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March 27, 2024 59 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I want to know what your number one reason is
for not having kids. You don't owe anybody an explanation.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
The fear of one direction getting back together and not
being able to go.

Speaker 3 (00:11):
That's legit. The Jewel Show.

Speaker 4 (00:16):
Thank you TikTok for some of the most entertaining videos ever.
There's a TikTok trend that's going viral right now that
might literally change your friendships forever. And we all need friends, right, Yeah,
I have a ton of them. Not saying that I'm
super popular. It's just that I spend a lot of
time alone and as a child of neglect, I have
a ton of imaginary friends. Well, okay, some of some

of them are cool. Some of them are downright sexy.
Some of them are like mister jinxy pants who shows
up in the middle of the night and tickles my stommy. Yeah, yeah,
I'm always waking up at like two o'clock in the morning, like.

Speaker 5 (00:50):
Stop, mister pants over, you're snuggle. It's like a really
weird turn.

Speaker 3 (00:57):
Yeah, I'm not crazy, you are?

Speaker 5 (00:59):
You know? Well?

Speaker 4 (01:01):
What video is going viral on TikTok right now that
might change your friendships forever. It's called the Six Besties
theory ooh okay, and it's not meant to be seen
as a checklist. According to this theory, it allows you
to manage your expectations of your friends while also appreciating
the specific value that they add to your life.

Speaker 3 (01:21):
That's so real.

Speaker 5 (01:21):
And once you understand this, I feel like you unlock
a whole new level because your stress and energy is saved.

Speaker 4 (01:27):
Yeah huh, And I agree with this theory one because
not every friend can meet every need. And there's some
people that you talk to. Let's say you're going through
a breakup and you have those friends that you talk
to and you know that they're going to offer the
worst advice and they're barely going to listen, right, So
that's not the friend you talk to when you're going
through a breakup because you're gonna leave that conversation like
why am I even friends with that person?

Speaker 3 (01:48):
But they are good for something.

Speaker 6 (01:54):
Totally is.

Speaker 4 (01:55):
So let's go over the six different types of besties
and see if you can class by that for yourself
who those people are in your life. The north star bestie,
according to this theory, it's the ultimate bestie who fully
sees you and feels like the platonic version of Megan
Fox and mgk's twin Flame Energy. Okay, although if you

see the twin Flame documentary, it's not good they.

Speaker 3 (02:21):
Have they at all. Yeah, you call.

Speaker 5 (02:27):
Depending on what your definition is. Relationships are supposed to
be talxic.

Speaker 4 (02:34):
If anybody ever calls me their twin flame ever again,
I'm running for the hills. The other bestie, according to
this sixth besties theory, is the og bestie.

Speaker 3 (02:46):
Oh okay.

Speaker 4 (02:47):
That's someone who knows your biography like it's their own
and doesn't need consistent communication to stay close because.

Speaker 7 (02:54):
They've been there the whole time. I actually have one
of my best friends, Blake. We don't talk for like
three years, and then when we get on the phone,
it's like there was never like we had never had
a gap.

Speaker 3 (03:03):
Three years. Yeah, I go like one month, but we're busy.

Speaker 7 (03:07):
He's got a couple of kids and he's in the military,
so like whenever he's in the country, you're like, hey dude,
what's up. Hey man, Yeah, so yesterday I was doing
it. It's like we just nothing gets missed.

Speaker 3 (03:16):
Yep. It's crazy.

Speaker 4 (03:17):
I've got a couple of friends like that too, that
I'll call up and it's like, Wow, why don't we
talk more often.

Speaker 3 (03:24):
Friends? And then you'll talk again.

Speaker 4 (03:27):
And the next time we talk like, wow, I forgot
how good of friends we are. Another friend on this
six besties theory is the similar ambitions bestie.

Speaker 3 (03:41):
That's usually when you meet later.

Speaker 4 (03:43):
Yeah, yeah, that says that's a friend who is on
a similar journey to you, whether you're both taking art
classes for the first time, or each other's confidant while
interviewing for jobs.

Speaker 5 (03:53):
Those ones are really important, though, because when you don't
feel like anybody understands you, and then you find somebody
that's going through something similar, hold on to those is
because you go through bumps together.

Speaker 4 (04:03):
I know it's I just pictured you and your similar
interest buddy for bestie, like hugging and going.

Speaker 3 (04:12):
Isn't this cute? Is the way he said it? It
was nice.

Speaker 5 (04:15):
I liked it, kind of like you, jubul, like you
kind of are that person. Oh am I your similar
interest buddy.

Speaker 3 (04:21):
Kind of mind. Almost there.

Speaker 4 (04:26):
We're coming over a new theory that's going viral on TikTok,
the six besties theory, So you can reclassify all your
friends right now, the work bestie someone who already knows
all the work drama that you can discuss off slack.

Speaker 3 (04:40):
Okay, and there you go. Yeah, I know who that is.
Who's your work bestie? The story? She knows all the juice.
Is it bad that my work besties are boss?

Speaker 5 (04:50):
I'm kidding, oh, because he's listening all of a sudden there,
And I like the work bestie better than saying your
work wife or work husband.

Speaker 3 (05:00):
I don't know. That's always felt weird to me to
call it that, especially if you're in a relationship like
married people shouldn't have another husband.

Speaker 5 (05:09):
Or wife housed before spouses. Really don't like it because
I would always call the person I was working with
my work hubs, you know, But a lot of the
times the wives didn't like me very much. For by
the way, for.

Speaker 4 (05:30):
Yes, we hooked up a couple of times, but it
was a work hookup because we're a couple.

Speaker 3 (05:35):
On the clock stays on the clock. It is not
what I said. Also, just to be clear, this is
why it's messy, not it.

Speaker 4 (05:45):
The other type of bestie is the good time bestie,
perfect plus one who is always down for a fun
night out or adventure.

Speaker 3 (05:54):

Speaker 4 (05:54):
Yeah, they're kind of more surface level. You just know
that they're fun. You're not going to talk about anything deep.
They're probably gonna get hammered and you're gonna have to
take care of them, but you'll have a good story
after right.

Speaker 7 (06:04):
If you do talk about anything deep, no one will
remember it exactly.

Speaker 4 (06:10):
That's a super safe space. You wake up in the morning,
you're like, did I, oh God, did we talk about that?
I don't remember the whole conversation, but I think I did.
And then you talk to them the next day and
it's clear that they don't remember a single word. And
then the last type of bestie that will help you
redefine all your friendships right now, according to this TikTok

theory that's going viral, the dead body bestie the what yep,
that's someone who's no longer with us that you carry
around in the back of your car.

Speaker 3 (06:37):
I don't think that's it. That's not it.

Speaker 4 (06:41):
It's the no judgment friend that you can call to
help after a major screw up. Like that friend that
will help you hide a dead body. Yeah, not judge you.
Although if one of my friends did call me and
they had hide a dead body, I'd be like, you're
a murderer.

Speaker 3 (06:56):
We are no longer friends Bury that bad. I have
another phone call. I'm sorry. I didn't just become your accomplice, Bessie. No,
thank you. I'm gonna change your name on my phone.

Speaker 8 (07:09):
Yeah, it's another jubile phone.

Speaker 3 (07:14):
Framesday Mornings on the twenties.

Speaker 6 (07:22):
Hello, Hi, my name is Trevor. I'm calling from the
electric and I was looking for Sharon.

Speaker 8 (07:31):
Is Sharon?

Speaker 3 (07:33):
Hi, Sharon.

Speaker 6 (07:33):
So I'm just calling to tell you that, like the
job is all done. We finished up like all the
electrical work in your house. Like there's labels on everything,
so it should be all good to go. And uh,
I guess we'll could just walk up and you'll get
an invoice in in your email.

Speaker 9 (07:53):

Speaker 10 (07:54):
Okay, I'm sorry.

Speaker 3 (07:55):
Everything has been labeled everything.

Speaker 6 (07:57):
You know, everything's been labeled, so you should know whatever
every thing is. Yeah, So I don't think that unless
you need something else for me, then I can just
kind of like let myself out.

Speaker 8 (08:07):
Because okay, I'm a little I'm a little lost right now.

Speaker 3 (08:12):
You're lost?

Speaker 6 (08:13):
Well, do you need mean a like GPS some location
for you or something.

Speaker 11 (08:18):
That kind of loss?

Speaker 2 (08:19):
Like what you're talking about.

Speaker 8 (08:21):
You sound like you're high or something.

Speaker 6 (08:22):
I'm oh no, no, like, uh no, I don't partake
of any substances. So I was just calling to check
in and let you know that we're all done with
the wiring work here at your house. And your husband
was here he let us in, but like he's gone.
So I just called the number that I have here,
and so yeah, it should be good to go. And
if you have any questions on the labeling, you can

call me back at this number and then and then
I can maybe explain it to you. But it should
be pretty self explanatory. Label maker with speech today.

Speaker 12 (08:51):
So you brought your label maker Okay, I'm just I'm
a little confused about the label thing.

Speaker 8 (09:00):
I mean, you were just wosted to fix one fan,
that was.

Speaker 6 (09:02):
It, Yes, And so the fan has been fixed. So
long story short is, I'm kind of new and so
when I was fixing the fan wiring, I think I
might have like acrossed a couple of things. And so
like now, when you use the doorbell, it actually turns
on the living room lights, and when you hit the
living room light, it turns on the disposal.

Speaker 12 (09:23):
So yeah, that's not that's not what we needed to
and I got the fan. You to rewire the fans
so that the lights which that it was connected to
would turn the fan on, and the light on the
fan is.

Speaker 6 (09:36):
Working, the fan is working, but like you have to
it's one of the bathroom lights up side.

Speaker 2 (09:43):
So you're telling me basically that you completely have all
the wiring in my house, and you have everything connected
to different things with labels, which I didn't ask for.

Speaker 8 (09:51):
It was supposed to be a very simple job.

Speaker 3 (09:54):
Yes, I guess that's the way to say it.

Speaker 6 (09:55):
But like, honestly, if you think about it's kind of
fun because, like you know, people hit the doorbell and
then like a light turns on.

Speaker 3 (10:01):
It's kind of cool. Okay, okay, okay, yeah, no, that's
not cool.

Speaker 2 (10:05):

Speaker 8 (10:05):
Trevor was that your name?

Speaker 2 (10:07):
Yeah, No, that's not gonna that's not gonna be Okay.
Maybe before you leave, you should go back and rewire
everything the way that it was and just fix the
fan so that the fan turns on with the switch,
but it's connected to.

Speaker 3 (10:17):
A couple things.

Speaker 6 (10:18):
Like I don't know exactly what I did to make
it do that, and so like if I was going
to fix it, I don't really know where to start,
and so I figured it would just be easier if.

Speaker 3 (10:30):
I put labels for you.

Speaker 2 (10:31):
Okay, Trevor, I don't know how life works in your world,
but in my world.

Speaker 10 (10:35):
When you hire.

Speaker 8 (10:36):
Somebody to do a job, they come.

Speaker 2 (10:37):
In you, you fix the thing that we were hired
to fix, and then you get paid to fix the thing.

Speaker 8 (10:43):
So I don't know what's wrong with you. I don't
know if you're stoned or high or just freaking the
stupidest first that I've ever spoken to in my life.

Speaker 11 (10:49):
Okay, this is supposed to.

Speaker 2 (10:50):
Be a really simple job.

Speaker 8 (10:51):
I just I don't even understand what's wrong with you.

Speaker 6 (10:53):
If you use the water in the backyard that turns
the garage.

Speaker 2 (10:57):
Okay, here's the bottom line when I get back some
work at the end of the day today that at
six pm, I want my garage to work with the
garage opener. I want my water to work with the
water opener.

Speaker 8 (11:06):
I wanted the faucet. Excuse me, I can't even talk anymore.

Speaker 10 (11:09):
You got me.

Speaker 2 (11:09):
So you need to be back the way that it was,
and we a fan need to just turn on with
the fans switch. How difficult is this?

Speaker 6 (11:18):
Well, I could just tell you that this is a
prank phone call and your husband Toby set you up.

Speaker 3 (11:22):
For if you want what.

Speaker 4 (11:24):
Yeah, this is actually Doubile from the Jubil Show doing
a phone prank on you and your husband Toby set
you up wave.

Speaker 8 (11:30):
Pick me off at work, babe.

Speaker 4 (11:32):
He said that you've had some people at your house
doing electrical work and wanted to.

Speaker 3 (11:36):
Mess with you.

Speaker 2 (11:37):
Oh Jeeves, my god. Okay, yeah, when I get home
from work today, babe, is everything going to be connected
to something else? Because I'll tell you right now that's.

Speaker 8 (11:47):
No sex for at least a week.

Speaker 3 (11:50):
Wake up every morning with Doubile phone pranks. Time for
Nina's what's trending real quick?

Speaker 5 (11:54):
I just want to shout out lawyers because you stay busy,
and our first two stories that are trending involve the
law and technology. So also, I've been watching a lot
of suits, so it just keeps getting more and more interested.

Speaker 3 (12:08):
I like to shout out lawyers too.

Speaker 4 (12:09):
I've had to deal with a lot of them in
my life, and.

Speaker 3 (12:13):
There are some that do great work, but no matter what,
they stay busy. They do stay busy.

Speaker 5 (12:19):
So Apple is facing three consumer lawsuits that claim that
it's monopolizing the smartphone market. So the class actions were
filed by Android users in California and New Jersey. They
say that Apple keeps certain essential apps and services and
all of those types of things only for iPhone users,
So therefore they're calling it a monopoly.

Speaker 3 (12:38):
But you can sue for that. They are monopoly in
this country, you can.

Speaker 7 (12:42):
You that's true. You cannot have a monopoly in this country.
But also capitalism. If they built it, they can keep
it for themselves. I don't understand that.

Speaker 3 (12:50):
But if you use Android, then why wouldn't you get
an iPhone? Or do you want their products? Go get
it if you don't want their products.

Speaker 4 (12:57):
I think if it's it's less of a monopoly in it,
it's more than just their strong arm gangsters that we're
not going to share.

Speaker 3 (13:05):
It with you.

Speaker 4 (13:05):
You will, You'll get an iPhone. Yeah, if you want
to use it, you'll get an iPhone. Android user capitalism,
it's basically capitalism.

Speaker 5 (13:15):
Yeah, but maybe they're gangsters. But like, why can't you
just go to Android and be like why can't I
have that too?

Speaker 3 (13:20):
Android? Why can't you too? Android? Why are you Google
for being lame?

Speaker 11 (13:26):

Speaker 3 (13:26):
Google, figure it out and make message. I don't know, hard.

Speaker 5 (13:32):
Just call a g message yea like react like it's
easy to go ahead and code that.

Speaker 4 (13:37):
But anyways, WhatsApp has it figured out though, man, because
that's the only way you can send videos if you
have from iPhone to Android or whatever. I mean, there's
other ways, but I mean, you know, if you have
an iPhone and you try to send a video to
someone with an Android phone or vice versa, you can't
even see.

Speaker 3 (13:52):
It at all.

Speaker 5 (13:52):
They're so small and blurry. How do you protect yourself
on WhatsApp? Side note, because people are just searching your
name now and they can send you messages. That's what
happening onmine. I get random messages on whats happened. I
don't know who these people are. That was a wayside note.

Speaker 3 (14:07):
I can't even give my friends to message.

Speaker 5 (14:09):
Me back, says the guy who doesn't message us back.
That's true, two ways, I guess. So Meta is being
accused of wire tapping Snapchat for data. So I am
now revealing that Mark Zuckerberg encouraged Meta execs to create

a project called Project Ghostbusters, and it was a secret
initiative that was used on the private network to figure
out what's going on with you know, people so it
was also used on Amazon and YouTube and all of
this stuff. And that started back in twenty sixteen. And
so now it's going to court and there's actual like
documents and stuff that are saying that my Mark Zuckerberg

violated the United States wire top Tap Act.

Speaker 3 (14:54):
There's a wiretap Act here. Yeah.

Speaker 7 (14:57):
Yeah, you can't just wiretap people without a judge saying
you can wire tap people.

Speaker 4 (15:00):
Really, yeah, that's illegal. Lessure Mark Zuckerberg. Also, he's listening
to this conversation right now everything.

Speaker 3 (15:08):
Hey, bro, love those VR. It's also a good job
with the MMA stuff. Dude, you're a badass.

Speaker 7 (15:12):
Yeah, and he made WhatsApp, so good job buddy, he did. Yeah,
owns what's up?

Speaker 3 (15:16):
Yeah, okay, we'll just take a left turn.

Speaker 7 (15:20):
So I don't know how you can wire tap a
thing that doesn't have a wire it's a social media app,
not a phone.

Speaker 3 (15:24):
But anyway, yeah, it kind of really makes sense to me.
And that's how he's gonna do it in Congress. He's
gonna go, well, let me explain phones to you.

Speaker 5 (15:33):
Now, we're all walking around today watching our backs, knowing
that we're being listened to and could potentially be suit
at any moment, that's what's trending.

Speaker 1 (15:42):
It's time to Catch a Cheater.

Speaker 3 (15:45):
Only on the Jubile Show.

Speaker 4 (15:46):
Garrett is on the phone today for to Catch a
Cheater and he thinks that his girlfriend of three years
named None, might be cheating on him. Garrett, thank you
for coming on the show and agreeing to do this.
Tell us what's going on, man, what's the situation with
your girlfriend?

Speaker 9 (16:00):

Speaker 13 (16:00):
So pretty much, you know, like you said, you know,
I've been together with my girlfriend for three years, and
you know, I just want to put out there that
she's bisexual, and you know, recently she's actually made a
new female friend. I'm not I'm not too sure like
much about her, to be honest, but she seems to
be very secretive about it. I mean, anytime, like her.

Speaker 3 (16:23):
Whole girlfriend's secretive about her new friend.

Speaker 13 (16:26):
Yeah, and sometimes, you know, I know her sexuality, and
you know, it's never really been an issue, and if
it has, I've always kind of kept it on the
back of my head. But you know, she's even made
jokes about it, and you know, she's saying she's not
cheating because I you know, I confronted her about it.

Speaker 9 (16:40):
I'm like, you know, babe, are you are you cheating
on me?

Speaker 13 (16:43):
Because you know, the past month has been really, really weird,
Like she will go off to the bathroom, she'll get
on the phone, she'll take a shower, but I can
hear her like talking to somebody and yeah, and you know,
she won't even let me see their conversations over text either.
I mean, one time when she was sleeping, I know
I shouldn't have done it, but I did go through
her phone and I didn't see any weird messages from anybody,

So it led me to think, like, is she deleting messages?
So I that's really why I didn't I got in
touch with you guys, because I have no idea what
to do, and I love my girlfriend, and I mean
I would do anything for her, and I just don't
want anybody to be jeopardizing what we have, you know, And.

Speaker 5 (17:23):
I don't know that it would be the person that's
jeopardizing your relationship as much as it is, you know,
whatever's going on with the two of you. But if
she's never done this, she's never done anything like this
before with any of her other girlfriends.

Speaker 13 (17:35):
Never, never, We have an amazing relationship. I mean, I
trust her she trusts me. You know, we have a
really good relationship. You know, we're very open about about
anything that goes on in our life. Okay, i've been
feeling a little off. You haven't talked to her about this?

Speaker 9 (17:49):
No? No, no, no, she has no idea.

Speaker 13 (17:51):
I mean I kind of, like I said a month ago,
I kind of threw it out there, like joking, like, babe,
are you.

Speaker 9 (17:55):
Cheating on me? And she's like, of course not. And
you know, we kind of just went about our day.

Speaker 5 (18:00):
Helly is she gonna say, yeah, have a good day.

Speaker 4 (18:03):
That would be definitely a punching the guy, Like, oh, oh, okay,
you are right weird. Yeah, I know, I say it
all the time in these it's weird about cheaters. A
lot of times they also are liars. Weird, yeah, weird.
So but okay, so you're pretty sure that something might
be going on.

Speaker 5 (18:21):
Did you meet this friend? Has she been around the
house or have you met her never?

Speaker 13 (18:26):
I mean I know that they've been out, like they
went to the grocery together. You know, they took like
a yoga class together, like an all girls yoga class.

Speaker 9 (18:33):
So I didn't think anything of it.

Speaker 13 (18:35):
I mean, I don't even know much about what I'm
assuming she I don't know about her friend's sexuality, but
I know my girlfriend is you know, bisexual. But I
mean it's never been an issue, so I kind of
didn't think anything of it. I mean, you know, we
have we have a good relationship and you know kind
of you know, we get it on almost every day.

Speaker 3 (18:54):
So why are you just bragging?

Speaker 10 (18:57):

Speaker 13 (18:57):
No, no, no, I mean I just don't see a
reason why anything would be off and why she would
be cheating on me. But I just have a weird,
like you know, gut feeding, like there could possibly be
something going on.

Speaker 3 (19:10):
Okay, we can't ignore that.

Speaker 4 (19:12):
No, no, I mean I just watched this video on
Instagram the other day of a psychologist talking about dealing
with with her with your partner, and his ultimate message was,
your gut pretty much tells you everything.

Speaker 3 (19:25):
I think something's going on. It probably is. Also, if
you think something's going on, it's not a good sign
as far as trust goes. Sure, but also trust your ut.
So maybe there is. Hopefully it's not, and it's just
a trust issue on your part.

Speaker 11 (19:39):

Speaker 4 (19:40):
Hopefully all right, So you already gave us the grocery
store that she shops at and is a reward card
member at, so we'll call from there. We'll tell her
that she's a big winner because every single month we
choose one Roars card member at random who gets free
flowers delivered straight from our beautiful new Improof Orld apartment.
We'll see if she sends those to you or to
somebody else. Okay, a perfect perfect alright, we'll play a

song come back and get your to Catch a Teter next.
Right in the middle of to Catch a Teeter And
if you're just joining us, Garrett is on the phone
and he thinks that his girlfriend of three years named
Nanny might be sleeping around. So we're about to see
if we can catch her. Garrett, real quick, refresh everybody's memory.
Why you're suspicious?

Speaker 13 (20:17):
Yeah, so my girlfriend's been hanging out with this new
female friend for the past month or so, and you know,
she goes to yoga.

Speaker 9 (20:24):
Class, they go to the grocery store, and.

Speaker 13 (20:26):
I don't know, I just kind of think something's up,
you know, Like I mentioned to you, my girlfriend's bisexual.
It's never been an issue, or I don't know if
it has been, or I've never.

Speaker 9 (20:35):
Really put too much thought into it.

Speaker 13 (20:36):
And you know, maybe she's been kind of acting a
little funny, like sho so will offer to go walk
the dog, and she doesn't usually walk my dog.

Speaker 9 (20:44):
And you know, she'll go to the bathroom or you know,
I'll hear the.

Speaker 13 (20:47):
Water running, but I can hear her talking, so I
don't have any idea what's going on. Like my girlfriend,
I love her to death, but she's been acting a
little strange out of the usual.

Speaker 4 (20:58):
We're about to call her from the grocery store that
she's a rewards card member at and congratulate her on
being this month's big winner, because every single month, we
choose one rewards card member totally random who gets free
flowers delivered from our beautiful new improved floral department. And
we'll see if she sends those flowers to you, Garrett
or to someone else.

Speaker 3 (21:14):
Okay, all right, thanks guys. Here we got my dollar
front of her right now.

Speaker 10 (21:29):

Speaker 3 (21:30):
Hi, is this Nony?

Speaker 4 (21:32):
Oh yeah, Nony? Congratulations. My name is Jorbel and I'm
calling from to tell you that you're this month's big winner. Congratulations,
you won.

Speaker 10 (21:41):
I'm sorry, I don't know when I won.

Speaker 3 (21:43):
When is this the flowers?

Speaker 10 (21:45):
The flowers?

Speaker 4 (21:46):
Oh you must not have seen the signs. Every single month,
we choose one Rewards Card member at random who gets
free flowers delivered from our floral department. It's thirty six
longstim red roses. You also get a box of chocolates
and you get a couple of bullet as they go
along with it, and a note for whoever you want
to send them to.

Speaker 10 (22:03):
Oh wow, okay cool?

Speaker 4 (22:05):
Yeah, if you know who you'd like to send them
to right now, I can get the information in just
a couple of minutes on the phone.

Speaker 11 (22:11):
Yeah no, I can know.

Speaker 3 (22:13):
Great. So what I will need then is just the
first name and the last name of the person you
want to send them to.

Speaker 10 (22:20):
Yeah, it's Garrett.

Speaker 3 (22:23):
Would you like to send a card along with it
to Garrett?

Speaker 11 (22:27):

Speaker 10 (22:27):
Yeah, sure, that'd be great.

Speaker 3 (22:29):
Okay, wonderful. What would you like to say on the card?

Speaker 10 (22:34):
Oh? Sale, let's have a date night on me.

Speaker 3 (22:37):
Oh that's fun. No chance he'd ever cheat on Garrett.

Speaker 10 (22:40):
Huh. I actually have to get back to work. Do
you need much more from me?

Speaker 4 (22:45):
Sorry about that. Let me get back on track here.
I don't need much more from you, because now I
need to let you know that this is actually the
Jewel Show. And it's a radio show. Hi, Noni, And
that's Nina and that's Victoria. And we do a segment
where if somebody thinks that their significant other is cheating,
they can call us to try to find out if
they are. And your boyfriend Garrett is actually on the
phone and has been listening.

Speaker 9 (23:07):
Ibab what ibb, And I'll understand this is great news.

Speaker 3 (23:14):
Yeah, you're not cheating.

Speaker 7 (23:16):
I know.

Speaker 9 (23:17):
Yeah, I'm sorry to put you on the spot like this, babe.

Speaker 13 (23:19):
I mean, I've just been feeling, you know, a little
down and in tacure of the past couple of weeks.
And I you know, I didn't want to tell any
of our friends or you know, anything that I was
going through. I didn't want them to think that I
was being I don't know, I just I decided to
get in touch with the radio station. And and I
hope you're not mad, but but yeah, you don't want.

Speaker 10 (23:39):
To tell our friends, but you put up on the radio.

Speaker 13 (23:42):
Yeah, I mean nobody knows. I mean, hopefully nobody's hearing.
But yeah, I'm sorry. I mean I'm happy that I'm
hearing that you're sending me flowers and and that you're
not cheating on me. I know I should have talked
to you about it, and you know, maybe getting in
touch with them wasn't the right move, but I did,
and you know, hopefully we can just move on.

Speaker 9 (24:01):
And I love you.

Speaker 10 (24:03):
Why I'm cheating on you? Why don't you think that
you know you've.

Speaker 13 (24:07):
Been hanging out with your new friend, and you know
you've been going out with her, and you know, I
know all of your friends, and you know you know
my friends, and she's the only friend that I've never met.
And I guess I know your sexuality, which has never
been an issue, babe, and I just like I got
a little insecure from to I'm sorry.

Speaker 10 (24:26):
Yeah, I we need to have a little bit of
a talk about that, because I I wanted to introduce
you guys. You just have like opposite schedules, and I
did not realize this is a thing. I feel like
this is more of an issue that you have bisexuality
that we need to talk about.

Speaker 5 (24:41):
Sorry, just to jump in know on you really quick,
like you know where it is apologizing and it's great
news that you're not cheating, But he did also express
to us that you were, you know, taking calls in
the bathroom and that you've been like acting a little
bit different. So you know, it's kind of understandable that
he would be curious what you were up to.

Speaker 10 (24:58):
I mean, I guess we just have been talking a
lot because we're new friends, you know what I mean. Like,
it's just and she's one of those people that called
all the time. Yeah, it's I guess I'm just answering
to me nice, Like I'm not someone who likes to
have like phone calls constantly, but she does call a lot,
but it's not anything weird. Definitely not into her like that.

Speaker 3 (25:16):
If you were Garrett, would you think the same thing.

Speaker 10 (25:20):
I guess, Like in my head, I would just assume
that she's annoying that she's calling all the time. But
I like, I see it now, I guess. But I
really wasn't trying to be secretive. I was just like,
oh my gosh, calling again. I'll answer even I'm doing
something right.

Speaker 13 (25:34):
Okay, Well I feel better about this and you're not
getting flowers, bab.

Speaker 9 (25:40):
But I promise I'll.

Speaker 3 (25:42):
Garrett friend.

Speaker 13 (25:47):
Yeah, we'll have a friend night and we'll go and
you know, I don't know, we'll do something fun.

Speaker 9 (25:51):
And I look forward to meeting your friend.

Speaker 10 (25:53):
I mean eventually that would I just we definitely get
to talk first.

Speaker 9 (25:58):
Babe, you've found a little annoyed.

Speaker 10 (26:01):
Yeah, I am annoyed. But the biggest thing I'm annoyed
about is you said you were gonna do the dishes
last night and they're still not done.

Speaker 13 (26:09):
Okay, yes, you have a point. I can see you're bothered.
I'll do the dishes.

Speaker 9 (26:15):
Babe, right away. I'll put them. I won't even put
them in the dishwasher. I'll do them myself.

Speaker 3 (26:19):
It's the most polite cone.

Speaker 13 (26:22):
Oh no, I forgot about that again, huh. I promise,
you know, I I'll get better with that, and and
and then I'll work on that, and I'll make sure
you know the pills are clean and the dishes are
washed after you cook dinner, and and and then we
can you know, watch a movie or something.

Speaker 9 (26:38):
You know, well, but I'll make sure of all that stuff.
I really am sorry, dude.

Speaker 10 (26:41):
No, you won't. We both know you won't if you
never do I mean, like, just stop telling me you're
gonna do it. If you're not going to do it, Like,
I'll do it, do you know what I mean?

Speaker 9 (26:50):
No, I'll do it.

Speaker 13 (26:50):
I do it Okay, fine, you have a point on
I'll do it. I'll do it, bab, don't worry about
I'm the one that needs to make it up here.
I'm the one that kind of put you on the spot.
And and I.

Speaker 9 (26:59):
Know you're bothered.

Speaker 13 (26:59):
I mean, when you get home tonight, I promise we'll
talk about it, and you know, we'll move past this,
and I'm I'm going to be the best, amazing, trusting
boyfriend in the entire world.

Speaker 9 (27:08):
You won't even I mean you'll you'll notice it.

Speaker 3 (27:11):
Garrett. Yeah, I remember when you thought she was cheating
up old stuff.

Speaker 10 (27:17):
But okay, well, I can keep not cheating on you
if you can stop pretending you're going to do something
around the house.

Speaker 3 (27:25):
And not do it. It sounds like a deal to me.

Speaker 9 (27:27):
Yeah, I mean making the action speak louder than words.
I'm never doing a dish ever, the.

Speaker 3 (27:37):
Jebel shows to catch a cheater, got room for one
more if you still want to go to ask?

Speaker 11 (27:46):
But where did you find that some kid back in town?

Speaker 9 (27:50):
Trade a demand for it? Straight up?

Speaker 3 (27:51):
I can get seventy miles to the gallon on this hog,
you know, Lloyd.

Speaker 7 (27:57):
Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber
you go and do something like this.

Speaker 3 (28:04):
And totally yourself.

Speaker 4 (28:08):
It's time for America's favorite trivia game. You versus Victoria,
your chance to take on her own Victoria maraz In
a rump shaking game of trivia to see who gets
to shake their rump on the big stage.

Speaker 3 (28:23):
Shahaka shake it like what?

Speaker 1 (28:29):
Take him up?

Speaker 4 (28:32):
Also flow rider tickets and let's meet today's contestant to
take on Victoria Shina.

Speaker 3 (28:37):
What's up, Sheena? How are you?

Speaker 9 (28:39):
I'm doing awesome?

Speaker 3 (28:41):
How are you guys doing great? Are you ready to
shake your rump?

Speaker 12 (28:45):
I'm always ready to stake my wrong.

Speaker 5 (28:50):
Of course.

Speaker 3 (28:51):
Okay, Virginia? All right, Victoria, how are you feeling pretty good?
I didn't not know that song, so I don't know
what we're rump shaken.

Speaker 14 (29:02):
It's a sign I'm gonna do good today.

Speaker 4 (29:06):
Bro leave, Victoria's gonna shake her rump outside. Who else
she's doing that? It's almost your turn to play, Sina.
You have thirty seconds to answer as many questions as possible.
If you don't know when, just say pass and Victoria
has to beat you outright to win.

Speaker 3 (29:25):
Are you ready?

Speaker 9 (29:25):

Speaker 12 (29:28):
I'm ready?

Speaker 3 (29:29):
Okay, here we go. She know your time starts now?

Speaker 5 (29:32):
What is the chemical symbol for sodium us? Which planet
is known as the morning star or evening star?

Speaker 9 (29:44):

Speaker 3 (29:45):
Who composed the famous piece for a lease?

Speaker 5 (29:50):
What is the study of stars and celestial objects called astronomy?

Speaker 3 (29:54):
Who wrote the novel?

Speaker 5 (29:56):
Who wrote the novel Pride and Production Prejudice? O?

Speaker 9 (30:00):

Speaker 5 (30:02):
What is the largest organ in the human body?

Speaker 4 (30:09):
All right, we'll bring Victoria back into the studio. I
think those are tough questions today, Sena, Yes, all right,
well Victoria's it's none. Well, Victoria is getting settled. She know,
what is something you would like the world to know
about you today?

Speaker 3 (30:26):
I'm an awesome person.

Speaker 5 (30:28):
I have an awesome dog, I have awesome child.

Speaker 9 (30:30):
I have awesome family.

Speaker 10 (30:33):
It could be awesome too.

Speaker 4 (30:37):
All right, Victoria's back in studio with their headphones on.

Speaker 3 (30:39):
I'm scared. You should be. Why I say like that?
You can't say like, no, don't be scared, Victoria, or
no you got this, Victoria. Everything's fine, Victoria, No good,
It's gonna be great.

Speaker 13 (30:52):
Is awesome?

Speaker 15 (30:53):
So normally I would be on your side, Victoria, but
I've gotta go against.

Speaker 11 (30:58):
You right now.

Speaker 4 (31:02):
All right, here we go, Victoria, answer as many questions
as possible. I like you, Shina, if you don't know
when just passed and you have to beat Shina outright
to win?

Speaker 3 (31:15):
Victoria. Okay, your time starts.

Speaker 5 (31:18):

Speaker 3 (31:19):
What is the chemical symbol for sodium? Bro? What s
but a small own?

Speaker 5 (31:25):
Which planet capital is known as the morning Star or
Evening Star?

Speaker 3 (31:29):

Speaker 10 (31:32):

Speaker 3 (31:33):
And wait Mars?

Speaker 5 (31:35):
I know who composed the famous piece for a lease
for who? What is the study of stars and celestial objects.

Speaker 3 (31:44):
Called what astrology? Who wrote the novel Pride and Prejudice?
Whish I read more? I think that's a pass. Well,
let's listend it over to the scoreboard and see you

guys did with our scoreboard produce of bread.

Speaker 7 (32:06):
Victoria doesn't have to read today because she got zero,
so an awesome Sheena got one correct, Shina, Congratulations, you
did it. You'd be Victoria. You get to shake you
up on the big stage. Whatever that is to you.
Just do that today. And also you got flow rider tickets. Congratulations.

Let's go over the answers now with Nina.

Speaker 3 (32:31):
The chemical symbol for sodium is n A.

Speaker 5 (32:34):
What the planet the planet known as morning Star or
Evening Star is Venus.

Speaker 2 (32:39):
That's all.

Speaker 5 (32:39):
The composer of for Elise is Ludwig ben Beethoven. Beethoven,
you didn't.

Speaker 3 (32:45):
Say said anything. I said.

Speaker 4 (32:47):
You said who Yeah, Beethoven. You must have whispered it.

Speaker 3 (32:52):
Yeah, you gotta be. I'm gonna need to later.

Speaker 5 (32:56):
The study of stars and celestial objects is called a
strong to me anrology. The novel Pride and Prejudice was
written by Jane Austen.

Speaker 3 (33:05):
Oh, I didn't.

Speaker 11 (33:07):
Know that, Gina.

Speaker 4 (33:10):
Thank you for playing. You are awesome and congratulations. We
play you versus Victoria at the same time every single
weekday morning. If you want to play Victoria, you can
always dm us at the Jubil Show or you can
go to the Jubilshow dot com and fill out the
little form that we have there. And you know what, Victoria,
you can still shake your rump today somewhere.

Speaker 3 (33:28):
Thank you, not in here, maybe like for a minute.

Speaker 1 (33:34):
First date follow up powered by the Advocates Injury Attorneys
online at Advocates Law dot com.

Speaker 4 (33:41):
Nicholas is on the phone today for a first day
follow up and he's getting ghosted by a woman named Lauren.
So we're gonna call her in a little bit and
see if she'll tell us why she's ghosting him and
maybe get him another day. But first, Nicholas, how long
has it been since you heard from Lauren?

Speaker 11 (33:53):
Hey, guys, probably like five days or so.

Speaker 3 (33:59):
But how often did you guys communicate leading up to that?

Speaker 11 (34:03):
What do you mean like being like leading up to
being ghosted?

Speaker 3 (34:07):
I mean leading up to the date.

Speaker 5 (34:09):
Was it like you, Madge somewhere you decided to go
directly on a date or were you talking for a
little while before that?

Speaker 11 (34:15):
So we met at a like a wine charity event.
We were both there for work, and you know, we
bumped into each other. We're looking at some of the
items that were going for like a silent auction, and
there were just like some crazy stuff so that were
going to auctions. So we just you know, went through
made fun of some of the items together and stuff
like that, weird items.

Speaker 3 (34:37):
So that's how you met. That sounds fun though, Yeah.

Speaker 11 (34:40):
Yeah, it was pretty cool. You know, I mean we
you know, we exchange numbers and just decided to go
to dinner our first real date together. So I took
it to like Fiant the pizza place. We've got something
to eat lost, you know, we talked about our jobs, pets,
you know, where we want to go, like our dream vacation,

you know what we're looking front apart, and it was
it was really easy.

Speaker 3 (35:04):
Did your wants and stuff line up?

Speaker 11 (35:07):
Yeah, I mean it sounded like we were on the
same page. I mean, she she spent the entire time laughing.
You know, we had a really good date. So, I
mean I was a little bit nervous actually on the
on the dates, so I was a little bit digity.
Spilled the water on myself. When the first pizza came,
I knocked it on the floor. I was, oh my god,

I was I was mortified.

Speaker 3 (35:31):
You didn't pick up the pizza and eat it after follow.

Speaker 11 (35:36):
But you know, she she left and you know, she
laughed and it was so it didn't seem like it
was that big of a deal. You know, we got
another bottle of wine and I could like none of
it happened. So it seemed like everything went well.

Speaker 5 (35:49):
It's a nice way to recover from that. Honestly, you've
been there. I definitely spilled all over myself more than once.
So it's okay. How did everything end?

Speaker 11 (35:59):
I think it went it ended well. I mean, you know,
when when she was leaving. We kissed each other in
the cheek and she's such had a great time, and
you know, I put her in the uber and she
had a big smile on her face. So I felt
like it went really well.

Speaker 3 (36:14):
And did you guys talk out all after the date? No,
that's it, not all.

Speaker 11 (36:20):
I've called it twice next to her. Nothing.

Speaker 3 (36:24):
Why do you think she's ghosting you?

Speaker 11 (36:26):
I have no clue. Maybe the pizza thing, maybe she
was like a nervous person.

Speaker 3 (36:31):
Ye okay, But other than that, you can't think of anything.

Speaker 11 (36:36):
No, I mean to me, everything went well. The only
thing to think of is, like, like I said, like
I was really nervous and I came off a little
bit fidgety and stuff. But I don't think anything else.

Speaker 3 (36:46):
All right, well, we'll see if we can figure out where.

Speaker 4 (36:48):
You play a song, come back, and then call her
and see if so, tell us why she's ghosting you,
and maybe get you another date.

Speaker 11 (36:52):
Okay, awesome, thanks guys.

Speaker 3 (36:55):
All right, play a song, come back, and get your
first Day follow up next. If you're just joining us
for today's First Day follow up.

Speaker 4 (37:00):
Nicholas is on the phone and he's getting ghosted by
a woman named Lauren. We're about to call her and
see if she's holl us why she's ghosting him, and
maybe get him another date. But before we do that, Nicholas,
why don't you remind everybody about your.

Speaker 3 (37:12):
Date with Lauren.

Speaker 11 (37:13):
I went about how we met. We at a wine
charity event. But you know, after that, we went on
our first real date, went to this really fancy pizza place.
Everything went well. I mean I was a little bit nervous.
I spilled the first pizza, but everything ended really well.
Put her on the uber and you know, you gave
each other a kissing my cheek and she had a
really big smile on her face, So I assume everything

went well.

Speaker 4 (37:34):
With her in the neighbor with a big smile he
face sounds like a great way. Yeah, it does, all right? Well,
were you ready for us to call her?

Speaker 11 (37:41):
Yeah? Please?

Speaker 3 (37:42):
Okay, here we go.

Speaker 10 (37:56):

Speaker 4 (37:57):
Hi, I ma, I speak to Lauren. Please, Hello Lauren.
My name is Jewbell and I host a rat as show.
It's called the Jeubeill Show.

Speaker 3 (38:03):
Hi, Lauren, whole show's here. My name is Nina. Hi,
I'm Victorian. How are you Hi? Good?

Speaker 6 (38:09):

Speaker 10 (38:09):
How are you guys good?

Speaker 4 (38:10):
Do you listen to the show of course. Yeah yeah, thanks.
Well have you ever heard a first day follow up before?

Speaker 16 (38:18):

Speaker 10 (38:19):

Speaker 9 (38:20):
Yeah? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (38:21):
What if I told you you're about to be the
star of one?

Speaker 4 (38:23):
Okay, yeah, we got an email about you from someone
that you're ghosting.

Speaker 8 (38:30):
I'm ghosting anyone.

Speaker 4 (38:32):
Is there anybody that you went out on a date
with that you're not calling back or not talking to?

Speaker 8 (38:37):
Well, I mean I'm on the apps and stuff like that.
So I have gone on a couple of days recently.

Speaker 3 (38:43):
Yes, have you gone on a date with the dude
named Nicholas?

Speaker 8 (38:47):

Speaker 4 (38:47):
Yeah, yeah, Well Nicholas emailed us because he says you're
ghosting him, well.

Speaker 8 (38:52):
Not ghoasting him. I mean it was one date, so
it's not like it's not like serious commitment or anything
like that. It was literally one date.

Speaker 3 (39:00):
Okay, but you so, but you are not talking to
him on purpose?

Speaker 8 (39:05):
Yeah kind of. But it's not like it's not quite
like that because there just wasn't really anything that would
warrant us for a second date.

Speaker 3 (39:14):
You know, that's not what he thinks.

Speaker 8 (39:17):
Well, I mean he's a really sweet guy, don't get
me wrong. I mean we went to an event, we
had a good time, but that's like, that's not really.
First of all, that was not a date. That was
something that we both just happened to be at, So
let's stretch that as being a date. We did go
to a piece of place, and yes that was a date,
but honestly, I mean, it was one date. It was fun,

it was fine, but I wasn't like, oh my gosh,
I can't wait to go in another date with Nicholas,
like I have to have him in my life type thing.

Speaker 5 (39:50):
Okay, okay, anything happened well no, I mean, like I said,
he was really sweet.

Speaker 8 (39:55):
He definitely was super.

Speaker 9 (39:57):
Nervous and it was too.

Speaker 8 (39:59):
It was definitely cute, but he and I don't even care.
Like he did spill some stuff like he spilled his drink,
he spilled the pizza. I was like, okay, they's like
kind of cute and funny, but it wasn't somebody that
was like knocking it out of the park for me or.

Speaker 10 (40:13):
Anything like that.

Speaker 8 (40:14):
Then we had wine, so that's all, you know, that
makes it super fun too. But other than that, I mean, yeah,
we had some good conversations, but there are conversations do
you have in a first date with everyone? Right, Like, Okay,
where do you want to go on vacation. I want
to go to Ireland.

Speaker 1 (40:28):

Speaker 8 (40:28):
Do you have any pets?

Speaker 12 (40:29):

Speaker 3 (40:29):
My dog is named Junior.

Speaker 5 (40:33):

Speaker 8 (40:33):
I wouldn't say bored, but he wasn't up to my level.
I guess that makes me sound really snotty.

Speaker 3 (40:44):
But if you want to say not on your level,
that's your choice.

Speaker 10 (40:47):

Speaker 8 (40:48):
No, he's just like he. I don't think that him
and I would have like a fun time together all
the time.

Speaker 3 (40:54):
Okay, just no chemistry.

Speaker 10 (40:57):
Do you guys see what I'm saying. Yes, okay, well
sounds way better, by the way.

Speaker 3 (41:01):
Thanks for telling us. Appreciate that.

Speaker 4 (41:03):
Yeah, absolutely, And Nicholas is on the phone and has
been listening and wants to talk to you.

Speaker 3 (41:08):
I show you that.

Speaker 11 (41:09):
Hey, Lauren, that's fine.

Speaker 8 (41:12):
Hi, how are you.

Speaker 11 (41:14):
I'm good. I would just I don't know. To me,
it just seemed like you had a really good time
on the data. I mean you were smiling the whole time,
and everything seemed like it was going really well.

Speaker 8 (41:23):
Well yeah, I mean I was smiling prophone. I'm a
smiley person anyway. And the other thing is like we're
drinking wine. I had a couple of gummies, so I
was just I would be me, you know, I was
just I was living my best life.

Speaker 3 (41:36):
That always helps a little bit, I would imagine.

Speaker 11 (41:40):
So why did you say that we should do it again?

Speaker 10 (41:42):

Speaker 8 (41:43):
Well, that's just what people say. It's like the plate thing. Like,
it's like the same thing when I run into an acquaintance, acquaintance,
Oh we should hang out sometimes. Yeah, I'm probably not
going to hang out with them. We're just acquaintances. It's
just something you say, Oh yeah we should go out again.

Speaker 13 (41:56):
Yeah, okay, sure whatever, I get it right, Like me,
I I mean.

Speaker 8 (42:05):
Well, like when you go to date, you know how,
Like when I go on a date, I like to
have a little bit of something to make the day
fun and kind of get me through it, because you know,
when you're on.

Speaker 9 (42:13):
These apps and you're going on so many.

Speaker 8 (42:15):
Dates, you just need to, like, you know, chill. So
that's why I might have seemed a little extra flirty
or a little extra Miley, because I just had a
little courage, you know, a little little gummy courage, you know,
and I wanted to be myself as much as possible
and not be super nervous, which he obviously was. Honestly,
you should probably take a gummy or two before going

on date.

Speaker 11 (42:38):
Okay, Am I right?

Speaker 10 (42:39):

Speaker 5 (42:39):
I right?

Speaker 11 (42:40):
I get it. I mean, doesn't really feel like you're
being yourself because you got to take something, you know,
to switch you out of the mental stay that arens
It doesn't sound like you're being yourself if you're taking
a gummy. But it's cool. I get it. You know,
you do whatever you want. But I'm not into drugs, So.

Speaker 10 (42:55):
It's not drugs. It's a gummy. It's like chill pill.

Speaker 3 (43:00):
Have you eat someone that right now?

Speaker 9 (43:07):
I wish?

Speaker 8 (43:08):
Oh my gosh, I probably would be a lot cooler
at work by day.

Speaker 3 (43:13):
Lauren, would you like to go with with Nicholas on
another date? We'll pay for it.

Speaker 8 (43:17):
No, not really?

Speaker 3 (43:19):
Okay, Sorry, Nicholas to.

Speaker 10 (43:22):
A fight like.

Speaker 8 (43:22):
He's super sweet, but he's just different. His world is
different than my world.

Speaker 5 (43:27):
That's probably a good thing for you than Nicholas to
know that your worlds are different so you can find
somebody in your world.

Speaker 11 (43:32):
Sure, that's fine. I don't want to go with a
drug addict anyway.

Speaker 16 (43:36):
Hell, I'm not a.

Speaker 8 (43:37):
Freaking drug addict. I okay, So I like to have
some gummies whenever I'm you know, going on dates like,
that's not that big of a deal.

Speaker 11 (43:47):
All right, cool. I mean that's your thing, whatever it.

Speaker 8 (43:51):
Is my thing, you know what I'm saying. You guys
like he's just kind of boring.

Speaker 7 (43:57):
It's cool.

Speaker 5 (43:58):
It just sounds like you guys are different. Yeah, that's
all right.

Speaker 4 (44:01):
It's very different. But thank you for thank you for
taking the time to explain that to us. Nicholas, thank
you for doing the first thing.

Speaker 3 (44:06):
Follow up, that's a luck on your next day.

Speaker 11 (44:09):
Appreciate it, guys.

Speaker 1 (44:12):
Jubele's first day fault Twitter, Your heart is true.

Speaker 12 (44:23):
You're pal and co.

Speaker 3 (44:31):
Invited everyone just a little. The biggest gift would be
from me and the car detached would say thank you.

Speaker 4 (44:47):
Every iconic show has their wacky cast of characters, and
The Jewel Show is no different. While we've got your
drunk ant Nina Hi and of course, who could forget
everybody's younger sister Victoria Ramirez.

Speaker 3 (45:00):
And there's the quirky neighbor kid.

Speaker 4 (45:02):
Who lives next door and pops by every once in
a while selling homemade chocolates so she can send her
chin chill at a space camp. Our social media producer Gabby.
There's also producer Brad, he's a dad. Hey there, chief,
And then there's me. I'm Jewbel and this is the
Jewel Show. Let's see what's going on in our lives
this week, Nina, what's up with you this week?

Speaker 5 (45:23):
So I'm gonna start with a real question why, And
I'm gonna say men because it's usually men. Why do
men love the sound of the rooming cars? And like,
why do you have to speed up and down in
a neighborhood over and over in the middle of the
night to feel like a man and rub your engine?

Speaker 3 (45:43):
Like why you just said it? Rev that engine? Your engine? Sometimes?
You know, Oh my gosh, I just like being a man.

Speaker 5 (45:55):
It's the most irritating sound. I don't know why it
bothers me so much.

Speaker 3 (46:00):
Is he not a man? I guess.

Speaker 1 (46:03):

Speaker 3 (46:03):
I don't know what's been going on. But there's this
car in my neighborhood.

Speaker 5 (46:06):
I go to sleep fairly early, but it's usually around
like eleven thirty or twelve. This starts to happen. And
it's a suburban neighborhood. And all of a sudden, you
just hear this.

Speaker 3 (46:14):
Car that sounds like yeah, and it just keeps going.
It gets louder, and then it goes down the street.

Speaker 5 (46:21):
It starts to get cryet and I'm like, oh, he's
gone nope, turns right around here it comes again. It
sounds like a dying Yeah, he can't go back, or
it's like he's racing himself and running through stop signs
like whatever.

Speaker 3 (46:37):
Sounds fun. It's in a row. This sounds fantastic. I
do few questions. Does it sound fantastic because I hate it? Well,
here's a question. It was it because it kind of a.

Speaker 10 (46:46):
High pitch.

Speaker 3 (46:49):
Or was it like No, it was like what it
was doing. That sounds like a moose. Yeah, you might
have a moo neighborhood. It might be as he was
running around the calling out for help me. He's just
trying to find somebody to help.

Speaker 15 (47:05):

Speaker 5 (47:06):
I'm about to walk outside and be that lady in
like my robe and be like.

Speaker 3 (47:10):
You need to go to oh, like I just need
to find an animal. Just six moons.

Speaker 5 (47:16):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (47:16):
I got some tubby is shoes or something not. Peek
out my window. It's like this little dude with a
little head behind the wheel of I don't know what
it is, but I love it. I like it.

Speaker 4 (47:29):
Yeah, I mean there's cars that can come by my
house that do the same thing. They're rooming all hours
of the night and all listen. I'll be like cool like.

Speaker 3 (47:37):
The sign outside going yeah, man, you doing.

Speaker 11 (47:40):
Get it buddy?

Speaker 2 (47:41):
The man.

Speaker 4 (47:45):
I don't know what it is about engines the two
thousand and six G thirty five for me.

Speaker 3 (47:48):
That oh, when I hear that is the most perfectly
tuned car I've ever heard. Lads, I can't I wouldn't
even do it.

Speaker 4 (47:56):
Do it justice, But it's just like a It's got
a deep like gut all kind of.

Speaker 1 (48:02):

Speaker 3 (48:02):
That sounds at different. But I was really upset when
Infinity changed because they changed it and I'm like, what
did you?

Speaker 13 (48:09):

Speaker 3 (48:09):
What's wrong with you?

Speaker 9 (48:10):
That was?

Speaker 3 (48:11):
That card did so much to my insides when I
heard it. You can tell Tingle Wendy really.

Speaker 4 (48:18):
Yeah, man, this world. So I don't know what it
is though. To answer your question, I have no idea why,
but man, I love it. My street, poor come over
my house, you walk me out. This is the mode. Sorry,
what's going on with you this week?

Speaker 3 (48:36):

Speaker 14 (48:36):
I almost had to call the cops last night. Oh
and it was serious. So my roommate's not home, and
I forget that I have a crazy, freaking cat running
around all hours of the night. So I was sound asleep,
just dreaming about I don't know what, having a great
time asleep, and I wake up to like a loud
popping sound, and it happened twice, and I thought like, so,

I'm like, not a gunshop. I thought something like scary
was going on, and I stayed in my bed for
a little bit, and then finally it happened again. So
then I ran out me thinking I was gonna actually
do anything, and I was like, what's going on?

Speaker 3 (49:09):
And it's my cat popping balloons everywhere.

Speaker 5 (49:13):
You probably that.

Speaker 4 (49:14):
Would freak me out. I like that too, and I
like them because they're evil. But oh wow, your cat
just somehow blew up a bunch of balloons and was
popping them in the middle of the night, just to
message that, and.

Speaker 3 (49:24):
Well know they were already blown up. I fe I
should have mentioned that.

Speaker 4 (49:27):
Okay, I'm pictured a cat somehow figuring out how to
blow balloons.

Speaker 3 (49:31):
I know what I'm gonna do.

Speaker 5 (49:33):
All these balloons that I got and popped them, then
wake her up. You can make a lot of money
off your cat. You can blow up balloon. Oh hey, look,
it's our social media producer, Gabby. What's up, Gabby?

Speaker 1 (49:44):

Speaker 3 (49:44):
How are you this week?

Speaker 2 (49:46):
I'm good.

Speaker 1 (49:47):
I recently went to Disneyland and it.

Speaker 3 (49:49):
Is not for the week. I walked twenty five miles.

Speaker 14 (49:54):
Oh wow, you're hot, you're sweaty, you're stating like you
make nice on you pay nine dollars for water.

Speaker 3 (50:01):
I don't even have kids, and I was exhausted. I'm tiring.

Speaker 1 (50:07):
It was crazy seeing people walking around with like families of.

Speaker 3 (50:11):
Five nine times water.

Speaker 7 (50:21):
What's going on with I got a couple dad jokes
for if you want them. Yes, of course. One country's
capital is growing the fastest ours.

Speaker 3 (50:28):
Oh, it's a dad jokes. It's not a country's capital.
I don't know Ireland every day. It's Dublin.

Speaker 7 (50:37):
If a child refuses to sleep during naptime, naptime, are
they guilty of resisting a rest?

Speaker 3 (50:45):
I'm glad you guys liked those. I was going to
tell a time traveling joke, but you guys didn't like it.
You know, I like that. Yeah, I got me.

Speaker 5 (50:55):
A little bit okay with the dad jokes.

Speaker 3 (51:00):
And what's going on with me this week?

Speaker 15 (51:03):

Speaker 4 (51:04):
I went on a vacation basically, and it was dope.
And it's the first vacation I've had in years that
was like a vacation. It was really nice. Yeah, I
don't know what else to say about it, but I
just enjoyed myself and it was awesome.

Speaker 3 (51:14):
We're not just talking about where you went to Paris, France.
There's a lot of French people there. It was crazy.

Speaker 4 (51:22):
I will say this. The one thing I was very
disappointed in France. I didn't see one single mime.

Speaker 3 (51:28):
And did you even got friends? I know that I
don't feel like I did.

Speaker 4 (51:32):
I was like, why is nobody coming up to me
on the street and putting me in a fake box?

Speaker 3 (51:36):
Trying to get out on a fake box?

Speaker 16 (51:38):

Speaker 3 (51:38):
I feel like you're just at home all week. I
must have been disappointing photos.

Speaker 10 (51:44):

Speaker 4 (51:44):
I even one of the days I was searching on
my phone. I'm like, where are mimes in France. I
was willing to take care any kind of trip, however
far it was, to find these mimes. And I found
one spot and said that sometimes there's mimes there. I
went there, No mind, it's not mine season. You got
to figure out when my season is. When is my
season in France because I got to go back.

Speaker 3 (52:04):
Yeah, we've gotten so good at it.

Speaker 7 (52:06):
They're also invisible, I know to say they're really really
good now, man, this is ridiculous.

Speaker 4 (52:13):
And also I did not see one vestment with a
bag at in the back.

Speaker 3 (52:16):

Speaker 4 (52:17):
Yeah, I mean I did see French people walking down
the street like very busy going to work or whatever,
eating a bag at, and I was.

Speaker 5 (52:22):
Like, yeah, that's nice.

Speaker 3 (52:24):
Did you see Emily in Paris stuff?

Speaker 4 (52:26):
Yeah, I went to one of the cafes from the
Emily in Paris show and.

Speaker 3 (52:29):
That was cool, so cool. I never gonna watch the show,
but I felt like Emily that day. Oh yeah, I
just I have know things.

Speaker 7 (52:36):
So you two that day had an unreasonable marketing job
that no one would ever really get in real life?

Speaker 3 (52:41):
Is that what Emily?

Speaker 7 (52:42):
And she just leaves America and goes I have a
whole career in Paris.

Speaker 4 (52:48):
That's why there were so many broke Americans walking like.

Speaker 3 (52:54):
That was going to be Emily. This place is expensive.
I don't have a job. I can't afford a back at.
I'm going to be mine. What is my big account?
Acting like a mime? There's no money in it.

Speaker 4 (53:07):
But I want to pretend like there is phone break
happens every single hour on the twenties. Your next one
is coming up and right now. Basically, yeah, yep. You
can always go to the Jubilshow dot com for all
the Jubile Show fun online. What's something that, Brad, What's
something you would want them to know about the Jubil
Show dot com.

Speaker 3 (53:25):
I'm just killing time, is it?

Speaker 10 (53:26):

Speaker 3 (53:26):
Yeah? Yeah, So we have the thing people don't know.
We upload seven podcasts to day. Every feature of the
show gets uploaded.

Speaker 7 (53:33):
You can get the best of everything that we did
that day right after the show, So make sure you
go get that the Jebelshow dot com or search the
Jubil Show on any podcast platform.

Speaker 4 (53:41):
You can also follow us on social media at the
Jubil Show and if you want to follow us individually.

Speaker 3 (53:45):
I'm at Jebel Fresh, I'm at Nina on the Air,
I'm at Vibramira zero zero, I'm laughing at Jubil Why
because the way you just said, we have a lot
of fun, a lot of fun Jebbels stuff on the internet.

Speaker 5 (54:00):
Do a little bit like that's why it's wholesome fun.

Speaker 3 (54:04):
Some fun online yes it is. It's time for Nino's
what's trending?

Speaker 5 (54:10):
So psychologists say that Britain is full of real vampires,
zombies and were wolves.

Speaker 4 (54:16):
What yes, how we're just learning that. Okay, I think
of Britain every time I think of it. I think
it's being confirmed really that it's real. But it's due
to rare psychological disorders. So there are people that identify
as real life bloodsuckers and that do that to help
themselves get excited. There are also people that believe that

their insides are rotting like zombies and choose to participate
in zombie like behavior like.

Speaker 3 (54:43):
The walk and they eat other people.

Speaker 5 (54:46):
I don't know if they walk really, so I'm not
like looking at one, but this is the description of
the situation.

Speaker 4 (54:51):
They're not wrong technically, if you think about it, we're
all kind of rotting.

Speaker 5 (54:55):
Okay, right, I mean, I mean right, like not fuling
rot just like it's getting.

Speaker 3 (55:00):
Older, yeah, just getting older, you know, I'm aging like
fine wine people, wine gets older.

Speaker 5 (55:08):
But even were wolves people wake up and believe that
they are going to be a wolf on full moon.
It's just very fascinating because it's they truly believe it.

Speaker 3 (55:16):
And act this way. Therefore those things exist.

Speaker 4 (55:19):
If that was a thing and you didn't know it,
you weren't prepared for it, and we walked outside of
the full moon, and then you're like.

Speaker 3 (55:24):
Holy crap, wolf's weird. Okay, so cool, it would be
cool too, Yeah, it's really cool. It would be a
shocker at first.

Speaker 5 (55:34):
It would be I feel like I thought I took
care of this hair with the laser hair removal.

Speaker 3 (55:40):
I have a snout, now, snout, it's smelling your Okay,
we're having too much fun with that.

Speaker 5 (55:49):
This year, four twenty is a stoner eclipse, so some
people celebrate for twenty more than others. Now, we've been
talking a lot about the April eighth eclipse and where
people can watch it, how to prepare with the right
glasses for it. But this year for twenty is a palindrome.
I don't know if I always feel like I don't
say that right, but a palindrome. So it's the same
forward and backwards. Because it's for twenty twenty four.

Speaker 13 (56:11):
WHOA, somebody's been celebrating fourteen.

Speaker 3 (56:24):
Twenty four. Twenty four four really gonna love this.

Speaker 5 (56:29):
So this year it's being seen as a massive event
in stoner culture because it won't happen again.

Speaker 3 (56:35):
So thirty twenty four, who I'll be here with this one.

Speaker 5 (56:47):
Okay, so dollar Tree is no longer dollar Tree.

Speaker 3 (56:51):
What well?

Speaker 5 (56:52):
I mean it's still called dollar Tree, but we know
that the cap is not just a dollar anymore. It's
not just five dollars anymore. It is now should be
called seven dollar. They're going up to seven dollars. Now
seven dollars. The cap at seven dollars, it's called dollar Tree. No,
can we sue them for false advertising? Lawyers say, busy,

there's a chance. So that's what's trending.

Speaker 3 (57:21):
Jubles dirty little secret. Hello o Kai, Hey, you have
a dirty little secret? Yeah I do. Actually, okay, let's
hear it.

Speaker 8 (57:29):
So this was like a minute ago.

Speaker 15 (57:32):
My parents had this bottle of wine that they've had
to populate, I don't know, fifteen years. But I really
wanted to get drunk. So I drank the entire thing and.

Speaker 8 (57:44):
I replaced it.

Speaker 15 (57:47):
With cranberry juice. But like the color was like not matching,
so I had to add in like some ketchup and
a little bit of.

Speaker 9 (57:57):
Stick it up.

Speaker 3 (57:59):

Speaker 15 (58:00):
It's like still sitting up there.

Speaker 3 (58:02):
Oh, they haven't drink it. They not know that it's open.

Speaker 8 (58:05):
Oh that's a good one.

Speaker 5 (58:12):
Well when they go and that, they're gonna be like,
you know, it did not age like fine.

Speaker 3 (58:16):
Or they're gonna be like that me too.

Speaker 4 (58:20):
Let us know when they finally do calls back, because
I want to know if they tried and they're like,
this was amazing.

Speaker 3 (58:24):
We need to get more of this, so.

Speaker 9 (58:29):
I definitely know.

Speaker 4 (58:30):
Well, thank you for telling us your dirty little secret. Yeah,
no problem, but you too, Hey, what's up? Hello, Hey
you have a dirty little secret?

Speaker 2 (58:39):
I do.

Speaker 16 (58:41):
Yeah. So my friends let us dogs fit their dogs
walk because we're like huge animal people. And one of
my friends has a dog that's like just super quiet
to the point where you forget that the dog's there.
And she got out and we didn't know for I
don't even know how long, and when we discovered it,

we were freaking out because we had taken her collar
off and she's not microsift. So we're driving around the
neighborhood trying to find her dog, and we couldn't post
it on social media saying hey, we're missing the dog
because my friend would see it. And so we finally
found her at the pound and we had to pay
for like two hundred and eighty dollars to get her
back and never told my friend ever. Yeah, and every

time she asked us to dogs.

Speaker 10 (59:25):
That, we're just like, yeah, we can't, or movie, we
can't know.

Speaker 3 (59:32):
You're actually doing her a favor because you're gonna lose
her dog.

Speaker 4 (59:36):
Yeah yeah, you're like, no, that's expensive, I'm not dogsitting.
Thanks for your dirty little secret.

Speaker 11 (59:43):
You're welcome.

Speaker 3 (59:43):
Have a good one.

Speaker 9 (59:44):
What's your dirty little secret.
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