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February 15, 2024 52 mins

In this special episode of "Open Relationships: Transforming Together," host Andrea Miller welcomes her husband, Sanjay Bhatnagar, to the show for a unique and candid conversation. Together, they dive into uncharted territory as they tackle 29 tough relationship questions, sight unseen. From their experiences over their impressive 26-year relationship (almost 16 of those years spent in marriage), Andrea and Sanjay share insights, anecdotes, and laughs, offering listeners a glimpse into the inner workings of long-term love and openness.


Join them on this intimate journey as they embrace vulnerability, openness, and the transformative power of honest communication. 




02:00 - What Did You First Notice About Me? 

03:38 - What Warning Would You Give Yourself About Me? 

05:19 - What Do You MISS From BEFORE We Were Married? 

07:05 - What Do We Have in Common? What Are We OPPOSITE On?

09:48 - What Do You Love To See Me Wear?

10:51 - What Is Your Favorite Non-Physical Thing About Yourself?

11:45 - What is Your Favorite Non-Physical Thing About Me?

13:30 - What Am I Most Sensitive About?

14:41 - What Are You Most Grateful For in Life?

16:15 - How Important Is Physical Affection?

17:30 - What Do I Do That Annoys You?

19:25 - What Song Reminds You Of Me?

20:24 - What Don’t I Value or Acknowledge Enough?

24:38 - When Was The Last Time You Cried?

25:45 - What is a SUPERPOWER That I’m Unaware I Have?

28:33 - Are You Satisfied With The Time We Spend Together?

29:56 - What Are Your Biggest Fears About Our Relationship?

32:20 - How Can We Improve Our Intimacy?

34:50 - On A Scale of 1-10, How Well Do I Treat You?

37:20 - When Was The Last Time I Hurt You?

39:00 - What Do You Do BETTER Than Me As A Parent?

40:00 - What Are Your Goals For Our Relationship?

42:20 - What is The Sexiest Thing I Do Without Realizing It?

43:40 - Which Part of My Heart Do You Wish You Could Heal?

45:33 - What Ways Can I Improve As A Spouse?

46:58 - Stare Into Each Other’s Eyes

47:50 - What Answer Surprised You Most?


“Open Relationships: Transforming Together” is a new podcast aimed at helping people truly open up to one another and to themselves by digging into hard truths and varying perspectives. We offer expert-approved relationship advice to help you grow emotionally through sharing compelling stories, vulnerable discussions, and personal insights we hope will spark inspiration. 


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