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May 22, 2024 31 mins
Wolves vox Alan Horton in studio with PA for a couple segments on gameday!
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Come on, hey, so youhome. It's nine to new. Time

for two more personal foul live me. Just listen, Just listen. Cheval

hurry back on the floor, uptop and strips some of the basketball and
with a breakaway he'll rise up andjam it for two. Wolves climb back
to within two with thirty one secondsleft to go in the third, twenty
three to five is the run.Eight seconds left to go in the frame,
Denford just does have a foul togain. He's dancing on the perimeter

left side. He'll pull up forthe three and drain it with seven tens
of a second left to play inthe third quarter. Three quarter court shot
it and the buzzer is no goodby Jokic, pen of Timberwolves storing toward
their bench. They are fired upand ready for what should be a fantastic
fourth quarter. Timberwolves have possession.There's only five to shoot, and they

get it into Rudy along the basesides. Got a tough haul. The
way it's up and drops in,it could be your night. Rudy go
there beats the shot clock buzzer witha heave and a prayer over Jokic from
eighteen feet out left side ninety news. Here's hand off the un Christian Brown

watching him so is yo. It'snow Yokic backs away where he sets the
high screen. He zips it leftside, commonly comes down with a tough
catch. He's got it against JamalMurr. He's trying to free himself,
rise up with a triple and drainsit at the shot clock buzzer, and
Mike turns over to the Wolves penchand says, yeah, three fingers down.
Timberwolves are up seventy five to seventytwo. Baking on the double.

Don McDaniels to nas Reed left side, back to jayde and six to shoot.
Ant's got it up top against court. Frees himself rises up three ball
all the way off the ripo slamfollow nas Red, the sixth Man of
the Year comes soaring it from thewing and he puts the walls up.
Eighty nine, eighty two. Na'swith a bunch for fourth quarter. He's

got eleven for the game. Conveypicks the fucket of Jamal Murray. Conley
feeds us An Oz down the lane, extra path to the corner and sets
himself fired the three pee head tadsit's ninety two eighty two. The Wolves
lead by ten with three zero fiveleft to play. An unfunbelievable turn around
here in the second half from downtwenty to up ten in a game seven

with everything on the line, Tinytwo eighty two timeout denver ugus, what
foul here? With seven on theshot on Conley left angle, drives on
Michael Porter tu and your runs itup. No slam follow Karl Anthony Towns.

He's sored in from the wing.He puts the Wolves up seven.
With thirty nine seconds left, you'llget jumping to the front course off to
KCP. He'll rise up for thethree. It's offline. Towns has got
the rebound. With thirty seconds leftthe Nuggets, we'll back off. They
won't foul. It's over over thatright There was the voice of Alan Horton,

the radio play by play voice forthe how Well the Minnesota Timberwolves.
And welcome to a sunny Wednesday inthe neighborhood. The neighborhood being FM one
hundred point three kfa N. Thisis the nine to noon presentation from the
six five to one Carpets plus Studios, and I'm Paul Allen Order produces,

and we are eagerly awaiting Alan tojoin the nine to noon show and studio
that should happen very soon to discussGame one of the Western Conference Finals seven
thirty tonight for the tip tap againstthe vaunted Dallas Mavericks with Luka Doncic and
Kyrie Irving and thanks to timber Techand TimberTech dot Com, part of the
What's on Deck nine to Noon today. I mean, we knew this,

what's going on box, We knewthis, and we know this. But
at ten o'clock when my friend Asturnfrom the ticket in Dallas, yeah he
does afternoon Drive when he joins nineto Noon, I guess I had just,
you know, haphazardly forgotten what they'regoing through in the Big D right

now. I mean, they gotthe Stars in the Western Conference Final,
they get the Mavericks in the WesternConference Finals, and the Texas Rangers are
World Series champions. I mean,thank heavens for the rest of the sporting
community. They still have the counterfeitCowboys, but it's it's just an absolute
embarrassment of riches down there right now, isn't it. All they do is

win down there in the Big D. Apparently now the football team which is
supposed to win every aspect of thatsports conversation in the Dallas Fort Worth area.
They haven't done much in the lastthirty years, but Dallas Stars Norm
Green still sucks. We hate Saganand Ben all of that, and Ottinger
we still kind of love him becausehe's got Lakeville cred. So we get

through the hockey side of it,Burnsville or get a million coving and cleanup
provided by nobody Ottinger, Burnsville notLakeville. No. Six four six eight
six, please my mistake. Butin the end, it's about Luca,
and it's Kyrie, and it's Auntand it's Cat, it's oh My,
and it starts tonight and we can'thelp with the hockey, we can't help
with the baseball side of things,but we can put a stop to those

winning ways in Dallas with handling thisseries as it kicks off tonight. Fucks
Alan Horton, thanks for helping nineto noon. What's up, my brother?
What I got from your last statementis that this is not going to
hurt as badly for Dallas fans becausethey've got their hockey and they've got their
baseball. They're going to be finewhen when the Wolves, what what do

you want to call it? Youwant to say a sweep, you want
to say five games, gentlemen,sweep? You know who knows? But
the box is firing early. That'sright, wame one tonight, Let's do
this off that. You know youget money lines, right, well,
I like in betting, like pointsspreads money lines. I don't. I
don't actually get a full grasp ofit. I have not. I've not
ever spent any time on it.And let me just let me. You

said, what do you got?You know, like sweep, win it
in seven or whatever? Fan duelhas odds, it's for the correct series
finale, for like the Timberwolves winningin x amount of games. So the
Timberwolves winning the series four to threeis what's known as plus four hundred,

which means it's four to one.So Alan puts up his one hundred Wolves
win in seven, Alan scoops fivehundred. He gets the four hundred.
Assumably you're with me on that.The Timberwolves winning in five, which would
be four games to one, wellthat's lower. That's plus three sixty,
which means it's taking more money thana seven game series win. The Timberwolves

win in six four to two.That's five to one plus five hundred.
So think about that for a second, suggesting it is more probable the Minnesota
Timberwolves win in five than in six, and notably more likely given those odds.
It boggles the mind a bit thatthe cash, the significant amount of
cash. They're known as wales,they're known as sharps, they're known as

the big betters, those who playthings like this. The majority of the
money has come in on the MinnesotaTimberwolves winning the series in five games.
How about that box? Yeah,you know, it's always interesting too,
a CD variety on your side.You know, those odds always shift right
because of the amount of money orwho's side you're betting on. But yet

those lines, so they're based onthe actual money. It's not necessarily that
they think that X team is goingto be white beat white team by three
and a half points in football,but it turns out to be pretty accurate
most of the time. Those thoselines are incredible. But all I know
is that the Wolves are playing goodbasketball, They're coming off a heck of
a series against Denver, and they'vegot a really good chance against this Dallas

team. Why don't. I don'tknow. Do you have a good feel
for them right now? Yeah,we saw Phoenix at the end of the
year, then we play them,You see Denver at the end of the
year. We played them last year. We know Denver really well. Dallas
we saw four times and we weredone with them before the end of January.
Kyrie didn't play in three of thosegames, Luca didn't play in two
of those games, and then theywent at the trade deadline and remade their

team with Gafford and PJ. Washingtoncoming in. So it's we haven't seen
this team in a long time,and the team we saw is not the
team that we're going to see comingstarting tonight. Well, let's begin with
the obscure. The demise of TimHardaway Junior is not greatly exaggerated. Why
didn't the heck happen to Tim HardawayJunior's game? Man, he's playing like

six ten minutes a game. Well, how many years does he end now?
I mean it's ten plus, right, it's been a while. He's
I think he's one of those guysthat probably is on the second half of
his career. To say not mildly, and you've got younger guys coming in
like Josh green and Hardy and DerekJones Junior has played well. They've found
some They have a a lot ofguys they could turn to kind of in

that, you know, spot upfor a three off a Luca drive and
kick out, and he hasn't playedas well as some of those other guys.
And they've got options out there,and they've got they've got good shooting
around Luca. He sets up thecorner three better than any player in the
league, year in year out.He loves to find the guys in the
corners. And that Hardaway Junior.That was Hardaway Jr. In the past,

it absolutely was. Now it's kindof Derek Jones Junior and some of
the guys I mentioned, Josh Greene, it's it's it's gonna be a handful.
You go from defending a big inJokic and which centers kind of around,
you know, lower down on thefloor in the paint, involving your
bigs. Now you go to aseries where you got to focus on the
perimeter. It's Kyrie, it's Luca, this is Jayden, this is ant

this is nikeel matching up against thosetwo, Alan Horton at Wolves Radio via
Twitter, following him as nine tonoon. Does is Derek Jones Junior there?
Jaden McDaniels. I mean, dothey look at him that way?
It's a similar frame, right,He's got a similar type size. I
don't think he's as good defensively.I don't feel like I've seen Derek Jones
Junior the last a ton the lastcouple of years. He's bounced around a

little bit. He's certainly found ahome in Dallas now. But he is
He's long, he's springy, hecan attack the glass, don't I wouldn't
put him on Jayden's par defensively?After he makes second team All Defense yesterday.
What a great honor for Jayden,well deserved and Derek Jones Junior probably
will get Anthony. I would imagineAnthony Edwards. I mean, are they
really going to try to put KyrieIrby? Yeah, it's interesting how they

will match up. I always kindof look towards how are we going to
match up with the opponent, whoeverit is. But there are some there
are some problems that the Wolves offenseI think creates for this Dallas defense.
Even though since the trade deadline theywent twenty one to nine. They had
a top ten offense and top tendefense. It's that and that lineup was
really good with Gafford in it,and I guess PJNPJ Washington, but that

lineup has struggled a little bit inthe postseason. They've actually been better with
Derek Lively as their centers to theGafford. So I'm interested to see if
the Wolves can kind of take advantageof that with Gafford out there and their
other starting four. They haven't beenreal good in the postseason. Well,
the it's with the Mavericks. Imean, it's I'm that the MAVs caught
significant stride at the end of theseason and haven't stopped. And it causes

me to hearken with Nordo and Ibeing at the Vikings facility on a Wednesday,
and you know, we're putting theshow together and everything, and I
just like all show. I waslike, I just have to slide in
what I saw last night with theMavericks at the Miami Heat. So the
heater this is very late in theseason and the Heat were full strength.
So they got Jimmy the Bulldog,they got Tyler Hero, they got Bam

at a bio and I watched thesecond half of the game, and it
not only did they kill a Heatteam supposedly ascending for the postseason like they
did last year, but Luke andKyrie clearly were loving each other and playing
agenda free basketball. And why Ideclided and was like, I couldn't believe
what I saw. Man. Kyriewent down hard play stops, there's a

foul, Luca runs like forty feetokay to help him up and like dust
him off, and I'm like,that's a problem. I mean, they're
playing incredibly well. They're agenda freereally for the first x amount of weeks
since they've been together, and nowthey're loving each other. So that what
took place at the end of theyear. Then they get killed by the
Clippers, but they win, thenthey get I think they lost Game one

in the OKC, then they winthe series. So it's it's they caught
fire at the end of the year. Like you said, twenty one to
nine posts that trade, man,but it just hasn't stopped. Yeah,
and that's you mentioned. The keything is their agenda free between Kyrie and
Luca. If you don't have symmetrythere, you don't have that chemistry,
it's not going to work. It'sworked for them. And the one time

the Wolves did see Dallas this year, Kyrie and Luca they combined for like
seventy points and they won the game. And when they're playing like that,
it makes it awfully tough to defendbecause Luca can create so much. Kyrie
seems to be okay with playing offwhen Luca's got the ball, but Luke,
I mean, Kyrie still gets plentyof touches, plenty of shots,

and when he gets cooking, heis still at the very elite of scoring.
He's just he's almost unstoppable when hegets on a roll. That's one
of the keys is you can't letthat guy get cooking. Another segment,
Fuck with Alan Horton, who willbe calling the Wolves and Mavericks Game one
of the Western Conference Finals this eveningfrom Target Center with Jim Peterson and all

of that is a courtesy of timberTech and TimberTech dot Com. What's on
Deck includes Mike Florio from pft A. You know we at about nine forty,
Bob Stern from the Ticket in Dallaswith some MAVs Intel at about ten
o'clock ten oh three, he's inconcerns into this series, and you can
you can get into the talkback machineif you're interested, via the free iHeartRadio

app and find the microphone and chatabout the series. What you think are
some keys, maybe some concern earnefor either team, and you can do
that and we will sprinkle them induring the course of the radio show.
And Young Alec joins in studio atabout eleven o'clock. I'm Paul Allen.
It's nine fourteen. Good morning.Here's Ordo with the cash thing. The

fanom big deck dot com want togive you a chance to put a grand
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Might win a thousand dollars with thekeyword money at kfan dot com.
Man, Yeah, this is Rickfrom Duluth. I'm excited for Dallas tonight.

And yes they've got some studs andKyrie and Luca, but we just
slaved the joker like Batman, Imean ant Man with Katman and the Frenchman
and the sixth Man. Let's gowolves at six baby, Hey, Frank

and Austin here I really think oneof the keys to this series is going
to be how closely the refs aregoing to be calling to Luca, you
know, over selling of fouls.He's a real foul merchant out there obviously
playing into the flow of the game. I think you can get Kat into
significant foul trouble if Kat is notcareful. So we just we just need

to be sure to be on topof it and not let him get away
with it. Littlebacks and all merchants. Yeah, I love so do I
Yeah, well, specifically in thatyou know, Luca and Kyrie penetrate so
well, and they're isolation artists,so to speak. So you know,
what I've been thinking a little bitabout is like Rudy Nas and Karl Anthony
Town specifically Rudy is It's going tobe so different with Rudy and these guys

in this series compared to the lastone. You know, these guys come
streaking down the key and Luca hasthat sneaky little stop and go and everything's
in slow motion, but he hasyou exactly where he wants you. I'm
just really I'm not I'm not bearguy, I'm faith guy. But I'm
just really hoping we're not dealing withfoul trouble every game. Yeah, I
mean it. With the way theWolves play defense, how the game is
reffed is always going to be atopic, and the more physical the Wolves

can be, the better off theyare. In terms of Luca, it's
just amazing watching him. Isn't apa. He looks like he's out of
shape, he looks overweight, helooks injured half the time, and yet
he's still dominant and an elite playerin this league. He doesn't move with
a Yeah, he doesn't, andhe and he doesn't play with that.
His pace is like half of whateverybody else's pace. But he he decelerates

really well, like like the greatones do, even when he's not you
know, one hundred percent. Forhim speed wise is just not not that
fast, but yet it throws youoff. It's he's he's so crafty in
his size. He's big enough tobounce off of bigs and he's still got
enough size to go right hand,left hand and finish over over people as
well. Hey help me with this. So with the end of Sunday,

do you think the Mercenary Ballerina engineerbecame apoplectic when he knew his and the
Nuggets were going to lose, andhe rolled back in his chair and like
knocked you guys off the air.Was it a mercenary engineer who sabotaged the
vast and ever expanding Timberwolves radio network. It was not our man. Alan

Baka is our engineer in Denver.He's been solid, he's been great.
We moved down court side. Theyhad issues courtside when ESPN Radio was there
in game one, Wow, whenwe were there down court side in game
two, and then ESPN Radio wasback in game three, four five,
And in each of those games theyhad internet connection issues. An internet cable

comes out of the floor somewhere andit connects to a little box on the
table and then you set up allyour things off of that, and for
some reason that thing went a littlehaywire in all four of those broadcasts.
And so Denver's got some issues courtsidethat they apparently need to fix. So
it wasn't a mercenary Nuggets, Itwasn't a one time only thing. So

it's a pattern of a pattern ofdropping that they seemingly could not fix over
time. Because it became an issuepeople tried to fix it, and I
you know, who knows professional otherwise, it was one hundred percent clear the
whole game until the final until thefinal twenty second Professionally speaking, I mean
that that feeling that I would imagineyou had once you knew that that we

dropped off the air here for justa little bit. It's terrible, isn't
it. Yeah, And you don'treally know because it just you know,
you're only hearing what you're saying.But while it was trying to reconfigure and
reconnect, I could hear the mixedminus, so I could hear myself in
a necho and I'm like, oh, that's not good. I know something's
up. Yeah. Then you're like, col take me out of audition exactly,

all right, Well it happened tome. Yeah, Oakland Alameda Coliseum.
In twenty fifteen, the Raiders rightat the end of the first half
lost connection, so there was nocall of a Cordarol Patterson. It went
down for one play, a corDaryl Patterson ninety three yard kick return touchdown.

That was a freaking masterpiece. Andof course after the game, Vikings
killed the Raiders after the game inthe locker room, special teams coach Mike
prefer for the first time on acord aero Patterson touchdown, walks up to
me and says, what did yousay during the call? And sadness then
ensued when I explained to him whathappened. So when I caught wind to

this man, I was like,I've been there, and I can completely
feel your verbal related pain. Yeah, it's hard because there's really nothing you
can do about it, and there'snothing anybody can do about it at that
point, and so it's up it'sof handling it with poison. Yeah,
and it's just it's frustrating. Butthe overall picture of the Wolves are going
to the Western Conference. Fat joband hopefully there are more big calls to

come. Who's the MAVs radio voxand does he do a good job?
Yeah, Chuck cooperstein Is. Ithink he's one of the best. And
it used to be with the ESPNthey were like national thing. I don't
know about that, but he was. They used to be on ESPN in
Dallas, and I think they've bouncedaround stations a little bit. But yeah,
Chuck's elite, So it'll be funto see him for prolonged series.

So so do you happen like yourrecall with games. I would imagine it's
pretty good, just like like littledetails or certain facets of things. And
here's the point. Is February oftwenty twenty three. Okay, so last
season, your Wolves are at Dallas. All right, it's that game they
won right at the wire where theMavericks had the ball with Luca and Kyrie.

Okay, so it's here come theMAVs. They're going to try to
tie it and they're down three atDallas and McDaniels pokes it away. Luca
has to run in the back courtto get it, and so here come
the picks as the clock's running down, and the defense McDaniels and Edwards played
on Kyrie and Luca. They beatevery pick. They're only like two and

they beat them, and like auntKyrie pick oh Aunt Luca, Jade and
Kyrie. They kept shuffling back andforth. Dallas didn't get off a shot
Nope. So I mean that thatis like a little microcosm of kind of
like what has to happen seventy fivepercent of this series potentially to win,
right, Yep, that's a that'sa moment you definitely don't forget because it

was so outstanding defensively, and it'sgonna take that kind of effort absolutely right
from Jaden and Aunt specifically in thatmatchup, of slowing these guys down.
It's a it's you know, it'sa lot like going against yokit Cha Murray.
You're not gonna shut them down.They're still gonna get points. I
mean, Jokich still had an unbelievableseries, right when you look at the
numbers that he put up, Butif you can keep that field goal percentage

down a little bit, those turnoversup. They blocked his shot eleven times
in that series. The Wolves lengthreally bothered him. They've got to do
a similar thing against Kyrie and Luca. Make them an efficient and that might
mean just you know, ten percentshooting less and saying from three and maybe
those turnovers are up a little bitand they can't afford to get into foul
difficulty. It's that that goes withoutsaying, especially for Jaden who was prone

to picking some of those up.But I think they're up for the challenge.
I think I think I think theyknew this Denver series was big,
and it's almost like a boost comingoff of that the other day yesterday had
practice. I mean, they justseem light, they seem ready to go.
They're focused in and they kind offeel like getting over Denver is a
big hurdle, and rightfully so.They're defending champs, the three time MVP
all that, and I think theythey see an opportunity here. They need

eight wins, they're focused on it, and they could win an NBA title.
The con Yeah, you know,talking about not shutting Luca and Kyrie
down, but but you mentioned itperfectly. I mean, for instance,
Jokic missing those seven threes, right, I mean, he's still gonna get
thirty plus points, But how daggeringwas it that he wasn't able He was
forced into taking so many of themand missing them. So she took ten.

I mean that's that's the most he'shad in the game in the entire
season, regular season or postseason.And when when when we did that to
him twice by the way, itwas Yeah, and when you're doing that,
that's that's a win for the defense. If he if he's taking a
three, the percentage is say that'sa you're better off with that than him
doing damage elsewhere on the floor orsetting up somebody else to do damage on

a wide open three. So withthis, with this squad ahead of us
here though not shutting them down,how do we look at have you played
the game of matching up our roleplayers versus there? So you guys are
talking about Derek Jones Junior and insome ways this team. We didn't see
him like this incarnation or iteration ofthis group because of the PJ. Washington
acquisition. We didn't see him duringthe regular season like this. But in

the end, have you played thegame at all? Allen of Okay,
Well, I know that the guywas a Josh Green, Jayden Hardy off
the bench, Derek and and HardawayJunior has just been in albatross at times
this year just inability to find hisshot. But then he'll bounce for thirty
out of nowhere on a random Tuesday. But then playing that game of okay,
what this is where Nikiel sits.This is what we need out of

him, still need those two orthree triples a night, Nas and how
he matches up with such a muchlarger front court in the style of how
Dallas plays. Have you done thatgame that mix and match ours versus theirs?
At all. As we enter tonight'sgame not so far down onto the
roster. I think you focus inon the heavy hitters, and you kind
of, you know, if youstart to try to plan too much for

their bench. Now you're your deeperinto the game, and then all of
a sudden, someone gets in fouldifficulty, or maybe one of the Dallas
guys gets a fouled over that changestheir equation and rotation, and now you're
kind of playing is messed up.I think you focus in on the two
three things you want to hit onand let your and let your bench kind
of do the rest when they comein, and not worry about so much

about matchups at that point. Butmaybe there are some times where they've got
an idea of hey, when DerekLively's on, we kind of want to
do this with this personnel. Soit's the great thing about I think one
of the strengths of Chris Finch andhis staff is their ability to adapt on
the fly. I don't like tohave things perfectly laid out because it ends
up being most of the time,or almost one hundred percent of the time,

a waste of time because it doesn'twork out perfectly every time. There's
always some wrinkle that is thrown inthere that you have to adapt to.
So you come in with a generalidea and and maybe some bullet points top
three, top five, and thenyou kind of on the fly. Just
after that, the officials report hasbeen released. Maybe you've seen it,
maybe you have not. Mark Davis. Mark Davis is back. This is

the fourth time in this postseason forthe Wolves. Another two and one,
two and one. Okay, wegot him in. You got him twice
in this nug series. Yes,twice in the Nuggets series two and six.
Yeah, so it's Mark Davis andhis crew. It is it fair
to say the Timberwolves caught breaks thelast two series with Grayson Allen getting hurt

and Michael Porter Junior playing through justan awful ordeal with all three of his
brothers. I mean, I wouldsay Michael Porter Junior, no, because
he played great in the La Lakersseries and I don't know if anything changed
in the last couple of weeks,so he really Yeah, so he played
really well, average over twenty points, he shot almost fifty percent from three.
He was a big reason why theygot by the Lakers in five games.

Yep, that's and they really lockedhim down the final four games.
I was looking at those numbers.He first three games he averaged about eighteen
points. He was shooting over fortypercent, and then and then silenced the
last four games. Yeah, youobviously catch a break when Grayson Allen can't
play. I don't know that heswings the series though, right, Yeah,
as hot as he was into it, I ain't gonna say he's going
to swing it, but it definitelywas catching. They missed him, They

missed his three point shooting, nodoubt. You know this, this this
may be dumb. And when sportsstorm Bob Sterm from the Ticket in Dallas,
who follows this very closely, joins, I'm going to ask him the
same thing. Maxi Kleeber is importantto what the Dalaks Dallas Mavericks do.
Now. He's a role player,he's been out since the Clippers series,
but he's a big who hits threes. He knows how to play with Luca

and Kyrie, and he's selfless.So it's like every detail, every little
piece of minutia matters this time ofthe year. And I think them not
having Maxi Kleeber, uh, youknow, they may get him back somewhere
later in the series, but nothaving MAXI Kleeber just pulls another body from
a bench that already is not verygood. He's big too, He's got

good size, so he can matchup against some of the Wolves, bigs,
against Kat, against Nas, andyeah, that's that's that's definitely a
loss for them, and it doescreate the next question of then who does
match up against Towns, who doesmatch up against Nas. You will see
how this all plays out, ButI think it's you know, I don't
know how Kleiba was not as biga factor this year. I think even
when he was healthy, I don'tfeel like he was in the rotation a

lot. Again, it's a it'sa team. We haven't seen a whole
lot this year, at least thelast couple of months. So yeah,
but I always liked his I mean, that's exactly what Dallas and Rick Carlisle
then and then now Jason Kidd want, like a you know, you want
a big almost seven footer stroking threesat a forty percent clip. That's a
that's a really nice luxury to have. Any any chance you watch any all

Y Frasier or type Spinks before thisseries, I don't know if I'll have
time to squeeze that in before Igo on the air tonight. So I
just look at some highlights, youthink, just to get kind of a
little pumped up. Why I bringit up is PJ. Washington will try
to agitate, and he's an agitator. And there were multiple times in the
OKAC series and the Clippers series specificallyhim and Russell Westbrook where they almost fought

five times. So PJ. Youknow, Pj's game is resurgent from his
l days with Charlotte, and he'shitting big threes and stuff like that.
It has come back to the packa little bit near the end of the
OKC series. But watch for thattonight, PJ. With those sneaky little
elbows. The game's going to Ipredict the game stops at least once every
game because of him trying to getsomebody. Just think Bradley Beal and Anthony

Edwards final regular season game, firstquarter when Beal tried to suck Ant into
an ejection. PJ does that theentire game. Well, we'll see,
we'll see if he's able to getinto the skin. I know Luca is
going to be the forefront of everywhistle and everything, and the crowd's going
to get into it. What agreat moment it's gonna be tonight. I

mean for the fans to especially toopen this series at home, which didn't
happen in the Denver series. AndI think, I just think starting this
series at home with the packed houseanother wide out, it's gonna be awesome.
The atmosphere is gonna be electric,and I think it's an intriguing matchup.
And we'll see how the Wolves comeout. I mean, I really
hope they come out and set thetone in Game one. I think they're

ready. They'll have a shoot aroundin about an hour from now and they'll
just put some finishing touches on somethings. It is a little different not
having this week to prepare. Wehad a week at the end of the
regular season before Phoenix basically had aweek before the Denver series, then had
like three days in between games twoand three, and so now you kind
of we flew home after the gameon Sunday night, got in about two
am rest day on Monday. Theygot back in the gym on Tuesday yesterday,

and so it's a little more condensed. But I think from here on
out. It's every other day.There will be no breaks until you get
done with this series. And Ithink the NBA Finals would start on a
set date, so there might bea little bit of a gap then,
but still long ways to go toget there. Have fun, my brother,
and thank you sir. We willbe listening. Thank you, Alan,
Thanks Alan Horton. Fuck Radio playby play for the Timberwolves on KFA

in this evening seven point thirty Gameone Western Conference Finals, Mavericks and t
Wolves to football with Florio
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