Ascended Earth - The Transfiguration Of The New Human

Ascended Earth - The Transfiguration Of The New Human

This podcast is a transfiguration of the new human, you, with the intention to support the energies of ascension & the Great Awakening of the planet during an ascended earth. 5D is only the beginning of your expansion. Be ready to be blasted beyond 5D. Every episode is uniquely filled with energy encodement to unlock the keys to your DNA. Are you ready to unlock your Cosmic self and more? Connect with Monica Bermudez ( Star Goddess): Instagram: Website: Facebook Public Group: YouTube channel:


June 17, 2024 16 mins

Are you getting an idea for something new?  Or make a change that seems scary or crazy?

Crazy is the new normal with these new higher frequency energies on the planet.

This episode will activate you to surrender to the flow of your magic and make the quantum leap of faith and trust.  Make the quantum leap into the portals of changes, and you will be amazed at your own magic and synchronicity. 

Listen to this episode and be renew...

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Listen to this episode and activate your solar plexus chakra chamber of power. 

Learn about your special power center, how it connects to the power of your awakened heart, why it’s important to protect it, and how to establish your own connection.

The solar plexus says:  Enter into the portals of your own power and embrace your power with love.

Listen now and reclaim your Divine power.

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We have been conditioned and programmed with hidden shadow subliminal messages through corrupt systems. 

Some of these programs are toxic patterns such as vows of poverty and all vows that no longer serve us. 

You have the ability to de-program yourself and re-program yourself.

Step into this episode portal and learn 3 sacred steps to reprogram yourself. 

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There are many books on emotional intelligence.  According to its definition, it is a way of knowing how to manage your emotions amid challenges.  This has been adopted by many top leaders.

What does this mean for new earth?

As we are evolving with these new light codes and remembering who we are at the soul level, emotional intelligence is evolving too.  Based on recent studies, scientists are finding that the key and true power...

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Do words have energy?  Does symbolism have energy?  Or do we make the energy in both? 

One of my favorite topics to discuss.  And due to recent events with cult members or heinous world events, some words and symbolism were tainted causing trauma triggers in association to these events. 

To find out more, tune into this episode and get activated.

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In recent events with solar storms, solar flash, and solar flares have ignited a lot of northern lights or Aurora Borealis of different colors around the world in places not normally seen. 

I provide intuitive insight on the energy of color.  This episode provides an ascension energy update in relation to these new cosmic light codes from the sun and as well as the display of colors. 

Color is energy - vibration and frequency, an...

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This is a channeled message and energy transmission with Goddess Kuan in relation to the current world events.  With all the wars, chaos, and conflicts in the world, there has been a calling for heart compassion. 

Her channeled message is very powerful, and it will open you in ways that are so healing and activating. 

Tune in, listen, and experience it for yourself.   

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This episode is a mini discourse to increase your heart discernment and be aware of false light prophets and anti-christ consciousness.  With the new earth energies what is being exposed now is the corruption, scammers, cults, and false prophets.  Your heart discernment is here to guide you in this chaos.  It is your heart GPS. 

Cults are groups who have control over your way of thinking and don’t allow you to question them.  Thes...

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There is an important message for you from Divine Mother.  It is time to reconnect our inner child with her energy to activate a reconnection with your natural Divine abilities. 

Toward the end of the episode there is a powerful meditation with Divine Mother. 

Listen now and be activated.

Appreciate your likes, reviews, and shares with others. 

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May 10, 2024 19 mins

These new energies are calling for more our soul and heart expression.  In this episode, we explore more of speaking your truth and how the new earth higher frequencies are making a difference in this way.  Get ready to be empowered in this episode.

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Unlock your DNA with this episode of your own re-membrance of the powerful master you already are.  Forgotten through the veils of forgetfulness because we chose it that way, we are ready to remember and come back home to our heart.  The new energy codes are expanding this remembrance and reconnection within us.  This episode digs deeper into harnessing your human potential.

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In this episode, Jack and I discuss the new earth financial system. Jack has developed a unique niche to predict investment periods for cryptocurrencies during certain astrological events he calls "Crypto Astro".  Digital assets and cryptocurrency are the new financial system way for the new earth. 

It is revolutionary, and this is the way for a new financial structure that is meant to serve the collective and get us out of an ens...

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There is so much hype and fear around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots.  This is the not first time we are encountering these robots.  They have existed in ancient civilizations too. 


There is a buried subconscious collective memory that is also generating certain fears from traumatic experiences that occurred with technology in ancient civilizations. 


This episode sheds light on AI with a different perspective.  We ...

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I am officially declaring “Earth Day” as “New Earth Day”.  Join me in this episode to honor and celebrate New Earth by finding ways to support her shift.  As we assist her, it’s also assisting our shift.  It’s a mutual shift.  I also provide a channeled message from Mother Earth toward the end of the episode.

Episode 42 on my podcast complements this episode because it’s a New Earth guided meditation.

Share your comments and give...

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This is a special collective channeled message via automatic writing from the Galactic Federation in regard to the new earth frequency, and our progress as a whole on planet Earth.   As part of the channeled message, there is a meditation toward the end of the episode. 

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Lately, there has been a lot of polarization or triggering about people’s food preference or how others prefer to eat.  This episode is intended to en-“lighten” us to shift our perception about nourishment as we shift into these new earth bodies.  Essentially, it’s about our intuitive eating or intuitive nourishment by listening to our sacred temple body on what it needs and desires during the intense energetic shifts.  And in this...

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You’re in for a treat with this message and transmission.  The Avalon energies are being renewed and restored again.  As the energies within Glastonbury’s portals are being restored, this is also being restored within us.  The Arthurian energy is about courage, leadership (in other words, way shower) in the face of great change on the planet.

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Have you ever heard of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave?  Plato is an ancient Greek philosopher from 427 – 328 B.C.  It’s a story from the Republic of Plato and it’s filled with symbolism and deep meaning of our enlightenment and ascension coming out of our enslavement of the matrix (the world of illusion).   Collectively, we have been in a cave. This episode is a modernized take of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave as we explore the 5 stag...

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Every Eclipse serves as portal.  The total solar eclipse is a big portal of activation.  There are a lot of astrological events on the day of the eclipse too which includes the visibility of Jupiter, Venus, and a comet during the temporary darkness of the total solar eclipse of April 8.  I also provide a mini guided meditation toward the end of the episode.

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A catalyst twin flame is also known as a false twin flame.  Catalyst triggers change and transformation. In this collective message, it’s about the Dark Feminine and Dark Masculine triggering these changes to return to our wholeness.  In every dark period, there is a light and each one activates our path to be in alignment with our true Divine soul.

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