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April 2, 2024 50 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Next, Kelly, we're jumping in a spring in an extreme way?
What what I'm going skydiving with Jason Momoa, Not even
for one of.

Speaker 2 (00:15):
The honest men on this planet?

Speaker 3 (00:16):
Am I jumping out of an airplane? Are you serious?
April Fools?

Speaker 1 (00:20):
Oh my gosh, not even that ham sexy aqueraman is
good me to jump out of a plane unless.

Speaker 3 (00:28):
It's going down. Hop on and hope for the best.
I'm so beautiful before I'm not. It's the jewil show
that happened on Kelly Clarkson Show on April Fool's Day.
And if you miss some of the chaos or Aple
Fool's Day, don't worry. We've got you covered because we've
got a roundup of all the top April Fools madness
that happened. Some of it actual pranks, and some of

it real things that people were announcing that people thought
were pranks.

Speaker 4 (00:52):

Speaker 3 (00:52):
I don't know why any company or anybody announces anything
on April Fool's Day.

Speaker 5 (00:56):
No I don't either, but I guess it's just like,
come back and see if we were.

Speaker 3 (01:00):
Lying or not. Nina just said one of her friends
said that she was engaged yesterday.

Speaker 5 (01:04):
Yeah, she did she sent us a picture of a
big rock on her finger, and we were all like,
hold on, is this real?

Speaker 3 (01:09):
Anyway she's engaged.

Speaker 5 (01:10):
Could you imagine if the guys like, you know, we're
not getting engaged in the.

Speaker 3 (01:15):
Zup, I would kill somebody. What were some of the
top April Fools pranks? Though? Velveda announced a new Velveda
hair dye ew like you what does that mean? Like
it smells like Velvida or what? It seems like a
joke too, This actually exists. You can buy it on
Amazon while supplies last for seven dollars and fifty cents

to have the color of elvida.

Speaker 5 (01:37):
Oh that's right, Julia Fox, that one actress I saw
her with like yellow hair. Really, I thought it was
a wig. It's like like Valveda cheese yellow. Yeah, that's gross.

Speaker 3 (01:48):
That's disgusting. Might be into it for aprafools. Elon Musk's
X tweeted this joke. As we continue to celebrate transparency
on this platform, all of our dms and drafts will
be made all of your d and drafts when we
make public. That's kind of believable though.

Speaker 5 (02:04):
That's kind of funny though, if we actually to do
that like a day of that, you said Elon's X.

Speaker 3 (02:09):
I wasn't. I thought you were talking about like ex girlfriend.
No Twitter, the old Twitter, that brand is really not
working out for Elon, is it no? Because everybody just
has to say the old Twitter? Yeah yeah, tweeted not
at Yeah. What else happened On April Fol's Day, Oreo
announced that the cookie and cream were going through a
severe divorce and they would only be offered separately.

Speaker 5 (02:31):
People believe that that's sad, not a bad idea, though,
yes it is.

Speaker 3 (02:36):
It tastes way better together.

Speaker 5 (02:37):
It does, but it'd be cool if you have a
little jar of cream and then you could dip in
whatever you wanted, like if I wanted a little strawberry
and some Oreo cream.

Speaker 3 (02:44):
So you actually you're actually upset by that. That's legit,
that's good as you think, Yeah, I think it is.
Krispy Kreme announced that yesterday only customers could bring in
anything they wanted and the workers would claze it. So
bring in whatever you want and they'll glaze it for you.
And apparently people started showing up to Krispy Kremes trying

to get things glazed, and they're like, oh, I can't
blaze that for you. They really failed.

Speaker 5 (03:13):
That would have been amazing, Mina, come on that hysterical
like you go ahead and you bring in your like
little kid and you're like glaz what. Well, then the
kid'll just eat their like, you know, candy off their
face all day, like sugar. All right, anyway, I think
it's funny.

Speaker 3 (03:27):
Dominoes also claimed that they were taking pineapple off the
menu because no one likes pineapple and pizza. Dude, I
don't like that anyways. Hey, that's a fail. Sea four
Energy revealed a new chicken and rice flavor. Wait wait,
hold on, what is Sea four Energy to drink?

Speaker 6 (03:46):

Speaker 3 (03:47):
Ew wait what Chicken and rice flavor and Sea four Energy?

Speaker 1 (03:51):

Speaker 5 (03:52):
The Energy drinks are supposed to be like flavorful strawberry
blueberry power Blast, not.

Speaker 3 (03:58):
Chicken and rice. Is it real though? Oh no, it's
a joke. It was a joke. Ever. You know that
there's because C four is like a pre workout thing too,
so you know there's some meat heads out there who
are like, yes, I could finally give my chicken and
rice also in my drink before I work out. That's discussing.
I'm glad. April what on April Fools seven eleven was

hyping their hot dog flavored sparkling water.

Speaker 5 (04:22):
Oh, I saw that that cannot be real, though, yeah,
that's not real.

Speaker 3 (04:26):
They just made a joke, but people actually thought it
was for sale. That's disgusting. Why would you want to
drink a hot dog because you go eat a hot dog?

Speaker 5 (04:32):
Like, who goes, oh wow, they must really be doing that,
like on April Fools.

Speaker 3 (04:37):
I believe it, believe.

Speaker 5 (04:39):
I mean, yeah, if I see any news on April
Fool's Day, I'm gonna believe it until someone tells me
April Fools. Because if you're putting news out into the public,
I'm the public going to read it.

Speaker 3 (04:47):
I don't know any did you guys see anything on
April Fools that you got fooled by?

Speaker 5 (04:52):
I did say that there was a story about how
Coachella was moving outside of the Coachella Valley and they
I said that it was going to be at the
Gorge in Washington, right, And I was like, oh my gosh,
what a change. That's just like making it smaller. And
I really believed it, and I started going down this
rabbit hole until one of my friends told me.

Speaker 3 (05:11):
It was an April fool Show. I was like, oh
my gosh, I got got. I got got twice.

Speaker 5 (05:15):
Then there was another story about a woman who took
over this financial company black Rock.

Speaker 3 (05:20):
Are you aware of Blackrock? Kind of company?

Speaker 5 (05:22):
It's investments and stocks and stuff like that. And so
this woman's like, yeah, I just took over and I
like renamed it pink Rock. And I was like, wait what,
and I googled pink Rock. So basically, Nina got fooled
a bunch on April Yeah, and then I decided to
hide the rest of the day. There is but I
would never believe in hot dog water or chicken and
rice drinks, so okay, but.

Speaker 3 (05:42):
They're putting those out there for people to read. I
understand you already said that we live in America. I
would absolutely believe hot dog water. Thank you? Are you
keeading me? Definitely? Okay.

Speaker 5 (05:52):
This is where they proves you guys' brains are like
text similars.

Speaker 3 (05:56):
Did you get fooled by anything on April Fool's Day?

Speaker 7 (05:58):
It's another jubile phone frames on the twenties.

Speaker 3 (06:08):
Hello, Hi, this is Pete Eagans calling from Goto Insurance.
I'm calling in regards to a claim that was made
by A. Rachel. Yeah, Hi, how are you doing?

Speaker 8 (06:18):

Speaker 3 (06:18):
Rachel, how are you? I'm calling in regards to your
recent accident.

Speaker 2 (06:22):
Yes, thanks for following up.

Speaker 3 (06:25):
Yeah, no problem. Hey, I just got to let you know.
Unfortunately we are not going to be able to cover
you on this accident. So I don't know how you're
going to get the repairs and things done. Yeah, we
can't cover you.

Speaker 2 (06:40):
So sorry about Devin.

Speaker 3 (06:41):
What what I said was you're not going to we
can't cover you, which means that we can't pay for
your repairs on your car and things like that.

Speaker 2 (06:49):
I don't understand.

Speaker 6 (06:50):
What do you mean you can't cover me?

Speaker 2 (06:53):
Ridiculous? What am I paying for insurance for?

Speaker 8 (06:56):

Speaker 3 (06:57):
Because your accident happened on a Saturday, So I figured
you knew that.

Speaker 7 (07:01):

Speaker 3 (07:02):
Yes, your accident happened on a Saturday, and unfortunately when
you signed up with us, you didn't sign up for
weekend coverage. You're only covered Monday through Friday between the
hours of five and seven.

Speaker 8 (07:11):
Are you kidding me?

Speaker 2 (07:13):
What are you talking about?

Speaker 5 (07:14):
I'm only covered between Monday through Friday, five to.

Speaker 3 (07:17):
Seven, five to seven Thursdays. You're actually covered Thursdays you're
actually covered from eight in the morning until nine at night.
So you get in an accident on a Thursday, you
are good girl. But the weekends you're not covered at all.
And then Monday through Friday, well except for Thursdays from
five to seven pm.

Speaker 7 (07:32):
No, I'm covered all the time.

Speaker 2 (07:34):
I don't know what you're talking about. This is absolutely ridiculous.
I'm covered twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Speaker 3 (07:42):
Rachel, real quick, what do you do for a living?

Speaker 7 (07:45):
Why does that matter?

Speaker 3 (07:46):
Well, because I work for the insurance company that covers
your car, and last time I checked, I have the
information and not you. So I don't know why you're
saying you're covered twenty four Okay. So yeah, you don't
when work in insurance at all, so you don't really
have the expertise say that you're covered all the time.

Speaker 7 (08:01):
Okay, yeah, yeah, Because I don't.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
Work in insurance, I don't know how an insurance policy.

Speaker 3 (08:06):
Right, Yeah, that's what I was saying. Just to make
it a little more clear. What I was saying was,
since you don't work for this company and you're not
in the insurance field, you really have no idea what
you're talking about. That's what I was saying. But all due.

Speaker 2 (08:17):
Respect, wow, because I didn't read my policy.

Speaker 8 (08:20):
Because I'm understanding of policy, I have no idea how
insurance works.

Speaker 7 (08:23):
You you're I know that I am covered every day
of the week for twenty four hours a day, So
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (08:30):
What you are trying to pull right now.

Speaker 3 (08:32):
You owe money, so you're covered every day of the
week except for Saturday and Sunday, and on Thursday you're covered.
Oh my god, stop, that is not true. What the
are you on something?

Speaker 9 (08:45):
This is absolutely ridiculous.

Speaker 3 (08:47):
I'm sek your manager or your supervisor right now.

Speaker 2 (08:49):
That's so unacceptable. I don't know where you're getting off.

Speaker 10 (08:51):
They can speak to me like this way, and this
is not accurate information.

Speaker 3 (08:55):
Which way am I speaking to you?

Speaker 8 (08:58):
You're being rude, You're being You're an idiot.

Speaker 2 (09:02):
I want to speak to your manager right now. I'm
a supervisor on the phone.

Speaker 3 (09:05):
Unfortunately I can't do that because this is actually Jubil
from the Jebel Show doing a phone prank on you
and your husband. Michael set you up. You kidding me?
He said that you got in a car accident the
other day. I wanted to mess with you.

Speaker 2 (09:18):
Oh my god, you.

Speaker 5 (09:24):
Are you serious?

Speaker 4 (09:25):
Oh my god, I actually thought for a second that
I had to sign up for coverage.

Speaker 2 (09:29):
If that didn't cover the weekend, wake up.

Speaker 3 (09:34):
Every morning with jubile phone pranks.

Speaker 5 (09:36):
It's time for Nina's What's trending today is World Autism
Awareness Day. It's the twelfth annual World Autism Awareness Day,
so organizations around the world are celebrating through all different
types of events and fundraising. But one way you can
help spread awareness if you didn't know, is wear blue.
It's all about the color blue to sow your support
and spread awareness. There is a new dating trend for

thirty and under. Let me just ask you this first. Okay,
when it comes to a first date, would you rather
meet the person in person or do a digital video date?

Speaker 3 (10:10):
What I know him before? Like, would it be a date?

Speaker 5 (10:12):
And it's not blind but it's a new person you've
never met before, So you have the option to go
on a real date or just like FaceTime, go on
a real date.

Speaker 3 (10:21):
I feel like FaceTime would be too awkward. Yeah, I'd
rather go on a real date too, so would I.

Speaker 5 (10:26):
However, sixty five percent what of singles between eighteen and
twenty seven would rather do the virtual option.

Speaker 3 (10:34):
Really, I mean, yes, hide.

Speaker 5 (10:35):
Behind it and you like, okay, I've got to go
by Yeah, essentially, But the reasons for it is because
they say it's more efficient, it's cheaper than a real date,
and that people do feel intimidated meeting people face to face.

Speaker 3 (10:48):
Now. I feel more awkward and intimidated on video chats,
like even when I have to do meetings on teams
and really, yeah, it gets super awkward.

Speaker 5 (10:57):
It is a weird energy. You do feel like you
have to bring a little more to the table.

Speaker 11 (11:01):
Well, yeah, because you're behind the screen so you're not
really talking to the person and you're in your like
house or apartment or whatever, and but you have to
act like you're like fun and exciting, so they want
to act don't know, and virtual days are fun.

Speaker 5 (11:13):
I did that when I was doing long distance. But
that's not how you want to start anything. We'll just
say that, but to each their own. Sixty five percent
of you would so cheers. It is a Soft Girls Spring.
Oh what we are soft people out here, and I
like it.

Speaker 3 (11:28):
Spread the love.

Speaker 5 (11:29):
Soft Girl Spring and Rihanna's new Savage by fenty signature
collection just dropped and it's all about that.

Speaker 3 (11:35):
I love this line though.

Speaker 5 (11:36):
It's for everybody, and everybody you know, get it, okay,
but lace pastels, slip dresses, you got it and then fellas.
She's also got you covered too with some briefs and
sleep tanks. So oh, soft girl Spring also is soft
boys Spring okay and a headline I never thought I

would say. It kind of is along the lines of
murder hornets.

Speaker 3 (12:00):

Speaker 5 (12:00):
What violent monkey gangs have taken over a town in Thailand?
Not one, but two gangs of monkeys have started to
stake their claim on the town and there's unprecedented violence.

Speaker 3 (12:12):

Speaker 5 (12:12):
Authorities have had to start carrying all different types of
trank guns and stuff to try to manage it. And
people that own stores and that have different shop little
stores and shop same thing are like scared.

Speaker 3 (12:24):
They're just beating people up. I guess you.

Speaker 5 (12:27):
Beat people up, stealing things, just starting to make a mess.
And they're getting so smart that when they see the
trank gun they know to like run away.

Speaker 3 (12:36):
That's real life Planet of.

Speaker 5 (12:38):
The Age happening in Thailand. Man, two monkey gangs.

Speaker 3 (12:43):
So if I had a grocery store, I would shut
down immediately. And move bananas. Bananas. You have bananas in there.

Speaker 5 (12:50):
Oh my gosh. Target Target and that's what's trending.

Speaker 8 (12:57):
First Day to follow up by the Advocates Injury Attorneys
online at ADJUCUSLA dot com.

Speaker 3 (13:04):
Aaron is on the phone today for a first day
follow up and he's getting ghosted by Lilah. So in
a few minutes we're gonna call her see if she'll
tell us why she's ghosting him and maybe get him
another date if he still wants one. Aaron, before we
talk about your date, how long has it been since
you heard from Lilah?

Speaker 5 (13:20):
It's been like two weeks now, So what is it
about Lila after two weeks that makes you want to
get a hold of her now?

Speaker 6 (13:27):
Well, I mean I've been thinking about her ever since
our date. You know, we met on a dating app
and I was excited to meet up with her because
we both like adventure outdoors.

Speaker 9 (13:41):
You know, I saw her photos on the app and
she was climbing.

Speaker 6 (13:45):
I like climbing. So on the first date, we decided
to go on a hike and you know, with a
gorgeous lookout at the top of this hike that I know,
and we would have him.

Speaker 9 (13:56):
You know, it was kind of cute.

Speaker 6 (13:57):
On the day, we'd have little competitions to see who
can kind of like, you know, race the other, who
could climb faster and to the top. I had a
bottle of prosecco share for both of us.

Speaker 3 (14:06):
Oh that's cool. I don't know, this feels like a
jewbill date. Race each other and then drinks.

Speaker 6 (14:17):
You know. I just really enjoyed it, and we had
the drinks we headed.

Speaker 9 (14:23):
Back to our cars.

Speaker 6 (14:25):
But then after that, I haven't heard from her, and
so I I've been thinking.

Speaker 2 (14:30):
About her, and I've texted.

Speaker 9 (14:31):
Her a couple of times.

Speaker 6 (14:33):
Nothing too you know, repetitive or what have here. But yeah,
I haven't heard from her. I'm wondering what's up.

Speaker 5 (14:39):
Is there anything that might have happened on the date
that could be the reason why she's not hitting you back?

Speaker 6 (14:44):
Not really part of me. I'm a little bit nervous that.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
You know.

Speaker 6 (14:51):
There was one point when I was hiking and you know,
trying to race up in front of her that it
was it was a little bit dificult. I had to
stretch a little bit and I farted a little and
I was I was in front of her, not not
like it wasn't a big fart, it wasn't loud.

Speaker 9 (15:13):
I don't think it was it was that bad.

Speaker 6 (15:16):
But yeah, I don't know if I could exactly smell it.

Speaker 9 (15:20):
I don't know if she could.

Speaker 3 (15:22):
But maybe that's kind of mortifying. Actually, yeah, that could be.
You know, did she say anything about it?

Speaker 2 (15:29):

Speaker 6 (15:30):
No, And that's like one of the things is that we,
you know, we hit it off very well. I thought
it was really rare to find a woman that's, you know,
just very authentic. She wasn't arrogant, she wasn't full of
herself at all. She's a great listener and she just
great storytellers. It was amazing aid to listen to her

tell all these all these tales of different adventures he's had.
And so, no, I don't think she would be the
type to be that stae and awfish about it. If
that was the case, I really don't know, and then.

Speaker 3 (16:03):
Trying to play it off at all, you know, like
there's a weird tree around here, it smells weird.

Speaker 9 (16:11):
I wish I was just trying to be coy and
just not say anything.

Speaker 5 (16:18):
Yeah, that's probably a good Yeah, probably would you really
go somebody if they tooted.

Speaker 3 (16:23):
No, I don't think I would either, but just for
one too. No, But if they're doing it repeatedly, you know,
maybe yeah, that's just a little dis Yeah, we'll like
step out of the room.

Speaker 9 (16:34):
We were outdoors, so I'm hoping it was just the
one toot.

Speaker 6 (16:38):
I don't exactly recall because I was so flustered by
that first one.

Speaker 3 (16:42):
I don't know, flustered by the first one. If you
could have been a rampage of two, you don't know, well,
then I could see it all right, man, Well, we'll
try to figure it out for you.

Speaker 9 (16:53):
Okay, I appreciate it.

Speaker 3 (16:54):
We'll play a song come back, and then call her
see if you tell us why she's ghosting you, and
maybe you another date.

Speaker 9 (17:01):
Thank you?

Speaker 3 (17:01):
Yeah, man, get your first a follow up next. You're
just joining us for today's first day follow up. Aaron
is on the phone and he's getting ghosted by Lilah,
So we're about to call her and see if she'll
tell us why she's ghosting him and hopefully get him
another date because he definitely wants to see her again.
Before we do that, though, Aaron, why don't you refresh
everybody's memory about your day with Lilah.

Speaker 6 (17:20):
Yeah, went up on a hike, a little bit of
climbing headsco at the top of the hike, and I'm
worried that maybe she's ghosting me because I might have
touted a little.

Speaker 9 (17:33):
We're being nice about it.

Speaker 3 (17:35):
Now you say a little. It makes it sound like
you did it a bunch. She said it was just
one time.

Speaker 9 (17:39):
I think it was just one time.

Speaker 6 (17:41):
But I'm trying to be, you know, fair, and I
don't want to be overly concernedive.

Speaker 2 (17:47):
That's not a case.

Speaker 3 (17:47):
But you weren't like throwing it in her face, not.

Speaker 9 (17:49):
Literally, I don't think so. But now you guys got.

Speaker 3 (17:54):
Me a second guess. Hopefully it's not a tute. Yeah, funny.
All right, Well let's see what it is. We have
to call her.

Speaker 9 (18:00):
You ready, yep?

Speaker 3 (18:02):
Here we go. Hello, Hi, man, speak to Lilah. Please,
Hey Leila, how are you? My name is Jewbell from
a radio show that's called the Jewbel Show. Hi, Lilah.

Speaker 5 (18:20):
The radio show likes to be here too. So my
name is Nina Hi, and I'm Victoria.

Speaker 7 (18:25):
Oh wow here.

Speaker 3 (18:28):
Have you ever listened to the show before? Oh?

Speaker 9 (18:30):
Yeah, of course?

Speaker 3 (18:32):
Oh sweet, well, we love you so Hey, Lila, are
you ghosting anybody?

Speaker 2 (18:41):

Speaker 3 (18:42):
Yeah, So you know how we do the segment the
first day follow up where if you're ghosting someone, they
can email us to get you on the phone and
ask you about it. Yeah, his name is Aaron.

Speaker 7 (18:53):
Yeah, okay, Aaron. Yep, yep, Aaron. There's nice.

Speaker 3 (18:57):
Here's cool. I said, it's been about two weeks. He said,
two weeks. About two weeks since you guys went on
your date.

Speaker 7 (19:04):
I guess, I guess since through here we have to
talk about it. Huh. The kaud Air's a good guy.
And because I liked Aaron, I will be honest here.
All right, Aaron, did I go along? Great?

Speaker 9 (19:15):
We had such a wonderful time.

Speaker 2 (19:17):
It was really awesome.

Speaker 7 (19:19):
So we went on a hike and we drank some
persecco and had a lot of good talks. Okay, beyond that,
like he kept talking about all these adventures that he
would go on with, all these hot, amazing women that
would go on adventures with him. So there was Michelle,
there is Sheila, there was Joanna, there was He was

talking about all of these women, and I just don't
know where fit into that. And did he have like
a ton of hot girlfriends.

Speaker 3 (19:50):
He was talking about other women going out with other
women on your on your.

Speaker 7 (19:53):
Date, Well, how they wouldn't go hiking and stuff like
he would go on adventures with women.

Speaker 3 (19:59):
I feel like you.

Speaker 11 (19:59):
Could easily say all the adventures you've been on and
not mention any other girl.

Speaker 5 (20:04):
Yeah, but at the same time, you got to be
thankful that he did mention all of these women's names,
because what does that mean?

Speaker 3 (20:09):
Like, are you just another adventure?

Speaker 7 (20:12):
So yeah, that's why I haven't called it back. I
just you know, I felt like I was just on
the rolodex at that point.

Speaker 3 (20:20):
Yeah, how did that come up? Did he say if
they were somebody that he was dating?

Speaker 7 (20:24):
No? No, I mean like he feels like he was
totally into me, and like that's what it was kind
of confusing, Like I just thought that he was into me,
But why would you be named her after being like
a ton of other women on our adventure. So I
just kind of thought that he was, I don't know,
one of those. I think he may be like a boy,

I guess, yeah.

Speaker 5 (20:46):
All right, those vibes a lot of the time, those
f boys though, that's their insecurity coming out and they
want you to think that they're so cool because all
of these women like spent time.

Speaker 3 (20:55):
That's my feels on it.

Speaker 5 (20:57):
Maybe I'm wrong, but as somebody who spent a lot
of time with boys, that's kind of the vibe that
I get.

Speaker 3 (21:02):
Yeah, there are guys that will talk about other women
on dates because they think it's going to make you
want them more.

Speaker 5 (21:07):
Right, and it just doesn't. It doesn't like f boys
aren't in anymore ps like at all.

Speaker 9 (21:13):
Yeah, okay, I speaking for.

Speaker 3 (21:15):
Myself, Liilah, thank you for telling us about Thank you
for being honest with us about while you're ghosting him.
And I don't know if you remember or not, but
Aaron has been listening this whole time.

Speaker 9 (21:27):
He farted too.

Speaker 3 (21:28):
But you know, heart, Aaron, she knows you farted.

Speaker 9 (21:33):
I knew she heard that.

Speaker 2 (21:35):
I knew it.

Speaker 3 (21:36):
That's so funny. Wait, but are you an F boy?

Speaker 9 (21:39):
I'm no, No, Okay.

Speaker 6 (21:41):
So I do have a good explanation for all the women. Honestly,
they are all friends and I mean that sincerely. Most
of the women that I go on these you know,
hikes with, it just reminded me of them, and that's
why I brought it up. It's because, you know, kind
of situational memory kind of say. And most of the
women are all in relationships already, so and that's the thing,

that's why I was mentioned in those names, is because
they don't mean anything.

Speaker 7 (22:11):
All right, So they're just friends. And I guess, like
if you just friends at school, like I don't know
you kind of you kind of mean.

Speaker 3 (22:19):
Me think that you were a floy though, do you
not believe him?

Speaker 9 (22:23):
I'm not. I'm not I And it kind of like.

Speaker 6 (22:26):
I do look out for those types myself because I
try not to be that.

Speaker 2 (22:30):

Speaker 9 (22:30):
I was raised by a single mom.

Speaker 6 (22:32):
I have two sisters, I an older sister, younger sister,
So I really I strive not to be that guy.

Speaker 9 (22:39):
And I don't want to be that guy.

Speaker 3 (22:41):

Speaker 7 (22:42):
Well that's cool, I've got I don't want to be
just a girl that anybody calls like. I definitely want
somebody that's serious about me, and I really enjoyed our
time together. I just never want to feel like I'm
one of one hundred eight or any you know, I
don't want competition, So Aaron, just let me know. Like
you talked really fondly about Michelle, so it kind of

sounded like you and her had a sing like maybe
over the summer.

Speaker 9 (23:06):
So did I that?

Speaker 2 (23:10):

Speaker 6 (23:10):
Okay, So Michelle and I had a thing over the
summer in high school.

Speaker 9 (23:16):
She is a friend from high school.

Speaker 6 (23:18):
Like, yeah, I've just known her a long time and
that's why we just go a way.

Speaker 9 (23:22):
Back school summer last summer or.

Speaker 6 (23:24):
High school summer, No, high school summer. And she has
been married and has kids yet. No, she's Jesus a friend.

Speaker 7 (23:33):
Okay, all right, all right, that's cool. Oh yeah, do
you have any like guys that are your friends? Do
you hang out with guys?

Speaker 2 (23:42):
Yeah? No, of course.

Speaker 6 (23:43):
Okay, not only do I know all of the husbands,
all the significant others of all these women.

Speaker 9 (23:48):
But no, I got my I got there's Caleb, there's Derek.

Speaker 6 (23:52):
Couple guys from work than when we hang out, you know,
get drinks every.

Speaker 3 (23:56):
Week after the work.

Speaker 7 (24:00):
That's reassuring.

Speaker 3 (24:02):
All right, So do you believe him then.

Speaker 7 (24:05):
Lilah, you know, I don't think he's lying.

Speaker 3 (24:08):
Okay, we would you like to go on another day
with Aaron. We'll pay for it.

Speaker 7 (24:15):
I'm going to talk about a bunch of guys on
our date.

Speaker 3 (24:17):
But sure, I just don't fart. Yeah, congratulations, Eron, I.

Speaker 9 (24:23):
Thank you guys. I appreciate it.

Speaker 6 (24:25):
I'm glad to clear the air.

Speaker 9 (24:27):
Lilah, thank you for I'm excited for a date.

Speaker 6 (24:31):
And yep, you are welcome to talk about as many
guys you want. I'll even throw in a free fart
for you for you, okay, congratulations.

Speaker 8 (24:41):
In Jubile's first Date follow up, you know what's weird
about your quizes, Katie, is that all the work is
right and just the answers are wrong.

Speaker 5 (24:50):
I know that having a boyfriend may seem like the
most important thing in the world right now, but you
don't have to dumb yourself down to get guys to
like you.

Speaker 3 (24:58):
Almost I'm for America's trivia game. You versus Victoria your
chance to take on are On Victoria Ramirez in a
game of trivia to see who gets to change their
name to Trivia de Generes Today whoa also now horn
tickets and let's meet today's contestant for you versus excuse
me a hiccor You versus Victoria Jessica. What's up, Jessica?

Speaker 4 (25:21):
Not much, just taking the dog back to the vet.

Speaker 3 (25:24):
Oh is dog?

Speaker 7 (25:26):
Okay, We're working on it, all right, We'll.

Speaker 3 (25:34):
Left hear you pap Well, are you ready to take
on Victoria? I am Victoria. Are you really gonna beat
someone with a sick puppy? I know, Okay, let's be
honest with my track record. Probably not, but.

Speaker 8 (25:45):
I'm sure.

Speaker 3 (25:48):
You're gonna send Victoria out of the studio while she's leaving, Jessica,
the game is played like this. You have thirty seconds
to answer as many questions as possible. If you don't
know one, Jesse pass and Victoria has to beat you
out right to win. Are you ready?

Speaker 7 (26:02):
I'm ready?

Speaker 3 (26:03):
All right, Jessica, Your time starts now. What is the
tallest mountain in the world? Everest? Who wrote the novel
To Kill a Mockingbird? Cash?

Speaker 5 (26:15):
What is the capital city of Canada?

Speaker 6 (26:22):

Speaker 5 (26:23):
Which planet is known as the Blue Planet Earth in
the movie Mean Girls? What color do we wear on Wednesdays?

Speaker 10 (26:34):

Speaker 3 (26:35):
Who discovered penicillin?

Speaker 5 (26:38):

Speaker 3 (26:39):
All right? Got that out on time? But you passed anyway,
so I don't know by no matter? All right, bring
Victoria backum in the studio while she's getting settled. Jessica.
What's something that you would like the world to know
about you today? Oh? Well, I've been married to.

Speaker 2 (26:54):
My high school sweetheart for twenty five years.

Speaker 3 (26:57):
Oh that's awesome. That's cool. I love hearing that stuff.
I want to hear all of the things that we
don't have enough time. But I'm happy for you. All right.
Victoria's back in studio with their headphones on. Victoria, Yes,
how are you feeling? Feeling pretty good? What are we
happy for?

Speaker 5 (27:11):
She's been married to her high school sweetheart for twenty years?

Speaker 3 (27:14):
Pop off, Jessica right, twenty five? Wow? Go you? Oh
twenty my bad? Yeah, I get it right? Really, pop off?
All right, Victoria thirty seconds. Answer as many questions as possible.
If you don't know when Esse passed, and you have
to beat Jessica outright Twain, Oh I'm cold? Okay, your
time starts.

Speaker 5 (27:33):
What is the tallest mountain in the world. Who wrote
the novel To Kill a Mockingbird?

Speaker 3 (27:39):
Jane Austen. What is the capital city of Canada? Ah,
I don't know, Ondario. Which planet is known as the
Blue Planet? What we have a blue milant?

Speaker 5 (27:50):
H nip dude in the movie Mean Girls? What color
do we wear on Wednesdays? Who discovered penicillin?

Speaker 3 (28:01):
You fresh Fresh? It's funny? Uh? Oh you are out?

Speaker 8 (28:12):

Speaker 3 (28:12):

Speaker 8 (28:12):

Speaker 11 (28:13):
I don't here, but I don't know the answer, so
I'm not gonna try to guess that.

Speaker 8 (28:18):

Speaker 3 (28:18):
Our normal scoreboard producer Brad is out, so our social
media producer Gabby. How's your score? All right?

Speaker 11 (28:24):
Jessica got three correct okay, and Victoria got.

Speaker 9 (28:27):
To why.

Speaker 3 (28:31):
Congratulations you did it? Yeah, it is not. You have
to change your name to Trivia de generous if you'd
like to. Also, noile horn tickets. Congratulations.

Speaker 1 (28:47):
All right.

Speaker 3 (28:48):
Let's cover the answers now with Nina.

Speaker 5 (28:51):
The tallest mountain in the world is Mount Everest, all right,
Harper Lee wrote to kill a mocky third, dang it?

Speaker 3 (28:56):
Ottawa is the city. The capital city of.

Speaker 5 (28:58):
Canada is known as the Blue Planet.

Speaker 3 (29:02):
Who movie mean Girls?

Speaker 5 (29:04):
On Wednesdays we wear pink and Alexander Alexander Fleming discovered
penicillin clost capital city of Russia is Moscow.

Speaker 11 (29:13):
Okay, so I knew that last one, and I'm sorry,
but no one calls us the Blue Planet.

Speaker 3 (29:18):
So I don't know what who came up with that question?
So we should just have throw it out.

Speaker 9 (29:22):
I guess pull it on.

Speaker 3 (29:24):
So she got it right, So what are you gonna say, Jessica?
You're not helping me right now?

Speaker 8 (29:29):
All right?

Speaker 3 (29:29):
Who we play you versus Victoria at the same time
every single weekday morning, it is time to Catch a Cheater.

Speaker 11 (29:36):
Only on the Jubile Show and only on the New
Hits one oh six point one.

Speaker 3 (29:41):
Shane is on the phone right now for to catch
a cheater. He just got engaged to his girlfriend. They've
been together for a total of four years, but now
he thinks something might be going on. So we're gonna
call her in a few minutes and see if we
can catch her if she is cheating, or find out
that she's not. But Shane, what's going on with your girlfriend,
Caitlin or fiance?

Speaker 2 (29:58):
I'm concerned. I'm concerned she's she's cheating on me. To
be honest with you, you know, I'm a hard worker for ride,
for for us, I take pride in it, and I
think she's cheating, you know, you know, like the UC
Guardy said, we've got engaged over the holidays and been
together four years. But I don't know, man. She's been

acting guilty ever since she attended her friend's wedding in Arizona.
She went out. She went without me because I had
to work and I was fine with it. I knew
her ex boyfriend was going to be there, but you know,
I trust Caitlin well until now. I saw a text
on her phone from Derek. That's her ext I didn't

read it, but it's weird that his name pops up
at all on the phone. You know, I noticed she
can't be in the same room with me a lot
of times lately, and she's always hired. It takes a
shower to avoid a conversation. And you know, when I
asked about the wedding, she couldn't even make eye doctor
talking about it. And it's been two weeks. It feels

obvious she hiding something, And I just wanted to say it.

Speaker 5 (31:08):
Has Derek like ever really popped up before? Though, Like
have they stayed friends all these years? Obviously they have
mutual friends.

Speaker 2 (31:14):
Not that I was aware of. I'm pretty certain he
was not not in the picture any longer. At least
I was on the impression.

Speaker 3 (31:22):
So that her acting, her acting funny started right when
she got back.

Speaker 2 (31:26):
Right when she got back, like two weeks ago. It
was just just strange, acting so strange, and you know
your other half and you can tell when they're off
a little bit. Yeah, something's going on.

Speaker 5 (31:38):
It does sound like she's hiding something. But are we
sure it's cheating?

Speaker 2 (31:43):
It's got to be because anytime I ask about the wedding,
you know, it's she changes conversation or rolls her eyes
or leaves the room. Uh, and then hit him popping
up on the text like that. I just didn't bring
it up with her because I'm waiting for her to
come clean. I'm not gonna lie, I'm just waiting for
her to come clean because I have a feeling.

Speaker 3 (32:01):
Was she mad that you weren't there? Like how did
that conversation go?

Speaker 4 (32:05):

Speaker 2 (32:05):
We we knew that I had to work and she was.
She was fine with it, and I was fine with
her going by herself. I mean, I trust Have you.

Speaker 5 (32:14):
Talked to anybody else that was at the wedding or
maybe like creeped around a little bit.

Speaker 3 (32:18):
There's got to be pictures somewhere.

Speaker 2 (32:20):
No, it's her friend, so I don't know any of
the people there. To be honest with him.

Speaker 3 (32:24):
That's going to make you feel a little bit more uncomfortable.

Speaker 2 (32:26):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm like looking for a wedding video maybe. Yeah,
It's always been our thing, you know, to enter to
win prizes every time you know that, we see an opportunity,
and recently both of us entered went a vacation of
it at our gym's customer appreciation day. And maybe you
guys can do that and call and say, hey, you
want you know something like that?

Speaker 3 (32:48):
Okay, yeah, we'll see who she wants to take with her.
All right, we'll pla us on come back and then
call her and do that and get here to catch
a theater next. If you're just joining us for to
catch a cheater. Shane is on the phone and he
thinks that he is feeling might be cheating on him.
So we're about to call her and pretend to be
from the gym that they go to because they recently
entered a contest to win a trip at the gym,
and see if she says she wants to take Shane

or somebody else. But before we do that, Shane, why
don't you tell us what's going on with Caitlin. Why
do you think she's cheating?

Speaker 2 (33:17):
She went to a wedding at one of her friend's
weddings by herself. We agreed it was okay for her
to goo, I mean not okay, but we were fine
with it, go ahead to work, and she's been acting
funny ever since she came back. For the last two weeks.
She doesn't talk about it. She avoids me. She always
hired takes a shower in the middle of a conversation,

so I need to take a shower. And her ex
texted her after the wedding, and I don't know what's
going on there. I didn't read the text, but I'd
like to get down to it and find out what's
going on.

Speaker 3 (33:49):
You don't feel shady, Yeah, it does seem weird. All right, man,
Well are you ready for us to call her?

Speaker 6 (33:54):

Speaker 2 (33:54):
Yeah, let's get it over with it all right, here
we go.

Speaker 3 (34:07):
Hello, Hi, this is Chortle calling from MSS. I was
looking for our Remember Kaitlin is Caitlin. Congratulations you won.
I don't know if you remember our customer Appreciation Day.
You entered a contest for a trip for two and
guess who we picked. Really, thank you, it's so exciting.

You've just won airfare, flights and hotel for five days
in Maui.

Speaker 9 (34:32):
Oh my god.

Speaker 3 (34:34):
Yep. It's for you and someone else to go with you,
absolutely free and congratulations.

Speaker 8 (34:40):
Well, thank you?

Speaker 3 (34:41):
Do you know who you want to take with you?

Speaker 8 (34:43):
Yes, I do, of course.

Speaker 3 (34:45):
I need to get some information from you real quick.
If you have a second Sure you said you know
who you want to say? Can I get there first
and last name so I can put that on some
of this.

Speaker 8 (34:54):
Well, I want to take my fiance, Shane.

Speaker 3 (34:56):
I mean you're going to Hawaii all expenses page, you
might as well take your side piece.

Speaker 8 (35:00):
No, do you want his phone number?

Speaker 3 (35:04):
Or what do you need? Yeah? Sorry about that? Okay, No,
I don't need anything because this is actually Jubile from
the Jubile Show. It's a radio show.

Speaker 8 (35:12):
What I thought that you were calling about a trip
to Hawaii that we want?

Speaker 3 (35:17):
No, this is a radio show. We do a segment
called to Sketch Cheater, where if you think your significant
other might be cheating, you try to find a way
to see if they are and your fiance Shane is
actually on the phone.

Speaker 2 (35:28):
Hey bab Hey, so look, Caitlin, are you cheating on me?
What happened at the wedding? You've been acting crazy the
last two weeks.

Speaker 8 (35:40):
What do you mean? What's going on?

Speaker 3 (35:42):

Speaker 8 (35:42):
What happened at the wedding? I've already talked to you
about it, and I just I'm confused while you're calling
the radio to and if I'm cheating, I'm not.

Speaker 2 (35:53):
You don't talk to me in the middle of a conversation.
You'll leave or roll your eyes, go take a shower,
or say you're Timeue. I needed the radio station to
help me, help you come clean.

Speaker 8 (36:04):
Well, nothing happened at the wedding.

Speaker 2 (36:07):
And the magical text that popped up from Derek all
of a sudden on your phone. You didn't think I saw,
but I did. I didn't read it. But what's up
with that is that those two go together, the wedding
and Derek and you.

Speaker 8 (36:22):
Well, first of all, I don't roll my eyes or
walk away or take showers when you try to bring
up the wedding.

Speaker 2 (36:28):
Look, Caitlin, I just want to know what's going on.
We've always been able to talk about anything and everything,
and I love you and I want to get through this.
I want to save whatever this issue is.

Speaker 8 (36:39):
Please Okay, Well, I guess I love you too, and
I did. My ex kissed me at the wedding. We
kiss that's it, That's how it happened.

Speaker 2 (36:54):
Whoa, whoa, whoa? Why didn't you tell me? How did
this happen, Like, how could you let this happen? What
else happened?

Speaker 8 (37:01):
I don't know it. It was all kind of like
a blur and it happened so fast. But he kissed me,
and he's newly single and just got out of a relationship,
so I don't know what he was thinking, but he
wanted to do more. But I definitely put an end
to that.

Speaker 2 (37:16):
Well, you don't sound like you're too upset about it.

Speaker 8 (37:20):
No, I feel horrible. It's been eating me alive and
I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how,
and I didn't want you to break up with me
because you're my favorite person and best friend. I was scared.

Speaker 2 (37:33):
I look, it's going to take some time to process
that kissed and that's all that happened. But I have
no intention of breaking up with you, and I want
to get past I really do. Look, we're going to
have to talk about this. I don't feel right about this.

I had a lot of questions. I need some answers
about this. I honestly don't know what to think right now.

Speaker 8 (38:01):
Okay, I'm glad that you want to talk about it,
because I really do too. And really, nothing happened honestly,
it was like a split second and I ended it.
And I don't know why he was texting me. But
I'll answer all your questions. And I feel really bad
about it. I just didn't really know how to bring
it up to you.

Speaker 2 (38:22):
Wait, you don't know why he's texting you.

Speaker 9 (38:24):
I mean, he texted you.

Speaker 2 (38:25):
Why did he text you?

Speaker 3 (38:26):
What to say?

Speaker 8 (38:28):
He just said? Hey, I didn't respond.

Speaker 2 (38:33):
Look, I honestly, I don't think I want to talk
about this right now. I still need time to process this.
But I do have more questions and I do need
some more answers, probably at a different time, so it's
not still public right now.

Speaker 9 (38:46):
I'm a little a little upset.

Speaker 8 (38:49):
Let's do that.

Speaker 3 (38:51):
Okay. Well, seems like you guys got some stuff to
work out. Yeah, Shane, I'm glad you got kind of
an answer at least.

Speaker 9 (38:59):
All right.

Speaker 2 (38:59):
Well, I mean, I don't know what else to say.
I mean, I guess, thanks you guys on the radio,
and Caitlin, I guess I don't know. Maybe I'll see
you later, hopefully, I don't hopefully took the steak out
of the freezer and we'll see see you later.

Speaker 3 (39:17):
This can be an interesting conversation. Absolutely. The Jewel shows
to catch a cheater.

Speaker 12 (39:24):
Girl Mass is putting your phone on do not Disturb
and still checking if you disturbed.

Speaker 3 (39:28):
You I do that.

Speaker 12 (39:30):
All my notifications are off, but I'm still just like Snapchat, Instagram. Yeah,
girl Mass is taking one thousand picks and only liking
three to.

Speaker 9 (39:38):
Five of them.

Speaker 12 (39:39):
I have two rebuttals to it too. One, that's just
how you look. No angle's going to change that. Number two,
it's crazy. I'm sick of it. You look that way,
that's how you look. Number two is so you're trying
to get a photo right to post on the ground
because you want people to like it. We stop trying
to look like a million dollars. That's not what gets likes.
Be yourself, be what you look like, be your natural
in your natural habit out. That's what gets lost.

Speaker 5 (40:02):
You will show you likes.

Speaker 3 (40:07):
There's a thread going viral now of people over thirty
sharing adult things that seem boring when they were younger,
but now it really excites them. I just want going
out real quick. Victoria over thirty.

Speaker 11 (40:20):
Part of the whatever the story is also applies people.

Speaker 5 (40:24):
Over two three. Are you an adult now? I'd like
to think of it. I'm cool, glad to be clarified.

Speaker 3 (40:33):
But you know, you get to that point in life
we have to start doing adult things all the time.
And being an adult sucks, yeah, I heard, but you
start to take pleasure in some of the simple things.
And there's the list going viral and it's pretty funny.
Getting good at produce that's a skull. Finding a good
avocado or tomato at the store is amazing, It's true.

Speaker 5 (40:52):
But sometimes you don't even really realize that your skill
has been mastered until you get home, especially with melons,
you know, because you've got to really hit the mel
and on the right side to make sure that it
feels hollow. And when you get home and it's a
juicy mellon, wait, what.

Speaker 3 (41:05):
Oh my gosh, I wanted life. Why did you have
to you have to hit a melon to figure if
it's good or not to smack a melanie? Smack it, dude.

Speaker 11 (41:11):
I just am like praying when I get home that
it's really good, because I'm going to cut it into
it like the minute I get home, and I'm kind
of just praying that it's not start smacking.

Speaker 3 (41:20):
Being an adult means you smack melons Another thing on
this list of adult things that used to be boring
but are fun now bird watching on purpose for fun.

Speaker 5 (41:34):
I like to do that, but I also like to
whenever I'm having a relaxing Saturday, I'll watch TV and
then I'll put bird watching on my iPad for Mimosa,
my cat.

Speaker 3 (41:44):
I think she gets into it.

Speaker 8 (41:46):
That's cool.

Speaker 3 (41:48):
Another thing on this list is such a loss as
I get ridiculously excited about appliances that I couldn't have
cared less about as a child. I got an instapot
for Christmas, Yes, and a blacuum blacuum a vacuum for
Black Friday, and I was so excited.

Speaker 5 (42:07):
It's so true when you get the vacuum that sucks
everything up. Yes, that is more satisfying. And also, to
be fair, kitchen toys are the best toys. If you
do not have an immersion blender, I highly recommend.

Speaker 3 (42:19):
An immersion blender.

Speaker 5 (42:20):
Because you have an immersion blender, I had to use
it to mash potatoes.

Speaker 3 (42:26):
We were all together. It was a family dinner or not.

Speaker 5 (42:28):
You know so, but it's it's like you plug it
in and you turn it on and just goes ah.

Speaker 3 (42:34):
Those are cool, Yeah, Yeah, okay.

Speaker 5 (42:35):
That's to mash your potatoes and you like mate glatt
or like whatever pesto.

Speaker 3 (42:41):
Yeah, I was really excited when I got that. I
didn't know it's called emergion blender immersion blender. Yes, I
use it for my protein shakes, but mostly because I
don't wash out the other stuff that I'm making with.
So then I'm like, where's that other little blender thing?
Another thing that people used to find boring that they
find exciting now as an adult. Alone time. Yes, it
doesn't matter if it's just sitting in silence doing nothing.

Something like that would have been punishment as a kid,
but now it's exciting.

Speaker 5 (43:06):
I've always loved being alone, So I will say, when
I was little and we would get in trouble, like
me and my brothers, my brothers would not want to
stay in the room like they would yell, scream, cry,
and then there'd be me next door being like, h losers.

Speaker 3 (43:19):
Who's going to get out faster?

Speaker 5 (43:20):

Speaker 3 (43:20):
But who doesn't want to leave the room also me.
Another thing on the list of things that people used
to find boring when they were a kid, but now
as an adult, they find it weirdly satisfying. Paying bills. EO, no, no,
what who finds that fun? Nope? Not fun? Yeah no,
that's why I don't do it. I never really have.

Speaker 5 (43:39):
The fun part is when you play the game where
you pay bills and then you look at your bank
account there's still money there.

Speaker 3 (43:44):
But how often does that happen? Ooh, it's a fun
game when you play it like that. Yeah right, it's
like ha ha, suckers, I still have cash. But that's
not all the time spending an hour on Amazon looking
for the perfect mop and then finally finding it.

Speaker 11 (43:57):
No, bro, just spending time on Amazon itself. I'll go
through daily and be looking like what do I want today?
What do I want to spend? Do you end up
getting a lot of things? I got a standing desk
of the other day. Oh yeah, But then I get
a message for my mom being like, why are you
spending so much on Amazon?

Speaker 3 (44:14):
Because I use her account? So is that really adult?
That's how much you spend too much on Amazon? Your
Mom's like, what are you doing? So I'm using my
credit card? It's time for Nina's what's trending?

Speaker 5 (44:26):
So if your dream is to be a billionaire, oh,
maybe you should make your dreams a little bit more realistic,
and maybe you should shoot to be a cent a millionaire.

Speaker 3 (44:33):
What couch, that's my dream.

Speaker 5 (44:36):
I didn't know that there is a category between millionaires
and billionaires, but there is, and it's called cent a millionaires,
and there are almost ten thousand cent a millionaires, which
are people who have at least one hundred million dollars
in liquid investable assets.

Speaker 3 (44:51):
Liquid investible assets. I wanted to say it does that
mean cash? Yeah, that you can have accessible accessible right away?
Haang I said accessible. It's like cash that you're in
the bank. So it's like wait, wait, Like it's not
cash that's locked up that you can't get to, you know,
like some investments and stuff are really hard to like
to make liquid. So liquid is just having it available.

That's just one hundred million dollars available. Does that mean
to use?

Speaker 5 (45:16):
Because you can be a millionaire, but you don't have
any assets that you can access.

Speaker 11 (45:19):
Yo, and you liquidate your assets, you get the cash
from it.

Speaker 5 (45:23):
So a cent a millionaire, it's pretty legit. Man, you
got some liquid assets. I pour water on dollar bills
just so I can feel cool. Yeah, I got liquid money,
liquid assets today.

Speaker 3 (45:38):
I mean something completely different into the world. Yeah, okay,
shifting gears.

Speaker 5 (45:44):
Do you want to know what the most popular and
greatest app of all time is? Well, thanks to Gizmoto,
they jumped on the NCAA tournament bracket situation and they
created a bracket of thirty two of the most popular apps.
So they already came down to their very last one.
And it is and I agree with this. Google Maps
is the greatest app ever created. I mean, you could

have an app for everything else, but as long as
you're not getting lost, Google Maps is really hooked it up.

Speaker 3 (46:12):
I actually use the Apple Maps more than Google Maps.
I do too, but then I get it takes me
in a bad direction, and oh I'm using Apple Maps.
That's how you know the difference either way.

Speaker 5 (46:23):
Maps in general, I think are just the best invention
of all time. On an app, congresswoman is going after OnlyFans?

Speaker 8 (46:30):

Speaker 3 (46:31):
Yes? What?

Speaker 5 (46:33):
Representative Anne Wagner of Missouri has decided to pick a
fight with OnlyFans. She is claiming that they push illegal
videos and they facilitate sex trafficking. Meanwhile, a lot of
the workers, I shouldn't say workers, but models that have
only fans pages are definitely strongly disagreeing with that because
they say that they have to prove who they are
with legal IDs and all of that, and that's their

source of income, so to tell her to shut it down.

Speaker 3 (46:59):
So I don't know. I feel Only Fans is always
going to be under fire no matter what. Yeah, for sure.
Whatever that people sign up to make money off of, well,
I suppose I hear there's other things on there, but
I don't think there are. I think that's pretty much it.

Speaker 5 (47:12):
I mean it was designed to be technically only fans
for musicians, for chefs.

Speaker 3 (47:17):
Really. Yeah. I'm friends with one of the founders.

Speaker 5 (47:19):
I don't really crazy, and so he was trying to
explain this to me and I was like, okay, bro,
well now I see you in Miami with all those girls,
so you are living your best life. But anyway, we'll
see how Anne Wagner does. But right now Only Fans
is still driving. So that is what's trending.

Speaker 9 (47:36):
Jubles Dirty Little Secret?

Speaker 3 (47:39):
Hello, Hello, Hey, what's up? You have a dirty little Secret?

Speaker 4 (47:43):

Speaker 6 (47:43):
I do?

Speaker 3 (47:44):
Sweet? What is it?

Speaker 4 (47:46):
So? I got the best revenge would kind of be
in silent revenge breaking up with my ex boyfriend.

Speaker 3 (47:53):
He wanted his clothes back and things.

Speaker 4 (47:55):
So I thought the best revenge would be to give
his heady back and his clothes back after revenue against
my dog's rear.

Speaker 3 (48:05):
End, he gets the back and he's like, what's that mouth? Yeah,
a lot of people do that to get revenge.

Speaker 4 (48:15):
They rubbed their I mean, they didn't seem to mind,
you know.

Speaker 3 (48:19):
Yeah, so he's Anthony. Yeah, was that awkward to do
that to your dog? Great question? Well, I mean yeah,
I get so.

Speaker 4 (48:29):
But in the end, you know, cattle time and.

Speaker 3 (48:34):
You know, a Disney movie. Afterward, it worked out. It
worked out. You rewarded him for his service. Well, thank
you for telling us your dirty little secret. Thanks you, yeah, bute. Hello, hello, hey,
you have a dirty little secret. I do sweet, Okay, okay,

let's hear it.

Speaker 8 (48:56):

Speaker 10 (48:57):
So I moved down here in twenty fifteen with my family.
My wife and her friend would come over and visit
a lot, and I would give her friend a ride home,
and her friend, on one of the rides home, was
telling me how my wife is cheating on me.

Speaker 3 (49:10):
Ooh yeah.

Speaker 10 (49:12):
And it's before I knew about your show, so I couldn't.

Speaker 2 (49:14):
Do to catch a cheater.

Speaker 3 (49:15):
Sorry, okay, sorry, but on the ride.

Speaker 10 (49:19):
Home, she was like telling me all about it. And
it was with our seventy two year old landlord. You whoa,
But I guess it had been going on for a
while and my ex wife used to work for him,
so like he only entire neighborhood. She would go and
clean the houses out after people moved out so they'd
be ready for people to move in. And little did
I know that he was in there with her. Yeah,

she was cleaning more than the house.

Speaker 3 (49:43):
Oh so her friend.

Speaker 10 (49:48):
Like on the way home, she was like saying, you know,
you're a good guy. You go to work all the
time for your family, your honest, trustworthy the other thing.
One thing led to another, and she like puts a
move on me, and I was like, well, if my
wife's cheating on me, then I'm.

Speaker 2 (50:00):
Going for it.

Speaker 3 (50:01):
Yeah right.

Speaker 10 (50:02):
And that went on for the better part of three months. Okay, wow,
Like and I was like removed from my house and
I was like visiting my kids and I would go
over there and drop them off, and she'd be like, oh, well,
can you give my friend to write home? And I'm
sitting there and I started laughing, and I'm like sure, sure,
I give her a ride. Yeah, exactly so, and the divorce.

Speaker 2 (50:25):
Is final, so I'm good to go.

Speaker 10 (50:26):
I'm telling my secret.

Speaker 3 (50:28):
Well I'm sorry and.

Speaker 10 (50:31):
Wow, yeah, I mean I tell a lot of my
friends when I first moved here. I am the ultimate
Spurner episode.

Speaker 3 (50:39):
Well, thank you for calling in and tell your little secret.

Speaker 9 (50:41):
You're welcome. Love your show, Love you guys. I hope
you guys are always good.

Speaker 3 (50:46):
You too.

Speaker 10 (50:46):
Man to you every morning.

Speaker 3 (50:47):
Absolutely you too, all right, take care of you too,
take care bye bye.

Speaker 9 (50:52):
What's your nerdy little secret.
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