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May 15, 2024 7 mins
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All, it's Pride Radio. Myname is Houston. On the phone right
now is DJ Mohammad, who isgoing to be playing at one Magical Weekend
helping us kick off Pride Month.What's going on? Hey there, Jerry,
thanks for calling me, and I'mexcited to be interviewing with you for
one Magical weekend this year. Yeah, we're really looking forward to it.
What are you going to be doingat one Magical weekend this year? So

I have the pleasure of spinning atthe Therapy Pool party Nice on Saturday.
Okay, I'll be spending with DannyVerde. I'm on from I believe,
double checking the time, praying it'sgoing to be twelve to four pm.
Twelve am to four pm, nice, right there in the middle of Saturday.
Excited. Awesome, Yeah, theSaturday event, I'm excited about it.

Yeah, you'll be on stage djayingwhile we're broadcasting live literally right behind
you. So awesome, very cool. Yeah, that will be And then
I think you're also doing an eventover at Bear Jamboree, which is part
of on Magical Weekend. Right.Yes, I'm I'm lucky. I get
to spend twice this that that weekend. Yeah, yes, I'll be doing

Bear Jamboree on Sunday from four pmto eight pm, so I'm really excited
about that as well. What Ithought was the best thing is that it's
it's just chill. Everybody is cool, everybody's there just to hang out and
have fun. It's a bit ofa different vibe than the main pool parties
over like at the therapy pool parties. Would would you agree or would you
say, you know, it's justcomes with the territory with the Bears,

I would agree, you know,I think you are completely right. I
mean I think they the Bears,they enjoy vocals and yeah, you know
banks this thing along too, andit just has a great relaxing vibe.
And that's exactly what I felt whenI spun there. And then the therapy
pool parties are a little bit moreupbeat, you know, you have a

lot more different uh you know,crowds and you know, you know,
all types of walks of life,and it's amazing. I mean, both
parties are amazing. They're different intheir own ways, but both are incredibly
fun. Now I'm glad you saidthat because I was going to ask,
you know, how how do youfigure out what music you're going to play
when you're playing one magical weekend,you know, especially like you said,

the therapy pool parties, it's adifferent vibe right, right, So when
I think of pool parties, youknow, I think of some uplifting,
you know, singalong vocals that youknow, get people go in while they
they're out in the sun, justenjoying the daytime, and you know,
just thinks that they can dance toand groove to some nice groovy house just

melodic and just making you feel goodoverall. You just played White Party,
right, Yeah, that was amazing. It was It was just I was
speechless when I was offered the eventbecause White Party is legendary, yeah for
decades, and you know, theto have the opportunity to to kind of
kick off the weekend on Friday night, Wow, So what I am able

to do? I mean I getchills thinking about it. It was an
absolutely incredible weekend. The White Partyteam as well, put a lot of
effort introduction and bring something fresh.No, that's so cool. That's kind
of like you've made it in away when you hit the White Party,
right. Yes, I like tosay I made it right right? You

did another legendary party too, onethat's closer to my heart because I'm from
the DC area. You did Cherryup in DC as well. I did
right next weekend, I got theopportunity to do Cherry for the second time,
okay, and it was once againan incredible experience. I'm really lucky
with all the event producers and teamsthat I get to work with, their

professionalism and just overall passion what theydo. Like to I like to play
for events that care about what they'redoing. Cherry was just another one,
and they have a soft place inmy heart as well for what they do,
especially being such a great charity organization, right exactly. Yep. And
and what's so cool too about youplaying one magical weekend? Is it?

Now? That's a better reason forpeople to get their tickets because you're catching
DJ Mohammad before he blows up,before he gets you know, so big.
Yep. I'm just continue doing whatI do, and I'm really blessed
and thankful for all the opportunities I'mreceiving and the people who believe in me.
I just I'm just so incredibly happyand thankful. Yeah, you're going

to be a star, I meanit's almost like you're a resident DJ now
basically because this is you know,is this two years in a row?
Or was it? Is it morethan that? This is two years in
a row? Oh okay. Thefirst time I spent one Magical Weekend was
last year, and they decided itto bring you back for this year.
It's always a good sign, right, you know, you did well?
I think, right, I'm doingsomething right right exactly? Well, I

have to ask, because you did. You said you had a chance to
get through everything you know, orsee as much as you could last year.
What was your favorite part of theweekend. That's a tough one because
just the production and the music wasdifferent at each venue in each event,
and they really curated an amazing experiencemusically, because I mean the the main

event, you know, House ofBlues was incredible. One of my favorite
DJs, Jakinski, was there andhe did a phenomenal job. Right after
hours, being right on site ofthe host hotel. Yeah, and then
just being able to go back toyour room and not have to worry about
getting an uber or anything there.Yeah, that was and of production for
those were fantastic. It's really hardto choose what my favorite was. Yeah,

yeah, I'm that guy that can'tgive you my favorite. But that's
a good problem to have. Itmeans everything was equally as great as the
next thing. Exactly, yeah,exactly. Yeah, that's what's really cool.
Like I try to explain that tofolks, you know, that that
they are interested in going is thatyou really don't have to leave the host
hotel if you don't want to.You can just stay there and party away,
or you know, go over nextnext door to where Bear Jamboree is

and check out those parties and goback and forth. Right, It's just
so so amazing to have so manyevents just right there that you can attend.
And yeah, I can't wait forthis year. It's it's going to
be an amazing time. Yeah,I'm glad you're going to be there again,
and you know, hopefully we'll havea chance to say hi to you
in person, because like I said, we'll be broadcasting live through the weekend

right behind the main DJ stage atthe Therapyople parties, so we'll be there
and but yeah, I can't waitto see you. It's going to be
good. It's coming up faster thananybody can predict. A month and a
half away. We'll be partying rightkind OF's just flying by. Yeah,
thank you, Jerry. I'm soexcited to meet you too. Yeah.
Same, and thanks again for takingtime out of your busy schedule to chat
with us here and we look forwardto seeing you my pleasure. Thank you

for offering me the interview, andI can't wait to see you next.
Awesome. Have a great time.Thanks. Yeah, you too, and
we'll see you there.
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