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May 29, 2024 5 mins
Ramone says they had a great time, and even kissed at the end! So why is Celia giving him the slip now?
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More variety from the two thousands,the nineties, and today it's Star one
O one three. It's Marcus andCorey time once again. You know it,
second date update, it's on.We like to help people in their
dating lives what we do because we'reso good at it. Let's see,
we're basically relationship counselors. Basically,you went on a first date. Why
are you not getting the second date? We try to figure it out,

no idea. Let's bring in Ramon. Ramon, does this sound familiar?
It sounds very familiar. Yes,of course, very familiar. I mean,
let's jump right into it. Tellus about Celia. How did you
guys meet? First of all,Bumble we met on We met through that
Bumble dating site and just like wemet a while ago actually, so we've

been talking for ages and then wefinally, you know, we meet up.
We go out and it was aman, it was a great time,
like really great time. Wouldn't youguys end up doing Santana rou Okay,
all right, yeah, just lastweekend. I mean, she looked
exactly like she looked in all ofher pictures. We talked the same way.
We kind of talk as we do, you know, we did texting

back and forth prior to meeting.She was she had this beautiful curly hair,
really really gorgeous, wearing this blackdress. She was beautiful, really
great, and it went great.I mean it even ended in a in
a kiss. That's good. Yeahgood, that's what I thought. Okay,

But since then, nothing, it'sbeen. It's been like full on,
I've been left on red. Ahthe red receipts. Yeah, oh
maybe yeah, Oh wait here comesCorey's morbid theory has long curly hair.
Yeah, yeah, maybe like sheturned over in the middle of the night

and like choked on her own hair. Knew this was coming. That's plausible.
Appreciate you playing a long run on. Let's let's call her and just
confirm that it was in a hairaccident. Uh, we will. We'll
have you on the line. We'regonna give her a shout. Let's see

what she thought of the date.Okay, Ultimately, we'd love to get
you a second date, so let'sjust cross our fingers. Can you hang
on for a song? Absolutely,all right, Bud, we'll call her
next second date. Update Star one, O one three. More variety from
the two thousands, the nineties,and today Star one O one three.
It's Marcus and Corey and we're doingsecond Date Update. We've been chatting with
Ramona about his date with Celia,and y'all met on Bumble a little happy

hour at Santana Ro. Apparently shewas gorgeous. I'm just going over my
notes here. Sure, Ramon,did you say you guys kissed at the
end? We did. Yes,that's cute. And now she's gone,
yeah, let's figure it out.You know the drills. Go ahead and
mut your phone. We'll give hera shout right now, Okay, awesome,
here we go. Hello, Imay to speak with Celia. Please.

This is Celia. Hi Celia,It's Marcus and Corey from Star one
to one three. Hi. Howare you? I'm fine? Sorry to
bug a question. What do youlisten to our show? I've heard of
your show. Okay, we're doingour second Date Update segment. I don't
know if you're familiar. I thought, I'm okay, all right, fair

enough. It's a dating segment.And we got a call about you.
A gentleman who took you on ona date would love to take you out
again. He's feeling like maybe you'veghosted. We're just trying to figure out
why ultimately would love to broke hera second date. But yes, but
do you coming on the air andwe need answers. Do you have a
minute? I guess, I guess, so thank you. Yeah, would

love to ask you about your datewith Ramon. He would love to take
you out again. He loved yourvibe. So how is the date from
your perspective? It was okay,okay. It was a first date,
so I couldn't tell if it wasa friend vibe or if there was potential.

But something in my I feel likeit was disturbing happened. He was
Yeah, Corey, it's your favoriteadjective. That's that's quite a strong word.
Uh sorry, please do tell well. At the end of the day,
he walked me to my car andhe immediately kissed me, like yeah,

we heard about that. It wasnot good. It was pretty bad.
He he tried to like tongue kissme, and I felt him biting
my my mouth, my lips,and there was a lot of slobbering.
Really surprised because he was he seemedvery shy. So I had I had
no like assumptions, I had nolike It just came out of nowhere coming

on a little too hot. Itgrossed me out. I yeah, all
right, well, uh Ramon isthat actually on the phone? Because he
wanted to know what happened. Andnow we have some claricy moon, We've
got some answering. Are you there? I'm here? Hello? Right?
I mean, ouch, are youserious? That was a but there's no
way that was a good kish AndI mean I thought the signals were all

there to be honest with you,dude, you ate my face? I
did not. This reminds me ofeighth grade. I was playing sixty Seconds
to Heaven with Jamie Spamer and heate my face and I was like,
I am traumatized. Now let's puta cap on this. I'm calling no
Second Date. I get it.It's fine, cool, sounds good anyway.

Second Date Update seven oh five weekdaymornings replace it nine oh five.
The podcast will be up later thismorning on the iHeartRadio app. You can
go smash that subscribe button. It'sliterally called Marcus and Corey Second Date Update
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