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May 22, 2024 22 mins
Bob Sturm joins PA to offer the Mavs perspective into this series!
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Faith and Goal joining us now.Bob Sterm, somebody I've known for quite
some time at sports Storm via Twitter. He's part of the wildly popular Hardline
afternoon drive show on the Ticket inDallas. It's a flamethrower and uh and
Bob joins us now, thanks thanksfor helping my man and and and I've
been meaning to ask you this questionfor years. And when I looked at

your Twitter yesterday, it triggered thequestion, what what's behind your Twitter profile
picture? And that half man,half zombie. It's a Sons of Anarchy
tribute. Oh yes, the backin the day Jax teller Sons of Anarchy

that showed up as one of theFX promo posters for a season of Sons
of Anarchy. And I always likeJackson, I myself just just as handsome,
yes, and so so I thoughthalf skull, half me was appropriate.
So I don't know. And it'skind of silly, but so much
like Jack's teller, you're very comfortableriding hogs. I always love that one,

wouldn't that be? And I lovethat I love that series. I
don't watch TV a lot or likeseries and stuff like that, but like
the end of that without you know, for those who want to watch it
one day, the end of itwas so sad. Yeah, yeah,
it's uh, it was. Itwas very solid television in its day.
I have no regrets all right,at sports STM, at sports Storm via

Twitter, and Bob is an elitesports mind. And let's get right to
it, ma'am. You know withthat four hour drive time show that you
have hardline you you you're a cohost. How do you balance the four
hour afternoon show with the Stars andMAVs in the Western Conference final finals,
the Rangers playing off a World Serieswin, and the super popular Cowboys still

as counterfeit as ever, Like,how do you? How do you balance
it? I don't know. It'sa great question. It's honestly, we've
had plenty of years in DFW wherenothing was happening sports wise. So now
that everything's happening sports wise, weshould not we should not act like this
is normal. It's not. It'sinsane. And the last month has been

crazy and uh and it continues now. The good news, PA is that
finally here in round three, atleast the Stars and MAVs games won't be
happening simultaneously, because that was thewhole second round and it was horrible.
So so finally they each get theirown night and we can go through the

thrill of victory and the agony ofdefeat in real time without any interruption.
So the Rangers are kind of onthe back burner right now, as as
will happen in a baseball season duringthe playoffs for hockey and basketball. But
that's okay. They'll be they'll bearound. But but I would imagine you
get tach or if you guys dotalkbacks or phone calls or emails or whatever,

you know, like like, theCowboys are so popular, not only
there but everywhere. I mean,you know, do do people are they
so bit by the Stars and theMAVs they couldn't care less right now about
Cowboys organized team activities? Yeah,I think so. Well, it's not
just Stars and Mavericks though, it'sthe Cowboys themselves have put this fan base

in a zombie like trance themselves,where you know, I think the Cowboys
could go sixteen and one next yearand people would be largely unmoved until they
see something in January. And Ithink the fact that the Packers dropped an

elbow on them in the wild Cardround in a game where they did not
see that coming because finally Aaron Rodgerswas gone and they could they could deal
with Green Bay. I on thatone really hurt the credibility of the Cowboys
situation. Dude, They're twelve andfive, twelve and five twelve at five,
they're thirty six and fifteen over thelast three years, and everybody sort

of acts like they're going to geta top five pick next year because there's
no home So that's you know,you know, the drill. So the
storyline, knowing you as long asI have the storyline that I'm guessing is
most deeply rooted in your heart.Of all hearts ever to heart right now
would be the Stars because once Askanie, always a s Kanie, right,

you just love hockey? Yeah,yeah, yeah, I love the game,
love the game very much. Nownow, I'm also psychic enough that
I'm you know, super plugged intothe NBA. Have been my whole life,
and so I am. I amthe type of sports nerd that if
you ask me my favorite sport,it will depend on what day and what
month you ask me. Yeah,because because I am endlessly fascinated by all

this. But but yeah, Idefinitely have found my niche in Dallas,
Texas by arriving in nineteen ninety eightand finding out that none of the media
down here had ever really followed hockeybefore, and so get in where you
fit in, and you know,explain the two line pass to the Texans
and so forth, and they understoodthe fighting part of it. They enjoyed

Shane Turla. But yeah, hockey, hockey is my It was my entrance
to DFW, so I can't everleave that behind. I love those guys
and I've had tickets ever since,speaking of the fighting part of it.
Sports Storm at Sports Storm, BobSturm ticket in Dallas. PJ Washington,
you know, it's his career hasbeen resurrected. He hits big threes from

the corner. But like back tothe Clipper series, he and Westbrook the
OKC series. I'm not you know, I'm not saying PJ is dirty.
I'm not going to put him inlike the Draymond Green category. But he
is a tough minded agitator. Isn'the tough minded for sure? Yeah?
Probably agitator. Honestly, Pa,from where I sit watching the Mavericks play

from the time they drafted a nineteenyear old Dirt Novitsky. They have always
had the wrap for twenty five seasonsof being soft, and whether that's fair
or not is a subjective question.But objectively, they've won a ton of
games. They've been to the NBAFinals twice. They've been to the Western

Finals like five or six times.Five times. In fact, coun trivia
question, even though you didn't askme, Mark Cuban has been to more
conference championship games than Jerry Jones,so that one's free. But the ability
for this team to get a littlebit of toughness was important, and they've
done that. They've built a rosteraround Doncic that is filled with scrappers,

a bunch of guys who want whowon't back down, who will get in
your face. Yes, in somecases that means American dudes with sharp elbows
surrounding either the big german or nowthe the medium sized Litvanian and they you
know it fits well. They're atough team now and I've never seen it

before. In fact, they can. I'm not saying they can do it
against Minnesota because that's that's a differentanimal, of course, but they have
controlled the paint in these first tworounds. They have outdunked their opponents substantially
in these first two rounds, andhonestly, you've never been able to really
say that about a Mavericks team.So it's pretty wild to see this personality
shift under Nico Harrison and Jason Kidd. When when Luca gets now he plays

with a perma scal And I'm afan and and you know, I caught
I've said this fifteen times, butI caught a Mavericks game into the season
at Miami when the Heat were fullstrength with Butler at a bio and a
Tyler hero and they needed the gameand Luca and Kyrie just went down there
and killed him. I mean,and that was part of a heater at

the end of the season for theMAVs. And I jumped on the radio
next day and I'm like, Igot to share what I just saw.
I mean that these guys have they'rea problem, and they can go to
the NBA Finals and here they area step run from it. So with
Luca, when he gets frustrated andthings go against him, generally speaking,
what's happening, Well, he's probablynot getting his way. I mean,

he's Tim Duncan times two or threein terms of believing he deserves calls,
and he often does. It's aweird deal because when guys are emotional,
it works against them. They thinkthey're working the rest to their favor,
but I think they're working the restto their detriment. Where the rest gets

sick and tired of hearing from you, and they want you to just tough
it out like some of the otherguys do. And so the more I
think, honestly, and here's onefor you, we just did Sons of
Anarchy. Let's move over two.Empire Strikes Back, where you where young
Luke is trying to be a Jediand he's emotionally immature, and Yoda is
working with him to understand that getyour anger out of this, get your

emotions out of this, and thenyou could be a calm Jedi and take
care of things. And there arenights where Luca is a calm Jedi,
and I'm promising you on those nights, nobody in the world can stop him.
And then there are other nights wherehe loses the plot and chases the
rest around and doesn't always have greatfocus because he's emotionally lost in the woods

and those are the Knights. Youcan get at him a little bit,
and so it's a work in progress. I'd like to tell you he's learned
in his six years of being anNBA superstar, but honestly, and we
just saw in the last round.You know, in Round four, in
game four, he lost his mindagainst Oklahoma City. Then in round in
game five he never wavered and destroyedthem. And then in Game six,

in the first half he was emotionaland they were behind, and then at
halftime he he kind of regained hiscomposure and they were again unstoppable. So,
uh, he's one of one paYou've never seen anything like Luka Donca.
He is a genius. He isone of the most gifted players I've
ever seen. But he also isan acquired taste and the visceral reaction he

gives a fan base who isn't realfamiliar with him is generally their first thought
is I can't stand this guy.But sometimes after a two week series and
maybe this will happen in Minnesota,at some point, it's like, man,
this guy is kind of a ballhandling modern day Larry Bird in terms
of how how how much of agene how eyes in the back of his

head. How he's he's so goodat manipulating everything how almost like like a
gifted soccer player like Messy. Hesees three plays ahead, or he can
he can see through track, seea pass nobody else can even imagine.
So, uh, keep an eyeon, doncha. She's he's one of
a kind. There are very fewcomps, even though I just tried Larry
Bird. But but but he's he'sreally a special talent and and and an

interesting one as well, because,like I said, he can he can
burn hot at times, as isKyrie. And and when he played in
the NBA Finals with Cleveland, hehad some really good defensive moments on staff.
And you know, k Kyrie's highend. He's one of the best
ball handling guards in the history ofthe NBA. His his box scores are
down, But that doesn't mean he'snot necessarily impacting games, right, Oh

absolutely, yeah, yeah, Kyrieis fascinating for on on and off court
reasons. But but you asked aboutthe on court impact, and I should
answer that one properly by simply saying, he seems like at times he's waiting
for basically to be told attack,and and there's a there's there's always a

chemistry issue when you have a coupleof superstars where it's like, OK,
when is it my turn? Andand Kyrie is so self assured, like
he does not at any point showinsecurity about his numbers or he hasn't shot
in the last five minutes so heneeds to get a shot. He's not
like that at times. He sitsback and lets Luca cook. And then

there's this deal where it's almost like, you know, Jason Kidd nods at
him and says, go get me, you know, eighteen points this quarter,
and he does it like he heis an incredible ability to step on
the gas. And I really thinkKyrie is going to be huge in this
series because he's been kind of passivein these last two rounds a little bit,

and I think Oklahoma City really madehim a focus of their defense,
partly because Kyrie or Luca's knee hasbeen pretty jacked up. But I think
Luca's knee is getting better. Andyou know, during the season, those
two average sixty points a game comebuying fifty nine to five or something like
that. And about about four orfive games into the Oklahoma City series that

had dropped to about thirty five agame thirty seven, and so man,
they lost twenty two points a gamefrom Luca and Kyrie. That's crazy.
Well, luckily PJ. Washington andmany other friends were scoring and they were
still winning games. But I thinkin this series they're going to have to
go back to that sixty points agame between Luca and Kyrie if they're going
to be able to score, becausethe paint is going to be more difficult

to come by against your big boys. Last two here Sportstorm and the only
time the Mavericks beat the Wolves thisyear, I mean, the four game
series was bastard in that Luca playedtwo, Kyrie played one, but when
they played together, they combined forsixty nine I'm sure, as you know,
and they were able to beat theTimberwolves, and they've had some really
really good games, close games againstthe Wolves. Now, you know,

I know, you know, TimHardaway Junior has been around a decade in
Small Change, But honestly, Ifollowed him all of his what's happened to
his game? And he's playing likesix minutes. It's weird. Yeah,
yeah, he's he's been an instantoffense guy off the bench most of his
career and he just doesn't believe thathis shots are going to drop. And

Hardaway is one dimensional enough that ifhe can't make shots, he's kind of
useless. And so if Hardaway couldsuddenly find his stroke again, he could
swing the series. Yep. Butas it stands right now, they're looking
everywhere else on the bench but him, because you can kind of see it
in his body language. He doesn'treally believe what he is selling. And

this has gone on for I wantto say, three months or so,
like he's in a horrible slump.And so, you know, again they
could use it because the best wayto beat the Timberwolves is to spread him
out and to have some snipers fromdeep right. But but you know,
I just don't know that Hardaway canbe counted on. The other guy who

can really help them in the series. But as the question mark is Maxi
Kleiba, thank you, who isa big and can get out there.
But his shoulder has been a compromisedbig time in the Clippers series, and
we're not sure when he'll be available. But if he, if he does
come available, yeah that's big becausenone of the other Maverick Biggs are going

to hurt you from the perimeter atall. And lastly, the Gafford lively
one two is it effective? Like, what do you like about it?
Oh, it's unbelievable. It's it'stransformed the team. It's allowed them to
first of all, turn into lobcity again. I'm sure Minnesota takes that

away with Gobert and Cat, butagainst most teams, especially the Clippers and
the Thunder, the number of dunksper game is somewhere between you know,
half a dozen and a dozen,and it's mostly because of a pick and
roll. With these guys playing abovethe rim, they also rimp protect.
They also help you win on theboards. They've transformed the team to where

I know Minnesota is the gold standardfor defense right now, but since the
trade deadline, the Maps have actuallybeen the number one defense in the NBA.
Now, I know that's a samplesize abnormality, and I'm not here
to say that it's alike for like, but Dallas in many ways is a
poor man's version of Minnesota defensively nowwith the rint protection. And there are

nights, in fact, there aremany nights where you can get twenty and
fifteen from Gafford plus Lively, andthe Mavericks have never had twenty and fifteen
from the five position. That's crazy. And so Lively definitely looks like a
nineteen year old version of Tyson Chandlerback when the Mavericks won the title in

twenty eleven. So when they saidthat on draft night, it was hard
to believe because at Duke he playedone year and had five and five and
we're like, come on, ifhe's doing five and five in the ACC,
how could he resemble Tyson Chandler atthe NBA. And then his first
like, his first game as apro, he had a double double.
Yeah, like had his career highin organized basketball and at the NBA level.

So Derek Lively is fantastic. Gaffert'sa little more mature, and so
they start him, but you're goingto see plenty of both of them,
and it's really changed the fabric ofthe Mavericks is to have a couple of
rim protectors like that. And lastly, you know, I think from a
Mavericks standpoint, what's coming with theon ball defense against a team that goes

isolation in big moments with Luca andKyrie is Jaden McDaniels and Anthony Edwards.
All right, think to a Februarytwenty twenty three game down there at American
Airlines Arena. Dallas is down three, McDaniels pokes it away from Don Chicic
goes to the backcourt, and thenEdwards and McDaniels locked down Don Chic and
Kyrie and they didn't even get ashot off. So the Timberwolves can do

things like that. But on theother side, the like that first round
matchup, you know where Dallas gotkilled that first game against a very middling
Clippers team without Kawhi. But Zubotsplayed his ass off that series, man,
and you know he plays closer togo Bear than Cheed Holmgren, all
right, who can be pushed around? Now from a wolve standpoint, they've

seen nurkicen U Banks, and thenthey get Jokic, who doesn't block shots,
you know where Now they get kafferdedLively, So that's gonna be eye
opening for the Wolves. And youknow, after Jamal Murray can beat off
the dribble, but that's it froma guard standpoint for them. Devin Booker
beat off the dribble, but that'sit from a guard standpoint for them.

Now it's Luca and Kyrie. SoI mean this, that's gonna be eye
opening tonight for the Timberwolves, andI'm sure they'll be ready for it.
But I mean this, this isa fascinating series, man, Yeah it
is. And it's gonna come downto who can get it going offensively because
it's two really good defenses and itfeels like ninety five ninety three. It
was the final score of a lotof these games. And and and I

think, for for from a MAVsstandpoint, uh, you know, if
if Luca can take over some gamesoffensively, and that doesn't necessarily mean points,
this is a triple double machine.This is a guy who can lead
the NBA and assists. I thinkyou finished second this year, so so
look for him to be on theball look for I think then it's interesting

what what Chris Bench decides to dowith the pick and roll, and I
assume drop coverage with Rudy. Butyou know, so there are so many
chess pieces that will be moved inthe way these two teams try to produce
offense that I think, uh,I think this could be a real street
fight of a series. I II hope it's a good one. Last

one. I promise Luca's just notinterested in playing defense, is he?
No? Honestly, I think that'swrong. I think I think since the
trade deadline, I think you willsee him, you know, contribute.
Now. Again, he's not goingto make an all defensive team, but
if they can get him with hissize and you know, again, the

bulk of this guy, and somemight say he could spend a little more
time in the weight room, butthey'll list him at two thirty. I
promise you, Pa, he's notbelow two fifty. And so he is
a physical dude, and he's alsovery smart and getting in passing lanes.
And I think teams around the leaguehave realized that he is not a pinata

or a giant target for your offense. Now, you're not going to switch
him on to ant very often.But I just I don't see teams hunting
Luca like they tried when he wasin his first two years in the league.
I think he's a lot more engagedand I think he's part of what
makes this Mavericks defense pretty formidable thesedays. So keep an eye on that.

That will be an interesting storyline aswell. But I assume he'll start,
you know, probably defending the guywho defends him, which McDaniels.
My man, thanks for the hardline on the series. God bless you
and your family. You're fantastic atwhat you do and I'm sure we'll catch
up again, maybe even before theseries is over. Okay, Yeah,

let's do it. Pa. Greatto hear from you, man. Yep.
See that's Bob Sturm at sports Stormvia Twitter is an elite sportsmind and
he works for the Ticket down DFW. Way around the corner some keys and
concerns into the series for the Mavericksand or the Wolves. Talkbacks can be
fired. Also, if you wantto go to the free iHeartRadio app on

the baby microphone and give us yourvery best for thirty seconds and then used
in nord after that, Ya YoungAlec Alex lewis of the Athletic Joins and
Studio at about eleven o'clock, I'mPaul Allen. Nordo is the producer and
also the deliverer of the cash,indeed the keeper of the cash. The

fanombig deck dot com want to giveyou a chance to put a grant in
your hand with the National Cash Contest. Go to kf an dot com and
use the keyword grand. You mightwin a grand with the keyword grand at kf N
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