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September 1, 2021 27 mins

Tensions run high as the investigation continues. Henry and Rachael’s relationship evolves as his family history is brought to light. A suspect is arrested, and Chelsea brings new information to the case while Anne looks for a front-page headline. Springheel Jack makes contact with Henry in a most unconventional way.

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Speaker 1 (00:12):
You were listening to Strawberry Spring, based on a short
story by Stephen King. It's early, too early to deal

with this. That crowd of reporters is about the last
thing I need. Henry Kevin, what are you doing here?
The same as everyone else. I'm here for information. Listeners
will want to know what's going on. For Christ's sakes.
I want to know what's going on, don't you. It's
too soon. I don't have anything for you. Henry. We

we got back a long time, right, Yeah, you know
we do as long as I can remember. Great. So
if you know anything, anything at all, accounting one. See,
I'm just a little guy around here. I need all
the help I can get. You and me. We're a team.
We're not a team. Maybe in your head. We're a team.

My head, your head. What's the difference. I gotta go,
let's see the Dean. Alright, I'm gonna go lose myself
in the crowd. Good luck. It's been eight years. Why

would spring heeled Jack come back to New Sharon? Now?
Look at the press setting about there. They're like vultures
just waiting to pounds. We have to prepare a statement.
Tell me everything you can about this guy, What do
you know that we don't? What do you want to know?
You wrote a book on spring Hill Jack murders. What's

in this thing that's gonna help us catch him? Look,
I don't know. Last time he just stopped killing. He disappeared,
vanished into thin air. I don't know what happened to
spring Hill Jack any more than you do. Well, we
must have been close to catching him, probably scared him off.
How do we know it's really him and not just
the copycat? I don't, but I can tell you police

work has come a long way since n This is
six and this time it's going to be different. Now.
Either spring Hill Jack is back or someone read your
book and is looking to make a name for themselves.
This murder, the one last night he copied Jack's m O.
He chopped her head off. For Christ's sake, Jesus, I'll

do whatever I can to help. What can you tell
me about what you found? He's more violent than ever.
Half her body was missing, and what's left over was
draped across the snow. You should know we asked and
to come down too, And I haven't talked to her
since the book came out. I haven't thought about Anne

for some time. After my book on Spring heel Jack
was published, I got a taste of fame and fortune,
and she went on to become a journalist. She resented
the fact that I wrote the book, since we both
covered the story. She always said I as a narcissist,
a better suited for celebrity. I always thought she should
be a psych major, but Rachel had that base covering.

I guess we all ended up where we're supposed to be.
No one knows this guy better than the two of
you did. Did you see the Globe? It's on the
front page. Anne wrote this. How did she get the
story so quickly? It went out on the wire? We
live in modern times. Okay, yeah, I'm gonna have to
go out there and talk to the press. Are you

canceling classes? I have four I'm supposed to teach today.
What do I tell my students? Don't do anything yet.
I'll bring an army on this campus before I let
this guy up in my town again. Henry, can we
count on you? I told you I'll do whatever I
can to help catch him. We know you will. Now,
let's all go out there and talk to the press together.

Strengthen numbers right, Gee Spencer, why do you think spring
Hill Jack has come back? At this is point, we
cannot confirm that this is the work of spring Hill Jack.
Dean Edwards, how is this going to affect the university?
Our class is going to be canceled as of now. UM,
we're going to increase security on campus. We have not

made any decisions about our schedule. Our first priorities to
the students of New Sharon and we will continue to
make sure they get the best and safest education possible.
I want to thank you all for coming, but that
is all. I have two questions for Professor Dinon. You
were here during the first wave of killing. You wrote next,

I was on the murders. Why do you think Springhill
jackal's returning. I have to echo what Chief Spencer said,
we do not know if this is really spring Heel Jack.
My second question, since you made a name for yourself
off of them, are you worried for your safety? My
safety when it all started. That was the last thing

on my mind the night they arrested carl Anna Laura
for Gail Kerman's murder. I remember staying at the Times
late and and I were probably there until three in
the morning. Nice Reny you too. You're a pretty good editor.
You know that I don't, but that's nice to hear.

Be honest, though, you thought we were going to break
a big story, didn't you. Well, I don't know. This
is a small New England town. I'm not expecting too much.
But as far as I'm concerned, we should treat every
story like it's going to be big. Otherwise, what are
we doing here? I hadn't thought about it that way.
That's why I'm the editor and you're not. Cheers to

a job well done. Do you remember the first time
we've met? So you asked me out sort of you
were you were the freshman editor for The Times. I
submitted an opinion piece. Then I asked you out. I
don't remember that part. What did I say? Oh? You

turned me down on both accounts. You were very professional.
Maybe I should have been less professional and and hey,
you know I'm serious about Rachel. I know, it's just
what is it? No, my head, it's killing me. Wait
here here, let me rub your temples. Just stop. Sorry,

but that's it's not helping. Is there anything I can do? No? Look,
I gotta go. I need to get outside. All right.
The only anything that helps is just walking fresh air.
Henry Ship, Oh Jesus, are you all right? Yeah? I

turned when I heard you didn't see ros. You gotta
be more careful. I mean, there's a killer on the loose. Man.
You need some help here, Let me lend your hand.
Thanks anytime, buddy, No Oneman was there for you think?
Who would do such a thing? Who knows? Sometimes people
just crack under pressure. I you think about it, Vincent,

then go what he cut off his ear? Tell me
that's not cracking under pressure. I can barely follow this
conversation exactly my point. You can't understand what makes a
man crack. Van Goh was in love. Sometimes it's the
little things. He cut his ear off. Who are you
to judge out a run? Need to grab something to

eat before I get to sleep. Stay on the path.
You don't want to slip and fall. Thanks for the advice.

Who's that, Rachel? It's me, Henry. It's three in the morning.
Open up, please, Oh my god, you're filthy. What happened?
I was on my way back from the Times. I
had a few drinks and the migraines said it and

I tripped on one of those germs. Here's a towel.
Tut yourself off. Thanks, shop ship. Look at your floor.
It's a mess. Don't worry about it. I'll deal with
it in the morning. Are you okay? My head hurts,
but I'll be okay. No permanent injuries except maybe my pride.

You know, I've been thinking about it, and your migraines
might be psychosomatic. What do you mean, remember when we
talked about emotional memory. Yeah, so I think if we
can figure out what's triggering your headaches, maybe we can
help you get rid of them. We just promised me

we could keep Rachel my girlfriend, separate from Rachel the
aspiring psychiatrist. I'll do my best, fair enough to be
honest at this point, I'll try anything. You have some water,
as far as you remember, you never had migraines before
your accident, right, No, I didn't. Do you think you

can try and remember what happened. Are you sure you're
not forgetting anything. I'll do my best. It was really
hard to see that night we hit the fog bank.
It swerved right before we crashed. Mom, Junior, I remember

crawling along the side of the road. I saw the deer,
my mom had. It was crippled but still alive. Blood
was dripping from its mouth, steam puffed from its nose.
In the cold night air, I worked my way over
to him. He tried to kick at me, but didn't
have the strength. I looked it in the eyes. The

pupils were dilated. All I could see was my reflection
of pure black. I tried to comfort it. You're okay,
you're good, be okay. It took all of my strength
and loaded out of its misery. After that, the sirens

got louder, and all I remember is waking up on
the kurney. It's awful, Thank God, you're okay. The doctor
said I had a concussion. That when I went through
the windshield, I damaged my frontal lobe, but nobody was
sure if there was going to be any permanent damage.
That's when the migraines started, the insomnia, the bad dreams.

You're lucky you were able to walk away from something
like that. Lucky, I guess, so my mom and little
brother weren't so fortunate. All that matters now is that
your hair. Come on, let's got some sleep. Good morning,

good boarding. Whould you sleep pretty good? I don't think
I moved a muscle. That's you're funny. I'm gonna make
some coffee. It's mar teenth for what is worth. There

was an arrest overnight of Carl m Laura. He's accused
of killing Gail Kerman two nights ago in the Animal
Sciences parking lot across from Shreeve Hall. Hey, Rachel, I
gotta go. Do you want something to eat? No, I
gotta get to the paper. They arrested the amur guy
for the Kerman murder. You're not going to believe this.

Chelsea got her hands on a copy of the Blue
support for m Lara. It says here he hasn't confessed
to anything, and he claims he's innocent. Well it doesn't
everyone claim they're innocent. If they arrested him, they must
have something they do. They used with some students in
his dorm. It turns out he was seen arguing with
Gail Kerman last month the grinder and get this, they
just broke up last week. Wait, so that's enough to

pin a murder on him? People break up on campus
every day of the week. His roommates said he was
and I'm quoting here, despondent and the police found a
seven inch hunting knife and his foot locker under his
bed again maybe, oh and one more thing, and said
that foot locker was a picture of Gail Kerman, slice
to ribbons like a kitty scissor. Class got ahold of

it and cut it up like a paper doll. Fair enough? Hello,
right now, what's up? Tean Edwards is calling all students
back to the quad. Rachel over here. What's this all about? First?

I want to thank you all for coming on. I
know we all been through a lot in the past
few days, and I also want to thank Captin Spencer
and the new Sharing Police Department from their find Was
it already the reason I've called you here today? We
have great news. I'll turn it over to Captain Spencer.

Thank you, Thank you, Dean Edwards. As you all may
have heard, we did apprehend the suspect overnight and feel
confident that we do. Indeed, you have Gail Kerman's killer
and cousin. Thank god. I feel a little better. I
feel like I can fath them. And on that note,
we will be removing the curfew from campus and I

hope you all can get back to work, put this
behind you and study forbid terms with a little luck
the weather, we'll start to break two in the meantime.
Thank you all for coming, and please remember to look
out for each other. It's like working out from a nightmare.
I don't know about you, but I need a drink.
Let head to the grinder and have a few years.

Here you go eat. I don't want any food tonight.
I think we're all set from now. Thanks, here's the
feeling safe again. I have to admit I do feel better.
This whole thing is so hard to leave. Honestly, who
would do something like that? Can you imagine? Almost have

trusted him, spent time with him, and then he goes
and does that. It's crazy. And to think he used
to work here. I just don't get it. I guess
you never know what someone is thinking or when they
might crack. Henry, he didn't just crack, he butchered her.

I know, but look, you're the psych major. Look around.
It's a sign of the times. JFK. Civil rights violence
is everywhere. Maybe the pressure just Scott, what have we here?
Just ignore them? It looks like someone is getting her
civil rights. Do you mind? Oh? I don't mind at all.

Why don't you go back to your beers? We're not
bothering you, Actually you are. I think it's better if
you just go somewhere else. Maybe go to the park
or the zoo. What the fund did you just say?
You heard him, Henry? Don't Yeah, Henry, you don't want
to get hurt in front of your girlfriend. Oh look,

he has a knife. What are you gonna do with that?
Maybe I'll use it on you? Say one world word.
Come on, Henry, let's just go. Hey, hut the knife down. Yeah, Henry,
put the knife down before someone gets hurt, because it's
probably gonna be you good thinking. Let's go. What were

you going to do with that knife? Yeah? I don't know,
probably cut myself. But I wasn't going to let them
talk to you like that. I'm sorry. They have no
right to speak to you that way. You like my
night and shining Armor? Come on, go back to my place.
It's like it's about four. We hurried back to Rachel's apartment.

Now that I think about it, I don't know what
I would have done to those guys in the grind
or that night. I just know my blood was boiling.
If Rachel wasn't there, I'm not sure what would have happened.
But thank god she was. I could have ended up
in jail or worse dead. I fell asleep at Rachel's

place that night, but it didn't last long. My head
started to hurt. It could have been the argument in
the bar. It could have been a million things. Either way,
I knew I was gonna need some fresh air. I
was quiet, I always am. I didn't want to wake her.
Rachel always looked so peaceful when she slept. She was

always so calm and relaxed, even in the presence of
full blown racism. I was jealous that her inner peace
eluded me. I could hear the trees rustling in the wind.
When I looked out, all I could see was fog, white, impenetrable.
I got dressed and slipped out of the department. It's

the lat show with me, d JN. It's been a
lot to handle the past few days. Year and New Sharon.
I had one of those portable radios back then, the
kind with the one ear piece and almost fit in
your ear. As strange as it was, it was good
to hear a familiar voice, and for some reason, Kevin
never bothered my head in this. Let me take a

request and I'd help you forget about your troubles. So
here's anything you want to hear. Give me a ring.
I'll do I best to play it for you. In
the meantime, there's something new for you to check out.
When I can't sleep, when my insomnia and migraine sit in,
I walk. I've been doing it for years, just so
now taking the night air and try to relax. Breathing

in the fog. It's like an out of body experience.
The myths seems to creep into every pore. I can
just forget about everything and let my mind wander. It
was a long forty eight hours since they found Gail
Kerman's body. I was fried. I started those two days
with a hangover, and by the time that was over,
I felt like a freight train had driven through my head.

If I remember correctly, the fog was pretty thick that night,
and sure not without realize in it, I found myself
right back at the Animal Science It's parking lot. Long
request you were out there, no matter, remember your mother

her money? Yeah. The police tape was wet, almost slippery.
I tried to imagine what Gail Kerman's last moments must
have been like. Walking to her car, and Laura coming
up from behind her, the violence and brutality of the
knife tearing through her coat, ripping at her skin. The

snow was running off, dripping down the embankment. I got
distracted by a couple under the street light. I couldn't
see their faces, just the outline of their shadows. The
radio was playing and seemed to be getting louder and
louder like I couldn't turn it off. Between that and
the dripping water, the footsteps, the footsteps, I couldn't lower
the volume. My head was splitting. I've been thinking about

that foggy night when I walked past all those shadows.
I remember my mouth being dry and the fog being thick,
but I can't seem to remember much else. And Samnia
will do that to you though, make you walking zombie.
The only saving grace was that there was no reason
to be alarmed. Emma Laura, the new Sharon Killer was
in custody, which is probably why no one on campus

had a worry in the world. I decided to head
back to Rachel's place and trying to get spress. I
don't know why call me If you want to take

a break, I might swing by the fine mood Delta House.
I know some of the boys there, and I'm sure
they'd be happy if I brought a friend. They're having
their annual spring fling. You want to meet up? Maybe
it sounds like a lot more fun than this. I'm
parked right in front. You want me to give you
a ride? No, I'm just on the other side of campus.
I'll walk, thanks, though, suit yourself, Okay, I'll give you

a ring before I head out tonight. H shit, Oh
damn it. Where did those books go? You see? Probably
cy Latin Science Swear the other two? Hello, excuse me,

it's hard to see you out here. If you come
across a couple of books, those are probably it has

to be somewhere. I when did you get home? Just
pulled in. I thought you weren't going to be late. Yeah,
I uh yeah, I wasn't. Um. After I met with
Dean Edwards and Chief Spencer, I had to finish grading papers,

I stopped for some milk and came home. That's it,
that's it. Weren't you out with Jennifer or one of
your female students at the grinder trying to impress you
or get extra credits? I'm rage. I no. I know

you're pregnant, but you're being jealous and now you're being
emotional rage. You don't understand. Spring heeled Jack is back
and I have to help catch him. It's not your responsibility.
This obsession almost destroyed us eight years ago. You don't

have to help anyone. You only have to help yourself.
You have to help our baby and me. You don't
have time for this ship. You spent the entire day
being dragged back into your past. It's not like you

had a choice. I totally agree she's being emotional. I
have to get some things out of the car. I
left the file box in the trunk. I'll be right in.
I can't see you. Damn think did I leave the ship? Ship? Ship? Ah?

There it is to make better? Does Rachel want to
know where I was all night? I was driving through
the fog like clockwork. I got another migraine. But she
doesn't want to hear that. Where's that keyhole? Come on,

don't die on me. She just wants to know what
time all be home for dinner. What in the world
is said on my car? Is that blood? What is
that the trunk? Oh? My god, it's blood? What is

this a letter written in blood to Henry, I've missed you.
Without you, there can be no me. My night is
sharp and I'm glad to be getting back to work.
I hope you don't mind, but I needed your car
to move some things. Consider this an invitation. It's time

to get reacquainted. B s. Let's just keep this between
us for now. And congratulations on the bay, Rachel, Thanks Spring,
heel Jack. It's gonna turn our lives upside down again.
And oh God, I think she might be right. Strawberry

Spring is a production of Audio Up Media and I
Heart Radio, based on a short story by Stephen King.
Executive produced by Lee Metzker, Jared Gootstadt and Philip Alberstatt,
Written and directed by the Lee Metzker, Starring Garrett Headland,
My Little Vent Amilia, Horizon, Guardiola, Sydney Sweeney, Ken Marino,
Al Madrigal and Brett Passenger. Audio Up in house production

by Georgana Glick, Franzheim and Laura Ramada, Edited by Carry Caulfield,
Eric and Jeremiah Zimmerman. Sound design and mixed by Jeremiah Zimmerman.
Scored by Jeff Peters. Songs and music by jar Gootstatt
and Jessie stephen Burke. Strawberry Spring is published in Stephen
King's short story collection night Shift, available in paperback and
ebro from Anchor Books and as an audiobook from Penguin

Random House Audio. For the full list of production credits,
please visit audio up dot com. You can find more
podcasts from i heart Radio on the i Heart Radio app,
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