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March 13, 2020 2 mins

Host Jamie Loftus previews the season of Little Fires Everywhere – The Official Podcast.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hi. I'm Jamie Loftus and I'm normally the host of
the Bechtel Cast in My Year and Menta on I Heart.
But I'm here to tell you about a really different
podcast I'll be hosting starting on March nineteen. It's called
Little Fires Everywhere, the Official Podcast, and it's a behind
the scenes look at a new Hulu drama series. If
you've somehow not heard yet, Reese Witherspoon and Kerrie Washington

are both starring in and producing a new Hulu drama
series that brings Celeste Inings critically acclaimed novel Little Fires
Everywhere to life. The story is about a free spirited
and uncompromising artist named Mia Warren played by Carrie Washington,
and her daughter Pearl, entering painstakingly planned Shaker Heights, Ohio

in the nineteen nineties, and they brush up against the
picture perfect mom Elena Richardson played by Reese Witherspoon, as
well as her picture perfect catalog family, you know, until
someone burns their house down, because yeah, things are not
as perfect in Shaker Heights as they seem. You're gonna
hear from everybody. You're gonna hear from the writers, You're
gonna hear from the composers, the actors, actual people living

in Shaker Heights, Ohio right now, selecting the author of
the original book, the production designers, the artists, and more.
I'm going to be co hosting the show with Liz Tiglar,
who is the showrunner, one of the executive producers, and
the head writer of Little Fires Everywhere, talking to cast
and creatives about their experience bringing this story to life

and about every controversial topic you could think of in between,
from casting and adapting to and I'm not kidding a
scandal in the writer's room involving tampons lodged in a
sewage pipe, a lot to unpack their So don't miss out,
because trust me, you're gonna be talking about this show
NonStop very soon, and we've got you covered with all
the juicy details and context the day after each episode

airs on Hulu beginning on March nineteenth, you can subscribe
to Little Fires Everywhere at the official podcast wherever you
get your podcasts to stay updated on everything, and make
sure to pregame by watching new episodes of Little Fires
Everywhere starting March eighteenth on Hulu. Seeing Shaker y'all, h
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