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March 22, 2024 49 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Guys, there's no way.

Speaker 2 (00:01):
There's literally no way to que because my roommates are downstairs.
But I just moved to my fire room. In this
whole time, I thought that.

Speaker 3 (00:09):
I was being given my own room.

Speaker 2 (00:12):
It's like a Jack and Jill bathroom with like another
person in the room next to me, right, and you
walk into my room and I don't even have my room. Literally,
there's a scene like kid, I have to mention. Then
they told me I was getting a twin sized bed.
It's a full sized bed. I don't have any betting.

I don't know my roommates three years old.

Speaker 4 (00:40):
Probably really having a beltdown. Yeah, it's the Jewel Show.
I think how her bed was actually bigger than what
she thought though. Yeah, that's nice. That is kind of nice.
There's a thread going viral on the internets about having
a terrible roommates, and some of the responses are hilarious.
We'll go over them. Also. Call us eight eight eight
three four three one six one eight eight eight three
four three one six one if you'd like to talk
about your terrible roommate. It's the Jewel Show. And here's

the response from the thread that's going viral about how
terrible people's roommates are. This one says she was a pig.
She asked to borrow my suitcase. When I found it
in the basement three months later, it was full of garbage.
Oh wow. When I asked about it, she responded with
I was gonna throw it out eventually. What why are
you so JEGGI suitcase? Hey, Jenny, Yeah, it was pretty bad.

Speaker 5 (01:23):
It was my first room mate, ratified school and she
was Mormon who didn't call the room.

Speaker 6 (01:27):
She's smug, Okay, she drank coke and there was like.

Speaker 5 (01:30):
Evidence all over parton mom all the time and like
blaming the men. And she's like she took a bad influence.
And then after three months she made her daughter move
out because I.

Speaker 4 (01:40):
Was her daughter was blaming you. Thank you for your
phone call. Jenny calls up eighty eight three four three
one six one, text ten four one o six one
with your terrible roommate stories. We're talking about it because
the thread is going viral on the internets with people
sharing their terrible roommate stories. Here's another one from it.
I had a roommate who was so gross. Here are
some examples from what I remember. She would throw her

tampon into the garbage without anything around it. She had
hot dogs out of the fridge as a snack. I
don't see anything. I'm not sure what's wrong with that
at all. She never cleaned her room and left her
room worn underwear right by the door. Okay what And
she let her boyfriend basically move in and he would
shave and not clean up his hair from the sink.
Oh you, I hate it's hard to clean up your

hair from the sink. Yeah, but it's not even.

Speaker 7 (02:26):
Like your house and it's your girlfriend that has a
roommate's place like that's disgusting.

Speaker 4 (02:31):
Yeah, what's hers is mind? It's always weird when you
have roommates and then they're dating somebody and that person
basically moves in crepe. So awkward. Just all of a sudden,
they're in your living room every day eating your food.

Speaker 8 (02:42):
Yeah okay, but I will say the opposite side of that,
when you're living in a house full of girls, sometimes
only sometimes, it's kind of nice to have a man around.

Speaker 4 (02:53):

Speaker 9 (02:54):
Hey, Sandra, Oh, I found some roommates off Craiglist, and
I only lasted three months.

Speaker 10 (03:00):
For some reason.

Speaker 9 (03:01):
They kept buying like farm animals.

Speaker 11 (03:04):
A small apartment.

Speaker 4 (03:06):
Say that again, buying farm animals.

Speaker 9 (03:08):
Yeah, and they had chickens, there was a pig in
one week it was a goat. And then finally with
the alpaca, Yes, in an apartment in the living room.
I was like, oh my god when it had.

Speaker 4 (03:21):
So you came home to your two bedroom apartment with
your roommate that you found on Craigslist and there was
an alpaca in the living.

Speaker 6 (03:26):
Room one day, right, yeah, goat and alpaca.

Speaker 11 (03:30):
I was just like, Okay, I can't do this anymore.

Speaker 9 (03:32):
And they stopped paying rent.

Speaker 4 (03:34):
Too, so of course, yeah, how are they going to
pay rent when you're buying all those farm animal Sure
it's expensive, right, asking you what your terrible roommate stories
are because the thread is going viral on the Internet
of people sharing their terrible roommate stories.

Speaker 1 (03:46):
Hey, Mackenzie, I had breath.

Speaker 12 (03:48):
The two people move into my house from my work,
and I had a topper baby at the tie and
I was trying to get him to I learnt how
to selt shou, but he that he would cry. My
roommate would go and get him without me knowing and
would be smoking with him in the fans whoa, And
whenever he would drink, he would just like pop his

beer bottle cans or tabs onto the ground, and my
son would crawl around with all the beer bottle cans
and might kick him up all the time.

Speaker 4 (04:19):
What some people my gosh, I mean, I don't think
I'm a great roommate when I've been a roommate. I
don't do the dishes very well, and I don't pick
up after myself like as good as I would like to.
I'm gonna tell a roomate to myself. I walk around,
I'm like, I wish this guy would pick his stuff up.
Sometimes it just takes two seconds to hang a shirt up.
I do that to myself in the morning all the time.
But if somebody had a kid around, I would not

leave beer bottle or things on the ground for the
kids to chew on. I Hey, Katrina, I.

Speaker 13 (04:44):
Had a roommate and I came home from work one
day and she was all upset and she had let
my dog out because my pointer had chewed her high heel,
and so she freed my thousand dollars off and I
could never find her again.

Speaker 11 (05:01):
So I put her steps outside.

Speaker 4 (05:03):
And changed the lock and never talked to her again.
Good girl.

Speaker 11 (05:11):
The roommate yes, no, no, the roommate is Riley.

Speaker 4 (05:16):
Well, thank you for your phone call. It's another jubile
phone frame Today Mornings on the twenties. Hello, Yeah, this
is Donk. Dude.

Speaker 6 (05:34):
Yeah time, Who are you calling? Where are you calling from?

Speaker 10 (05:38):

Speaker 4 (05:38):
Dude, sorry, I didn't identify myself. This is Donk. I'm
one of the trainers at fitness. I was looking for Jeff.

Speaker 1 (05:48):
Yeah. Did you guys, did you find my watch that
I called?

Speaker 4 (05:52):
Yeah? So yeah, Uh, you've been calling asking about a
watch that you left in our locker room area.

Speaker 6 (06:03):
Yeah yeah, so.

Speaker 4 (06:06):
I'm right in front of the loss and found right now.
And there are a couple of watches in here. So
that's why Donk was calling you back right right?

Speaker 10 (06:13):

Speaker 1 (06:13):
But what the watch today?

Speaker 4 (06:16):
Earlier, I'm looking at a time X watch. It's black.

Speaker 1 (06:22):
Uh, Rolex, it was silver?

Speaker 4 (06:26):
So you're looking for a fake Rolex? Is that it?

Speaker 1 (06:30):
No? No, no, it's a real Rolex. It's about you know,
ten thousand dollars.

Speaker 4 (06:34):
Whoa dude? That's crazy? So this is worth ten bands?

Speaker 6 (06:38):
Whoa dude?

Speaker 10 (06:40):
You name?

Speaker 6 (06:40):
You guys found it?

Speaker 14 (06:42):

Speaker 4 (06:42):
I'm sorry? What dude?

Speaker 1 (06:44):
What did you say you found the watch right.

Speaker 6 (06:48):
Is worth ten dollars?

Speaker 4 (06:51):
Well, no, no, I was talking about the watch. You're
talking about the Rolex that we have not definitely not
found like not at all, There's no way it.

Speaker 1 (07:00):
Yeah, So then how like why would you say it
was this watch just ten thousand dollars.

Speaker 4 (07:05):
I'm not really sure, Jeff, what you mean by that
one like that?

Speaker 1 (07:09):
Like you literally just said this watch, So that means
you have my watch in your hand?

Speaker 4 (07:15):
Well no, yeah, no, I would like I was calling
to tell you that we don't have it so on
the wheel.

Speaker 6 (07:23):
Pretty much sounds like you guys have wat.

Speaker 4 (07:25):
Okay, so are you let me down there? Let me
just check that, hey, because like I was telling you
what we had, and like it sounds like you're telling
me that like I found your Rolex watch that is
worth ten thousand dollars in the third bench down in
the locker room in the corner, and then I brought
it up to the count.

Speaker 6 (07:44):
I think you guys do have the roll out.

Speaker 1 (07:46):
As you've mentioned too many specifics for you to have
to roll up. Okay, to make my way over down
to the gym, so.

Speaker 6 (07:52):
And when I get there, you guys better have the role.

Speaker 4 (07:54):
I did find a role x, dude, but it's not yours.
It's not the one you're looking for because this other
role well, actually, I'm just to be honest with you
because I thought this was yours, but this one is
not yours because it doesn't have a JS engraved on
the back, so I know this is not your role. Ax.
I'm like, it's probably not worth ten ground either, So.

Speaker 1 (08:12):
Well, how do you know that my watch has gotten
great on the back?

Speaker 4 (08:16):
Well, uh so, cause I'm looking at your first and
last name, and I just assumed if you're gonna spend
ten ground on a watch, it has that. So that's
why I said it like that.

Speaker 1 (08:27):
No, you guys definitely have to watch. You were like,
we didn't find it, and then you're like, oh, yeah,
it was ten thousand dollars, so yeah, we definitely didn't
find it. Oh yeah, you guys definitely found it. So
I'm calling the cops and I'm coming down there to
get my watch, so you.

Speaker 6 (08:42):
Guys better have it when I get down there.

Speaker 4 (08:44):
Dunk or whatever your NAMEAI, Okay, Well, then I'll let
you know that this is actually a phone prank and
your buddy Nathan set you up.

Speaker 10 (08:52):
What this was a show?

Speaker 4 (08:54):
Yes, your buddy Nathan actually took your watch the last
time you guys were at the gym so he could
prank you. He has it, and you wanted me to
tell you that. Yeah, Nathan has to watch. Yeah, yeah,
he grabbed it the last time you guys were showering
at the gym because he wanted to prank you about it.

Wake up every morning with jubal phone pranks. Time for
Nina's what's trending.

Speaker 7 (09:21):
Don't worry, the ultimate faux freckle hack has arrived though.
What you may have actually seen this already if you've
been scrolling through any of your social media, but the
latest beauty hack is broccoli freckles. Wow, and this is
going viral for two reasons. Some people are like, oh
my gosh, this is genius. Why did I never think
of this before? And then other people are like, are
you kidding me? Why are we putting broccoli on our face? So,

regardless of which side you're on here, this is how
it works. Okay, thank you. I am so confused right now.
So people think freckles are cute. Yeah, if you don't
have freckles and you want freckles. Makeup can be used,
and there have been different little tricks to achieve the
perfect freckled look, especially going in to spring and summer.
So what people are doing is they're taking their broccoli,
They're dipping it into their makeup, and then they just

use it like a stamp on their face and get
the perfect little freckled glimmer.

Speaker 8 (10:10):
But how do you do that? Because normally I see
most girls use their eyeliner to kind of dot it on.

Speaker 7 (10:15):
Well, that's one way to do it, but with this,
you're doing more freckles at once instead of just like
one at a time. It's a stamp in their minds.
I'm not defending this process because I'm not sure depends
on the piece broccoli. Yeah, I mean, I guess it would.
You have to find the perfect broccoli to have the
perfect freckles.

Speaker 15 (10:32):
That make your effort into eating broccoli. I meant yourself.

Speaker 7 (10:36):
Right, Brad, you would automatically get a hold of the
skin that way. You're not wrong there, Okay, how do
we feel about this? Restaurants are adding non refundable deposits
to reservations, so high end restaurants are feeling like they
miss out on money when people just know show so
much like when you make hair appointments or nail appointments

at certain places, they require a deposit. Now restaurants want
to do that for up to one hundred dollars. Who
and then you get that money back when you actually
show up for your reservation.

Speaker 8 (11:06):
I'm down for like a twenty five dollars one, but
depends how high and we're going, like, if my meal
is going to be way over one hundred dollars, then
maybe I have the money to.

Speaker 4 (11:15):
Find for them.

Speaker 15 (11:16):
Yeah, it's all relative, right. I think I'm fine with this.
I think so many people are like so, Like Valentine's
Day is a good example. A lot of restaurants get
upset because people will make reservations at five different restaurants, yeah,
because they're not sure which one they want to go
to or whatever, and those restaurants end up losing out
on thousands and thousands of dollars.

Speaker 4 (11:33):
So I'm actually fine with this.

Speaker 15 (11:35):
If you you would make less reservations, if you had
to pay one hundred bucks a pop. We sometimes they
got five hundred dollars for even start. I mean that's
actually true. It just forces you to make a decision. Oh,
you know, that's kind of what it is. Lastly, we
love good news. Quevo is launching one hundred thousand dollars
gun prevention program in Atlanta. So he's been making his

market home the Wrapper and his foundation, the Rocket Foundation,
launched the Spark Grants a few day days ago. So
they're going to be working on reducing the gun violence.

Speaker 4 (12:02):

Speaker 7 (12:03):
So what they're going to be doing is giving ten
thousand dollars to ten different organizations that works on reducing
violence in the Atlanta area.

Speaker 8 (12:10):
I really thought you're talking about like Hosta Sajose Cuervo
the tequila, I said, Kwavo.

Speaker 4 (12:14):
I know, but that's just where my head went.

Speaker 7 (12:17):
I apologize, all right, you know, I think this is
where we're gonna wrap. And that's what's trending.

Speaker 4 (12:22):
It's time to Catch a Cheater. Only on the Jubile Show.
Angie is on the phone today for to Catch a
Cheater and she thinks that her boyfriend of seven years
named Will might be messing around. So we'll see if
we can help her out. Angie, thank you for coming
on the show. Tell us what's going on.

Speaker 11 (12:39):
I guess, like you said, I think my boyfriend Will
has been cheating. He just got back from a boys'
weekend in Vegas, and ever since he got back, he's
been kind of distant and dismissive. And I was like
doing his laundry and one of his shirts had like
a smudge of like makeup or like let's stick on it.

Speaker 4 (12:57):
Okay, you know for sure it was lipstick, and there's
really no way to tell. I mean, you definitely know, Yeah,
it's not mine.

Speaker 11 (13:04):
And I was doing his laundry from his trip, so
it's not mine.

Speaker 7 (13:08):
So in the seven years that you guys have been together,
has there ever been like another moment where you felt
like maybe he was being sketchy or is this the
first time?

Speaker 11 (13:16):
No, this was the first time.

Speaker 4 (13:18):
Do you know the boys that he was on the
boy's trip with?

Speaker 11 (13:22):
Yes, I do, they're college friends.

Speaker 4 (13:24):
Do you think you're looking for it because he went
to Vegas with his boys?

Speaker 11 (13:27):
It was mainly the shirt.

Speaker 4 (13:29):
I mean, the stain on the shirt makes sense. I
just asked a question because you know what happens a lot,
Like I've been on a lot of dude's trip to Vegas, right,
and there's always a few girlfriends or a few wives
that are just convinced that their husbands or boyfriends are
gonna cheat, right, And it always it always makes me
laugh because I'm like, dude, think about it, how hard
was it for your boyfriend or husband to sleep with you?
You think he go to Vegas for the weekend and

be able to you know, it's cool that you think
he's he's all that, but trust me, it's still as
hard ver improblemly.

Speaker 7 (13:58):
But I will say, Angie, like, if I were you,
I would also be alarmed by lipstick on a shirt
or any kind of face makeup on a shirt. I
would be freaking out immediately. But just maybe was it
a strip club? So before we start to really jump
to conclusions, it could be did you ask him about it?

Speaker 11 (14:17):
No? I haven't. I mean I thought of the strip
club thing, but I don't know. It's just also because
he's been so distant and dismissive since he got back. Like,
if he hadn't been distant and dismissive, I would, you know,
probably think it was maybe like a strip club or something.
But because he's also acting weird and then there's makeup

on the shirt that just kind of like yeah too
strike already.

Speaker 4 (14:42):
Disten I get well how's he been dismissive? What do
you mean by that?

Speaker 11 (14:46):
She's just kind of dry and like quick to like,
you know, if we're on the phone, he's quick to
come off the phone or like just kind of like
when he comes home, it's all like really dry and quick,
and then he'll run off to the gym or something.

Speaker 4 (14:59):
Do you try us the friends that he was with, Okay, they're.

Speaker 11 (15:07):
His friends, so you know they're gonna have his back.

Speaker 4 (15:10):
Does he have the type of friends that would stop
him from doing something if he was going to that's
a great point.

Speaker 11 (15:15):
Well, so in his group of friends, he's the only
one that's not single.

Speaker 1 (15:19):
They're all single.

Speaker 4 (15:20):
That's another thing to think about too.

Speaker 7 (15:21):
Okay, so were you watching like the stories and stuff
while they were out on the weekend.

Speaker 4 (15:25):
Nothing popped up on social either.

Speaker 11 (15:28):
They didn't really post anything, which I guess is not
a good sign either that no one was posting.

Speaker 7 (15:36):
Not to like get you all riled up, because I'm
having anxiety for you right now. I don't know to
tell you in this one because I don't feel like
it feels good.

Speaker 11 (15:45):
Yeah, which is why I didn't confront him first. It's
just kind of like.

Speaker 4 (15:49):
You know, all right, cool, Well, we'll try it. We'll
see if we can figure it out for you. You already
told us what a grocery store he shops at. So
play a song, come back, and then call him and
pretend to be from that grocery store and say that
every single month we gave we choose rewards card member
at random who gets free flowers delivered from our beautiful,
brand new floral department. And we'll see if he believes that,
and see if he sends the flowers to you or
to somebody else.

Speaker 11 (16:08):
Okay, okay, so good, thank you?

Speaker 4 (16:10):
All right, well play us, I'll comeback. Get here to
catch a Teter. Next right in the middle of to
Catch a Teeter if you just joined us, Angie is
on the phone and she thinks that her boyfriend of
seven years might be cheating on her. His name is Will.
Before we call him to try to find out if
he is cheating, why don't you just kind of recap
what's going on.

Speaker 11 (16:27):
Yeah, So he went on a boy's weekend to Vegas
with a few of his friends, and ever since he
got back, he's been super distant and dismissive. And then
I was helping him with laundry while he was out
for like at work, and one of his shirts had
a lipstick and kind of makeup smudge on it.

Speaker 4 (16:46):
See, this is the part I don't like.

Speaker 11 (16:48):
Yeah, I just I don't know what to do.

Speaker 4 (16:49):
We're about to call him from the grocery store that
he shops at and is a Rewards Card member at,
and pretend to be from there and say, every single month,
we choose one Awards Card member at random who gets
free flowers delivered anywhere the whole world, just hard way
of saying thank you for shopping. We'll see if he
believes that, and where he sends those flowers, if he
sends them to his girlfriend, Angie or somewhere else. All right,
Angie you ready?

Speaker 11 (17:08):

Speaker 4 (17:09):
Okay, I'm gonna dollars number right now here we go. Hello, Hi,
this is Jorable calling from grocery store. I was looking
for our Rewards card member Will.

Speaker 1 (17:27):
Yeah, this is Will.

Speaker 4 (17:29):
Congratulations you're this month's big winner.

Speaker 3 (17:32):
What did I win? What did I win?

Speaker 4 (17:34):
The flowers?

Speaker 3 (17:36):
Okay I didn't.

Speaker 16 (17:37):
I don't remember signing up twenty free flowers or anything
like that.

Speaker 4 (17:42):
You did when you became a Rewards card member with us,
Because it's a new thing we're doing. We just redesigned
our floral department. It's new and improved and we've got
so many more options. Also, we're doing delivery now, so
in honor of that and to say thank you for shopping,
every single month, we choose one Rewards Card member at
random who gets free flowers delivered anywhere in the entire world,
completely free. Just our way of saying thank you for shopping.

Speaker 3 (18:04):
So, thank you, thank you.

Speaker 4 (18:07):
What you've won is thirty six long stim red roses,
a box of chocolates, and some balloons.

Speaker 3 (18:12):
Oh cool, okay, cool? I know if someone to send
it to my girlfriend, your girlfriend?

Speaker 4 (18:19):
Yeah, so I'm okay, you want what's your girlfriend's name?

Speaker 6 (18:24):

Speaker 4 (18:25):
You can send a card along with this. Would you
like to send a card?

Speaker 1 (18:28):

Speaker 3 (18:28):
Yeah, sure?

Speaker 4 (18:29):
What would you like it to say?

Speaker 17 (18:31):
Well, our seventh year anniversary is coming up in like
seeing like a month or so. But yeah, I guess
just say like, happy anniversary, Andre.

Speaker 4 (18:43):
Sure I can do that. Just between me and you.
Guy to guy here, you ever mess around on your girlfriend?

Speaker 3 (18:50):
I don't think there's any of your business. But I mean,
I don't know you.

Speaker 4 (18:54):
I think it is kind of my business because this
is actually dubil from the Jebel Show. It's a radio show,
and we do a segment call to catch Cheetahare I
for your significant there thinks that you have cheated or
might be cheating. We try to see us and flowers
to somebody else order them, and your girlfriend Angie is
actually on the phone, has been listening this whole time.

Speaker 16 (19:10):
Oh, like, wow, I can't I mean, I can't believe
you're doing this?

Speaker 3 (19:15):

Speaker 16 (19:16):
Why do you think? I'm like, what's going on? Why
do you think I'm cheating on you? Because I went
to Vegas with like a bunch of guy friends. Like
what I mean?

Speaker 11 (19:24):
Yeah, it's not because you went to Vegas with the guys.
It's because what I found after you came back from
Vegas now is doing your laundry.

Speaker 3 (19:32):
What did you find? Like what are you talking about?
What did you find?

Speaker 11 (19:35):
That blue shirt, the button down blue shirt that you
always have that you always wear. It had like a
smudge of like lipstick or makeup foundation or something on it,
like on the car. Okay, yeah, so you want to
tell me about that and where that came from.

Speaker 6 (19:52):
Because it's not my makeup obviously. I wasn't there.

Speaker 4 (19:54):
Where are the lists that come from? Will?

Speaker 16 (19:58):
Okay, Babe, So I'm going to be honest with you,
so don't get upset, and I just just hear me out.

Speaker 3 (20:04):
Okay, okay, all right?

Speaker 16 (20:07):
So last weekend at Vegas, we were at this club
and a bunch of beautiful girls came over to her table,
and you know, we just hung out with us all
night and then just one cute girl and I was
just like chatting and had a really good chemistry and
I kind of.

Speaker 11 (20:23):
A bunch of beautiful girls, Like, what what the do
you mean?

Speaker 1 (20:27):

Speaker 11 (20:28):
Why would you, I mean, especially describe them as beautiful
to me?

Speaker 16 (20:32):
And this, well it's Vegas, Like, I don't care if
it's Mars.

Speaker 11 (20:36):
Why would you tell me that they're beautiful.

Speaker 3 (20:39):
Because beautiful girls go to Vegas?

Speaker 11 (20:40):
Like, I don't know to tell you, Will, Will, this
is stupid. Why would you even just keep going?

Speaker 1 (20:46):
But why would you even say that?

Speaker 11 (20:47):
That's no?

Speaker 18 (20:51):
I yeah, but I mean okay, so let me start over.
The ugly girl came up to her cable, I mean annoying?

Speaker 4 (21:00):
What happened?

Speaker 1 (21:01):

Speaker 3 (21:03):
Okay? So we were they're hanging out.

Speaker 19 (21:06):
I was chatting with one girl like great chemistry with her,
So she sat in my lap and I had a
great time. I didn't kiss her, but I you know,
with the music's playing, so I think maybe because you're
saying my lap, she got some lipstick on my shirt.
You know, it made me second guess, like, Okay, I'm
in this relationship with you for like seven years, and now.

Speaker 18 (21:25):
I'm attracted to somebody else. I might be attractive to
somebody else, so I don't I'm just really conflicted, Like
you know, I just don't know big the answers.

Speaker 3 (21:34):
But I did not cheat.

Speaker 19 (21:35):
I mean I sent you the flowers so that you
should be happy about that.

Speaker 3 (21:38):
I didn't miss send some other random girl.

Speaker 7 (21:40):
I mean, well, it was nice that you sent flowers
to your girlfriend, but you're also telling her that you
had chemistry and you are attracted to another woman while
you were in Vegas.

Speaker 14 (21:49):
So yeah, yeah, I'm more upset about the fact that
you called them beautiful cute and then she sat on
your lap, which is completely inappropriate after we've been together
for seven years and we lived together and we have
a dog together.

Speaker 11 (22:02):
So what are you trying to tell me right now? Well,
because you're telling me you had chemistry, with another woman.
You're telling me that you're second guessing our relationship after
seven years and you know, like.

Speaker 3 (22:12):
We're not on the best turn. Number one.

Speaker 16 (22:15):
We last time we had sex is I think like
a month ago, two months ago.

Speaker 19 (22:18):
It's been forever. You're busy with work or the dog.
I mean, I love the dog for like, I mean,
it was just nice.

Speaker 3 (22:24):
That somebody appreciated me.

Speaker 16 (22:26):
And the girl was very you know, she's saying how
handsome I am and that she old my hair, and.

Speaker 3 (22:30):
It's just like, it's just you don't give me any comblement.
And she does.

Speaker 1 (22:33):
Oh she does.

Speaker 3 (22:34):
Okay, I know I don't mean that she does. I
meant she did, like I don't.

Speaker 10 (22:38):
I'm not.

Speaker 3 (22:38):
I don't talk to right, I'm not. I mean it
was a thing. I don't even know her, like wherechie lives.

Speaker 11 (22:46):
Yeah, I got it, and you get a major point.
Will thank you whatever?

Speaker 20 (22:49):

Speaker 3 (22:50):
Uh huh okay, So now okay, say you pissed. No,
I'm more than pissed.

Speaker 6 (22:53):
I'm done with this conversation.

Speaker 11 (22:56):
All right, bye?

Speaker 13 (23:00):

Speaker 4 (23:00):
Well she hung up.

Speaker 7 (23:01):
Man, I'm dead, you know, well I will, I will
give me.

Speaker 3 (23:07):
I'm dead. She's gonna kill me. She's texting me right now,
I'm dead.

Speaker 4 (23:12):
Don't respond to those for a minute, Okay.

Speaker 7 (23:14):
Like, yeah, I will say that it is a great
thing that you were able to come completely clean, even
though it was packaged in a little bit of a
sloppy way.

Speaker 4 (23:24):
So you didn't do anything. You didn't You didn't do
anything physical with the girl in Vegas.

Speaker 3 (23:28):
Oh that my FM lap, I mean that's not cheating.

Speaker 4 (23:31):
Are you happy with Angie?

Speaker 1 (23:34):
I mean I don't know.

Speaker 16 (23:35):
I mean, yeah, she's great, but it's like we're not
we're not on the best termed.

Speaker 4 (23:40):
I mean it is when you're yeah, I mean seven years.
But it sounds like you really honestly were just honest
with yourself right there, and that hurt a little bit.
But if that's the truth, then you should definitely not
be in it.

Speaker 3 (23:52):
Oh boy, don't kill me. Well, good luck, thanks, I
need it.

Speaker 4 (23:59):
Well, good luck man. And you know, every tough thing
in life is a lesson. So on the other side,
you'll be able to go to Vegas, You'll be able
to go to those clubs with those beautiful girls, and
you won't even have to worry about a girlfriend. It
sounds like that's what you want.

Speaker 7 (24:12):
And you won't have to worry about somebody coming home
FLI stick on there shirt. You know it's a win
win for all of you.

Speaker 6 (24:16):
Yeah, I guess.

Speaker 3 (24:18):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (24:19):
All right. Good luck to you, will, good luck Will,
all right, thank you. The Jubile Shows to Catch a Cheater.
This is the double show on the show that there
is to be Stupid, And it's time for America's favorite
trivia game. You versus Victoria. Your chance to take on
our own Victoria Ramirez in a game of trivia and
today high stakes is to see who has their belly

button featured in this month's Trivia Bunny magazine. Awesome Kid,
Cutting tickets and Let's Meet Today is contestant for you
versus Victoria. Penny, what's up, Penny?

Speaker 3 (24:50):
Nothing? What's up with you?

Speaker 1 (24:51):
Not much?

Speaker 4 (24:52):
Just playing some hockey sack in the studio. I'm pretty
good at it that part. Are you ready to take Victoria?

Speaker 11 (25:01):
I think though.

Speaker 4 (25:01):
All right, I'm gonna send Victoria out of the studio.
Game is played like this, Penny. You have thirty seconds
to answer as many questions as possible if you don't
know when just they passed, and Victoria has to beat
you outright to win. The door is closed, she's outside,
and are you ready?

Speaker 10 (25:17):

Speaker 4 (25:18):
All right, Penny, your time starts? Now? What is the
school's mascot in high school musical?

Speaker 3 (25:24):
A line?

Speaker 7 (25:25):
What is music artist Childish Gambino's real name? When did
Elmo first appear on Sesame Street?

Speaker 19 (25:36):

Speaker 7 (25:37):
A traditional afugato drink is espresso poured over what?

Speaker 8 (25:43):

Speaker 10 (25:43):
I do know that it's so good?

Speaker 4 (25:46):
How many seasons of the show Lost were there? Okay,
I'll bring Victoria back in the studio.

Speaker 5 (25:57):
I think that.

Speaker 4 (25:58):
Yeah, Hi, right now, so we'll have Avictoria get her
headphones on his stuff? Penny, what's something you would like
the world to know about you?

Speaker 3 (26:04):
I have a nervous laugh.

Speaker 4 (26:07):
Really, I never would have guessed, so does Victoria. Yeah?
You and Victoria should hang out. You guys are just
be laughing the whole time. It would be great. All right, Victoria,
you ready thirty seconds to answer as many questions as possible.
If you don't know one, just say pass and you
have to beat Penny outright to wind Victoria your time?

Speaker 13 (26:30):

Speaker 4 (26:31):
Yeah, Now, what.

Speaker 7 (26:32):
Is the school's mascot in high school musical? What is
the music artist Childish Gambino's real name.

Speaker 4 (26:41):

Speaker 7 (26:42):
Oh when did elbow first appear on Sesame Street?

Speaker 8 (26:46):
I don't know, like fifteen hundreds?

Speaker 7 (26:49):
Traditional appogado drink is espresso poured over?

Speaker 4 (26:52):
What I dream?

Speaker 7 (26:54):
How many seasons of the show lost were there?

Speaker 4 (26:58):
Peasants? Cabbage is no own as What type of salad
do you call cabbage? A peasant? Peasants? Kevin, I've never
heard this, yeah, Hule, yes, not Now what she's done?
I think she's done now, Yeah, all right, let's send
it on over to the scoreboard and see how you

guys did with our scoreboard. Producer Brett. All Right, Penny,
you got too correct? Sort of Penny is your spirit animal?
Victoria said, there what? Oh cool?

Speaker 15 (27:29):
I didn't give you a point on a very close answer,
and Victoria got one correct close answers. Okay, let me
take her point away for the close answer. She got one,
you got one. You still lost. Congratulate spinning. If you
did it, you beat Victoria.

Speaker 4 (27:45):
You get Tabby belly button featured on this Trivia Bunny magazine.
So you gotta submit yourself to I don't know how
to do that. You figure it out. Also, you did
get tickets, so congratulations and thank you for playing Let's
get the Answers with Nina's so cute.

Speaker 7 (28:02):
High School Musicals. Mascot with the High School was Wildcats.
Childish Gambiano's name is Donald Glover. Elmo first appeared on
Sesame Street in nineteen eighty. Espresso pored over gelato is
an afagata.

Speaker 4 (28:17):
Scream. I used to make those going to be ice
cream tours a house teslo. Technically, when I've had an
avogado and it's on ice cream, it's not really an
afago correct. I feel like I should to have to
ask a lot of places for my money back. Yeah,
you should.

Speaker 7 (28:29):
Lost had six seasons and kale is peasants cabbage like.

Speaker 4 (28:34):
Kale is peasants cabbage, that's what it was originally called.

Speaker 7 (28:38):
True Yeah, I love it.

Speaker 4 (28:42):
You think they're way better than any peasants out there.
The peasants are out there eating their cabbage. We're eating
kale wrong peasants cabbage and I like it. Benny, congratulations,
Thank you for playing.

Speaker 3 (28:54):
Thank you so much.

Speaker 4 (28:55):
We played you versus Victoria this same time every single
weekday morning. I remember, if you want to play Victoria,
you can always hit us up on social media. At
the Jewbile Show dm us there. Also, you should just
follow us at the Jubile Show. There's all kinds of
fun things to do there. Yeah, all kinds of fun
fids and you can dm us anything that you want.
Gabby our social media pretty serious shaking her head over
there not anything. Hit us up on social if you

want to play Victoria.

Speaker 7 (29:19):
First Day to follow up powered by the Advocates Injury
Attorneys online at Advocateslaw dot com.

Speaker 4 (29:26):
Jason is on the phone today for a first date
follow up. He's not getting a callback from Michelle. Jason,
thanks for agreeing to do the first date follow up
before we ask you about your day and stuff. How
long has it been since you heard from Michelle?

Speaker 10 (29:39):
It has been about two weeks.

Speaker 4 (29:42):
And how many times have you tried to get a
hold of her in that two weeks?

Speaker 10 (29:46):
Maybe three times a week?

Speaker 4 (29:47):
So you must really like her or really be interested
in her.

Speaker 10 (29:50):
I do, and I am. Yeah, Yeah, she was cool.
We have the best date, man. I just really dug her.
I thought we had a great time on a lot
of smile and laughs and kissing, and you know it
was it was great. I don't understand what happened, like, Okay, well,
first of all we met on Hint, which is like

so far I think got the best one of these things.
We we both realized we really love food and we
love traveling, and so I thought it might be kind
of fun to do a French cooking class because it's
kind of like right right right?

Speaker 1 (30:26):
Is that great?

Speaker 13 (30:26):

Speaker 10 (30:26):
I thought that was a really cool idea, and it
was kind of, you know, a little romantic for the
first day. It's just fun, really fun because as I said,
food and food and travel, and I thought that encompassed both.
So we just had the best time. Man. I mean,
she's always dreamed to go into Paris, and you know,
I didn't get fined enough to say I'll take you there,
but you know, maybe if things work out, I would

love to take her there. You know, we're getting off
all night long. We were feeding each other, you know,
interesting off French, but we we you know, there was
a lot of flirting, I thought, and you know, we've
like snuff a few kisses. And then during the class,
you know, she did keep getting stuff on the side
of her mouth and I kept wiping it off. So
I don't know that bothered. It was a little too pushy.

I mean, maybe that was a little too much. I
don't know. I walked her home, uh, and we kissed
a bit, as I mentioned, and you know, I could
kind of tell although I don't want to get to me,
which kind of wanted me to come up to her place.
But yeah, I really I really like her man, and
I just didn't want her to think I was some
dog and just I wanted to be gentleman. Then maybe

we you know, waited a date or two before we
went that far. But you know, maybe maybe I was
an idiot. I don't know. Maybe I was a little
too pushy with the wipe in the face thing. I
feel like thing I could think of my thought. Everything
else was really cool.

Speaker 4 (31:45):
Wiping the facing sounds like was what was going on?

Speaker 10 (31:48):
It was okay, right, Well, you know, I'm just searching
for something that went wrong because you know, she's not
getting back to me, and that's like the only thing
I could pick up Otherwise, I was. It was a
perfect date and I was a perfect gentleman.

Speaker 7 (32:01):
Was was it the kissing? I mean, you said there
was a lot of kissing, So if you're not, you know,
was it French?

Speaker 10 (32:08):
It was well to stay in the theme of the evening,
there was a little French kissing, kissing. I don't want
to I'm an excellent kissy. What are you talking about.

Speaker 4 (32:15):
I'm just I don't know.

Speaker 10 (32:17):
I mean maybe I don't know. I mean, you know,
if he teaches home and maybe that was it.

Speaker 4 (32:22):
That was the last thing she said to you.

Speaker 10 (32:25):
It was just like it was so really fun and
she like she said, of law, we kind of did
some fake, fake French talking experience. I mean, I said,
do this chemistry was like, yeah, that'd be great. I
didn't mean the French cooking class, but just you know,
she seemed wanted to get together again, and I said,
I let her. You know, I'll definitely be in touch.
I really enjoyed, enjoyed our time together. So and then

so I followed up on that and crickets on the
other end.

Speaker 4 (32:50):
So you said you were French kissing.

Speaker 8 (32:51):
We were all French kissing during the class, like while
the classes.

Speaker 4 (32:56):
I'm sorry, I have no kidding.

Speaker 10 (32:59):
No, yeah, be a little be a little much, I
think even for you know, Yeah, it was towards at
the end of the evening it became a little you know, know,
the other one just kind of pecks on the she
maybe a little quick ones on the lips, but nothing.

Speaker 4 (33:14):
It sounds like maybe doing all that. Maybe she really
lost her phone or I.

Speaker 10 (33:20):
Thought, well maybe maybe maybe let's what happened.

Speaker 4 (33:23):
I don't know, maybe all right, Well.

Speaker 10 (33:24):
Yeah, I know what, you know what? To be honest,
is one of the best dates I've had in a
long long time.

Speaker 1 (33:29):
And she's one.

Speaker 10 (33:29):
Of the coolest scals i've I've I've hung out with
them a long time. I really did her.

Speaker 4 (33:33):
So's you another date?

Speaker 10 (33:35):
Then? What do you think that'd be great? To thank me?
We do it?

Speaker 4 (33:41):
We all right, Oh, we'll play a song come back
and then call her and see if we can figure
out why she's ghosting you and maybe get you another date.
All right, if you're just joining us for today's first
day follow up, Jason is on the phone, and Jason
went out with a girl named Michelle, and now he's

getting ghosted for a couple of weeks and he doesn't
know why. Jason, before we make our phone call to
her to try to find out why you're getting ghosted,
why don't you give everybody a real quick refresher on
your date.

Speaker 10 (34:12):
Well, we went to a French cooking class, had a
great time, made some delicious food, kiss a little bit,
just had a wonderful time and walked her home. We
kissed a little bit there, and I didn't go up
because I just thought it'd be I'd be a gentleman.
So I don't know if that, like, maybe maybe she
felt rejected from that.

Speaker 6 (34:30):
I just thought of that, Oh maybe anywhere making out
of a balunch, right, yeah.

Speaker 10 (34:34):
And I'm afraid maybe I'm a terrible kisser. I don't know.

Speaker 4 (34:37):
I'm gonna call her right now, okay, and then we'll
see if we can find it why she's ghosting, and
then maybe get you another date.

Speaker 21 (34:42):
Here we go, Hello him, I speak to Michelle. Please
speaking hello Michelle.

Speaker 4 (34:55):
How are you? This is Jewbel from the radio show
The Jewbil Show. Yeah, Hi Michelle. My name's Nina. I'm
here too.

Speaker 14 (35:02):

Speaker 4 (35:02):
I'm Victoria. I'll here.

Speaker 1 (35:04):

Speaker 11 (35:04):
What's up?

Speaker 4 (35:05):
You ever listened to this show at all?

Speaker 10 (35:07):

Speaker 8 (35:07):
I do?

Speaker 1 (35:08):

Speaker 4 (35:08):
Oh sweet, thank you, thank you very much.

Speaker 11 (35:11):
So why are you calling?

Speaker 4 (35:13):
Michelle? We're calling because I'm guessing you might have heard
a segment the first a fallow up. Then yes, yes, okay,
So we got an email about you from somebody that
you went on a date with and now you're ghosting them.

Speaker 11 (35:26):
Oh my gosh, who was it?

Speaker 4 (35:29):
You don't know who? Yeah, you want to throw out
a guess.

Speaker 3 (35:32):
Well, I mean I did.

Speaker 11 (35:33):
Just got with this guy named Jason. I hope it's
not him.

Speaker 4 (35:38):
Wait, sometimes hope doesn't come through for you. That's it.

Speaker 3 (35:42):
Oh my god, it's Jason.

Speaker 4 (35:43):
Yes, Jason emailed us told us about your date, said
he really liked you and is wondering why you're not
calling him back.

Speaker 11 (35:51):
Oh oh, oh my god.

Speaker 22 (35:53):
Well the reason why I'm not calling him back is because,
you know, like the Davids.

Speaker 4 (36:00):
And all, we had a really good time.

Speaker 20 (36:02):
The French food was amazing, and you know, it was
good chemistry, everything was good. But I ended up like
going to work the next day and I told one
of my coworkers that I'm really close with about.

Speaker 11 (36:15):
My date, and I was showing her pictures and stuff.

Speaker 3 (36:18):
And I was taking a pictures of the food, took
some pictures.

Speaker 20 (36:20):
Of him, and she was like, oh, I went on
a date with him last week.

Speaker 7 (36:26):
Oh oh yeah, I didn't see that one coming.

Speaker 4 (36:30):
No, So what happened? Does he still talk to your coworker?

Speaker 11 (36:35):
I don't know.

Speaker 22 (36:36):
Like, after she told me, I kind of felt uncomfortable
about talking about it with her, so I kind of
just like was like, Okay, let's just not talk about this.
I don't know, I feel weird about going on another
date with him because he bought up with my good
friend and my coworker and we see each other every day.

Speaker 11 (36:55):
I just feel weird.

Speaker 22 (36:56):
And I also feel weird about talking about it with
her because she really liked him too, so I don't
want him into like a competition thing.

Speaker 4 (37:05):
I totally get girl code.

Speaker 7 (37:07):
I mean, you know, friends before all of that stuff,
but in a case like this, I feel like if
they only went on I mean, I don't even know
if they're dating still. If that's the case, we would
need to know. But if not, and you do like
each other, why would you not at least go for it.
I'm sure your friend would understand that.

Speaker 22 (37:24):
Yeah, I know, but I just feel kind of weird,
Like I kind of feel like I was like a
like a second choice.

Speaker 4 (37:33):
So was he continuing to date your friend or well,
they went on a date like a week before our date, okay,
and that was their first date. That was their second date.

Speaker 22 (37:43):
Okay, Okay, It's just weird because we see each other
every day we work together.

Speaker 11 (37:49):
It just seems a little too close to home for sure.

Speaker 7 (37:53):
So yeah, okay, I feel like I need to hear
from him though.

Speaker 4 (37:57):
Yeah, we should hear from him.

Speaker 1 (37:59):
Oh, yes, well he's.

Speaker 4 (38:02):
On the other line. He's been listening this whole time.

Speaker 10 (38:07):
Michelle. Sorry, first of all, sorry for doing this if
it's too weird with the radio thing, but it was
just really bombed. You want to get him back to me,
and I was desperate, I guess, so I called the
sent emailing. So but listen, I hear what you're saying.
And actually we didn't go on two dates. I don't

know what you're telling you. I mean the first date,
if you want to call it that, we just had
a cock coffee and it was very very, you know,
very short moment. Then we decided to go out, but
that was it. I mean, she's nice and everything, but
I'm not into her like I mean, I just I
just loved to hanging out with you.

Speaker 11 (38:48):
So you guys are not seeing each other at all?

Speaker 10 (38:51):
Oh no, no, I mean that was the last time
I saw her. And you're right. We did go bowling
and I was really bad. It was kind of embarrassing.
But yeah, no, that was it even seen her again?
Haven't right, she hasn't had the chance to go to
me because I haven't written. I texted her back, ritten
called back yet.

Speaker 7 (39:11):
Michelle, I feel like this should make you feel better
that you know, it's not like he's out here playing
the field and juggling to people. I think that the
decision really comes down to you though. It's like, what's
your relationship like with this coworker friend? Like, do you
want to rock the boat if she's really going to
make a big deal about it. I just feel like,
as adults at this point in our lives, we have
to understand that, you know, some things don't work out,

but if it works out for somebody you care about,
you should support that.

Speaker 10 (39:35):
It sounds like you were a second choice.

Speaker 7 (39:37):
If there was no coworker, nothing else was going on.
Would you go on a second date with Jason?

Speaker 11 (39:41):
Well, yeah, of.

Speaker 22 (39:42):
Course, I mean the date was very like that was
pretty much the only thing holding me back from going
on a.

Speaker 11 (39:48):
Second day with him.

Speaker 7 (39:50):
Well, how did you handle it when one of the
girls found out you went out with her friends before?

Speaker 4 (39:56):
No, yeah, it has happened. Well, there's been times where
that's been a problem. Because I was like still dating
one of them. Okay, so that was technically would be
called I guess cheating, But anyway, they didn't like that.
The other times I just kind of laughed at it, right,
I was just like, eh, yeah, that's weird. But did

any of them end up going out with you anyway?
Is the question?

Speaker 7 (40:20):

Speaker 4 (40:21):
Okay, like for a short time. I'm sorry, really bad example.

Speaker 15 (40:26):
Yeah, I don't have really good examples of the.

Speaker 4 (40:28):
Times did that happened? There was one time where she
did go out with me for a little while after Oh,
and is she still friends with the friend? Yeah? They
stayed friends and they would joke about stuff.

Speaker 7 (40:38):
And Michelle, yours never really went that far for either
of you, So it's not like there's too much that
she knows that you won't.

Speaker 4 (40:45):
Yeah, you guys aren't like full sledge Eskimos, right, thank you, Michelle.
Would you like to go out with Jason again on
another date? We'll pay for it, Yeah, another data? Oh sweet?

Speaker 10 (41:00):
Can we go to Paris on the next day?

Speaker 4 (41:04):
No, we will not pay for that, right, I'm sorry.
If we do, you'll be on Spirit Airlines, and nobody
wants to fly to Paris on Spirit air.

Speaker 10 (41:14):
That's great, Michelle. I'm happy to hear that.

Speaker 22 (41:16):
Okay, I'm looking forward to it.

Speaker 4 (41:19):
Oh, I'm so glad. Okay, well, we're looking forward to
it too. We'll see you guys on the date.

Speaker 7 (41:24):
Oh wait, we're not coming with you now?

Speaker 4 (41:27):
Can we come with you guys?

Speaker 7 (41:31):
Okay, first date follow So I'm for Nina's what's trending,
Disney might be getting some competition what. I don't even
know if that's accurate to say, but there is a
new Mitel theme park heading to Kansas into Bonner Springs.
And understand I read that wrong the first time. So

what's happening is it's going to be a park that's
got all different types of attractions like Barbie and hot
wheels and Fisher Price and epic roller coasters, theaters, dining,
the whole works just focused on Metel brands.

Speaker 4 (42:05):

Speaker 7 (42:05):
I mean, I think it'd be really cool to go
to a Barbie theme park. Honestly, at first, I was like,
is it real?

Speaker 15 (42:10):
Because remember there was a theme park in some random
place for Willy Wonka and it was just like someone's
like a weird house that was a pop up. Yeah,
this feels less than a popular more than a pop up.
But I do think that's a fascinating thing for a
toy company that has such a huge nge of products,
not unlike Disney, which has a huge range of storylines.

Speaker 7 (42:32):
Right, I think that could be very fascinating. Actually, I
think so too, and my daughter would love this, and
I can see it also pivoting more into theaters and
stuff like that, like hot wheels.

Speaker 4 (42:40):
Now they're talking like cars, you know.

Speaker 7 (42:42):
Oh yeah, very cool. I'm going all the new things
are coming to us like this. It's just made pizza
and beer way easier. Oh, pizza flavored beer. It's now
a thing. So thanks to Tombstone and New Belgi and
brewing company Voodoo Ranger, i PA has teamed up for

I Pizza. It'll be available nationally on April seven. Oh
it says it incorporates all the flavors of freshly baked
Tombstone pizza. You'll taste the crust, tomato, sauce, and even
herbs and spices.

Speaker 3 (43:16):
Oh boy, I.

Speaker 4 (43:17):
Would pizza what I mean?

Speaker 7 (43:22):
I would rather dip my pizza into a beer, much
like you can do it a hot dog, you know,
like dumb.

Speaker 15 (43:27):
Thems second, hold on you dunk your hot dogs into
your beer.

Speaker 7 (43:33):
I saw somebody do it once on social and it
was like interesting concept, what and I tried it.

Speaker 4 (43:37):
Really it's pretty good.

Speaker 7 (43:42):
Okay, So emergency notifications are starting to pop up now
in regards to the upcoming eclipse. So for cities that
are in the path of totality, people are freaking out
and starting to hoard all kinds of supplies, bracing themselves
for a surge of people that are coming to check
this out. That's not the only thing. There's a conspiracy

out there. Yeah, of course that with the eclipse, the
Internet's going to go down. I know, this feels like
Y two K. I remember when they're like, oh my gosh,
the computers are going to crash. Actually, Victoria, you were
just being born, so like all of that hadn't happened.
But this is kind of eerily similar. But yeah, people
are socking up on supplies, they're bracing themselves for the

Internet crash, and all everybody wants.

Speaker 4 (44:24):
To see is this epic eclipse.

Speaker 15 (44:26):
I will say that if the Internet does crash, it's
going to be problematic, you think, really, I just mean that,
like we a lot of times we think like we
don't need the internet. We just we're fine. We could
just go touch a touch the grass and do yoga
in the field. And it's not true.

Speaker 4 (44:40):
I never said that. Our whole society functions on it.

Speaker 7 (44:43):
So yeah, what people will do on their board, you
don't want to see it. I note Instagram has been
down a couple times already this week, and so that
is a preview of what's to come. That's what's trending
jubles dirty little secret.

Speaker 4 (44:56):
Hello, how are you good? How are you great? You
have a little secret, I do. Let's hear it.

Speaker 23 (45:05):
Okay, it's kind of like my dad's secret. The reason
why I'm telling it is because he's no longer with us.
But so I found this out after he passed. But
I'm thirty two. I supposedly have a brother out in
the world, and he's like forty five ish or something,

or could even be even older. Apparently his brother was,
you know, born way before I was born, and I
have no idea.

Speaker 11 (45:37):
Who the mom is.

Speaker 23 (45:39):
And I don't know if he's like still alive or
but he doesn't know I exist. He doesn't know that
my dad was ever his dad, and he was raised
with someone else being his dad.

Speaker 4 (45:52):
Oh, how did you find out about him?

Speaker 23 (45:55):
So I found out through a family member day decided
to kind of like come forth and tell me, and
they were kind of like, here's all the information I have.
Do what you want with it. But I couldn't you know,
I don't have like the woman's name or anything. But
they were just like, yeah, you definitely have a brother
and told me his name and everything. But I just

don't know, Like I don't know if I should do
twenty three and me or like something like that. But
I don't know him in his whole life because he's
grown up with someone else being his dad to his
entire life.

Speaker 7 (46:26):
Oh that's part I can understand because I would say,
just go for it, but that's hard.

Speaker 4 (46:32):
That's hard. But I feel like I would want to know. Yeah,
maybe you could find him and then yeah, I like
a twenty three me and then find out more about him,
just through like social media or whatever and see if
he seems like happy, why was I happy? But if
it like if you can get the vibe or read
on it where you're like, should I take a shot
or I think this will really like make things really Yeah,
that sucks because you want to know your brother, right,

I feel like you should go.

Speaker 11 (46:53):
I know, I would love.

Speaker 4 (46:54):
That to find him. You'd always slide into his DMS
and just start a conversation. Right, he doesn't know that
you're a sister yet find out more about him.

Speaker 11 (47:00):
Actually, oh my gosh.

Speaker 4 (47:04):
I mean it's a good idea.

Speaker 11 (47:06):
That would be something, that would be something I don't
even know if you had social media.

Speaker 23 (47:11):
You know, I want to find him so bad, but
I don't want to like crash down his whole world.
And I just I don't know. I've been holding that
for a long time because nobody else knows about it
besides my other family members.

Speaker 4 (47:24):
So yeah, man, I don't know.

Speaker 23 (47:26):
Yeah, thank you for letting me share it with you.

Speaker 4 (47:29):
Thank you for sharing. And if you end up doing
it in contacting him, let us know. I'd love to
hear what happened.

Speaker 20 (47:33):

Speaker 4 (47:33):
Absolutely, I think it would only go good. But that's me.
I mean, and I would start with Google, but that's
also me.

Speaker 10 (47:39):
I don't know.

Speaker 23 (47:39):
Yeah, that is a good idea.

Speaker 4 (47:42):
Well, let us know how it goes.

Speaker 6 (47:43):
Okay, Okay, I well, thank you.

Speaker 4 (47:45):
Thank you, thank you for telling your secret. All right, thanks,
you have a dirty little secret.

Speaker 24 (47:51):
Yeah, I mean, I got something that's pretty easy.

Speaker 4 (47:54):
It's weet, what is it?

Speaker 11 (47:57):
So just cut straight to it.

Speaker 24 (47:59):
I been going to conventions and cosplay events for a
few years and none.

Speaker 3 (48:06):
Of my friends know that that's something.

Speaker 10 (48:08):
That I do. I yeah, I know.

Speaker 24 (48:12):
I haven't told anybody who's not in that community, and
they don't know me for who I am either.

Speaker 10 (48:19):
Does that make sense?

Speaker 4 (48:20):

Speaker 7 (48:20):
So you have basically two identities and they don't bleed
into the other identity.

Speaker 20 (48:26):

Speaker 24 (48:26):
I don't know how to make those two worlds.

Speaker 10 (48:28):
It's too messy. That's right back a match.

Speaker 24 (48:30):
So yeah, that's that's something that I do. I keep
my costume in the back of the closet in trash bags,
so nobody would be able to find it unless they
were really looking for it.

Speaker 7 (48:44):
But it's cool because you're like Superman and Clark Kent
and we're like Batman and what's.

Speaker 4 (48:48):
His name in real life? Bruce Wayne?

Speaker 23 (48:50):
You know.

Speaker 4 (48:51):
So it's like your superhero moment.

Speaker 8 (48:55):
What do you address as like, is this one specific
or do you do like a bunch of just random characters.

Speaker 24 (49:00):
I have a bunch of characters that I want to do,
but the one that I have right now is Hello Kitty.

Speaker 4 (49:08):
So yeah, I see why.

Speaker 24 (49:13):
Yeah, I might watch a lot of other ghost to
but that's like kind of the og. It's really like,
you know, it's what got me into anime in the
first place, and so that like has a special place
for me. And it's just really cool to be able
to go to these conventions and you're everybody's favorite person.

Speaker 11 (49:28):
You know, you can do no wrong.

Speaker 3 (49:30):
You know, you're just like.

Speaker 24 (49:32):
Taking pictures with everybody constantly.

Speaker 1 (49:34):
You're you're the star.

Speaker 4 (49:35):
You know that's cool. Man, Hello, Well, thank you for
telling us your little secret.

Speaker 3 (49:40):
Thank you.

Speaker 4 (49:40):
Guys. If you ever want to dress up as Hello
Kitty with anybody else did, I would be definitely down
to go with you sometimes.

Speaker 11 (49:49):
I'll thank you up on that.

Speaker 4 (49:51):
Hell yeah, all right, thank you man. What's your dirty
little secret.
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