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May 23, 2024 32 mins
"In the Zone" on a Thursday with Dave Sinykin and Trent Tucker in studio, reacting to last night's Game 1 loss!
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Here they are, you know,in the Zone Saturdays eight to ten in
the morning with David Sinneken, theSultan of smug and NBA champion Trent Tucker
and Greg Popovich occasionally calls in,Uh, it's uh, it's all right,
three two, it's uh. Ilove the ray you. You guys

know, I have all your albums. I mean I I text Sinny like
during the show when he's talking aboutthings. Uh. But it's a really
good time of the day for me, and a really good day of the
week Saturday, eight to ten inthe morning. So I have all your
albums, and brother and and youyou're doing some more. I mean,
seriously, are you going to takeup residents in Wisconsin? With all this
Milwaukee radio you've done the last twoweeks. It's been fun. Yeah.

I got the noon to three gigtoday and tomorrow filling in for Mike Keller.
It's it's kind of nice to havea spot to sort of fill in
every now and then. They don't. I guess they don't have a full
roster of talent, perhaps beyond theirstarters. They don't have a bench.
I guess they're kind of like theNuggets. They're much of a bench.
Nice of them to be leave inthe producers. They're young. They've got

young, fresh faced producers fresh outof college and are ready for the bit
yet. So I'm happy to Hey, it's ot a week for the pack
so I can talk greading gold tomy heart's content the next three hours.
So so I make sure I can. This is in the iHeart family.
Correct, Yeah, asted and neverexpanding. iHeart family. It's the home
of the Green Bay Packers'. What'sthe station? Ninety seven to three?
The game? Ninety seven three thegame? So do I make sure for

appointment listening? What time is Doublete on to talk about last night's Wolves
gay tomorrow? I'm I'm gonna pencilthem in tomorrow for a little game.
Two yep in here and said yougot nine segments and no guests, no
guests, the professor of hooplogy toyour last somebody with whom you're comfortable on
saturdays. Oh, by the way, as an NBA Championship ring where he

wanted with m J. So Idon't know, man, I mean,
we'll talk. I'm representing stick aroundfor a while. Double looking to me
like, man, I got plansearly, stop going down that rope,
Paul, I gotta run through myforehand hockey skates to sharpen this afternoon.
Yeah, I gotta. I gottaplay tennis and run through my forehand and
make sure I get my serve atthe apex. Uh. Then I have
to Then I have to take careof my skin, because my skin's beautiful

and it matters to me. Andthen I have to sharpen hockey skates,
and then I have to go tonineteen hockey games. That's true. So
I found a bad life for that. Not a bad life, it's a
great life. Being another professor ofupology. I'd like to start here,
by the way, you you're morethan welcome to be in co host mode
here, mister Sinnicon, but withwith Double T Trent Tucker. Let's begin
here because a couple of days ago, Double Te's in studio and drop coverage

as as defense would go in theNBA. It's just we've heard it a
lot, and not only in theplayoffs, but specifically into the series drop
coverage. Trent can better explain itto me. We heard it a lot
on TV and radio last night,and and there was a point where stan
Van Gundhy analyzing the game. Imean he was on the drop coverage of
what was not working, and hewas right, and then he was like,

you know, I dropped the dropcoverage if I were you guys,
because Luca is one of the bestin the history of this game hitting these
little shots. The drop provides sooff that good morning. Do we need
to drop the drop? And whatdoes all the drop the drop mean?
Before you answer doublet, let meset the scene last night poker night for

me Wednesday night. Normally we've gotthe TV. I Peppy doesn't play in
the poker group. He's my golfbuddy. We always have the TV.
Al we have music going, right, I made the plea before the game
last night. All right, I'mout. If we can't listen to the
game, you have to play theseweek tracks like we do here at KFN.
No, sorry, we go oldschool. We got the old CD

player with the five discs that areshuffling songs, you know, seventies a
lot of seventies rock there. Yeah, So I got the sound down so
I can at least really watch thegame. And it's halftime, so now
I'm kind of loaded in on thegame, and suddenly my phone rings and
it's Double T. It's the secondtime I've gotten a halftime call from Double
T in the last week. They'rerare. They don't happen often. I

do excuse myself from the game becauseI thought maybe Trent's decibel level might have
gone over perhaps what we like tohave at the poker table. But yes,
Double T was all over me andall over the Wolves for the defense
they were playing. And I lovewhen I get the halftime call from Trunk
because I got educated and he getsfrustrated that the announcers aren't seeing what he's

seeing and aren't educating the fans.And I'm kind of lucky because I get
the Double T halftime call and Iknow what I'm supposed to be looking at.
Well, the professor, believe itor not, eventually is going to
get to talk here because his opinionmatters most right, I'm done, But
no, But wait a second.A nobody likes talking on the phone,
so the fact that you answer thecall is elite. Secondly, you got
the phone call on dropping the dropor the drop coverage. I got the

between segments the other day with himpulling a chair out into the vestibule and
setting up where the screener is lookingme a four minute professorial dissertation on how
to handle drop coverage. And wegot the dry erase board here. He
may get up and use it beforewe're done. Good morning, Trent,

Good morning guys. Uh yeah.I mean when you play against really good
offensive players, and you know,Phoenix and Denver and Dallas in terms of
how they structure their offense is nodifferent. They rely a lot on the
pick and roll, and Kyrie Irvinand Luca Doncis are two of the best
in the game. And if yougo into a drop coach, especially on

Luca Donches, he knows how tokeep his defender on his hip. He's
never gonna let that guy recover toget back in front. And then all
of a sudden he's gonna make thelittle eight to ten foot florid. Yeah.
And then all of a sudden,Rudy decides or Cat decides that I
got to step up, whether hethrows the lob to the back of the
rim, the guy has a slamdunk, or somebody now gets out of

position and he finds that guy inthe corner. There were a few times
last night when the Wolves decide toget up on the screen right away.
It ain't going to drop covers.Luca turned the ball over. So if
if you're going to have a chanceto knock off the Dallas Mavericks, you're
gonna have to bring a defensive gameplan that's going to take away that pick

and roll the action for the DallasMavericks. And if you're going to allow
them, you know, to havetheir freedom in the space to get into
the lane to make plays time andtime again, it's gonna put you in
a bad situation. Well that's beautifulthat you've said that, but I mean
you laid out the other day nineto noon how the drop can be factive
against the Dallas Mavericks. And nowyou're just saying if you're gonna win,

you well, how do we doit? Do you do it? Well?
You know, Okay, Luca comesoff with this. We called Luk
at the three man. He saidthree three, three and five sets the
screen. So the guy who's guardingthe five guy cannot be off of the
five guy. He has to beright up on the screen as soon as
Luker comes off. They can trapLuker right away. And how and the
successful trap is that you have tocome shoulder to shoulder, almost like forming

an L. You don't want togive him in the space to have a
chance to split that drop formed inL last night and so and no doubt
about it and so and when whenhe has space, you know, you're
talking about a highly skilled professional basketballplayer who's the best at the world of
doing what he does. And ifyou're not willing to take that away from

him, he's going to make youpay, especially at a crucial time in
the game. So there's no needto panic. And like I text you
last night, he is said,I see you tomorrow and I'm bringing my
own jair, you know. Andand the mistakes that the Wolves are making
are correctable. Yeah, I thoughtabout that a lot. And when as

a head coach, when you knowthat things can be fixed in the next
twenty four hours, you still haveconfidence that your team can win. So
we're playing against two of the bestfifty players to ever do it, and
that's a challenge, especially for ayoung team that's at a place that haven't
been. When Kyrie sets the tonelike he did last night, we can
talk about Luca down the stretch becausehe was brilliant, but Kyrie set the

tone with twenty four in the firsthalf and did whatever he wanted. What
kind of an answer do the Wolveshave for Kyrie? How do they respond
in the same thing when he comesout the pick and roll. You have
to be up on the screen aswell, because why was Jamal Murray so
good in Game seven in the firsthalf because he found space, he had
time to probe, he could takemultiplet dribbles and all of a sudden,
Now, when a good offensive playeris allowed to have that type of time

in space, he's going to makeyou pay at some point in time.
In the second half, they tookthat away from Kyrie. He was not
as effective offense within the second halfcompared to the first. But the positive
thing about last nine game, eventhough the Wolves lost, Kyrie got off
to a great start, but athalftime they still had a three point lead.
So it's the little things here thatthey need to clean up. Making

sure they're on point with their defenseand how they're going to play it,
and they ain't go from there.You're not going to stop Luca and Kyrie
from scoring, but you want tomake sure that you don't give them a
high volume of shots. And theonly way great scorers can score is they
have to have good looks at thebasket time and time again. Luca would
turn the ball over. We've seenhim turn the ball over. But you

have to take away his space.And if the Wolves are committed to taking
away their space, they have agreat chance to move on to the Western
Conference. So take up to theNBA Final. Yes, the sequence at
the end of the first half,or and turns it over instead of holding
it with what a five or sixpoint lead, with a chance to go
up eight or nine, throws theball away. Kyrie gets the end one.

It's a three point game. Theend of the game. The Wolves
scored what two points in the finalthree and a half minutes after the cat
put back. That wasn't the composurething that the ends of quarters and has
has been a concern off and onthroughout the year. It hasn't been a
big deal in the playoffs because thegames haven't been that close. But I'm
still really concerned about how the waythis team closes out has in games because

if they don't figure that out,as these games get tougher and the opponents
are better, the ending doesn't soundreal promising to me. But that starts
with coaching, because we have togo over these things in practice and knowing
what you know in the course ofthe end the game situation is going to
look like. Let's say, ifwe don't have any time at the end
of game type situation and you're downby two with fifteen seconds ago. If

you practice that situation in practice,all of a sudden, now the players
know how to execute at some pointin time. You have to have a
game plan understanding that we have goneover these situations before, so that now
when we get into these moments,you know we're able to execute and get
the job done. All right.After the game last night, I'd say
it was what time did you textme? Text me? Yeah, about

eleven and change. Last night,Noordo sends me a text about some things
popping into his head about some questionsto ask tomorrow about defending Kyrie in the
flow of the game. I knowthe game, but I'm very novice in
philosophy and aspects of defense. Whattime did we book the professor? Well,

here he is, so some ofthese, some of these philosophical queries
you had to present for the endthe zone tandem. This is the best
basketball analysis of basketball analysis, you'llever hear we have the professor in studio.
What were some of those questions?Well, I mean it all starts
with with one that that's a baselineto branch off of him. Is what
went? What allows Kyrie? Now, he's a I've said it twice a

day. He's a heat seeking missileto the hope, and he is savvy,
and he is a playmaker, ashot maker, all of those things.
But he had it anytime and everytime he wanted throughout the first half.
And fatigue has been a part ofthe conversation this morning, and and
you know, a tough seven gameseries, all of that getting used to
a new team, new series,et cetera. But what needs to change

in game two and beyond to specificallyeliminate his ability to get to the hoop
he draws contact, he will getthe whistles and and just run up the
points and run up and really justforce and assert all the action as he
did. And maybe in some wayswe hope Aunt could do, but it
was Kyrie. How the heck dowe defend this freaking guy in game two?

Moving forward? So that's all mystupid questions are right there. How
do we defend this freaking guy andlet whatever happened last night never happened again
in this series. You know,all those are good questions. But Dave
and I were talking about this,I think on we did the podcast the
other day. I said, thisis not about an individual matchup. You

have to respect these guys who you'replanning against. They are too good offensive
for you just shut them down ina one on one type situation. The
way you're going to beat the DallasMaverick and slow them down. You have
to have a team concept concept onwhat you're doing on the defensive end,
and everybody have to understand that theseare the points where I need to be.

These are the things that I needto execute to take away two highly
skilled offensive players. Nobody in theleague. I don't care how great you
are on the defensive end. Youare not going to guard Kyrie Irvin and
Luca Doncis by yourself time and timeagain. They're too good for them.
So let's put the ego to thesite. So as the head coach,

I got to walk into this filmroom before gaining number one and understand,
how are we going to slow themdown? We're not going to stop them
from scoring. But I can't letthem be the guys that make the difference
on what we want to lose.You never want the best players to decide
the outcome in the game on theoffensive end. Well, the last two
we've lost to Dallas, they combinedfor sixty nine win for sixty six in

this one. So I mean,it's as you know, as Jackson Sinneken
would say, it's becoming a thing. It's a common threat. And see
in what the Wolves did last night. They played defense in this playoff game
like they played during the regular season. So it's so the Wolves players now
have to understand how did we gethere? What did we do? We

lost three straight games to the Phoenixscience right, what did we do differently
in the playoffs? When they ranthat pick and roll? We were up
on that picking roll we didn't giveKevin Durant and Devin Booker and Bradley built
a space at playoff time that wegave them during the regular season. When
we turned Damarl Murray over in gamenumber seven, coming down the stretch,
where was Mike Collier when he cameoff that pick and roll? He was

right there to steal that basketball thatled to Anthony Edwards three point shot to
close the deal. Team defense,that's how you're going to win. So
you got to take certain things awayhere from here and there, and the
players all have to understan In.The Dallas Mavericks offensive players are no different
than the two teams you just plays. They are heavy pick and roll basketball

team, and when they are ableto find space, the Dallas Mavericks that
never dominate the points in the paintbecause they don't have inside guys so you
can throw the ball to and saygo make your and go make your own
play. Those guys become valuable whenLuca and Kyrie are in the lane the
con So as part of that,I'm thinking about last series and I'm turning

it back on the Wolves a bit. I thought the Nuggets were really effective
at times doubling Anthony Edwards and tobe anytime he was trying to find his
way to the hoop, you'd seekind of a switch or a second guy
pull off his defender and force Anthonyeither to pass, may maybe take a
mid range or just kind of bailout and head back to the perimeter.
Is there something in that realm thatcould be used in our favor? Now

battling Kyrie and Luca. So andthat's a that's a great question asked because
you know, I was talking tosomeboddies last night after the game was over.
Okay, when Anthony Edwits comes offto pick and roll, who says
to pick and roll? Who saysto pick for the Wolves? Rually Gobert?
Yeah, so where's really Gobert?Man? That was you? What?
Where's the guy who's guarding? Whereis he at? He's right there

on top of that screen. SoAnthony Edwards has no roomor no space to
make a move because the guy who'ssaid in the screen at twenty five feet
is a non offensive player. Sothe Dallas Mavericks have the same things.
They have a non offensive player who'ssetting the screen. So it's much easier
now for the big guy to beup on the screen to double team Luka
Orcari when they come up and forcehim to pass the ball to a guy

who can't make him play from twentyeight feet. So if Anthony Edwits can't
find space because the guy who saidand you screen is a non offensive player,
that's going to play into the handsof what the Dallas Maveris is doing.
On the defensive end. Did didyou guys, either of you guys
or maybe you at the Free myday just letting it all hang out the

beginning of the halftime show. Didany of you happened to see that last
night TNT I was dealing Texas hole? Okay? No, I did not,
Okay, I went, I wentand watched the pantas in the ranges.
Okay, of course he did.Who are you really, by the
way, how about your panthers?Oh? Out with that little three zero
thing last night? All right?Three two? Ernie Ernie Johnson beloved j

literally was not happy with the halftimeshow last night. Look, I mean
it was cold. It was whodoes this is how we do and Montel
Jordan, Well, Montel Jordan,I guess was in the house, okay,
and you could hear. I mean, if they opened the doors at
Target Center, you could have heardthis is how we do it? Probably
all the way up to Fridley.It was loud and like Ernie was melting

a little bit. Old people werestarting to melt a little bit. Like
he couldn't he couldn't get his bearingsbecause it was so loud. And then
he was ripping how loud it was, and you hear him try to talk
over it and everything that does Ernie. Ernie was not happy. I wonder
if they knew that was happening,Like, did they know there was a
big time music act happened and whenthey were doing their show, because that
seems like you'd give TNT some spacefor five minutes to do their thing.

Good point. And then I don'tknow what I look like, Chief Operating
Officer, Ryan Tankey, I haveno idea. I find it weird that
that Draymond Green's part of the crewright now, do you do? You
guys think it's like a middle fingerat the NBA, Like, oh,
as much as they hate Draymond forall of his shenanigans, TNT's out after
next season. I feel like they'rejust after next season. Yeah, yeah,

oh wow, it's an NBC bitnow. Well, see because Adam
Silver like put Draymond under his wing. When Draymond's having all the problems he's
running into quit, Adam like flowhim into New Jersey. They like hung
out for a day or something,and dray thanked him. His behavior has
not been great this season. Shot. Yeah, well, just there's no
reason that they have the best chemistryof any studio show in any sport.

Ever, what do you need toDraymond Green? I really think it's a
middle finger. You don't want usanymore. Here's Draymond. There's there's your
open for the hell or deal withthem? Yeah, let me write that
down. You can talk about CharlesBarkley throwing a guy out of a Milwaukee
bar twenty two years ago. CharlesCharles the glass. He was at Manny's
last night. I read that heonly orders his steaks well done. Do

you think Manny's would even prepare awell done steak? I mean that's just
that's cruel and unusual punishment to thechef. Yeah. Could you say,
I'm saying with a glass? Excuseme? We done? So there's no
pink? Yeah, well, ittakes all the flavor on to fly it.
You know, well, I understandwell you I don't like it like

bleeding rare, but you gotta havesome pink. It's flavor. Gentlemen.
Now we we have the professor okaywith a ring. Yeah, we have
the salted who's becoming a Milwaukee radiostar. Then you got you got God's
cartoon character me. But over thereyou have a grilling snob. Okay,
tragger, this Briske at that.You know, it's it's one of his

number it's maybe his number one hobby. It's a big time and Nordo's very
good at it. So, Imean, all this talk over here about
Barkley with a with a well steak, and then double T's like, oh
I do that too, catch upon the two double team. If double
T comes over to my house,I'll cook him a well done steak.
But otherwise I come over here andwe can talk wolves. Yeah, absolutely,

and just let me get a penand a pad so I can take
notes. I mean, it's Imean, you know, it's a tough
loss last night, but you know, as an X player in this switch,
I'm not in a panic mode becausewell, you played with Michael Jordan.
You mean there were I mean theMavericks had to make a play here
at there even though I felt likethe defense was now who it needed to
be to win the game. Yeah, and so well, in the first

half it pissed me off the defenseand so and and that's and let's take
that's let's take a look at ourbest player over the last four games.
Three other last four games. I'mgoing back to the Nugget series. You're
talking, Jade McDaniels, I'm talking, yeah, Oh, you mean the
first half. Let's go to this. So let's go to game. Let's
go to game. Let's go togame five in Denver, Anthony elpis is

five for fifteen, the Wolves lose, comes home for Game six, it
has a really good game. Wolveswin Game six. They're blow the mouth.
You go to game seven, sixfor twenty four. His teammates bailed
him out. He made some goodplays coming down the stretch. Game won
last night with his six for sixteen. So now that his teammates are able
to step up and deliver. Butat this time of the year, you

can't depend on your teammates winning gamesfor you all the time. So that's
what now. It is time forAnthony epp Was to become a little bit
more consistent and efficiently on the offensiveend. Because if he can get back
to doing the things that we sawhim do against the Phoenix Suns and the
first part against the Denver Nuggas,then the world should be okay. The

Organic Nature and Analysis of NBA classis in session. Professor of Hoopology is
on lead vocals David Sendikins here andI'm Paul Allen, And here comes the
producer of nine to Noon nor Noto give some cash away. The Fan
along with big deck dot com wantto give you a chance to put a
grand in your hand with the NationalCash Contest. Go to kfan dot com

and enter the keyword bills. Youmight win a thousand dollars with the keyword
bills at kfan dot com. Welcomeback a couple of segments to go nine

to Noon and on a Thursday morning, it is feeling a lot like a
Saturday in the Zone style in theZones Dave Sinneken, Double t Trent Tucker
in studio with us. So afterall of that, from game one into
game two tomorrow, is there isthere any credence? You can tell me
if I'm stupid in thinking this,But in some ways it feels like there's

a bit of a sacrificing game oneand people blaming fatigue or other things.
This is in some ways a different, very different matchup or incarnation of a
matchup than what they saw against theDenver Nuggets. But ultimately you'll lose game
one. Take a freaking breath andnow we know. Now we learn from
last night. Now we get backto seeing that defense that we saw from

this team throughout the playoffs, thatnow maybe we see those points in the
paint that we haven't seen during afew losses over the last week and a
half. Is it easy to justwrite this one off as a sacrifice to
a grander goal of housing the MAVsin this series? Well, you always
ask. Right off, you learnfrom it, and then you go back

and take a look at the filmand say, Okay, where did we
break down at here or there?You know it took it took PJ.
Washington to make a big shot atthe end of the game to secure the
win for the Dallas Mavericks. Sowe know that there's some things that we
can do against this team, youknow that can work for us. So
if I'm in that film room,I'm looking at the little small details,

details here or there where we canget better. To give it. It
gives ourselves a much better chance toget over the hump. T You were
talking about an ant before we wentto break and I'm sure a lot of
fans listening and watching the game lastnight, we're kind of scratching their heads
a bit a lot in the secondhalf where whether it's fatigue or whether it's
frustration, Ant was not involved offensivelylike we're used to. He's maybe initiating

and then he's making a pass andhe's standing in the corner and just standing
there. And is it mental fatigue? After the seven games, the three
days of you're the greatest thing ever, You're the you know, the next
m Jay? How do you asa fan watch and look, Ann had
eleven rebounds, he had eight assists. He impacted the game in other ways,
but in a close game where yourelied on McDaniels and Anderson to kind

of bail you out in the firsthalf, they needed him to assert himself
in the second half, he didn'thave the juice. So is there concern.
It's not like he's gonna get threedays off again. I mean,
he's got to play tomorrow night andthis is the must win. So how
concerned shall we be about six forsixteen coming off the six for twenty four.
It's been a couple of big gamesnow where we have not seen Ant

doing ant thing. Well, youhave a small concern because, like I've
mentioned over the over the last fourgames, three of those last four games.
You know, we haven't seen,you know, the execution and the
efficiency on the offensive end from AnthonyVis that we've seen throughout the season and
so far into the playoffs. Andyou know, just by playing with a

guy like Michael Jordan every now andthen, we all know that they can
have an off game and his teammatesare going to step up and provide the
support and get him over the humplike they did in Game number seven against
the Denver Nuggets for Anthony Edglis.But then you know, Michael Jordan would
come into the locker room and nextday and say, no what I owe
you guys win, thanks for bailingme out. Wow, And I think

it's time for Anthony Edwis to walkinto the locker room and tell his teammates,
thanks for bailing me out. Iowe you guys won three beautiful?
How old had laid that out?Let me not forget this, because Johnny
o Jampa, dear friend of mine, gets basketball. He texted me asking
the professor, asking of the professor'stime playing more zone defense against this specific

Mavericks team. What do you think. I don't think it's a good thing
because those two guys can stretch theirzone defense out and all of a sudden,
now see in the zone defense isa poor rebounding defense because you're not
guarding the man. You're not backto your fundamentals of blocking out your guard
in the space. And when youhave half of the guys who crashed the

ram, now they get a runningstart to get to those open spots,
to keep their ball alive, toget second and third chances. And see
that that's one of the conundrums fromwhat was just a fascinating game last night,
I mean, a favorite team lost. I really really enjoyed the game.
Man. I thought it was justa fun game to watch with superstars
being superstars, and it was.It was pretty close majority of the way.

But it's like, you know,we we can. The Wolves were
making decisions and having things go againstthem. Were used to them doing let's
say eight out of ten times.Like just think that Conley lobb to go
bar near the end of the game. I mean, it wasn't there.
He did it. Conley super smart, probably won't do it again. But
then so like if you expect somethings to get buttoned down, which we

do, cool Dallas shot six totwenty five from three, you know,
and and you know, maybe it'snot going to be a fifty percent thing,
but it's probably going to be betterthan that. So I mean,
like Dallas has a right to improveon things too. Well, you want,
you know, the guys who arenot normally your big offensive guys taking
those shots. You know, ifPJ. Washington goes out and gets forty,

we go home. Derek Jones Junior, we go home. Yeah,
we go home. But I cannotbe in a position time and time again.
Well, I'm allowing Kyrie Irvin andLuka Doncis to decide the game at
the end. Great point. Lastly, I'm not a fan of forty nine
three pointers for the Wolves. Thankyou last night. I'm with you.
Well, well, because it justquickly it's Dallas came out or running.

Let's run with the Wolves. Let'smake a racehorse basketball. Why because we
think you're going to get tired fromthat seven gamer against Jokic and you're coming
back from altitude. You got onefewer data, you're ready for it than
us. So we're going to goand if you shoot, you're not going
to shoot fifty percent or forty fivepercent, probably on forty nine threes.
They shot like thirty six and itgot worse as the game went on.

Why because they got tired. Butyou know better than anybody man, I
mean you were a three point dwizard, but you didn't hit them all.
Three point misses are long rebounds.So when they get the rebound there
they go run out. You know, it's a runout. You know what
I'm saying. I didn't like him, man shout a character for us?
Well, and that's you know,that's that's you know, as as a

head coach, you I when youcall a time, but you say,
okay, we have a play wecan go to now that's going to get
us a good shot or have achance to get us to the free throw
line. So who's my best insideplayer? We have to be able to
run the play now for Karl AnthonyTowns right, get him on the inside.
He has to become a run stopper. Love it now. One thing
I would like to see the Wolvesdo on the offensive an Intendo change with

Anthony Edws in the pick and roll. I know they run the pick and
roll with either one, five,two and five. Run the pick and
roll between Anthony Edws and Karl AnthonyTowns. Yeah, because now you put
two offensive players in the pick androll. Now Dallas is going to have
to make a decision because if theytry yup, if they trap Anthony Edwis.

But now the ballout guy is anoffensive player that can make or play
from twenty feet, so when hegoes downhill, now we're working on four
against three and Karl Anthony town hasgood vision and he's a good passing and
he has shown that now he canmake the right play at the right time.
To that point, everybody loves torip Rudy. He was a plus
ten when he was out there lastnight. But does it make sense maybe

to maybe lessen his minutes a bit, put Nas out there so you do
have another option on the pick androll with an offensive minded player. Yes,
you sacrifice on defense, but tomaybe frustrate them defensively, run Cat
up there, run Nas up there, try different actions and maybe watch Rudy's
minutes. Well, one thing,you don't want to break away. You
don't break down your rotation. Soyou want to make sure that you got

those guys coming off the bench whoare very comfortable doing their jobs in that
situation. You don't want to changetoo much, because within your start in
five you can make adjustments. Solet's say and all of a sudden,
now you run Carl Anthony Towns andAnthony I was in the pick and row.
They decided to trap. You know, Aunt makes the pass to Carl.
Carl doesn't like the three, hecan put it down. What's going

to happen to the big guy guardand Rudy he's got to step up.
What's hoping the law pass? Ifthey collapse from the win, Now you
can find the outside shoots because nowthey have time to get their feet set
to get a good look at thebasket. So I believe one of the
things the Wolves can do offensively arekind of all set with Dallas is doing
in the pick and rope from Rudy. Gobert says to pick put an offensive

guy in that situation and force themto see how they're going to defend this,
because now the Wolves can gain thatadvantage on the offensive end. David,
or you're staying in town for aMemorial Day weekend. I am twins
birthday on Sunday, so big familyweekend. That's great. That's yeah.
The first part was really all nine. The new needed because this is great
news and that we at the fanfamily are going to be working on Memorial

Day because the Wolves played the nightbefore, which means can't wait to see
you guys back here Monday at elevenam. What do you think? I
got a shot? If you wantus, I got a shot. I
love this and so did Nordo game. I don't know what was better that
forty three minutes of basketball conversation wejust had. Or Robert Tunyan stroking the

post against his former team. Ialways love that one the Chicago the Green
Bay Packers. What do you thinkof that? Or Bobby Tunyan. Every
week it's another former Packer finding hisway west to try to resurrect his career
in Minnesota. So you're saying youdon't miss Aaron Jones, I do it
well. I love that's my oneof my all time favorite players. Yes,
I will be cheering for him.I'll pick my spots, but I

will be cheering for him. Iappreciate you, guys. I'll text you
over the weekend. All right,sounds good? Thanks man, professor,
You're the bomb. Thank you verymuch. Uh. That's Trent Tucker and
to David Sennikan in the zone Nordaand I put a rap on it. After this
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