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February 15, 2024 62 mins
It’s FOIA around and find out time again on True Sunlight Podcast! True Sunlight Co-hosts Mandy Matney and Liz Farrell unpack the latest round of records reporter Beth Braden received from Colleton County Clerk of Court Becky Hill’s emails. In the stack of documents, Beth found memos from SLED outlining interviews with Alex Murdaugh’s siblings after Alex was finally charged with Maggie’s and Paul’s murders in the summer of 2022. Turns out there was a bloody towel found in the house the morning after the murders that no one knew about. Sorry, no one other than Lynn Murdaugh, Alex’s older sister. I know, right? Also on today’s show, Mandy and Liz do a deeper dive on a piece of evidence in the Stephen Smith case — his little yellow car that was found on the side of the road. Plus an update on Peter J. Strauss, the suspended attorney we told you about in Season 2, Episode 29, who might hold answers to the big question: Did Alex stash stolen money off-shore? To listen to all of our episodes with information on Who Killed Stephen Smith, visit or ' As mentioned in this episode, we'll be sharing most of our recent FOIA responses, MOI's, case files and creepy messages to Alex with our Luna Shark Premium Members. In February we’re offering your first month of Soak Up The Sun membership for 50% off. Join Luna Shark Premium today at Premium Members also get access to searchable case files, written articles with documents, case photos, episode videos and exclusive live experiences with our hosts on all in one place. CLICK HERE to learn more: And for those just wanting ad-free listening without all the other great content, we now offer ad-free listening on Apple Podcast through a subscription to Luna Shark Plus on the Apple Podcasts App. Or become a member on YouTube for exclusive videos and ad-free episodes. SUNscribe to our free email list to get that special offer for first time members, receive alerts on bonus episodes, calls to action, new shows and updates. CLICK HERE to learn more: Visit our new events page where you can learn about the upcoming in-person and virtual appearances from hosts! And a special thank you to our sponsors:, PELOTON, and VUORI. Use promo code "MANDY" for a special offer! For current & accurate updates: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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