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May 23, 2024 19 mins
Dane Moore with PA following the Game 1 loss to the Mavs!
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Rodyill. I mean they're down thefloor. The big man, he's not
super high like the last two series, and we didn't really know what to
take sp I mean, you know, so it came off and was opened
a bunch of times and took theshots and I'll make him next time.

I live with it. Oh,Anthony Edwards have the audacity to say that
he'll make shots next time, whichmeans ESPN and those who manufacture crap are
going to say, Hey, LucaKyrie, Derek, mister Gafford, hear
what ant said. So let's let'sget some drama going. But let's get
some NBA conversation going with one ofour favorites. His name is Dane Moore.

Find him on Twitter at Danemore NBA. Please follow him as nine to
Noon does. And that's the DaneMoore NBA podcast, which popped about thirty
five minutes ago via Twitter feed atDanemore NBA. Dane Paul Allen, Good
morning, how are you. What'sup? Man? I like that you
played that clip right off the topbecause I think I think that's a big

part of what's different and an't talkingabout with the biggest positioned Yeah, game,
Yeah, I agree, but I'mconcerned with this and maybe maybe I'm
not seeing it clearly, So takeme deep if I'm not. But the
manufactured, the manufactured calling out ofKyrie by saying here comes Dallas, I
got Kyrie. And they're like,I was just looking at ESPN and it's

like, you know, Edwards callcalls out. Irving did that factor and
he did not call out Kyrie.Irving is such crap, don't you think?
I mean, man, welcome,Welcome to the Western Conference Finals.
I mean, this is what itis, and we got there is more.

I've covered the team for seven years. There's more national media people at
the game last night than have beenat the three hundred things of Target Center
that've you know, covered in mycareer. And I like a lot of
those people. Most of those peoplehave no fricking clue what they're talking about
when it comes to Minnesota Tembos.You know, so they didn't watch them,

like they didn't watch them play,and so you're going to you know,
there's this hyper focus on Ant andyou're gonna, yeah, it's the
manufacturer, manufacturing factory. I don'tknow, this is this is how the
national media works. What what happenedto the Walls defense last night as confused
in a close game as we've seenthis postseason defensively, I don't know,

man, I'm I'm more concerned aboutthe offensive side of the floor. I
mean, yeah, never mind,we can talk about Luca and Kyrie.
That's that's a big part of this. I mean, Jayden Jadane was great
on both sides of the ball,and I think we learned in this game
that he's the one who has toguard Luca. I think there's a lot
of like the idea, but youknow, you got to put like some

size on Luca. Lou Dort dida good job on him, which means,
you know, if it's gonna that'sthe way it's gonna be, it
would need to be Anthony Edwards.I don't want Anson guard Luka Dantrich at
all. I don't really want tolook Anton Kyrie Irving at all because when
he's guarded those guys, they're gonnathey're gonna beat him one on one.
He can't just do his superpower oneon one defense sort of thing, and

it's gonna wear him down. That'swhat he talked about after the game numerous
times was how tired. He washow tired the team was. If he's
gonna be tired, he can't beguarding those two guys. And I'm not
even sure even if he was nottired that he would be a great option
there, particularly against Luca, who'sjust going to kind of wrap him into
his web and draw those falls andAnt's gonna be like, wait, that's

not a fall, like but itis because that's how that's how Luca plays.
So I want this to be moreof an offensive series for Anton.
I want some other guys to stepup to take as many minutes as possible
on Luca and Kyrie. Okay,Now, now, using what's called drop
coverage on defense, and we hearda lot on the TV and radio broadcast.
Trent Tucker was in studio with mea couple of days ago and and

he broke it down like an NBAchampion knows how to break it down.
So drop coverage on defense and versusscreen set for mostly Kyrie and Luca.
Too frequently in my estimation, thescreener was open on the roll or or
sometimes on the same play, theshooter was open off the pick. It
was maddening. What what the heckman? I think the biggest thing here

is it was it was such adifferent look for are you talking about like
how how Dallas was guarding the Wolves, Wolves guarding Dallas and and and a
drop coverage like approach where it's likethe roller would be open and then would
score because Luca is one of thegreat mid range guys in the history of

the NBA, or a bad decisionwould be made and somebody would be left
open for a wide three. Igot you, I got you. Yeah,
yeah, I mean, well Lucagets to that, Like that's the
thing. There's like she's gonna getto the middle of the floor there.
Even if you play the big upand coverage right, we up and yeah,
you know call it when the orFinch calls it the high wall,

right, So it's a high pickand roll right up there, and you
got Jaden on the ball, andyou got Cat or Rudy up there,
and Jayden and Rudy are making ahigh wall there. And after the game
when we were talking to players,they're like, yeah, we were supposed
to be up, but Luca doesa good job of kind of finding the
timing there and getting downhill, kindof forcing you into a drop, forcing

Rudy to drop back a little bit, or Carl dropped back a little bit,
and that's where the Wolves got alittle bit twisted. And those are
the ones where, you know,then Luca kind of splits it and meanders
his way to the opposite side ofthe lane, and then he's just thrown
it up over his head and DanielGafford or Derek Leible there there alone.
I think a big part of ittoo, is the Wolves weren't really bringing
help into that action. They weretrying to defend it just two on two,

right, and having the other guysstay home. So do you need
to bring in a third guy?They called that the tag player. I'm
tagging the roller, which is justmeans, you know, kind of hitting
the role man as they're coming down. That's what It's kind of like the
Yolkic stuff though, Pastron right,like, do you want to bring the
double because then he's gonna find theshooters if you bring that third guy into
that action, that Luca's gonna findthe player players in the corners. I

think a big stat that stood outto me last night is Dallas only took
four corner threes last night, onlyone in the first half right, Well,
that's what normally happens. Once youstart bringing that guy in there,
they're gonna find the corner shooters there. So in whatever, it's the opportunity
cost question, what do you wantto give? What do you want to
take away? But I think youwere right to say or to bring up
that probably the place to start thatis just to get the big up and

coverage that Jaden or aunts stay attached, try and keep Luca out there,
because he's a nightmare at like fourteenfeet. Man, it doesn't matter if
it's Jaden and lou Dort all ofthem together, Like Luca gets to his
spots and you you need to doeverything you can to push him as far
away from that as possible. Theylet me continue this conversation, but just

kind of switch it maybe from Lucato Kyrie in particular, and just his
ability like a heat seeking missile toget to the hoop. Is there is
there a functional or easy adjustment intoFriday night as part of this that can
can help or alleviate some of thatbecause you know points in the pain all
that you're you're aware of the numbersand such. But he was breaking our
backs at will last night, andI'd like to see that change into Game

two. And I want to saythis. I don't mean this in like
a hurt him sort of way,but you got to hit it, man,
that's gotta be You gotta be physicalwith that. Like Kyrie is obviously
incredible with the ball. He's fast, he's a finisher at the rim,
he's a shot maker. He's alsolike five eleven one whatever. You know,

the Wolves are big. This isas has been the thing all season.
When the Wolves are winning, theWolves are looking dominant. What are
they doing? They're imposing that size, right, Like, you gotta you
gotta make Kyrie feel that, andparticularly if it's Ant, right, Like
if Jaden's gonna be on Luca andAnt's gonna be on Kyrie, Okay,
Like what do you have here?Aunt sixty pounds? Use it? You

know. I think that's that's huge. Is you need to you need to
try to eat up more of thatspace and if he tries to take it,
you know, kind of kind ofbump them there. Obviously I'm not
saying, you know, foul troublewould be costly for Ant, but there's
a greater physicality I think you canplay with when he doesn't have the ball
to prevent him from getting it.Those sort of things. It's obviously always

dangerous because if he catches it andyou're playing super aggressive, you know,
you run the risk of like windingup on a highlight reel friend crossing you.
But I don't know, Kyrie shouldn'tbe able to do what he did
in the first half that he's beingguarded by Anthony Edwards or Jaden McDaniels and
Rude Gobert's at the rim. Imean, that's you got enough to be
able to slow that down. Hecan't have twenty four points of half time.

Now, if I'm at Falling Knifeto Night six o'clock for Happy Hours
seven o'clock for the Dane Moore NBApodcast the Live show, and Jim Peterson
is stopping by, I understand,which is super cool Dane and his group
Falling Knife to Night six o'clock,and I got the opportunity to ask a
question. One of my questions foryou, Dane, would be a statement,

then a question. I didn't likethe forty nine threes, did you?
I just I think it was toomany because I kind of strays from
the identity of this team a littlebit. They were good, they were
good at making threes during the regularseason. They weren't a high volume three
point shooting team. But this isanother this is another drop coverage question here

too, right, Like if wewant to put it, if we want
to put me basketball coverages in footballterms, right, like Phoenix and Denver
put eight in the box, right, They loaded up against Ant, and
they're like, you're not running theball in here, whereas Dallas is more
so playing back in drop coverage withDerek Lively or Daniel Gabbert at the rim,

and that's more like a cover two, you know. And so Ant's
been playing against Phoenix in Denver fora month now and every single possession right
Nerd Kitchens up at the level YoKitchens up there, right, they were
blitting him. And now all ofa sudden, he's coming off a screen
and he's got all this space.So we asked Aunt about it last night.
We're like, hey, man,he's sixteen shots while we're telve of
them three's. He was basically like, this is the first time I've come

off the screen and been able topull up for a three in a month.
So I don't really I don't reallymind that because ant is a great
pull up three point shooter. He'seven good in rhythm pulling up in the
mid range there. But if it'sall one thing, it's kind of nothing,
you know what I'm saying. Like, he's got to be able to
be a three level score, He'sgot to be able to hit those pull
up threes. He's got to beable to shoot the mid range shots or

create from the mid range, andthen I want to see him in game
two challenge those guys at the rimman like Derek Liveley and Gafford, are
you know, real good rim protectors, but you're Anthony Edwards too. I
think if you're able to challenge moreat the rim, not have only take
four or two point shots in thegame. If you challenge them at the
rim, you find some success there, they start to loosen up, they

start to open up, and theycan't afford to just leave Lively and Gaffard
at the rim, which I thinkleaving those guys at the rim too really
kind of disregulated Carl a little bittoo. His drives looked a little bit
funky when Lively's getting there to defendthe shots. So that's what the playoffs
are man, it's like, allright, you guys are playing this way,
We're not gonna let you play thatway, or we're going to take

advantage of the way that they're playing. And the Wolves did that for sure
against Phoenix in the first round,and eventually did that against Denver in the
way that they were kind of loadingup the box against ant they found other
things that got the offense moving andthen kind of went from there. I
think I think there's answers. Ithink there's answers here. I think this
just surprised them. Yeah, defense, like the defense that they saw last

night, right Elie takes Dane Mooreat Dane Moore NBA, But like specifically
last night off the seven gamer againstthe Champs, emotional accolades being thrown at
you again and this Michael Jordan,that elite defense, this eighty five Bears
defense, that and an emotional victoryout of the altitude. So fatigue was

a talker legitimately speaking too, andI think it went to bearing its fruit.
So with these forty nine threes,if you believe Dallas clearly was trying
to run them into fatigue off thatseven gamer versus the Champs, and I
do so many miss threes generally leadsto runouts for the other team, and

I just thought they made it easierto help them put fatigue on the Wolves
than they really needed to. Sothe voluminous number of threes doesn't necessarily bug
me long form, but like lastnight, it kind of did. So
that's why I went down that road, you know. Yeah, I mean

I think part of it was theyfell into the idea that they were making
them in the first half. Ithink they're eleven of twenty five from three
in the first half. Jaden McGannhad five May threes, Ant had three,
I believe, right. I mean, so you kind of when they
lay that trap and you kind ofbeat that trap in the first half,
you're like, all right, welllet's run it back, like, let's

let's do it again in the secondhalf, and and then I think and
then in the second half, youknow they're not making them at the same
clip. There're seven of twenty fourfrom from three there. So that's why
it's got to be consistently throughout thegame. I think again in the playoffs,
it's like defenses want you to doone thing or they're going to give
you one thing. You got totake that thing, but you also got

to then go take some more groundbeyond that. And I don't think I
don't think that particularly Karl, AnthonyTowns and Rudy Gobert were able to kind
of take advantage of the ground withinthe within two point range there. And
also Anthea was, like I saidbefore, kind of challenging up the rim,
like you got to challenge this teamto be able to to do more

defensively. They're playing really good defense. But you look at you, kind
of look at that Dallas roster upand down, you go, look at
you. Is this an elite dethe team? No, I think personnel
wise they shouldn't. They shouldn't beat least compared to you know what they're
looking at across the other side ofthe floor with Jaden, Kat, Rudy,
Mike and hands. Right, Idon't know. I guess Fatig's a

factor that kind of annoyed me thoughlast night. Right, I mean,
I get it, or yeah,you know, I can understand it,
but this is a conference finals,man. I don't want to I don't
I don't want to hear the tiredexcuse. Yeah, I don't want to
hear it into the game, youknow, which we did too much,
because then that's an indicator. It'son the minds of those who matter most,

which means you put a distraction onyourselves before you even play. But
I do believe it was a factor. Now a time for a couple more
here for Dane Moore once again FallingKnife tonight, six o'clock start for my
man, Jim Peterson will be onthe scene. Plus plus Dane's group Falling
Knife, which is that's in NorthMinneapolis, right Dane Northeast? Yeah,

got it. Six o'clock start,Falling Knife. Don't leave home about it.
You asked Finch before the game aboutKyle Anderson, and Finchy expected a
big game from him and or abig series, and he nailed it.
Now, Draymond Green said before hesaid the same thing before the game,
predicting Kyle Anderson would be a differencemaker in the game. I mean,

how's everybody seen this so clearly offwhat we've seen from slow Mo through the
postseason up to up to the stage. I mean, like what led to
slow Moo and all that first halfscoring pop It's the idea that he's a
body you could throw at Luka Doncic. Remember I was talking about before,
was kind of like that the physicalityof ant right to be like lou Dort

was in the Thunder series, Like, yeah, what that's not Jaden's game
Defensively, right, like Jayden's tryingto beat you with athleticism and length,
Nikkiel's trying to Nikhil. Alexander Walkeris trying to beat you with speed and
length. Defensively and Kyle are youronly two real physical options that you can
put on Luka Doncic. And we'veseen that going back two years now.

When when since Kyle's been on thisteam and they've played Dallas eight times,
Like Kyle has played more in thesegames because he can because he can guard
Luc a little bit. I thoughtwhat was super encouraging and kind of to
your point of like, why thehell is Kyle Anderson playing well? We
were saying that because he wasn't ableto help offensively at all, he was
actively hurting the offense. Well,he had eleven points in the first half
the night had a little i thinkseven old run by himself. So I

think, you know, a lotof people aesthetically don't like the way that
Kyle Anderson's game looks you know,and offensively, it kind of bogs down
the spacing. I think they needhim in this series, and particularly if
fatigues a factor that the Gig's gonnabe a factor for Ant, then he
can't be guarding Luca and or Kyriefor the majority of his minutes. Offensively,

Kyle Anderson allows you an opportunity,I think, to put Ant on,
you know, a lesser play defensivelyand rest a little bit. Not
to mention, Kyle might just bea better on ball defender than is just
in general. So to that,and that's why I asked him about it
before the game. I'm like,this makes sense to play Kyle Anderson,
but he's kind of been killing youroffense going back a month now. So

I think it's big that Kyle Andersonin this game. That's a that's a
real silver lining to me. Wasable to not hurt the offense and be
able to give you another option onLuca. Lastly, I absolutely expected Timberwolves
went on Friday, do you Ido? But I want to see what
this if they were tired, LikeI want to see what the full strength,

full energy Wolves thing looks like.Against Luca and Kyrie. Were there
lack of answers on those two guysabout fatigue and game seven and everything you
just said, or was it aboutnot having the ideal type of matchups for
those guys. I don't I thinkit was probably energy and fatigue more than

that. But at the same time, I don't leave this game going like
I love I love Jayden and Lucaor I love Anton Kyrie. I don't
know what my favorite way to guardthat would be. Maybe just with more
energy. And that's what Carl talkedabout last night after the game, is
like, if you have more energy, you start just taking away you know,

two percent more, you reduce thechance of him hitting that flow to
there if you could test it alittle bit harder. So what I want
to see in game two because Ididn't know what to expect at all coming
into game one, because we didn'treally see this Mavericks team play the Wolves
team during the regular season. Istill feel like I don't know what it
looks like because I don't think theWolves look like themselves right last night.

Now that said, it was aclose game, right and they didn't They
could have easily won it last night, while they were tired. So you're
right to assume that the Wolves willwin that game, or should at least
be favored in that game. ButI need to kind of see what it
looks like specifically in their matchups onLuca and Kyrie. I get my daughter
from the airport tonight at about fivepoint fifteen. We're going to try to

zip up to Folly Knife and sayhello to you. No art feeling,
no art feelings if we don't.But that's the plan. So I have
a wonderful evening. Tell Jim Peterson, everybody from nine to noon says hello,
thank you very much for the time, as usual, and next time
we'll chat, maybe we'll be fromthe Big D, So safe travels my
brother. Okay, thanks, Yes, do it next week. Yes,

Sir Dane Moore at Daymore NBA reallyreally enjoy having him on the radio show.
Likewise for Nordo, he's the producer. He's a mad producer, and
I'm Paul Allen. Some of yourtalkback reaction to the l last evening game
one Western Conference Finals to the BigD. That's around the corner, then
Notcho liber after that, and it'sall on KFAM
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