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May 27, 2024 36 mins
Max Fuller talks with PA and takes your calls after the Wolves drop Game 3. 
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Well, the dream isn't dead,but let me tell you it's on life.
So and the cord is hanging halfwayout of the psych the socket.
The priest is reading the last rites. And now your Minnesota Timberwolves are not
only battling the Dallas Mavericks, notonly battling Luca and Kyrie, They now

battle history as they look to becomethe first team in NBA history to come
back from a three to zero deficitafter dropping Game three one sixteen to one
oh seven. Once again, theduo of Luka, Doncic and Kyrie Irving,
a duo that all of the TwinCities, all of the state of

Minnesota, will be seeing in theirnightmares for years to come. Absolutely daggered
your Minnesota Timberwolves, especially late,Luca and Kyrie combined for sixty six points
to lead the Dallas Mavericks to avictory, and once again, down the

stretch, they just could not miss. They were hitting everything, and your
Minnesota Timberwolves, they fought. AnthonyEdwards responded the way we wanted him to
respond. He had twenty six pointsas one rebound and one assist away from
having a triple double, and yetLuka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are as inevitable
as they've ever been in the serieswhere the Timberwolves needed Karl Anthony Towns needed,

Anthony Edwards needed our batman and RobinIn a series that we went into
talking about X factors, your MinnesotaTimberwolves, I mean they didn't even really
have their A factor going on.Anthony Edwards again a big bounce back game,
but Karl Anthony Town's fourteen points,eleven rebounds, that's just not gonna
cut it. When Luca and Kyrieare as good as they have been again,

they combined for sixty six points.My goodness. This is Howland with
the Homies aka Wolves a fan line. No hoodies will be hooed tonight,
but this is presented to you byABC. A man can building a contractors.
Parker Fox is somewhere, probably mourningthe p w h L double overtime

loss. So he's up, myman, Pa, the voice of the
Vikings is in Pa. How youfeeling after that that tough loss? Hey?
Well, somebody I like it theway it is now. Because when
you produce nine to Noon, whetherit's Darnel Hillman or it's Brobie Bryant.

He's always me in the leach hereand you and the one a well,
I like the reverse roles now,so I mean I'll lead it off by
just playing off what you just saidthat. You know, Kyrie was the
identity of much of this game.But as you'll hear tomorrow nine to noon,
there was six minutes to go inthe game and it was super tight.

It was tied at one hundred andluc await everybody off and put Kyrie
in the corner. He's like,enough, Kyrie, watch me, and
he scores off one foot Dallas tookthe lead and it was super pretty and
that just like became the identity oflast five and a half minutes. Luca

and Kyrie and you know that Bladedo three man. So that's what it
is. Yeah, they were justI mean, clutch is an understatement to
they could not miss in the fourthquarter and Luka doncis. By the way,
that shot that you're talking about wason Jaden McDaniels, who as good
of a defender as he's been allthroughout his career, especially this year,
has been Luca and Kyrie have beentreating him like he's barbecue chick, and

as Shaquille O'Neil would say, PA, I compared it to like when you're
watching a TV show and somebody goesto prison and they just immediately beat up
the toughest guy in the jail.That's kind of how it feels that Luca
and Kyrie have been doing to JadeMcDaniels and the rest of the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Which Jade McDaniels, by the way, he had it going again offensively
for three fifteen points. Didn't reallyhe wasn't as aggressive in the second half

as he was in the first.But Jade McDaniels had it going again.
I mean, nas Reed had itgoing again. Mike Conley had a pretty
good game. Slow Mo was cookingin that fourth quarter. I thought I
was gonna lead fanline talking about howthe Mavericks were seeing everything in slow motion.
My man had about I think hehad all ten of his points in
the fourth quarter, at least eightof them, and just again, you

just can't stop Kyrie and Luca.That's that's the a topic, isn't it,
PA? All Right, I haveI have a topic like analysis,
and then I have a bit thatinvolves Charles Barklay. First, the analysis.
Uh, the the minute shame withall due respect to a team we

left. Uh. Shame on theWolves for not blowing out Dallas in game
two. Uh. And you werethere in the premo seats, were in
the pink silk shirt, and Iwas there behind the Mavericks bench and the
Dallas Mavericks were begging to be blownout in that game and Wolves would not
acquiesce. And and that double digitallasted a long time, man, and

it caused me to hark into gameone of their series against the Clippers.
I got blown out and then madeit look like twelve at the end,
but it still was a blowout.Okay, C series they got beat by
twenty two one game, so they'reprone to get blown out in a series.
And we had them right there toblow them out in game two and

couldn't close on it. And Ikind of thought from there tonight was going
to be super difficult. And clearlyit was now the barkleyvent. So how
about Barkley. I don't know ifyou saw it or not heard it with
the audio in the in the studioenso he has a Daniel Gaffard on set
right, Well, he's so justmentally spent up whatever that he thinks he's

PJ. Washington, so he callshim PJ Washington and then they correct him.
He's like, oh my volly,game over PJ Washington. So then
he says to Gaffard, Man,you guys just kind of go out and
win game number or there's no wayI want to go back to Minneapolis again.
What I mean, Barkley's now killingour city? What National TV?

After we go down oh three?What kind of bleep is that? He
was just saying how nice that therewas. He was just saying how well
we treated him. We saw himup at Manny Steakhouse, Every restaurant welcome
Chuck with open arms. And nowhe turns on us, just like Draymond
Green had, just like she can'tseem like the whole TNT crew has got

no love for Minneapolis. What thehell is? You know? Like,
as the details go, excuse me, you have a you have the overarching
you know, take that Luca andKyrie their stars Leyden games have been unstoppable.
Every game, even if don chiswalked and for some reason covered by

Gobert, but even if he walksto dag Rit and win it, he
still wanted. It wasn't called sotheir stars and then our star. Clearly
they outstart them. So that's big. That's the a topic. But behind
it you got details, man,and everything, like you know that sucker
was tight, and there's DJ Washingtonstanding in the corner wide open, and

Anthony blows the coverage and and PJhits a huge three and he hadn't done
anything in a basketball game. It'snot like football, man, it's really
difficult to just pinpoint one play.But that was kind of metaphorical to a
high scoring game where if you justlook at the Wolves with who they're supposed
to be with the rock star defense, well, if you need to win

a high scoring game, you cando it against Denver, but can you
do it against Luca and Kyrie evenwithout Lively and to clearly the answer has
been no. Yeah, And itlooked like we saw flashes in the second
half of that intense defense that weknow and love. The Wolves went on
an eleven to one run to takethe first I mean it was their first

lead since it was five three,and Anthony Edwards after that, after that
gigantic Domo Yehmo at times was messingup Doncic. Yeah, now that's not
preposterous statement tournament worthy because I saidat times so like qualified it. But
I'm telling you this little mold thingon Doncic, he got him a couple
of times with his defense. He'she was the closest thing that we had

to a Luka Doncic stopper. Hegot a couple of steals on him.
He was even hitting Jay's in thefourth quarter. I mean we got we
got several slow mo I mean,I don't want to say outburst, but
for him offensive outburst throughout this seriesand just couldn't capitalize it. Again,
we had our Antellarry guys, theguys, the X factor type of guys
they were hitting, but our Afactors just weren't there. And you mentioned

PJ Washington, Pa. He wentwhen it's like five to six minutes to
go in the third quarter, whenwhen Edwards dunked on Gaffer, that was
on. Yeah. I was like, okay, we're on at that point.
So now the game he is goingto be a spine tingler like the
first two because that's just kind oflike what this series you can tell is

going to develop into. So soAnthony then he then he went on an
eight oh run, so he became. But so he's a star, Okay,
he has immortality to him. Idon't think anybody would disagree with that,
but so do Luca and Kyrie.All Right, so now we get
to all right, well, where'sthe other one from Minnesota? Well,
I mean, if you're gonna haveI don't have the numbers in front of

me, man, but I thinkTowns was oh for eight on threes.
Maybe if your alleged one A isgoing to do that from three, which
is his Gnoki Blankey, you knowBen and get pulled in game two and
and you know so on, Well, then you're not gonna win the series
for eight from three. For KarlAnthony Towns, it was, and just

in general throughout the series, it'sI mean, I would imagine this is
the worst three point shooting stretch ofhis entire career. I just see Karl
Anthony Towns that. Yeah, Imean, he he clearly was fighting it
and and he kept shooting, andI was happy. Hey, they kept
doing the game and lett him tryto shoot his way out of it.

As stupid as that sounds, becausehe's been a valuable part of the team
and there was the game of theDenver series. Shoot man, it might
have been Game seven, I can'tremember now, but like Anthony was light
and Kat was carrying. The wholething was they were making a comeback something
like that. But so letting Catshoot through it, I'm a fan of

that. He didn't do it.And you know now what you're gonna get
on Tuesday with the old game fourAnd you know now, I think it's
a teams down. Three are zerowins, one fifty four losses, which
means teams in this position every singletime basically can smell the can start to

smell the Caribbean breeze or smell thedice in the air and with your hands
like you just don't care. AndMaxwell hanging out to like Cosmopolitan. So
we'll see what we get on Tuesday. Yeah, like I said at the
beginning of the show, the Wolvesare no longer just battling the MAVs.
No longer just battling Luca and Kyrie. They are battling history. Oh and

one fifty four is what they're staringdown the barrel at. Yeah. I
mean, but let's be real,get a victory on Tuesday, man,
I mean it's only and maybe stayto hockey people or people who want to
go you know, full brottle moreVikings coverage nine to noon, or maybe
KFA in as a whole with thecore four all right, you know,

I mean that's eventually going to getthere with training camp, it stuff in
mini camp coming up. But thisWolf story has been terrific every step of
the way, you know, reallyuntil they blew that game too, and
then now what happened tonight, Butit's still a very compelling story, and
it's just been wonderful having it asa multi segment talker at least nine to

noon, you know, for Xamount of weeks out of nowhere for the
first time in twenty years. Soamen to that. Yeah, amen to
that. And this is different.I mean, this team is gonna be
back. They're gonna be good foryears to come. They've completely I felt
like this year was the year theyofficially changed what Timberwolves basketball and what Timberwolves
culture has been. This playoff runhas been amazing. I mean, it

lit the whole city on fire.Everybody's been having fun. There's kids.
It reminded me when I was akid, you know, I fell in
love with basketball and KG and laChrell Spreeware and those guys were just tearing
it up and they were making playoffruns. And this is it's gonna be
the same thing. Anthony Edwards hasbrought so many new eyes to this team.
Karl Anthony Town nas Reed. Imean, obviously we're still gonna build

nas Reed a statue whether they winor lose, whether they get swept or
not. We all love nas Reed. So it completely changed Timberwolves culture.
But man, it just after thatgame seven come back whin again, Denver.
I wasn't the only one, andI mean I was completely overlooking this
Mavericks squad. I didn't think thatthe Wolves. I didn't think it was
going to be this big of aproblem for the Wolves. I personally thought

it was going to be a gentleman'ssweep. And all of a sudden,
now, I mean, this Mavericksteam, we see why they got to
where they were. They're so freakinggood, not just offensively but defensively.
Man, and even with no Livelytonight, who has been a big part
of their success, I mean heended up leaving the game only six points
played nine minutes, and even withno Lively, they still found ways to
get it done. Not that it'slike a game a backbreaker to not have

them, but he's a pretty bigpart of what they do defensively specifically,
so they fought through it, andeven at the end there, I thought
that was just a characteristic of kindof who this MAVs team appears to be.
Even when Anthony Edwards got that,I think he got a steal there
at the end, and then LukaDoncic just dives to take it out of
his hand. It just felt like, even though the Wolves were the ones
with their backs against the walls,the Mavericks still kind of felt like the

more desperate team. PA. Yeah, it's been a series full of spectacles,
killer talkers. Outside of Kyrie Speedand his championship cred and Luca's craftiness
and the way he beats you,it's it's been like, okay, so

Lively goes down and that that justshows you, with more minutes what Daniel
Gaffert can do. He can catchthe ball one handed with about a thirty
five inch vertical, slam on youand topple to the court and have his
teammates go crazy. Right at theend of the game, after he's blocked
key shots. So you know Gaffard, the player for whom they traded,

simply with that moment right there.I mean general managers like, Okay,
you know that's the move we made. And look what he just did.
Another movie did was PJ Washington hitthe big corner? Three? Pj's been
a handful. I mean, they'replaying so fast with these Dallas Mavericks,
with with the trade deadline moves theymade and getting Luca and Kyrie off.

What I would have imagine would besome some sketchy times when they first get
together because of both alphas, andthey're both amazing, but the way they
play agenda free and and one getsthe other when the others in whatever type
of germoil, it's a beautiful thing. And and I can't I can't see
any way they don't win the NBAChampionship. Yeah, it's hard, especially

the way that Boston is just skippingand cakewalking and playing against all these injured
teams that they're in for something else. Yeah, Well, when they face
off against the Dallas Mapicks, ifit's Tatum and Brown and don Chicchen Irving,
I mean, hide the women andchildren for the dog back. I
mean that's that's spectacular. So Imight want to retrack my statement because then

Dereck Widerly hit like six three pointersgame and the dream rush on it.
I'll leave my words. But Tatumand Brown and dancicchen Irving, holy coal.
Yeah, seriously, from just purelyas a fan of the sport of
basketball, it's gonna be a lotof fun to watch it. And I

mean, okay, Tatum's more accomplishedthan Anthony, but Anthony absolutely proved this
entire postseason, including by bouncing theWorld champions with the best player in the
world on the team that he isin Alpha and he can carry a team
through big spots. So who isthe Who's the one A? So doan

cha turviy? Well, we justsaid, Okay Tatum absolute alpha for sure,
love him one of the game's best. So who's his one A?
Jalen Brown tough his nails. Sosee, like you don't ever have problems
with Brown in playoff games like wedo with kat the one A you know,
yeah, it's I mean yeah,And and Boston is so deep that

it's I mean, it's kind ofsimilar to the Timberwolves usually. I think
the Boston is so deep that somesometimes you can afford to not have a
good game from Brown, but that'susually not both of their superstars not showing
up. And that's kind of whathappened with the Timberwols. Although Anthony Edwards,
like you said, he fought thatDunk got everything going. I got
everybody believing. We were down atGray's in Minneapolis for the watch party.
Everybody was back into it, sharingbelieve in in this squad, and everybody

had even even though when they weredown too. Well, this this this
team has kind of turned the tide, I would say on the on the
Minnesota misery, here in town,we had blow I thought they were gonna
win tonight. I thought that guywhole thing. I was lukewarm on the
uh on thinking about the game alittle bit after Game two. I was
in attendance Game two. I sawyou in the pink silk next to Parker

with the sweet seats for the Sweetgame and Nahs missing by inches. So
I was there and that that bitme a little bit how they just refused
to blow them out when when Iwatched almost every Dallas playoff game this postseason,
because I'm so bit by the Wolvesthat I'm watching like Dallas play because
I just had a feeling that'd bethe target at whish to shoot. And

when they got blown out by theClippers, then blown out by okay see,
and then I'm right there behind theMavericks bench looking at you in the
fresh thing sill, sitting in thesweet seams, and we're blowing them out
for long periods of time, right, but won't close on it. I
just got pissed off. I don'tblame you, Pa, and I'll be
the first to me I completely Isaid it on major market airwaves. I

was completely overlooking this Dallas team.I was fully expecting the Minnesota Timberwolves to
basically just steamroll their way into theNBA Finals and win it all. In
this Dallas team is They're tough,man, They're a well rounded team,
and much people have said it beforeme, but much the same way that
we kind of said the Wolves aredesigned to beat the Nuggets. The Mavericks
are kind of designed to do everythingthat we're bad against. So that's that's

just the way it is. YourMinnesota Timberwolves now face just an unimaginable steep
climb back up to the top,back up to even relevance. They lost
one sixteen to one oh seven andare now down three zero in the Western
Conference Finals. P A. SadMontage on nine to noon tomorrow. What
are you guys leading with? No, I think we're just gonna get right

into it. I mean, it'sit's the it's the in between period.
I mean, you don't. Youcan't, Brian McKnight one last cry when
there's stills another tier to be had. We weren't back on our feet again.
We already used the sky as following, and if we let one of
those suckers slip in for longer thannineteen seconds, we all might lose our

jobs. So I think I thinkwe're just gonna go ahead and pass on
that. If you don't mind,I don't believe you. Thanks for joining
me tonight, p A. Yeahfor sure. Man, you know I
got you. And and you know, the real cool thing out of this
is, I mean, you know, outside of whody who you know,
which is a dynamite bit. Manyou got a T shirt. It is
that you've done just such a reallygood job with this whole thing, man,

pre and post and and you know, if I don't tell you that
enough provely that. That's what's inmy heart is you've done a wonderful job,
which is also great news for yourstruly. And here's why, because
I believe somewhere in June moving forward, Nordo's going to have some time off,
which means the days I'm in withyou, oh, it's going to

be so so easy to say,hey, i'll handle two Viking segments.
You put together three Wolves talkers,and let's go and take a little load
of daddy. I appreciate you,Pa, like I always said, I
know you always say that, youalways try to deflect it, but I
couldn't. I couldn't do any ofthe stuff that I do without great mentors
like you and everybody else in thisbuilding. I'm just good. And you

know, you get you get thatone last cry coming up this next game,
or or maybe they win and theyextend the talker, you know,
and then one last cry and likesome version of TAPS is in front of
your home fans, which is kindof masochistic, but I guess we'll just
take it one game at a time. That's all the Timberwolves can do,

is just take it one game ata time. Only all you can do
every game is zero zero at thispoint. It's how you gotta look at
zero. You can't. You can'tlook at it like you're facing down the
inevitable. Every game is zero zero, and you gotta try to bring it.
I know history records are meant tobe broken for a reason. I'm
not saying it's gonna happen, butit's not impossible. A man that one's

played here told us that several yearsago, and it still holds you to
this day. Thanks for joining metoday, Pa, Yeah, I got
you, man anytime. God bushyou and I'm sure I'll see you tomorrow.
Yep, I'll see you tomorrow,nine to noon, Bumper to bumper,
The Common Man Program, The PowerTrip Morning Show will all be lamenting
a one to oh seven to onesixteen loss in Game three down in Dallas

in the Western Conference Finals. Willdo one more segment after this. See
a couple of callers on the linehangout and if you want to call in,
you want to vent, you wantto mourn, you want to cry,
even if you want to let LUSAa random HOODI who a sad whimper
of a who. You can callus at one eight hundred three two zero
five, three, two six,You can text in six four, six
eighty six email booth at Bryant andall that stuff. So uh, how

at me? This is Holland withthe Homies, presented to you by A
B. C. We'll be rightback after this. They say it takes

two to tango, and Luca Doncicand Kyrie were hitting the samba, the
sods of boy, and every otherdance move that you can think of as
they combined for sixty six points inboogie all over the Minnesota Soda Timberwolves to
win one sixteen to one oh sevenand put your Minnesota Timberwolves in a three

oh deficit. No team in NBAhistory has ever come back from three to
to oh down to win a gameseven. You never know. I'd be
curious to see if there's any teamthat's even won three in a row to
take it to a game seven.But my man Reid and Fargo, he's
got he's got something to say aboutstreaks and history. Read you're on Howling

with the Homies. What's good?My man? A Max, Let me
just start with a little subdued Iappreciate that, read, I appreciate that,
thank you. I needed that We'regonna go with the Undertaker twenty one
to oh ok to WrestleMania. Thestreak never been beat. Guess what,

No, the ones ever came downthree nothing to win four straights. But
guess what we are, brock Lesser, Yeah, take them down. Let's
go, let's go. That's whatI'm talking about, Reid. We just
inject that into my veins. That'sall I needed is for one person to
say we have a chance. Andnow I'm back believing again. Brett Blakemore,

we can be the one in fiftyone. Yeah, let's got so
hey. Like I said, KevinGarnett once said, anything is possible.
It's not out of the realm ofpossibility. It's happened in the other I
mean, in any other sport thatyou can think of that has game sevens.
It's happened. It's happened in theMajor League Baseball, it's happened in

the National Hockey League. It couldhappen. I'm not saying it's going to
but I mean this game a littlebit more felt like a little bit more.
Dallas dominated. I don't know ifdominated is the right world word,
but Dallas controlled for most of thegame. Compared to the other two games.
But look, timberlves make a coupleadjustments, they can at least put
up a fight. I don't thinkthis is going to be a sweep.
They just got to make a fewlittle adjustments here, here and there.

I hit a couple more shots,Say Karl Anthony Towns decides to show up
to the game for once, andwe're right back in this thing. But
right now it is looking like asteep climb back up to the mountaintop.
Curtis in a Lakeville, you're howlingwith the homies. What's good, Curtis?
Hey, yeah, I'm wondering aboutthe idea of maybe for game four,

bringing in Conley off the bench,mostly because he can't really guard Kyrie
or Luca, and I think ifyou're gonna live and die by Ant,
you might as well let him bringthe ball up, see what happens.
And then if you have Conley comingin off the bench, you can use
him to kind of slow down whenthey get on a run. I don't

know what you guys think of that. Appreciate the call, Curtis, And
you know, like four or fivegames to go, if something like this
was happening, I probably would haveagreed, but the I mean to me,
the option is then then you're bringingNikhil Alexander Walker off the bench.
And he's just been utterly brutal overthe last several games. One for four
Tonight he hit won three pointer,which is that's kind of been his shot

as that corner three, and Ithought that he finally breathed some life back
into his game, but again onefor four, So I just don't know,
you're sacrificing some offense because Mike ConleyJunior is getting buckets throughout these last
couple of games that he's looked alittle bit more healthy and stuff. After
that brutal game, won maybe theworst game Mike Conley's ever had at Timbrild,
Jersey. He had sixteen points tonight, four assists. But like Curtis

said, he is absolutely the onethat's getting picked on in those pick and
rolls, and whenever he ends upon Kyrie Irving or on Luka Doncic,
it's just trouble from there. Itfelt like they scored literally almost every single
time that he was on them.So it's tough. It's it's kind of
an unanswerable question, but I justdon't know, first of all, from
a leadership point of view and energya team rale point of view, I

don't think anybody really wants Mike Comedyto come off the bench. And I
know he's the ultimate team player guy. He's a sacrifice guy. I think
I even read a quote from himbefore the playoffs even started. He told
a couple of guys like Nikhil andNows, Hey, you might start ahead
of me, don't worry about it. I just want to do what's best
for this team. I want towin. But I just don't know if
there is a viable option to replaceMike Conley when Nikil has just been a

complete non factor offensively. So Imean it's a possibility when you're Chris Finch,
when you're this Timberwolves coaching staff,you got to look at everything.
So it's certainly a possibility, Curtis, but I'm just not sure if that's
the route that they're going to go. Dylan in saying Cloud, you're howling
with the homies, what's good doing? It's good? Max. Yeah,
devastating loss, but I mean it'sMinnesota, right, But yeah, And

all I want to talk about todayis, like, you know, Edwards.
I get it. He's a greatballplayer. You know, he got
twenty six points tonight, but youknow he's always leaving nots in the corner,
you know, unguarded or aser Walkerin the other corner, like not
guarded, and here he here,he goes, drives, drives for the
basket, never gets it, andit's just and then his passes just always

go goes out of bounds. It'sjust he's got a lot to work on
with that. And then Katy,they got to bench him like one of
these games are stardom late because it'sjust all for seven tonight, just he
just wasn't good. I'm threes,I mean, I get it. You
know he was good driving to thebasket, getting the twos. But yeah,
I don't know with Edwards and Catbecause everybody else, you know,

Walker McDaniels, calmly, we're allgood with the threes. But Aunt and
kat I don't know what's going on. They did so well in the first
two series against Denver and Phoenix,but when he comes to the MAVs,
they're just not good. So Ijust want to know what you think they
should do for the Tuesday's game.So that's all I got, Max,
Thanks, appreciate you, Dylan,definitely appreciate the call. I would say

part of that is definitely recency bias. I wouldn't use the word always when
talking about Anthony Edwards not making theright play. I thought his playmaking throughout
the regular season and most of thepostseason, you've that's obviously been a part
of his game that he's taken amajor step forward in. He's progressed so
much, He's seeing the court somuch better than he was in the past,

and I think it's just I thinkwhen you see it in start contrast
with guys like Luka Doncicz and KyrieIrving, who are They process the game
of basketball so freaking fast they makethe right play almost every single time.
And yeah, Anthony Edwards is struggling, and you know, like you mentioned
him possibly leaving the keel in thecorner. I don't know what specific player
you're talking about, but I don'tblame him. I mean, Nikkill's been

pretty brutal from three so thus farthis year has been pretty brutal offensively thus
far in this series. So Iwould say Anthony Edwards for the most part,
does make the right play and look, we all ask for Aunt to
be more aggressive. He took twoshots in the fourth quarter in Game two.
We all have seen him. Youknow, he's tired. He's got
his hands on his hips, hishands on his knees, and he looks
like he's gased. But we allasked for him to be the more aggressive

Aunt that he was, and hesaid he was gonna come out and show
us. And he did. Hetried. He was eleven for twenty four.
He had twenty six points, sohe made his impact on the game.
It's just sometimes, you know,he obviously he still has room to
grow. Sometimes he makes the wrongdecision. That's just gonna happen. He's
twenty two years old. Eventually,I do think like eventually we're gonna be

seeing Anthony Edwards close out games likeLuka, Doncic and Kyrie just did to
us today, just did to usin game two, just did to us
in game freaking wide. It justkeeps happening. It's like a never ending
nightmare. But today wasn't that day. And this is this is a huge
moment, a teaching moment for AnthonyEdwards. This is something he's the type
of competitor I don't think that he'sever going to forget how this feels.

I mean, he's got Luka Doncitzat the Target Center the other night calling
people Carsworth, telling people you can'tguard me this and that. Anthony Edwards
is the kind of guy where thattype of stuff motivates him. He's gonna
be working all summer to try toimprove his game. So I thought,
I think the playmaking with and AnthonyEdwards has taken a huge step forward.
Obviously there's still room to grow,but yeah, I mean it's cat the

cat point. Look, I've defendedKat's honor for most of his career career
throughout his time here in Minnesota,but this and he's been invaluable to this
Timberls team in the first two series. I mean, we would not be
in the Western Conference Finals, wewouldn't have been hovering around the number one
seed all season without Karl Anthony Towns. But the facts are the facts.

He's been brutal five of eighteen,zero for eight from three, He's just
been brutal. I mean Game two, he couldn't even get on the floor.
A part of it because nas Reedis playing so well, But again,
it's just a bad look when theguy that's supposed to be the robin
to your batman can get on thefloor and people are calling in saying to
bench him, you know. Imean, it's just it's a tough look.

I get why Chris Finch didn't benchhim. If Karl Anthony town he's
such a good player, He's sucha skilled player that if he does start
hitting his ceiling and his shot andhis offensive skill set just raises the ceiling
of this Timberwolves team exponentially. Soyou kind of have to give him a
chance to shoot his way out ofit. It just has not been working
that way thus far in this series. We got one final call before we

log off for the night, Andrewin Apple Valley, speaking of Karl Anthony
Towns. I heard you want totalk about Carl Anthony Towns. Andrew.
Hey, Matt ches Man, alright, I appreciate it. Drew. Well,
what I think the Will could dois have not start at cut off
off the bench like like they didduring the season. You know, when

cav Is hurt, you know,go there and now has worked well together.
So that's what I think. Yeah, Nazri has been playing great,
and I mean, you just CarlTown's played thirty eight minutes, nas Reed
played twenty nine. So I thinkif you just if you just finago with
the lineup a little bit, Nasriedcan get a couple more minutes in there.
He had fourteen points. He wasobviously the hero of Game two until

Luka Donca hit that dagger of hisshot. And you just can't speak enough
about how good and how clutch Nasriedis is. He has the most timely
baskets of anybody on this team.But again, Karl Anthony Towns is just
that skilled. And don't get mewrong, I love nas Reed, Noasried
is amazing, But the way thatCarl Anthony Towns when he's at his peak,

he just takes this Timberwols team toa whole another level. You cannot
bench him. I mean, Iget it, he's been brutal. Then
the man's confidence is already probably inthe drain. You absolutely cannot bench your
Robin coming in to a do ordie situation in game four, and that's
what it is now. After yourMinnesota Timberwolves lose one sixteen to one seven,

Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving or justI mean clutch is an understatement.
They could not miss in the fourthquarter in Dallas outscores at Timberwolves twenty nine
to twenty and take a three zerolead. Let's at least hope your Minnesota
Timberrolves can put up a fight inGame four on Tuesday. You'll be able
to tune into all of the actionright here on KFA, and you already

know that the pregame party will haveyou covered. And of course me and
Parker Fox will be live after thegame howling with the homies. If you
want to come watch the game withus, we'll be at the Mall of
America May in the Road, Tunda. I mean, tonight's game kind of
puts a little bit of a bigold wet blanket on the party we were
gonna throw at mway, but we'regonna have fun either way. So come

on out Toma on Tuesday. Inthe meantime, Power Trip nine to noon,
the grum bumper to bumper. Wegot this whole thing covered like a
blanket wrapped inside a snuggie, wrappedinside three quilts. It's not we don't
it's not as fun as talking abouta win, but we ain't scared.
We're here to analyze it, breakit down. All of that. This

has been Howling with the Homies akaWolves fan line, presented to you by
ABC. Shout out to ABC,shout out to American Building Contractors, and
shout out to you, the listener. Usually this is why I say we
ain't dead yet, have some hope. It's hard to say that, y'all,
but listen, records are meant tobe broken. It's certainly possible.
It's just gonna be really, reallytough. Have a nice night, y'all. Peace,
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