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April 12, 2024 55 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
There's a group of friends and my stuff. We go
to our local Walmart and we'll open up like cans
of tuna fish and we'll shove it and like the
men's underwear and then sometimes the women's underwear. I'll just
stay in there and wait to see who goes shopping
for it, and when I'm like, grab it, we'll follow
them just to see if they ever catch on. And
most of the times they don't.

Speaker 2 (00:19):
But nasty.

Speaker 3 (00:23):
Humans are bored.

Speaker 2 (00:25):
My guys, we're in Walmart.

Speaker 4 (00:26):
We're gonna see how long it takes to get kicked
out of the back Hello, my first day at work.

Speaker 5 (00:32):
No, it's not work.

Speaker 6 (00:33):
Get out of my backroom.

Speaker 2 (00:34):
In my backroom.

Speaker 6 (00:35):
Wait, wait, get out of the back My daddy owns
this back room. Get out.

Speaker 7 (00:39):
We wait, it's not I It took like thirty seconds
to get kicked out.

Speaker 8 (00:42):
How bored humans are now, they're just trying to find
ways to get kicked out of Walmart's the Doebile Show,
And there's a listen going viral of twenty ways that
you can get kicked out of Walmart. We don't have
time for all twenty, but we'll go over some of
the best ones right now. Take someone's shopping cart and
switch the items with stuff from the person next to
them's cart.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
Then you can funny, I saw you switch the carts.
Here we go.

Speaker 4 (01:05):
What I think is funny about that one is if
you are successful at switching all of the items. Really
you have two people that come back to their car
going wait a second, Yeah, something's different because they still
have all their stuff in one cart in just a
different place.

Speaker 8 (01:18):
The cars look the same, so they're like, I swear,
I thought I put my car right there, but I
guess I put it right here.

Speaker 2 (01:23):
Victimless crime.

Speaker 8 (01:24):
This is a good way to get kicked out of
Walmart too. Smash the person in front of you on
the head with a ham that's a salt.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
I can see how that would get you kicked out, definitely.

Speaker 8 (01:34):
You know that's happened at Walmart's too, not just from
someone trying to get kicked out, just two people fighting.

Speaker 3 (01:38):
Over a ham.

Speaker 8 (01:39):
I like that fact ways to get kicked out of
Walmart because that's a new trend. Just going into a
Walmart and scene. If you can get kicked out, go
up to old people in the store and say, Grandpa.

Speaker 2 (01:48):
You're alive.

Speaker 3 (01:49):
It's a miracle.

Speaker 8 (01:53):
It also says another way to get kicked out of Walmart.
Hide in the center of the closed circle where people
find shirt and jump out and just ye hell at them,
right in the middle of those little circles of clothes.
That would be fun to do.

Speaker 2 (02:06):
Actually know, when I was a little kid, right.

Speaker 8 (02:08):
I actually got kicked out of Walmart once. I was
trying to make an announcement over the PA. Of course
you were in their phone, and I couldn't figure it out.

Speaker 3 (02:15):
It took forever. I would have gotten away with it.

Speaker 8 (02:17):
I don't remember what I was trying to say, but
I picked up the phone and it said how to
do it? Like next to the phone there was like
press these buttons. So I kept pressing them and it
would just beep over the loud speaker. And then I
kept trying it. Then I moved to a different phone,
so and like they're on to me now, And so
I tried it on like two different phones and then
I wasn't able to get it down.

Speaker 4 (02:33):
No, Well, here's here's a fun fact. You might have
actually been getting it. I've seen it in action. What
you do is you hit the buttons, you say your message,
and then when you hang up, it goes out over
the speaker. It's not live. Oh yeah, it's not live.
So you say your message and then you hang up.
So that beap was probably like a blank message trying
to figure it out.

Speaker 8 (02:52):
Oh man, okay, well now I need to go back
to walty it again.

Speaker 2 (02:55):
Here's a fan for life.

Speaker 8 (02:56):
I'm a new trend of people trying to get kicked
out of Walmart's and this is going viral. Of great
ways to get kicked out of Walmart. Go into the
dressing room, wait a few minutes, and then yelled, there's
no toilet paper in here.

Speaker 2 (03:08):
That is sober.

Speaker 8 (03:10):
Not do that again, would not surprise me at a Walmart.
Another way to get kicked out of Walmart, according to
this list, is set up a concert of singing hamster dolls.
Get your friends and then turn them all on at
the same time and act like a conductor.

Speaker 2 (03:28):
That sounds. I don't want to do that.

Speaker 3 (03:29):
Where do you find hamster dolls that sing at Walmart
toy section?

Speaker 2 (03:33):
Yeah, okay, I'm sorry, you guys are all versed in
singing hamsters. My bad.

Speaker 8 (03:39):
Another way to get kicked out of Walmart get a
batman costume, put it on and then run around the
store screaming at the top of your lungs.

Speaker 2 (03:46):
Come Robin, come.

Speaker 8 (03:47):
To the battle bill also sounds fun.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
I don't know why you would get kicked out for that.

Speaker 9 (03:52):
Well, like I think you're disturbing customers, disturbing the pieces putting.

Speaker 3 (03:56):
On a show.

Speaker 2 (03:58):
Yeah, the piece that is Walmart.

Speaker 8 (04:00):
They got shopping in a show. Yeah, Walmart, most peaceful
place on the right.

Speaker 2 (04:03):
I go and I need to just relax.

Speaker 8 (04:05):
And another way to get kicked out of Walmart take
up an entire aisle in toys by setting up a
full scale battlefield with the g I Joe's versus the
X men. I feel like the show needs to go
to a Walmart and try some of this stuff. Another
way to get kicked out of Walmart go to an
empty checkout stand and try to check people out.

Speaker 3 (04:25):
That would be.

Speaker 8 (04:25):
Fun experts at this point with self checkout. I posed
as a host at Hooters one time.

Speaker 6 (04:30):
It was fun.

Speaker 8 (04:31):
If you just go to go somewhere and then try
to just act like you have a job there, It's
really fun. So like people would walk in and I
would just go welcome, hot or.

Speaker 2 (04:38):
Sit wherever you like, So like, are you sober when
you do these things, or do you just stand there
and go, you know what, I want to know what
it's like to work here. But when I did that,
I was not sober at all. And they sit wherever
they want they.

Speaker 8 (04:50):
Did, and then I took a few orders and then
I and then I was told to sit down.

Speaker 2 (04:57):
No, they didn't kick me out because listen, he was
doing free you work.

Speaker 4 (05:00):
He was accepting orders and they needed to accept The
ladies were busy.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
He's paying, he's paying to work there. What what manager
wouldn't want that?

Speaker 3 (05:08):
Exactly free labor.

Speaker 8 (05:10):
We're going over a list of ways to get kicked
on the Walmart and says, test the fishing rods and
see what you can catch from the other aisles.

Speaker 3 (05:16):
That sounds fun.

Speaker 2 (05:18):
That's the best one.

Speaker 8 (05:20):
So they've got so many fishing and camping items at Walmart.
Do you can literally go hunting in Walmart? Grab one
of the guns and just sit there and like point
it out a ham, I'm gonna disturb it. I've already
smothered myself and it's Pee.

Speaker 6 (05:37):
Doesn't know I'm here.

Speaker 2 (05:41):
You belong in Walmart? Right?

Speaker 5 (05:43):
You just do?

Speaker 8 (05:44):
Yeah, you don't want to get kicked out of Walmart.
I want to live in a Walmart.

Speaker 3 (05:46):
Now, just wait, everybody, he's right there.

Speaker 2 (05:49):
Don't let them move. Don't let them move.

Speaker 4 (05:51):
He's gonna get your saying, you stink, get damn wind,
damn it.

Speaker 2 (05:56):
Ham's gonna run off baked.

Speaker 10 (06:01):
It's another jubile phone frame Mornings on the twenties.

Speaker 2 (06:12):
Hello, Hi, my name is Trevor.

Speaker 11 (06:14):
I'm calling from Trampoline Park and I was looking for Shannon,
who has a party scheduled. Oh hi, Shannon, So you
have a party scheduled here in a couple of days
for a ten year old's birthday party. So yeah, I'm
calling you to let you know that you don't You're like.

Speaker 3 (06:33):
That's not no, what are you talking about?

Speaker 2 (06:38):
Now, Well, we have.

Speaker 11 (06:39):
To unfortunately cancel your reservation for the ten year old
birthday party at our trampoline establishment.

Speaker 2 (06:47):
No, okay, what are you talking about?

Speaker 11 (06:51):
Well, so something came up and then now like we
can't have the party for your.

Speaker 6 (06:57):
Ten year old.

Speaker 5 (06:59):

Speaker 7 (06:59):
No, I booked this like two months ago and the
party is about to happen.

Speaker 6 (07:03):
The invitations have gone out.

Speaker 2 (07:05):
No, that's not okay, what happened? We already put a deposit.

Speaker 12 (07:07):
Down you have our money. What?

Speaker 2 (07:10):
Uh, well, so what is going on? Okay?

Speaker 11 (07:14):
So party, so there was like another person that needed
the park on that day, and so.

Speaker 6 (07:22):
Are you kidding me?

Speaker 7 (07:23):
You're giving this to somebody else instead of me who
booked it, and you have my deposit.

Speaker 12 (07:28):
Well yeah, that is not okay.

Speaker 11 (07:30):
Unfortunately, ma'am, we needed the trampoline park reserve for the
hours that you have your ten year old's birthday party
because miss hops a Lot needs a.

Speaker 2 (07:39):
Miss hops a Lot.

Speaker 12 (07:41):
Is that bunny?

Speaker 2 (07:42):
Is that that's not a human?

Speaker 11 (07:43):
It is a bunny. Yes, it's my bunny.

Speaker 6 (07:46):
Are you kidding me?

Speaker 12 (07:47):
It's a it's a bunny.

Speaker 2 (07:49):

Speaker 11 (07:49):
So a little bit about me. My name is Trevor.
I work at the trampoline park. Obviously don't care, okay,
And so I have a bunny.

Speaker 7 (07:57):
And you have a bunny that is taking my kid's
birthday party away from him.

Speaker 12 (08:01):
Are you kidding?

Speaker 11 (08:02):
We can reschedule it for another time if you want.

Speaker 7 (08:05):
No, that is his birthday and the invitations have gone
out and you already have my money.

Speaker 11 (08:10):
So I have like a TikTok account that hell's like
Hella likes and it it centers around my bunny. Miss
hoffs a lot, and so people have been requesting the
film a video of her like jumping around on a trampoline.
And so this is the only time that I could
really do it.

Speaker 10 (08:25):
Okay, this is really good.

Speaker 5 (08:26):
Well, but you can't.

Speaker 7 (08:27):
But you can't because it's my kid's party.

Speaker 2 (08:30):
So do it any literally any other time.

Speaker 12 (08:34):
But my kid is having his.

Speaker 11 (08:35):
Party, okay, So what I can do is maybe like
split the time. If you guys are, okay, splitting your
party with missus.

Speaker 7 (08:42):
Hofsallwh No, nobody is splitting a party with a rabbit.

Speaker 2 (08:47):
What are you talking about? I don't give it about
missus hops a lot or whatever.

Speaker 12 (08:52):
I talk at all of that crap.

Speaker 7 (08:54):
I do not care if my kids in your birthday
party and he's having it at the park.

Speaker 11 (08:58):
Okay, but I have hell of followers on to talk
and they're like expecting to give.

Speaker 7 (09:02):
A about your tiptob followers.

Speaker 2 (09:04):
I do not care, okay, but you do not hear me.

Speaker 6 (09:07):
Do this any other time?

Speaker 5 (09:08):
Do it after hours.

Speaker 7 (09:09):
I don't give a crap, But you're not ruining my
kids party because of a freaking rabbit.

Speaker 3 (09:14):
Your son is ten years old, right.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
Yeah, so I'm assuming human child who's ten years old.

Speaker 11 (09:21):
Would he like to have a bunny at his party?
Because maybe there's a way I could tie it in.

Speaker 7 (09:26):
And I don't want you anywhere near this party. Absolutely
not sometime with you. Let me talk to your manager.

Speaker 11 (09:34):
Let me just make sure I got what you're saying
so I can make sure I'm clear. You want to
speak with my manager about.

Speaker 7 (09:42):
About you being a crazy bunny man who wants to
ruin my kids.

Speaker 11 (09:46):
Party, So you want to talk with him about what
dates you can choose from the.

Speaker 6 (09:49):
Next ever, I do not want to talk to you anymore.

Speaker 2 (09:52):
I'm done with you.

Speaker 12 (09:53):
Give me your manager.

Speaker 3 (09:54):
Would you like to talk to miss Hofs a lot?

Speaker 2 (09:56):

Speaker 5 (09:57):
And also, I really what's wrong with you?

Speaker 12 (10:00):

Speaker 2 (10:00):
I do not want to talk to you.

Speaker 7 (10:02):
But this is the weirdest conversation I've ever had in
my life. Like, I am done trying to talk to you.
Give me your manager.

Speaker 11 (10:09):
Okay, we'll transfer you to my manager in just a second.
But I do want to check on one thing. Would you
like to fold me talking to me?

Speaker 5 (10:14):
I do not want.

Speaker 2 (10:15):
I don't want to follow you on TikTok.

Speaker 7 (10:17):
I don't want to see your bunny.

Speaker 2 (10:18):
I don't want to talk to but I don't.

Speaker 12 (10:20):
I don't want any of those things.

Speaker 2 (10:21):
Okay, well I want to talk to your manager or.

Speaker 8 (10:22):
Then I'll just let you know that this is actually
Jubil from the Jubile Show doing a phone brank on
you and your husband.

Speaker 2 (10:27):
James set you up. It's a joke.

Speaker 8 (10:31):
He said that even planning your ten year old's birthday
party and been stressed about it, so he wanted to
play a brank on you.

Speaker 7 (10:37):
I am so stressed about you almost gave me a
heart of das.

Speaker 6 (10:41):
I was going to kill it, Bunny, I was gonna
kill it.

Speaker 2 (10:44):
Wake up every morning with double phone pranks, ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls of all.

Speaker 6 (10:49):
Just now it's time phone.

Speaker 2 (10:51):
What's trending? Woo? It's actually kind of perfect because before
I tell you this story, it goes great with that music.
I will apologize really fast because I'm five and it's
already making me laugh.

Speaker 6 (11:05):

Speaker 2 (11:08):
So there's a new health trend and it's called fart walks. Nina,
don't say, Nina, this isn't my health trend. I did
not create a fart walk, but it's going viral thanks
to a woman who has kind of started this fartwalk movement,
which is essentially, after a big meal, you go for
a walk to get things moving, and she's taking it

so far as to make it something that she does
with her partner. So now she's really trying to make
it trend. I think I saw this video the other days.

Speaker 4 (11:38):
She's like, I invented the hashtag hashtag fartwalk.

Speaker 3 (11:41):
Yeah, but like other people are.

Speaker 2 (11:42):
Doing it that she's older, right, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I think she's seventy. Yeah, and she's the author of
a cookbook and like whoa. Yeah, So she's just got
a real movement going on, literally hopefully not.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
It's a clean fart walk, that's all I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (12:05):
So excellent news. Taylor Swift is back on TikTok. Yes,
so after all of the problems with Universal Music and
going back and forth with different licensing disputes, they have
managed to come to a decision and it's all good.
So her songs are back on there, and funny enough,
it is just in time for her new album release, right,

which is April nineteenth. The Tortured Poets Department, we love coincidences. Yeah,
it's not a coincidence. Good John, Taylor, You've done it again.

Speaker 4 (12:37):
You played the game, You're like, Oh, let's pull it
all off TikTok for a month or two and then
we'll just throw it all back on, ready for my
next album.

Speaker 2 (12:43):
Gets released, no matter what happens, Like you really cannot
hate on this respect like always nothing but that.

Speaker 4 (12:49):
I had a funny thing I almost sent Victoria Sae
because Victoria is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Right on
one of the pilots that I follow on YouTube, he
was doing one of his vlogs or whatever, and he's like,
we're flying. He's a cargo pilot, and he's like, we're
flying from Japan to Melbourne today, but not quite Japan,
not quite like not a city you know in Japan,
and not a city you know, it's kind of near

Melbourne because we have loaded up with a bunch of
artists gear. I cannot tell you the artist, it is confidential.
But I'm just so happy to have this be a
part of my era as a pilot. And like it
was like this they were taking all the staging and
all of the gear and stuff, and I was like,
oh my gosh, victorian ized worlds just collided.

Speaker 2 (13:29):
Yeah, it really did. And I love that they did that.
That part's actually really interesting. It is think about how
everything gets there. You just show up and it's like magic.

Speaker 4 (13:37):
Well, yeah, it's a full blown It was like a
huge cargo plane. Like to think of the biggest cargo
plane you can think, full of all of the staging
and everything.

Speaker 8 (13:45):
Is so cool to see that is I mean when
she was in the US, there was like semi after
semi after, like oh yeah, I can't even tell you
how many I saw there.

Speaker 2 (13:54):
It's exciting. I like to see it. You also may
love this if you're a Tom Brady fan. He may
be coming back to football what it does great commercials.
I will say, didn't he retire? Yes, yes, a couple
of times. He did retire, Yeah, a couple of times.
But now, in a recent podcast, he said that he
is not opposed to coming back if somebody needs a quarterback. However,

he if he becomes and gets approved actually to be
a minority owner in the Raiders, and he won't be
able to do it because then he'll be an owner. Ah,
he should. He should like, oh I can't play I'm
an owner now. Yeah, he should go to the owner
route for sure. I think he should always end on
your up. Yes, you up if you can. Yeah, So

that's what's trending.

Speaker 6 (14:38):
It's time to Catch a Cheater Only on the Juble Show.

Speaker 8 (14:42):
Fiona is on the phone for to Catch a Cheater today.
She's been with her husband Travis for seven years, but
now she thinks something might be going on. So so
hopefully we can help you find out that he's not cheating,
but or find out that he is, but at least
get you some answers.

Speaker 3 (14:55):
Fiona, what's going on? Like, tell us about your situation
with Travis.

Speaker 5 (14:58):
This is crazy.

Speaker 9 (15:00):
Gravis and I have been together for seven years and
it's been It hasn't been perfect.

Speaker 2 (15:04):
The whole seven years.

Speaker 9 (15:05):
We had some like financial troubles you know, new marriage,
you work through stuff. But for the last few years
this has been really really good and we've really been
just so connected. My boutique business has just really taken
off in the city and Trevi.

Speaker 2 (15:23):
Has just got a new job that he loves and
it pays more.

Speaker 9 (15:27):
So we've been able to start like really saving and
building towards our future together.

Speaker 2 (15:31):

Speaker 9 (15:33):
Yeah, and it's not just the money, Like he's doing
something he loves now, Like he's a film director and
he's only ever done like tiny commercials or you know,
boring like a music video here and there maybe, but
mostly boring stuff. Okay, yeah, in a couple of like
really bad movies, like bad, low budget. But recently he

got a gig where he's working for an indie film
company one he's always dreamt of working for or never
thought he could.

Speaker 2 (16:01):
And he's doing a really good job there.

Speaker 9 (16:04):
They're paying him really well and he's actually living his
dream and he's happy.

Speaker 3 (16:09):
That sounds great.

Speaker 9 (16:11):
Liked to paint a picture for you. Like Travis, he's
like a lovable, goofy, silly guy. Like he's lighthearted. He's
the one making me laugh when I get stressed about
business or just life if I get too uptight.

Speaker 2 (16:23):
But he's also kind of a you know, he's gullible.

Speaker 9 (16:27):
Okay, so sometimes like he winds up saying yes too much,
or trusting people at what they say at face value, like, oh,
they're telling the truth, because everybody tells the truth, is
what he says.

Speaker 2 (16:40):
That's good, but.

Speaker 9 (16:42):
It also makes me worry for him because he gets
himself in these situations where he's like taking the fall
for other people or doing their job because he can't
say no.

Speaker 2 (16:53):
He just says yes if somebody asks.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
For something, Okay.

Speaker 9 (16:57):
So I'm kind of wondering if, like I'm if this
is one of those situations, if what's going on right
now is something where he's gotten like pushed into a
corner or something I've just wating on you or what.
Let me back up just a little. I'm super super
close with my grandma. We talk every day. It's not

twice a day. She was downtown the other day and
she was going shopping and she said she saw Travis
in a luxury car with another woman. Oh yeah, oh
and my grandma's words, not mine. She said he was
in the car with the bab line and they were
laughing and joking, and Travis was all smiles. They were

at a red light and she saw the woman reach
down like out of view and reach reach down, and
then the light turns green and they take off ha ha,
laughing in this luxury car.

Speaker 6 (17:58):
Like what am I supposed to.

Speaker 2 (17:59):
Do with that?

Speaker 5 (18:00):
You know?

Speaker 6 (18:00):
Did you know what?

Speaker 2 (18:03):
I'm still trying to I'm like really upset, and I.

Speaker 9 (18:07):
Don't want to say something stupid and be wrong or
I've never accused him in our whole marriage of anything
other than like not taking the trash out. But I'm
like trying to understand, first off, who is this woman?
And second off, like, because he's an honorable guy, but
what's up with the car? Because him and I both

drive boxes and we promised we were going.

Speaker 2 (18:31):
To drive him until they die. Is he moving on
since he's been moving up in the company. Is he
living a second life?

Speaker 4 (18:40):
Now I'm.

Speaker 2 (18:43):

Speaker 6 (18:44):
Yeah, So what I was thinking was you guys could.

Speaker 9 (18:48):
Call and say you're calling from the production company he's
been working for and he's been working a lot of hours,
and that you want to, you know, give him roses
as a thank.

Speaker 2 (18:57):
You for his hard work and dedication to send to somebody. Yeah, okay, yeah,
we can do that.

Speaker 8 (19:05):
See if he believes us and then sends him to
you or to somebody else.

Speaker 9 (19:09):
Okay, yeah sounds I mean I'm scared, but yeah, yeah,
all right.

Speaker 2 (19:14):
Well we'll help you out.

Speaker 8 (19:15):
We'll play a song, come back, and then call him
and see if we can figure this out for you
with the ketch a theater next right in the middle
of the ketch heater, if you're just joining us. Fiona
is on the phone and she thinks that her husband
a seven years named Travis might be cheating on her.
So we're about to call him and see if we
can catch him. But first, Fiona, why don't you catch
everybody up on your situation.

Speaker 9 (19:34):
My grandma saw him downtown the other day in a
luxury car with in her words, and he was in
the car with another woman laughing, and she said she
saw them like her reached down by his body, so
like maybe touching him. And I want you guys to
call see your calling from his production studio that he

works for, that you have roses he can send to someone,
and I want to see if you're sending them to
his wife or to this woman, mystery woman.

Speaker 2 (20:04):
Okay, here we go.

Speaker 6 (20:16):
Hello, Hey Travis, who's calling.

Speaker 3 (20:20):
My name is Trouble.

Speaker 8 (20:21):
I'm calling from productions. We haven't met yet, but you've
been working a ton of hours.

Speaker 6 (20:28):
Yeah, I'm a I'm a director, so my hours are in.

Speaker 8 (20:33):
Well you've been You've been crushing it, and we want
to say thank you. Okay, we know that you're you
know you're busy and you probably don't get time to
see people and stuff. So we actually wanted to give
you some flowers that you could send to somebody. Just
a dozen long stim roses just to send to somebody.
Just uh, just for being you and working so hard.

Speaker 6 (20:53):
What is going to stop this? You playing with me?
I don't know anything about really a doz roads.

Speaker 8 (21:00):
Yeah, thank ye, well, thank you for working so hard.

Speaker 1 (21:05):

Speaker 8 (21:05):
So I can get this and out. I will need
to get some infro from you in a second. Do
you want to do you want us to like put
a card and stuff with it too?

Speaker 6 (21:11):
Yeah? Absolutely cool. In fact, do me a favor. Do this.
Let's do it because I'm actually have a surprise for
my wife. But on the car, put have a surprise
for you. Call me when you get this. Love you
all right?

Speaker 5 (21:27):

Speaker 3 (21:28):
Just you know got a guy that I know. You
know we're in the same industry.

Speaker 6 (21:32):

Speaker 3 (21:32):
You probably got a lot of ladies out there.

Speaker 9 (21:34):

Speaker 6 (21:37):
I ain't got time for that.

Speaker 5 (21:40):

Speaker 3 (21:41):
Right, you can be honest with me.

Speaker 6 (21:43):
I am being honest, my man. I'm slammed you sure
about that? Yeah?

Speaker 5 (21:49):

Speaker 6 (21:49):
Why what's up?

Speaker 2 (21:50):

Speaker 3 (21:51):
Because this is actually double from the Jewel Show. It's
a radio show.

Speaker 8 (21:53):
We do a segment where we try to see if
people are cheating, and your wife Fianna is actually on
the phone.

Speaker 6 (21:59):
Hmmm, what what are you? What are you talking about?

Speaker 2 (22:04):
Hey, Travis?

Speaker 13 (22:05):
Uh, my grandma saw you the other day driving around
downtown in a hot car with apparently a hot woman,
and she was reaching down in the car for something.

Speaker 6 (22:19):
What what's that about? Okay, look, okay, I don't know.
I don't know what's going on here. But what's going on?
I don't know what's going on here? But okay, I
guess you're gonna just ruin the surprise here.

Speaker 3 (22:38):
Your wife, grandma saw you out with another woman.

Speaker 2 (22:42):
Who is What's like you had time for that?

Speaker 6 (22:45):
Are you kidding me? You're talking you're talking about Manna,
really that blind old lady. You're you're killing me here.
But first of all, all right, and I'm just you're
just gonna ruin the surprise on that little radio. That's
fantastic day. That was your best friend Megan. All right,

you've like she's seen a million times. She was letting
me test drive a new car. You're actually your car
and not only that. Yeah, that's right. Last time Megan
came over, you know, I just let her know keep
this a secret. I was getting you a new car.
Bab right, that's that's scene the reasoning behind it. So

I don't know what was going on. Last time we
were over, we were checking out the car, making sure
everything was good and you know, the front and the
back seat. So unless that's what your grandma was seeing
and nothing going on. I got you a new car.
That's that's what's going on. I just yeah, heap. I

just wanted to say thank you, you know, just these
last years have been like super rough. No, I know
how hard things were going. You know, you were taking
care of me, supporting me financially, and now that you
know I got this job, I'm I'm so excited and
everything's going real well. And we both deserve things, and
you deserve a new car. So Megan was helping me

choose your car and we were test driving it. That's it.
Ain't nothing going on. Oh my god, Oh my god.
I feel so stupid.

Speaker 5 (24:25):
Oh my god, Travis, I'm so sorry. I am so sorry.

Speaker 2 (24:28):
I knew.

Speaker 9 (24:29):
I knew you wouldn't see it, but at the same time,
you got to see, like my point of view, like
you're in a hot car with a hot woman, and
my grandma got me kind of riled up.

Speaker 6 (24:40):
But I've never given you a reason for anything like that, know.

Speaker 13 (24:44):
What I mean?

Speaker 5 (24:45):
No, this is this is this is your me.

Speaker 6 (24:50):
You know, leave it to leave it to your grandmother
A cause problems somehow, you know what I mean.

Speaker 5 (24:55):
But I mean a new car. I need a new car.
I mean it's it's I want to see it, like,
oh so happy.

Speaker 3 (25:05):
Right now, I'm just trying to follow you.

Speaker 6 (25:08):
When you get on home. It's going to be parked
in the driveway, and I'm gonna non you know what,
I'm now a little upset because the whole supprise got rude.

Speaker 5 (25:18):
I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Speaker 9 (25:21):
Oh my god.

Speaker 2 (25:22):
Maybe I feel like you did. Your grandma did see
him with a woman, So yeah, you have grounds for
being a little frustrated. They're a good thing. It was
a happy ending, though.

Speaker 5 (25:31):
Yeah. I'm like, my mind's blown.

Speaker 9 (25:33):
I'm speechless, Travis, like I love you, like thank you,
You're so sweet.

Speaker 3 (25:39):
Oh my god, congratulations on the new car.

Speaker 2 (25:42):
Yeah, thank you.

Speaker 9 (25:44):
I mean I want to see it now. I wish
I was home now. Oh my god, I feel so stupid,
forever doubting you.

Speaker 6 (25:54):
You know, I love you, and I know we've been
through a lot, and so I wanted to do this
for you and I really hope you love it, and
I'll really you know, I love you, you know, I
just want to I love you.

Speaker 2 (26:05):
It's probably the happiest to catch a cheater ever.

Speaker 10 (26:11):
There you go the Jewel Shows to catch a cheater.

Speaker 14 (26:16):
What you just said is one of the most insanely
idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in
your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything
that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this
room is now dumber for having listened to it. I
award you no points, and may God have mercy on

your soul.

Speaker 3 (26:41):
For you.

Speaker 8 (26:41):
Versus Victoria, America's favorite trivia game, your chance to take
on our own Victoria Ramirez in a game of trivia
to see who has the chance to eat breakfast with
a hunk.

Speaker 2 (26:50):
Oh, have you already picked him out?

Speaker 3 (26:52):

Speaker 8 (26:53):
Oh, it's not the hunk of your choosing either. We
will choose the hounk. Also new one pilot's tickets, and
let's meet today's contestant for you. Versus Victoria, Diana. What's up, Diana?

Speaker 2 (27:04):
Hey, Oh my.

Speaker 6 (27:05):
God, I'm so excited.

Speaker 10 (27:09):
Oh my god, I've been I've been trying.

Speaker 2 (27:12):
Oh my god, you just Oh my god, Oh my god,
I love you too.

Speaker 8 (27:19):
Let's do this, all right. Victoria is gonna leave the
studio and Diana. The game is played like this. You
have thirty seconds to answer as many questions as possible.
If you don't know one, just say passing. Victoria has
to beat you outright to win. Are you ready?

Speaker 6 (27:34):

Speaker 3 (27:35):
Okay, here we go. Your time starts now.

Speaker 2 (27:39):
What does HTTP stand for?

Speaker 6 (27:43):
Oh god, Victoria two?

Speaker 2 (27:46):

Speaker 3 (27:47):
When was the first powered flight?

Speaker 5 (27:50):

Speaker 2 (27:52):
Oh my god, I don't know what. Japanese art involves
folding paper to create intricate designs. Animey, what game show
was Megan markle on?

Speaker 6 (28:04):
Oh, I don't know.

Speaker 5 (28:06):
Celebrity to you?

Speaker 2 (28:07):
What country is directly north of Belize?

Speaker 10 (28:12):
I'm sorry, bat, all.

Speaker 8 (28:14):
Right, we'll bring Victoria back into the studio. So, Diana,
other than putting people around you in a great mood,
because you sound very happy, what's something else you would
like the world to know about you?

Speaker 12 (28:23):
I don't know.

Speaker 6 (28:23):
I'm just a very happy person.

Speaker 8 (28:25):
I guess I'm a morning.

Speaker 5 (28:26):
Person, so in the morning's I'm usually really happy.

Speaker 2 (28:29):
So ye, me too.

Speaker 5 (28:31):
I mean, as long as I have my coffee, I'm good.

Speaker 11 (28:34):
All right?

Speaker 8 (28:34):
Spread that joy, girl, Victoria's back in studio with their
headphones on.

Speaker 2 (28:38):
I'm scared.

Speaker 3 (28:39):
Here we go. Your chance to eat breakfast with a hunk.
Victoria is on the line.

Speaker 8 (28:46):
Okay, thirty seconds to answer as many questions as possible
if you don't know when just they pass and you
have to beat Diana outright to win?

Speaker 2 (28:53):
Are you ready? I think so? I'm a baby?

Speaker 1 (28:55):
WHOA so?

Speaker 9 (28:56):

Speaker 2 (28:57):
Yes? What does HTTP stand for? HTTV? How portal? I
don't know?

Speaker 3 (29:05):
When was the first powered flight?

Speaker 2 (29:07):
Huh? What Japanese art involves folding paper to create intricate designs?
What game show was Megan Markle on suits? What country
is directly north of Belize?

Speaker 5 (29:18):

Speaker 2 (29:18):
Why'd you uh? I'm can't think of my map right now.
I don't know. I don't know. I'm not gonna guess.
I was gonna guess. Keep them at that. I think
that's wrong. Time is up? I just gave up on that.
I don't know if I like that.

Speaker 8 (29:32):
Well, let's send over to the scoreboard and see how
you guys did with our scoreboard producer Brad.

Speaker 4 (29:36):
All right, So, Diana, you got zero correct and the
losing streak is broken with one for Victoria wins.

Speaker 3 (29:46):
Diana, I'm sorry you did not be Victoria.

Speaker 10 (29:52):
It's okay.

Speaker 7 (29:52):
You know what, as long as I finally got a game,
I'm more than happy I won.

Speaker 3 (29:59):
All right, let's go over the answer with Nina.

Speaker 2 (30:00):
Okay, so HTTP is hypertext transfer protocol? What what is
it even for? I would have been shocked to Victoria's
just like hypertext. I actually thought she was going to
The first powered flight was in nineteen o three. Origami
is Japanese art that involves folding paper. The game show
Wait game show that Megan Marco was on, which what

a great Game Show? Drew carry hosts that technically did
the game show It's the Game of Life. The actual
game show she was on was Deal or No Deal.
She was one of the suits.

Speaker 3 (30:34):
I knew that.

Speaker 2 (30:35):
And then the country directly north of Belize's Mexico. I
should have no Yes, you should have.

Speaker 3 (30:42):
Your parents are gonna be very upset with the Victorian.
You know what.

Speaker 2 (30:44):
They listen to the show daily. They are always upset with.

Speaker 3 (30:49):
Versus Victoria the same time every single weekday morning.

Speaker 10 (30:52):
First Day follow up powered by the Advocates Injury Attorneys
Online at Advocates Law dot.

Speaker 8 (30:58):
Com Mitlasha is on the phone today for our first
date follow up, and she's getting ghosted by a guy
named Mason who she really likes. So in a few
minutes we're gonna call him see if you'll tell us
why is ghosting her and maybe get her another date.
But first, Natasha, how long has it been since you
heard from Mason?

Speaker 5 (31:11):
Oh? Man, it's been it's been like a couple of days.
Like I don't know, Well, he he won't hang out
with me again. I don't know. He just says he's busy.
It's the word family obligation.

Speaker 2 (31:24):
Okay, but could not be legit if it's been a
couple days or the couple days is silence.

Speaker 5 (31:31):
I mean, like we work in the same building. I
just don't get it, Like it's not it's just a
bunch of it's a bunch to bes because he could
just be busy or I don't know, I feel like
something else is going on. Like we had such a
great date, we had like fire, it was amazing.

Speaker 6 (31:49):
So like the fact that.

Speaker 5 (31:51):
He won't, like just meet up for another happy hour
right across the street from our office is just doesn't
make sense.

Speaker 2 (31:57):
Well, let's talk about the date. Let's hear about the fire.

Speaker 5 (32:02):
Well, I mean, like I don't know, we had a
really good time, Like our date was like amazing, but
like we were like touching, kissing, like we shared appetizers
and like, I don't know. Then we went back to
his house and we hooked up. I had to go,
like I had to sneak out in the middle of
the night because I had a early workday the next day.

But I don't know, I just thought that since it
was so hot, and really I didn't see anything that
went wrong. I just don't understand, like why he can't
even like I mean after our coffee in the lobby,
Like what in the.

Speaker 3 (32:37):
Heck right now, it feels like you're a little eager.

Speaker 2 (32:40):
Have you expressed that eagerness at any point after so
you guys hooked up?

Speaker 5 (32:45):
Well yeah yeah, but like okay, so I might have
like kicked something when I left his house that may
have upset him, Like I took something and when I
was leaving, Yeah, I might have kicked something like shoe,
Well there was like kitty letter on my shoe and
I was leaving his house. So I was like, oh no,
maybe I kicked over his cat's litter box and maybe

that is that why he's not talking to me. I
mean I might be.

Speaker 2 (33:15):
So did you leave a mess behind you? Is that
what you're saying?

Speaker 5 (33:18):
It was dark, it was early, I didn't see it.
I might have met I don't even know if the
cat was in there.

Speaker 2 (33:27):
Sorry, that's not funny. Did you address the potential mess
that you left? Did you say sorry? I think I
kicked something on my way out or anything like that.

Speaker 5 (33:36):
I want to explain myself, but like, I'm just not.
You won't meet up with me, So you're just being
cold and I after hooking up and after the way
everything went, and then if I made a mess in
his apartment, and if that's why he doesn't want to
see me again, just tell me.

Speaker 2 (33:56):
Yeah, that doesn't feel good, right, yeah, especially after hooking
up with somebody they do. Oh, you'll little something that
doesn't feel good.

Speaker 5 (34:02):
You have any family obligations to have I don't even
understand how many could be possible.

Speaker 8 (34:07):
It'll be okay, Well, we'll play a song, come back
and then call him and see if you tell us
why he's ghosting you, and maybe get to another date
if you still want one.

Speaker 6 (34:16):
Okay, okay, thank you, all right, we'll.

Speaker 8 (34:18):
Play a song, come back and get your first day
follow up. Next, Natasha is on the phone today for
our first date follow up. She's getting ghosted by a
dude named Mason. So in a second, we're gonna call him,
see if you tell us why he's ghosting her and
maybe get her another date. But real quick, Natasha, why
don't you catch everybody up on your situation?

Speaker 5 (34:36):
Basically, we work in the same building. We didn't realize
we had worked together for so long, and then we
met and we had drips.

Speaker 6 (34:44):
She hung out and we hooked up.

Speaker 5 (34:47):
I don't know. I maybe kicked over his catbox and
now he will hang out with me, and she's getting
me a bunch of weird excuses.

Speaker 6 (34:54):
All right?

Speaker 8 (34:55):
Do you think it might be because he kicked over
the litter box on accident legitimately?

Speaker 3 (35:00):
All right, well we'll see if we can figure it out.
Here we go. Are you ready?

Speaker 5 (35:04):

Speaker 8 (35:04):
Okay, Hi, I'm asking to Mason. Please h Mason, how
are you good? Who's Oh? Thank you for asking Mason.
My name is Jebel, and I host a radio show.

It's called The Jebel Show him Mason.

Speaker 2 (35:27):
The Whole Shows.

Speaker 6 (35:28):

Speaker 2 (35:28):
I'm Nina, Hi, and I'm Victoria. Oh, hey, guys, I've
heard you guys. I heard you guys later, I heard
you guys earlier. Oh wit, thank you.

Speaker 3 (35:36):
That's cool. We're just calling to say thank you. We
were watching you. Listen. We're actually calling you because we
got an email about you, Mason.

Speaker 2 (35:45):
Okay, from somebody.

Speaker 8 (35:50):
Who you went on a date with, but now you're ghosting.
This is a first date follow up.

Speaker 15 (35:55):
Oh okay, all right, So what the to the accusations?

Speaker 8 (36:01):
Any idea, any idea of who would email us, Natasha.
I'm pretty sure you're correct, Mason, Natasha, what happened? She
wants to know why you're a ghostinger? She said she
really liked you, but now you are.

Speaker 15 (36:15):
Oh okay, So all right, well this is okay if
she wants to hear it on the radio. So we obviously,
like she told you, guys, kind of the basic what happened.

Speaker 16 (36:27):
We met and we went off for drinks, and then
she might well she might have spent the night to say, okay, cool,
and then so it's thanks, were drinking and I'm a
light sleeper. She spent the night and I kept on
waking up because she kept on farting, and and it's.

Speaker 6 (36:46):
Fine, there's nothing wrong with farts, but it's.

Speaker 15 (36:49):
Just a little bit like maybe I guess too soon
for fart, if that makes sense, Like I just you know,
I just kind of met her and I'm already hearing
her fart.

Speaker 2 (37:00):
Everyone does it exactly. You can't really control your body
too soon holding it.

Speaker 15 (37:06):
Yeah, so, which is fine because I'm sure, like you
know who doesn't fart.

Speaker 6 (37:10):
So, but I was just a little bit much for me.

Speaker 16 (37:12):
It kind of game men eck. But there's nothing, there's
no bad thing.

Speaker 6 (37:16):
I should just honestly, I should have just got back here.

Speaker 3 (37:19):
It wasn't like why you guys were like, well, stuff is.

Speaker 12 (37:23):

Speaker 2 (37:24):
I mean, I I was sleeping.

Speaker 16 (37:25):
Who knows what she was, but I remembering it was
just it was.

Speaker 2 (37:29):
Just sleep okay, Like I could. I could, I could
see like if she was doing it on purpose or
like blatantly in front of you in the middle of conversation.
But like if you're sleeping, you can't really control what's happening, right.

Speaker 6 (37:43):
I know. That's why it's an embarrassing ick. I guess.

Speaker 2 (37:46):
I mean, I just again, like it's maybe if I just.

Speaker 15 (37:48):
Knew her longer for it's like a dating and thing
because I you knows something wrong with that when you're
dating someone.

Speaker 8 (37:52):
But I was nervous about that, falling asleep next to
someone for the first time.

Speaker 3 (37:57):
If I'm going to fart or.

Speaker 2 (37:58):
Not, that's how you get nervo. Yeah, yeah, what if
you were in his position. I'm just curious, like how
other people would handle that, Like if you she was.

Speaker 8 (38:07):
Sleep farting, I think that's that'd be cute, unless they
were like real bad ones.

Speaker 6 (38:14):
That's cute.

Speaker 3 (38:15):
She doesn't even know she's farting. She's embarrassed right now?

Speaker 2 (38:19):
Are you crying right now?

Speaker 3 (38:21):
I'm just laughing again. Oh, I'm sorry. Well, thank you
for telling us the truth.

Speaker 2 (38:27):

Speaker 6 (38:29):
Yeah, I feel about I'm a light sleeper. I don't
know what to say.

Speaker 8 (38:32):
Sure, Mason, I don't know if you remember or not.
But when we do the first date follow up, the
other person is on the phone. So Natasha's on the
phone and wants to talk to you.

Speaker 6 (38:41):
All right, all that, I'm here.

Speaker 5 (38:46):
Hi? Sorry, Yeah, no, no, it's cool. You know you
were definitely farting.

Speaker 2 (39:01):
For dinner.

Speaker 3 (39:01):
Yeah we know, Okay, Okay, I.

Speaker 6 (39:07):
Was walking a lot.

Speaker 16 (39:08):
I probably don't want to air my stomach.

Speaker 6 (39:09):
Maybe I didn't I don't know if I remember. I
don't know who was.

Speaker 16 (39:12):
Farting, but there was farting dude, so maybe or something.

Speaker 5 (39:17):
When when I too, it's cute and you it just
seems uncomfortable around you, so you know, sorry, but I
don't know. You were totally farting more than I was.
And I feel so much better now.

Speaker 15 (39:30):
Okay, Well, I'm glad we're on the same page, part
page or something.

Speaker 2 (39:38):
I'm glad we have the same.

Speaker 15 (39:40):
Yeah, I'm glad I heard you got to hear me
fart because I tell them fair.

Speaker 5 (39:44):
I thought I thought you didn't want to talk to
me anymore because I get over your cat pots.

Speaker 2 (39:50):
Yeah, that was totally No, that happens all the time.

Speaker 6 (39:52):
That's that's fine.

Speaker 8 (39:55):
Well, now that you have both known each other's fart,
sound like, I mean, really skipped a Yeah, Mason, would
you like to go on another date when Natasha will
pay for it?

Speaker 5 (40:06):

Speaker 6 (40:06):
So, I guess now that we both realize they were
both nighttime.

Speaker 15 (40:10):
Tutors, uh night, I mean, I'm not I'm not opposed
to it, and I definitely feel bad about ghosting and
I shouldn't have done that.

Speaker 6 (40:18):
And now that now it's just now it's this whole thing.

Speaker 16 (40:21):
Is just really funny.

Speaker 6 (40:22):
So yeah, that'd be great.

Speaker 3 (40:25):
Natasha, congratulations you got another date.

Speaker 6 (40:27):
Yeah, thank you guys.

Speaker 5 (40:30):
That's awesome and speaks for apologizing. I hated that feeling.

Speaker 6 (40:35):
Yeah, so definitely, yeah, definitely.

Speaker 16 (40:37):
And just please yeah, let's go on the second date.

Speaker 2 (40:40):
Okay, that's cut.

Speaker 3 (40:41):
And now it doesn't matter if you guys fart no, no,
maybe do.

Speaker 2 (40:47):
Things and turn each other on us.

Speaker 6 (40:49):
Yeah, Reset, I like that a hard part.

Speaker 2 (40:53):
Reset Jubile's first date Digitter.

Speaker 7 (41:00):
Tonight for dinner, we made pastina, but with angel hair
instead of the pure.

Speaker 2 (41:07):
Seriously tonight, no one like lost my blow. Okay.

Speaker 13 (41:12):
You know.

Speaker 8 (41:14):
When you're trying to film a video for TikTok and
somebody interrupts, you make sure.

Speaker 3 (41:18):
Yeah, it's the Will.

Speaker 8 (41:20):
Show and there's a thread that's going viral of things
that people do or say without realizing how rude they are.
Let's see if you agree or maybe you're guilty of
some of these. A shopping cart in the middle of
the aisle, even temporarily so that others can't get by you.

Speaker 2 (41:35):
It's you, bol.

Speaker 3 (41:37):
No, I don't think I'm actually guilty of this one.

Speaker 8 (41:39):
I make sure to pull over to the side, because
I do get really annoyed when someone blocks the aisle
in the grocery store. They won't move it sometimes, so
you have to stand there and try to figure out
how to get by it or go grab their cart,
and then they look at you like you're about to
steal their stuff. But yes, I think that one is rude.
Another thing on the list of things that people do
or say without realizing how rude they are stepping off

of a busy escalator and then stopping to look around
so that others have to awkwardly get off while trying
to avoid running into you.

Speaker 2 (42:08):
I think that happens accidentally.

Speaker 8 (42:10):
I don't know, man, some people are just so unaware
of their surroundings and it's like we're on moving stairs.

Speaker 2 (42:16):
I can't please get out.

Speaker 6 (42:18):
Of the way.

Speaker 2 (42:18):
We're going to die, yea.

Speaker 8 (42:21):
I mean you've seen the news stories about how escalators
eat people.

Speaker 5 (42:25):

Speaker 3 (42:26):
I got my dress cod in it in Barcelona and
ed with the whole dress soft did.

Speaker 2 (42:31):
It's not entirely operative, the whole left side, so I
was walking around trying to put it together and I
just burned my bangs that day too. It was an
awful day in Barcelona.

Speaker 8 (42:42):
Another thing on this thread that's going viral of things
that people do or say without realizing how rude they are.
If someone declines alcohol or drugs, insisting that they partake
and then looking disappointed or asking them why they're not
drinking or smoking. That is true when someone if you
don't feel like a drink or something and someone just
looks at you like you're the worst person on the
planet because you won't drink with them.

Speaker 2 (43:04):
Because the saying is friends don't let friends drink alone,
and so if somebody's trying to make you drink alone,
then that's kind of not as breaking friend code.

Speaker 4 (43:13):
Okay, this happens to me all the time because I
rarely drink. I drink like twice a year, and every
time I hang out, usually somebody says, hey, why.

Speaker 2 (43:21):
Aren't you having a drink? And I'm like, I don't
want one. Yeah, and then they think there's some deeper story.

Speaker 3 (43:26):
To it, so what happened tells.

Speaker 8 (43:29):
Yeah, trauma b on they all go and talk about
Brad just I don't know what happened, but seeing.

Speaker 2 (43:35):
It's not drinking, really just don't want to.

Speaker 8 (43:40):
Going over at thread that's going viral of things that
people do or say without realizing that they're rude. I
agree with this one asking a newly married couple if
they plan to have kids or any couple really like
right away. As soon as people get married, other's like,
so when is the babies?

Speaker 2 (43:54):
Oh my gosh, yeah, before the wedding, they'll do that.

Speaker 4 (43:57):
I've heard that you go to a wedding, so when
you guys have a make well, we'd like to get
through the wedding first and then maybe we'll think about
what happened.

Speaker 8 (44:03):
Actually, that's the reason we're getting married. Don't us want
to do this, but we're hoping it will work out?

Speaker 13 (44:11):

Speaker 2 (44:11):
Can we add to that though? When they ask people
that are over thirty and not married do you want
to have kids? And then when they ask you why
are you single? All those things are rude.

Speaker 17 (44:19):
Yes, Oh, going over that thread that's going viral of
things that people say or do without realizing how rude
they are.

Speaker 3 (44:31):
Looking at your phone while someone talks to you.

Speaker 2 (44:33):
Yeah, we're just so attached to our phone nowadays. Oh yeah, no,
that's fair. Yep is the worst.

Speaker 4 (44:41):
Or if you're talking to somebody on the phone, they
go hang on a second. Somebody just liked something on
Instagram and I'm.

Speaker 2 (44:45):
Like, what he said?

Speaker 8 (44:47):
They stop, you make conversation because somebody likes something of
theirs on.

Speaker 4 (44:50):
Or something like that, and I got a comment, I
got a text.

Speaker 17 (44:53):
Or something like we're on the phone, yeah, what are
you doing very well?

Speaker 8 (44:58):
And then you go do you want to go? You like,
I'll let you check. You can check the post if
you want. I'm just not going to sit here and
wait for you to be done.

Speaker 2 (45:05):
Check again.

Speaker 8 (45:06):
And then they go, what what's wrong with you?

Speaker 3 (45:14):
Yeah, Victoria's mom does.

Speaker 4 (45:16):
Even in the work environment, I'll be on the phone
with somebody we have a meeting or whatever, and they're like, oh.

Speaker 2 (45:20):
Hang on, an email just came in. I'm like, what
do you just wait?

Speaker 8 (45:24):
Like, what does it have to happen right now? You
have to read it right now. While we're on the phone.
We're going over this going viral of things that people
say or do without realizing how rude they are. Giving
unsolicited parenting advice, even indirectly through your own social media posts,
some people get a preaching, slash shaming vibe when they
do that.

Speaker 2 (45:43):
I don't know why. I try to give no advice
to anyone. I'm aware.

Speaker 8 (45:49):
I think that's a great way to live. I give
no advice to anybody.

Speaker 2 (45:53):
Absolutely not.

Speaker 8 (45:55):
Another thing on the list of things that people say
or do that they don't realize how rude it is.

Speaker 3 (45:59):
Say no offense.

Speaker 8 (46:02):
Because it's usually a followed by something that's offensive.

Speaker 2 (46:05):
Well, all the time, it's wildly offensive.

Speaker 8 (46:08):
You call it honest no offense. But when I think
of the word fail, I think of your face. Nose
wouldn't anything. But I'm just like, when I think a fail,
it's you. It's time for Nina's what's trending.

Speaker 2 (46:25):
So Instagram is going to start automatically blurring nudity indirect messages.
And I read this, I was like, yes, thank you,
nobody needs an unsolicited package pick. But there's actually more
to this. I didn't realize. Maybe you did. But there's
scams that are going on and people are using these
photos to extort people to get money. Oh wait what yeah,

I clicked the link. And so it's like, if you
send me this photo, or they get a photo or
somehow like alter something that they'd already received, and then
they use it to extort the person and.

Speaker 3 (46:56):
Make money off of them, you have more information on this. Okay,
break it down.

Speaker 4 (46:59):
Because I watch the documentary last week about this. I
don't remember, but I will definitely find that out at
some point and you'll forget about it by then. But okay,
here's the thing. So you know those texts you get,
those random texts you get, They're like, Hi, hey, Jenn,
you want to go golfing? And you're like, I'm not
gen wrong number, yeah, wrong number.

Speaker 3 (47:17):

Speaker 2 (47:18):
It's more nefarious than that.

Speaker 4 (47:19):
So apparently there are ways these people build relationships people.
Some people kind of go all in. They build a
relationship with them, get them to send pictures, and then
they go after their family.

Speaker 2 (47:30):
It's all these nudes, like to be.

Speaker 4 (47:32):
Sending these nudes and these illicit pictures to other people.
And what you don't realize is the person that's texting
you is actually had their passport taken and are being
made to do this. It is a wild, dark underworld.
Oh my god, yeah, it is insane.

Speaker 2 (47:46):
Wait, had their passport taken?

Speaker 4 (47:48):
Yeah, So like they'll be like, hey, you want to
have a job over here at this call center and
they're like yeah, sure, and then they get their passport
taken so they can't leave the country and this is
so I forget exactly where, so I don't want to
say where. Yeah, and they can't leave the country, and
they say, if you try to leave or tell anybody
that's happening, we have your passport.

Speaker 2 (48:03):
You'll be here forever. And also we're gonna kill your family.
Whoa what? Okay, scammers by scamming. And now your Instagram's
decided to do something about it that's really good, which
is great. And for eighteen and under this autumn, this
will automatically turn on on your Instagram the feature and
then for anybody that's eighteen and over, you'll have the
option to turn on the blurry wow picture. I feel

like everybody should just get it. It should be default on,
right and then you turn it off maybe, I hope
so so, I mean we can test it out later,
but you know, I just like that.

Speaker 6 (48:34):

Speaker 2 (48:34):
I've got a couple of plays on.

Speaker 4 (48:41):
Spam how non nude things blurred.

Speaker 2 (48:49):
Somebody that you're not going to be seeing doing any
of that is the Duchess Megan Markle. But you will
be seeing her come to Netflix with her Maam Prince Harry.
Oh good, yeah, because you have to.

Speaker 5 (49:02):
Do so.

Speaker 2 (49:03):
They have a deal with Netflix, and they've got two
shows that are making their way. The first one is
gonna be Megan Markle celebrating the joys of cooking, gardening,
entertaining and friendship.

Speaker 3 (49:13):
Now just finishing suits.

Speaker 2 (49:15):
Right, Like, I know a lot of people probably feel
like you've got some kind of something with her after
watching that show, but it's so different, Like I'm not
ready to watch her gardening and stuff. Like to me,
she's still Rachel and like making out Mike, Yeah, by
the Poppy Machine.

Speaker 5 (49:28):
You know.

Speaker 4 (49:29):
I just love that these companies keep cutting deals with
these two knowing that they suck at this.

Speaker 2 (49:33):
They're not good. They lost two deals already because they
won't do the work. They won't show up to work.
It's like, why are we still cutting deals with them? Well,
we'll see. Maybe it's gonna be the Joys of cooking
that really does it. The Royal plates also, they're not
even royals anymore.

Speaker 4 (49:53):
They got kicked down that she's still a duchess, but
I don't I don't even know if that's true. She's
just Megan Markle former prince husband Guy. Well they're married,
I know, but she's married to former prince guys.

Speaker 2 (50:05):
Oh I see you're saying, prince, all right, and then
there's some things that you should never do on eat
And I don't mean ecstasy. That's not what I was
thinking of. Exhibition. It's couldn't come.

Speaker 3 (50:19):
Out right, Like in my head it made more sense.
I meant on empty.

Speaker 2 (50:22):
Oh guess that though.

Speaker 3 (50:27):
Obviously, don't drive your car on empty.

Speaker 2 (50:28):
But the other thing is, don't go grocery shopping on
an empty stomach, because.

Speaker 3 (50:32):
How much it costs you. We now know.

Speaker 2 (50:35):
So I think it's fun because when you grab everything
and you have all kinds of exciting snacks.

Speaker 3 (50:39):
That's especially.

Speaker 6 (50:45):
Yes, I do.

Speaker 4 (50:46):
Want that chocolate, an organic chocolate and pretty packaging.

Speaker 2 (50:49):
Oh my god, it's usually the barrata, Like, give me
some trouble. Anyways, The average person, I'm hungry. The average
person will spend an extra twenty six dollars per trip
if you go grocery shopping on day twenty six is
a lot. Yeah, I know something about that next time.
That's what's s trending. Jewbles Dirty little Secret on the

New Hits of one six point one.

Speaker 3 (51:16):
Hello, Hello, Hey, what's up? You have a dirty little secret?

Speaker 10 (51:20):
I do have a dirty little secret.

Speaker 3 (51:24):

Speaker 10 (51:25):
Is it Okay, So I used to be a nanny
for a really really nice, wealthy couple.

Speaker 5 (51:34):
Okay, So I.

Speaker 10 (51:37):
Was tidying up one day after like you know, like
a random mess of course, and I found mom's.

Speaker 2 (51:43):
Diary and you read it?

Speaker 6 (51:46):
No, I I peaked and.

Speaker 10 (51:50):
I started reading it and I couldn't put it down.

Speaker 2 (51:54):
Wow, who was in there?

Speaker 6 (51:56):
It was so good?

Speaker 10 (51:58):
I mean, you know, these people are just like, she's
an amazing writer and like detailed everything and like it
was really like her life. Then I got into like
an affair, and then another affair.

Speaker 6 (52:12):
Oh wow, so I know.

Speaker 10 (52:15):
And then I just tho every time I went to work,
I just couldn't wait to read the next couple of people.
So there's like multiple affairs. And then she gets pregnant
and she's writing about she doesn't even know with.

Speaker 6 (52:31):
The kid that I'm like watching.

Speaker 10 (52:34):
It's the baby's daddy was her husband.

Speaker 4 (52:37):
I guess if you have a type, it doesn't really matter.
It will come out looking kind of similar, right, But.

Speaker 2 (52:41):
If you're just like adventurous, then who knows. Well, thank
you for telling us your dirty little secret. It sounds
like you could steal it and publish.

Speaker 10 (52:50):
Yeah juicy, I know, everything that she's been doing behind
her husbandce back.

Speaker 2 (52:56):
So I've been carrying this around.

Speaker 3 (52:59):
Well you should go.

Speaker 8 (52:59):
Back, can get that it might have the best seller
on you photocopies, right, yeah, Thanky, thank you for telling
us your dirty little secret.

Speaker 12 (53:07):
Thank you?

Speaker 2 (53:08):
Yeah bye?

Speaker 3 (53:09):
Hello, hello, Hi, Hey, what's up? You have a dirty
little secret?

Speaker 12 (53:13):
You have a little secret.

Speaker 18 (53:15):
So I used grinder a lot and I started cataloging
all the guys I have had sex with, and some
of the names on the list are hilarious.

Speaker 2 (53:26):
Why pick number seven?

Speaker 12 (53:31):
Seven? Handcuff guy?

Speaker 2 (53:33):
Handfu? Okay, wait, what's number thirteen?

Speaker 17 (53:37):
This is fun?

Speaker 12 (53:39):
Number thirteen? Microtel guy?

Speaker 2 (53:42):
Oh micro?

Speaker 12 (53:43):
What is that a hotel called mic hotel?

Speaker 16 (53:47):

Speaker 2 (53:48):

Speaker 3 (53:48):
Something else?

Speaker 2 (53:51):

Speaker 18 (53:51):
In Florida man, I said, us of my favorite ones
are not an Airlines guy and Keith Florida man.

Speaker 2 (53:59):
Man, it must have been a wild night. That's so
much fun.

Speaker 3 (54:03):
Who's number four?

Speaker 12 (54:05):
Number four arc guy?

Speaker 2 (54:08):
Arc guy?

Speaker 17 (54:09):

Speaker 2 (54:10):
Oh par I use that fart?

Speaker 12 (54:13):

Speaker 2 (54:14):
You did it in a bark.

Speaker 12 (54:16):
I mean I couldn't answer that.

Speaker 2 (54:20):
This is fun.

Speaker 3 (54:20):
I can do this list all day. No how long
is this list? If you don't mind me asking?

Speaker 12 (54:25):

Speaker 2 (54:26):
Okay, great number Who's Who's number thirty seven?

Speaker 12 (54:30):
When I gets my age next thirty seven, thirty one?

Speaker 2 (54:34):
Whoa dude?

Speaker 3 (54:37):
Oh my god, I'm real, real curious. Who the last
guy is, number thirty.

Speaker 12 (54:40):
Seven, number thirty seven, Brandon.

Speaker 8 (54:45):
Out of all those and then Brandon, thank you so
much for your dirty little cigarette.

Speaker 2 (54:50):
That was awesome. Of course, be safe out there, though,
please I will.

Speaker 12 (54:55):
I'm negative.

Speaker 18 (54:56):
I'm trying to say, I've listened to your show for
like thirteen years, and I how to use my iPod
to just.

Speaker 12 (55:01):
To when I was composed to. But I tak an a
lot of your time. Thank you, No, thank you, dude.

Speaker 3 (55:06):
You didn't take up our time.

Speaker 8 (55:07):
That was time well spent, just like park Man, what's
your dirty little secret,
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