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April 9, 2024 59 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You know how it is. You meet someone you're interested
in and you're about to send them your very first text.
It's the double show. That's a big moment. You type
something in that you think is clever and cute, flirty
but not too flirty, and then you cycle through emoji's
trying to find one that shows, Hey, I like you

but not like too much. Should I use the hard
eyes emoji? Are they going to instantly think love? I
hope not. I just like them? So you end up
deleting it all and just sending a picture. Every downstairs
mix up says I like you this much, and then

you wonder why you don't get a text back. Well,
an expert just released seven texting rules that won't make
you more desirable, So we'll go over those and help
you out in the texting department. The first tip that
they have is to chill out, take a break. Okay.
It says, in those first few weeks of a relationship,

you might want to talk to the object of your
desire every day, but texting NonStop can form a pseudo intimacy.
I can see that, So ghost slow, take time at
least a day or so between text calls and dates.
And give yourself the space to reflect on who that
person is. I understand that that's probably the right thing

to do, but it's just not as fun. It's Yeah,
I think it is the right thing to do, definitely,
but it is not as fun. Also, Yeah, you do
need to give yourself space from the person so that
you can really evaluate if they're the type of person
that you want to spend your time with, which has
always been a mistake of mine. I haven't done that
in the past, and then I've wound up with people

that I was not good for me and I was
not good for them.

Speaker 2 (01:51):

Speaker 1 (01:51):
People are out here love bombing themselves.

Speaker 3 (01:53):
Yeah, because making themselves believe everything that they could possibly
want is inside that right.

Speaker 1 (02:00):

Speaker 4 (02:01):
Well, to be fair, everybody wants to be desired. And
if you are not texting me every day, I don't
feel like you liked me.

Speaker 1 (02:09):
It's pretty clear love Oppenheimer, I love love. Another texting rule,
according to this relationship expert, keep busy. The full of
your life is the less chained to your phone you
will be. If you're starting to worry because it's been
an hour and they haven't texted you back. Instead of
anxiously checking your phone every few minutes, or firing off
that annoying hey, where are you? Why aren't you texting

me back? You can do it in a cute way.

Speaker 3 (02:37):
He's gonna be squarely on the other side of this
entire of this conversation. There are exceptions, single what do
you mean.

Speaker 1 (02:47):
Divert irritation elsewhere, phone a friend, go for a walk
at the gym, turn off your phone for an hour
to get a little distance. Actually, sometimes you do have
to do that. I'm all for it.

Speaker 3 (02:58):
Yeah, honestly, like I think that if you are constantly,
constantly just the only thing that you have in your
life is your phone, it is nothing but dangerous, right,
nothing but dangerous.

Speaker 1 (03:08):
If you're texting somebody knew that you're starting the date
or that you like, and you can't stop checking your
phone to see if they've texted you back, you should
occupy your time doing something else because you don't want
to get that hung up on a person. This is
a great area, Okay, Okay.

Speaker 4 (03:23):
The reason why it is is because all of us
are already checking our phones every two seconds, whether it's
dry or if it's mom. So then you just add
that other person that you're hoping text into the already
like habit of grabbing your phone every two minutes, so
you know anxiety is going to be there.

Speaker 1 (03:38):
I'm out of what I think the advice is to
break that habit. Yeah, to break okay, I've talked about
this with my therapist. Actually, oh really, and in forming
a secure connection with somebody, you shouldn't really need to
check your phone that crazy to see if they've texted

you back. You should just know they're doing their thing
and they will text me back in a little while.
Because I've been there before where it's like you're checking
your phone non stop, like what are they doing? Why
I don't they text me back? And they still like
me all that And I've since fixed that, and it's
nice actually to just go, oh, yeah, they're just doing whatever,
like they're cool. They'll text me a little while. I
know they will. You know, it is a nice change. Honestly,

you're kind of glowing while you say that.

Speaker 4 (04:21):
Look at you, like, yeah, I'm having.

Speaker 3 (04:25):
A weird realization right now that I have that relationship
with Jewbel. Well, I will text Jewbel and he won't
text me back for a couple of weeks and the
entire time.

Speaker 1 (04:35):
I'll stare on my phone. I'm like, he even like,
does he want me to work there anymore? Does he
even like I do that with you? Actually? And then
everyone's all look up and be like, hey man, sorry
I didn't answer your text anyway, I text like three
weeks later. I do feel bad that I don't answer them,
but I'm literally being in the middle of something that
I'll set my phone down and I completely forget about

people that text me text me.

Speaker 5 (04:56):
So for this list, it's on me. I just need
to text me. I'm just gonna tell you bread, stop
being so clean. I'll see you tomorrow. They also say
stop decoding.

Speaker 1 (05:12):
You can come up with all types of reasons why
they haven't texted back and concoct a story in your head,
I e. She's with another man or he's not that
into me. But this thought process is a waste of
your time and energy. They might be busy or maybe
they aren't that into you. Either way, you can't control that,
so no sense worrying about it. That's such a hard
lesson to learn.

Speaker 4 (05:32):
There is, honestly, yes, because when you are she did
on a lot. That's just kind of how you're programmed,
and so every time somebody is not responding, like especially
at night, you're like, okay, well who are you with?

Speaker 1 (05:42):
Like what are you doing? Oh my gosh.

Speaker 4 (05:44):
This doesn't mean I'm doing anything about it, but it
means I am spiraling a little bit. And it's like, remember, Nina,
he has kids. You know, it's not that exactly because
your body doesn't know. Your body is already like, it's just.

Speaker 1 (06:01):
Your nervous system automatically kicks in, and your nervous system
can literally hijack your brain, so you're not even thinking
clearly with your brain. Your nervous system is just like, well,
there goes another one, cheating again.

Speaker 4 (06:13):
You have to sit there and hold my teddy bear
and brought that my heating pad on my stomach.

Speaker 1 (06:17):
Are fine? I know I shouldn't tell you those things,
but I did. Texting techniques from a relationship expert. They say,
we'll make you more desirable. The last thing I say
is never text these three sentences.

Speaker 4 (06:31):
Okay, no, put a finger up if you text.

Speaker 1 (06:35):
Them we need to talk. That is one that instantly
gets a no reaction from me. The last time somebody
texted me we need to talk, I was like, last
time I checked I'll decide who I talked to and
don't talk to. So no, we don't bro. But you
can call me right now if you want to talk,
because I'm not down to talk on text, but I
will gladly talk to you in person now that you

tried to demand my time. Yes, it was a dude.
Oh okay, yeah, I was like, no, we don't need
to talk. You need to talk. I will talk to
you if I want to, but you need to talk.
He could call me, and he never called me of course.

Speaker 4 (07:10):
Now, now this is fun because Jubil's face changes colors and.

Speaker 1 (07:15):
He was glowing and heavy.

Speaker 6 (07:17):
You know.

Speaker 1 (07:17):
He's like, I do not like that phrase. Another thing,
you shouldn't text. I think we should break up. I
don't text now. Yeah, that's a decision, right, I have
said I think we should just do our own thing.
That's better. That's nice. Yeah. And the last thing they

say you should ever text, why aren't you texting me
back some time? They need to get called out. Yeah,
it's because you said we need to talk. Yeah, it's
another Jubil phone frame Today Mornings on the twenties. Hello, Yes, hello,

my name is Ted Tibodau and I'm calling from all
the body and I was looking for a wheelburg.

Speaker 7 (08:07):
Oh yeah, this says Will.

Speaker 1 (08:08):
How's the car doing well? It is all being handled
and so that's why I'm calling you today. I just
wanted to see we did keep the license plate on
it in case you wanted to keep that for keepsake.
You know, some people like to save that. So would
you like to keep the license plate? If not, we
can just toss that on out as well.

Speaker 7 (08:25):
What do you mean keep the license plate.

Speaker 1 (08:27):
In the unfortunate event that a car has to be
dead gowned. I'm sorry about that. By the way, We
do keep the license plate, just for a couple of
days in case somebody wants to come pick it up,
because you know, sometimes people like to keep that because
cars can be a big memory in persons life, so
they like to hang it on the wall. Maybe when
the scrap book things like that.

Speaker 7 (08:41):
Yeah, I'm sorry, I don't know.

Speaker 8 (08:43):
My car was just an easy fix.

Speaker 6 (08:45):
I just gotten a little fender bender, just a couple
of scratches, you know, bump out a little dead, quick
easy fix.

Speaker 1 (08:51):
No, that car was totaled out by the insurance, so
we went off to the salvage out today. That car
has already been scrabbed. Sorry about that. Maybe you had
a miscommunication with you insurance got car is dead and gone.
I'm so sorry about this.

Speaker 6 (09:03):
Hey man, Look, I don't know what you're what you're
talking about right now.

Speaker 1 (09:08):
Vehicle that you brought in here that was totaled by
the insurance and that car is now.

Speaker 6 (09:13):
You are out of your mind. My my car is
dead and gown. My car is great. It was barely
a little just not paying attention for a second bump. Okay,
So I'm coming in there today to pick my car up.
I don't know what you are talking.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
About, but the car. I'm so sorry about this. Yes,
it is dead and gone. I'm so sorry.

Speaker 6 (09:32):
Somebody should Will you stop saying that I'm coming in
there to pick my car, but you better have my
car better not be totaled.

Speaker 1 (09:39):
Is totally destroyed. I guess if you want to say
that's total, it is totally destroyed. Somebody should have talked
to you about this. Isn't a talk to insurance or anything.

Speaker 6 (09:48):
No, no, I talked to my insurance and they said
it didn't need.

Speaker 7 (09:51):
To be replaced. It was an easy fix.

Speaker 6 (09:52):
I don't know what you're talking about. Okay, go go
ahead and check your again. I will wait on the phone,
because if you destroyed my car, you're going to be
in a lot of trouble.

Speaker 1 (10:02):
Yes, why don't you read me the VN number so
I can make sure that I'm talking about the right
dead gone car, and that is your card has been
dead and gone and now somebody else's okay, So won't
you read that to me real quick?

Speaker 7 (10:11):
Yeah, let me just pull it up to me in
a second. Oh god, I'm shaking. I came in access.

Speaker 1 (10:19):
Oh just about with that? Will you know what? I think?
I just realized something while you were looking for that.
I was looking at the form here, and oh my well,
I do think an apology might be in order. I
did make a mistakes. There was a mistake made on
the paperwork I'm looking at good.

Speaker 7 (10:37):
So you're saying my car is not destroyed.

Speaker 1 (10:38):
Well, I'm saying we made a mistake on the form here.
And it looks like Randy, who works in the shop,
it looks as if he put, well, he missed a
few numbers and he put the wrong numbers. She swapped
up some numbers and we had your car down as
the one that was all totaled up, and the other
car was supposed to be sent to the junkyard. But car,

I'm so sorry. It's men sent to me dead count
and it is already dead count. And so now you
can still pick up the license plate if you want to.

Speaker 8 (11:10):
Oh my god, relax with.

Speaker 2 (11:12):
The license plate.

Speaker 7 (11:12):
You were out of your mind.

Speaker 6 (11:14):
There's you're saying, there is a junked car sitting on
your lot, car that is totaled, that was supposed to
go to freaking lot to get destroyed.

Speaker 7 (11:23):
Bewhile my car with the slightest.

Speaker 6 (11:25):
Little fender bender you put in the grave.

Speaker 1 (11:28):
You're out of your mine.

Speaker 6 (11:29):
You are you are paying for this.

Speaker 8 (11:31):
Your company is gonna make this right. So if you
have not heard the last REMI I'm.

Speaker 1 (11:34):
Gonna go ahead and say did you're not interested in
that license plate?

Speaker 6 (11:38):
Dam No, I don't want the license plate.

Speaker 1 (11:41):
Oh okay, Well then I'll just tell you that this
is a prank phone call, and this is Jewel from
the Jewel Show doing a phone prank on you and
your wife. Sophia set you up. Your car is fine.
She said that you got a little fender bender and
she wanted to mess with you.

Speaker 7 (11:56):
Oh. I literally thought my car was destroyed.

Speaker 8 (11:59):
Wake up every.

Speaker 1 (12:01):
Morning with jubile phone Franks. Time for Nina's what's trending?
Cracks are back? Whoa butt cleavage?

Speaker 4 (12:08):
It's the latest celebrity fashion trend, according to Cut magazine.
So if you're not familiar with butt cleavage, is it's
cleavage but on the backside, so your jeans will come
down a little bit lower, or you'll be wearing pants
or a dress that has a little cutout so you
get just a little top, just a little bit.

Speaker 1 (12:23):
I do that sometimes on accident.

Speaker 3 (12:25):
Yeah I'm in fashion. Yeah I'm on the trend. My
daughter calls me out for all time, Daddy can see
your butt crack.

Speaker 4 (12:32):
I think there's a difference between cleavage and crack, though.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
You know, because like no explain.

Speaker 4 (12:39):
I feel like there's kind of more of an elegant
way to.

Speaker 6 (12:43):

Speaker 4 (12:44):
It's like just the little tips of the cheeks are
just like giving you a little peak.

Speaker 1 (12:48):
It's nice because I've been cutting all of my pants
into v neck on both sides, so I wonder if
you get the cleavage there and then you get the
cleavage in the front, it's a really good look. When
I take off my shirts and trends.

Speaker 4 (13:03):
Yeah, man, who knew. Okay, let's play a little game.
Let's pretend your ex is super famous and a musician,
and let's pretend your partner listens to your ex when
you're not around.

Speaker 1 (13:15):
Would you be mad? Does the partner know it's my ex? Yes?
How good of a musician? Yeah, one of the best. Okay,
then I would be okay with it. Yeah, well they're
really good. I get it. Okay, okay, fair, So do
you still love me? It would have followed by that
it's totally fine, it's fine whatever. Yeah, he's great. You know,

I'm glad.

Speaker 4 (13:38):
But this is happening to Calvin Harris and probably to
a lot of Taylor's exes, I would imagine. So if
you don't remember Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift, U sed
Totay years.

Speaker 1 (13:51):
Ago and don't remember that? Yeah, they they did.

Speaker 4 (13:53):
They dated years ago and now he's married to a
woman named Vic Hope. But she just said she's also
radio personality over in the UK, and she just came
out and she's like, yeah, I'm a Swifty I like
to listen to Taylor Swift, but when Calvin's not around,
so like, I just have to go get my fix
and then like come back.

Speaker 1 (14:10):
That's fun.

Speaker 3 (14:11):
I mean, I can't imagine being so sensitive that your
ex is Taylor Swift and you would be upset about
hearing that music. I just the biggest global superstar you
have probably ever existed.

Speaker 1 (14:22):
He could probably sit there to and be like, yes, honey,
that song's about me?

Speaker 9 (14:25):

Speaker 10 (14:26):

Speaker 3 (14:27):
He might have one, three or four songs like four,
but anything else fine, there's like eighty other options.

Speaker 1 (14:33):
He walked in the room and she's listening and here's
a song as like Somebody's salty, somebody can't get over Calvin.
That's your husband. That would make okay, well, that's not reality.

Speaker 4 (14:50):
Let's talk about what is, and that is the countdown
to tax day?

Speaker 1 (14:55):
How many people have their taxes done? Oh crap, how
do you follow him extension?

Speaker 10 (14:59):

Speaker 1 (14:59):
Are we going working Monday? April fifteenth? Is today? You
done your taxes yet?

Speaker 4 (15:04):

Speaker 1 (15:05):
I don't know that, didn't know? Yeah?

Speaker 4 (15:11):
Okay, cool. So maybe you are not one of these people.
But most Americans are going to be spending at least
eight hours stressing over their taxes this year.

Speaker 1 (15:19):
But actually doesn't seem that many. What eight hours? It
doesn't feel like whole workday you get nothing back. In fact,
you probably owe something. But if you're planning all year round,
it's super easy at the end all year round that Nina,
and nobody's doing that. Well, Hi, my name is Nina.
That's impressive. Boo boom right over the taxi guy and

you're done. Okay, all right, So I don't know it's
tax day until usually the sixteenth? Can I still follow
an extension? I really do need to Followay, well, I'm glad.
I just reminded me what all right, that's what's trending.
Oh wait, I do have a quick tip. Okay, sure.

Speaker 3 (16:00):
The IRS just released a free, completely free like application
that you can do your taxes on. It's one hundred
percent free and you just do your federal taxes on it.
Really yeah, they just did it like they actually built
it from the ground up. So it's like a turbo
tax or like an eighth R block or something like that.
But you can do it completely free. You don't have
to that's impressive. Actually they're trying to do the state

ones too, but it's hard.

Speaker 1 (16:22):
But but yeah, our government is finally stepping into technology
because it's so frustrating even when you have to file
something or whatever. The websites are terrible. They don't have apps. Yeah,
you'd think if they want their money they'd make it easy. Yeah,
that's well they're trying now. Yeah they want their money,
but if they owe you money, they're not making an
app for that. Take a long time. Okay, that is

what's trending.

Speaker 4 (16:45):
First Day follow Up powered by the Advocates Injury Attorneys
online at Advocates Law dot com.

Speaker 1 (16:51):
Daymon is on the phone today for a first date
follow up and he's getting ghosted by a woman named Hazel.
So we're gonna call her in a few minutes and
see if she'll tell us why she's going singer and
maybe get him another date if he still wants one.
But first, Damon was I man, how long has it
been since you heard from Hazel?

Speaker 2 (17:07):
It's been a week. It's almost like six days not
since I heard her from? Okay, yeah, Hazel. We met
on Instagram. One of her paintings came up on my
full you page and I slid in her DM. You know,
I saw the paintings and that went on her page.

Speaker 7 (17:26):
Saw her.

Speaker 2 (17:27):
He's a very beautiful woman, So slit her DMS and
inquired about a few paintings for an event that I
was going to have.

Speaker 1 (17:34):
You slid into her DMS, but you didn't tell her
straight up it was because you thought she was pretty.

Speaker 2 (17:39):
No, you know, I you know, I wanted to see
if you would respond first, so.

Speaker 7 (17:45):
You know, I kind of just asked for a couple
of pictures.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
Stop painting to hold at my event, you know, just
for some aesthetics. But unfortunately the event never happened. But
that didn't stop me. You know, it didn't stop me
from asking her out.

Speaker 1 (18:00):
You had a legit event, though you didn't make up
an event, just talk to her.

Speaker 7 (18:03):
Yeah, no, it just it didn't happen.

Speaker 2 (18:05):
It wasn't able to happen because of schedule of conflict
with the building, I had.

Speaker 7 (18:11):
To cancel it. After canceling it, you know, I.

Speaker 2 (18:14):
Still reached out to Hazel and still she wanted to
go out, and she agreed, so we went to She
mentioned some aboudy painting step she wanted to like, she said,
she wanted to see how how I could handle a
paint brush, and you know, but we ended up going
to get pizza next door through the painting step and

there it was a great evening. You know, we was touching,
she you know, laughing, choking, and I think so at
the end the piece was making us stick. So I
called her uber, you know, to get her home. We kissed,
we you know, last she said she had a great
time with me. I text her and I haven't heard

nothing back in six days. Man, So I'm kind of
just like wow. And so I was just trying to
see watch the ghost of me. Though I think it
might have been because you know, I got a little
anger issue and the young man at the pieza shot.
I kind of had to yell at him what because
he you know, he just couldn't get the order right,

and so I got a little frustrated and kind of
yelled at him. But I hope that Hazel didn't see that.

Speaker 1 (19:28):
When you say he kind of yelled at him, like
how bad? Like how big was the yelling.

Speaker 7 (19:34):
I popped off for a little bit, you know, I
popped off for a little bit on him.

Speaker 1 (19:37):
I want to get his act together.

Speaker 7 (19:39):
It was only PiZZ so that he was he was
taking an order for so, you know.

Speaker 2 (19:44):
But you know, I kind of lost and I feel
like that might be the reason because I kind of
lost my last relationship.

Speaker 1 (19:50):
Because of that. That's kind of alarming, especially on a
first date.

Speaker 2 (19:54):
I think he was high, you know, lazy eyes eyes
was red, you know a little.

Speaker 1 (20:01):

Speaker 2 (20:01):
I'm like, you know, I gat the benefit of the
doubt though, because I'm like, Okay, it's ten o'clock at night.

Speaker 8 (20:06):
She probably was tired.

Speaker 2 (20:08):
But I don't know, you know, but he probably would
have probably would high.

Speaker 1 (20:12):
Okay. I mean, how did she react after, you, you know,
hopped off.

Speaker 2 (20:16):
Yeah, well, I don't I don't know if she really
seen it, because we sat down right after and ate.
Like I say, the night ended great.

Speaker 7 (20:25):
We kissed after before she got in her uber.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
She said she had a great time, and like I said,
I text her and I haven't heard nine for.

Speaker 7 (20:32):
Six days now, Okay, definitely not something that I would
think that not heard from a perch for six days
after a night like that.

Speaker 1 (20:38):
I mean, she really thought this was the one.

Speaker 4 (20:41):
I mean, she could have been buzzed, She could have
needed the pizza to absorb it. She could have just
wanted to get out of there. I hope not for
your sake.

Speaker 1 (20:48):
But yeah, I mean, well we'll see, man. We'll play
a song and then come back and call her and
see she'll tell us and maybe get you another date. Okay, okay,
man great, all right, man, us On, come back get
your first day follow up next. Right in the middle
of your first day follow up if you're just joining us,
Damon is on the phone and he's getting ghosted by
a woman named Hazel. He said that he had a

great date with her and he doesn't know why. So
we're about to call her in a second, should tell
us why she's ghosting him and maybe get him another date.
But before we do that, Damon, why don't you catch
us up on your date with Hazel.

Speaker 2 (21:20):
Yeah? Man, So the date was great. I met Hazel
on Instagram. He I saw my FU page, reached out
to her about some paintings for an event that never
really happened for me, but we still ended up going
out to us painting tip and when it got some pizza,
the night was going great. You know, I had to
pop off a little bit, got a little angry at

the waiter for you know, he's seen you know, inmediated,
so you know, it was really frustrating. But like I said,
the date ended very well. We embraced, we gave each
other kids, and you know, ordered uber and made sure
she got home safely. But I just happen to hear
it from a sixth day Okay.

Speaker 1 (22:00):
Man, well we're gonna call it right now, so you
should tell us. Okay are you ready?

Speaker 6 (22:04):
Yes, sir?

Speaker 1 (22:04):
All right, here we go. Hello, Hi, may speak to
Hazel please.

Speaker 2 (22:16):

Speaker 8 (22:17):
This is she.

Speaker 1 (22:18):
Hey Hazel, how are you? My name is Jeubel and
I'm calling from a radio show. It's called The Jebel Show.

Speaker 4 (22:22):
Gangs All here, Hazel. My name's Nisa. What my name's Nina?
Also on this show? And I'm Victoria.

Speaker 8 (22:31):
Okay, Yeah, I'm sorry you're calling me from a radio station. Yes, girl,
what's going on?

Speaker 1 (22:39):
Well, we do a thing on our show. It's called
the First eight follow Up. That's where if you go
out on a date with somebody and then you end
up ghosting them, that person can email us to call
you and ask why you're ghosting them. So we got
an email about you from a dude named Damon.

Speaker 8 (22:53):
Oh yeah, this is like my worst nightmare right now,
you guys, I swear I've been thinking about this for
days and days.

Speaker 1 (23:03):

Speaker 8 (23:05):
No, this no. First of all, I feel terrible. I
really didn't mean to like let it go on for
so long. I guess it has been almost a week now.

Speaker 10 (23:15):
I guess it is ghosting.

Speaker 8 (23:16):
I was going to say, like that seems like too
strong of a turn back, but honestly, all I've been
trying to do is is kind of like work my
own uh like feelings out about this.

Speaker 9 (23:26):
I guess, oh.

Speaker 8 (23:30):
Yeah, okay, so I have I have a thing. It's
called miscephonia. Do you guys know miscephonia. It's the sensitivity
to to sounds okay and and uh like auditory stimuli.
And it is a lot of times triggered by saying
that most people would consider normal, like killing. I did

have a wonderful, wonderful time with with Damon, and we
have definitely a lot of chemistry. I was so excited
to meet him and find out that he was so
much everything I had sort of hoped he was, and
then also things I didn't even think to hope for.
And when it became time to actually, you know, sit

down and have dinner, oh my god, the chewing like
I have a pretty good handle on, you know, getting
ready to expect like, okay, there's going to be human
chewing sounds. I'm gonna be okay, but oh you guys,
it was next level?

Speaker 1 (24:32):
Is his chewing is too loud for you? Is it
next level for you or for anybody?

Speaker 8 (24:38):
No, it's for anybody, because I understand my predisposition to
feel like, oh my god, this is terrible. But it
was like it became not just auditorium also visual, because
there was so much like open and down chomping, like, oh,
I could not I didn't even know how to tell him.

He's like making tiny bites and then just chewing them
so big and so much, and it's so splashy and
like I could I couldn't. I could not even like
focus anymore, and it ruined the whole thing for me,
and I felt so embarrassed. I was like, by the
time it had gone on for so long, I'm like,

I can't tell.

Speaker 10 (25:20):
Him this now.

Speaker 8 (25:20):
I usually don't tell people about this like right away,
because I don't want them to feel self conscious, and
it's something that I had a pretty good hold on.
Usually i'll bring it up after a two dates or whatever.
But I just I've never had such an intense problem
like this, and it just felt too late to tell him.
So I feel awful and I've been trying to figure out, like,

how do I address this with him? How do you
talk to somebody about this after it's already happened. I
regret it. I feel I have like a problem with
I don't know, confrontation, or it didn't have to be confrontation, right,
I just needed to be direct. But I it just like,
I don't know what happened so fast, and I couldn't
think of a way I was too I was having
a reaction, and I was afraid that in the middle

of a reaction, I wasn't going to be able to
stay it in a way that was thoughtful enough or
kind enough. And also just how do you tell someone.

Speaker 4 (26:10):
That, Yeah, I don't I don't know how you would
tell somebody that, especially in a thoughtful way, because it's
just like, bro, your tiny little mouth, this sound this.

Speaker 8 (26:23):
Sounds so stupid, and I can't. I feel so embarrassed
that you guys are like even involved in it now
and that I haven't just dealt with like an adult
on my own. But I honestly, this has just never
happened to me before.

Speaker 1 (26:35):
Damon, do you know that you chew that loud? Wow? Wow?

Speaker 2 (26:42):
You know my mom used to yell at me all
the time about the way I.

Speaker 7 (26:46):
I just thought she was picking on me.

Speaker 8 (26:49):
No one said anything to me about it. Okay, wait,
why he's on the phone.

Speaker 1 (26:55):
You have him on the phone, the phone listening and
wants to talk to you.

Speaker 8 (27:00):
Okay, Wow, I'm I'm I'm really sorry, damon. Hi, I'm
sorry that's taking me so long to talk to you
about this.

Speaker 1 (27:08):
Well, how you doing, Hazel?

Speaker 2 (27:10):
Like, in my defense, the piece was really good, wasn't it.

Speaker 4 (27:17):
It was really good.

Speaker 7 (27:18):
It was worth it was worth.

Speaker 1 (27:19):
Too and loud for man, Wow, I do I do have.

Speaker 7 (27:26):
I feel very embarrassed.

Speaker 2 (27:28):
H It's something I should have listened to my mom
tell me a long time ago, learned how to chew
at your mouth closed. But you know, but I would
really love a second chance with you the you know,
just to be able to go out with you and
show you that, you know, I'm not this obnoxious you know,
chomping cookie monster eating with his mouth open.

Speaker 1 (27:49):
You know, let me school right neverwhere.

Speaker 7 (27:53):
That's something that.

Speaker 2 (27:54):
You know I definitely will work on, uh, because it's
you know, I want my friend back, you know, I
want to be able to see how you're do them.

Speaker 1 (28:02):
Hazel would you like to go on another date with Damon,
We'll pay for it.

Speaker 8 (28:07):
Guys, I feel so bad and and but also thank you.
I really needed to just say this. I can't even
tell you, like how sick I felt to realize what
was going on, and then now just to be like,
I can't believe it could have been over this easily.
And yeah, I definitely want to go on a second date.
I had such a great time. I really really did.

And in the future. Well, now that I know Damon
that you can be so open to this feedback, I
guess I just feel so much more comfortable and I
won't let it get to this point anymore.

Speaker 2 (28:45):
Well, you know what, Thank you, thank you, Hey, you
can't wait to go out with you again. But I'm
to ask you about to go get on YouTube right
now and look at a couple of videos of my
seat and then see how those guys do it.

Speaker 1 (29:07):
Congratulations you Will's first day follow up. I'm stupid, you're smart.
I was wrong, you were right. You're the best, I'm
the worst. You're very good looking.

Speaker 2 (29:22):
I'm not attractive, all right, as long as you're willing
to admit.

Speaker 1 (29:26):
It's time for America's favorite trivia game, You versus Victoria,
Your chance to take on our own Victoria Romeiras in
a game of trivia. Now to see who gets to
wait tables. This year's big Trivia Steak Dinner and Chicken
Alaska love it. I don't know if you want me
waiting your tables. Also twenty one pilot tickets and let's

meet today's contestant for you versus Victoria. James, what's up? James?

Speaker 10 (29:52):

Speaker 1 (29:52):
How you doing good? How are you?

Speaker 11 (29:55):
I'm doing good. I'm on here. My wife wants this
twenty one pilot tickets, So.

Speaker 1 (29:58):
All right, man, happy wife, happy life. Do you think
you have what it takes to take down Victoria? I
don't know.

Speaker 11 (30:05):
I'm a little nervous. I've got to be honest, but
you know, because you don't know what's coming your way.
But we'll see.

Speaker 1 (30:10):
All right, makes better? Victoria is the head out of
the studio. Well she does that. I'll explain the rules
to you, James, zuh like a weird hiccup or something
happened here we go thirty seconds to answer as many
questions as possible. If you don't know one, just say
pass and Victoria has to beat you outright to Win.

Are you ready? Yep, here we go, James. Your time
starts now.

Speaker 4 (30:36):
What is the longest river in the world, the Nile?
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine.

Speaker 11 (30:41):
Chapel Michael Angelo?

Speaker 1 (30:43):
What is the capital.

Speaker 4 (30:44):
City of Australia pass Which famous scientist developed the theory
of relativity?

Speaker 11 (30:52):

Speaker 1 (30:53):
What is the capital of China? Beijing? What is the
name of the process by which plants release water or
vapor into the air?

Speaker 11 (31:02):
Oh? I should know that past Who.

Speaker 1 (31:05):
Was the author of The Cat in the Hat?

Speaker 8 (31:08):
Don't you see?

Speaker 1 (31:08):
Time's up? Could job James bring Victory back into the studio?
Not to get your hopes up? But that was kind
of fine. That was amazing. Oh all right, wild Victoria
gets settled. James. What's something you would like the world
to know about you today?

Speaker 11 (31:22):
I'll give you three things. I'm an author of my
novels being published in twenty twenty five street.

Speaker 1 (31:30):
Thank you.

Speaker 11 (31:30):
I grew up down the street from Metallica, and I
actually auditioned for Rick and Morty, and I was actually
going to call on his Rick Sanchez, but I thought
you'd hang up on me.

Speaker 1 (31:37):
Wow, that's awesome. What's your novel about?

Speaker 11 (31:42):
It's a fantasy novel.

Speaker 2 (31:43):
Very epic.

Speaker 11 (31:44):
If I had to say anything, it's a cross between Dune,
Animal Farm, Tolkien and Game of Thrones.

Speaker 1 (31:49):
Wow, is there a magic pig in it?

Speaker 11 (31:53):
There are some pigs. Yeah, it's actually all anthropomorphic animals.
It's very different, something no one's ever done.

Speaker 1 (31:59):
All right, well, after this, I will google that word. James,
here we go, Victoria thirty seconds. Answer as many questions
as possible. If you don't know when, just say pass.
And you have to beat James outright to win? James,
you want to tell her when to go? What we
were playing a game?

Speaker 11 (32:20):
Your time starts.

Speaker 1 (32:23):
Now? What is the longest river in the world?

Speaker 8 (32:25):

Speaker 1 (32:26):
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michaelenta? What
is the capital city of Australia.

Speaker 4 (32:33):
Sydney, which famous scientists developed the theory of relativity? What
is the capital of China? What is the name of
the process by which plants release water.

Speaker 1 (32:51):
Vapor into the air? All? Right, time is up? Honestly
that one's so. Send it over to the scoreboard and
hear how badly James beat Victoria.

Speaker 3 (33:07):
Because Brad, Victoria, you didn't get too correct. Good job
on that, But James got fine, wow.

Speaker 1 (33:14):
James making my questions. Congratulations Ja James, those big words.
Obviously he won. You get to wait tables at this
year's big Trivia steak dinner and Chicken Alaska. Uh, you
got to book your own ticket, find a way to
get to Chicken Alaska and then also find the place
where they're having the steak dinner. But once you're there, dude,
you go ahead and wait tables. An Yeah, twenty one

pilot's tickets though your wife will be very happy.

Speaker 11 (33:40):
Sweet, thank you guys.

Speaker 10 (33:41):
I appreciate it.

Speaker 1 (33:41):
Yeah, man, I appreciate you. Let's go over the answers
now with love those tickets.

Speaker 10 (33:46):

Speaker 4 (33:48):
The longest river in the world is the Nile. Michelangelo
painted the Sistine Chapel. Canberra is the capital city of
Australia what Albert Einstein developed a very relativity. Beijing is
the capital of China. Transpiration is the process by which
plants release water vapor into the air. Brow and then
the author of the cat in the hat is doctor SEUs.

Speaker 1 (34:11):
Seriously, I could have answered that one. Put that one
at the end.

Speaker 4 (34:14):
You could not put that one before the transpiration one.

Speaker 1 (34:17):
You've never learned about that? Yeah, learn about it stupid. James,
thank you for playing to Play versus Victoria at the
same time every single weekday morning. If you want to
play Victoria, you can always dm us at the Jubil
Show or go to the jubilshow dot Com. It's tar
to Catch a Cheater only on the Jubil Show. Laura
is on the phone today for to Catch a Cheater

and she thinks that her husband of four years named
Cam might be sleeping around. So hopefully he isn't, but
we'll see if we can help you out. Laura, why
don't you tell us what's going on?

Speaker 9 (34:48):
So Kim my husband of like four years, and we've
been through a.

Speaker 12 (34:53):
Lot that I would say mostly are mostly good. I mean,
we don't really hide much, but when we do so,
it tends to always be kind of the same topic.
So he was kind of had like this former life,
like a whole different side of Cam, and he even
actually refers to it.

Speaker 8 (35:09):
As like the time before we met, and he was.

Speaker 12 (35:12):
Just like a completely there's a completely different person, like
different career, different friends, but there's like.

Speaker 8 (35:18):
This one friend that he has, but I don't know,
just from like day one, I have not been able to.

Speaker 4 (35:24):
Get past like, so who is the friend, Like, is
it a guy friend that gets him into trouble? Is
it a girlfriend you don't want him spending time with?

Speaker 8 (35:32):
So it's with a girl named Holly.

Speaker 12 (35:34):
And through the years, like he's told me all these
stories about he and Holly's to like party really hard,
and they'd be like closing the bars, they like even
go to rais and they've even, you know, almost got
arrested several times, and like just like complete opposite of
how he is now. He's stayed friends with Holly this

whole time, and you know, to be honest, I haven't
I haven't.

Speaker 8 (35:58):
Been thrilled about that.

Speaker 12 (36:00):
But but it's like things have totally taken a turn,
and I feel like he's hiding.

Speaker 8 (36:05):
Something about Holly. I can tell.

Speaker 9 (36:08):
I can tell when he's been like.

Speaker 12 (36:09):
Communicating with her, and he's like starting to like leave
the room when she called, and I starts seen him
like one night where he was just texting like really
late and like kind of let the room and then
like would go out and.

Speaker 8 (36:21):
Then got back in and texting.

Speaker 9 (36:23):
And I did ask him about it, and.

Speaker 12 (36:26):
He said something like she just needed advice from him, and.

Speaker 9 (36:30):
And then he and and like he didn't.

Speaker 8 (36:31):
He didn't even go any further than that, just like
she needs some advice.

Speaker 9 (36:34):
He's never said that they like anything happened between them.

Speaker 8 (36:37):
I get this like weird feeling before us that maybe
something's happening.

Speaker 12 (36:41):
I mean, he kind of somewhat hinted at it, but
never said like there was anything between them. So my
last traw, I got an email from our cell phone
company and it said that there's been a phone added
and it was in halling his name and yeah, and
it's like a nice, nice new phone and you know,

I saw this, and I'm just like, so basically that's
why I'm calling you guys, because I like that that's
just my radar antenna or whatever.

Speaker 8 (37:12):
Have been up. And this was kind of this was
like the.

Speaker 10 (37:16):
Last or all.

Speaker 4 (37:18):
Would you add him one to your phone plan? That's
so obvious. Yeah, it feels kind of sloppy. But also
if he doesn't think that she's seeing the phone stuff,
maybe it's like, well, why would you give your side
piece like a burner phone a nice that your wife
could see?

Speaker 1 (37:33):
Yeah, unless it's like hiding in plain sight right, like.

Speaker 8 (37:37):
Wants to be caught.

Speaker 4 (37:39):
Oh my god, is he acting different outside of the
way that he communicates with Holly, Like, is he still
good with you or is he just kind of more
stand offish?

Speaker 9 (37:49):
No, things actually don't seem different with us.

Speaker 12 (37:51):
I guess I've been a bit more like stressed out
and like suspicious and more just like he he's not
pulling away.

Speaker 4 (38:01):
From me any thought, but you just feel like there's
a third person in your relationship.

Speaker 1 (38:05):
Yeah, yeah, I mean the phone thing is strange. Yeah,
And what did he say about it?

Speaker 8 (38:11):
Well, he didn't say about the phone.

Speaker 12 (38:12):
He when I, you know, was asking him why he
was like talking to her so much, he said he
was just like giving her advice and he didn't really
go into any details of.

Speaker 8 (38:22):
Like what the advice that would be.

Speaker 1 (38:23):
And did you ask him about adding her on the phone?

Speaker 9 (38:26):

Speaker 1 (38:27):
Oh, you didn't know, Okay, Okay, okay, so he doesn't
know that you know that.

Speaker 4 (38:31):

Speaker 1 (38:31):
Well, we'll see if we can figure out. You already
told us what grocery store you guys are awards card
member at. So we'll call and pretend to be from
the grocery store and say that every single month, we
choose one Rewards card member at random who gets free
flowers delivered from our floral department. We'll see if he
sends those to you or to someone else or her right, Okay,
hopefully not, but we'll see. We'll play a song come
back and get your catch acheeter next if you're just

joining us for today's to Catch a Cheater. Laura is
on the phone and she thinks that her husband, Cam
of four years might be cheating. So we're about to
call and pretend to be from the grocery store that
the Rewards card members at and say that he's the
lucky winner. Every single month, we choose one Rewards card
member who gets free flowers delivered from our Floria department.
We'll see if he sends those flowers to Laura or
to somebody else. But before we do that, Laura, why

don't you refresh everybody's memory on your situation.

Speaker 12 (39:18):
So Cam has this like longtime friend from before we
were ever together, Holly, and he just has been texting
her a lot, and I don't know, like walking away texting,
And basically I found out from our phone company that
he's added her a phone on our plan.

Speaker 1 (39:37):
So weird. Yeah, that is weird. Yeah, and you haven't
asked him about that?

Speaker 8 (39:42):
No, that's why I called you, guys.

Speaker 9 (39:44):
I just I didn't know what, you know, if he
made it a lie or something like, how I would
deal with it.

Speaker 8 (39:50):
So I figure you guys could get to the.

Speaker 10 (39:52):
Bottom of this.

Speaker 4 (39:53):
Yeah, and she's not an ex, but she's somebody that
you think he may have had a thing with at
some point.

Speaker 1 (39:58):
Yeah, okay, cool, okay, are you ready for us to
call him? Here we go. Hello, Hi, my name is Jordan.
I'm calling from I was looking for our rewards card

member named Cam. Yeah, this is Jim Cam. Please don't
hang up. This is not a marketing phone call. I'm
actually calling to say thank you very much for shopping
with us, and congratulations you're this month's big winner.

Speaker 7 (40:29):
Oh so, what's going on?

Speaker 1 (40:31):
Every single month, we choose one Rewards card member at
random who gets free flowers delivered to anybody that they
want from our floral department. It's our way of saying
thank you very much for shopping. You've just won thirty
six long stim red roses, a box of candy, your chocolates,
and a card to be delivered to anybody that you
want with in the United into the fifty United States.
Well that's cool.

Speaker 8 (40:48):
Yeah, I didn't know you gotta did this.

Speaker 1 (40:50):
Well we do, and you are this month's lucky winner.
So I will first need the first and last name
of the person you'd like to send them to.

Speaker 7 (40:59):
It's uh, would.

Speaker 1 (41:02):
You like to put anything in a card?

Speaker 10 (41:05):
Yeah, I'm always here for you, love camp.

Speaker 1 (41:10):
And now I will inform you that this is not
the grocery store at all. My name is Jewbell and
this is a radio show. It's called The Jewel Show. Yeah, hi, Cam,
we're all here. My name is Nina, Yeah, and I'm
Victoria and your white Flora is actually on the phone.
What we do a segment on the show called to
Catch a Cheater, and we try to see if people
are cheating based on here's some flowers. Suit and your

wife suspected you might be sleeping around and I'm sure
she's got some questions for you.

Speaker 9 (41:36):
Great, that's all that's all you have?

Speaker 8 (41:39):
Is great?

Speaker 9 (41:40):

Speaker 8 (41:42):
What is this?

Speaker 1 (41:43):
What are you?

Speaker 8 (41:43):
What are you doing?

Speaker 10 (41:44):
Like you went you had to go through your lengths
to kind of just talk to me about this.

Speaker 7 (41:51):
What are you doing?

Speaker 8 (41:53):
What am I doing? What are you doing? My god?

Speaker 10 (41:56):
Like, yeah, this is this is a ridiculous way going
about things.

Speaker 1 (42:01):
Are you cheating. I feel like we just need to ask.

Speaker 8 (42:03):
Like, no, no, I'm not cheating.

Speaker 12 (42:06):
Oh oh really, how do you explain you're sending flowers
to Hollie and you add her to our phone flan like, oh.

Speaker 7 (42:19):
My god, yeah, I'm stupid.

Speaker 10 (42:22):
Obviously, I know you don't like her. That's it's just
not a secret. And she and I have their friends
for a long time, and her boyfriend of five years
left her and he was like the main breadwinner. He
was cheating on her.

Speaker 7 (42:35):
She caught him. I know this is.

Speaker 10 (42:37):
Ironic considering the situation. He took everything everything, she has nothing.
So I was just trying to help her out, Like
she's going through a really difficult time right now, so
I you know he was. She was on his phone bills,
so I added her to mine just so she can
have a phone for a few months til she gets
her own.

Speaker 8 (42:53):
And that's it.

Speaker 7 (42:55):
And that's it.

Speaker 1 (42:57):
Why wouldn't you tell your wife thanks?

Speaker 10 (43:00):
She of course she's going to misconstrued things. You know,
she's gonna look deeper into like I think it's worse
than it is.

Speaker 1 (43:08):
I mean, has your wife, has Laura your wife cam
been unreasonable about your friendship with Holly no, what I.

Speaker 10 (43:15):
Mean, I can tell she it bothers her.

Speaker 1 (43:18):
Okay, well that's not exactly a very compassionate way to
deal with somebody that you care about with something bothering them.
You could address it with her.

Speaker 10 (43:26):
Yeah, I know, I know how it sounds and I
know how it looks. Yeah, that's that's that's Oh, there is.

Speaker 4 (43:32):
Not really making a compelling argument, and I'm kind of
waiting for the I love you, baby, I'm so sorry.
This is such a misunderstanding, Laura, are you believe are
you believing this? How are you feeling?

Speaker 12 (43:42):
Honestly, I'm so confused. Knowing Cam's heart, it sounds like
something he would do, but like the mistrust of me
to like to not be able to like tell your
own wife that you're doing this like that, there's just
such a like a lack of trust in me, and
so confused.

Speaker 9 (44:01):
I honestly, I don't know what to think.

Speaker 1 (44:03):
Like, I'm sorry, I really am.

Speaker 10 (44:04):
I just I just didn't want there to be any
more resentment did you have towards her? Like I already know,
like at least it's basically uncomfortable.

Speaker 1 (44:11):
I did.

Speaker 10 (44:11):
I figured me doing this stuff for her would make
you even more uncomfortable resent her even more so, I
you know, to keep quiet about it. I don't want
to like add more stress to Holly's life either. Not
cheating on you and all I love you is just
like I just was scared to tell you because I didn't.
You know, I want you to freak out or get
u set about it, and I want you to read

more into it than what it was.

Speaker 9 (44:34):
You can see how this looks though, like, oh, I know.

Speaker 7 (44:40):
It looks hard.

Speaker 10 (44:41):
I know I'm being defriends if I'm also like really
caught off guard by everything. But yeah, I mean, I
just I just don't tell you. I know, I'm sorry,
and like I just I'm just trying to help out
a front. You know, like this whole her boyfriend leaving
her was totally abrupt, and you know she's kind of
a mess about it. So who's just trying to help her?

Speaker 9 (44:58):
But but you said love cam on your flowers, like
you know, I.

Speaker 10 (45:04):
Said I said it to her before. No, it's like
she's my friend.

Speaker 9 (45:09):
Okay, yeah, yeah, okay, you promise Katers did.

Speaker 2 (45:15):
Nothing like I promise, I promise there's nothing going on.

Speaker 1 (45:21):
Sounds like you need to sit down and just.

Speaker 8 (45:22):
Like I think that's a great idea.

Speaker 9 (45:24):
I think we should sit down with Holly because.

Speaker 12 (45:26):
You know what, if this is so important, you know,
I'm not I'm not cruel, like if she's really in need,
we're a team and we both need to be there
for her.

Speaker 9 (45:36):
And I think that is a great idea.

Speaker 8 (45:39):
No more secrets.

Speaker 6 (45:40):
I just this is.

Speaker 12 (45:42):
This has been like the scariest time I've gone through,
and I think it's a.

Speaker 2 (45:47):
Good idea too.

Speaker 10 (45:48):
We sat down, and I think if you saw Holly,
you and you know understand there's nothing else going on.

Speaker 12 (45:54):
Okay, yeah, yeah, let's let's do that. I think I
think we all need need out right now.

Speaker 1 (46:01):
I need that right now. I want to go to
dinner with you guys. I feel like I want to
see her with myself too. Well, I know you guys
obviously have stuff to talk about. Cam sounds sincere to me, though,
Like he does sound that way, and I actually kind
of respect the fact that he's looking out for his
friend that way.

Speaker 8 (46:16):

Speaker 1 (46:16):
Just communication, Yeah, yeah, I mean, Cam, if I know
you didn't want to tell your wife that you were
helping your friend out like that because you were concerned
she might think something. But by you not telling her,
it actually looks worse than if you did tell her.
You know what I'm saying, Oh I know, Okay, good
luck and good luck. You know, talk it out and
hopefully you guys can all get together and work things out.

Speaker 9 (46:37):
Thank you.

Speaker 13 (46:39):
The Jewel shows to catch a cheater.

Speaker 14 (46:43):
I just like to formally apologize to the lovely lady
I went on a date with the other day.

Speaker 1 (46:48):
We went to a cafe.

Speaker 14 (46:49):
She got an oat later I got a strong flat white,
and it was a little awkward at the start, as
I can be on first date. And then as our
coffees came out, she pulled out her MP three Walkman,
So I tried to break the ice by then, and
like two thousand and four called they wasn't their portable
music player back.

Speaker 1 (47:07):
It turns out it was her insulin pump.

Speaker 14 (47:09):
So that was a little bit old quit gets some
extra sugars in his heart.

Speaker 1 (47:17):
The jew will show. Yeah. You know how it is
you're in a conversation with a friend or a coworker
and you walk away and think, wait a minute, was
I just insulted? There are some people who are insult ninjas.
They can smile and then cut you with a little
microaggression and you don't even realize it until a few

months later when you're like, wait a second, they were
insulting me. I don't possess that skill, but I have
fallen victim to the sharp sort of an insult ninja
many times, and by the time you realize they insulted you,
it's way too late to be like, hey, remember six
months ago when you said bless your heart. You didn't
actually want to bless my heart at all. You thought

I was dumb, And the fact that I just freged
it out right now proves your point. Yes, I'm dumb.
Bless my heart. Yeah. Anyway, there's a thread going viral
right now, people sharing their great insults that don't sound
offensive so you can use it on someone that you
claim to love. Yeah, here's one from the thread going

viral of insults that don't sound offensive. What an odd
thing to say out loud? Kind of obvious to me.
I would hope I would get that in the moment,
but I'm not sure, Like, let's keep that thought.

Speaker 4 (48:36):
Yeah, but I mean, where's the lie though, If you're
gonna say it, that's you know, the truth half the time.

Speaker 3 (48:43):
What I like is that it strikes the person so
hard to go huh and now loud they say, what
an odd thing to say out loud?

Speaker 1 (48:51):
Those are things you should only say inside of your head.
Another thing from the thread going viral of so that
don't sound offensive, that sounds like something you'd say, Okay.
That also is the compliment, depending on what is said. Yeah,

it depends the insult, Nina. I just think people are
misinterpreting things. Who says it and how it's said, that's
for sure one percent. Or I admire how you don't
let your limitations affect your confidence. That that's pretty messed
up the world admire and confidence in that sentence. So

you're like cool, and then you walk away you're like,
wait a second, my limitation.

Speaker 4 (49:38):
Which one like, oh, that's so sweet and to say
not thinking.

Speaker 1 (49:43):
That exact Yeah, here's another insult that doesn't sound offensive.
It's impossible to underestimate you. Oh, it goes so many ways.
See makes you think you're like, is that a compliment?
It's impossible to immerse. It does sound like a compliment,
but it's impossible to underestimate me because I'm so underwhelming

that they can't go low enough. That's what I think
it's trying to say. Yeah, let me walk you through
a scenario. There.

Speaker 3 (50:10):
You're at work, the person you work with does something
incredibly dumb, something you didn't even expect that person that
you already think is incredibly dumb would do, and you go, wow,
it's impossible, yea guess how low you would go?

Speaker 1 (50:24):
But you say it like that instead. I was already
underestimating you, But wow, I have no idea how low
your bar is. It's impossible to under see. That's what
I mean. Someone later you'd be like, it's not impossible
to underestimate. That's pretty dirty. Yeah. This one is a
bit more poetic. It's from a thread of people sharing

their insults that don't sound offensive. Wisdom has been chasing you.
You have always been faster, exactly, You're like sweet, they
think I'm fast.

Speaker 4 (50:59):
Wait a second, fast thinker Victoria thinks all of these
are directed at her.

Speaker 1 (51:05):
Here's another one from insults that don't necessarily sound offensive.
Oh sweetie, I'm just that anytime anybody oh sweety's me,
I'm like screwed. You know that one offs.

Speaker 4 (51:19):
But what if they like, grow oh jubes and it's
not sweetie?

Speaker 1 (51:23):
It still sort of feels the same. Anything it starts
oh blank is a problem. Here's another one that is
actually pretty obvious of insults that don't sound offensive. According
to this thread that's going viral, your teacher always handed
your test back face down, didn't she? I wouldn't know
I was being insulted. It's a good one, though I

do tend to say things literally. I'd be like, yeah
they did. Why time for Nina's what's trending.

Speaker 4 (51:53):
So Miley Cyrus's little sister, Noah is in trouble for
a picture that she liked on the internet. Also, I
feel really bad for Noah. This family drama is getting
a little wild. So Noah is in trouble because she
liked a picture of Miley's ex, Liam Hemsworth at the gym.

Speaker 1 (52:09):
He posted a gym selfie and she liked it. He
was really good. He does it really good.

Speaker 4 (52:17):
But the Internet is going in on her because it's like, hello, loyalties.
Aren't you not supposed to like your sister's ex. Well,
I'm sure her lines are a little blurred considering her
mother married her ex. So hmm, there was an older
man that she was dating. I was the guy in
prison break, but m hmm. Yeah, so we're just gonna

let that sit there.

Speaker 1 (52:40):
So I don't.

Speaker 4 (52:41):
I just I feel like Noah gets off on everything.
Your mom date is married to your ex, Yeah, don't
do it.

Speaker 1 (52:47):

Speaker 4 (52:47):
So there's a new trend when it comes to wedding
invitations and save the dates, and honestly, if you're getting
ready to put yours out, listen carefully because this is genius.
So what people are doing with their leftovers or ones
that they ordered extra on purpose, they're sending it. They're
sending them out to their favorite businesses, like two different
airlines and stores.

Speaker 1 (53:10):
And all of these different things.

Speaker 4 (53:11):
Because all of these big companies always give gifts. So
whether they know you're not, it doesn't matter. You're sending
them a save the day, you're sending them an invitation.
Chances are you're going to get the gift.

Speaker 1 (53:22):
That's a good idea, really good idea.

Speaker 4 (53:25):
I know's trying to think of who you can send
a card to.

Speaker 1 (53:28):
Now know what companies are there from? Yeah, that's my
birthday party, birthday party every month.

Speaker 4 (53:39):
Okay, So a man, well, how many squats do you
think you can do in a day? Twenty four hours?

Speaker 1 (53:45):
Uh? With weight or body weight, body weight. How many
squats do you think you could do in a day
in a day A lot? Okay, I'll go, yeah, I'll
go twenty four hundred as well. Okay, twenty five cool
one and hour one hundred hour. Yeah, I can do
that cool easy.

Speaker 4 (54:01):
Well, there's a guy who did twenty six thousand squats
in twenty four hours. His name is Tony and he's
out of Illinois, and he just broke the record for doing.

Speaker 1 (54:11):
Twenty six thousand squatter hours.

Speaker 4 (54:13):
So he ended up allowing himself thirty seconds in between
every twenty two squats, and then he would make sure
that he had longer breaks throughout the day so he
could just keep going. And he had energy drinks and
he was carbloating the snacks the whole way through. And
it was to raise money for a charity. But twenty
six thousand squats, Like, I just want to touch that
butt cheek for a second and see how hard it
is at the end of that, you know, because I

gets tense afterwards, Like anytime you do him, you just
grab your butt, super juicy.

Speaker 1 (54:39):
Twenty six thousand, that's going to be like her. Yeah,
it is a hard butt. That's going to be a
hard butt if you do a lot of squats, you know.

Speaker 4 (54:47):
I know, but it's just like so weird, haggsy me, Sarah,
Can I touch your butt real quick?

Speaker 3 (54:51):
He gets it all the time. That guy's walking around
on tree Trump. Yeah, man, he has to be.

Speaker 4 (54:55):
I'm not even trying to be creepy about it. You
feel like it's an iron butt. So can you do
twenty six thousand squads?

Speaker 1 (55:01):
And how many? Guy? Is that an hour? You do
the more than a thousand? We all have calculators right here, Yeah,
more than a thousand, more than a thousand an hours,
twelve hundred six thousand divided by was it divided?

Speaker 4 (55:19):
And meanwhile somebody is out there going you guys already
figured it out?

Speaker 3 (55:22):
Yeah, I know.

Speaker 1 (55:22):

Speaker 3 (55:23):
One thousand, eighty three point three squats per hour hour.
Dang well, but they weren't all the way down.

Speaker 1 (55:30):
That's all I was gonna say. Probably his form was
probably terrible. You know that is any like you probably
posts that online and how trolls operate on social media,
it is probably all that. Yeah, your form is terrible, bro.
You didn't even touch and go all the way down.
That one didn't even count.

Speaker 4 (55:42):
Meanwhile, you're sitting on the couch. You can't even do
ten pads.

Speaker 1 (55:46):
It's only eighteen squats a minute though only but all day.
I know, I know, I'm not.

Speaker 3 (55:50):
Saying the endurance part isn't it, But I'm just saying
numbers wise, eighteen squats is sixty seconds.

Speaker 7 (55:55):

Speaker 1 (55:55):
So basically, not impressed. Not impressed. It's a squad every
three seconds. And do I want to do it? Yeah,
but also no, I don't want to steal his shine.

Speaker 7 (56:04):

Speaker 1 (56:04):
Okay, you know Jubles dirty little secret. Hello, Hello, hey,
you have a dirty little secret.

Speaker 2 (56:16):

Speaker 15 (56:16):
So a few years ago, when I was nineteen, I
used to like drink water, a lot of water before
I went to bed so I could wake up early
and play video games. So one night I did that,
and I woke up early in the morning to go
play video games. But I had serious morning. Okay, okay,

So I went to the restroom and I needed to
lean down. So I put all my weight on the
toilet paper roll hanger and it's kind of like nailed
through the wall, but it broke through my weight and
I face planning in terms of toilet stools.

Speaker 1 (56:56):
Almost broke my fee. Wow, I.

Speaker 15 (57:05):
Was bleeding everywhere, and I had to go, like, wake
up my mom.

Speaker 1 (57:10):
That's an awkward conversation. She died laughing, but she's like,
what's wrong, Like you don't want to see Oh my gosh.

Speaker 15 (57:20):
Yeah, but luckily I didn't break my tea or anything.
I kind of like messed up, like the inside of
my lip, but it's mostly healed now.

Speaker 1 (57:28):
I'm glad.

Speaker 4 (57:29):
Yeah. I do have a question though, Why do you
drink a lot of water before you play video games
in the morning.

Speaker 15 (57:35):
I drank it like before I went to bed. I
was addicted to video games, so I drank it before
I went to bed. So wake me up like a
natural alarm clock.

Speaker 1 (57:45):
That's a good idea. Actually, yeah, it's actually so funny.

Speaker 15 (57:48):
I don't do that anymore, but it was like when
I was younger.

Speaker 1 (57:53):
Well, thank you for telling us your dirty little secret. Oh,
no problem. Hello, what's you have a dirty little secret?

Speaker 8 (58:02):
I do?

Speaker 1 (58:03):

Speaker 7 (58:03):
What is it?

Speaker 8 (58:04):

Speaker 13 (58:04):
My dirty little secret is that I've changed in front
of my window for the past ten years.

Speaker 8 (58:11):
Yeah, Like I'm never fully nude, but like enough to
know this is.

Speaker 1 (58:14):
There a hot eye across the street and you do
it on purpose because you want someone to see you
or I.

Speaker 13 (58:19):
Don't do it for anybody specifically, but like for just
like my neighbors, Like anytime I've moved, like i've I've
always just done it. It's kind of a thrill for me.
And I do have a fantasy of like of hooking
up with a neighbor. I don't have anybody specific.

Speaker 1 (58:34):
In mind, but you know, yeah, you're just hoping that
you live next to some hot Australian dude. At some
point you're changing and he's like oy.

Speaker 4 (58:46):
Then you realize it's not hot up close, and you're like, oh, shoot,
is that what you hope for?

Speaker 8 (58:52):
I mean, you never know.

Speaker 13 (58:53):
It's not like I know my neighbor as well, and
it's like, you know, at least they'll give them something
to talk about, like she's enough for them to if
I'm talking to me, you gotta.

Speaker 1 (59:02):
Be careful when you hook up with a neighbor. I've
done it me too. It does not always end well
damn yeah, and then what do you gotta do? Move?
It was really funny because she came over randomly, she
had moved in, and then she came over to introduce herself,
and then we had a conversation and later that night
she came over with a bottle of wine. I was like,
you want a bottle wine? And I was like sure.

And then we ended up, you know, hooking up for
like a couple months, and then I was still dating,
you know, and so I also was dating. And she
heard me one time with somebody else because our wall,
our bedroom walls were right next to each other. And
then she didn't talk to me anymore, and then she
started dating, and then she made sure that I knew
she was good for her. Thanks for your dirty little secret,

no problem. What's your dirty little secret?
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