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March 29, 2024 62 mins

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Join Jubal, Nina, Victoria, Executive Producer Brad, and Producer Sharkey, and their listeners on a journey through romance, secrets, pop culture, and pranks.


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Eye als when they were younger used to be so
hyped to get their heartbroken for the first time. Because
I was so excited. I thought it was going to
be the best time. I thought I was going to
be cozy crying in my bed. I honestly, I had
it planned down to the outfit. I remember, I like
had the outfit picked out in my room when I was.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
Like fourteen, I wasn't even dating anyone, like put.

Speaker 1 (00:16):
Away pj's in a parafuzzy socks for like when it happened,
I'm so excited.

Speaker 3 (00:19):
It's the Jewel Show girl. No relationships are hard. I
know dating me is very difficult, and I feel for
anybody I've ever dated because it's hard to be with
perfection and.

Speaker 2 (00:33):
Trust me, here we are.

Speaker 3 (00:35):
I've had two exits who have switched teams after dating me,
probably because they experienced the peak of maleness. They were like,
no man can ever compare.

Speaker 2 (00:42):
Wow, we discovered Jewble's gaitars off.

Speaker 3 (00:50):
One woman is going viral today for the list of
rules that she gave her new boyfriend to follow if
he wants to date her, and she's probably one of
the most hated people on the internet right now for
this list, But see if you agree, we'll go over
the list right now.

Speaker 2 (01:04):
She still has her man though, right, yes, okay, she
still does. She still does. Hopefully he's following the rules
of being a good boy. Ain't gonna go anywhere everybody else.
She still got her man.

Speaker 4 (01:14):

Speaker 3 (01:14):
Here's her list of rules for dating her that she
gave her boyfriend and posted online and the entire world
was run with it. Number one, no girl best friends.
She insisted that she never wants her boyfriend to have
any girl best friends. She draws the line at the
best friend slot being filled by somebody of the opposite gender.

She says that she doesn't believe him because he said
that he had a girl best friend, not anymore, obviously.

Speaker 2 (01:44):
His friend breakups are hard than breakups.

Speaker 5 (01:46):
Honestly, if the girl best friend already exists, I don't
think you can put that role into play, yes, But yeah,
if it doesn't exist, then I think you can encourage
that not to happen.

Speaker 2 (01:56):
But aren't you supposed to be each other's best friends?

Speaker 6 (02:00):
Yes, a.

Speaker 5 (02:04):
Friend first off, a certain extent, yes, Victoria, Yeah, just
a different what kind of best friend are you?

Speaker 6 (02:12):
You know?

Speaker 3 (02:12):
You can be best friends? But not every person can
fill all of your needs, right, So if they're just
a certain kind of best friend, right, and then some
relationships their frenemies and that's not a good relationship.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
No, I don't think. Trust me. I've been with a
lot of frenemies. I learned my lesson with that.

Speaker 3 (02:34):
You know, a lot of therapy and all that stuff,
and I feel pretty good about the future.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
I'm happy for you, me too.

Speaker 3 (02:41):
Another rule that this woman has on her list of
rules that she gave her new boyfriend and then posted
online in the Internet is like, why would you post
that online? She needs to know his location at all times.
Oh yikes, He says, I will never allow my boyfriend
to let me not know where he's at.

Speaker 2 (02:59):
But like, what does that mean?

Speaker 5 (03:00):
Does that mean that she just has like his location
on her phone or he needs to report that he
is in these places with proof?

Speaker 4 (03:07):

Speaker 3 (03:08):
Sounds like yeah, this sounds like a similar personality type
to people that I've been with in the past, And
it means you better tell me where you're going, and
then right after that, I'm going to check your location.

Speaker 5 (03:20):
Not to completely defend it, but to a certain extent,
when you've been lied to about where your person is
going over and over again. There's a level of healing
that needs to happen. So the next person you're with
has to understand that. That's kind of a sensitive point.
So I'd really appreciate it if you would let me
know where you're going, who you're with, and when you're
going to.

Speaker 7 (03:38):
Be heel before you get into the next relationship.

Speaker 8 (03:42):
That is nonsense, but you.

Speaker 5 (03:44):
Know what I've learned, you cannot heal without some relational healing.

Speaker 2 (03:47):
When it comes to different trust is you have to trust.

Speaker 5 (03:53):
Listen, I'm working through it to the person that understands,
because communication is key.

Speaker 3 (04:00):
I do think that there is something to be said
for I realize this is some trauma for you in
the past, so I will let you know where I'm
going to find to share my location.

Speaker 2 (04:09):
But also that's all I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (04:11):
If you check my location and then continue to ask
me if I'm there and then gaslight me and tell
me I'm not there again, okay before that is not good.
That's a red flag for sure.

Speaker 7 (04:20):
Yeah, and I think if it rises to the level
of a rule that we're in the wrong side of
this territory.

Speaker 2 (04:26):
Actually, yeah, at all is a little bit. Yeah. Yeah,
you know, credit to her, she did it works.

Speaker 3 (04:33):
I think it's better to find someone that you don't
have to have rules for. They just kind of give
you what you need.

Speaker 2 (04:37):
Yeah, that would be nice. Can we write that on
a wish paper?

Speaker 3 (04:44):
Another rule that this woman has for her boyfriend that
she posted online in the entire and and is like, wow,
she doesn't allow him to go to strip clubs.

Speaker 2 (04:53):
I know a lot of people that are like that.

Speaker 9 (04:55):

Speaker 2 (04:55):
I know a lot of people like that too.

Speaker 9 (04:56):
I mean, if my boyfriend is going to like a
strip club every Friday night, I'd be.

Speaker 2 (04:59):
Like a man, So what's going on here? So you're
a berber? Bring me with you? It's fun. Yeah.

Speaker 7 (05:09):
I just think if it's a rule, like again the rules, right,
if he wants to go to a strip club and
you don't like that he wants to go to a
strip club, do not date him.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
If he's going all the time, that's definitely a problem.
If it's as party here and there.

Speaker 7 (05:25):
I agree, But if if if he doesn't think you
don't like so much that it would be a rule goodbye.

Speaker 2 (05:31):

Speaker 3 (05:32):
Instead of trying to control his behavior, just go find
someone that doesn't dig strip clubs that much, right, right.

Speaker 10 (05:39):
Like it's easy to find people's in front of you.

Speaker 3 (05:44):
That's why I said dating is hard. The dating pool
is full of sharks.

Speaker 2 (05:48):
So mind.

Speaker 3 (05:49):
But another thing that is on her list of rules
that she gave her boyfriend, she prefers splitting the bill
fifty to fifty. Ever with the way her list has been,
that surprises me so far. Okay, that's very rational.

Speaker 2 (06:04):
Independent I okay it wait.

Speaker 3 (06:12):
Also says that he can't like any other girl's bikini
photos on social media.

Speaker 7 (06:19):
This has got to be the most insecure girlfriend I've
ever seen on the internet.

Speaker 2 (06:22):
Yes, but she's kind of got a point.

Speaker 5 (06:24):
Does If you have a man that's out here liking
all these nudie photos all over social that kind of
makes you look like a fool, as like the girlfriend,
right because people are out here seeing your man lik
and all this stuff, Like, what's he doing?

Speaker 11 (06:36):

Speaker 2 (06:36):
If they're because if they're real people.

Speaker 5 (06:38):
Now, if they're celebrities or whatever, different story, But if
they're real people, Like, if you're liking my best friend's
cousins bikini photo, bro, we've got a problem. Flag nice No,
Like he's like you can like it and not actually
hit like you've got a problem.

Speaker 2 (06:54):
Is so sweet showing the support.

Speaker 3 (07:00):
Support for Yeah, Victoria, I'm glad you're not dating right
now there's a guy like no, babe, I'm just showing
my support for every single woman I see.

Speaker 2 (07:09):
So that's so sweet.

Speaker 10 (07:11):
Did you tell me your boyfriend my pictures?

Speaker 2 (07:18):
I don't have anything like your pictures, Like you don't
support me, then that's not good, Victoria.

Speaker 3 (07:24):
But what if it was a stranger that he didn't know,
and that he didn't even know it was just you know,
he was on his feet and he was just like
hot girl, Like I mean, if.

Speaker 2 (07:32):
He said that out loud, I'd be.

Speaker 3 (07:33):
Like, man, that's cool, sweet, sweet, you're like a Disney character.

Speaker 2 (07:41):
I'd be like, I'm right here really like do that
somewhere else? Like I don't see it? And then I'm fine,
I don't know about it. Don't tell me you're gonna
see it. Though, that's the thing.

Speaker 6 (07:53):
Date someone else, nobody.

Speaker 5 (07:58):
I don't think there's anything wrong with having a conversation.
Is that bothers you? And if they don't respect it
after the conversation, then do what Bradja said.

Speaker 3 (08:08):
I also say, Brad somehow Producer Brad just became my
spirit animal because how many times, because like I said,
my history, how many times have I had that voice
inside me?

Speaker 2 (08:21):
If you don't like, we just dag someone.

Speaker 10 (08:23):
Else until you realize nobody left.

Speaker 2 (08:34):
It's sad, exactly. It's all the things. It's another jewbile
phone frame.

Speaker 8 (08:41):
Day mornings on the twenties.

Speaker 2 (08:50):
Hello, Yes, my name is Tedbudah.

Speaker 3 (08:53):
I'm calling from out of works and I was looking
for Mike in regards to.

Speaker 2 (08:57):
His Ford F three fifty that is in here in
the shop.

Speaker 6 (09:01):

Speaker 8 (09:02):
This, this is Mike.

Speaker 2 (09:03):
Hey, Mike, how you doing today?

Speaker 8 (09:05):
H fine? What was your name again?

Speaker 9 (09:08):

Speaker 2 (09:09):

Speaker 3 (09:10):
Okay, Yes, tell you I'm calling in regards to your
truck that was being lifted here at the shop.

Speaker 8 (09:16):
Yeah, no, that's great, it is it? Is it ready?
It was supposed to be ready like two days ago.

Speaker 3 (09:21):
Yes, it was supposed to be ready two days ago.
I'm so sorry about the tardiness on that, and so
that's why I figured I call you to day since
I know we a little bit late on the delivery
of that truck for you, and I just want to
let you know that.

Speaker 2 (09:33):
How do I say this?

Speaker 3 (09:35):
So every once in a while we get a vehicle
in here that in something ends up happening, and it's
got to be dead gowned.

Speaker 8 (09:42):
It's got to be one dead dead gowned.

Speaker 3 (09:45):
This is that's what I use for when something gets damaged.
I'm so sorry to inform you damaged. Yes, your truck
is dead gone. I'm so sorry about that.

Speaker 8 (09:54):
Dead gone.

Speaker 2 (09:56):
Yes, it is dead and gone. And I'm so sorry
about this.

Speaker 8 (09:59):
No, that's not right.

Speaker 11 (10:01):
What all?

Speaker 8 (10:01):
How you don't kill the truck? What? What's happened? What happened?
What happened to my truck?

Speaker 3 (10:06):
Well, it's more of a question. We didn't have any truck.
But I am a short man.

Speaker 8 (10:11):
You're a short man.

Speaker 3 (10:12):
Yes, I'm not that tall. It's just that I'm about
five four, you know, not five. I mean, you know,
I think advertise it.

Speaker 2 (10:19):
I don't care.

Speaker 3 (10:21):
I've never even thought about that. What is the advertise
in this country for a man I am?

Speaker 8 (10:26):
I am?

Speaker 3 (10:27):
My grandma used to say I was ain't going low
to the centipedece toe and just that small. So I'm
a small, slight little man. So anyway, did that have
to do with anything? It has to do with when
your truck was finished being lifted, it was very big
by the way, it's a big truck.

Speaker 2 (10:41):
Yes, yes, it's.

Speaker 8 (10:42):
Big, and you're a small man. We've got.

Speaker 6 (10:46):

Speaker 3 (10:46):
Sounds like it could be a TV show, some sort
of reality program, doesn't it.

Speaker 2 (10:50):
Big truck, small man.

Speaker 12 (10:53):

Speaker 3 (10:53):
So I took it for a test drive after we
were done lifting it up there, and and I'm going
to make sure the lift kid was right on it.
And also it just looked like a lot of fun.
So I was like, I'm just gonna take this for
a little trip around the block, like to drive a
big truck like that. And I hopped in and I
was able to get my foot on the gas pedal,

and so it's going, but my head was just barely
above the dashboard, kind of slouched down in the chair
because I didn't want a movie seat, you know how
people are very protective by the seat, and I kind
of could not hit the brakes INtime, and so it
sort of wrapped around the telephone pole.

Speaker 2 (11:28):
The big truck. You're you're short in your feet, can't
reach the pedals like man.

Speaker 8 (11:33):
And now you have wrecked my truck. Yes, which you
should not have been driving in the first place.

Speaker 3 (11:41):
Yes, that would all be correct. Everything you said right
there is correct, and I'm.

Speaker 8 (11:45):
Here's what else is correct. Here's what else is correct.
You owe me a new.

Speaker 3 (11:50):
Truck, and that is what I was hoping you would
get to because we would like to make this right,
of course.

Speaker 2 (11:54):
I mean we did got on your truck. We are
willing to go.

Speaker 3 (11:57):
Ahead and replace that vehicle for you and no extra charge.

Speaker 13 (12:01):
Oh well I mean we yes, yes, you're getting me
a brand new truck.

Speaker 2 (12:06):
Well, we cannot do that, unfortunately, our brand, sir, you can.

Speaker 8 (12:10):
Oh, I'll tell you what. I'll be down there with
the police. We'll be firing reports, and you will be
getting me a new truck.

Speaker 11 (12:18):
I have.

Speaker 3 (12:20):
I will personally give you my vehicle. I drive a
two thousand and twenty two Ford Focus that I would
love to just gift you as a replacement.

Speaker 8 (12:28):
You are telling me you wrecked my truck and now
you're going to replace it with a Ford Focus. Are
you kidding me?

Speaker 2 (12:36):
Really? It is. I lifted it up for you so
it's nice and big too.

Speaker 8 (12:39):
I am gonna lift it up and crush it on
your tiny little head.

Speaker 2 (12:47):
Well, then I should just let you know that this
is not funny.

Speaker 3 (12:50):
My name is Jubil from the Jubil show doing a
phone brank on you and your friend John set you up.

Speaker 2 (12:54):
It's a joke.

Speaker 8 (12:57):
So John Charles called you and had you do this.

Speaker 2 (13:00):
Yes, he said, how much you love your truck and
it'd be funny. Afew thought that it. We wrecked it.

Speaker 8 (13:05):
But my truck is okay.

Speaker 2 (13:06):
Yes, your truck is fine as far as I know.

Speaker 8 (13:09):
Oh you guys, I thought I was gonna have to
come down and beat up a dwarf five.

Speaker 2 (13:15):
Wake up every morning with jubile phone pranks.

Speaker 8 (13:18):
What's what's trending?

Speaker 5 (13:22):
Yes, it is trending. Gather round so you can hear
all about it. We need to talk about Caitlyn Clark.
You may have heard her name in conversations, seen around
the news, maybe on social media. She plays for Iowa
and she's been a star during the NCAA Women's basketball tournament.

Speaker 2 (13:39):

Speaker 5 (13:40):
I have to say that because if you're not following
the tournament, say a chance, you have no clue who
Caitlyn Clark is, I say, or.

Speaker 9 (13:46):
You've seen her on the court playing basketball like she's
biggest known.

Speaker 2 (13:50):
For right, I was getting there. I'll have bad thanks.

Speaker 5 (13:53):
I'm glad you follow but really big news for her, actually,
she It was just been announced that she was selected
as one of four team players to participate in training
camp to represent for the Olympics. She's just includes thirteen
other WNBA players, so she would be the only one
that's still in college, which is a huge honor.

Speaker 2 (14:14):
And it doesn't stop there.

Speaker 5 (14:15):
She was also just offered five million dollars from Rapper
ice Cube to play in the Big Three League, which
I just learned as a three on.

Speaker 2 (14:22):
Three on three basketball tournament. Yeah, he's been doing it
for a long time.

Speaker 5 (14:25):
But if she accepts, then she will become the first
woman to ever play in the league. Wow, right, that's
kuch dope. It is dope, Caitlyn Clark. If you didn't
know her name, you definitely will.

Speaker 14 (14:36):

Speaker 5 (14:37):
Shrinkflation is real. We've talked about it before, but America
wants it.

Speaker 2 (14:42):

Speaker 5 (14:42):
Shrinkflation is when you get your package of chips. It's
the same size you always buy, but inside there's a
lot less, or your cookies are smaller, or your portion
sizes are smaller at restaurants, but you're getting charged of
the exact same you always have. What So, now there's
new research that says that fifty four percent of a
mayor Perkins actually do want smaller portions. We want shrink

flation around here because we have no self control and
we want people to put smaller portions in front of
us so we're not tempted to go for the big stuff.

Speaker 2 (15:11):
Oh okay, I mean help.

Speaker 3 (15:14):
We can't control ourselves, so please just give us three
chips in a bag.

Speaker 5 (15:17):
Oh my gosh, it's so funny because the reduce sizes
do apply to both packaging and restaurants. But I will
tell you when I go to those restaurants and you
get those small portions, I put it on my do
not return list because if I'm going out to eat,
I want it all. I'm paying for this, give me
the big size.

Speaker 3 (15:34):
That's the thing about like fancy restaurants. Everything's so expensive,
but they give you like no food, right, so you
leave hungry. There's gallups on my plate.

Speaker 2 (15:42):
I want give me some food. I'm paying a lot
of money for this. I would feel like I ate right,
spend more money to eat more.

Speaker 4 (15:50):

Speaker 5 (15:50):
The Star Wars attraction to at Disneyland was recently shut
down Rise of the Resistance. It was shut down because
somebody tried to sprinkle their ashes or not their out
but someone's ashes on the ride, so all of the
cast members had to stop, shut it down and clean
it up. But this isn't the first time that it's happened.
It's also happens all of the time on the Haunted Mansion,

and it's a small.

Speaker 2 (16:12):
World ride, Like why all the time? Why?

Speaker 5 (16:15):
So this is kind of more of a p s A.
Just know that, like, if you're going to do it,
they're going to remove the ashes. So if your person
wants to live on that ride forever, you've got.

Speaker 2 (16:24):
To make sure nobody's watching. You can't do that.

Speaker 3 (16:26):
I mean, I feel like, like are they bringing a
whole urn with them and they're trying to dump it
out like.

Speaker 2 (16:32):
Fel like yeah, like they're on the ride and just
let the ashes go and just like let a little
bit go out of your pocket every once in.

Speaker 4 (16:39):
A while, you know.

Speaker 9 (16:40):
Would imagine if they capture like a picture.

Speaker 2 (16:43):
Right when you're sending Grandma's forever and the person behind.

Speaker 10 (16:50):
I guess that's part of the problem to my grandma.

Speaker 2 (16:58):
That is a good picture, though, you know what I mean,
and you.

Speaker 3 (17:00):
Look at it, I'm.

Speaker 2 (17:05):
Really picture even say now I gotta go. That's a
trend it's time to Catch a Cheater.

Speaker 8 (17:11):
Only on the Jubile Show.

Speaker 3 (17:13):
Megan is on the phone today for to Catch a Cheater.
She thinks that her boyfriend of a year and a
half named Caleb might be cheating on her, So we're
going to see if we can catch him and if
he is. Megan, thank you for coming on the show.
Thank you for your email and agreeing to do this.
Tell us a little bit about your situation.

Speaker 2 (17:29):
What's going on?

Speaker 6 (17:30):
Yeah, so you said we've been seeing each other for
about a year and a half. Now we do live together,
so things have just seemed to change recently, and I'm
kind of getting a little suspect about what's going on
because there's just a few sketchy happenings and I can't really,
you know, figure out why or what's going on. Some
of the like clues that have led me to believe

that something else is happening is, you know, it leaves
work a little bit earlier in the morning. There's days
that he's been coming home late with not really much
to go on as far as why. I've stopped by
to surprise him for lunch, to go out and get
lunch with him. A couple of times and he hasn't
been there, and his coworker says that he goes out

for lunch all the time now. So when I told him, Oh,
I had stopped by to surprise you and you weren't there,
he was like, Oh, I'm sorry. I just found this
new Greek place and it's really good and I've just
been going to get their amazing Greek salads and kind
of just some downtime during the day, you know, during
my work day. I don't know. It just seems like
a little suspicious that he's coming home late, he's leaving early,

he's not at work for lunch anymore, like ever, But
you know, how good can Greek salads really be?

Speaker 4 (18:43):
That wherever it is?

Speaker 5 (18:45):
First question? Did you put a tracker on his car yet?
I would be like, where are you going?

Speaker 6 (18:54):
He's had an option, isn't it always?

Speaker 2 (18:58):
And I'm single? But is he acting different around you? Though?

Speaker 6 (19:04):
He's just been quiet lately. Usually he has so much
to explain about his workday or this or that or
the other, but he's just kind of been shut down
ish kind of. You know, we watch a lot more
TV and kind of just do quieter things that we're
not you know, kind of just sitting and talking and
just he's distant and I can't really figure it out. So,

I mean that's kind of where I'm at is thinking
is there something going on that he's being so quiet
and then he's coming home late, and you know, like
like what's up with all of that stuff? It's kind
of new and it's not kind of what we've been
doing for the last.

Speaker 4 (19:42):
Year and a half.

Speaker 6 (19:42):
So I'm very confused right now.

Speaker 5 (19:44):
Yeah, that doesn't feel good. That's not my favorite place
to be. Now, did you just straight up ask him, like,
by any chance, were you like where are you going
and what are you doing? Well?

Speaker 6 (19:54):
I mean I've asked him like in the instances where
he's arrived late home from work or whatever, or like
I said, when I asked him about surprising him at work,
he just you know, said he was at the Greek restaurant,
or sometimes he just says that he had some more
work to catch up on, or that he stopped and
got you know, some food on the way home because
he was starving and he didn't want to wait or whatever.

So it's just like each time there's been an instance,
I've asked, but I haven't kind of sat down and said, Okay,
what's up with this whole picture?

Speaker 5 (20:23):
Yeah, and he's been consistent, so there's no lying per se.
There's just oh, he's just disappearing at odd times.

Speaker 6 (20:33):
Right, I mean he's you know, usually would work through
his lunch breaks so that he could be done and
then come home and we would enjoy hanging out and
he would look forward to being there to TV and
so I just it feels like something's changed and I
can't figure out what. Of course, Yeah, I just like
whatever my partner's going through, I want to be there
for him. So if he's you know, extra stressed at

work or got something going on, or you know, it's like,
you know, he's having problems with his mom again, like
you know that would like I've you know, helped it
those times before with those types of things. We talked
about it and dealt with it. So I just don't
know what's going on.

Speaker 2 (21:09):

Speaker 3 (21:09):
And you said you didn't want to call and try
to catch him the way we normally do it, like
call from a grocery store.

Speaker 2 (21:16):
You had another way you thought would work. What is it?

Speaker 6 (21:18):
Yeah, he like again this Greek restaurants, it's his new
favorite thing and he's there all the time, so I thought,
you know, maybe there'd be some kind of bonus for
being a great customer or something. Okay, maybe that would
work from the restaurant that he's jet all time.

Speaker 2 (21:31):
That's a great I sure, let's try it.

Speaker 3 (21:33):
Okay, we'll play a song, come back, and you'll get
your to ketch a tater next if you're just joining
us for to catch a cheater. And Megan is on
the phone she thinks that her boyfriend of two and
a half years named Caleb might be cheating. And Megan,
I'll let you refresh everybody's memory. Why do you think
that he might be messing around?

Speaker 6 (21:49):
He's just he's been leading early home late, not at
work during his lunch break. I've tried to stop there,
and he doesn't really have any good reasons and of
being late, and he's just distant lately, like there's something
else going on, and he's not talking about it.

Speaker 3 (22:04):
Okay, And you wanted us to call from this restaurant
that he goes to all the time.

Speaker 6 (22:08):
Right, Yeah, he keeps talking about this is my favorite
place to go for lunch. That's why he's not at
work during lunch break.

Speaker 4 (22:13):

Speaker 3 (22:13):
Okay, we'll call from there and say that we appreciate
him being a loyal customer so much. We're going to
offer him free flowers to be delivered to anybody that
he wants, and an invitation to join him there for
dinner sometime in our special booth. We'll call him and
see if he gives us your name or somebody else's.

Speaker 2 (22:29):
Okay you ready?

Speaker 4 (22:31):
Yeah, all right, here we go. Hello.

Speaker 2 (22:41):
Hey, may I speak to Caleb? Please?

Speaker 4 (22:45):
This sim Who's this Caleb?

Speaker 2 (22:46):
This is jorbyin from Oh Okay. How are you?

Speaker 8 (22:51):
I'm doing pretty well?

Speaker 4 (22:54):
How'd you guys give my number?

Speaker 3 (22:56):
Because you're in here all the time and we keep
track of our best customers. And the reason I'm calling
today though, is to say thank you very much for
coming in and being such a loyal customer. We actually
wanted to say thank you by offering you free dinner
for two one evening in our special booth. I don't
even know if you know where the special booth is.
It's in the back and you can invite that person
by sending them flowers delivered from us.

Speaker 15 (23:19):

Speaker 4 (23:19):
Thank you, Yeah, sure, that'd be great.

Speaker 6 (23:23):
Do you need anything for me?

Speaker 4 (23:24):
Like? Well, we'll you know or something like that.

Speaker 3 (23:27):
I think, yeah, we can line up the date. We
probably need to be a few weeks out because that
booth is booked up. But like I said, totally free.
And then for the flowers to be delivered to whoever
you want to take with you. If you know the
person's information, I can take all that right now, and
then I will reach out and give you a confirmation
that we've sent those out.

Speaker 16 (23:46):
Okay, cool, I think I think I yeah, yeah, I
think I have somebody who I might want to send
the flowers to.

Speaker 2 (23:54):
Okay, great, you've got their name. We'll start with the
name first and last.

Speaker 4 (23:59):
The first thing is Rachelle.

Speaker 3 (24:03):
Is there anything we can put like a little card
with it? Just I'm here for you, and I will,
like I said, I'll let you know that this is
not actually the restaurant at all.

Speaker 2 (24:17):
Wait what this is actually the Jubil Show.

Speaker 3 (24:20):
It's a radio show and we do a segment where
we try to catch people cheating on their significant other.
And your girlfriend, Megan actually emailed us and suspected you
might be seeing someone else. And she's on the phone
and been listening to this whole thing.

Speaker 6 (24:32):
Whoa whale I'm kind of wondering the same thing too. Caleb.

Speaker 11 (24:38):
Hey, uh, are we really on the radio right now?

Speaker 2 (24:43):

Speaker 6 (24:44):
Oh yeah, we definitely are, And I know where Rachelle
is listening.

Speaker 16 (24:48):
Can man, this is not good? Can we can we
talk about this off off air? Because this is I
promise you, there's more to this story.

Speaker 2 (24:57):
You're sounding a little guilty though, right now, are you.

Speaker 15 (25:00):

Speaker 11 (25:00):
It's a very serious sort of situation and it's kind
of complex and it requires like a conversation, and this
is not the way that I wanted this to come out.

Speaker 6 (25:10):
Uh no, Caleb, you can tell me right now. We're here,
We're both here right now. Kind of feel like that
we need to just let the cat out of the bag.
What's going on with Rochelle?

Speaker 4 (25:23):
So Rochelle is my ex?

Speaker 6 (25:27):
So that's the Rochelle that you're sending flowers to now?

Speaker 8 (25:31):

Speaker 4 (25:32):
I yes, But it's not like that.

Speaker 11 (25:35):
We haven't seen each other like that, Mike over three years.

Speaker 4 (25:38):
We're broken up.

Speaker 6 (25:39):
Okay, yeah, But what's going on now with you're coming
home from work and now you're sending flowers and having
intimate dinners?

Speaker 16 (25:49):
It's not an intimate dinner Okay. She recently She contacted
me again recently, and she said that she has a kid,
a three year old, and that it's mine and I have.

Speaker 11 (26:04):
Just I've been trying to find a way to tell
you this whole thing, and I didn't want it to
come out over the over the radio like this. This
is just not the way that I wanted it to happen,
And this is why i've been whatever recently, And you know,
I just I'm sorry.

Speaker 4 (26:21):
I'm really sorry.

Speaker 6 (26:22):
Yeah, I feel like that's something that you should have
told me kind of shortly after you found out about it.

Speaker 9 (26:28):
I tried.

Speaker 4 (26:30):
I just didn't know how to say it.

Speaker 11 (26:32):
I didn't know how to tell you, and I didn't
like I was. I was trying to figure things out
for myself that you've been acting weird weeks now, I know,
I didn't know she needs my help. There's this three
year old kid that is I'm I'm the father of,
like what, I don't know.

Speaker 4 (26:49):
How to react in that situation.

Speaker 11 (26:51):
I've never gone through this sort of thing before.

Speaker 6 (26:53):

Speaker 5 (26:53):
You're clearly very emotional right now, but it kind of
sounds like you're yelling at me, and I'm sorry.

Speaker 4 (27:01):
You're right, she is.

Speaker 5 (27:02):
Also getting this information for the first time, and she's
in a relationship with you. This is just kind of
a lot for everybody to process. I understand. But because
I feel like there's love here, it's got to be
a nicer way to exchange your concerns.

Speaker 4 (27:15):
Yeah, Okay, you're right, You're right.

Speaker 16 (27:17):
I don't want to fight about this, you know, I
don't so I I.

Speaker 3 (27:21):
I would be freaking out if I was you too,
But you're not even going to be heard at all
if you're shouting like that.

Speaker 2 (27:25):
You know, Yeah, I'm freaking out.

Speaker 11 (27:27):
Well, I mean, I feel like I'm also kind of
being cornered right now.

Speaker 4 (27:30):
You know, I got you know.

Speaker 5 (27:33):
Radio sho you were, But good news, you're not cheating,
So now we're on your side.

Speaker 4 (27:37):
I appreciate. I appreciate that. I appreciate that.

Speaker 6 (27:40):
Yeah, shocking news all around for all of us. But
it's kind of something that we both need to deal with,
don't you agree?

Speaker 4 (27:46):
Yes, make me talk about it.

Speaker 3 (27:49):
Do you understand kind of why it was so hard
to tell you this? I mean, I know you probably
wish that he would come to you right away, but
that's a lot.

Speaker 6 (27:57):
Absolutely Well, if I hadn't done this today, how long
would it have been until I knew.

Speaker 16 (28:03):
Are you just more upset about me not communicating with you?

Speaker 4 (28:07):
Are? Like, are you upset that I have a kid?
And like, I just I don't want you to break
up with me. Are we still okay? Are we going
to be okay?

Speaker 6 (28:18):
I'm not upset that you have a kid. I mean
it is shocking news to have a three year old
plopped into your life, agreed, And I understand where you're
coming from with that. I'm more upset that I got
lied to for the past couple of weeks and that
I'm left in the dark and I have no idea
what's going on with my boyfriend and where he's been
and what's going on in his head because he won't

talk to me.

Speaker 4 (28:42):
I should have done it sooner, And I'm sorry.

Speaker 6 (28:45):
I definitely do not deal well with being lied to.

Speaker 2 (28:48):
But Caleb, I mean, right side, congratulations, you have a kids.

Speaker 6 (28:52):
You know.

Speaker 16 (28:52):
I met him a couple of times too. He's really sweet,
it's actually really exciting. It's just you know, right and
about you.

Speaker 2 (28:59):
Megan wants to share all of that with you.

Speaker 5 (29:02):
I guess Megan, Okay, see okay, sweet, Well, you know
that he's not cheating obviously, you guys have a lot
to process, and I think Caleb, you should take Megan
to the Greek Spot just so she knows how good
no salads really are.

Speaker 4 (29:16):
Yeah, you know, absolutely we should go there tonight.

Speaker 3 (29:20):
Maybe you could take her with you to talk to
your ex too much?

Speaker 2 (29:26):
It might not be never trust my relationship advice.

Speaker 6 (29:31):
Yeah. Maybe at a future date we can meet up
with her, But right now I think the two of
us need to talk.

Speaker 2 (29:36):
About some terrible advice. Good luck to you guys. Let
us know what happened.

Speaker 6 (29:38):
Yeah, good luck, Thank you.

Speaker 14 (29:42):
The Jewel shows to catch a cheater?

Speaker 8 (29:46):
Good morning?

Speaker 2 (29:46):
Can I take your order?

Speaker 6 (29:47):
Am I gonna tall?

Speaker 8 (29:48):
Try at a large black cop large? Black? Cos? Do
you mean aventy? She means, yeah, the biggest one you got.

Speaker 14 (29:57):
Venty is large, is twenty.

Speaker 8 (30:01):
Marge is large. In fact, cole is large and grande
is Spanish for large. Fani's the only one that doesn't
mean large. He's also the only one that's Italian. Congratulations
for stupid and three languages.

Speaker 3 (30:12):
Time for America's favorite trivia game, You versus Victoria. Your
chance to take on our own Victoria Ramirez in a
game of trivia to see who gets to get producer
brad a spanking today absolutely not low riding tickets on
the line, and let's meet today's contestant for you versus

Victoria Kimberly.

Speaker 2 (30:33):
What's up, Kimberly, how are you?

Speaker 14 (30:36):
I'm will?

Speaker 8 (30:36):
How are you great?

Speaker 2 (30:37):
Thank you for asking? Are you ready to take on Victoria?

Speaker 6 (30:41):
I ready?

Speaker 3 (30:43):
Sometimes get okay, Victoria, do you have anything to say
to Kimberly?

Speaker 9 (30:47):
She sounds it's so not only nice, Kimberly, I'm come,
I'm rooting for you.

Speaker 2 (30:51):
I don't I personally don't want to.

Speaker 7 (30:54):
Now you've got small hands, Kimberly, how big are your hands?

Speaker 14 (31:00):

Speaker 3 (31:03):
I forgot that's thanking producer Gratis and that I was like,
why is he asking about the That's right.

Speaker 2 (31:07):
He's one of those paddles if they wanted to, I
like you.

Speaker 3 (31:13):
All right, we're sending Victoria out of the room while
Victoria leaves the studio. Kimberly, the game is played like this.
You have thirty seconds answer as many questions as possible.
If you don't know one, just say pass and you have.
Victoria has to beat you outright to win. Are you ready?

Speaker 4 (31:29):

Speaker 2 (31:30):
All right, let's get it. Your time starts now, what
is the capital city of Spain.

Speaker 5 (31:38):
Path which famous scientists developed the theory of gravity?

Speaker 2 (31:44):

Speaker 5 (31:45):
What is the name of the longest bone in the
human body? U? Who wrote to play Hamlet?

Speaker 14 (31:58):

Speaker 6 (31:58):

Speaker 2 (31:59):
What is the chemical say for helium?

Speaker 4 (32:03):
HD? All right?

Speaker 2 (32:04):
Got that in on time? We'll bring Victoria back. Where
did Victoria go?

Speaker 3 (32:07):
Okay, she's normally standing by the studio door window, and
then I looked up and she was gone over there.
Victoria's coming back in studio. Wow, sheets settled, Kimberly. What
would say something you would like the world to know
about you today?

Speaker 9 (32:24):
Well, I'm the sweetie of three no two be four
grand babies, three boys, one girl.

Speaker 14 (32:32):
Man. My girl is sugar and she had a birthday
yesterday she just turned four.

Speaker 2 (32:36):
Well, happy birthday, great age Victoria. Here we go.

Speaker 3 (32:44):
Thirty seconds to answer as many questions as possible. If
you don't know when, just say passed and you have
to beat Kimberly outright to win. Okay, are you ready?
I think so, Kimberly. Do you want to tell her
when to go.

Speaker 9 (32:56):

Speaker 4 (32:57):
What is the.

Speaker 5 (32:58):
Capital city of Spain Madrid, which famous scientists developed the
theory of gravity?

Speaker 6 (33:05):

Speaker 2 (33:06):
Newton. What is the name of the longest bone in
the human body? Oh? Longest? She's looking like bone? Who
wrote the play Hamlet? Oh? Shakespeare? What is the chemical
symbol for helium?

Speaker 5 (33:22):

Speaker 2 (33:22):
These chemical samples need to get out because I don't know.

Speaker 9 (33:25):
H e.

Speaker 2 (33:26):
What is the largest organ inside the human body? H
oh ah, live for now, small intestine?

Speaker 3 (33:35):
All right, got that in sort of on time. But
let's go to the scoreboard and see how you guys
did with our scoreboard.

Speaker 7 (33:41):
Producer Bread, Kimberly, you got three correct me, I get right.

Speaker 2 (33:46):
That's good correct.

Speaker 7 (33:48):
Most people average like one or two. Victoria got four. Wow,
this was a barn burner of a game. Yeah, five,
And she changed an answer.

Speaker 2 (34:03):
No, I crushed it today, Kimberly. She was on her
a game.

Speaker 3 (34:09):
And you also did a really good job. Unfortunately, you
don't get to spank producer Brad. That goes to that
honor goes to Victoria.

Speaker 2 (34:15):
Now, I'm gonna give that one up, thank you. I
get the bug from yesterday. You do still get flow
rided tickets for playing though.

Speaker 3 (34:23):
Okay, I know you sound pretty bummed that you don't
get to spank producer Brad.

Speaker 4 (34:27):
I get it.

Speaker 2 (34:28):
But sorry.

Speaker 5 (34:29):
Rules are rules, and let's get the answers now with Nina.
The capital city of Spain is Madrid. Isaac Newton is
famous for developing the theory of gravity. The femur is
the longest bone in the human body. William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet,
and the chemical symbol for helium is h E. But
the largest organ inside the human body is liver, not

the small and testing it.

Speaker 9 (34:52):
I feel like I heard at one point that, like
someone said the small intestine, and I was like, bro,
that's stupid, because like, why are you gonna say it's
small one. It's actually the large one that I guess
was a lie.

Speaker 2 (35:03):
Thank you for playing out there.

Speaker 14 (35:06):
Good job, Victoria. I First Date follow Up powered by
the Advocates Injury Attorneys online at Advocateslaw dot com.

Speaker 3 (35:16):
Jasmine is on the phone today for a first day
follow up and she's getting ghosted by a dude named Ryan.
So in a few minutes we're gonna call him see
if he'll tell us why he's ghosting her and maybe
get her another date if she still wants one. But first, Jasmine,
how long has it, vinceins you heard from Ryan?

Speaker 2 (35:30):
It's been a week, Okay, so have you reached out
to him? And that week? About how many times do.

Speaker 14 (35:35):
You think I've reached out to him?

Speaker 8 (35:38):

Speaker 14 (35:38):
Embarrassingly, probably over twenty times.

Speaker 2 (35:41):
Oh yeah, Okay, that's a lot. Don't be embarrassed.

Speaker 5 (35:44):
I mean, I mean I think that we can all
say that that ghosting is definitely happening here.

Speaker 2 (35:48):
Then yeah, unless he lost his phone?

Speaker 14 (35:51):
Yeah, both, Like who can survive without a phone nowadays?

Speaker 8 (35:55):

Speaker 2 (35:56):
What were the twenty texts or calls?

Speaker 6 (35:59):
Like? How?

Speaker 2 (36:00):
What did you say? Yeah?

Speaker 14 (36:02):
Well, I basically it was it was like more than
twenty calls and then just a text. I'd just been
kind of like I kind of just been kind of
writing paragraphs only because him and I basically met. We
spoke on this app and then before meeting, we were
just he was like hyping me up and just it

was almost like love bombing, to be honest, now that
I think about it, and now that I've spoken to
my friends on it, But he kind of promised me
a lot of things, and I guess I was just
being really vulnerable. But before we met, he was telling
me how pretty I was, and we were going to
go to this place and we're going to go to

that place, and then when I met him, he was
so incredible, so like everything I could even ask for
I checked off, Like I don't ever, I don't even
know if people have a check box list. I don't,
but if I were to have one, he's definitely that
that person. And he was witty, which is what I

loved so much. Yeah, when we met at the Stop
Bugs bar, and I was just super excited about everything.
He paid for the check of course, you know, like
any gentleman would.

Speaker 8 (37:18):
And yeah, I.

Speaker 14 (37:20):
Asked him if she was okay after that and absolutely nothing.
But before then, before we were the day, everything we're
just like so many checks.

Speaker 6 (37:29):
It was like a lot.

Speaker 14 (37:30):
Like I said, it was like love bombing. And then
we go on this date and it's the greatest time
of my life. And then I was like okay, Like
you know, I was going to wait to see if
he wanted to go ahead and give me a call,
because that's like what you do, but he took too long.
I was like, hey, like are you okay? And then

I was just like thanks for the night. And then
after that, I've just been like, what's going on?

Speaker 5 (37:57):
So while you're on the day at the restaurant, it
was so perfect, Like, can you tell us about that?
What were the conversations like, like what did you guys do?

Speaker 14 (38:05):
Yeah, so it was it was like NonStop like talks
about our future together. He was talking about he was
talking about going to like Papo, going to like like
meet his parents.

Speaker 5 (38:18):
That's super each Yeah, that is intent. I would wonder
what was going on. But also it'd be kind of
flaggy to hear somebody start talking that.

Speaker 2 (38:26):
Way so soon. Yeah, did you.

Speaker 5 (38:28):
Do or say anything on the date that may have
I don't know, altered the course of this marriage.

Speaker 14 (38:34):
I mean, I mean maybe I like appeared too eager
because he's like, yeah, like we'll meet like my parents.
I can't wait to show you like my grandparents too.
And I was just like maybe, like I said, like, yes,
too quick, that is a lot.

Speaker 2 (38:47):
Yeah, I mean to go that far right, Yeah.

Speaker 14 (38:49):
And then now I just think maybe he's like he
wasn't attracted to me or something, and maybe I should
have wanted to dress but I don't look basic. But
I was like I feel like I picked the perfect dress,
like you know, like when you ask your girlfriends when
you're going out, and I did. Yeah, Now I feel
kind of insecure and just not okay with the right
selection that I even ticked on my dress.

Speaker 2 (39:08):
Well, it might not be anything about you at all.

Speaker 5 (39:11):
I mean, I understand turning to yourself like what's wrong
with me and doing the superficial like clothing and stuff
like that, but there's a really good chance it has
nothing to do with any of that.

Speaker 14 (39:20):
But like, first date impressions are everything too, you know,
like when I like, when you wear like a red
dress that makes a big statement that maybe I should
have just formed that one, and I just I wore
a regular black dress, and I think that like a
guy probably in the first date wants like a red
statement piece dress.

Speaker 3 (39:38):
As a guy who's been on dates before, I don't
think I would care black or red as long as
you're wearing something well or not on where we meet.
But you know, I don't think, Yeah, I don't know
if the color of it, but hey, who knows.

Speaker 2 (39:53):
Everybody's different.

Speaker 14 (39:54):
Okay, Okay, place don't.

Speaker 3 (39:55):
Come back, get your first day follow up next if
you're just joining us for today's first date, fallow up.
Jasmine is on the phone and she's getting ghosted by Ryan,
so we're about to call him and see if he'll
tell us why he's a ghostinger and see if she
still wants another date after she hears the reason. But
things moved pretty quickly, Jasmine, give a real quick recap
for everybody who's just joining us on your situation with Ryan.

Speaker 14 (40:17):
Okay, so I feel like this isn't your regular like
ghost story. I mean, like this guy sent me flowers
before our date. He told me he wanted He told
me we wanted to travel together that I can meet
his parents, He paid for the bill. Everything was good,
good conversation, and now I absolutely haven't heard from him.

And it went from so many messages of flowers to
my door and now I don't even get a peep. Nothing.

Speaker 2 (40:47):
I would want to know. Yeah, I would definitely want
to know what's going on. All right, Well, you ready
for us to call him?

Speaker 14 (40:53):

Speaker 2 (40:54):
Here we go. Hell, I seek to Ryan. Please. This
is Ryan, Ryan, how are you?

Speaker 14 (41:10):

Speaker 2 (41:10):
My name is Jubil from a radio show called The
Jebel Show. Hi, Ryan, whole Show's here. I'm Nina. Hi,
I'm Victoria.

Speaker 14 (41:16):
Well, okay, what's up?

Speaker 2 (41:18):
Have you ever listened to the show before? I have?

Speaker 4 (41:22):

Speaker 2 (41:22):

Speaker 3 (41:24):
No, Ryan, we're calling you because you went on a
date with somebody and you haven't called them back. Okay,
So I'm not sure if you've ever heard a first
date follow up before, but that's the segment where if
you go out with someone and then ghost them, they
ask us to call you and ask why. So we
got an email about you from Jasmine. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

do you mind telling us about why you're ghosting Jasmine?

Speaker 17 (41:49):
Well, Jasmine's great, we have a really cool date. She
is attractive, lovely. But you know what I I've come
to learn about myself that I am.

Speaker 6 (42:03):
I have a lot of.

Speaker 17 (42:04):
Momentum in the romance department, and I need to cool
the jets more often. And so I have decided for myself,
no matter how good it's going. You know, as we're
texting and talking before him in the first five minutes irl,
if I don't feel something discernible spark, I got to
cut it off because I've gone down that road too

many times hoping that would come because everything else seems
so good, and then I'm months into a relationship. I want,
you know, I just I'm too much of a romantic
so I need I needed to draw Okay.

Speaker 14 (42:39):
Wait, I don't like Okay, hey, sorry, but it's kind
of really refreshing to even hear your voice. But at
the same time, now I'm kind of just like I'm
really just in shock and taken by everything. If you're
such a romantic and all of this stuff, wouldn't you
have been polite to just send me a text back
or call back and be polite, have you know, like

just and communicate let me know what's going on, instead
of just leaving me out in the dark like that.
That's really disrespectful. I honestly want to like curse your
head off right now, but like I'm not going to
just because I'm actually polite. I don't understand why you
couldn't have just sent a message. You can go ahead
and send flowers before, but you can't go ahead and

send a message after our lovely date that we had
because you didn't feel.

Speaker 3 (43:25):
As dark, right, And that's Jasmine's been. She's on the
phone and wants to talk to you.

Speaker 8 (43:31):
I got that.

Speaker 14 (43:33):
You're so much a romantic, Like what do you mean,
how are you such a romantic? I hope everybody knows
who this guy is and honestly doesn't want to do
with you, because you should be a little bit more upfront.
If you're a romantic, have common purtesty.

Speaker 5 (43:49):
My biggest question for you, Ryan, though, is what made
you want to buy somebody flowers before you met them
and talked about family and all those types of things,
and then like what changed in the moment where you
felt comfortable doing that and meeting her in real life?

Speaker 14 (44:04):
Well, that is such a coward move. Cannot even respond
back to me.

Speaker 17 (44:09):
I'm sorry, I'm just I'm also pretty non confrontational, and
I don't like ghosting, but it has become a fact
in our generation that that's just how people handle it.
So I thought it was better than me explaining all
this stuff to you about my rule.

Speaker 14 (44:23):
Yeah, but being romantic is being vulnerable and having courage
and all of that. So I don't even think that's
what you are. I think you're actually like a narcissist,
to be honest, if you're going to go ahead and
like this is like, honestly just unbelievable. You shouldn't love
bomb people like that. You shouldn't. You shouldn't do that.

Speaker 6 (44:39):
I wish you lucky.

Speaker 14 (44:41):
And somebody I think I hear it.

Speaker 17 (44:44):
Des I was embarrassed that I went so far before
we even met and so I just know your powerponder
like double back from that.

Speaker 14 (44:52):
Okay, yeah, well, I really hope you learned your lesson
and jo'll pull such a coward and move on the
next person that you try and find a spark with,
because I I couldn't mentally mess with people, like honestly,
like my friends aren't even enough now, Like having to
see a therapist after this is like where it's leading to,
Like it's a little ridiculous. You should like you can't
do that stuff. I'm trying to find the love of

my life here, the person that I'm supposed to be with.
I think that's what everybody's job is and that's what
they're trying to do. And you're going over here and
then just like, oh, let me just like fake your
tend and love bomb you and all this stuff and
then just like stop and not talk to you, Like
what are you doing with your life as a man?

Speaker 5 (45:28):
Okay, I'm sorry, I have to jump in again really quick, Jasmine.
You're right, you shouldn't be ghosting you and all that stuff.
And if you're in therapy, I think that that's wonderful,
but that's not entirely his fault.

Speaker 14 (45:40):
How I think that, like, what if you were in
my position? What if you were like ghosted like that.
I don't think you understand.

Speaker 5 (45:46):
No, actually I do. I completely understand. I have been
in your position. It's more about the relationship.

Speaker 2 (45:51):
I'm sure.

Speaker 14 (45:52):
I'm just kind of hurt right now in the situation.
And it's just like I didn't expect him to even answer.

Speaker 2 (45:57):
I get that. We'll just leave it there.

Speaker 17 (46:00):
Desmond, I want to be really clear. I think you're amazing.
I had a great time with you. It was it
was me after our date, processing this and realizing, you
know what, I had gone too far and I didn't
feel something that I wanted to feel before I proceeded,
and you deserved better communication about that. But that that
those are the facts, and I didn't want to lead
you on or any further whatever.

Speaker 2 (46:22):
Ryan, would you like to go on another date with Jasmine?
We'll pay for it.

Speaker 14 (46:25):
I would like to go on another date with you.

Speaker 6 (46:27):

Speaker 2 (46:27):
Oh wait, what you would?

Speaker 8 (46:30):

Speaker 17 (46:30):
I would, absolutely you would, Okay, Jasmine, Yeah, what we what?
I'm busy tonight. But I do have a friend who
I swear. I just I think you came to mind
when we went out.

Speaker 8 (46:45):
I think you guys. Actually I can put you in
tosh I swear.

Speaker 3 (46:48):
No really, okay, cool, all right, you guys, seems like
it worked out.

Speaker 8 (47:00):
They do all right. Cool Juble's first day fall.

Speaker 18 (47:04):
Remember when you made the excuse about that boy, like, oh,
he's not going to answer. He's at the bar, he's
with his friends. I just faced out my boyfriend at
midnight came and three of his friends answered, and then
they proceeded to ask about my cat's new leash. Okay,
his friends even know about my cat's new leash. So
I mean you should dump that stupid boy of yours
and get anyone and with friends that know about when
your cat gets a new leash.

Speaker 2 (47:25):
And that's my advice of the day. Okay, it's the
Jewel Show.

Speaker 3 (47:30):
And why are the police in the radio station lobby
right now looking to speak with one member of the show.
I didn't do anything, Victoria. For once, they're not here
to talk to me. It was nice they're looking for you,
Victoria because not running into cars in the parking garage

and on.

Speaker 9 (47:52):
Okay, run, that's not I thought about doing a hit
and run, but no, I didn't even hit the car.

Speaker 2 (47:59):
The other day after we all left work.

Speaker 3 (48:01):
Victoria sent a group chat message to all of us
and said, oh my gosh, I just hit a part car.

Speaker 2 (48:08):
I don't know what to do. What should I do?
I don't know why I sent that to you, guys.

Speaker 3 (48:13):
I don't know why I didn't. My response was, do
you have insurance? You were really concerned about this, though,
I was.

Speaker 9 (48:20):
It scared me because my license may or may not
have expired.

Speaker 2 (48:29):
I just was really scared.

Speaker 9 (48:30):
And I was in a really good mood when it happened, too,
because I was going home, going home, I was very happy.
I put my phone on the little dingle thing. It's
like a magnet. That sounds okay, car.

Speaker 2 (48:45):
I didn't know you had one.

Speaker 9 (48:47):
It's a magnet where my phone can connects you that way,
I don't have to keep it on my laps and
it flies everywhere.

Speaker 4 (48:51):

Speaker 9 (48:52):
And so I was hooking it up, but I took
my phone case off to do it. And I was
hooking it up, and I guess I just do it
automatically where I'll put my car in reverse. But I
guess my foot slipped off the break and so it
started rolling back and I just like hear a loud
sound and it scared the crap.

Speaker 13 (49:09):
Out of me.

Speaker 2 (49:10):
It's like, oh my god, what did I do?

Speaker 9 (49:12):
And I was also looking on my side mirror at
Brad's bike that's in the parking garage.

Speaker 7 (49:17):
And thinking, I almost have nothing to do with you
hitting a car on the plane, just because my motorcycle
is mirror your car, has nothing to do with you
backing into something else.

Speaker 9 (49:25):
Well, my attention was on the motorcycle, but anyways, as
it should be. So then okay, I freaked out and
I pulled forward a little bit just to hurry up
and go look at the other car.

Speaker 2 (49:34):
And while I was doing this, also some guy.

Speaker 9 (49:37):
Came out of the elevator and just gave me the
worst look, like, wow, idiot, by some guy, you mean witness. No, okay,
I mean I got it first off, And so then
I I drive in a little bit closer that way
the guy could leave because he obviously wasn't gonna help me,
because he got in his car and was ready to leave,
and he gave like the car that I hit and
up and down and nothing happened to it.

Speaker 2 (49:57):
I looked there was no damage.

Speaker 9 (49:58):
I was really scared, but I couldn't call anyone because
there's no service in that freaking garage, so that I
leave to call my dad and text you, guys. I
don't know why I texted y'all. Y'all give me no
advice and we're so unhelpful.

Speaker 7 (50:11):
Point of order in this court case of bread, she
says there's no damage. She included a picture of the
damage and text message.

Speaker 2 (50:20):
There was a point it looked like there was damage
on the car. There wasn't damage. There was just a
little a little it looked like there was a hole.
And oh it was not a hole.

Speaker 5 (50:29):
I don't think that your car could have done that. Therefore,
I believe that the hole already existed and you just
tapped the bumper. Honestly, the picture doesn't look like anything
happened to it. Okay, that scared me.

Speaker 14 (50:38):
I go better.

Speaker 2 (50:39):
She left a note for the person.

Speaker 9 (50:41):
Yeah, So then I drove back to my dad's like, libatoria,
you left, and I was like, well.

Speaker 2 (50:44):
I couldn't call you. I should have left, like leave
a note.

Speaker 9 (50:50):
And I was like, but I'm scared, and so many
go back right now and leave a note. So then
I went back and I left a note and said hi,
I'm so sorry.

Speaker 2 (50:58):
I may have rolled I can hit your car.

Speaker 9 (51:00):
I see no damage, but if you need anything, here's
my number. I'm so so sorry again, and I haven't
heard anything back, and I'm so happy.

Speaker 5 (51:08):
I was kind of afraid you were gonna get scammed,
because if you give somebody your number like that, it's like,
oh my gosh. He could have taken a baseball back
to his car and went whack. This girl hit my car.
But I take a picture of one side.

Speaker 3 (51:19):
Oh, Victoria's was barking in a different spot now and
a whole different floor.

Speaker 9 (51:25):
I'm so scared to park back down there. I did
look yesterday though, and he wasn't there.

Speaker 2 (51:28):
Like when I was leaving.

Speaker 12 (51:30):
He found a way to get his car towed. I'm
searching for you to destroy the evidence. What if it
was the universe bringing you to your man and you
just escaped. Absolutely I had missed it. I don't want
that to be the way he brings me to my fan.
I will run, I.

Speaker 2 (51:44):
Will sprint speed deeming down the road. Absolutely not all right,
thought we can't.

Speaker 9 (51:50):
I just said that gave me the whole situation, just
gave me too much anxiety. And I was so sad,
and that was already I had already taken my ADHD medicine,
which they recommend for you not to drive with it.

Speaker 7 (52:01):
Okay, so we haven't expired, Like, I don't know why
they do that anyway, justice to help you not get distracted.

Speaker 3 (52:08):
Unless you've taken this, don't drive because I want to
get distracted, so please, I want to take your out
all then drive so that you can pay attention.

Speaker 2 (52:15):
There's what's going on in my head. And I was like,
oh my god, wife's gonna happen to me. I'm gonna
go to jail. I'm not gonna have a job anymore.
So many things were going through my head. I mean,
you are allowed to drive on adall though, right, yeah,
it just recommends you not to. Okay.

Speaker 3 (52:32):
The sheer panic in your text messages though, after I
saw a car accident or hit a car, and I
was like expecting to open it up in the picture
and just be wreckage everywhere, and I was like, just
it looks like a scuff bumper.

Speaker 2 (52:46):
What You're good?

Speaker 9 (52:48):
That was not helpful, and it was like, well do
you have insurance? And my response was first, I don't
know why I made a joke, but I was like no,
I got rid of my car insurance so I can
get insurance from my cat as a joke, and then
immediately was like, this is not the time for a
joke to Troy, you need to be serious.

Speaker 3 (53:01):
And all I saw was that because I stopped looking
at the text mystaf after that, I'm like, whatever, she's fine.
But I did see that part, and I was like,
I don't know if that's a Jongerner. You actually did
get rid of your car insurance, you get cat insurance.

Speaker 2 (53:14):
This is one percent of decision, Victoria would.

Speaker 3 (53:16):
Make definitely Whi's why I mentioned it, but go me
so nothing yet they haven't No.

Speaker 2 (53:22):
They haven't called.

Speaker 9 (53:23):
But I also when I checked, I made sure that
the car wasn't still there, because I was worried that
maybe the guy like on slept here, took an uber
home or something like that happened because he.

Speaker 2 (53:30):
Ruined his car. Where did you go, Victoria, No, he
leaves his car here.

Speaker 3 (53:36):
There has to be he walks down and his bumper's
got a scuff on. He's like, well, I can't drive now,
I've got to sleep in the parking lot.

Speaker 2 (53:43):
I don't know. I don't really that It's okay.

Speaker 9 (53:46):
I'm glad to report his car was not he here,
which means he saw the note and chose not to text.

Speaker 2 (53:53):
Me like, which means he's talking to lawyers. No that
that's gonna hang over your head until this person.

Speaker 3 (54:00):
Out No, or he just threw it away, and it's like, idiot,
if Victoria hit your car, please reach out to us. Sexton, No,
I'm so sorry. Bad time for Nina's what's trending. Kim
Kardashian is getting sued.

Speaker 5 (54:12):
Oh yeah, and it has nothing to do with actually
any of her skims or anything like that. It's over
furniture that she has in her office. So back in
twenty twenty two, she released a video basically giving.

Speaker 2 (54:22):
Us a tour of this is what the inside of
my office looks like.

Speaker 5 (54:25):
It's all beige, and there was a table and chair
in there that she said were Donald Judd tables. Now,
apparently Donald Judd is a big deal in the furniture
in art world, and he passed away in ninety four.
So there's this foundation called the jud Foundation that's mission
is to make sure that nobody, you know, says anything
bad about him and they keep his name as honest as.

Speaker 2 (54:44):
It should be.

Speaker 5 (54:45):
So they see this video and they're like, hold on,
those are not Donald Judd chairs and tables. Those are knockoffs,
so this is false, so we're gonna sue. So now
they're suing Kim and the store that originally sold her
these quote unquote Donald jud knock off I don't know,
alleged yeah furniture. So they're saying that they knew that

it wasn't Donald Judd, and they're saying that Kim made
a mistake. And Kim's publicist actually came out and said
we're sorry, and they in the caption of the video
changed it and said turns out these aren't Donald Judd.
But that didn't stop them. What they want him to
do is make a full blown video and say I'm sorry,
these are not Donald Judd. Whatever is not Donald jud furniture.
And they even offered to give her legit Donald Judd

furniture at a discount to do that video, show off
the real deal and then call it good. But since then,
I guess nobody's really paying attention to them, and they're
pleased to try to make Donald Judd's legacy proper, so
they're all giving sued.

Speaker 2 (55:46):
Now that's so weird.

Speaker 3 (55:47):
That's a weird lawsuit to me and just ask her
to go back and correct yourself on the furniture. I
doubt that many people that following her are like, is
that real Donald Judd?

Speaker 2 (55:58):
I don't believe that. I mean, I heard of a
gentleman named Donald Judd. Me too, because probably we can't
afford Donald Judd.

Speaker 5 (56:04):
Donald jud His table's retail for ninety thousand dollars and
his chair retails for nine thousand dollars.

Speaker 3 (56:11):
I like furniture, and I do pay attention to like furniture,
new furniture, sores. And there's some designers that I know.
I've never heard of them before, probably out of my
private a lot of Yeah, there is one guy Ikia
who is so good.

Speaker 5 (56:22):
Are you familiar?

Speaker 2 (56:25):
Yeah that designer? Yeah, Swedish dude. Right, yeah, what really?
I didn't know.

Speaker 5 (56:32):
That's so we'll wait and see how that plays out.
Furniture for Kim as long as she makes the video.

Speaker 2 (56:40):
This table is literally a regular table.

Speaker 5 (56:43):
Yeah, those tables are This table very minimal list, I
guess minimalist is that the style?

Speaker 1 (56:49):
You know?

Speaker 2 (56:49):
It's like kind of.

Speaker 3 (56:49):
Ageus Actually did have a dining table like that once
and I got it at ikea, Well, you.

Speaker 11 (56:56):
Better not call Donald.

Speaker 2 (56:58):
You're gonna get your soul take it.

Speaker 3 (57:00):
But it was a good table. Everybody came to my
house was like, that's a beautiful table. I was like, yeah,
I got it.

Speaker 2 (57:03):
I kid. They're like what I guess saw things like that.

Speaker 3 (57:05):
I was like, I don't know if I got the
last one or not.

Speaker 2 (57:08):
It's knocked off.

Speaker 5 (57:09):
But so Twitch is changing its policy to deal with
the new butt streaming trend. So if you're a butt streamer,
just know that that's now going away.

Speaker 2 (57:19):
So what is that? And why am I not one
of those? What money have I missed out?

Speaker 5 (57:27):
Twitch has recently revised its policy again to disallow prolonged
periods of content that focuses on intimate body parts. But
the way that these streamers are getting around it is
they're making the body parts the background and then projecting
the gaming onto the body parts. So there's a big
butt behind them and then on the butt. It's almost
like it's one of those the green screen no, no, yeah,

green screen or projector backed things.

Speaker 2 (57:51):
So so what were they doing before?

Speaker 3 (57:54):
Were they like projecting the screen on their butt while
they play?

Speaker 9 (57:58):
I would say, isn't that annoying? Because then you can't
see the game that they're playing.

Speaker 4 (58:01):
But that what to do.

Speaker 2 (58:02):
I don't think that's what it's about.

Speaker 5 (58:03):
It's actually about the butt stream, because the butt stream
was the trend and now Twitch is trying to squash it.
And so that was their work around because we just
had to request them to stop showing body parts multiple
times over the past few months. So this is the
fourth policy change, and now we're going to see how
long it takes the Twitch streamers to get around this
button slain grand.

Speaker 3 (58:22):
Theft autom would be fun if you were but streaming
could try to drive, like not drive into crack.

Speaker 2 (58:26):
Yeah over it? Really, you know, you're right any game? Yeah,
that's a fun challenge.

Speaker 5 (58:37):
Yeah, well you go ahead and get on Twitch.

Speaker 6 (58:43):
All right.

Speaker 5 (58:44):
Lastly, I'll leave you with this massage therapists may be
replaced by robots. But there's a New York City SPA
that has got this new robot and it apparently has
like real feeling hands and stuff, and so now they
can get twice as much work done in thirty minutes
and it's only dollars.

Speaker 2 (59:02):
Twice as much work in thirty one. They just go
faster to get out, get it out, get out next customer.
I see, that's cool. I think there's a real fan.

Speaker 3 (59:19):
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.

Speaker 2 (59:23):
Just it's super family. Is not even a good massage.
Apparently it's quite incredible. So that exists.

Speaker 5 (59:28):
Now. The place is called Escape if you're interested. But
that's what's trending.

Speaker 8 (59:32):
Jewbles dirty little secret?

Speaker 2 (59:34):
Hello, Yes, hey, what's up? You have a dirty little secret?

Speaker 8 (59:39):
Yes I do.

Speaker 15 (59:40):
My dirty little secret is my ad judgment would every
year when get our taxes returns, she would always plan
for them and use the money and we never.

Speaker 8 (59:52):
Get to plane a vacation or do anything.

Speaker 4 (59:54):
With the money.

Speaker 15 (59:55):
So when I started running a business I am or
was a manager, I started taking my own taxes out
of my check and just use the deduction of so
high that I would get.

Speaker 8 (01:00:07):
No taxes taken out.

Speaker 15 (01:00:09):
So every year our taxes would get lower and lower
in refunds. And he never knew why, but I always
had money for vacation.

Speaker 2 (01:00:19):
That's awesome. You just really got to look out for yourself.
I don't want the govern your money for a year, exactly.

Speaker 3 (01:00:27):
I'm glad you got some vacations out of what was
the best vacation. He went on with the money.

Speaker 8 (01:00:31):
We've been We had a.

Speaker 15 (01:00:32):
Girl's trip to Saint Louis. We did we did the park,
we did the mall. There was I think a baseball game.
I mean we had a really good time.

Speaker 3 (01:00:45):
Well that's awesome. Thank you for telling us your dirty
little secret. And for the tax tip.

Speaker 8 (01:00:49):
Yes, yes, hired the deduction unless they take out. Are
you up a great days by?

Speaker 2 (01:00:57):
Hello? Hey, hey you have a dirty little secret. Yeah
I do. Sweet? What is it?

Speaker 6 (01:01:04):

Speaker 13 (01:01:04):
About eighteen years ago, my current wife we were dating
at the time, getting ready to get engaged, but her
roommate was her brother's fiance. He was in the military
and he was overseas and she was a virgin, and
they had been together a couple of times. But she
was concerned that she wasn't going to be able to
properly please him. So, being the nice guy that I am,

I said, hey, we can practice.

Speaker 8 (01:01:29):
You know, I have to make certain your your will.

Speaker 13 (01:01:33):
Experience still went on for about four to six months.
That you know, as a proper human being that I am,
that I practiced with her to make certain that she
engaged in sexual activity.

Speaker 2 (01:01:44):
And oh, so you were a teacher basically.

Speaker 13 (01:01:46):
Yes, yes, I wanted to make certain she was well
suited for her boyfriend fiance later when he came back
to the United States.

Speaker 2 (01:01:53):
That's nice of you.

Speaker 8 (01:01:56):
It's the little things that I do.

Speaker 2 (01:01:58):
Yeah, So she's your wife now?

Speaker 13 (01:02:00):
No no, no, no, my girlfriend is my wife now.

Speaker 2 (01:02:04):
My girlfriend at the time is now his wife. She
was the roommate of the girlfriend O cheating situation.

Speaker 8 (01:02:11):
Yes too, she was my wife's brother girlfriend.

Speaker 2 (01:02:16):
Wow. Okay, I got it. Wow. And you're probably never
going to tell that dirty little secret to.

Speaker 8 (01:02:20):
Him never ever, it doesn't even exist beyond this.

Speaker 2 (01:02:26):
Well, thank you for telling us your dirty little secret.
Take care of what's your dirty little secret.
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