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May 24, 2024 30 mins
In front of tonight's Game 2, Bally's Wolves analyst Kevin Lynch jumps in studio with PA & Charch #92Noon!
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Fan sugar by name bus This isone of the weak tracks, right,
yeah, wow with a sugar potsugar Busy. I don't know how it
works with the with the rights freegame game and how close how close can

you get to the line of rippingoff a beat? Make it sound as
close to a hit without being played? Ri I get the real name right?
Ask Robbie van Winkol who I believewas under pressure. He said there
was a clear difference. It wasn'tunder pressure because it was that guy related

to No. I think that's hisgreat great great great great great grandfather.
But but they're both related to AndrewVan Ginkol, an outside linebacker for the
Minnesota Vikings. So that's that's That'sa very very didn't do you have a
very successful run doing like flipping houses? Yeah? That whole man guessed.

I don't know. It's super weird, but good for him for you know,
being able to take what, youknow, whatever trickle of fame he
had left no doubt and parlayed intoa house flipping show. He took up,
took uh the house flip for KevinLynch, took him from friendly to
Eden Prairie. I always love thatone, and it's up for You're going
to get some heat from people thatlive So why am I saying? Why

are you saying Eaton Prairie is betteraway? That's a good point, but
well where do you I live inEden Prairie, so I have the right
to say that. I didn't saywhich one was better. I'm just saying,
do do do? Do do do? Dude? Flip the house you

bought it, you move from friendlyto Eaton Prairie. Why do you have
to go down that road? Man? Hey, hey, come on,
what a fine mess you've gotten thisbasketball team into. Now, by the
way, you're gonna blame the gameone loss on me, right, that's
what you're saying. That's basically whatyou're saying. Guess what. Kevin Lynch
former mister Basketball in the State ofHockey and analyzes basketball for Ballet Sports North,

assumably for profit. Uh you,I mean, if they if they
lose, And I really I don'tlike having these conversations, but I just
feel it in my heart. Ifthey don't win tonight, this ain't this
for this phrase doesn't feel like Denver. This doesn't doesn't feel just if they
don't lose, if they don't wintonight. I just I think they're in
a whole heap of trouble money otherit's it's now or never kind of is

I mean, it's I hate touse the phrase must win, but you
drop two at home and you gota big problem. Sorry, this is
it's mostly bustled. Ordo got megoing with that cat take. It's close,
not it must win, but it'sclose. Let's put it that way.
We know this team can go onthe road and win games because on
it. But this is not aposition historically you want to find yourself in.

And yeah, the line is moved. What did you say that?
Where are we sitting at six anda half? Right? Now? Wolves
favored five and a half to fiveand a half, right, so you
know it. The consensus feels likethe Wolves even it up here, but
this is must win. Did youdid you play in the playoffs? Yeah?
You did? Yeah, how'd youdo? Uh we? Okay,
so so did Kendall Gill ever tapout? So so we uh we played

Boston? This is ninety three playedBoston. We stuftill bird No, he
just he retired ninety two Dream teamand so that was the first year out.
So we we play the Celtics werein Old Boston Garden and that's when
Reggie Lewis collapsed. That was soweird, right, Well, he didn't

have heart murmur heart. Yeah,he collapsed. Nobody knew what happened.
And I'm trying to remember. Didhe play the rest? No, he
didn't play the rest of the seriesbecause they kind of figured something's up here.
He didn't play. We won theseries and with Larry Johnson Grandmama,
Yeah, and and Alonzo Morning Muggsyboat that year. Yeah. Yeah,

I think it was later that summer, like July for August that year.
He actually passed away from that heartattack because of the the issue we had.
Yeah, sad, Now why doesit? I just pulled you up
on Basketball Reference. Oh yeah,this guy's already gone. There's up there.
There's a lot of nudes. Yeah. I didn't think he played in
any playoff games. They're showing oneplayoff game New York, Oh Boston,

Okay, memorable exactly, John Stark'sdunk on you r something you know.
Elly Tripuka played in front of me, so I was going to get no
minutes. Kelly Tripuca with the themullet slash perm at Notre Dame. That's
true, and then into the gamewith the Pistons. I mean that was
a captain. That was a vdoll sassoon captain. Cool member man.

Remember Kelly Trampuka, he had agood career. I mean he was a
ferm too. Yeah, good permHis hair was going to great hockey.
Guy. You played three minutes,three minutes, you played three minutes,
you got changed the game. Youaccumulated one statistic in that playoff game.
Do you care to guess? Well, this is really cool? I go
down a road where I don't thinktwo thirds of the feast are going to
tear down the uncompensated guests for asecond time this week. No ripping our

guest. No, I have zerominutes of playoff basketball. I played in
the NBA playoffs. Let's just acceptit. Absolutely. Yeah, I've got
preast minute pick up YMCA game rightnow with ten year olds. Did you
ever consider like running to the scorer'stable and saying I got zo? You
know, I never did Larry Bristolor something. No, you're close Elan

in Bristow, right, Yes,this was Bristow, your coach. Yeah,
okay, So did you ever considerrunning by Bristow to the scores.
Everyone's saying, I got zo,No, and you're just gonna check yourself
in. I got this, hey, I will say this about that that
playoff run. So so I wassaying, but we beat Boston after when
Lewis was healthy, Boston was upagainst us, and then we so we

get Ewing Oakley, all those guys, and I'll never forget. You know,
I got a front row seat CarmelsFish, Yeah, and watching Oakley
and and Larry Johnson fight for positionright in front of me, you know,
ten feet away, just watching thesetwo just monsters go at. It

was special. And you didn't haveto buy a court side seat, and
you got paid to be I gotpaid to be there. I mean that's
good enough to eat right there.Wow. Did you play against uh against
play against Larry in college? No? No, because I mean that un
l V team was unbelievable. Wewere we were intub was Richard Perry the

Great? Sorry? No had hadwe So we got to the final eight
and lost to Georgia Tech. Wehad a twelve point lead. We were
down in the Superdome in New Orleanswith two acc refs playing against Georgia Tech.
We got screwed anyways, had wewon that Have we won that game?
Yes? How do you remember thatguy's name? I don't know.

Just happens, just happens anyway,So we lost to Georgia Tech. Had
we beaten them, we would haveplayed in the final four in the Summis
against We actually matched up pretty wellagainst your teammates there. Oh we had
Willie Burton. Yep, we hadMelvin Newburn. We had Jim Chicken Janski,
Richard Shick, Big Shick Winter.No, Trevor was after after me.

But uh, Melvin Newburn. Mylet me say this about Melviyn.
He was we start, we werestarting backcourt. He was a point guard.
He's the most raw talented guy everplayed with. That includes Alonzo Morning
and Larry Johnson. I mean,wow, Melvin Nuborn could really play on
both ends too. He was reallygood. What happened was he like sweet
Pee Daniels or something, and heshined a Rucker Park but he never got

drafted. And then he he madeDetroit's team a couple of years later and
then made his way to Europe.And I don't know exactly what happened,
but he was talented. I'm gonnaask one of the dumbest questions uttered in
the history of KFAM because I knowthe answer is yes, but I'm not
sure. Richard Coffee a mere Coffee'sdad, Yeah, okay, yeah,
okay, right, yep, yeah, because I know you know me or

did he play Hopkins or whatever playedHopkins? Yeah? Yeah, right,
okay, so Richard and Amir?So has he has he been getting meaningful
minutes for the Clippers? He was, because I saw he got re upped
like he's and they've they've had touse him. He got the Westbrook minutes
when when Rusk and hurt? Yeah, yeah, especially with Kawhi, Leonard,
Paul George injuries the last couple ofyears. He's actually played a little
bit, but when those guys arehealthy, doesn't play much like a twenty

eighteen All Star team out there.Forty nine threes in Game one And as
was pointed out yesterday to yours,Tuirleah should have thought of a quick twitch,
but I didn't, So it waspointed out to me and then TV
box Michael Grady doubled down on ittoday and I believe it to be right.
Is off the seven game series againstDenver and you're coming from the mile

high the mile get high city andyou're got a little fatigue. It was
super emotional victory, and you know, okay, you human nature will win
to a certain extent. You know, when it comes to how you segue
to the next series. Even thoughI'm not completely placing the loss on that,
I do believe it to be afactor. But when legs get tired,

as you will know because you playedfor a long time, people settle
for jump shots. Yeah, youknow. I mean that's like what I
was said yesterday. I'm like,how the hell did I not think of
that immediately? Because that absolutely becauseI was a I was negative on forty
nine threes and I was negative onit being not only because it pulls them
out of character, but it's itwas abundantly clear. Early in that game,

Dallas was like, we're gonna playRazors basketball. We're going to run,
run, run, at every opportunity, and here's the bet, and
you're gonna take the bet. Webelieve that you're going to be tired because
of what you just came off ofand it will benefit us. So when
you're shooting that many threes and you'remissing long rebound run out, got to
play ketchup. It was just negative. Man. Yeah, they took I

was well. Number one. Letme say this is they did look tired
as the game was going on.I'm like, they look like this is
a hangover effect from Game seven,the emotion, and sometimes that happens.
I mean, teams that aren't usedto going this deep. You got to
remember that the season started, youknow, the training camp started back in
September, and we're now an endof May, and it's it gets long.

And I don't know if you guyswatched a ton of that series two
years ago when Golden State beat Bostonto you know, in the championship series
was up to zero or two toone in Boston. It's game four,
controlling the series. They had it. Their size was bothering Golden State,
and it was like they hit awall and they had nothing left. The

tank was empty. Curry got hot. Then the series completely flipped. It
just looked like Boston ran out ofgas. And I'm not saying that's going
on with the Wolves, but itcan happen when you haven't really been there
before and played this late after along regular season dramatic playoff run whatever.
And so the Wolves have to figurethis out. They have to summon up

the energy because sometimes that that tankgets empty and you're in trouble the gods.
Yeah, so we were playing audioearlier, Chris Finch basically just went
scorched to earth. You know,you heard him with the media yesterday.
He's like, these guys were awful. I don't know if they got the
memo that the Western Conference Finals started, but hello, yeah, welcome to

the party. Is the way thatthey that they all kind of framed it
up was game plan solid. Wedidn't execute you mentioned, you know,
is it a hangover fatigue? Yousaw the lack of energy in some spots.
Is it that simple? Good night'srest, get back on track and
just execute better and game two looksdifferent? Is it that simple? Yeah,

it can be. I mean,get another day of rest and another
day of scouting and sit down andwatch film. Yeah. I think my
gut feel as the Wolves are goingto come up more energetic tonight. And
you're right, Paul, the fortynine to three is way too many.
And then that's what happens when yourlegs are a little wobbly or you're a

little tired for whatever reason, youstart settling for too many jump shots and
which they did, and they didn'tattack enough. And Dallas's defense was pretty
good too, so it wasn't soeasy to get into the lane. But
I think the energy is going tobe better tonight. Now one more day
removed from game seven and Denver isgoing to be a good day. Let
me follow up with this then,So you mentioned another day of scouting.

Is there anything that you saw ingame one from Dallas that shocked you?
Right? Like, the series isgoing to be different MAVs, different style
teams, so the defense looks different, things are gonna get weird, et
cetera. But you know, Lucaand Kyrie, so you watch game one
and we're all so inwardly focused onhow we didn't handle business the right way
in the end. Was there anythingthat you're like, Wow, didn't know

the MAVs were going to pull thisout? Or ultimately were they just better
at doing what they're accustomed to doing? Well. One big advantage in my
opinion that the Wolves have is thereinside game and so to get demolished as
far as points in the paint,that's a reflection of huge story of taking
way too many threes. Yeah,would they have sixty two points in the

pants, two in the paint fortyfour in the first half. It should
be the flipped you got to flipthat, you know, with with Goberart
in Towns and everybody else. Soto get dominated like that that was that
was a big surprise. And howpoorly the Wolves. And this is one
thing. This takes me back totwenty eighteen when the Wolves had Jimmy Butler

here played Houston in that in thatfirst round series and they the Wolves.
This whole drop coverage against a pickand roll just drives me nuts. I
watched that entire five games of thatseries in twenty eighteen and James Harden every
single time he wanted to, they'drun a mid pick and roll and he

just walk right into the lane,hit a little floater, lobbing it up
to Capella for an easy dunk.It's like, please do something different.
Now, this is a different Wolvesdefense you're dealing with this year as opposed
to twenty eighteen. But that wholedrop coverage thing, if you're gonna stick
with that, just do it better. Because Irving and Doncis are They're setting
a mid screen and then if hedoesn't free up, he goes back over

the screen again, then eventually getsinto the lane once he has an advantage.
Now he's got McDaniels or Edwards behindhim, and then he walks into
the lane for little floaters or lobbingit up to Lively the second or Gafford
or whatever, and it's it's tooeasy. So and then the walls at
the end of the game the othernight started to jump this jump the pick
to push the ball handler back.I think they need to do more of

that, especially if that drop coveragedefense is not going to work. So
well, that was fantastic, bythe way. I appreciate it's worthy with
that break. Funny because we hadwe had double tea out in the hallway
yesterday in the zone style running picks, the teaching us exactly what you were

just saying, because he couldn't havebeen more apoplectic about just that with the
drop coverage and not attacking the screen. Brought us in the hallway. Made
Senecon late filling in for Mike Helleron the Packers flagship where he's doing the
showdown movie MK. I missed alive read and and Norto. He needed
to get back in to execute histoil, so double T showing us this

whole drop coverage thing. Kevin justbroke it down pretty much off what we
just saw. Because funny, thoseguys played the game, and I was
so moved. I almost called youlike white chocolate. I always love that
one, but I didn't want tobe canceled. In twenty twenty four,
yeah, exactly, me trying tojump a screen on Dave Cinnicon in the
hall. Ye, just like whatwe saw in game one, me cinnic

in trying to set the pick withme tickling his supple sides. I think
it frustrated Trent because I wasn't beingserious. I wasn't taking it series.
I was trying to tickle Sinny andmake him chortal. But that was the
verbal version charge white chocolates disgusting.By the way, Who is there anybody
who likes white chocolate with a chocolateor dark chocolate, And there's no chocolate

in white chocolate? As far asI know, I like dark chocolate or
no chocolate. What's in white chocolate? Well, I'm looking it up right
now because I'm pretty confident there's nochocolate in it and a fraud. I
prefer one of the basic ingredients ofwhite chocolate, the Hershey's milk chocolate bar
with almonds, the one the onethat has like not senate. I love

that there is sugar, milk,vanilla good a fatty food additive. Collect
the thin and cocoa butter. Where'sthe corn syrup? Corn syrup and everything?
Right? Fruit dust at high levels? White shirt sucks talk. I
want to talk about emotional fatigue versusphysical You like pumpkin spice drink? I

hate pumpkin spice right now. Iknow, go ahead. Pumpkin spice is
awful, and they put it ineverything. Yeah, I don't like that
Halloween Thanksgiving. It's like by Iwish you were. I wish you were
the days when it was limited tothat run of Halloween into Thanksgiving. Hey
boss, let's hold up on thatCaribou endorsement. No, they start with

the pumpkin spice. It's it's itis crept up to the point. Now
it's like end of summer, likeState Fair. All of a sudden it's
pumpkin spice season and they're putting pumpkinseeds in it. Now, which you
don't appreciate it. Grinding pumpkins.Huh No, not at all disgusting,
all right? Three two? Doyou ever like go to somebody's houses,
like, Hey, Kevin, comeon over, We're gonna make some pumpkin.

Oh no, somebody wants that.Nobody's gonna come over. If I
said, Kevin, we started theTragger twelve hours ago, I've got I've
got I've got some I've got someribs that are gonna that are gonna fall
off the bone. Now that's howI get Kevin Lynch over to my house.
If I said, we've got i'vegot some pumpkin I've got, I'm

gonna take that pumpkin. I'm gonnacook it over the stove. I'm gonna
try to like take the seeds.I'm gonna grind in the seeds. Nobody's
nobody to show up. That is, nobody wants that. Nobody does that
because pumpkin's disgusting. You're way tooclose into the squash category of foods where
prepared incorrectly. It's mealy, it'srunny. You can't nobody gets pumpkin right.

It tastes bad. You don't eatpumpkin in any other place, but
no, by all means put itinto my coffee for the diatribe. Let's
give it some. I mean thatwas right from the heart, almost passionate.
He's been all morning, and theculinary covenant has come to a conclusion.
When we return Kevin Lynch, formermister Basketball in the State of Minnesota,
we're going to talk more about theWolves and the Mavericks and Luca and

Kyrie and stuff like that. Butfirst we got this the fan along with
big deck dot com, they wantto give you a chance to put a
grand in your hand with the NationalCash Contest. Go to kfan dot com
and to the keyword check and youmight win a thousand dollars. The keyword
is check at KFE and Oh WowWow Game two WCM tonight KFAM seven thirty

an celary programming like the pregame showand stuff like that. Is that six
thirty, six thirty for a Allenwith the Holmies the pregame edition. Yeah,
it should be Max and Parker Foxas a matter of fact. And
then this weekend they're doing a watchpart. Yeah, so so six thirty
pre game and then official pregame inEarnest at six at seven and then tip
off shortly after seven thirty, andthe fan line show Allen with the Holmies,

Max Fuller and Parker Fox follows thegame and all That's Tonight on FM
one hundred point three KFAM before wespend our final segment with Kevin discussing the
Wolves and the Mavericks and Luke andKyrie and Ant and stuff like that.
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a pickleball camp. I always lovedthat. No, I'm sorry, wait,
I like to see that. That'swe got to That's my sister in
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and it's gonna get that's that's goingto be all parents want to build some
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You have lunch, so that's aninety minute break. Then lightning and free
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offense and defense team concepts, individualwork five on five again, then you
wrap it up at three. That'sa full day right there. But that's
fantastic how you have that laid outfor the young hoopster. These kids,
all they want to do, though, is play five on five. They
want to scrimmage, which is great, it's fun. It's fun for them,
and they want to shoot, playlightning and dribble elimination where you get

into a little area then you haveto dribble and the last kid stands was
the winner. Dot us. Theywant to do drible elimination, lightning or
thunder with thunders very much like lightningor it's scrimmaging. Did you have a
least favorite drill when you were practicing, let's say in high school. Okay,
so I stopped in junior college,but I played all through high school,
in middle school and all that.So like I'll just lay out like

what I'll never forget my least favoritein practice basketball drill. And it didn't
happen a lot during the season,but it would happen when when the coach
Kent Beckler, who played collegiately atOral Roberts with Alvin Adams, so like
Alvin came in a couple of timesand taught our bidding. Really yeah,
Tracy Murray was on our team myfinal year there all time leading scorer history

of the PAC ten won a championshipwith the Rockets. My least favorite drill
was when the defensive player had torun down to the block and here comes
the offensive guy and you have totake the charge. The charge drill,
the charge really the worst I wasjust it was like hitting a curveball,
has a chart drill, very verygrueling with the flippers. Hold the flippers

up and try to get the ballto jump to the other side. That's
advanced skills right there, to flipperthe favorite drill. Not No, let's
go in college, because I lovethe practice in high school because it was
so much fun and the every dayit was kind of it was kind of

we worked hard and everything and wehad success. But high school was just
fun because I was with my buddieswhatever. But college, yeah, we
did it. We used to dothis full court I'm trying to remember how
it went. Full court defense,defensive slide drill. So it's on defense
and then you had, yeah,you had to take a charge, but
it wasn't against somebody coming at you. You just had to kind of like

kind of get the footwork down totaking it sliding into a charge and so
We used to do it like afull courts you're running backwards defensive sliding,
and then a couple of times downthe court you had to go actually go
down to the floor. Thing.So well, the worst but under the
key by the block the charge drill. You know, you run to the
spot. Here comes the guy dribbling. If they don't jump high enough,
you get hit in the spot everysingle time. You know what we used

to do. Another drill to god, I forgot about this drill from college
is a couple of the assistant coachesor the managers would have football pads and
so I think they would roll theball out on the court. You had
to run, dive on the floorto get it, pick it up,
go back to the basket. Thenyou had managers with pads just smacking you
about the head and you had totry to finish. So that was another

your coachy Hayes or Frank Cush orI mean Adolf Rup have you heard of
it? Yeah, exactly. Wehave three or four minutes with the analyst
on the game this evening charge goahead and take it away. So there's
last game had both emotional fatigue,the hangover, the let down from the

Big Game seven, the short turnaroundand the physical fatigue. I'm less worried
about the about coming back from theemotional fatigue because you just got spanked at
home, so not spanked, youlost at home in a game he could
have won. But the physical partworries me, Kevin because of the draining
series and the fact that this isthe cadence now is every other day and

it's not changing. And Dallas camein with an extra day of rest,
I think one day, maybe twodays extra day, one day of rest,
and frankly, just you know,they they just looked like the better
rested team. And I'm worried thatgoing forward the situation doesn't change that,
you know that weird it's sort ofa physical deficit, you know, from

a fatigue standpoint going forward? Doyou does you share this concern and is
is it even a concern? No, it is a concern considering how it'll
hall the game, how the Wolveslook the other night, So I think
it is a concern to me.It's kind of the emotional part to it,
where it's just, uh, it'sso heightened all this hype, right,

and obviously these players know what's atstake here, you win this series,
you get to the NBA Final,and then the goal is to win
an NBA champions So I don't knowthe physical part is. I kind of
look at it both ways, andI might not give you a great answer
to that question. But one wayto look at it is these guys are
world class athletes, and they're allin most of them are in their twenties,

and they recover pretty quickly. Now, yes, they looked tired to
me, it was probably more theemotional part the other night. I think
physically they're gonna come back fine.Yes, it is a long season,
but I think physically they're gonna findtheir way. I think they're gonna be
a lot better tonight. So Idon't think I share that completely of being

worried that much. I think tonight'sI think they absolutely win tonight, and
I think they cover. I meanthey win by six or more. Yeah,
I just it's the defense was soconfused and indecisive and in the wrong
spot like the forty nine threes.Okay, so they got tired. They
won't settle for all of them.Edwards, I believe at some point this

evening will have more pop off thedribble and get to the dribble. But
defensively, that's the identity of theteam, man, And they were like
on that drop coverage thing you weretalking about or other situations, it was
like, all right, well,what are we going to do here?
Wow there's Luca with a float ornobody covered him, or wow there's Luca
or somebody. W how'sy wide openfor three? Getting two seconds to set

up for it. It was justantithetical to the big spot defense that we've
seen from Finch's team this postseason.So I'm not saying it goes eighty five
Bears two thousand Ravens on it,but it ain't gonna be what we saw
the other night. Yeah, Imean, you know, you're right in
the fact that Dallas tried to pushthe pace kind of get get something quickly

before the Wolves defense gets set.So they're used to that. Yeah,
so you know it's it's I justthink this points in the paint and giving
up offensive rebounds kind of in thesecond half was a killer too, and
that just that just can't happen.But Paul, I know what you're saying
as far as because I just lookedat the schedule kind of moving forward.
So it's kind of just day off, game day off, do dadaan and

so I understand that you know whereyou're coming from as far as the physical
aspect of it. Enjoy the gametonight. Thanks for the time, and
as the series navigates, you knowwe'll be calling on you again. Thank
you, Thanks, guys, appreciateit. Lynch camps dot Com for the
kids if you're interested. Myriad Campsbasketball is what Kevin does and does it
quite well. Lynch camps dot Comfinal segment. After that,
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Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty

Let’s Be Clear… a new podcast from Shannen Doherty. The actress will open up like never before in a live memoir. She will cover everything from her TV and film credits, to her Stage IV cancer battle, friendships, divorces and more. She will share her own personal stories, how she manages the lows all while celebrating the highs, and her hopes and dreams for the future. As Shannen says, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s about how you get back up. So, LET’S BE CLEAR… this is the truth and nothing but. Join Shannen Doherty each week. Let’s Be Clear, an iHeartRadio podcast.

The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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