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May 8, 2024 31 mins
Cinco de Drinko was a wild one... throwing up in an uber wild! Also.... Drake is giving us the ICK now.
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Finally episode one of sipping tequila withMe, Suzette, Mo and Jazz.
We've been talking about this for ahot minute because listen, the girls and
I could talk, yeah, talkall that Shita. We should be sipping
on tequila every time we do anepisode. I'm that's my new diet.

Water and tequila now that you candrink a little life. Well, here's
the thing. We decided to startthis podcast because we do this basically every
day. We're in the studio talkingabout everything our lives, crazy lives,
I mean, we all live differentlifestyles, and then also all the celebrity
gossip, the juice which is meat as we should you know. So

we were like, you know what, might as well hear record and bring
you along this crazy ride. Yoh. So we finally got to I mean
I wouldn't even say we finally gotto party together because I was still working.
We hosted a Sinco de Mayo partyat the Mexicano and Scott Still I
did my show life from there onFriday, and I couldn't really like turn
up with you girls, but yougirls were late. We were we were

great time. Yeah, you guyskept the vibes up though. Yeah,
everybody was so fun and they lovedus honestly at two pm too, even
the night. Yeah, I toldthis really is just us though, like
we're literally just being ourselves. Andit was just like that's just what we
do. Everywhere we go, webring the vibe. So it was just
fun. I was on air,so I really couldn't be taking shots and

drinking, you know what I meanby the time, really I did a
little bit, but you know what, but you know what, you know
what I had to add to keepmy cool, my professional side on because
we have a new boss or whatever, and so he was out there and
I was just like nervous I justbecause he was there. I'm at the
point where I was like, Boss, this is who I am. I
might as well get used to itnow. That was your job, though,
is to keep the party vibes on. You know. It felt good

though, It felt like we weredoing it. And then a lot of
people we got really good compliments from, like our sales team or whatever,
so I was like, oh,it was fun. It was definitely fun.
It was like put us on forany other more thoughtivities like we're here
for it the party girls. Butyou guys kept it going Saturday and Sunday.
I wasn't there those days. BySunday, I was like, oh
my god, I have to wakeup and go. So seriously, it

was a Saturday. I got reallylike tipsy because we stayed after and they
kept buying us like shots and likedrinks, and so of course I stayed.
I had to uber back home orwhatever. And my sister has a
video of me because they were likeon the calling me. I was like
a sleep and shit with like mymouth open and everything, and they were
like jazz and I was like,yeah, I totally knocked out. It

was a vibe though. It wasso fun. Saturday was fun, and
then Friday too, we went toOld Town after Oh yeah, I can't
believe you guys still went out afterthat after all that day drinking drinking from
like twelve to six at the makeOn and then we had dinner, and
then we had a drink with dinneras well, and then yeah, yeah,
honestly, my stomach was acting up, but I was like, you

know, I let out a littlebit of gas. I was like,
let's go, I said, asthough it has to just be a little
bit of guys and I did,and then I was fine, and so
we went to hotel and if itwas actually kind of a vibe, it
was right. Yeah. Yeah.I just hated that they like put songs
on for three seconds, like thegood songs, and then they switch it
up. I'm like like, letit, let it play, let us

get into the into the vibe,and then it would be like reaton like
then Miley Cyrus and then like,yeah, how was Sunday tho? Because
Sunday was actually single in mile itwas packed, like amazing, so many
people. And we also were drinkingjust a little bit, not really a
lot that day. We actually hada drink just after we were done working.
Yeah, and even then I wasjust like half a margarita. I'm

good, Yeah, I don't needthe whole thing. Yeah, but it
was a good time. There wasa lot of people. We gave people
Uber gift cards so they can gethome safe. Oh good, good.
They gave away a lot of prizes, like, oh yeah, you had
all the concert tickets to give awaytickets. Yeah, apparently we gave away
a little bit more than we neededto. You're welcome, yeah, who

we are. My sister and herfriends ended up going they got kicked out.
Oh my god, that was whynoboddy. They came up to me
and I was like, oh,I'm sorry, I'm not with them.
I don't know what you're talking about, because they weren't sitting with us,
like they were like somewhere separate.Yeah, and my sister was sister that
friday. Yeah, okay, shewent back with her friends. And friends
are a vibe, like they're agreat time, Like there are a fun

group of girls. But they haddrink buzzballs. Before those buzzballs. Why
then they had three games and Iwas like, bitch, why it's like
one and you're coming to have lunch, Like, why do you already need
to be late? I thought youwere the little one shoes what. Sister's
really not a drinker really, she'smore of just like the vibe. But

she was buzzed. Her other twofriends were like drunk. It was so
funny. I feel like they're allkind of like freshly twenty one ish age
round. Yeah no, they're liketwenty two. But that's the time.
That's still so young. That's thetime to be blacky now. I mean
I don't remember those years. Yeah, but they're like a great time like

I love going out with them,Like every time, like we go out,
we have the best time. Likewe're just like a fun group of
girls that could be on that rosLike I'm working. That's why I was
like, oh, I'm sorry,I don't know who they are. I
was like, I don't know whothat is. And then I walked outside
and they still were there. Iwas like, fuck, I cannot ignore
them, Like I have to makesure they get home safe. Shout out

to She's row one came through withan uber friends that they threw up it
literally no literally yeah, and justso everyone's aware, it's one for the
cleaning fee. Yeah, man,stick your head out. The day we
ended up being like guys, like, I'm gonna pay the fee, and
like all her friends were like,as you should. Her friends were like,
yeah, you should pay, LikeI'm gonna pay your ass. Throw

up your sister friends her friend,Oh, my sister did fuck up my
hat. I was actually mad aboutthat. I wasn't mad about anything else.
I know you were met. Shewas wearing your shirt on Friday too.
She dude, She's the type ofgirl that I would be away in
college and she'd FaceTime me in myshirts, like in my clothes and I'd
be like, is that my shirt? She's like, yeah, don't I
look better in it than you?I'm like, girl, when she showed

up with your mom, you're like, she wants she tries to be me
so bad. She wants to beme so bad, but that she fights
back and it's like, no,you want to be me. I was
like, we just want to beeach other. I we're just like sisters,
you know, we're just those girls, like we just like to wear
each other's clothes and wear each other'sclothes, make sure we like cute.
It's so funny. My mom waslike, stop drinking us. I know

you can tell your mom was alittle like. My mom's just more.
My mom is very shy. Idon't know how she birthed us crazy asses,
because I know where the hell didyou do she get that from?
It's like a serene woman. Iwant to say my dad, because my
dad's more outgoing, very social.But that's not like he's not crazy.
He's not local. Like it's justme and me and my sisters, like
we're just wild. You're gonna getsome when you have kids, they're gonna

be crazy and that's gonna be yourcar. I hope my kids are fun.
Like if they just sitting down readingbooks, I'm like, what the
fuck? Like, yeah here lessthan one on one? No, seriously,
I don't know how I can handlewith quiet kids. Yeah, it's
just not me. But whatever Ithink. I definitely think I want my
partner to be outgoing, but definitelynot as wilds. No, because nobody

would to want to hang out withus. What the fuck They're gonna be
like, why are we hanging outwith these two crazy as lemtics like Whitney
and Bobby literally like stock because they'regoals. But but yeah, yeah,
are certain it's not cute, butI know it's it's fun. I can't
wait to do that and be thatlip for my birthday in a couple of

weeks. Oh my god, you'reboth your birthdays are coming up. Wow,
I'm so ready. Yeah, classAs for a Gemini season, we're
in tour season right now. Geminiseason is a plaus I can smell it
in the air. Bitch, it'sstill to wait. When is yours?
Jazz I asked Saturday. My birthdayis the eighteen, the eighteen, Oh,

we're on the eighteen January January.That's so funny because then we're Earth
signs. You're a cupcorn on thetourists. Wow, but you ought to
be are you air signs? Yeah, Gemini, we thought I thought that
was a fire sign. That's likescorpios. It's like scorpio aries and yeah,

air signs are something yeah, yeah, I mean fire signs are something
else from they really are. Yeah, air signs. I'm just a good
time. I feel like scorpios arethe cheaters. I don't know, but
I feel like they're the very tense. They're intense, mysterious, they take
everything personal. They're the ones tohave a one night stand with. They're

freaky, they are free as likeDrake. Yeah. The speaking of Drake,
we were just talking about, likebefore we started recording this episode,
we were talking about the whole beefwith Kendrick Lamar and Drake, how it's
gotten out of hand with all theseserious accusations. Uh. Today was a
day that they basically said that therewas a shooting a drive by at Drake's

mansion in Toronto and one of hissecurity guards got was shot multiple times.
So yeah, I mean, whichis crazy. How are you gonna do
that? It shouldn't escalate to thatfar. He shouldn't. And you know
what, it's these it's these intensefans that don't know how to keep their
cool. Yeah, you know whatI mean. I don't think that Kado
moves that way where he would besending people to do something like that.

I don't think so either. No, these aren't These aren't hardcore rappers like
we had back in the day withTupac and Biggie when they were like about
it. Yeah, if anything,I would think it'd be the other way
around, like Drake would would besending someone for Kendrick for sure. Oh
that doesn't like this would happen withKuava and Chris Brown because they are more
you know, streak and crazy orwhatever. But Drake got priors. Yeah,

he does his his you know therumors, the allegations with xxx Tantas,
allegations allegedly Save Ourselves allegedly. Yeah. Yeah, but it's crazy because
you would think that a lot ofpeople would be behind Drake on this whole
feud, especially after feeding Kendrick Lamarssome misinformation about an eleven year old daughter.

But it looks like a lot ofpeople are signing with more because you
know what I mean, the waythat Drake moves is a little shady and
a lot of people in the additionabout an eleven year old daughter. Anyways,
if you really did plant that information, like that's so dumb, master
manipulator, a lion. Yeah,something about Drake be giving me the heck
these days? Well what can happennow? Like, are we not gonna

like Drake's bops? Like he couldput out a hit any day. I
still love you, yeah, nomatter what. Yeah, yeah, unless
the pedophilia stuff is real, AndI think that's why that's where he would
get some ry type of shit.We don't we don't go at those ways,
yeah at all. I won't evenbump your music. But I wonder
if like this is gonna start nowan investigation on Drake just kind of like

how it started with Diddy. Look, you know you're doing bad things and
kids are involved and you're being freakingpedophile ish, then yeah you should have
a case and you should go tojail, like with kids. It's like
where you draw I draw the line. Could that be the reason why all
these industry like people have gone againstDrake? Possibly it's a valid ass reason

for sure. For sure, becauseit's like it's a lot like it's Metro,
it's Rick Ross, it's Future,it's Rihanna from way back in the
day, you know, like pushit. Like there's so many that just
don't like Drake. I mean DMXwas one of the first ones to put
it out there that he didn't likeanything about Drake. He walked talk Sport
Kendrick. Yeah, yeah, soI don't know. It's gonna be interesting

to see where things go from now. Yeah. I wonder what fifty cent
has to said about this, becauseI feel like he always knows what's going
going on and he's always quick tojust he'd likes theatrol, so whatever is
out there, he likes to trolon it. But I mean Drake did
give him a shout out and pushups, so I don't know if he's
like liking that or I don't know, he's not gonna falter right, Yeah,

we'll see. I don't know.I'm like, expose them all.
Let's expose the industry, Like I'mhere for people like getting exposed and taking
accountability if you're doing things you shouldn'tbe doing. Yeah, the truth always
comes to light. It always yeah, like Karma is a bitch. We'll
find out about it. Yeah.I really thought this was an entire like

publicity thing, Like I thought theywere in it together to make hip hop
exciting again. And noop. OnceI once I start hearing all these serious
allegations, I was like, Ohmy goodness, they truly hate each other.
I mean, yeah, Kendrick isdropping an album, they're saying sometime
this month. So that's why.That's why I thought this was all part
of it, you know, toget to get you know, some hype

on that album. But I guessnot. We'll see what happen, and
they really don't like each other.That hatred is real. Meet the Grams.
That disc track was haunted like thatwas probably the craziest thing I've heard
in a while. Oh wow,did did Did you listen to Meet the
Ground? I haven't. It's reallygood. We can put it on back

in there. Yeah. A littlestudio and a little sash. Yeah you
have to check that one out.I mean, there are all the dis
songs that have came out from thisfeud have been a plus. Not Like
Us is my favorite. Yeah,not like Us as that one is actually
kind of like it could be ahit because you know, we were talking
about how Drake he's a hit maker. He's really good at just making songs

that everybody loves. That's but withKendrick, like he proved he's still able
to do that too. Like,well, he proved that he can also
do that. He just doesn't careabout being famous. Yeah, he says
money is an illusion, you knowwhat I mean, Like he doesn't like
getting caught up and he wants tolive a normal life. He wants to
be able to put music that's gonnaheal us and be good for the culture.

But he doesn't care about, youknow what I mean, touring and
making all the money in the worldand having all the fame in the world.
Like he rather raised his kids rightbe there, putting them to sleep
every night and teaching them how tomove right, So that's respect. Mm
hmm. That's big on be there. That's why they're not into that gangster
shit and that I think people needto chill out. Yeah, and both
of them have kids, right,there's no reason anybody needs to be shooting

up anybody or dying because of that. Yeah, exactly, Like, please
build a tea, but let's notbe but what have time to be alive?
We got to witness one of thecraziest feuds in hip hop history,
right, they both went back toback to with we got like eight dis
tracks, Like I think this isthe most we were going in a feud
and hip hop feud. So yeah, and I'm not surprised it's against Strake,

to be honest. Yeah, Imean that's the thing. These two
were able to go up against eachother because they were so big in their
own lanes, you know what Imean. Like Drake was big and the
hit maker her mainstream lane. KendrickLamar was big and the cultural the lyricists,
you know, the actual like hiphop battler. But I don't think

Drake can call himself a gravest rapperof all time. That that is stripped
away from him, and that justby him simply not writing his ship,
he cannot claim that, right,I think that's been known. Yeah yeah,
yeah. But also he's a lotof people's goat. That's the biggest
thing, especially because people love toargue that the topic who's in your top

five? Who's the goat? LikeDrake can't be one of them unless it's
like pop. Yeah, goes asfar as pop extremely popular, right,
but as far as rappers. Yeah, it's a no for me, dog,
but I love him. He's apedophile. Yeah. Allegedly all these
videos started surfacing from like video wellMillie Bobby Brown before she was eighteen.

She was like, yeah, Drakeand I text all the time. He's
like I miss you, and Itell him I miss you too, and
it's just kind of like yeah,yeah, And and they're like they're like,
what does Drake say to you?And she's like, he gives me
a lot of advice, like whatAnd she's like that stays in the text
messages and I'm like, okay,first of all, like I thought it
was a relationship advice. I thoughtshe had said that probably I don't know.

I don't know, but it's stillkind of weird. Is you kind
of want to just stay away fromthat? You know? I feel like
when you're in the public, Ilike that, like Drake, like you
just shouldn't be texting anybody underage justbecause it doesn't look good. Yeah,
you know what I mean, Likeyou should just like if you have that
type of responsibility and you really wantto take care of your image. Yeah,
even if it's as innocent as itcan be. Like still, like

don't don't be texting, even ifyou want to give them advice on the
industry or like, you know,how to survive that crazy world. It's
like tell her mom or her manageror someone that can relay the message.
I don't know, just play itsafe, man. Yeah, that's how
I see it. And like,don't get me wrong, really, Bobby
Brown grew up to be like sucha beautiful woman. I mean, she's
so gorgeous. But it's like thewhole like nurturing them when they're little,

for them to be eighteen, Yeah, there you go, groomy. It's
like fucking weird, hollly, weirdly, all of it is weird. And
the fact the idea that he couldeven play into that is kind of disappointing.
It is. Yeah, But andthen him like trying to respond to
those allegations too and just basically saying, ooh, like you said I was
a predator. If I was apredator, I'd be locked up. It's

like no, bro, Like that'snot always the case. Especially you got
money, you could cover stuff up, and how hush money, Like I
mean, ar Kelly got away withit for so long. Yeah, right,
you know, until Cosby as well, like it's gross. Sorry grow
Gena text me. She's so sweet. She's so sweet. She just tells

me to say that the Mahicano videowas great. Oh, it was very
nice. She's so sweet. She'sso nice. She'll be on here a
couple of times on this podcast.Yeah, she's got stories. She has
shared some stories that are very embarrassing. And I'm like, are you willing
to talk about this? She's like, oh yeah, and I'm like,
okay, cool, we'll talk aboutit one day. Jenna. We like
Jenna, We love Jenna. It'sgreat. What else? What else do

we want to talk? I feellike we have to do an episode where
we might have to get a littlemore deep into like who we are,
like anal productions and stuff. Yeah, so that people can get to know
us. We could definitely do.I think that should have been our first
episode. That should have been ourfirst episode. But it's because I don't,
like, I don't know a lotof your back like your background,
like both of your backgrounds. Yeah, you know what I mean. It's
very interesting. I have a differentbringing, yeah, a very big like

family and how hell a different siblings. Yeah, ye, I want to
hear about all that. I thought, that's bad, Like she's so invested,
Like I feel like she might aswell have been born first. Like
I feel like she's like the onethat they always go to and yeah,
oh yeah, yeah, And Icould see that, like I go to
YouTube witch not just about concert tickets, but about well and that's my girl.

She's everyone literally moving my desk justto be like we're gonna be right
to each other against she had doneliterally oh my god. But now whenever
I get weird texts that I justlike gasp at, I don't have to
like turn all the way around.Oh my god. But going back to
the mexicanal, I, uh,there was a guy that was there at

the Mexicano dude, he was feelingobsessed, wouldn't be oh my god.
But now there is a catch.This man is very feminine that at first
you couldn't tell if he was likeyou know which part which team? Yeah
yeah, with the just the mannerismsand the way he would hype us up.

I think that's why more and Ikept shaking her butt and we know
all these things because we didn't getthe vibe that he was her in that
way until he said something to mewhen she went to the bathroom, was
like, oh, momo this andthat. I was like, oh,
yeah, she's hot, she's youknow. I was like feeling it too,
and then he was like, oh, like oh, like just the

way he was talking about her,the way he made it seem I was
like, wait a minute, soyou're not what I think you are.
Got it? Okay? Cool?Oh I thought you asked him in your
head, You're like your head.I prosessed it, I processed it.
I just didn't want to say thatbecause I didn't want to be rude,
you know, like, oh mygod, you thought I was And I
was say, huh shir did youknow? I just in my head?

Yeah. And then they ended upgoing out afterwards. Yeah. And then
he started like asking about my primosbut calling my Primos his primo girl.
I wanted to throw up in mymouth. It was discussed so bad.
It was like too strong. He'slike, oh, I'll bring you lunch,

I'll take you to Kava, I'lltake you to steak. Forty four
Guys that act like that right awayand on the day you first met them
makes me feel like they act likethat a lot with a lot of other
girls, like red Flag, becauseit's like you don't want someone to be
that out there, you know whatI mean, because who's to say,
like if you are together, heacts like that when he's out, and

I feel like the need to likesay, oh, I can take you
here, like these expensive places,like you need that to pull the woman
like it's just like be yourself,you know what I mean. Like I
don't know don like he does.No. I literally told her that she
should still fucking go, like youshould still go. It's a meal,
it's but I get the whole likenot leading him on. Especially when I

did tell her, I was like, I feel like metrosexual men are in
not my type of man, butI feel like they're in or they're more
femin like a guy that'sn't touch yeah, in tune with his feminine in touch
Like yeah, I mean there isthere is a balance because I'm also like
very tomboyish, you know what imean. Don't get me wrong. What

I mean. It's like I definitelywant a man that has good hygiene,
dresses well you know, brush hishast eighth or whatever, but like a
little bit. There's always fun thatneeds to be a little bit priority.
Yeah, you need to we needto be able to talk ship like you
need a gossip right. But theway this one was giving, it was
giving more like really gossipy, likehe was one of the girls. He

was definitely one of the girls andlike that. That's why I was being
so like open and whatever with himbecause I thought like we were just like
Bessie's uh you know, but no, that was the case. You know,
she had the dump in the trunk. Yeah she got the dump or
whatever. Oh no, he wasno, So I haven't responded. I'm

oh, he messaged you today.He said, Hey, so you're afraid
this third Like he was quick withit, like he said lunch. She
said, uh. He said,oh okay, like reservation is set.
I was like, wow, hewants her Cova. That's lunch. Oh
yeah, I've never been there.But like I'm like, I want to

go and tell my god, willyou guys be at the table next to
us? Cat I was like,not be dressed up as a boy.
Not not that being her dreams andthat's like, yeah, I finally got
to be a man. I'll pretendlike I'm Jazz's man all short a short

Kings though, I just didn't takethat back. Oh my god. Oh
I loved I used to love wearingwigs when I was younger, like I
like to be younger people. Imean, I thought, I think it
was a little hookeri is, butlike whatever, I grew up around hookers
my whole life, so I wasalways inspired. And yeah, I loved
wearing wigs, so I would beI would like love to bring her back.

Yeah. Her name was Lola,by the way, Lolita. God,
I ain't getting mad emails today.I apologize. They're being recorded into
the podcast. I love that.I don't know how that's weird. They
shouldn't be. It's okay. Letthem know. You're a working woman,
you're a busy bee, a littlebig deal over here. Let him know.

Damn, so we're going on thisdate or what? Yeah, I
don't know. I think I mightjust do it for the content. No,
I'm kidding. I shouldn't say that. I shouldn't say that. I'm
conflicted because I'm like, do Ijust go and see what could happen?
Or do I just go and likego to let him know that this is
not going to happen, you know, like I have a close, close,

close closed mind first like first andforemost going into it. So there's
really no hope. So do Iuse him for the meal or do I
not? I mean, you canuse him for the meal, but to
gently, respectfully, not overtext tellhim that you're not really looking at something
with him. That's what I toldher, Like, I think you should

still go and enjoy the meal aslike a friendly because maybe you can still
be friends, you know what Imean, that's the thing. Maybe we
can still be friend because he's acool person, like if he's like one
of the girls, Like he's thetype of guy that you want, Like
he's just funny, like he's agood hype man, like he's Can you
be friends with somebody knowing that theylike desire you? But let's people,

are you really going to hang outwith him? No? I'm saying you
can keep it cute, you cankeep it cordial, but you're not really
gonna continue that friendship, Like you'renot gonna hang out with them all the
time, right, But if youdo end up seeing him around, because
you know some of the same people, like, it's not weird, like
it's like you established like a cordialrelationship, you know, and he doesn't
give me the type of vibe thatlike, if he turns you down,

he's going to like hate you andno secrets about you, Like, oh
my god, we slept together,you know. Imagine, Oh my god,
I imagine I know I should justbe gonna thought about this and just
go get get for me all likeseriously, might as well, Yeah,
especially because he already made reservations andhe already has it in his head that
it's happening. Yeah, you know, so he told me like, oh,

just have fun, girl. Iwas like, okay, were like
a couple drinks. The fucking wealso could stop in saying really horrible advice
at that point and we could havejust you know. But he's a great
guy. He's like a great dude. Like I think, I can't wait
to hear about it. Yeah,yeah, you come back engaged. That's
a problem. No, she's heshows us the ring. No, he

moves quickly said that he's manifesting itso that I could be his wife.
I was like, I didn't seelike that too much. I think that
just scares me. Yeah, asa person who was recovering from commitment issues.
Yeah, I just I that kindof stuff really turns me in the
opposite direction. And I get it, Like, you know you really want
me. I mean who doesn't.I mean, I don't pay you for

being obsessed. But at the sametime, like you're not helping your case.
You say, my cousins are yourcousin's Like, no, they're my
cousins, they're mine, not asingle. I was told modern I is
a prize, thank you, thankyou. But yeah, to look at
her little office office. Look,she's so hot hot, thank you,

thank you. That's not to belike me. And I was just picture
you with like a man that willjust pick you up like football stance,
like they picked up Tyler at themegala. She looks so hot. I
literally held that post to Yeah,so grateful. She's like picked me up
berry, she looks she like gorgeous. Yeah she did. Honestly, this
Megala thing was like actually like prettypretty nice, or some other ones that

are kind of outrageous. I know, I was waiting for Rihanna. Too
bad. She got sick. Shecame down with the flu, all of
us allegedly not just kidding. Yeah, it hasn't been a while since she
was attended, so I think shewas looking forward to attending this. But
she's like the queen of the metgalery. I really remember, like a
statue and everything. Like she's alwaysjust slid. Yeah, and she's always
like glate, like the last oneto arrive. So I was just like,

oh, you know, she's justlate. But no, she never
she never showed up. She neverattended. It's so fun, that's alright.
Anyways, that's good thirty minutes lookat us. Oh wowow see,
this is what we do on adaily basis, so we might as well
monetize. I love it, youknow. So we're gonna have a lot
of things to talk about, speciallywith Mo and Jasmine's birthdays coming up.
We have a pool party coming up. We have Oh I thought we're gonna

say dude didn't get the No,Yeah we got him. Yeah did they
probably? Did you say I'm goingto make out with him for the contact.
Hey he's not with anyone, huh. No, I think he has
this girlfriend. You remember how myfriend or Cal from Tucson was your face.

No, remember they were partying inTucson and they were at her club
where she bartends. Well, theepisode. I think the next episode,
or I don't know which one.It's one of the ones that's coming out
right now. She might be init. Oh my god. Oh I
know. I told her. Iwas like, bitch, tell me when
you're like on an episode so Ican watch it. I feel like Polyd's
tongue in my tongue magical. Hopefullyhis girlfriend Nikki's not there? Is it

like a serious I'm just kidding.I wouldn't kiss the man that has a
girlfriend. But if he, howso happens to break up with her a
couple or a minute before we makeout. Hello, Well, you never
know. Is Raquel gonna come partywith us with poly D? Oh?
I'll tell her, Well she be. She'll be here in town because pool

party Sunday. Yeah, and thenhe's gonna be know he's here Monday like
Memorial Day, he's here. Ohyeah, am I a day club Old
Town Scott Still, that's gonna befun. I'm just gonna I'm gonna be
bumping practice from the bottom to thetop. Yeah, Jersey Turnpike all the
way. He's gonna be an imaginethat they make it appearance though the whole
Jersey shortcast. Oh my god,another episode and we're on it exactly Mortal

Day Weekend. It's even the onethat he got cheated on with, and
I just like, don't, don'tput that out there, Jazz, I
wouldn't do it. Should do itfor the plot? No, it would
very interesting, but once they're knownas that bitch. Yeah, that's not
why I am. I'm super againstthat, Like you wondered percent married girlfriend,

don't fucking look at me, don'ttouch me, don't like me,
don't follow me, don't talk tome. No, we do not like
men that belong to other women,like the relationship or not. Then break
up mm hmm, preach girlfriend.Yeah anyway. Yeah, so I'm not
going to make out with him obviously, but it would be cool if they
did because it's memorial dated. Butlike that would be like a great no,

like if the cast comes, likeit would be great. Vinnie single,
Oh Vinnie is single? Didn't isn'the like packing? But didn't Snookie
say he's packing? Oh yeah,Snooky was she compared it to a watermelon.
Oh yeah, that's right. Soit's like thick, we got a
lot of girth and he's a guinnygirlfriend. He's watermelon. I'm talking.

I'm talking great combination. Yeah,that's what I'm saying. Okay, that's
episode one because we can go onand on and on. Oh yeah yeah,
Okay, Bye,
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