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April 5, 2024 56 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
No tea, no hate, no shade to the people who
have a routine after their nine to five, like they're
five to nine after the nine to five.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Hell are you doing it?

Speaker 1 (00:08):
I come home from my nine to four and I'm
angry and I'm overstimulated by the traffic. And you know
what's even worse, I'm starving.

Speaker 2 (00:16):
I'm angry, and I'm.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
Seeing these tiktoks and people like just they go to
the gym, they work out. I'm home and I'm ravenous,
and then after I eat, I just I've got a bit.
And I'll see people like go to the supermarkets and
like go grocery shopping at night, and like you come
home and make dinner. I will hit someone with my
trolley and I'll smack it in my basket.

Speaker 2 (00:35):
Fac to go shopping up I work. It's the jubile show.
I feel that man.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
Planning though, now it is just how picky are you
when it comes to dating. Some people are very very
specific on what they want, and others are like do
they have a pulse?

Speaker 2 (00:54):

Speaker 3 (00:55):
Well, scientists took the time to reveal what your chances
of meeting someone are based on how picky you are.

Speaker 2 (01:02):
So let's go over some of it.

Speaker 3 (01:03):
For somebody who's not picky, not too picky, and just
wants to date a man between the ages of twenty
five and fifty with a bachelor's degree, thirty six percent
of men meet that standard.

Speaker 4 (01:14):
What between twenty five and fifty, twenty five and fifty
with a bachelor's degree thirty six percent of men?

Speaker 2 (01:20):
Only thirty six percent.

Speaker 3 (01:21):
Though, Okay, wow, that's fifty nine million eligible guys.

Speaker 2 (01:25):
That doesn't incluse the ones that are already married, though.

Speaker 4 (01:27):
I know that pie just got richly tall.

Speaker 3 (01:34):
Somebody who wants to be a little more selective and
wants to date a man between twenty five and thirty
five who doesn't smoke, isn't married or obese, is at
least six feet tall. That's pretty specific on height and
makes at least seventy thousand dollars a year, also has
a bachelor's degree and wants kids.

Speaker 2 (01:52):
Yeah, that's pretty specific. Also pretty normal. I was gonna say, like,
I like all the so do.

Speaker 3 (01:58):
If that's what you're looking looking for, point one sixty
two percent of the population. That's two hundred and sixty
seven thousand men to choose from. So what you know,
what think of all the people that you see on
dating apps, you're probably not even seeing one of those.

Speaker 4 (02:15):
Normal so hard every time we tell you how hard
it is in these streets, and everybody that's listening to
this right now is like, now I get it, because yeah,
you just have to accept it and just live right
and then you go track the good things.

Speaker 2 (02:28):
Just you know, let's keep going.

Speaker 3 (02:31):
Another staff from this scientist broke down how many people
you have to choose from the dating pool based on
how specific you are. If you want to date a
woman between the ages of twenty five and thirty five
who doesn't smoke, isn't obese, is at least five feet tall,
and has a salary of seventy thousand dollars minimum, has
a bachelor's degree, and wants kids, you're looking at point

sixty eight of American women to choose from. That's just
a little over one point one million. Well, obviously there's more.

Speaker 5 (03:00):
I'm thinking if you can work with me on the
pay everything else, I'm right here.

Speaker 3 (03:05):

Speaker 2 (03:06):
Are you five foot I'm five foot three, Oh my best. Seriously,
I don't know, Nina, what do you look for when
you look for it? For a dude? Are you specific
about your tastes.

Speaker 4 (03:15):
Yes, because when I wasn't specific, people like you know,
when you get advice from everybody, they're like, you're doing
it all wrong. You need to make a list and
you need to write down all of the things that
you want and then that way you put it out
in the universe, and that way it can come to you,
because if you're not specific, then you can't attract it. So, yes,
I'm looking for somebody according to these stats that makes
at least seventy thousand dollars, that has a good relationship

with his baby mom if he has kids or is
open to kids because I said I want to be a.

Speaker 2 (03:43):
Stepway, Oh you did.

Speaker 4 (03:44):
And then also that has other hobbies, that's funny, that
also can hold a conversation that is confident but not arrogant.
Like there's a whole bunch of things that go on.
So apparently I'm at like point zero zero zero whatever
chances of finding my person.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
What are all of those like deal breakers to you?

Speaker 5 (04:02):
Like if let's say they're not funny, or like let's
say they don't really get along with the baby mama, Like,
is that a full deal breaker for you?

Speaker 4 (04:09):
Or will you give the benefit of doubt wasn't before,
but until all of the costs of my therapy bills
went up.

Speaker 2 (04:15):
It is now. What is one absolute deal breaker for you, Nina?

Speaker 6 (04:20):

Speaker 2 (04:21):
Deal breaker? Like if you went on a date with
a dude and you sat down he was like, what's
up reading it?

Speaker 3 (04:29):
And then they told you I don't know, what can
they tell you? Where you'd be like all right, yeah,
I'm not going to continue that.

Speaker 7 (04:34):

Speaker 2 (04:34):
There are so many things they could tell me a lot. Well,
I my steak. I like eating steak. I might say
for those two things, Okay, okay.

Speaker 4 (04:44):
If you're like, yeah, I'm super I don't know if
you're super bosetful, I hate it, Like it's an immediate
turn off to me.

Speaker 3 (04:51):
So if it was like, yeah, I cooked the best steak,
and I can eat the most steak out of anybody
that I know, and I'm the hottest of everybody that
you notice how hot I am across the table form
like everybody else behind me doesn't as hot as me.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
Hoh, yeah, I hate that.

Speaker 4 (05:04):
Really, I say that, tell me I'm hot, don't tell
me yours.

Speaker 2 (05:08):
I feel like guys, I feel like there are some
guys that say that we do talk about how good
they make steak. That is a real topic. That is
a real topic. Yes, that's why it's hard in these
And by the way, I make the best stick out
of anybody I know. So, see, Victoria, are you specific
with your dating needs?

Speaker 5 (05:25):
I thought for the longest time no, But now that
I'm matching with guys and will immediately be like no, no, no,
I think I am, but just because I know kind
of what I want. Okay, the most part, Well, first off,
you have to make me laugh. If we're having a
conversation and you can't even take a joke or like,
you can't give me a joke, what am I doing?

Speaker 2 (05:44):
I am bored, sir.

Speaker 8 (05:45):

Speaker 3 (05:45):
So if you made a joke on a date and
they were like huh, and then.

Speaker 8 (05:48):
I'd be like, well, this is awesome.

Speaker 2 (05:50):
It's gonna go yea, I know that sucks.

Speaker 4 (05:51):
Actually, if you can't at least pretend to get my humor.
Plus you're funny, Victoria, so that they're not laughing, that's
a problem.

Speaker 8 (05:59):
Yeah, at least pretend.

Speaker 2 (06:00):
There are a lot of not funny dudes out there.
Huh yep.

Speaker 3 (06:02):
Okay, And I only say that because I am a
funny guy, right and so, and that's not me bragging
about it, that's just there's no my skill set and
so many day and dating I've been told so many
times how different that is than most guys.

Speaker 2 (06:16):
And I'm like, why do you think that is? Because
most dudes, I know it pretty funny.

Speaker 4 (06:20):
Yeah, but that's like you are who your friends are.
I do have to say, though, there's a new curve
ball in my dating world because I've been out there lately.
I've been going on a lot of first dates and
for some reason, all of these people are fans of Jubil,
And so now when people start asking me, one of
the majority of my conversation on my date is spent
talking about you, Jubel. Yeah, that is a little bit

of a flag. Like, while I think it's cute and
all of that, like you just want to be friends
with Jubil, Like.

Speaker 2 (06:49):
Why do you tell them?

Speaker 9 (06:50):
They already know?

Speaker 2 (06:51):
Oh you do, right? Yeah, I mean I mean they know.
I tell people.

Speaker 5 (06:55):
I don't even, Like I work on the smallest show possible.
You don't, you'd never hear of it. And I don't
even I tell him, I just help in the background.
Did you tell him that I know how to make
a great stake.

Speaker 2 (07:03):
Yeah, I will next time. And then it's ever funny.
Oh great, it's another jewbile phone frame.

Speaker 9 (07:10):
Mornings on the twenties.

Speaker 10 (07:19):

Speaker 3 (07:20):
Hi, my name is Pete Eakins and I'm the assistant
to the principal here at Elementary, and I was looking
for Timothy's mommy.

Speaker 8 (07:27):
Uh, this is her.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
Okay, Hi, Kate again.

Speaker 3 (07:31):
My name is Pete Eagans, assistant at the principal here
at Elementary, and I needed to call you and have
a conversation about your son.

Speaker 8 (07:39):
Okay, what's going on.

Speaker 2 (07:41):
Well, we had a little bit of an issue that
I need to make you aware of.

Speaker 3 (07:46):
Okay, So every once in a while I'll fill in
and i'll sit in classrooms and make sure that the
teachers are doing a good job. And I noticed something
quite alarming the other.

Speaker 11 (07:55):
Day from Timothy.

Speaker 3 (07:58):
Yes, okay, Well, the other day Timothy was in class
and he pulled out some fruit snacks.

Speaker 11 (08:08):
Okay, I don't do the issue.

Speaker 3 (08:11):
Well, I was shocked that he only brought enough for himself. So,
as you know, if you're going to bring snacks and
you need to bring enough for.

Speaker 11 (08:18):
Everybody, I'm great. I'm confused about what the problem is
because we pack him snacks for himself.

Speaker 3 (08:28):
For snack nine, right, yeah, yeah, No, this is elementary
school and he's in fifth grade. Right, yes, he's in
fifth grade. He's been and one thing we are very
clear about here is if you're going to bring snacks,
you need to bring enough for the whole class.

Speaker 11 (08:45):
I'm sorry. He's been bringing snacks since the beginning of
school and this has never been an issue. It's actually
been inferred by his teacher brings snacks. I don't want
my kid to be hungry in the school day.

Speaker 3 (08:55):
Well, I will have a conversation with his teacher then, okay,
And so what I did, just to let you know
this last week, what I've been doing is I've been
going by the class and I've been confiscating his snacks
and I've been eating them in front of everybody. What, yes,
just to let him know how it feels for the
other students when he eats his snacks in front of
them and they didn't bring any, didn't bring enough.

Speaker 11 (09:15):
For Okay, but no, but I'm sorry, Pete, that's what
you said. Your name was, so in the morning instead
of doing I don't know, maybe your job. You just
go into my son's bought thrill m and then take
his snacks from.

Speaker 12 (09:29):
Him mm hmmm in the front of the classroom and.

Speaker 11 (09:31):
Heat the snacks in front of him and everyone else.

Speaker 12 (09:34):
I take his bag from their education.

Speaker 2 (09:36):
Yes, I take his froot snacks.

Speaker 3 (09:37):
I hold it up in front of the classroom and
I say, look, everybody, little Timothy didn't bring enough for
all of us. Again, And this is how it feels
when that happens. And I sit down in a desk
in front of them, and I slowly eat his fruit snacks.
It takes me about forty five minutes, but I think
it's a very good point I'm making.

Speaker 11 (09:51):
That's I'm so you're sitting there for forty five.

Speaker 2 (09:58):
Minutes, yep, with a knife and fork, slowly beating the.

Speaker 11 (10:01):
Fruit snacks in front of all of these kids. Yes, okay,
so I'm you're taking the fruit snacks. And then you
said that you're bringing a fort at night.

Speaker 3 (10:08):
Yes, I bring in cutlery. I bring in cutlery. I said,
a little tablecloth over the desk. I put a plate down.
So it's really a good presentation.

Speaker 11 (10:17):
Bizarre. I'm going to call the principal. I'm going to
call the superintendent. I'm going to call the district head.
I'm going to call the teacher. I'm going to call
all the other parents in this classroom with Timothy and
tell them that you're doing.

Speaker 3 (10:27):
Well good because they should all know as well. They
should all know as well. I think we should definitely
make an example ogre Timothy for this.

Speaker 11 (10:33):
I am not doing this to protect Timothy. I'm doing
this so that everyone else knows that you are a
sixth psycho weirdo and taking away from these kids' education,
wasting their time, feeling their snacks. Who do you think
you are?

Speaker 3 (10:47):
Like I said, I'm the assistant to the principle here
elementary school.

Speaker 11 (10:51):
You're okay, you're not even the assistant principal. You are
the assistant to the principal. You're good luck, E've been
getting a job, So bye bye your title of assistant principle.
You're not even going to be able to get a
job as a custodian at any school. Okay, well no, actually,
so you won't even be able to be the assistant
to be a custodian at the school.

Speaker 3 (11:12):
And you freak Okay, well, then I'll let you know
that this is actually Jubil from the Jewel Show doing
a phone brank on you and your husband Tom set
you up?

Speaker 9 (11:19):
Wait home, Wait is it Joe?

Speaker 8 (11:22):

Speaker 2 (11:23):
This was Yes, your husband wanted to mess.

Speaker 11 (11:25):
With you, Timothy fruit snack as.

Speaker 2 (11:29):
Far as I know. Yeah, but now I want some
fruit snacks.

Speaker 11 (11:32):
Oh my gosh, it's going to take me a minute
to recover.

Speaker 2 (11:39):
Wake up every morning with jewble phone dranks.

Speaker 4 (11:41):
It's time for Nina's what's trending? If you buy produce
at Walmart, they.

Speaker 2 (11:45):
Owe you money.

Speaker 4 (11:47):
Ah dang really so Walmart is paying forty five million
dollars to settle a class action lawsuit that is alleging
that they had overcharged customers for weighted foods like fruits
and vegetables and poultry and seafood or whatever and check out.
So now each person can get anywhere from ten to
twenty five dollars. Oh if you make a claim online.
And this goes back five years. So if you shopped

and bought any of those things from October of twenty
eighteen until this past January, you are eligible for your
ten to twenty five dollars or.

Speaker 3 (12:18):
Some stuff at Walmart. Yeah, looks like I'm gonna be
rolling in. You better go with that piece online.

Speaker 2 (12:23):
I do right now. Online. You're welcome. Are you ready
for the bend and Snap to come back?

Speaker 7 (12:31):

Speaker 2 (12:31):
What is that from you? You know that reference. I'm
so proud of you. I know it. I just can't
think end and Snap? What is it from Legally Blonde?

Speaker 4 (12:39):

Speaker 2 (12:39):
That's right, legally Blonde.

Speaker 4 (12:41):
So Reese Witherspoon and her Hello Sunshine production company. I
love that are bringing Legally Blonde the TV series to us.
It's in the very early stages of development, but they're
working with Amazon and MGM Studios, and that's what it's
going to be. I mean, it's not going to be Reese.
It's probably going to be somebody else, but with a
similar plot line. I don't know if she goes to

Harvard too, But I'm just trying to think how that's
gonna play out. Yeah, that movie was so iconic. It's
one of those that it's like, it's hard to remake,
but it show is kind of different, So I think
it would be totally different, like a legal drama around
the lawn chick.

Speaker 13 (13:18):
That's probably how they described it.

Speaker 4 (13:22):
And did you have your breakfast this morning? I hope
it was toast because it's healthier than regular bread. So
there's a doctor in the UK that is going viral
after he made a video explaining that toasting white bread
makes it healthier because it causes retrograded starch to form,
which makes it lower on the glycemic index. So if
you're gonna eat white bread, toast it because that kills

all the bacteria because it makes it lower on the
glycymic can guess I don't know what.

Speaker 3 (13:49):
Who's just eating white bread? I guess you'd making make
a sandwich. Okay, yeah, I was picturing something just eating
white bread.

Speaker 2 (13:56):
I mean born When I was a kid, wonderbread was
my jam.

Speaker 4 (13:59):
Yeah, you taking you roll it up into little balls,
and you've got little balls of what is good?

Speaker 2 (14:03):
It is good.

Speaker 4 (14:03):
I guess I would do that for breakfast. Never mind anymore,
but back then I sure did. Maybe a little peanut
butter too. But that's what's trending.

Speaker 2 (14:11):
It's time to Catch a Cheater Only on.

Speaker 3 (14:15):
The Jubile Show, Phoebe is on the phone today for
to Catch a Cheater. She thinks that her fiance Rory
might be messing around, so she definitely wants to find
out if he is or isn't before they get married.
They've been to there for five years. I guess, phoebe
what's going on?

Speaker 14 (14:30):
Hey, Yeah, so I've been with my now fiance for
five years.

Speaker 8 (14:37):
I love him very much and I trust him, and
you know, like.

Speaker 14 (14:40):
Any long terms staying, their abs and flows, and I
think that's natural. But lately we're in more of a
disconnected phase and it feels a little bit different this time.

Speaker 2 (14:52):
Okay, we have.

Speaker 14 (14:54):
A lot going on, I will say, like we're trying
to find a new place because our lease is up
and we have kind of a cranky landlord, so we're
trying to move on. And we both work a lot,
and he has been working on like a special project recently,
so he's been working like eighty plus hours a week. Yeah,
so we bare we see each other, which is definitely

putting strain on the connection. And then he has this
boss named Emily. She just texts him calls him constantly,
like twenty four hours a day, pretty much like outside
of work hours for work related stuff. But he constantly
is talking to her, and it really feels like she

kind of comes first, like if we're spending time together
and she texts him or calls him for a work thing.
He's like immediately at her backing calls and like a
couple of happy hours and work things. But I came
with him too. I feel like she once she has
a couple of drinks, she was like very touchy with him,
and that makes me a little bit uncomfortable for sure, right,

And he doesn't team to like he's just been kind
of oblivious to all of this, Like he doesn't seem
to notice. But this is weird for me, which is
kind of a concerning part.

Speaker 8 (16:08):
Like I said, I.

Speaker 14 (16:09):
Trust him a lot, but I'm just this feels a
lot different than it has before.

Speaker 2 (16:14):
Have you asked him specifically if he's messing around his boss?

Speaker 15 (16:19):
I haven't.

Speaker 14 (16:20):
I just I do feel kind of bad for even
suspecting him, And it just feels like an awkward thing
to bring up because I don't want to seem like
the crazy, you know, fiance who's reading into something. But yeah,
I haven't asked direct week and I've just been observing.

Speaker 4 (16:34):
I definitely don't think you sound crazy, But I wonder
if you would be as concerned if his boss was
a man. You know, do you really think there's a
connection here or is it just the phone was ringing
all the time and your boss is calling.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
Chances are you going to answer if your money's attached
to it.

Speaker 9 (16:50):
That's true.

Speaker 4 (16:50):
I don't like the handsy part, though. You have very
valid point there. Do you know if she's in a relationship,
is she single?

Speaker 8 (16:57):
I have no idea. I have no idea.

Speaker 3 (16:59):
Honestly, we'll try to figure it out for you. You
already told us what grocery store he's a rewards card
member at. So we'll call and pretend to be from
the grocery store and say that every single month, we
choose one rewards card at random who gets free flowers
delivered from our floral department. We'll see v senzos to
you or to somebody else. Okay, okay, all right, well
play us on, come back, and then get you to
catch cheater next if you're just joining us for Today's

to Catch a Cheater. Phoebe is on the phone and
she thinks that her fiance named Rory might be cheating
on her. We're about to call him and pretend to
be from the grocery store that he's a rewards card
member at, and say that he's won free flowers delivered
from our floral apartment, just our way of saying thank
you for shopping. It will seeve Senzos to his fiance
Phoebe or to somebody else. And before we do that, Phoebe,
why don't you refresh everybody's memory on your situation.

Speaker 8 (17:42):

Speaker 14 (17:42):
So I've been with my now fiance for about five years,
and recently we haven't been seeing much of each other,
and she has been getting a lot of out of ours,
out of business hours calls and text from his golf
who is the woman named Emily, at a cup well
like work events. I felt as the fiance that she

was a little touchy with him when she'd had a
few drinks, which kind of alerted me. And then recently,
it was late at night and we were just hanging
out at home and he got a text from her
and said that he had to go call her about
a work thing, and then he ended up having to
meet up with her and came home like really late
and really.

Speaker 8 (18:22):
Drunk, which is not like him.

Speaker 3 (18:24):
So yeah, I mean that's kind of strange. I mean
it's super strange. Are you ready for us to call
and see if he is or isn't cheating?

Speaker 8 (18:32):
Yeah, I let's do it.

Speaker 2 (18:33):
All right, here we go. Hello, Hi, this is Jordan
calling from I was looking for uh Rory.

Speaker 9 (18:52):
This is he whom I sing with Rory.

Speaker 2 (18:55):
Please don't hang up. This is not a marketing phone call.

Speaker 3 (18:57):
We're calling to say thank you very much for shopping
with us and congratulations Zere.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
This most big winner.

Speaker 9 (19:02):
Okay what does that mean?

Speaker 3 (19:04):
Every single month we choose one Rewards Card member and
random who gets free flowers delivered from our floor department.
You've just won thirty six long sim red roses, a
box of candy, and a card to be delivered anywhere
in the United States absolutely free.

Speaker 10 (19:16):
Oh wow?

Speaker 3 (19:18):
Okay, if you know who you want to send them to,
I can take the information in just a matter of
minutes over the phone.

Speaker 9 (19:23):
Yes, could you please send them to Phoebe?

Speaker 2 (19:28):
Is there anything you like to put on a card
to Phoebe?

Speaker 9 (19:32):
Yes? Please? Could you put I love you? I got
awesome news. Please put awesome in all caps if you could.
That be greatly appreciated it.

Speaker 6 (19:44):
Okay, period and then dinner question mark, and then our
Sushie joint question mark.

Speaker 3 (19:52):
Wouldn't it be funny if your news is that you
were cheating on her? I'm sure what This is actually
a radio show.

Speaker 2 (19:57):
It's called The Jubi Show.

Speaker 3 (19:58):
My name is Jeuble Hi, Nina Hi, and I'm Victoria
and Phoebe is on the phone listening. We do a
segment call to Catch a Cheater, where you see if
your significant other might be messing around, and Phoebe, it's
your horse. Yeah, so we thought you might be out
there trying to tame some other horses.

Speaker 9 (20:16):
Okay, what is happening.

Speaker 6 (20:20):
I'm sorry, hikay, I'm just what's happened?

Speaker 9 (20:25):
What's going on?

Speaker 14 (20:27):
I okay, this sounds silly, probably, but I feel like
lately you've been so m mi ia with work and
like constantly getting calls and texts from Emily.

Speaker 8 (20:40):
And remember the night that.

Speaker 14 (20:41):
You left to meet up with her at like nine
thirty and you didn't come home until like one in
the morning, and you were wasted.

Speaker 9 (20:49):
Yeah, all right, well this is a lot. Okay.

Speaker 6 (20:54):
I'm I can't believe you think I'd be cheating on you,
but not like, uh, okay, I kind of at it.
Look I uh, I'm sorry about that, okay, And I'm
sorry that you think all these things and that I
understand why you see it seems like I'm like following
her around, and I'm like at her beck and call.

Speaker 9 (21:17):
But there's a real there's a reason, okay. And then
there's a reason I've.

Speaker 6 (21:20):
Been working so much too, And I've been working to
score the seal with a new client for a couple
of reasons. And the reason my notes haid awesome news
and caps is because I wanted to wait until after
the meeting to tell you that not only did the
deal go through, but the commission alone, okay, was enough
to pay for a new condo and almost pay for

the wedding that we want.

Speaker 9 (21:45):
To have baby.

Speaker 2 (21:45):
Whoa, oh god.

Speaker 9 (21:51):
Oh And by the way, that's great, That's awesome, don't
get me wrong.

Speaker 6 (21:56):
But the big news is that the reason why I've
been working so with Emily is that I was shadowing her, okay,
And I was shadowing her so I could become a
partner in the firm, and so now I'm no longer
working under her.

Speaker 9 (22:10):
That's what the late night meeting was. They were there
to tell me that.

Speaker 6 (22:13):
I'd not only been I mean, I've been promoted and
and I've become a partner in the firm.

Speaker 9 (22:19):
So I apologize.

Speaker 6 (22:20):
I shouldn't have gotten so stupid drunk, and I was
a jerk for that, and I honestly maybe I really
apologized for that. I was looking, I was waiting for
the perfect time to tell you in the right way,
and and so yeah, so and then I got I
don't know, I got caught up in the excitement. A
couple of tranks were flowing, but I wanted to make
it a complete surprise, the promotion and the bonus.

Speaker 9 (22:44):
So that's that's why I apologize to you.

Speaker 8 (22:48):
Wow, that's great. I'm happy for you. I I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to doubt you and I trust you.

Speaker 14 (22:55):
I just without any of that information in context, I
was just really anxious and like overthinking everything, which.

Speaker 2 (23:02):
Is totally understandable considering I.

Speaker 6 (23:05):
Do and and look and I of course, as you know,
i've been working soft and way too long of hours,
and there was an end goal for this, and I
definitely get oblivious to, you know, everything around me, you know,
when I'm focused on one thing.

Speaker 9 (23:23):
But this is the one thing that I was focused
on was our future.

Speaker 6 (23:28):
And so you know, I'm still sorry, but obviously I hope,
I hope this is worth it, and you know that
doesn't you know, make up for hopefully it makes up
for my stupidity in this time.

Speaker 9 (23:43):
I just you know, I hope we can. We can
still do date Night.

Speaker 10 (23:49):
Yeah, okay, that's start.

Speaker 6 (23:54):
That's a start, okay, and yet boundaries will be had
much more so.

Speaker 9 (24:00):
Take in the bank.

Speaker 2 (24:02):
Speaking of bank, how much was the race they all
get to go on to Date.

Speaker 14 (24:08):
Night the Jewels Shows to catch a cheater.

Speaker 16 (24:15):
I'm stupid, you're smart. I was wrong, you were right.
You're the best. I'm the worst. You're very good looking.
I'm not attractive.

Speaker 9 (24:27):
All right, as long as you're willing to admit that.

Speaker 3 (24:30):
It's time for America's favorite trivia game, You versus Victoria.
Your chance to take on our own Victoria Ramirez in
a game of trivia to see who gets to Valley
Park at this year's Trivia Gala in Nantucket.

Speaker 2 (24:43):

Speaker 3 (24:44):
Also Nile Horn tickets, and let's meet today's contestant, Kira.

Speaker 2 (24:47):
What's up, Kira? Hi, good morning, good morning. How are you?

Speaker 8 (24:52):
I'm doing great?

Speaker 11 (24:53):
How are you great?

Speaker 2 (24:54):
Wonderful? Thank you for asking? Are you ready to take
on Victoria?

Speaker 17 (24:58):

Speaker 8 (24:58):
I was born ready.

Speaker 3 (25:02):
Just kidding, You're just sending Victoria out of the studio here.
The game is played like this, You have thirty seconds
to answer as many questions as possible. If you don't
know one, just say pass, and Victoria has to beat
you outright to win. She's swung the door open. She's
filling herself because she did really good. Yes, she got
all of them right, she did all right? Care Are

you ready?

Speaker 8 (25:24):
Yes, sir?

Speaker 2 (25:25):
Okay, here we go. Your time starts now. What is
the capital city of the United States?

Speaker 8 (25:33):
Washington, DC?

Speaker 2 (25:34):
What is the primary function of the heart in the
human body?

Speaker 8 (25:39):
To pump blood?

Speaker 4 (25:40):
Who wrote the play Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare? What is
the fastest land animal? What is the name of the
force that pulls objects towards the center of the earth?

Speaker 8 (25:53):

Speaker 2 (25:54):
Who painted the famous artwork Starry Night? Dam Go?

Speaker 8 (25:58):
What is the.

Speaker 2 (25:58):
Capital of Japan.

Speaker 8 (26:02):

Speaker 2 (26:02):
All right, time is up. I think you did a
good job.

Speaker 3 (26:05):
We'll bring Victoria back into the studio.

Speaker 2 (26:10):
While Victoria gets settled. What's something you would like the
world to know about you today?

Speaker 11 (26:15):
I am a costplay photographer.

Speaker 8 (26:17):
I guess that's interesting.

Speaker 2 (26:18):
Oh, that's cool, that is interesting. Wait, so what was
that word that I learned yesterday? LARP? LARPing live action
role play do you.

Speaker 4 (26:24):
Take pictures of arpers. Oh cool, So you take pictures
of LARPers.

Speaker 8 (26:30):
Sometimes they're not usually while I take Okay, that would
be fun.

Speaker 4 (26:36):
What has happened when I walked in here? All of
youall are so surprise. You just have your work cut
out for you because Kia killed it.

Speaker 3 (26:45):
All right, No pressure, Victoria, Sorry.

Speaker 11 (26:49):
That's fair.

Speaker 3 (26:49):
Thirty seconds. Answer as many questions as possible. If you
don't know one, just a pass and you have to
beat Cara outright to win? Kara, do you want to
tell her when to go?

Speaker 8 (26:59):

Speaker 6 (27:02):

Speaker 2 (27:03):
What is the capital city of the United States?

Speaker 9 (27:06):
What? Wait?

Speaker 5 (27:08):
What is the capital city of the United States?

Speaker 9 (27:11):
Washington, DC?

Speaker 2 (27:12):
What is the primary function of the heart in the
human body?

Speaker 16 (27:15):

Speaker 4 (27:16):
In a punp Blood? Who wrote the play Romeo and
Juliet Shakespeare? What is the fastest land animal?

Speaker 2 (27:22):
Oh my what? Oh?

Speaker 5 (27:23):

Speaker 17 (27:24):

Speaker 2 (27:26):
Nebra, No, it's that a zebra. The line.

Speaker 4 (27:29):
What is the name of the force that pulls objects
towards the center.

Speaker 2 (27:32):
Of the earth? Okay, I got that in out of times.
Let's see how you guys did zebra? Sending over to
the scoreboard, our normal scoreboard, speaking of party, our normal scoreboard.

Speaker 3 (27:46):
Producer bread is out, so our social media producer Gabby
has your score's.

Speaker 5 (27:50):
Like a jaguar.

Speaker 2 (27:52):
Guys, this is crazy. I think this is the most
points we've ever seen. Yeah, you know you don't have
to say that part. Kira got seven, correct, Victoria got four.

Speaker 3 (28:01):
You're a congratulations correct you did? You flew through those.
That's gotta be the best that anybody's ever done.

Speaker 2 (28:11):
I thank you for Victoria. Why gotta see I gotta
punch you, girl, said Zebra. All right, let's go over
the answers with Nina Mary.

Speaker 4 (28:21):
The capital city of the United States is Washington, d C.
The heart's primary function is to pump blood. William Shakespeare
wrote Romeo and Juliet. The fastest land animal is not
a zebra. It's a cheetah. The name of the force
that pulls objects towards the center of the Earth is gravity,
and Vincent van Go painted Storry night.

Speaker 2 (28:43):
Also, the capital of Japan is Tokyo.

Speaker 3 (28:46):
Good congratulations, Kia. Thank you destroyed Victoria. Yeah, well, rippling.

Speaker 17 (28:55):
Like that?

Speaker 2 (28:55):
Okay, have you seen I.

Speaker 11 (28:57):
Give you a little bit of humble pie?

Speaker 8 (28:59):
How to start your week?

Speaker 2 (29:01):
I like how you put it though, so it's very nice,
is it? Where you said zebra.

Speaker 5 (29:06):
Yes, have you seen Marty where he's like running from
people throwing things at him. He's like this zig zag
and he's like, run so fast six second.

Speaker 2 (29:14):
I love that movie. Hearing congratulations.

Speaker 3 (29:18):
We play you versus Victoria this same time every single
weekday morning. If you want to play Victoria, you can
dm us at the Jubil Show, or you can go
to the Jubilshow dot com and we will play you
versus Victoria same time tomorrow.

Speaker 2 (29:32):
Or I don't think I'm making my generation proud right now?
How are you feeling?

Speaker 5 (29:38):
That was a bit of a defeat, But now maybe
more people will go watch Madagascar and be like, yeah,
you know what, I don't know.

Speaker 2 (29:45):
Zebras do run pretty.

Speaker 3 (29:46):
Bighas, So you might have lost the Madagascar wins. Yeah.

Speaker 14 (29:50):
First day follow up powered by the Advocates Injury Attorneys
online at Advocates.

Speaker 7 (29:56):
Law dot com.

Speaker 3 (29:57):
Christanne is on the phone today for a first day
follow up. She's get and ghosted by a guy named
Jake that she really likes. So in a few minutes
we're gonna call him see if you'll tell us why
he's ghosting her and maybe get her another date. But first, Chrisne,
how long has it been since you heard from Jake.

Speaker 17 (30:11):
It's been a week since we since he texted me.

Speaker 12 (30:15):
Back, since the first date, or like the day after
the date, I texted.

Speaker 17 (30:19):
Him and it's been a week since he responded to me.

Speaker 2 (30:22):
So what did you say? What did you text him
after the date?

Speaker 17 (30:26):
I just said, like I thanked him for the date,
that I had a great time and wanted to set
up another date and asked if he wanted to do
it again.

Speaker 12 (30:34):
Then he responded he had fun and that he would
let me know.

Speaker 8 (30:38):
And that was it.

Speaker 17 (30:39):
He didn't say anything after that, I mean, not a peep.
And it was just I mean, it's I know, it's
weird because when we had our date, like the week
before we had our date, we were talking every day
and and like you know, the texting, having some kind
of communication every day, and go for him to just
go completely silent, it feels really off and I feel

like there's something wrong.

Speaker 2 (31:03):
Okay, let's go back to the date. What did you
guys do?

Speaker 8 (31:07):
We went to a Mexican spot.

Speaker 12 (31:09):
He took me to Mexican spot and.

Speaker 9 (31:11):
We caught up.

Speaker 17 (31:12):
We had margarita's and eight tacos, and I thought it
went amazingly. Our spark was there instantly, and I've always
had a thing for Jake, and then like running into
made me feel.

Speaker 12 (31:26):
Like this whole thing was meant to be, and like
the date.

Speaker 8 (31:30):
Went super well.

Speaker 17 (31:31):
We were laughing the whole time and like talking about
all these new restaurants that we wanted to go and
try it together. And I mean he seemed very genuinely
interested in like he felt the same way.

Speaker 4 (31:41):
I think we have to back up a second. How
did you guys meet then? If you've always had a
thing for him?

Speaker 17 (31:46):
Oh, we met probably about five years ago at a
friend's birthday party, but at the time, yeah, we were
both in relationships at that time, so obviously like nothing
came for it. Kind of just have been friends on
and off for the past five years. And then a
few weeks ago I ran into him at and we

just kind of got to talking as you're walking around,
and we both realized that we weren't in a relationship anymore, so.

Speaker 8 (32:19):
We were both single. We decided that we should go
on a date, and he asked.

Speaker 17 (32:23):
If I wanted to go out sometime, and I've said, yeah,
I'd be interested, and kind of just went from there.

Speaker 2 (32:29):
Wow, I know, I love it. I love that except
for the fact that you might be ghosting you.

Speaker 17 (32:36):
Yeah, I'm nervous, but I did something wrong or like
said something wrong. But I don't know why he wouldn't
say anything to me, or like, at least tell me
why he's not responding or if he's not interested, just
like telling me what happened.

Speaker 4 (32:50):
So is there anything on the date that may have
happened that you think could be why?

Speaker 8 (32:56):
The only thing I could think of I called him
bro at one point. It's just like playing that I use.

Speaker 17 (33:03):
I didn't mean it to be like, you know, friend
zoning him or anything, but I don't know. I kept
saying bro, like reacting to his story kind of being
like wha, Like no way, I didn't.

Speaker 8 (33:13):
I can't believe they.

Speaker 12 (33:14):
Said that, Like, yeah, that's the only thing I can
think of.

Speaker 17 (33:17):
That might have been a little bit off putting and
maybe gave him the wrong idea of like what I
was looking for from.

Speaker 2 (33:24):
The Would that make you feel weird? I call on you, bro,
Actually I would be cool. I don't know. It's kind
of attractive to me, just kind of like laid back.

Speaker 4 (33:32):
Like you wouldn't feel friend zoned. No I will, but
you're also insanely confident, So.

Speaker 2 (33:37):
Yeah, that's that's true too.

Speaker 15 (33:38):
Yeah, okay, yeah, maybe that is like I was just
trying to think of his Maybe it's like just his
reaction to it. Uh, maybe it's just something that he
doesn't vibe with.

Speaker 8 (33:50):
I know people like in the.

Speaker 17 (33:51):
Past haven't been offended by that or like about anything
of it. But yeah, that's the only thing I could
think of. Maybe that offended him or something.

Speaker 12 (34:01):
I just want to know.

Speaker 2 (34:02):
What I did, all right, Yeah, we'll see.

Speaker 3 (34:04):
We'll play a song come back, and then call him
and Seefiel tell us why is ghosting you? And maybe
get to another date? Okay, okay, okay, we'll say follow
up next right in the middle of your first date,
follow up and if you're just joining us, Chrissanne is
on the phone and she's getting ghosted by a guy
named Jake. So in a second, we're going to call
him and see ifie'l tell us why he's ghostinger and
maybe get her another date. But first, Chrissanne, why don't
you catch everybody up on your situation?

Speaker 7 (34:26):

Speaker 12 (34:26):
Yeah, So I went on a date with guy Jake
who I've known for five years that we were in relationships.

Speaker 8 (34:32):
Recently, so we recently ran into.

Speaker 12 (34:35):
Each other and found out we were single now and
decided to go.

Speaker 8 (34:38):
On a date. We had a great date at a
Mexican restaurant, a.

Speaker 17 (34:42):
Lot of laughing taco with Margarita, had a great time.

Speaker 8 (34:47):
And then when I followed up.

Speaker 17 (34:48):
With him the next day and wanted to sit up
the second date, he didn't really, he said, he didn't
let me know.

Speaker 12 (34:55):
And the only thing I can possibly think of.

Speaker 17 (34:56):
That might have gone wrong is that I said bro
a lot. I called grow and maybe you got you
was friend zoned or.

Speaker 2 (35:02):
That We'll see. Okay, are you ready for us to
call him?

Speaker 8 (35:06):

Speaker 2 (35:06):
Yeah, all right, here we go. Hi, I'm asking to Jake. Please.

Speaker 9 (35:21):
This is Jake.

Speaker 2 (35:22):
Hey, Jake, what's up?

Speaker 7 (35:23):

Speaker 2 (35:23):
How are you? My name is Jubel and I'm calling
from a radio show. It's called the Jebel Show Shows
here Jake, I'm Nina, Hi, and I'm Victoria. How are you.

Speaker 10 (35:32):
I'm doing good. You have a good voice for radio.

Speaker 3 (35:35):
Yeah, this is my radio voice. My other voice is weird.
You should hear it right? Yeah? Have you ever listened
to the show before.

Speaker 10 (35:45):
I'm pretty sure I have I think I recognize you
guys voice.

Speaker 3 (35:48):
Well, we do a segment on the show it's called
the First Date follow Up. That's where if you go
on a date with somebody and you end up ghosting them,
they can email us to get you on the phone
and ask why you're ghosting them. So we got an
email about you from somebody.

Speaker 10 (36:03):
I think I have an idea who that would be.
It didn't involve christ Hanne.

Speaker 2 (36:07):
Yes, So are you intentionally ghosting her?

Speaker 10 (36:11):
Well, I mean, all cards on the table, it's not
She's not like bad or anything like that. I'm not gonna,
you know, throw shade at her. But here's the thing, like,
uh we I guess she told you we went on
a date and stuff, and I did have a good
time on the date. But Christanne lives.

Speaker 9 (36:26):
With her ex.

Speaker 10 (36:27):
Oh oh yeah she I don't know if she told
you that part. She currently went their ex power to
take her home and she just you know, she preferred
to uber And then she was like, so my X
wouldn't get uptick because apparently he's also like jealous even
though he's her ex, which is also a REDI flag
on top of a red flag and like it was
just a whole box of worms where like here's just

like I'm not trying to play games or do anything
like I'm I'm legit looking to connect with somebody. I'm
looking for something serious, you know. And now there's an
ex and like a whole thing which you're just dropping
on me, like the end of a thing, like you
and you live with him. I don't know, it feels
like it's a game or it just feels it complicates
things like too much.

Speaker 2 (37:10):
If you knew that before the date. Let's just say
you knew ahead of time, would you have still gone.

Speaker 10 (37:15):
No, because you're living with somebody you dated. And I
like personal space and I like to like I love
to cook.

Speaker 9 (37:21):
I love to like not just.

Speaker 10 (37:23):
Go out like you know what I mean, like like
curry come over. I like to come over. But then
not only that, you're just going back to like I'm
not jealous, but it's just like it's another dude and
it's your ex, and he's like jealous and yet so
like you're hiding stuff too, Yeah you know what I mean.
It's just like there's like a lot of stuff, stuff
like stacked on top of each other.

Speaker 2 (37:41):
How is she hiding stuff, like he.

Speaker 10 (37:43):
Didn't want me to drop her off?

Speaker 9 (37:45):
Did she?

Speaker 10 (37:46):
She literally like tried to sneak in like right doing
like an uber or something, just to kind of I guess,
hide the evidence or whatever.

Speaker 4 (37:53):
I get where Jake is coming from though, because you
don't want to enter into that drama without knowing when
the end day of that roomy situation is. Because you
don't want to be entering because okay, I also was
in that situation, but the person that I was seeing
was living with their X and they would still hook
up with them from time to time. Oh, so that
became a problem. So I understand the red flags and hesitation.
So maybe maybe we just got to find out like

if this is long term, like if she moved out tomorrow,
would you still would you want to see her?

Speaker 10 (38:20):
That was the issue, Like the issue is that she
lives with their act. I liked her, I just okay,
But then you know, there's just like a lot of
other red tape around that you know, we have to
like sneak a relationship and then I have to worry
about like another guy who gets jealous, and it's just
like I don't want to deal with any of that.

Speaker 2 (38:38):
I get that.

Speaker 3 (38:39):
Yeah, that makes sense, Jake. Why don't you just talk
to her about it. She's on the phone listing and
wants to talk to you.

Speaker 10 (38:47):
Oh is she on the phone right now?

Speaker 2 (38:49):

Speaker 9 (38:49):
She is?

Speaker 12 (38:50):
All right.

Speaker 10 (38:51):
Did she hear everything?

Speaker 2 (38:52):
Yeah, yep.

Speaker 10 (38:56):
Well yeah that was the issue, and it was kind
of think it's like a small issue. Honestly, it just
was like a lot for me to you know, learn
really fast, and it just were on my end. It's
really it just complicates things unnecessarily.

Speaker 17 (39:12):
Well, I wish he'd just said something rather than just
like leaving it up in the air.

Speaker 12 (39:19):
I mean, like I get that it's.

Speaker 17 (39:20):
A weird living with him, but it's totally just out
of a need to save money. Like we're friends, we're
not together and doing anything anymore, and he's.

Speaker 12 (39:29):
Fixing my car, so that it's like I don't plan.

Speaker 17 (39:32):
On staying with him forever. It's really just like right
now saying we broke up. We both don't have the
money to live on our own. So that's that's just
kind of where we're at. But yeah, if it's gotten,
the deal is going to keep us from moving.

Speaker 8 (39:49):
Forward, Like, know that it's not forever.

Speaker 10 (39:53):
What is forever? Men like how like months years, you know, I.

Speaker 8 (39:57):
Mean maybe a couple of months until we can.

Speaker 17 (40:00):
Both figure out like where our next living situation is
and save up some money. I mean, honestly, if it's
that big of a deal, like my parents live, you know,
ten minutes away, I could just like move into their
house or something. If that's you know, going to keep
us from you know, moving forward.

Speaker 10 (40:21):
I mean, so two things, Like one, I really think
you're awesome. I do like you, but I'm not going
to like make you do anything with your living situation.
I just don't want to deal with an ex boyfriend
and then us not you know, reaching our whole potential
because we're like we're we're not being our prowselves, you
know what I mean, were geting stuff and like you know,

trying to sneak around and stuff or whatever. Yeah, I mean,
I don't know.

Speaker 8 (40:47):
I'm interested in you.

Speaker 17 (40:49):
I feel like we had a really great time, and
I feel like to have that be the reason why
we just don't move forward would be it's not necessary.
It's like he's not part of my life's in that
way anymore.

Speaker 8 (41:02):
So if that's like the.

Speaker 17 (41:04):
Biggest deal at something that can be worked around I
mean a couple of months.

Speaker 10 (41:10):
Isn't that bad because now there's like an end date.
But I mean that's kind of you know what I mean,
like we're not going to be like who, We're not
going to be complete until like this, you know, for
me at least am I And I'm not going to
be truly happy with this until you know, it reach
the point where we can actually just be ourselves independently.

Speaker 8 (41:29):
Yeah, no, I get that.

Speaker 17 (41:30):
I mean, I'll move my parents house, honestly, if that's
that big of a deal. I just I really really
had a great time with you and I thought we
really connected, and I would do that to make sure
that we could keep going.

Speaker 2 (41:44):
Wow, willing to move for you?

Speaker 7 (41:46):

Speaker 2 (41:47):
Would you like to go on another day with Chrisanne?
We'll pay for it.

Speaker 10 (41:51):
Yeah, Christina, I'm kind of blown away that you would
even like do that says a lot and it makes
me think that, you know, maybe I should fight a
little bit more for this. Yeah, I'd love to.

Speaker 3 (42:00):
Like fight her boyfriend or expert friend. Yeah, definitely. Well,
congratulations Chris Hanne, you got another date. You do have
to live with your parents now, but you did get
another date.

Speaker 2 (42:14):
Hey, man, you're a saying money that way, it's fine.

Speaker 10 (42:19):
Yeah, I'll take the.

Speaker 2 (42:21):
Publish Jule's first date.

Speaker 18 (42:25):
Follow up, you know what is fun playing cards with
you this weekend?

Speaker 9 (42:30):
Just say fund this Friday night?

Speaker 2 (42:31):
Does he need a time and a place?

Speaker 4 (42:33):
That's no, no, no, no no.

Speaker 2 (42:36):
She's thinking, am I gonna have to go to his house?

Speaker 10 (42:39):

Speaker 9 (42:39):
I have no idea the setting of this. You're overthinking,
and she likes him, She'll think of it.

Speaker 2 (42:44):
She'll she'll say yes. Guys trying to figure out dating?
Make a plan, bro, It's really not hard.

Speaker 9 (42:51):
What do you mean?

Speaker 2 (42:52):
She doesn't know, She doesn't know what the vibe is here.

Speaker 18 (42:55):
You will follow up with the question date yet though
it's a date. When she says yes, the initial statement
is a question. But she doesn't know what she's saying
yes to. No, she is saying yesterday. I know what
she said yes to.

Speaker 2 (43:06):
The ideas, yeah, but what is the date? That is
what I picture you guys doing.

Speaker 18 (43:11):
Do you think she's good to know that I'm inviting
specifically herd of play.

Speaker 2 (43:14):
Cards on Friday night? This Ule show?

Speaker 3 (43:21):
Is there anything popular that makes you cringe? I know
for me, it's like paying bills, having to go to
work on a Wednesday. That's always confused me. I'm like,
it's a Wednesday. Why do you expect me to work today?

Speaker 2 (43:32):
You're getting dressed? Still one of those Yeah, it's hard.

Speaker 3 (43:36):
Well, there's a thread going viral on popular things that
make people cringe, and the answers are funny, So let's
go over right now. You can also text in four
one O six one. What are some popular things that
make you cringe? One of the things from this thread
going viral says, I silently cringe when people bring up
Stanley cups.

Speaker 2 (43:54):
What really, it's.

Speaker 4 (43:57):
Just so crazy, like the whole the cringey is the whole,
like thing about it, like around it, the height.

Speaker 3 (44:03):
Yeah, that's super. Cry're so popular. Why are the Stanley
cups so popular?

Speaker 5 (44:09):
I think it's because it used to be the hydro flask,
but hydro flasks didn't have a handle.

Speaker 2 (44:13):
This one has a handle and a nice pretty straw.
I don't like the first Absolutely, you don't like this.

Speaker 3 (44:20):
Before I knew Stanley cups were like the thing, right,
I would be somewhere where I would need to buy
a new cup or a bottle for water and stuff,
and I would see those and I'd be like, oh,
those are stupid.

Speaker 2 (44:31):
They have a straw. I don't like straws on the road.

Speaker 5 (44:33):
No, straws are very nice because even if you have
like lipstick or something on, it like won't get on
your cup, and it has a little skinny bottom so
it fits in your cupholder.

Speaker 2 (44:41):
I do like that part about them.

Speaker 4 (44:43):
She's rubbing, she's telling the story.

Speaker 3 (44:46):
I didn't even realize I had a couple of them
until the Stanley Cup craze happened, and then I opened
up my cover one in I was like, whoa, I
have to Stanley Cup.

Speaker 2 (44:53):
I had no idea. Yeah, I never see you could
sell serious money.

Speaker 3 (44:58):
What are some very popular things that make you cringe Twitter?
I agree with this on Twitter changing its name to X.

Speaker 18 (45:04):

Speaker 2 (45:04):
Yeah, I don't like that.

Speaker 3 (45:05):
It's I mean, if it wasn't named Twitter forever, maybe
it wouldn't be so bad if it originally came out
as X.

Speaker 2 (45:13):

Speaker 3 (45:14):
But it's also very hard to say when you're talking
about social media. Yeah, you know, it's like Instagram TikTok,
and then when you go, I was on X the
other day or your.

Speaker 4 (45:24):
Friends will get confused. Yeah's one. Yeah, it sounds like
you're talking about an X.

Speaker 2 (45:29):
But also you can't even say tweet anymore. Now I
don't know what you call it. I still say tweet, but.

Speaker 3 (45:33):
Like I X, somebody just doesn't have the same ring
to it.

Speaker 2 (45:38):
No, it doesn't.

Speaker 3 (45:39):
We're going over it through this going viral of popular
things that make people cringe posting videos or selfies of
people crying.

Speaker 4 (45:48):
I kind of agree with that, just because why I
don't understand, like when you're crying and you're so sad.

Speaker 2 (45:55):
In viatory, you did it when the OC ended, Yeah
you did. I did that.

Speaker 5 (46:02):
I forgot about that, But like I don't get like
even doing that was so cringe for me because I
don't get haw like, if you're so sad, you can
hongy one second, guys, and then you just like what
about your phone and start filming yourself And it's funny
when you look back at it, But like, are you
really that sad if you're taking out your phone?

Speaker 2 (46:21):
Just like watch yourself at.

Speaker 4 (46:22):
You just want to share your emotions with the world,
you know, that's fair. It's just like cry in the corner.

Speaker 3 (46:29):
Another thing on the list that's going viral of people
sharing cringey things that are really popular people who self
diagnose themselves.

Speaker 2 (46:40):
What else are you supposed to do with the moment?
Don't you a doctor?

Speaker 4 (46:43):
You can't always get there right away, and sometimes you
could be right, that's true, you could be always, but
maybe you are.

Speaker 3 (46:51):
Like just because they're a doctor doesn't mean they know everything.
There thting on this thread that is going viral of
very popular things that make you cringe.

Speaker 4 (47:05):
TikTok, just TikTok is honestly, why what kind of yes?

Speaker 2 (47:11):
Why TikTok makes you cringe?

Speaker 4 (47:12):
You know, TikTok makes me cringe because you can't have
a conversation without somebody saying I saw this on TikTok,
or TikTok says, or TikTok made me do it.

Speaker 2 (47:20):
TikTok's gonna be who.

Speaker 9 (47:21):
Is TikTok one the heck?

Speaker 2 (47:22):
It's like a cult, the old TikTok cult. TikTok made
me do it.

Speaker 4 (47:27):
I just walked like a zombie and my pajamas down
the street because TikTok said.

Speaker 3 (47:31):
It was like TikTok, I'm not. I don't go on
it very much, but I like it. I don't post
very much, but.

Speaker 12 (47:36):
I like it.

Speaker 2 (47:37):
You should. I feel like you're someone who would like
it a lot more.

Speaker 3 (47:40):
Maybe maybe I would if I could ever figure out
what to post. I just can't figure out posts anymore.

Speaker 5 (47:44):
I like doing things like where I watch them and
then I'll stitch them.

Speaker 2 (47:47):
Yeah, like it's kind of like your reaction. They're funny.

Speaker 3 (47:49):
I did fault I. One of the last things I
posted on TikTok. I was reacting to a video. Oh
I can't remember what, well now I forgot, never mind
moving on. But it was like it was I was
reacting to something and I was trying to be positive,
but then it got banned. It got taken down because dad,
they said it was offensive because somebody reported it because

they were offended by what I was saying. But what
I was saying was actually I was calling out d
bag dudes right in support of this woman that was
getting trolled online. So I was like supporting the woman
getting trolled, saying, hey, knock it off. And obviously it
touched some d bag dude's feelings and so he reported
it to TikTok and then it got taken down.

Speaker 2 (48:29):
So it was very frustrating. You always get out, like
one thing you do, and.

Speaker 4 (48:34):
Yeah, I was always He's got a lot of really
good things to say if you just let him talk.

Speaker 3 (48:41):
Not if you ask the world or especially our bosses.
We're going over a list of the cringe the popular
things that are cringey Fast and Furious series.

Speaker 4 (48:54):
What I like the Fast and Furious theories too, although
I've only like seem like two, but I liked him.

Speaker 5 (48:59):
I will say once they I'm pretty sure the last
one they went into space or something.

Speaker 2 (49:04):
What I can That's.

Speaker 3 (49:06):
When you know a movie thing, it's as like it's
fully gone all the way out of ideas. They're like, whoa,
what can we do now? I guess we can go
to space, but.

Speaker 2 (49:16):
Like they did it in their car, because like you
have to have cars. Wait the last fast of years
they went to space in their car. Really, Oh my god,
I didn't realize how far it's gone.

Speaker 5 (49:27):
Later once people were like, oh my gosh, they should
just end it, and I'm like, yeah, I kind of
like that.

Speaker 2 (49:31):
I want to see what's next. They go back in time?
Did that already exist?

Speaker 4 (49:40):
It's time for Nina's what's trending. Nike's having some problems.
They're searching for solutions right now to continue trying to
help the MLB feel good about themselves in their uniforms.

Speaker 2 (49:50):
What So baseball.

Speaker 4 (49:52):
Is in full swing and leading up to the season.
Maybe you saw that their pants their new are see through.
But that's the only problem. Players are complaining about their jerseys.
They're saying that they're really like low quality. I guess
when they sweat, like you can see through it and
then the pants are still see through.

Speaker 2 (50:10):
I haven't seen this. I haven't noticed this either, but
they're like this the player Baseball players are feeling a
little self conscious out there. Yeah, they're just.

Speaker 4 (50:17):
Feeling like they're not wearing big league material. So Nike's like, okay,
well we'll try to just, you know, find a solution
for this.

Speaker 1 (50:25):
It's Nike.

Speaker 2 (50:25):
How did they know what's.

Speaker 11 (50:30):
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (50:32):
It was just somebody's idea.

Speaker 4 (50:33):
And the whole sea through thing is just not working
for baseball because that is in see through everything is
trending this shop and stuff like that.

Speaker 2 (50:41):
Yeah, that's why they wanted to be on the trend.

Speaker 4 (50:43):
Yeah, but it's not working. So they're trying to find
a solution. Why don't you just go back to what
you have before? Isn't that the solution?

Speaker 3 (50:50):
I would think so, Yeah, if they liked what it
was before and then maybe just do that again.

Speaker 2 (50:54):
It just seems silly to me.

Speaker 4 (50:55):
But anyway, this is not silly, and it's going to
be serious for a lot of people because is ready
to crack down on the password sharing it. It's starting
in June. Starting in June, freaking annoying. So they're starting
to roll it out in some other countries right now,
but it probably won't hit the US until then. How
many people, you guys listening in the car too, you

count how many people actually have their own Disney password?

Speaker 5 (51:19):
I technically just bought mine when I was on accident.
I was kind of drunk, and I got it for
the whole year, so I think I'm safe.

Speaker 2 (51:25):
That's still very annoying.

Speaker 4 (51:26):
Okay, I'm about to lose it, and I'm very upset.
Oh I have Mackenzie's one of my best friends. Anyway, Okay, mockfish.
Mockfish is basically the new impossible meat for seafood. So
I guess there's a company called Aqua that's producing surprisingly
realistic fish from fermented fiber.

Speaker 2 (51:45):
Doesn't that sound DELISHO? Fake fish? It's fake fish, both fish.
Did they not have that already. No, I guess they didn't.

Speaker 4 (51:54):
Huh, well, because like in the California roles, the crab's
not actually like crab meat whatever, but it's a fish.

Speaker 2 (52:01):
It's still a fish. Yeah know that crab is a fish.

Speaker 4 (52:04):
I didn't know that either until there's this one boater
guy that I used to hang out with, boater guy
fisherman that they used to fish.

Speaker 2 (52:12):
For the fish that they put in the it's fake crab.
What kind of fish is fake crab?

Speaker 4 (52:15):
I don't remember such disrespect to that fish.

Speaker 3 (52:20):
So many people are eating it and think it's delicious,
but everybody thinks it's a crab.

Speaker 4 (52:24):
So now there's going to be actual fake everything, and
it's called mockfish.

Speaker 2 (52:29):
So it actually just like hit me what that like?
Hit me late? I'm so sorry.

Speaker 5 (52:33):
I was thinking about sushi for a second waiting crab.

Speaker 13 (52:38):
Yeah, why, I don't know. Why not just call it
the fish crab? That's a dope fish whatever. That fish
needs some respect because it tastes like crab, which is delicious.
So that's a delicious fish and it's not getting the
respect to deserve some delicious I'm.

Speaker 5 (52:57):
Going to find it is fake crabs sounds really good though,
right now, Alaskan pollock.

Speaker 3 (53:03):
I'm sorry to all the Alaskan pollock out there who
have given their lives for us and we thought you
were a crab, because you are a delicious fish. Like
if they just said, hey, we're going to cook up
some Alaskan pollock, I'd be like, sweet, I'm gonna have
something that tastes like crab that's not crab. No, but
that Alaskan pollock is good. Nope, that's crazy. I didn't
know that I went to roll with the Alaskan pollock.

I usually don't get when it's when they say it's
imitation crab meat, I usually don't get it because I've
never known what it was. I was like, is it like, yeah,
I didn't even think it was fish fiber. Nope, not,
that's mockfish. So I don't like that. I know a
lot of details, but that's what's trending.

Speaker 9 (53:43):
Jubles dirty little secret.

Speaker 2 (53:45):
Hell, Hey, you haven't dirty little secret? Yes I do, Sweet,
what is it?

Speaker 8 (53:52):
Okay? My dirty little secret.

Speaker 7 (53:54):
Is that I have a huge crush for my boss,
but in order to like get him to come around me,
I be hanging out with his friend and I actually
up with his friends.

Speaker 2 (54:12):
Maybe a friend will be like, dang, she was so good.
You gotta try.

Speaker 8 (54:15):
Yeah, maybe I don't think that's gonna happen.

Speaker 2 (54:20):
What are you gonna do now?

Speaker 8 (54:22):
I don't know.

Speaker 11 (54:22):
I don't think he knows because his friend told me
he doesn't kiss and tell. But like if were to
ever come up that like hey, like I like you
or whatever, and it's like.

Speaker 10 (54:31):
Oh, by the way, like I sup with your friend?

Speaker 8 (54:33):
Like I don't know.

Speaker 2 (54:34):
Yeah. Also everybody says they don't kiss until they all
do anyway, totally.

Speaker 9 (54:42):
Well, so cool.

Speaker 2 (54:43):
Hey, at least you're getting it somewhere.

Speaker 18 (54:46):

Speaker 3 (54:46):
Yeah, thank you for telling us your dirty little secret,
I said, true, Hello, Hello, what's up?

Speaker 2 (54:57):
You have a dirty little secret. I have a dirty
little secret. Oh my goodness, let's hear it.

Speaker 10 (55:03):
My dirty little secret is that I bail on my
friends as the d D the designated driver.

Speaker 2 (55:08):
Oh what do they know that?

Speaker 9 (55:13):
No, they do not.

Speaker 6 (55:14):
These are people I work with, and they're always like, hey, man,
we're all go.

Speaker 9 (55:18):
To the work party. You know, you know you don't drink,
so if you could be our DD, it's all the time.

Speaker 3 (55:24):
And also I do drink, so do you just not go,
or you go and then you drink, so now you
can't drive.

Speaker 9 (55:33):
No, I go, have a great time for an hour.
I wait for them to get drunk, and then I
just leave.

Speaker 2 (55:40):
Them stranded.

Speaker 9 (55:41):
Yeah yeah, I'm like, why do you keep asking me?
We have uber lyft, you could get other people to
drive view So I go to other parties that I
get hammered. What's the secret here?

Speaker 2 (55:52):
Because obviously they know you're leaving, they know you're not
driving them home.

Speaker 9 (55:56):
They think it's funny, they think it's got to take you.
So no, yeah, they don't know. I do it on purpose.
I do it every time on purpose.

Speaker 2 (56:05):
All right, well, thank you for telling us your dirty
little secret. That's twisted it. What's your dirty little secret,
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