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October 4, 2022 1 min

Hear the story of legendary beach country musician, Uncle Drank (Will Sasso). This comedic musical podcast also stars Luke Wilson, Chelcie Lynn, Kinky Friedman and Billy Zane - as a talking blender named BLENDY. This 8-part series hits like a blended daiquiri full of stories, complete with missing brain cells and certified Uncle Drank Gulf and Western country classics! With original songs featuring Brian Kelley, Uncle Kracker, Snow and more! From Audio Up and SiriusXM!

Check out The Ballad of Uncle Drank! This is Audio Up and SiriusXM's latest scripted musical comedy.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
My name is Uncle Grank. Hey, y'all, I'm Uncle Drank,
star of the Ballad of Uncle Drank. It is a
scripted musical podcast about the life and times of me
fictional golf in Western country music pioneer Uncle Drank. I
lived my life by the eight bees, beers, boats, babes, bars, beaches, birds, blenders,
and of course bananas. The series also stars Brian Kelly,

Luke Wilson, Get a Bunch of Pets, a taper, three ostlots,
and a non binary gender fluid flamingo named Flamingo Star
Chelsea Lynn. You reach your own hair. It's full of nutrients.
Kinki Friedman. I can get your coling work if you want.
How are you in Bloon Animals ed Bill Yzan is
a talking blender named Blending. I was the best friend
and confident of one of the most iconic golf and

Western country singers of all time. Yes, Uncle Drank and
this hilarious musical comedy series, listeners will meet the man
who invented golf and Western country music. Featuring a soundtrack
full of Uncle Frank's greatest hits and the Biggest doc
on the Lake, Biggest Shallow, but everybody knows I got
the biggest dog on you leg. Whatever don't to kill

you makes you stronger? Whatever done, whatever, don't kill you up.
Third Wife's a chump. Here she was chilly, she'd be
a five and love. Third Wife's a child. Don't miss
the ballat of Uncle Drank, a musical podcast brought to
you by Audio Up and Serious ex Time
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