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May 29, 2024 39 mins
Parker Fox in studio with Nordo on Game 4 Gameday...along with Max Fuller, a couple segments of hopeful hoops conversation, needing a Wolves win to extend the series!
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It's a playoff a game day.Head on down to the Mall of America
tonight for the game four watch partiesstarting at six thirty PMC. The game
streamed live on the big screen inthe Huntington Bank Rotunda, hosted by myself
and my man Parker Fox, withchances to win prizes during breaks. Full

details at KFE dot com. Keywordcalendar. So good having real music there.

Now, those that will listen tothis podcast at some point, there's
just gonna be a little bit ofdead air and they're gonna go wow.
They thank you for listening nine tonew and via the podcast. As you
heard Max playing real music again thatwill be available and enjoyed to our live

and local listeners via one hunderd pointthree FM, the Fan and the free
iHeartRadio app. In studio with menow, Parker Fox, how you doing,
man, good good man. Westill you know, still got a
little optimism. It's game day,you know, it's it's a little there's
a little lull in the air,and I think people are disappointed, which

they should be, but you know, I still got a little x allowance
of hope and faith left in me. So I'm I'm doing good this,
I'm doing good this morning. Howdo you how do you handle that in
a spot where because it'd be onething if if you just weren't game for
a series like this at Parker Foxtwenty four via the X machine as well

Instagram as well. Yeah, maybeParker Fox twenty three, one of those
twenty three go find it. Startwith Parker. Let's just start with Parker
Fox twenty and work our way upin events. Fine, Parker Fox.
But it'd be if you're getting blownout in these games, there's this you
know, this this brick in thehead moment where it's like, well we
just we just don't got it.Yeah, and you know, and you've

heard Anthony be honest after some gamesI didn't have it. Shots weren't falling.
Kat was talking about that after Gamethree the other night. But how
do you handle you almost would yourather be blown out then then have to
sit there and go through the mentalmachinations of well, this run at the
end of the second quarter that changesthe game. If Finch calls a time

out, we can get Conly backin there and and really set up a
possession. That game's different playing thosegames and those sorts of things. I
mean that it's just an it's anodd way to start this thing. Is
as I'm with you, hope fortonight, but I just I think about
that where, you know, forfor frustrated Wolves fans, how these games
have ended not with us in thethird quarter going, Man, Kyrie and

Luke are amazing. Time to getout of here. It's man, Luca
and Kyrie are amazing. And thisone play and dribble out of that dribble
out of that scrum. Dude.Yeah, you know, playing that kind
of game, it's just almost kindof adding fuel to the fury. Yeah,
that makes it hurt less. Youknow, if you're getting blown out
and you're like, you know,this team's just better than us, then
as a viewer and as a youknow, just a spectator, it makes

it hurt less for sure, andyou're like, oh, we just we're
not quite good enough. Like,hey, let's see what we do this
off season and you know, maybewe can add a couple of pieces,
or maybe we can make a youknow, a coaching not a head coaching
change, but you know, dosomething in the off season and help us,
you know, get past the WesternConference finals next year. But as
a competitor, it's like you don'twant to get blown out, you know,
Like, as a guy that's outthere, it's like, there's nothing

more to feeding than when you lookup at the score like we did to
Denver that in game six, whenwe're beating them by there's nothing more to
feeding. As a player, whenyou're like and Malone clears the bench with
nothe exactly, it's like, damn, we were so bad tonight that we
couldn't even you know, we couldn'teven be out there in the time that
we need to be out there.So I think as a competitor, you
like where we're at. But butbut you're right, there's so many little

things that we as fans can nowdissect and we're like, if we would
have done this right, we wouldhave won this game. And then if
we would have done this right,we could have won this game. And
now you're telling yourself, Okay,now it's you know, they're probably still
gonna get one, but you know, now it's two one us versus three.
So it's like, I don't know, as a viewer, you definitely

go and watch all these little thingsand you're like, oh dang, like
we're so close to where we wantto be, and I think that's what
kind of makes it hurt even more. And I think that's something me and
Max felt. I think targets arekind of had that, you know,
just that feeling. In game twowhere we're up to eighteen, I was
talking to you know people and youknow, in the the underneath the basket

and around the crowd, everybody's like, oh, this is this is our
game, Like h Luca and Kyrieare just gonna fold and you know they're
gonna preserve their energy. We're upeighteen, We're good. And the next
thing, you know, it's like, oh that quicks before it came again
twelve points. Yeah, you're right, it's a game again. And you
know it turns out that that wego and lose that one. And it's
like, those are the things thatthat really do make it hurt. And

I think as a competitor, younever want to you never want to get
blown out, You never want tolose games in general. But I think
that hurts. That makes a competitorhurt too. And it's like, oh,
you know, you watch a filmback and I'm sure Anthony Edwards is
like, dang if I would havejust shot this here. You know,
yeah, I might not make it, but but then you know, they
got to call a time out andwe got to do a bunch of different
stuff, and you know, itforces different situations and then SA same situation.

You know, he turns it allover and then you know, same
one with three seconds Left's like,hey, if I would have got to
the rim, maybe I could havegotten a hoop or whistle, But I
gotta trust my guy now. Soit's like there's so many things that go
through your head and it's like that'swhat that's what makes it so fun though
too. You know, it's likewhen you're on the winning, winning side.
I'm sure Dallas fans are like freakingon top of the world right now
because they've gotten all these little onesthat haven't quite gone our way. So

but that brings us back to hope. Yeah, because it has been i
mean, razor thin margins through thesethree games, and because you can point
I think it was nine fourth quarterturnovers. Yeah, through the first two
games. You can point to guyslike Conley, I mean just you know
weird moments, right, Like Jadendoesn't go to the hoop, he tries
to run out the back of thebaseline and toss it off with somebody that

was ridiculous. Yep. I mentionedthe am bit and the scrum the other
night, Conley and the lob likeyou can point to so many of these
things that brings us back to onemore day, at least of howling to
see another day. In a gamefive, there's got to be hope associated
with this. Don't go out witha sweep that's ridiculous. Well, there
is hope too. And the otherthing that you know makes it so exciting

is you got nas reed and theyou know, the postgame presser of game
three is saying, hey, ifany team could do it, we believe
we could do it. You know, no one, no one's ever done
it before coming down from you know, three, and we got guys that
you know, they're they're still believingand I and I hope that's true belief
too because I have I have thatlittle ounce faith in me too that they
can do it. Like I've seenthis team win four games in a row
this year, gets really good teams. So it's like, I don't know,

I just I keep that faith becauseI think, like we've been through
so much this year, and Ithink that you guys, you guys hit
on it earlier as I was drivingin. But but you're right. There's
so many people that wrote us offearly in the season. It's like,
oh, you're not gonna beat thisPhoenix team, or oh you're nine not
gonna beat this Denver team. Andthen we do that. So then Wolves

fans are like, oh, webeat Phoenix and Denver like Dallas is,
We're gonna be fine with Dallas,right, And it just doesn't happen.
It doesn't click. And that's theway sports roles sometimes. So I know
I still got some faith left inme. I think I think we got
to get obviously get this one tonightand it's create some momentum and see what
we can do. But but nowyou know, hey, Max, I

said it from the start, didn'tI? I seven? From the start?
Max said Wolves at five, andI was like, I don't know,
man, this is gonna this isgonna be a good team. Give
me Wolves at seven. I didit predict it to go like this?
I'm not. I'm not giving myselfthat much credit. But but but in
the end, no one's gonna gothrough the game log though, and see
how they got exactly, it's justthat they got there. It makes the
thirty for thirty in the future thatmuch more interesting when we come back and

win these four in a row.And one of the reasons that Wolves fans
can have a little bit more hopeat least going into Game four is that
there is no Derek Lively tonight.Unfortunate incident and then the Game three where
he got a double shot a needof the and then aned of the back
of the head and he's out tonightwith the neck injury. And me and
you have talked about at Parker howhow vital he's been to both on both
sides of the court for the Mavericks. So talk about what the Mavericks will

be missing with no Derek Lively Juniorand how their game changed in Game three
without him on the floor. Well, did you see that stat that that
TNT put up during the game.It was like lob dunks that they they
least Yeah, they had mid Ithink there was a forty at that point
in the game. There at fortyfive and the second closest was like eight
or eight or nine for Denvery.They're the new Lob City. Yeah,

and no doubt and we talked aboutit all game acts that were like how
do we freaking stop these lobs?Like like, what are we supposed to
do here? So, uh,I think I think that's a that's a
thing that they gotta they got tofigure out and dial in on. But
yeah, that's that was crazy tome. Max. No, it's it's
unbelievable, Like it's it's so easyfor them. We talked about it before

every single game this series, howeasy it is and how how smart and
how fast Kyrie and Luca are processingthe game to be able to find those
guys every single time. So noDerek Lively tonight, but they are getting
Maxi Kleiba be that. I thinkhe's questionable tonight, so they might return.
So Okay, they lose one bigman, they get another one.
He's not much of a lob lobkind of guy though, he's more of

a spacer corner three. He shootsthree. Yeah, he's a three point
shooter more, that's kind of hisgame. But you know, haven't they've
you know, they've had that onetwo punch with Gafford and Lively, so
they've been able to kind of gowhether it's twenty four minutes, twenty four
minutes or you know, twenty eighttwenty or whatever it may be. Whoever
you know got the hotter hand thatnight. But but those guys are their

field goal percentage has to be outthe roof just because they're simply only doing
lob dunks. And you know,that's a pretty high percentage when you're getting
passes from you know, two ofthe best and Kyrie and Lucas. So
I think that'll be an advantage forus tonight, having one less lob threat
in the game and also one lessperimeter defender. Like you know, I've
I've been mentioned at all series,and I love the way Anthony Edwards came

out in Game three more you know, more motivated, more energetic, more
aggressive getting to the rim, andI think that's something we've had to do
all series. But I know it'stough, like Lively is a good body
in there. They got a longa lot of long bodies in there,
but having one less is your advantage, so you got to find ways to
get in there and be physical inthe paint. Tonight, we're kind of
watching on the with the the ESPNscroll here, and they're talking about who

is the most important player on theCeltics. We'll take your calls eight hundred
three two zero five three two sixs. But but in some ways, both
of these conference finals series, hopefullythis one does not end in a sweep,
but they've kind of played out verysimilarly. Now they're missing Terse Tyrese
hallib with he was either a hammyor an ankle, I forget. But

in the same vein the Pacers,believe it or not, with the knemhards
of the world, I mean,thirty you know what do you had high
twenties last night? Thirty two?I think in game three, et cetera.
So they've led in all those games. Yeah, and it's come down
to the shot makers. So frustratingseason ends with a whimper. Wolves do

not advance to the NBA Finals.Is there a way you can just kind
of sum it up to it's Lucaand Kyrie, Man, it's Luca and
Kyrie. Yeah, to a point, there is. And it's like I
was on the golf course yesually withmy brother and we were talking about how
much sense does this Dallas, youknow, Boston finals make and obviously we
don't want to get there quite yet. But you know, you had the
Kyrie Irving incident when he was sayinghe's not going anywhere else and he's staying

in Boston, and you know,you got so many other little things that
go on through this series that thatyou that you point at. But no,
I think I think the thing forme is like, you know,
this team, this this Wolf teamhas been able to do so many great
things this year that you know,when we get to this offseason, we're
gonna you know, when you whenyou don't get to where you want to

go. And I think for everybodythat's a championship, regardless if you're you
know, last in the league,your goal is to win a championship and
and that's why you play the game, is to you know, eventually go
host that Larry O'Brien. But youknow, I think this Wolves team's got
to figure out what what kind ofapproach they want to have in this offseason
because I believe that the pieces arethere. Like I don't think it's some
drastic change that needs to happen.You know, everybody's been yelling for you

know, Car that he towns tobe traded, and I'm not on that
train at all. And I haven'tbeen. I think, you know,
when he's at his best, hewhen he knows when he's at his best,
right, Like he the version ofCat that we get when it's like
that sound steady. I'm here toplay cat versus the flailing, complaining,
whining cat. Like we can't havewe can't have that version of Cat if
we're gonna win, you know,if we're gonna win a championship. But

but I don't think it's like somelike drastic change. I think it's coming
back and having you know, littlechanges and whatever that may be that's going
to help you win a championship.But you know, you look at this
Boston team, it's like, holycow, these guys are these guys are
stacked. Do they have Porzingis backyet? I don't mean to put you
on this. They're not. They'renot back. He's not back yet,
but that they're saying that he's probablygonna be questionable for the for the championship,

And they do get the chill forbasically a real time week, and
they get another storyline going into thegame as the Porzingis and Mavericks connection.
Yeah that's true. Yeah, youhad you had Porzingis down in Dallas as
well, And no, Yeah,so I don't think he's quite back yet,
but I think I don't know.I'd expect him to be I'd expect
him to be ready. But yeah, you got Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum,

Holiday, Derek White. You know, you just got so many pieces
over there that it's like, yeah, I don't know. Like when the
Wolves beat them early in the season, I was like, Holy Cole,
like this team is legit. Thatwas like a championship type field game and
target Center. But what's weird,though, is they've kept games a lot
closer. Yeah, And in alot of ways it's it's been they've kind
of played like Luca and Kyrie earlierin the playoffs, where one of them

would go off, one was struggling. Kyrie had some really tough games earlier
in the postseason, not against theWolves, unfortunately, but earlier in the
year. They've they've been playing thatthey've allowed teams to exist in these games
a lot longer than they need tonow. In terms of Carl though,
is there is there enough of atrack record And I think there is to

have faith that whether it's tonight orfor the balance of this series and moving
forward that and I haven't gone throughall his game locks. I just can't.
I can't remember a recent time wherehe's had three games consecutively where he's
just been this ineffective. I mean, because he's getting the open shots too

and I don't, and he's andby the way, you mentioned it,
the Flai lane, the complaining cat. He's had some moments to he actually
has reserved himself, I think inthis series as far where he had earned
a free throw and he didn't getit, and he didn't lose his mind,
he just rolled back down the court. But these open threes and just
all of that, over the courseof this three game series, he's gone

from the guy that they would havetrouble matching up with to the guy that
almost let him shoot, let himprove it, you know what I mean.
So I just have not seen himlike this, at least I can't
remember recently a time when when Kat'sbeen this ineffective. So that kind of
lends me to it's do or dienight, Like I feel like he needs

to snap out of it, obviously, But can he really just wilt and
completely disappear in this entire series?I just I have a hard time seeing
him go out like that is asmad as everybody is at him right now.
I kind of got a little faithin Carl. I think I do
too. You know, you talkabout I think he truly is one of
the best big man shooters of alltime, especially from the three point range,

And now they're using that quote againsthim right now. And he's gone
two of nine, one of five, and all of eight from three in
the you know, in the threegames. So you don't you don't love
those numbers, I don't. Ithink they said that historically over that stretch
he is the worst three point shooterin the history of UMBA postseason. And

now trying to pile on to Carl, that's just like statistically over the last
three four five games, they saidhe is literally the worst three point shooter
of all time in the playoffs.Yeah, that comes back to buy him
there, But no, I thinkI think you are right, And I've
been so I generally have been soimpressed with kat this year. You know,
I obviously I watch every game andI'm you know, dialed in on
the intricacies because I've you know,been a fan of this team for so

long, and it's like a coupleof years ago. If you would bench
Cat down the stretch like like wedid in Game two and go to nasried
like I don't know, as acompetitor and as anybody that you know is
supposed to be the starter, it'ssupposed to be. Yeah, he was
the batman, but now he's moreof the robin. And but he's still
you know, an intricate part ofthis team. Like it's hard not to
pout and put your head down.But Cat's been you know, Cat's been

awesome on the bench and he's beenyou know up and you know, high
fiving and clapping and bringing energy andthat's us gen and so like I think
you do got to give Cat alot of credit. And yeah, you'd
rather give him credit for being outon the court and you know, hitting
the shots and winning an actual gamesversus being a cheerleader on the bench.
But like, I think that showsCat's growth and that his maturity and being

able to realize that it's bigger thanhim. And you know, that'stuff that
he's talked about, you know,being here for nine years and how he's
going to bring a championship to Minnesotaand whatever it takes. And it maybe
not be him bringing a championship toMinnesota, but it's going to be his
team, and you know, that'sgreat and all, but at the end
of the day, we need,you know, the guy that we're playing
all those millions of dollars to beout there on the court and producing for

us. So I do expect,and me and Max talked about it,
you know, pregame Game one isI said, I think Carl's got to
be this X factor in this seriesbecause you know Dallas is. Yeah,
they're wiry, and they're long,and they're athletic, but they don't have
that that size to match up with, you know, our two big man
roster that that we created that everybodysaid wasn't gonna work, you know.
So I just i'd like to seehim just find ways to get his confidence

going early in Game four, becausewhen you're a shooter, so much of
it is based off confidence. Andyeah, Kat's a guy that needs to
see the ball kind of go inthe rim first, So I would like
I think it'll be disappointing for meif I see cats first shot as a
deep three that you know, isn'tyou know, isn't a confidence shot.
Like I love him to see youget a touch shutter on the ram or
get fouled and then gets the freethrow line. Okay, and then you
can kind of start expanding your gameand hopefully they start going in and they

have it yet, but hopefully theydo well. I asked, I told
Max earlier. I'm saying, givehim. I I need him to shoot
a three in the first thirty secondsof the game. So you're you're smarter
than I am. You're looking atit differently, You're just doing a chuck.
I think that. I think ifif you're going to win tonight,
your first your first offensive set shouldbe how do we get Carl open for

a good look. That was myonly thought because in the end, my
my my opinion changes with the directionof the win. Sometimes as I look
at this because we I need Carlto be better. But yesterday I'm thinking
to myself, he's a seven footerwho plays short sometimes it feels like and
so so I want him to getto the rim. I want him to
assert himself. And he certainly isathletic enough to do that. And we've

seen I mean, he can taketwo steps and he's tomahawk in the thing.
So that's good, but I've alsowatched him kind of shy away inside,
specifically with gafferd. Yeah, andGaffer deserves respect for his ability to
block and alter shots and those thingsand so all of that, but I'm
just like, can you get tothe rim get that whistle? So I'm

with you on that. But thenthere's also another part of me. The
whole reason that Rudy works with Kat, not just time served and figuring it
out, is because he is oneof the better big man shooters, not
just now, but for the totalityof things, and that's the that's the
allure, that's the benefit of himnot having to be at the low post

all the time. And so it'sso the best of Kat includes him hitting
those three for sure. So inthe first thirty seconds tonight, you want
him to go to the rim andget the end one, which is totally
sweet because that's where I was yesterday. And by next segment I'll agree with
you again. But for my like, I just let that thing fly,

let that thing hit the net.Yeah, I mean, I don't blame
you. I think I grew upjust you know, my dad would always
preach, you know, don't startthe game on a subtle shot. You
Now, if we can get agreat set and it's you know, a
situation where we get carl and spaceand Anthony Edwards driving into a double team
and cats you know, catch andshoot and rhythm. Yeah, you know,
for sure get it up there.But I just always kind of grew

up on My dad would always tellme, like, hey, find a
way to get to the rim orgets the free throw free throw line,
And especially when you're kind of ina slump, you know, because as
a shooter that that rim gets awhole lot tighter when you start to miss,
and it's like you're you're not fallingthrough the same and you kind of
start to push it and instead oflike shooting it and letting it fly and
having confidence in your jumper, you'rekind of like trying to will the ball

in the rim, and you're kindof like it's almost like throwing a dart,
you know, when you're trying tolike hit the bulls out. You're
like you're so your arms so lockedin and tight, and you're you know,
you maybe have an eye, youknow, shot and you're squinting,
and you're like, how do Iget that's not basketball. Basketball is you
know, confidence, catching the ball, letting it fly, trusting your rhythm,
trusting your shot. He said heshoots fifteen hundred shots a day,

and we heard the team they havebeen I'm like, what is this nineteen
oh four baseball? Why do youthink like nobody should be using their arms
that much one day? Literally,like I've I've done that before, and
that's a lot. It takes severalhours to do that. So I don't
know if he's doing that, butI do trust that he's been putting in
a lot of work and he's aguy that that you know, I think

ultimately he does really trust his jumpshot. So if that's a thing where
you know, he comes into thisgame and it's the first possession of the
game and he gets an open shot, yes, so be it, let
it fly and hit it. Butif not, we got to find a
way to get him his confidence back, because I don't think we win this
game with the unconfident Karl. AnthonyTowns, Well, you're the expert.
I'm not so now I'm back.Now come back with you. Now,
do not whatever you do, Carl, do not shoot on the very If

he shoots three, and this isit tonight that I'm gonna texted you if
you're like, what are you talkingabout? Listen to Parker Cat, Listen
to Parker Parker. We all needCarl. We know the Wolves need Karl
Anthony Towns to get going tonight.We all want him to get going.
We want to see the cat thatthat we know and love back. But
on the off chance that he doescontinue the shooting struggles tonight, if you're

Chris Finches, do you kind ofdecrease those minutes in favor of more nas
read minutes and more slow mo minutes? Or do you do you try to
let him shoot his way out ofthe slump? Yeah? I think you
at this point you have to.Now if it was a regular season game
and it's like, you know,you're in game forty five and you just
got out of the All Star breakand he was in Cancun or whatever and
took a little vacation, and nowhe's back, he's not quite making shots,

and then yeah, you gotta,you know, you gotta let the
guy shoot, you know, outof his little slump here. But you're
you're in game four, your door die situation, and this is a
you know, this is a teamthat you know that really wants to do
this and to win and believe thatthey can do it. So if if
it's a situation where he's not producingfor you, then then you gotta go
with the hot hand. And ingame two we saw that was nas reed

and uh, you know, Gamethree we saw a lot of good and
Kyle Anderson. And you know Isaid it as well, you know,
I think Kyle Anderson's a he's agood piece for this, you know,
this series because he's a long defenderthat can you know, obviously you're not
going to shut down Kyrie or Luca, but you know he can. He
can be there to you know,help stop them. And then on the
flip side, he's you know,they've left him open on offense and he's
been able to kind of produce andyou know, do different, you know,

good things offensively. So these bitswhere he gets uh he'll get an
offensive rebound or just he'll clean upthe mess and those little ten eleven footers
in the lane, like he's beenperfect with them. Yeah, and that's
his shot too. Like we don'tneed Kyle Anderson spacing the floor and hitting
threes. We don't need Kyle Andersondoing things off the dribble. We just
need that little like a little dumpeddown like if you know, you get

double teamed and there's there's He's justkind of always in the right spot.
Like I feel like he's always justlike it's that basketball knack. And I
think he's kind of got it.And you know, we saw the technical
last game and he's kind of gotthat little hot head a little bit to
him, but you know, hejust that was ridiculous. Yeah, it
was bad. It was Luca notgetting one. And what the third quarter
when he tap up and down throwinga tantrum, that's what was even more

ridiculous. Yeah, that's that's thesuperstar whistle there, that's the superstar deal.
But no, I think Kyle Anderson'sa great piece and I'd love to
see more of him the night.And I know a lot of people will
disagree with me, and you know, they'll watch him on the court and
be like, why the hell isthis guy in the court, like he
can barely move and dah da dashots broke, And but I think he's
I think he's a key piece andto this Wolves team. And yeah,

we didn't see him in some games, and that's just how series goes.
Sometimes sometimes you're not a you're nota good matchup for a team. And
that's a hard thing for a competitorto understand, is you know, you
coach doesn't put you in the gamebecause the matchup isn't gonna work that night,
Like, how do you respond tothat? And I think, you
know, Kyle's the guy that's beenaround the league enough and it's played a
lot of basketball that gets it,you know, And I think if his
number gets called a little extra,he's gonna produce. And I'm not talking

about a twenty print performance. I'mtalking about going five or six from the
floor, gett into the foul lineand just creating havoc on Luca, you
know, making it hard because atthe end of the day, Luca's gonna
get to his spots and gonna getwhat he wants. But how can you,
you know, how can you makehim take more shots? Like we
always preach like, if Luca's gonnaget thirty tonight, can we make him

take twenty five shots to do it? Or can we make him take thirty
shots to do it? Like That'sthat's the type of situation you want to
be in where it's a less efficientgame, and how can you throw different
bodies and defenders? And I thinkKyle Anderson's is a piece that we have
to do tonight, playing in theBig ten and playing basketball. As long
as you have this Tony Brothers thing. Yeah, so you you naturally know

maybe by reps, by reputation,Yeah, by just conversing with other guys,
like this guy's tight with the whistle. This guy if you if you
blow on somebody and near the hoop, it's a foul. That sort of
thing. You know that, right, And and it's it's kind of been
fun to watch it. And asclosely as I've followed the NBA playoffs,

I have, I've I've noticed thatover the last decade or so, but
this is also now the first timethat our team's on the receiving end of
some of this. After the like, there's this Jeff tigue and I can't
play it because it's exceptionally you know, it's the funniest thing vulgar. But
did you see then the Jeff TagueTony Brothers a bit where he's like,

uh, yeah, my my momand aunt were in the stands and he
said, what up with them?H works or who like, Yo,
that's my mom? Yeah, howdo you handle stuff like that? But
I got some good news. Aswe go to break tonight. Your crew

chief will be the extender. Let'sgo Scott Let's chief following uh and he'll
be with Bill kenn and Ed molloy. Oh wow, what a crew The
extender Wow is in the house inDallas. Adam Silver made the call because
of TV ratings. They wouldn't suspendJamal Murray and the Nuggets series over the

heat pack thing. And they're like, well, this this Celtics thing,
that's a sweep. Well let's getlet's let's squeeze a couple extra games out
of this Dallas Wolves series. Keepthe TV ratings going, which I think
sadly have been kind of on thedecline in the last couple of years.
But the Howell's coming, Anthony Edwardsstar ascending. Well we'll fix that in
the next couple of years. Thefixer the extender in the house tonight.

But we're gonna We're gonna continue onthe Wolves trainer. Also very personal connection
that Parker Fox has to Minnesota's pWHL team with Game five tomorrow night back
in Lowell, Massachusetts for an opportunityat a title. I want to dig
into all of that. The Howl, the PHL, PhD PWHL team great
with acronyms Nordo and as we continuenine to noon, Leavelli Neil the third

in stewdo to eleven. We're howlingnine to noon on the fan. It's
a game day in kfe An alongwith Discover Strength want you to be as
strong as the players on the courtschedule. You are free. That's right.
Fr Ee. Introductory workout now atdiscover strength dot com. Get thirty

minute strength workouts twice per week withan expert trainer book. You are free.
Workout today at Discover strength dot com. Parker Foxen Studio with Me Nordo.

Max Fuller is here Lavelle's in studioa half hour from now. A
six' nine member of Gopher's Hoopsliving in a short man's world as he
attempts to find travel out to seeTaylor Heisei in Minnesota's PWHL squad. It
is the game of games. TheWolves need to win the night to survive.

The ladies need to win to hoista trophy, which is super Clip.
The Walter Cup. Now I mustgo backwards, to go forwards because
I mentioned Taylor. She scored thegame winner Parker, So I guess you
know it was It was Sunday,correct at and there were you know,
fourteen fifteen thousand people there. Itwas a packed house for this game.

Yeah, doubt the game's over.The Walter Cup is all but they're about
to roll the carpet out under theice. Heise, he scores the goal
and it's taken away. What wasthat like on Sunday? Well, first
of all, it was it wasa five PM game, so I thought,
okay, this is gonna be perfect. It was Sunday, correct,

Sunday, Yeah, same same gameas the same time. That's right day
as the Wolves game. So Ithought, perfect, Okay, woth play
at seven, you know, Taylorplays at five. We'll get into EXE
hundredgy Center, you'll watch the game. I'll probably be probably back on my
couch by about halftime of the Wolvesgame, you know, if they win,
you know, I might get draggedout to you know, a bar
or you know, restaurant or something. But I always still have the game

on where I can hear some volume. And because I'm watching in the seat,
and I don't want to be rudewith the people next to me,
so I got the volume off andI heard that's a good thing because a
lot of the people didn't love whatReggie Miller had to say. And there's
a lot of Reggie Miller hate outthere. But no, So the game
starts at five and four hours laterthey're still playing. Hockey goes a double
overtime, a couple of minutes leftin double overtime, you can tell everybody's

tired out there, Like this isa championship game. It's been a long
season. You know, it's gamefour, it's a five game series,
so this is uh, you know, Minnesota up two to one at this
point, and we put the puckin the back of the net and everybody's
gloves go off, the helmets gooff, the sticks go flow, and
you know, hugging the parents,you know, hugging grandma, hugging her

brothers, you know, and abbotsbehind us. You had a sweet picture
of me, you know, cheeringon with her family, and we thought
everything's good, like, let's gocelebrate all this kind of fun stuff.
And you know, they go,oh, we're gonna review it and see
see if it was a goal ornot. And like you said, the
energy in the arena was crazy.I think there was like thirteen one hundred

people I think was like the officialnumber. So like whole lower bowls filled
up, whole like second rolls filledup, like great energy, and you
know, everybody's kind of like onthe edge of their feet, on the
edge of their seat, and theyspend some time in there reviewing it,
and you're like you kind of knowonce they take that time to review it,
like, oh dang, like they'rereally looking at this thing, it's
coming back. So ref comes upcalls it off and it's like I got

a text from you know, ourour sid at the University of Minnesota.
She goes, oh, they gotto they got to find a way to
get this energy back here, becauseyou know, that's a hard that's a
hard switch. And I kind ofknew. I was like that Boston's gonna
go and score and it's gonna bepretty fast. That's just the way.
I think. That's the way hockeyis sometimes, where it's like, you
know, it's just such a it'ssuch a weird game, and like pups
can just bounce so many different waysand this was double overtime, so you've

played. At this point, theyhad almost played one hundred minutes of hockey.
It's like they were into the depths. I think the final goal will
score like two and a half minutesleft in double overtime. So yeah,
then Boston, a couple of chefslater, takes the puck down the ice
and lady by the name of ElenaMueller, she snipes one top right,
and and then it ends like that, and the crowd went silent, and
there's a lot of popcorn and uh, you know, bottles of coke thrown

out of the ice, and therefs were a little brutal all game,
you know, but you know,that's that's hockey. Sometimes. They're trying
to figure out this league because youknow, it's technically still non checking and
they're not allowed to like, youknow, check because it's you know,
the women's league, but they're lettinga lot of it flow and the refs
are kind of figuring that out,and so there's a lot of physicality and
you know, but there's another game. There's still life. It's not over.

And now I am getting on theplane to Boston tomorrow morning to go
cheer on the ladies Wednesday, Wednesdaynight. I think it's a seven Eastern
game. Uh in Boston, soBALI Sports YouTube live you can you can
watch it YouTube. Yeah, yeah, YouTube live has it. Obviously,
Bally have it. I know Bally'skind of you know, struggling right now

with some different connections, but yeah, to watch it. But if not,
YouTube live it's on there. It'ssuper easy. Just look up p
WHL and you can watch it.And uh, it's fun, you know,
it's it's fun, high paced hockey, super skillful. And game five
it's a championship. You know,if you win, you host the trophy.
If you lose, you go home. So it's like, why would
you not want to, you know, turn that on and see him go

try to win a championship. SoI'll be out there and cheering on.
I think it's already sold out.The arena sold out, already sold out
super fast. So is it UMassLowell? Is that where they play?
I think it's at I don't knowexactly where to put you on the spot
again, it's at the the songest, longest center, Yeah, long Center
and just north of Boston. Yeah, so it'll be it'll be fun.

It'll be it'll be electric. Butyeah, it's uh, I don't know
how some of these girls have anyenergy left because, yeah, you talk
about hockey, it's a physical,high paced game. You know, you're
skating up and down the ice,you know, I want I'm getting tired
watching it because it's like it's backand forth and back and forth, and
it's like, now it's a fitfifth game final s. No, some

you got all the energy in theworld. It's all the adrenaline left in
you see what you can do totry to win a championship. And if
you're going to be on that flightto Boston, by the way, and
you have an exit row seat,give it to Parker Fox. Yeah,
he's six feet nine inches tall.I'm in thirty three f right now.
I'm in the last seat of theplane, the back corner. So if

you've got an exit road, you'relisting right now. I love to love
to trade with you. Brother needssome some leg room, and he's willing
to step up if if the opportunity, hopefully not most likely won't be required.
He'll handle all duties in the exitrow. So let's get that Walter
Cup tomorrow night. But tonight,What are you looking at it? We've

we've gone the distance I think onCarl. But in terms of extending this
series, you know, it's managingand it's like seasons on the line.
So if Ann needs to play fortyeight, he'll play forty eight, although
that would then that would be someissues if you do extend the series.
But that sort of thing. Whatare you looking forward to while you're in
the rotunda with Max in all ofAmerica for the watch party tonight, what

are you looking forward to in thisgame? Yeah, you know, hopefully
a bunch of people come out andhang out with me and Max today at
MLA. We really really looking forwardto that. But in terms of the
Wolves, I just I look forwardto just seeing kind of our response,
like, you know, as aguy who's kind of realizes that, hey,
you know, we might not bewinning a championship this year, and

that's you know, that's maybe fairto say, like let's see how we
respond, Like let's see what kindof character and what kind of you know,
players we have on this roster,because it'll be so easy just to
fold it in and say, hey, we're down three to zero, we're
on the road. We're playing LukaDoncic and Kyrie Irving, Like we had
a great run. We beat Katied Book, Brad BeO, we beat
Yo Kitchen Murray, Like we've donesome great things, but this team was

too good for us, and sothere's maybe next year, Like forget about
that attitude, Like I want tosee us come out and just you know,
even if we lose, we playedas hard as we could possibly play.
You know, we were diving onloose balls, we were crashing the
offensive glass, we were we weresticking to our defensive assignments. Yeah,
all the hustle and energy plays areawesome, but like we I want to

see us like locked in on ourmatchups and doing what we want to do
to stop this team and then offensivelyexecuting some stuff, getting really good looks,
you know, not taking shots outof turn, you know, getting
to your spots. If you're AnthonyEdwards, can you get to the rim?
Can you get to your little midrange? Anthony Edwards loves the glass,
loves to shoot off the glass.Can you get to that shot?
If you're Mike Conley, can youcontrol the offense? Can you get to

your floater? If your cat,can you get to your open threes.
If you're rudy, can you justtip slam and not try to go into
your isolation bag in the post,Like, just do what kind of got
you there, and just do itas hard as you can. And if
that's not good enough then then sobe it. And you know we'll be
back next year. But I don'twant to see us change or switch up
who we are and what we do. Like, just just be about who

you are and if that's not goodenough, then you know, wasn't meant
to be this year. Well,I appreciate you, not only today but
over the last few weeks. It'sbeen an awesome addition to nine to Noon.
You got you howling with with thehomie Max and a cast of a
thousand rosen showing up with sandwiches.I mean, it's such a party every
time. But you're gonna be onfan line tonight and doing doing the whole

thing, right. Yeah, we'regonna be shooting and hollering at MA.
So we're excited. Hopefully, hopefullywe get a bunch of people coming out.
I think Max can talk about it, but there should be some awesome
prizes and some some giveaways and yeah, lots of free prizes. Pretty much
every commercial break, there's gonna befree prizes, tons of free stuff.
We'll be making it rain gift cardsand all the bobble heads, all types
of freeze. I'll make it rainactual real one dollar bills. If the

Timberwolves win tonight, we'll call upmy old friends at days ou Vo and
we'll get them all really popping.But either way, it's gonna be a
blast. So come on out.You could just go to the bank too
in exchange and you can get stacksof twenty five ones. You can do
that too. Yeah, exactly,that works. But the vou yeah,
he's got a quaint not that Iwould know. But other do they still

have the Frisbees and the cups don'tI don't know. I didn't see any
Frisbees flying around now. Frisbees theystill have. They still got the weekend
dollar hot dogs though, so maybemaybe you get them to come cater at
the mall tonight. You get somewood dogs. We're curious. Did they
extend that to Memorial Day? Wecould because that would be some patriotic stuff
right there. Dollar dogs at thevoo on Memorial there. Thank you for

your ser but thanks so much man, and really appreciate your time this morning.
Follow at Parker Fox twenty four viax slash Twitter and it's just it's
at Parker Fox and it's in thetwenties, I think via in now,
but follow his insight. Hear himwith Max tonight on the pregame party plus
fan line, and we're hoping thatthey get a chance to reserve their voices

for more hoody hooing into a Gamefive and potentially beyond. When we return,
we're going to do some news andthen we'll reset at the top of
the hour. Lavelli Neil, thethird of the Star Tribune is in studio.
It's Nordo Win for PA nine tonoon on the Fan
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