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May 29, 2024 29 mins
Trent is breaking down the Wolves/Mavs series on a Monday morning after the Wolves fall behind 0-3 in the WCF!
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An don Chic across the timeline isgonna burn some clock here. The shot
block is now down to tenth.There's forty seconds left to go. In
Game three, Gafford the high screen, Luca with it left handed, Jebble
to the elbow, down the lanelines and up. Gafford throws it down

with the right hand and the Tavericks. They have just gone up three games
to none in this best of sevenWestern Conference Finals. The alleyu from Donchen
to Gafford thirty four point eight secondsleft. It's a play that has just
killed the Wolves over the first threegames. I think I can't speak for
every person, but I'm sure we'relooking up and say, how are we

gonna get How were we gonna winthis one? We gotta figure it out,
you know, this is a momentof the game where we gotta be
tight and together and figure it out. Obviously, it's on our minds because
for the majority of this series Ifelt we've we've given ourselves a chance,
We've don ourselves leads, we've givenourselves opportunities, and we know what part
of the game we need to bebetter at, in the part that this
is gonna win us. The gameis gonna be that fourth quarter. Mike

Conley Pop has got a brand newbag, Dallas Maverick's got a brand new
brag. That brag is there upthree zero on our beloved hal Welcome back.
It's eleven eleven in the neighborhood.Basketball Immortality Part two has joined us
in studio these six five one carpetsplus studios. It is a Trent Tucker
from in the Zone with a datingand also NBA champion from back in the

day with a Jordan Pippin, HoraceGrant and the Cats, and Trent Tucker's
with us. Now I have aquick question for you before we analyze.
First of all, good morning,thanks for helping. When when the when
you and I forgot to look thisup and I apologize, you did something
that triggered an NBA rule change.So to make it so that I think

point three is like the latest youcan get a shot off something like that.
So like, what, so yourbasketball immortality because you got a ring
and your long golden go versus flyntMichigan go crazy, But you're also basketball
immortality because you led to a rulechange. But I can't exactly remember what
happened. What happened nineteen ninety MLKDay, Madden A game at the Madison

Square Garden Madden A game MLK Day, which means Nordo probably forgot to set
his fantasy lineup. But anyway,go ahay Knicks against the Bulls. I'm
with the Knicks at that time,and that was the first year they had
going to tests of seconds on thegame clock in the shock okay, to
tenths of second test. The secondgot it and the Bulls knocked the ball

at the bounds, and there wasone tenth of a second left, okay,
so we called We called time out. Yeah, and we were going
to run a play for Patrick Ewing, and he was going to fake up
as if he was going to receivethe ball and then go to the front
of the rim, you know,for a long pass. I was supposed
to be a decor to go fromthe left side of the floor out to

the right side to drag Michael Jordanwith me to open up the backside for
the lob. Michael Jordan, beingthe smart player that he was at that
time, read to play, sohe took the lob pass away. So
I just improvised and kept going alongthe baseline up the sideline with point one
to go in the game, knowingthat Mark Jackson was up against the five

second count. So as I wentup the sideline and went in front of
him, he just gave me apass and I turned the shot the ball
as quickly as I could, andwhen the ball left my hand, Scottie
pippinghand met my hand at the sametime. Oh wow, and the ball
was I got it off that quickand the ball was in the air.
It felt like for an eternity andI said, it's online, but do

I have enough? Right? Andwhen the horn went off, I looked
at Ronnie Nunn, who was thelead offisher at that time. I saw
the hand go up and I said, well, he's going to count the
shot. And then I said,if the ball has enough, we may
have a chance to win this game. And on that day we won a
game with one tenth of a second. Okay, was there there was no
replay? Right? With no replay, replay, we're not going to secaucus.

No no replay, So there's noway anybody can get any form of
jump shot off in point one andso so none blew it. But he
was a good rep so whatever itwas home court advantage, home quart advantage.
Yeah, clock operator guy, becauseby the time the bois was in
the air, the horn went off, so and it changed the rule though,

so I could see Phil Jackson rightnow screaming no way, no way,
no way. So I had tomeet with David Stern. Oh you
know the past commissioner. Did hecall you, old head? He didn't
call me overhead that day and Ihad to meet with him. He said,
well, Trn, you know theshot, the shots of them should
have not counted, and You're likeduh. And I said, well,

with all due respect, mister commissionI bicked a different and he said,
why is that? I said,because the reason you and I have in
this conversation. You saw a manmake a shot in a tenth of a
second, took it out on thatone. So it went to point three
point three that now you know,it was so many other sports shows on
scene, and he had a sportsshow at ESPN. Everybody else start watches

out see and then Nick Charles yeah, and so everybody was saying point three
would be you know, would bewhere you could catch and shoot. So
yeah, the first day I walkinto bulls training camp, I walked by
Phil. He looked at me.You know, the shot didn't count,
right, not according to the GuinnessBook of World Records. Actually, yeah,

Peel, I brought yeah, theGuinness Book of World Records here.
Well that's my name, and youknow, man, here's the box score
from the game. So I guessrunning un thought it did count. Yeah,
I understand that. Well, speakingof point three seconds, it's seems
like every point three seconds Dallas keepsgetting that lob on us. Now correct
me if I'm wrong here, ifyou're on if you are on the Timberwolves,

or you're on the wrong side ofthe team that keeps getting the lobs
the alley oops, well those havesome gotcha play to them where it's like
gotcha, you know, like infootball it would be I just think Super
Bowl a couple of years ago.Mahomes throws a touchdown, right, I
think to Kadarius Tony, Well,the entire defense was on the left.

Well, then next drive he throwsthe same play but to the left to
Sky Moore for a touchdown. Theentire defense is over on the right.
It's a gotcha. We got youof what we've studied and with the acumen
and stuff like that. The alleyoops are like bad for business. They're
just gotcha. They just look likethe other team's clowning on you. And
we've just faced so many of thosein this series. Man, how come

we can't stop that lob? Well, I think you and I have talked
about this over the last week orso. Doesn't evolve chairs. The Wolves
are not committed to how they're goingto defend the pick and roll, And
when you look at how the lobsare taking place, it's because that Luka
Dantis is in the lane and theWolves are in the drop coverage. Last

night, a few times they Iheard, you know, Norda saying the
blitz what it is is, youknow, trapping the pick and roll.
A few times when they came witha head a hard trap, Luca threw
the ball away when he's allowed toturn the corner and walk down the lane.
All of a sudden, now thatfive guy has got to make a

decision when he gets to eight toten feet either you going to let him
shoot the floater and when you stepup at the last second, he throws
the lob to the front of therim and the guy who's defending who's defending
the you know, the big guyon the backside one times or not is
a guard and he has no chanceto defend the pass. He can't defend

the love pass because once Luca getsinto the lane, he's got his man
on his hip because the defender whoseguardian Luker, can never get back around
in front just to stop his penetration. So when he gets into the lane,
Rudy Gobert or Karl Anthony Towns,whomever it may be, gotta make
a decision, Nage, We gotto make a decision. Once he gets

to eight to ten feet, heshoots to floiter and you step up.
In the last second, he throwsa lot. So the Wolves have not
committed to what they're going to doagainst the pick and roll, and that's
why you see so many love playstaking place in this series. When you
mentioned not committing to it, isthat potentially on Finch slash Norri. There

were moments in the game, andyou've seen this whole series, this whole
postseason where it feel it feels likeFinch is throwing everything he possibly can like
that. There were moments last nightwhere they're playing zone but then they can't
get an offensive board to save theirlives. Is is Finch entering the stage
of I've tried every bleeping thing thatI can and none of it's working.

Well, let's look at how theMavericks are defending the Wolves. Okay,
the Mavericks have these that Anthony Edwardsis not going to beat us. We're
going to force everybody else to makeplays. We haven't decided whether we're going
to take out Luca Doncs out ofthe game or not. So when you
are inconsistent on how you're going todefend the pick and roll, all of

a sudden, now you got play. Players are gonna play zone this time.
We're gonna do drop covers, We'regonna we're gonna we're gonna show,
we're gonna trap. And when youget in critical moments, players may not
really understand what they're supposed to dodefensively, and that's how they can lead
to breakdown to either easy three pointshots, easy baskets in the lane,
or the love pass. I ifI if I was in Minnesota tem was,

I would just commit that I'm gonnadouble team Luca Donches every time he
comes off that pick and roll andmake someone else beat us. Yem and
then off that, Oh go ahead, Well I was I was gonna kind
of change the subjects. So ifyou're going off that, why don't you
think that Game two you texted mewords up at eleven thirty in the evening,

you texted me eight words okay,and I was at the game,
so like, I'm on my wayhome. One, two, three,
Yeah, you don't let the bestplayer beat you. What compelled you to
send that text? Well, becausethroughout this entire matchup and throughout my history

of playing basketball, the one thingyou don't want to do is to allow
the best player to be in theone on one situation to win the game.
Let's go back to Utah against ChicagoBoys and Brian Russell, who's in
the middle of floor by himself,Jordan the best player, Craig I Low,
the best player, the best player. Wow, So why wouldn't so
why wouldn't you at that time comein double team yeah and force him to

make a pass to get the ballout of his hands in that situation.
And the same thing now, whetherthe Wolves decided to switch in game two,
allow Rudy Gobert to be on theisland by himself with Luca Doncis was
the wrong call by the coaching staff. Was a wrong call and common sense

basketball for any player who's played fora long time should have recognized that.
Wait, hey, I know theycall this, but I cannot leave my
seven foot center out there in themiddle of the floor against one of the
best offensive players in our time,against Luka Doncics. He may miss the
shot, but more than not,he's going to make the shot. So

if the Wolves are committed to forcingsomeone else to beat them, they haven't
identified who that guy is going tobe. But the Dallas Mavericks have identified
this. Anthony Edwards is not goingto beat us, right, He's not
going to beat us. And theother guys on the on the on the
timer, Wolves teams are playing verywell. You got you know. J
McDaniels has had some good games.Kyle Anderson gave you a great shot in

the arm last night. Mike ConneyJr. Has Has shown times over the
three games he's played with Rudy Goberthas been consistent, you know, with
the game that he plays. Thereason the wolve the major reason the Wolves
are down three games to zero isbecause their best two players have not matched
the best two players on the DallasMavericks. How easy is it or each

How easy is it or tough isit to identify a certain player and then
go at that player if they're eitherhaving an issue. I'm using Daniel Gafford
as an example. Once he getsthe second and third foul last night,
all I'm thinking is, let's getinside, let's force contact with him.
I didn't see a lot of thatput him in foul trouble once Lively's out.

Similarly, Luca effectively, he's noton the bench. He's on the
court, but he's kind of onthe bench. We're not forcing Luca to
defend and he's kind of just chillingout there, and Dallas is surviving five
on four for significant stretches of games. How easy or tough is it to
identify something and push that button directly? Well, you know that's a great

point. You maybe because see jMcDaniel when he plays well, it's almost
like surprise that he's knocking down shots. So he's not a major go to
guy. Yeah, so we notjust want to throw the ball to him
eight, nine, ten times androw and say go attack Luca. So
we are hoping that when he getsthose free opportunities, He's going to be
able to knock down those shots,and that's going to be a plus for

us. Carl Anthony Towns is theonly guy you know that if you had
to put him at center to attackGafford in a situation like that would be
the go to guy. But he'sfloating outside taking three point shots. The
times he went to the basket lastnight, he was very successful, you
know, but he wants to stayaway from the hoop. And if Carl

Anthony Towns can find this outside shot, that's going to help us tremendously.
But I think in this matchup,in this series, for him to open
up the outside guys, he's goingto have to become a better inside players
than I just don't know if wehave time enough to get him down there,
right, And I bid into thatinto Friday where I'm like, you
know, I'm like trying to thinkwhat can be new here? Okay,

So so Carl is you know,the dream shake's not going to bust out
if you put him down on theblock, claps his hand and says let's
go. So I understand that,but it's also not awkward and methodical and
mechanical like Gobert. So Carl cando damage on the block, he can't
singled up, throw it to himand let him make moves, jumpook whole

thing. But PJ. Washington wasthe mark. I'm like, that's the
mark down low. So Luca maybe a mark defensively because sometimes he doesn't
care about it, but let can'ttake PJ down low and single him up
and see what happens. And theytried it, and you know, maybe
they didn't try it up, butit just he just was awkward with it
and then the help would come andthen he got the elbows flying and stuff.

So I don't know about that.Well, you know, see throughout
this season, you know, theWolves offense never prepare for Karl Anthony Towns
to be a dominant little post playerand he floats outside and shoot three points
shots because that's how most big guysplay today. Yeah, well, in
this matchup, they need him downlow. They need him down low because

he is the only inside guy thatcan help his team get to the free
throw line. And when you lookat how they closed out Denver, you
know Anthony that was between games fiveand seven was not efficient on the offensive
end. But the guy who madethe difference between games five and seven was
Karl Anthony Towns. Where did hego? He put himself on the block,

he took the ball to the basket, He got denver in the early
filed trouble. All of a sudden, now guys are shooting free throws for
six and seven minutes left in thefourth quarter. Allowed them to allowed them
the opportunity to get back in thegame, and closed out the game the
right way. The Dallas Mavericks comingdown to stretch, they have won three
games because their best players have beenin position to win the game. Whether

the Minnesota Timabue's best players have notbeen able to close off the deal,
Well, Luka Doncicch and Kyrie Irvingare better than Anthony Edwards and Karl Anthony
Towns. That yeah, I mean, they're just better players. But how
if there might be better one onone players at the things that they do.

But in terms of overall talent basedon the positions that they play,
Karl Anthony Towns should be an equalbased on where he plays. That if
he goes down low, now,if he stays outside of one, shoot
three point shot. But you're goingto give that huge advantage to the Dallas
Mavericks. So at the end ofthe game, identify the one guy that

you say he has to beat us. I don't care how many jump shots
Jones Junior making the first quarter,make him make fifteen or sixteen or seventeen
throughout the game. Don't let Lucaand Kyrie be the difference maker. Because
over the first three games, theWolves have been in controller at some point
in time in the fourth quarter,the Wolves have been in ahead of the

Dallas Mavericks. Oh yeah, yeah, well they've led every game in the
final five minutes. So wish twoguys have made the difference for the Dallas
Mavericks. Luca Kyrie there you go. Yeah, So why are we letting
the best players beat us every singletime? Coming down stretch right with Anthony
Edwards, can you just look atthis thing in totality and just say,

here's a thing that he's going tolearn from it. I heard Finch maybe
it was after Game two that Anthony'sgot to make better decisions in moments.
You've seen the fourth quarter turnovers.Wouldn't dribble his way out of that eventual
tie up last night? That waskind of frustrating in the big spot needed
that possession. Is there anything thatFinch can do to put Anthony in better

spots where these decisions don't come up? Is it simply he's twenty two and
he's going to grow from this?How do you view that whole thing with
Anthony these three games? Well,you would like to believe that they can
put him in different positions. ButI don't know if the Wolves can change
how they play offense. I justdon't know if they have another offensive plan

to go to, you know,go a little old school basketball, you
know, cross screen, downscreen,you know where you can you know,
put Anthony Veras in a different positionnow where where you can run some different
action. I was thinking about howdid Karl Malone become such an efficient score
off of one play? Well,the pick and roll for the Wolves is
set at the top of the keyabout twenty five twenty six feet away.

Why not why not run the sidelinepick and roll, get it down to
fifteen feet, allow Carl and Townsto come at fifteen feet. Set the
screen. Now, when he comesoff the screen, he's at fifteen to
sixteen feet. If the guy stepsup, now you got Carl on the
row, he can take one bounceand get right to the front of the
rim. So if you're not ableto give them different looks by positioning your

players in different spots, all ofa sudden, now the defense can lock
in and take certain things away.You you like holiday cheer, don't you?
Yeah? Oh good, Well,Trent Tucker is going to, unbeknownst
to him, spread holiday cheer foranother segment. And wait, that's gonna
take it. Thank you, Trent? Okay with that? I'm okay with
that. That's that's around the corner. It's the penultimate. When nine to

Noon continue h came out, wewere gonna be aggressive on those two guys.

They threw the ball around, theymade a lot of great plays,
and then all the other guys startedthrowing in threes. So you know,
that's that. You know, it'sbeen tough for us to try to navigate
that. You know, we're kindof been picking our poison here a little
bit so and at times in thegame, you got to do different things.
Benchy Benching nine to Noon Memorial Dayfollowed by the program, followed by

Bumper to Bumper Your Core four inplay on Memorial Day to discuss Timberwolves basketball
where best laid plans. Though,when we put this whole thing together,
you know, the we did firmlydid not expect the Timberwolves to be down
three to oh in a series.All the games been close. We're happy
for all the games being close.Well, Luca and Kyrie are stars that

are shining. Anthony Edwards is astar that shines, but not necessarily illuminating
as brightly as the aforementioned too.And uh, then when you get to
the to the next star, thethe John oates to Daryl Hall, the
Herb, to Peaches, the theone eight of the one, uh Karl
Anthony Towns or whatever that's supposed tobe. It's just it's just not shining,

it's not illuminating. It's dull andand that plays a lot into the
Wolves down three to oh with LukaDoncic, Trent Tucker just does he and
and this is not a let's justsay convenient comparison here, but you played
against Larry Bird? Does he playlike Larry Bird? I mean with the
subtle nature of the dribbling. He'scold blooded, He's ruthless. So was

Bird. Yeah, I think theydo it in different ways. Yeah,
you know, Larry was more ofa true small FOURD that played inside.
He can pop outside and knock downthe three point shot. But Luca uses
to bounce more yeah, to makehis offense work. And so I think
they are different in the way howthey make their offensive games work. But
the comparison for Sue was there.Now game four, you ever been down

three zero? I've never been downthree oh, but I have been down
two oh, okay, and threeout of five And at back in nineteen
ninety, the Boston Celless blow usout and with the Knicks in the first
two games in Boston Garden. Sowe go home to Madison Square Garden with
no chance to win. You know, the gardens it's three quarters full.

You know, they're not really cheering, they but they're just there. And
all of a sudden, at theend of the game, they said the
Knick's going to be gonna be sweptout of the playoffs. And Kenny Walker
all people slam Dunk Skywalker Kentucky,Kentucky slam Dunk Champion knocks down a three
point shot with the shot clog runningdown to put us up by five,

and we win that game. Ohwow, we win the next game by
twenty at Boston two to two toone. So now we gotta go out
to Bay the Boston for game fiveand we beat the Boston Sucks in the
game five. Wow. So youwere down oh two and you came back
one three in a row, wonthe series one series? Did you hear
that, Nordo? Now, grantedit's not a four out of seven,

it's not an oh and one fiftyfour, right, and we're also not
at home like the men, butstill and six other factors that m I
now working this incard three consecutive winshappened. Well, no, just like
Denver, right, I mean yougo there, they're down oh two,
and they pushed this thing to gamesix, even taking the lead. Why

not us coming And in nineteen ninetywe were the fifteen in the history of
the NBA to ever come back downfrom two oh wow to win a series.
And so no one, you know, going to the Boston Garden.
You got McHale, Parish, Bird, Dennis Johnson, it's for Hall of
Famous right players, yeah wow?And Belt So they had Danny Ings gree

Henderson. So they got all theplayers and they have and they have blown
us out in the Boston guard inthe first two game they had Reggie Lewis
late Reggy Lewis, how good washe? So didn't you go to like
Providence or Boston? Boston? Yes, yeah, and so you know,
you just need one bounce to goyour way, and that bounce went our

way, and all of a sudden, we called a spark and then we
then we won three games in therow where no one gave us any shot
this matchup. I still believe thatthe Wolves are the better team, really,
but the Mavericks have made the betterplays when the game was on the
line. And I believe that theWolves have allowed the Dallas Mavericks to be

in a position to beat them moreso than the Dallas and Mavericks putting themselves
in a position to beat the Wolves. That's what the Nuggets said about the
Wolves, you see. So I'mnot saying it's a loser's lament, because
you know, the Wolves haven't reallywon anything, but it's nice for them
to advance to this round. Butwhen the Nuggets got bounced Jamal Murray,
Mike Malone to a certain extent,we're kind of like, you know,

we don't feel the better team won. We feel the team that won this
game, or however they put it, but it's I didn't see it that
way. I mean, it's ormaybe I should see it that way.
I don't know. I mean,you think the overall Wolves team, I
mean Luca and Kyrie. That's likeif you look at James Harden as two
players. Okay, so James istwo guys, he's won, but he

counts as two. Yeah, Okay, see what I'm saying with because assists,
rebounds, threes, high percentage,this whole thing. Luca and kyriecount
for four. So I mean it'sit's unbelievable. And the reason and I
say that is because let's go backto Game one. You're up nine close
out the first half. You turnthe ball over once or twice. Now
it's a three point game. Gametwo of you up by eighteen, Yeah,

you're cruising. Yeah, you turnthe ball over, you make bad
plays here or there. You allowedthem to what to get back into the
game. See. I believe thatDallas have capitalized on the opportunities that the
Wolves have given them. And whenyou put great offensive players in the situation

where they can beat you more timesthan not, they will just imagine if
Karl Anthony Towns was having half thegame that he had against the Phoenix Suns,
I think the Wolves might be upthree games this zero with with Carl,
so he shoots, He's four ofthirty two from three in this in
I believe this series over a lastnight. But when he kept you know,

so he stayed in the game.So yanked on Friday, got pulled
on Friday, lack confidence, benchat or whatever, but he kept him.
They kept him in this game andkept letting him shoot. And I
was cool with that because, hey, I mean, Carl working out as
a one A. It may neverhappen. It's had moments, but I

mean this series, it is nothappening as the as the Pippin to the
Jordan of this team. But thatdoesn't mean you don't let him shoot.
I mean, correct me if I'mwrong here. You're one of the great
shooters in the history of the NBA. You just got to let him shoot
through it, right or am Iwrong? Well, you gotta let him
play through it. But all ofa sudden, now as a head coach,
you got to help him find away to play through it. So

you have to change us in thingsat the outside shot is not going and
we're losing close basketball games. Yeah, so how can I get him in
a better position now to help uswin these close basketball games? Put him
on the block, You got tohave a play here or there. They
can put him in a position wherehe can find his offense and rhythm,
because I know when an outside shotgoes and you really can't find the space

and the rhythm and the time toknock those shots down, this thing is
going to snowball and go south veryquickly. They need to help Karl Anthony
Towns and put him in a situationwhere he can help this basketball team to
see if they can stay alive atone one day. Do you like,
what do you expect tomorrow night?I mean, because it's a human nature

game. I think it's a fiftyto fifty situation. Yeah. When I
say human nature game, it's likeif you give those who are beaten and
they're beaten down and it's nobody's everdone come back from three, right,
Well you give them reason to lookat the off season, they generally take
it, and then that's how youlose by twenty or thirty. We ain't
gonna have one of those, right, I believe we would not have one

of those, because I think thisteam still believes that they are good enough
to beat the Dallas Mavericks. Butcan they correct the mistakes that has allowed
the Dallas Maverick to be in thesituation to win a few years ago and
now a few years ago, tiedten to fifteen years ago, no one
gave the Boston Red Soxs a chanceto beat the New York Yankees when he

was down with three games to zerotwenty years ago. Big Poppy though,
But and and and the Yankees go, and the Yankees go into the ninth
then with the greatest closer ever inthe history of the game, and man
and rivera and they lost Game four, and the Yankees never recovered. So
we need, uh they come abig poppy, a big poppy moment.

They Yeah, we need Karl AnthonyTowns to poppy, to be a big
pop to have a big poppy moment. Kiddy needs to be big pop.
All right, brother, I appreciateyou coming by any time. Man.
Boys got any hockey stuff today,or they get the holiday off, you
get the holiday off. Yes,good, that's good. Rest Absence makes
the heart, you know. Butthey will find me loud around the house,
but that's okay. No, theywill find a place to go shoot

hockey pucks though, what like ice? Don't find ice or they'll do it
with like this outside. Yeah,give him a day off, man,
I'm trying to, but they don'twant a day off. I mean,
why are you got to treat himlike like like you know my the inner
workings of Michael Jordan and what goesinto greatness? Oh wait, you do,
and that's probably shooting hockey bucks onholidays, all right. They probably
think about some fourteen year in Canadawho's not taking the day off. Oh

geez, hopefully it's not on theinternet. All right, you're my man,
see you all right? I loveyou, Bud. That's double ta.
Trent Tucker nice enough to come inon this holiday to discuss this Timberwolves
teams down. Oh three, didn'tsee that one coming when we put the
whole Memorial Day Corps four together.Best late plans though, But here we

are having a funky good time onk Fan
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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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