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May 4, 2022 4 mins

Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong time? For HERO THE BAND, a musical group of four blood brothers from Atlanta, 2020 just isn't their year.

Poised on the verge of their debut album and a summer festival tour, a global pandemic leaves them wondering if they've simply missed their era. That's when a mysterious music mentor - played by Anthony Anderson - teleports them back in time to 1985, where they have a chance to meet their musical destiny as 80s rock gods...and their teenage parents.

One song could change it all for this unlikely band of heroes, in a first of its kind musical podcast, with an original score featuring co-stars Trippie Redd and Blanco Brown. It's SONIC LEAP, baby!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
What about family? What's going on, y'all? What's up? When
he wrote the band stars of Sonic Lee. It's a
podcast and a soundtrack. It Si Fi time travel musical
adventure about us. Wrote the four Blood Brothers from the
Cat to Georgia who loved making music, featuring collaborations with
our co stars Trippy Red and Blanco brother Yo that
was cool. Also started the one and Only Anthony Anderson.

I told you we'd go on some adventures. Didn't not
listen to Sonic Lead on Serious x M or wherever
you find great podcasts extream great music. It's Sonic Leak Baby,
brought to you by Audio up in Serious Sex of
one Love. Now please enjoy this preview Sonic Lead Greetings.
Allow me to regale you with a tale about time travel,

and it all starts with a mythologically gifted band of
biological brothers from Decata, Georgia known as Hero of the Band.
You see, Carol are just a little while of scence,
So I invite them to my studio to make a
little magic. I really need this tour. I'm about to
have a kid. What for real? I got news for you, Jeremy,

You're daddy now you can step up and be a
man link here O Bam, Nicky Jupiter, go cool up,
you're O the band, I see you music got something

special and it's inspiring. Look forward the rocking want you down. James, Hey, Jeremy,
ever hear of a guy name Leo? James? You don't
got that? Ei Crue was sucking all night because of
that storm and then for storm bases transmitter came through
to what the hell y'all think about that? No? Captain

from Jordan pill ship right here, I don't sign. What's
the same Leo's House of soul. Let's have a knock
of the door, shall we? Oh ship, We're going into
a dungeon outcast style? Baby here over band all right?

Then you already to believe in something again? Yes, her
eye and ruling one, two, three four from Don't Find Anything.

When Hero of the Band is transported back to the
year nine, we returned to a time when the show
the Pads were big, Prince Ruby air waves and anything
was possible. Our heroes must decide whether to return to

the year or remain in forever. One song could change
the world. You gotta get mom and Dad together, or
here the band would never exist. Join me on this
groundbreaking new scripted musical podcast, Sonic Leap, featuring the debut
album of Hero, the band from Audio Up. It's Sonic Leap,

Baby Up.
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