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August 23, 2021 2 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Strawberry Spring, based on a short story by Stephen Kate.
Is someone there, I can't see you through the fog.
Oh it's you. Thank God, you don't know. I don't
hell how there was a murder on the campus of

New Sharon College, and sources close to the investigation tell
us that it was a female co ed late teens
to early twenties. We'll have four Hello, Henry never heard
the news. Yeah, just now on the radio. There was
a burn around campus. It has all the signs. Wait
are you telling me? He can't be sure, but as
of right now, it looks like spring heel Jack is back.

Spring heel Jack is back. It's a shark to the
system here in that name. It's almost been eight years
to the day the last time the fog was this
heavy in New England. They call it a strawberry spring.
No one even knows why god would happened at New
Sharon during the last one. There might be a pattern

for that too, But if everyone has figured it out,
they've never said it's been eight years, why would spring
heeled Jack come back to New Sharon. Now, look at
the press setting about there. They're like vultures just waiting
to pounce. We have to prepare a statement. Tell me

everything you can about this guy. What do you know
that we don't? What do you want to know? You
wrote a book on the spring heeled Jack murders. What's
in this thing that's gonna help us catch him? Look,
I don't know. Last time he just stopped killing. He disappeared,
vanished into thin air. I don't know what happened to
spring heel Jack any more than you do. Well, we

must have been close to catching probably scared him off.
How do we know it's really him and not just
a copy? Can? I don't, But I can tell you
police work has come a long way since n This
is seventy six, and this time it's going to be different. Hello.

Oh good, you're still there. What's up? Heard? What? Henry?
The guy kills somebody else fast night? Now they're looking
all over for it. For what her head? Whoever killed
her took her head? Oh my god, I'm right. This
isn't over. It's just the beginning. Strawberry Spring, starring Garrett

Headland and my Lo vent Amilia, produced by Audio Media
and I Heart Radio. The first episode of Strawberry Spring
will be available on September one. Listen to Strawberry Spring
on the I Heart Radio app, Apple podcasts, or wherever
you get your podcasts.
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