actually could either help

save a life or help somebody save somebody's life.

Speaker 1 (23:13):
That is a fact.

Speaker 3 (23:14):
You know.

Speaker 1 (23:14):
We're kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month this Friday, and I
work very closely with the American Heart Association and they
have a big stroke awareness campaign that's starting for Hispanic
Heritage Month, and I wanted to share with you guys.
You know, they have a special acronym you know that
they use in English, which is called FAST, and each
letter stands for a certain thing, with the F being

for face drooping, a arm weakness, s, speech difficulty and
ante time nicoll nine one one, and it's all things
that you can you can remember the acronym FAST and
then you can save someone's life. And what they've done
is now they've made it a Spanish language acronym and
these are all for stroke warning signs that you can
watch out for. So they made it rapido. Same thing

rapido lo primeo could do. It is roso, which means
face drooping equilibrio. You know that means that your equilibrium
is off. Then for your p you're gonna SEEO, which
means you're gonna lose strength in an arm, lay impedimento

visual repentino, which means sudden visual impediments. The D difficulty,
so you're gonna see difficulty in the perchin, the persons
speaking maybe slurred speech. And then the oh ajuda jama
and r A p I d o. And if you

memorize this acronym, you can save a life in your home,
in the street, at work. If you know what you're
looking for, Carolina, when a stroke is happening, you won't
be confused. You won't tell a family member, which a
lot of people do, especially in Latino households like a
so getta basando aquita the Sometimes it's us not knowing

the symptoms that makes us, you know, not react fast enough.
And with strokes, if you don't react fast enough, it
can result in a lot of brain damage, but ultimately
it can also result in death. So I want you
to save the life, not just this smuth, but just
moving forward.

Speaker 3 (25:18):
Definitely. Well, wapau rux is not the cure for everything, guys,
And you know, I think it really is not fun.
But truly, you know.

Speaker 2 (25:25):
If you put somebody to bed when they're exhibiting these
signs of a stroke, that could be the last time
that you see them.

Speaker 3 (25:32):

Speaker 2 (25:33):
So this is an acronym, and this is something that
you need to share with your parents, with your theas
and your theos whoever you can, and even like with
your primos to say, hey, look out for our older people.

Speaker 3 (25:43):
Look out for and not even just older people, look
out for each other.

Speaker 2 (25:46):
Everybody a stroke has no age discrimination.

Speaker 1 (25:50):
It really doesn't. I know a girl, her name is Tiffany,
very young girl in her twenties, and her mom is
the one that noticed. She was like, get the pass
in that like her her face started drooping on one side,
and her mom knowing that that is one of the
signs of someone having a stroke, it's what saved her life.

Speaker 3 (26:09):

Speaker 2 (26:10):
Well, hopefully you sharing this message. It is so important
and we want you guys to spread the word and seriously,
like it's as easy as a conversation, you know, letting
somebody know because they can even see those signs in themselves.
Maybe if they feel that weakness in their arm, they
could be like, wait a minute, is this something that
I should be going to the doctor for. You don't
want to waste any time when it comes to us, firk,

So thank you so much for sharing that with us, honey.

Speaker 1 (26:33):
But sure this is important and es latinos man, I
get I know.

Speaker 2 (26:38):
And there's also like a we have to look after
each other. Well, we hope you guys enjoyed this episode
as much as we did. Make sure that you guys
hit us up at l I spanguish on all social
media and I'm at the real Carolina.

Speaker 1 (26:52):
I am honey Jereman. Make sure you like you subscribe
and stream all the other episodes. If you missed anything,
go right back in and just binge them. Download them
when you're on a plane. You don't even need Wi
Fi because you know these planes be acting jas hell.
Have you download them when you're on a plane or
on the train, you could just listen to all of
our past episodes.

Speaker 3 (27:10):

Speaker 2 (27:10):
Let us keep you company and thank you guys for
joining us for another episode of Life in Spanglish.

Speaker 1 (27:18):
Lifeence Banglish is a production of Life Pence Banglish Productions
in partnership with Iheart'smiku Thuda podcast Network
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