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March 26, 2024 • 43 mins
Good morning! On today's show, Ryan shares a new happiness hack and how you can save 2 days of time a year. Ellen also talks with Ludacris about hosting this year's iHeart Music Awards and the latest Q&A and QOTD coming up on the Ellen K Morning Show On Demand.
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Coast one O three point five.It's just we love you so much,
thank you for making iday lovely everysingle day. We would love to give
you a chiang Group Pucket. Thisis a group of group Group Group Punk
with the ellen k Morning Show andit is Coast one of three point five
top stories top of the hour.Good Morning of ellen K and following this
tragic story out of Baltimore, whereearly this morning, a cargo ship crashed

into the famous Key Bridge, causingit to snap, collapse and plunge into
the river below. Sadly, severalvehicles were on the bridge at the time.
Rescuers continue their search for survivors aswe speak. So far they found
two officials are calling it a masscasualty event. Here's Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott.
This is an unthinkable tragedy. Wehave to first and foremost pray for

all of those who are impacted,of those families, prey for our first
responders, and thank them all ofthem working together, city, state,
local to make sure that we areworking for thee this tragedy. Oh Indeed,
it remains unclear what caused the shipto strike those bridge supports. Dodger
Star Show Hey. Otani has addressedthe media for the first time since his

ex interpreter's illegal gambling scandal or rockedthe sports world. Was Otani involved through
an interpreter, Show says no,so I never bet on baseball any other
sports or I never have asked somebodyto do all my behalf and I have
never went through a book maker tobet on sports. He also claims that

Ipe the interpreter, lied about somekey details. Upon further questioning, it
was revealed that it was actually,in fact Ipe who had who was in
debt and told my representatives that Iwas paying off those debts. Apparently asked

show Hey if he could assume controlof Otani's financial accounts and then wired the
money to himself. It certain morawill come out as investigation unfolds, and
the Dodgers say, by the way, I took a six nothing lost to
the Angels last night, They'll doit again tonight in Nannaheim six oh seven,
first pitch last night's Powerball drawing again, no grand prize winner meeting.
Tomorrow's pole pushes up to eight hundredand sixty five mil. That is the

seventh largest in history. You justkeep climbing. Tonight's Mega Millions is worth
one point one billion dollars. Whenwant the cash straight up, that's five
hundred and twenty six meals. Youcan get those tickets. And despite some
attic cloud cover, we're gonna warma tat for Tuesday. Temps touching on
seventy Southgate sun Land up to aboutsixty five and seventeen right now fifty five
in Burbank Kost, Los Angeles,fueled by Celsius Essential Energy Drinks. It's

Coast one of three point five.You are not alone. You have us
this Coast one of three point fivefor the L and K Morning Show.
We love waking it up with you. I'm Ellan, Hi, Ryan Mannow,
good morning. I'm social Queen Darlene. I have to say this studio
looks so beautiful and bright, andwe will post photos for you and videos.

Maybe we'll stream a little bit livethis morning. But we are wrapped
in our studio by Celsius Essential EnergyDrinks. It's just fresh right white.
Yeah, and we have the entirebuilding hooked on Celsius. I see everyone
drinking it because now we have arefrigerator full of it thanks to our studio
and so yeah, everyone's loving thewatermelon the most. I don't know.

I'm not a celsius, a fishand auto yet I go one flavor,
I go citrus, So I'm gonnahave to branch out. Well, funny
you should say that, Ellen,Yes, what's in my hand? This
is watermelon? There we are.I love the crack of that. Thank
you? All right? So Diddy, my gosh, I mean everybody's talking

about it. These were giant raids. These were like every vehicle that you
never usually see. And then HomelandSecurity and human trafficking and two homes Miami
and LA. And then Diddy waspacing around the Miami airport. So I've
just been like consuming, when's happening. They found his plane somewhere like a

far off island, like tracked hisplane there, but he wasn't on it,
so there was initially some thought thathe had fled, so weird.
Yeah, then at the Miami airport, Homeland Security doesn't typically get involved on
minor things, right, yeah,huh, Well they didn't cuff him when
they did locate him, so wonderingwhat's going on. But now, of

course, like all of the scaryoffee thing awful things are coming out about
him, and I had to tellyou our friends at KTLA, like right
there at his front door in HombeHills. Yeah, so anyway, we're
following that, all right, It'sgoing to be a beautiful day today.
How gorgeous was yesterday? I meanthe clouds did roll in a little bit
later. But there's a thing calledsunshine guilt. I've never heard of this

of you. I hadn't heard itcalled this, but I've felt this.
Okay, sunshine and guilt. Doyou suffer from sunshine guilt? I am
experiencing sunshine guilt right now. Itis an abnormally beautiful day outside, but
I'm tired, So now I feelthis pressure to go outside and go for
a walk and enjoy the weather whileit lasts. I can't enjoy myself indoors

now because the whole time I'm thinkingthat I should be outside, So basically
my day is ruined. That isa that is a lot of guilt.
Don't let that happen to you.Do you, guys ever feel that on
the weekends though? When you sleepin, like if you see the sun
coming through your windows a little bit, Yeah, right, oh, I
should be up, but you don'twant to get up. I love it.

I'm like, I am happy tobe here. I'll stay here longer.
Yeah, it's a craving I think. Anyway, we're going to go
Inside Entertainment coming up next. Also, we are going to send you to
six Flags Magic Mountain. Keep ithere The l NK Morning Show on Coast
one oh three point five Coast oneO three point five Inside Entertainment with lan

K. Well it happened last night. Bachelor Joey ended the twenty eighth season
by proposing to Kelsey after saying goodbyeto Daisy. Oh spoiler alert. Oh
that's a spoiler alert. Well,but it was a giant finelle. Yeah,
I know. I mean I didn'twatch Monday Night Raw last night.
I was looking forward to getting homeand watching. I know what happened?
You have me to tell you?Yeah, alright, and I know you've

heard. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelseyjust got back from a romantic Bahama's vacation.
Some details sounds incredible. They stayedin fifteen thousand dollars per night villa
that sleeps twelve people in six bedrooms. They were on their own though a
pool, multiple terraces stunning gardens,a gym and Moore. Taylor is often
till her eras tour resumes in Franceand May, Travis tells a few weeks

until the NFL's off season workouts begin, and this just in. There's a
romance docu series in the work,all about Well, based on Travis and
Taylor. Did you see those photosof them on the beach. His hands
were creeping? Oh yeah, yeah. She was on her stomach and he
was on his back, so andhis hand was right over a big lump.

I love this, Brian Cranston.I mean, he's just what a
guy, right? I know thatyou guys are just hanging with him.
Yeah, when he was doing hismescal appearance those ombres. Anyway, the
MMB enlisted the help of six timeEmmy winner and diehard Dodgers fan Brian Cranston.
In Major League Baseball, you coulddream with no limits. You could
become your hero, steal the show, or even start a new club.

You can meet the moment and exceedthe hype. You can write a new
chapter of history and let your sittingdream again. This sees anything can happen.
Anything can happened. Opening Day comingup this coast. Let's go.

Six Flags Magic Mountain open daily nowthrough April eighth. We want to send
you as a four pack, geta dose of vitamin screen. I have
been after our screen Break event everyFriday and Saturday. Plus you can go
in a culinary adventure during the flavorsof the World Food Festival. There's so
much waiting for you. It's afour pack right now. We called our
twenty Hi, good morning. Who'sthis? Okay, Hi, this is

Sloope, Hey Loope? What's doingright now? You sound wide awake?
I'm working right now. Where doyou work? We're here with Fontana.
Okay, well, Lupe, thankyou for having us on at work.
Thank you your caller twenty You justwant a four pack to six Flags Magic
Mountain. Oh my god. Finallyyay. And these tickets give you access

to screen Break after hours party ifyou'd like to go, Yes, yes,
so my kids will be so happy. Thank you. As this call
has gone on loop, I'm gatheringyou're not supposed to be on the phone
right Okay, The ellen K MorningShow on past one oh three point five.

We are the owen K Morning Show. Good morning too. Yeah,
looking for another beautiful sunny sky dayat least a clouds are gonna clear away,
and we're going to kick him outright now with your Happiness Act for
life. I want to talk toyou about when you leave parties? Ellen,
Okay, how do you do it? Are you a quick exit?
Do you do the lap? Therounds? Say goodbye? What's your plan?

I always say goodbye and thank youto the host or hostess or family.
Always that, and then I thinkI kind of evaporate. Okay,
Yeah, Seacrest does an evaporation.He does like probably like major Houdini vaporized.
Yeah, Darlene, I wave andif they don't catch it, that's
on them. Okay, what aboutyou? Right? I am probably more
of a let's go around the roomand do the lap? Oh? I

like, I don't know why.Maybe it's I don't know if because you
don't want to leave. I thinkI have to leave because they're turning the
lights off. That's probably true.And so then you're like, well,
how can I extend my stay?You guys listen to this? Are you
ready? People like you Ellen anddar who evaporate. This is a new
study from the University of New SouthWales in Sydney, Australia. They have
found that people like you who justleave save two days per year. I

believe it too. Yeah, wehave an aunt Lucy. Lucy runs on
Lucy Time and she will come backfive to six seven times if you let
her to say bye. Oh okay, she does the rounds. I'm like,
just go. Yeah. One timeI was hosting a baby shower.
It was a pretty big one formy friend Candas and so, I mean
I rented tables and table cloths andall these things. And Candace was late.

She's got an hour late, sowe got an hour late start,
right, So we started at twopm instead at one pm. You guys,
at seven pm they're still going.That's a five hour baby shower.
And I had to be somewhere elsefor the evening. So I have a
friend who is he's a former marine. His name is Pat O'Keeffe. And

I said back, I don't knowwhat to do. I gotta leave.
I can't leave with all these peoplein the house. Plus Calvin staying behind
with a babysitter helped me. Andso you listed the help of a marine.
Marine. You know, he standsup on a chair and he goes
everybody one on three point five withthe ellen K Morning Show. I'm Nick
Paulina o'kaney Coast one of three pointfive. And before you go, Nick,

how do you leave a party?Oh? I always Irish goodbye?
And it's funny I when when youguys are talking about this, I kind
of took a deep dive and startedgoogling it because that's kind of my stick
and I didn't realize that every culturehas a different version of it. So
there's the French leave, there's anItalian one, a Spanish one, yeah,
and a German one. Is therelike a Norwegian? No? Norwegian?
No, No, he's got it. There's got to be a let

it go, you know, yeah, you let it go all uh the
you know. But anyway, butwe want to share that love and it
is a thank you Tuesday here onthe only K Morning Show. It's Coast
one of three point five. Yourtop stories are coming up, but first

of all, Nick Pauliochini, wewant to thank you. There are so
many people stuck on the two ten. We're trying to navigate the morning and
you are getting us through it.And Vincent just walked through the door.
Wacko head of all imaging here andvideo and production at iHeart and he wants

to thank you Nick, thank youso much from the bottom of my heart.
Yeah, he said, he reachedout to you and you right away
got him the information and just thanksa lot. Nick. We not all
of us have your number to beable to text you say, how do
I get out of this? Yeah, you could give it on the air
anytime if you want to. Well, I mean my dms are open,

so if you want to hit meup on exor Twitter or Instagram for anybody
listening, Coast one five I'm alwayshere for you and it is Coast one
of three point five. Top story, Top of the Hour. Here is
the latest. We are following thetragic story out of Baltimore where early this
morning, a cargo ship crashed intothe famous Key Bridge. Sinner g Marine
Group, which owns and manages aship called the Dali, confirmed the vessel

hit a pillar of the bridge atone thirty am Eastern time while in control
of one or more pilots, whoare local specialists who helped navigate vessels safely
into ports. That set. Allcrew members, including the two pilots on
board, were accounted for and therewere no reports of any injuries on that
ship. However, sadly, severalvehicles and workers were on the bridge at
the time. Rescuers continuing their searchfor survivors as we speak. Maryland Governor

Wesmore updates us. All of ourhearts are broken. We fill your loss.
We're thinking of you, and wewill always be thankfumty. We pray
for the construction workers who are onthe key bridge, and we pray for
everyone who has been touched by thistragedy and their families and all their loves.

Well for sure and still in remainingunclear what caused the ship to strike
those bridge supports. Homeland Security agentsran a surprise raid yesterday and a Holmbi
Hills mansion associated with Sean Ditty Combs. It all went down in the two
hundred block of South Mapleton, awealthy enclave for many of LA's elite,
once home to the Playboy mansion.Worth noting a second group of Homeland Security
agents ran that simultaneous raid of hismansion in Miami, and the exact reason

still unclear, but Diddy had beenrecently named in lawsuits over various assaults and
trafficking, and the Powerball drawing againproducing no grand prize winner. Get your
tickets today Tomorrow's poll pushing up toeight hundred and sixty five mil. Tonight's
Mega Millions meanwhile worth one point onebillion dollars and despite some added cloud cover,

we're gonna warm for today with atum's touching on seventy pomone up to
sixty five Pacoima, you'll see seventyand it is fifty five in Burbank Kost,
Los Angeles, fueled by Celsius EssentialEnergy Drinks. It's cost three three
point five right, thinking out loud, ed Shearon Coaster on a three point
five when I got to the airportafter saying goodbye to my dad, ed

Sheeron Perfect was on the speakers,and then Memories Ma Moon five, and
I was like, you know,music is just so meaningful and powerful,
and those are both songs that mydad just loved. I keep thinking like
I'm getting all these messages because I'mopen to them. Karen Sharp sent me
a beautiful hawk that circled her areaoff her balcony three times and then it

flew away, but it was sittinglike right in front of her. It
was so beautiful. Do you know, Ellen, who was your dad's favorite
artist or like a favorite song?Did he ever like really share what he
loved musically? He always had musicon his house, so he and he
had such white He loved everything fromEd Shearon to Adele. I mean he

really liked Adele's voice. He lovesshare. He loved Willie Nelson hoy accident
another country star growing up. What'syour memory of the music they would play
herbalperk Oh? Yeah, that wasalways on in our house. I love
you, Daddy, Dale in Heaven. All right, it's going to be
a beautiful day. We were talkingabout when you say goodbye at parties,

Ryan, your happiness hack for life. You told us that we saved two
days a year. If we dothe Irish goodbye just to who denied,
disappear, evaporate, don't do therounds vaporized. I just feel bad if
I don't say thank you to theperson who threw the party. Sure,
sometimes people leave a party and theydon't even know they've left the party,

like one of my friends that wehad to escort down the stairs and pour
her into her car while her husbanddrove her home. It happens because she
was overserved. So that's one wayto leave a party when you don't even
know you're leaving the party, buteveryone else knows, right, And we
do not recommend that at all.But yeah, I like to just say
thank you and then disappear. Nowsome people really do just that's it.

He's like they were there, thenthey're gone. Let's go to Mike.
Mike, thanks for calling. Whatdo you do? So we have some
friends which they're like they've been friendsfor us for like twenty five thirty years
and they're allergic to cats. Well, we have four cats. When we
have parties. We always lock themup so and could we have Kyle floor
and everything, and so they cansurvive. But if they keep staying longer,

then we actually want to All wedo is say, hey, we're
gonna let our cats out now,and all they do and as soon as
you say that, they're out thedoor and say they just leave. I
don't really recommend that either. It'slike the reverse Irish could bye, that's
like all right, here come theallergies. And then you write you don't
want to leave, No, Istay as long as I can do you

lock the front door after you go, all right. Well, do you
guys look at these blue skies.It's a thank you Tuesday. It's a
happy day. Let's celebrate. InsideEntertainment coming up next. I think I'll
go for a long outside. Nowit sounds calling my name. Hey,

I just can't stay inside holiday,I got how to get out? Give
me soundstream? Yes, I lovethat song. I think of all the
Brady Bunch episodes that that we gotto know so well. Anyway, and
the words of my Daddy Dale.Today is a real zouie past one O

three point five with the ln KMorning Show, Coast one three point five,
Coast one O three point five,Inside Entertainment with lan K and The
Bachelor. Gentran has named the newleading Lady for season twenty one, becoming
the first Asian American lead. Congrats. The Titanic door that saved Kate Winslet's
rose sells for about seven hundred,twenty thousand dollars at auction. It's just

a chunk of balsa wood, butit's a valuable one and it's the one
of the pivotal scenes in the movie. Oh that's a huge amount O.
Bill Murray's red Rose bowling ball fromKingpin's for three hundred and fifty thousand.
I want that. Okay. Whatabout this Jack Nicholson's axe from The Shining
one hundred and twenty five grand?I like this one, Toby McGuire's black
suit from Spider Man about one hundredand twenty five thousand dollars. Oh.

You ever see the movie Return toOz? It was that weird like Disney
sequel from I think I did.There's a there's a prop in there,
TikTok, and I need to knowwhere it's at because I really want to
buy it. Okay, so whatTikTok? It's a robot. Oh,
it's a robot prop? Got it? Yeah? Well you know the sneaky
shaving cream? Can that? Wayne? And I use it to smuggle dinosaur
embryos and dresses? Yes, okay, two hundred fifty I love them.

Okay. What about this comedian MattRiche from a small town in Ohio.
Uh, he's amazing. He's theyoungest comedian to ever had laying the Hollywood
Bowl on his own. And hesaid when he got here from Ohio and
he drove by the Hollywood Bull,he said, I've been a headline there
one day and this is what youneed to do in life, manifest what
you want to come true. MattRaife did it. He was just here.

We were talking about now that he'sin Hollywood, does he ever see
any famous celebrities? Okay, randomlyI went saw Dolomite when it was enthused
with Eddie Murphy and Stevie Wonder wassitting behind him. No, and I'm
swear to this day he was laughingat nonverbal comedy moments. I swear to
God, something physical would happen onthis shoe and I would I would listen.

Yeah, I would hear, andI go, there's no way.
There's no way he could have knownwhat happened. There's no way. Thank
you. And here he is.He is a coach listener. He is
Stevie Wonder. We're the only Kymorning show the Q and it just said,

and we are the l K MorningShow with your l K Q and
a good morning Sunny and Burbank.I have seventy to day. It's gonna
be a beauty. We need that. And really so sorry about that.
Two ten, I mean we arelooking at you live at the one thirty

four and oh my gosh, thatwas a huge backup Darlene and Ryan,
you guys made it just in time. We would have been in that,
you would have been in it.I remember one time you were stuck at
the two ten one thirty four andyou were just gonna abandon your car and
walk off. I thought, Ithought I could get there faster if I
just ran, right. But whatwould you do with your car? I
don't know. You would just Idon't know, pull it on a figured

it out. But yeah, it'swalking distances right there. Oh we feel
so sorry about that. But ifyou are stuck in traffic right now,
breathe always feels good. It's justtake in a big That's what I've been
doing a lot, you guys.I find myself just last week and this
week going through losing a parent,my dad, I would just go,

yeah, can I ask you,because we haven't asked you this in all
honesty, Compared today to yesterday,it is it's okay. Yeah, it's
worse because we spoke with a lotof people yesterday and got a lot of
details and about his set in passing. But we're going to push through.
In fact, there's a message onour whiteboard says push through. I'm pushing

through and if you're pushing through something, let's push through together. Thank you
and we love you, so pushthrough? All right? Men say this
makes a woman boring? That's yourquestion. What's your answer? Men say
this makes a woman boring? Eighthundred nine nine kost it she guesses?
Next win? Men say this makesa woman boring? That is your question.

What is the right answer. It'sfor Pinka Dodger Stadium. It is
not complaining. Good guess though,get more of your guesses coming up.
Keep it here on Coast one ofthree point five. Well these guesses,
I mean, come on. Mensay that this makes a woman boring a

woman who doesn't want to cook?I mean, it's just I think that
some people are using this to complainabout it. It's for Pink at Dodger
Stadium. You're llen k Q andA. Okay, more gases next,
keep it here on coast. It'sthe llen k Q and A on Coast.
Hi, Wendy, how are you? I'm doing good. I'm a

spring break so much needed. Okay, good well, rest it up and
thanks for having a song during yourspring break. We are We're honored,
Wendy. I'm happy to talk toyou. Oh, thank you, Wendy.
I feel it. Thank you somuch. But it's your Q and
A. We want to send youa pink at Dodger Stadium. Men say

this makes a woman boring? Whatis it? Being indecisive in decisiveness?
That that? I mean any personbeing in decisive It tries to be crazy,
and sometimes I'm indecisive. Huh,it's a great guess. It's not
the right answer. Okay, thankyou. Thanks. Last night, Carla

and I had an appointment and wewere looking at a couple different restaurants.
Do you want to go sit here? Do you want that? Do you
want this? Neither of us coulddecide, so we ended up at Subway.
Okay, there you go. Youcalled it. Yeah. Hi Andrea,
Hi, good morning, Good morning. Andrea is going to work Santa
Anna. Where do you work?Courthouse? Okay? All right, okay,

Andrea? I bet a lot ofexcitement happens there. Yeah, there's
a lot. Well, what's yourguest? So what is it men say
this makes a woman boring? I'mgonna say, maybe someone that's lazy,
that has no energy. Really goodguess. I had this friend who had
his girlfriend move in with him,and he is a doctor, and so

he's always just super busy and shewasn't working, and he said, I
don't know how many more times Ican walk through the door while she's just
laying on the couch watching TV.And then she wants to talk to me
about all the shows she watched,and I like, just did surgery.
So yeah, I have friends whoare living that. And that's a great

guess. It's not the right answer. Oh no, Okay, try again.
Lauren has us on at work.Where do you work, Lauren?
I'd rather not say what it is? For an insurance company? Okay,
all right, So what's your guess? She doesn't try out new things?

Okay, won't try new things?I could see that, like you don't
want to go to a new restaurant. You don't want to, you know,
go on a roller coaster or dosomething you've ever done before. You
don't want no adventure. I guessit's a great guest, right, won't
try new things? And you areright, Oh my god, you're going
to pick it. Oh my gosh, thank you, thank you. The

thanks go to you for being herewith us. Yeah, men say this
makes a woman boring. It's notwanting to try new things. Ryan,
I know where your mind is.I know what you're thinking. We're not
going to talk about it, youknow, how dare you? Ryan?
I mean I see your word bubbleshame. Please. We're on our way

to school, so it's our springbreaking. They don't need that. But
yeah, it is not trying newthings. Don't be boring, have fun,
try new things. It is oneO three five Top Stories, Top
of the Hour, Good Morning,em Melian Kane. Two were pulled from

the water, seven missing after thebridge collapse in Baltimore. The ship apparently
lost power and could not avoid hittingthe structure. Officials say that one person
pulled from the water uninjured, anotherwas taken to a hospital in serious condition.
They added about seven others are stillin the water, dive teams searching
for them, Coast Guard on thescene, and the FBI as well.
Last year, the Port of Baltimorehandled a record fifty two million tons of

foreign cargo worth eighty billion dollars andDodgers star show Hey Otani addressing the media
for the first time since his exinterpreter's illegal gambling scandal rock the sports world.
Was Otani involved to an interpreter showsays no, So I never bet
on baseball any other sports, orI never have asked somebody to do.

Ell might behal and I have neverwent through a book maker to bet on
sports. The Dodgers, by theway, took a six nothing lost to
the Angels last night. They'll doit again tonight. Nannaheim six oh seven,
first pitch, And catfish mucus mayhold surprising powers to beat bacterial superbugs
and as an antibiotic has resistant pathogensand they can really kill these superbug antibiotics.

Research right here out of California offeringup surprising potential source of bacteria fighting
power and it is catfish mucus.Research is extracted a compound that exhibits powerful
an antibacterial properties from the skin ofthe farmed African catfish. And how these
people discover these things, but gladthey do. And the head honcho at
Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, hassuggested an interviews at Microsoft is working hard

to create a handheld Xbox device kindof like the Nintendo Switch. He said
they have handheld prototypes right now.He wants it to be fully native and
not something that operates in the cloud, so that could be coming out this
year. All right, it's asunshiny day. We got warm day to
day highst touched in seventy right now, it's sixty in Burbank. It's KOST
Los Angeles, powered and fueled byCelsius Energy Drinks Coast one of three point

five. Hi, good morning,Hi, good morning. Oh my god,
I'm not the red color. Ohmy god, you are awesome.
Thank you so much. Where okay, where are you? What's your name

ilan Soelsie. My name is Gabriella. It sounds like your work. Actually
I'm coworking. I'm at home rightnow. Okay, okay, all right,
well thank you for having us onat home? Are you like on
a radio radio or on Alexa?Like? What are you listening to us
on? Oh? I have mylittle radio I have right here on the
side of my desk. Let mewalk away so it's not so loud.

Oh okay, I can't Yeah,I know I can't hear. It must
be really little. I'm at home. I put it up as lot as
I want, but I'm kind ofworking. So thanks for having us on.
Yeah you can have thousand dollars.Oh yeah, so excited? Yeah,
so we're weed's you're ol K onek payday and it's one thousand dollars

every day. It's so easy towin. So far this week Rosa kay
Reella, thank you so much,and more cash to come. We're going
to share it tomorrow song and'll belistening for coming up. Just keep it
here. Coast one oh three pointfive with the LLENK Morning Show. Thank
you for being here with us.It's Coast one of three point five or

the LLENK Morning Show. Today isa Zowie kind of day. My daddy
Dale's favorite word when he was excitedabout something he'd say or write, zowie.
And it's kind of like a recentthing in the last probably like five
years. I was always liked Dad. Guess what happened zowie? That's adorable.

So last night I talked to avery special man and he is the
man who came up on my dad. First. My dad died suddenly,
sudden cardiac arrest. It's an electricalissue from a heart attack. It's instant
death, and I want everyone tocheck their heart. That's the message.

Make sure that you know if there'san automated external defibrillator wherever you live,
work, play the AED you cantrain how to use it. It's pretty
simple instructions. I really dove intoit last night because you know, I
really want everyone to check their heart. This is it's a scary thing.

Is the leading cause of death iswhen your heart stops, sudden cardiac arrest.
And that's what I lost my fatherto. And I talked to the
man who found out. His name'smy Collar and he is a neighbor who
happened to be driving home and hecame up on my dad and he said
he was laying there very peacefully,almost like he had laid down on a

sofa to pull a blanket up.It is beautiful. Blue eyes were open,
and he was holding a flashlight inone hand and his other hand on
the stomach, like on his chest, not like clutching, you know,
just peacefully. And it was sogreat to talk to this wonderful man.

And he said, I wasn't freakedout. There were some other people on
the scene who were frantic, butI just felt the surroundery and the piece
that your dad felt, and itwas just so great to talk to this
man. We zoomed as family,and today is a push through day for
sure. We also woke up andhad news from Ernold Schwarzenegger. He's also

very concerned about hardcare because he's beenthrough it as well. I have some
personal news to share. Last Monday, I had surgery for a pacemaker and
became a little bit more of amachine. I have to tell you.
Just saying this all of you goesagainst so much of my upbringing in Austria,
where nobody ever talked about medicasues.Everything related to healthcare was kept to

yourself. Yeah, but you knowwhat, it's good to talk about it.
You got to get the AEDs,get some CPR training and you could
save a life. And if youget your heart checked, you could be
saving your own life. You know. My dad was ninety. He was
having some heart care, but hewas feeling so great, so good.

Here's some great news, and Igot it from all of his friends.
He had such a happy last day, just the happiest and also we have
all of his passwords, so wesaw him on ring camera that day.
Oh my gosh, it was itwas. It was great. He was
He looked so smiling and happy.Yeah that's all you can ask for all

Yeah, so true. So checkyour heart, please do it for do
it for you. Do it foryour family and thanks for being here.
Coast one O three point five withthe Ellen k Morning Show, Lee Cyrus
and Coast one O three point fivecoming up a little bit later on the
show, we are going to havea ludicrous on. He's a good friend
of ours and he is also thehost of the iHeartRadio Music Awards, which

are happening on Monday. This showkeeps growing and swelling like the power Ball,
like the Mega millions, billions andartists added every day. But Luda
is going to be on this afternine. He's got a two for two
streak on our show with a flirtingwith you. Yeah. I want to

see if this goes on today.All right, we were just together.
I hosted a star in the Walkof Fame, which was so fun.
He likes him, Samelan. Ithink we just known each other for a
while, so we are familiar witheach other. We'll see, okay,
all we were just talking about gettingyour heart checked. Mackenzie, thank you
so much for calling. How's itgoing. My dad passed away from cardiac

arrest this last December. I'm sorry, and he was just walking. He
got healthy. You're fifty four andcardiac arrest. And so when you said
check your heart, I feel likeever since December, I've been putting that
out there because at one person hada one person heart condition, you know,
and you're so healthy, you justthought and so just crazy that you

were talking about that, and Ijust I feel for you, Ellen,
and I feel for you too,and I'm glad we connected. You know,
one day you're having a great day, and then that's how that's life,
it's how it changes. And thenyou know, I've learned so much
in less than a week about aboutthe heart, about life and love and

death. I am I completely,I did all the research. I just
you live, you learn, andyou take the memories and you you make
them move on and if anything,you know, now I have awareness and
I want to make everyone a wearwe have a microphone. I want everyone
to check their heart. I wantI want a EDS. I want I

want one for my car. Iwant to be able to save a life.
Yeah, you know, I startedtaking the CPR classes because we were
there and I just don't luckily haveyou know all that. So the microphone,
I love it. Bread the words, use your voice. Yeah,
yeah, thank you so much forcalling and sharing. Yes, I love
you guys. I hope you havea good rest of your day. What

a beautiful sky sun us out fiveseventy to day, perfect time to be
going to our hot time and itis extra hot. He is the host
of our iHeartRadio Music Awards Live onFox Monday, April. First LUDEA Chris,
Yeah, it's Ellen. Are youDTP? You know it? Hey?

Congratulations. First of all, letme say congratulations for your star on
the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Oneof my biggest honors was being there to
watch you being loved by your fansand your family most of all and getting
that star. Way to go.Thank you. Yeah, And it was
a moment in time that was oneof the best days of my life.
So I appreciate it. I justloved the love your your family around you

was because I host I host alot of the you know, the music
stars like yourself and your family,and the love that day from your family
and friends was like overwhelmingly great.No, it's it always is, but
you're right that particular day, everyonecoming together for that moment and the you
know, the true words that werecoming out of their mouth like I was.

It was definitely hard for me.Not to cry. The tears were
definitely coming and my eyes got watery. Ooh yeah, really quick though as
ludicrous. Do you try to holdthem back or do you just go I'm
gonna let these things roll? Likewhat's your thought? No? I mean,
you know, I think I wouldnever like try to hold them back
per se. But it's just likeit. You know, I had sunglasses

on because I knew that some wouldbe dead in my eyes, So that
helps a little bit from the water. Good excuse. Well, now you
are the host of our iHeartRadio MusicAwards. I'll be your voice, so
you'll be hosting and I'll be voicing. So I'm going to do your intro.

Actually, so we have to gettogether so you can tell me which
words you would like me to say. Oh great, you know anything that's
a playoff or words of Ludacris.We can make it happen. Okay,
love it? Well, This showkeeps on growing and swelling. More people
are going to be announced on Thursday. There are can be some surprise performances.

What can you tell us that youhaven't told anyone else? It wouldn't
be a surprise if I told you. But what I can tell you is
there's a surprise performance by Ludacris,none other than this guy that you're talking
to right now. So yeah,I'll be able to hit the stage as
well. That's this is what Ilove about musical hosts, someone like yourself,

because you're going to host it andyou're going to perform and there's nothing
you can't do. And I thinkthat listening to you just talk about life,
I realized that you were raised thatway, that someone instilled in you
that the world is is as greatand big as you want to make it.
Man, that means the world tome. I appreciate that because I

try to instill that in everybody,especially my kids. So you got it.
You hit on the head. Yeah, how are your kids? Kids
are great? Come on now?They got me as a dad. Oh
man. I was looking up allyour awards and it listed like, I
don't know, like it does ofthem and then it said click next line

because there was like fifty seven moreand they couldn't put them all on one
page. Way to go. Ididn't even know that. Yeah, guggle
yourself sometimes I will. I will. All right, Well, he's award
winning, he's ludicrous. There's noone like you. Chris, We've got
to announced performances justin Timberlake, GreenDay, Jelly Roll, TLC, Tate

mcray. Yeah, and I havean idea. I can hear a collaboration
between you and Jelly Roll in myhead. Would you do it? Sure?
I did a show with him.I think we were in Texas somewhere
and I met him. Man's sucha great, great god. Absolutely,
I would definitely collaborate with him.And he's an amazing artist. And I'm
just proud that he's getting all theseaccolades and these awards. He deserves them.
Man, he's great. He's agreat person. Yeah, you know,

so are you. Luda. Anytimethat you are feeling down or you
need to boost, you call usbecause we are your biggest fans. I
appreciate that. I heart you,Scott, You're the best. See you
on Monday. Yeah, love,that's love. April First Live on Fox
eight seventh Central. Listen on iHeartRadioas well, so you can carry us

on the app, but watch uson live on Fox. Ludacris your host.
I will be your voice. Youcan also catch all the action.
We're gonna have a yellow carpet soyou can see that as well on our
YouTube. You know who he is. Ludacris is my baby because she was
so amazing and now my heart isbreaking. But I just keep you and

we are your home for our iHeartRadioMusic Awards. It is back on Monday.
Just keep it here to learn howto win your way here. That
song ended quickly by surprise. Ryanwas in the hallway, of course,
and I put an l to itin my mouth. Well, thank you

for spending your morning with us.Carrie Steele is next. She will give
you the listener advantage for the oneK one K payday two forty today.
Your song of the day tomorrow isJourney. I don't stop believing. Thanks
to all who have been trying towin the cash, and don't give up,
because if you give up, youdon't even have a chance. That's
right. If you don't win themega millions tonight, we've got your money

tomorrow, that's right. Are yougonna go buy your tickets? Yeah?
One point one billion. I thinkyou have to, even if it's just
a single ticket. You know,shortstop Studio City, I'm coming for you.
I have an agreement with the guythere. You know what's crazy.
I went to a seven to eleventhe other day in Glendora, and or
it was at ZUSA and they onlytake cash. Some can let you do

a debit card, but some ohokay, So he goes, we only
take cash. I didn't have cash, and I left, And the whole
time I'm leaving, I thought,what if? What if? What if?
Yes, I'll be at Caesar's Markettonight, right down the street from
my house. They're the best offof Sultana. My dad is having teethwork
done right now. Shout out toour dentist, Ariel Jones. She's been
saving my dad's life seriously, andso he's been waiting a long time for

this, and he's usually our lottopercha. So I gotta step in.
Okay, Yeah, how many youbuy in? Probably twenty dollars worth?
Okay? Yeah, all right,good luck team, Yeah, good luck
to all of us. All right. Carrie Steele's next We'll see you tomorrow
morning. Here's a quote of theday. We end every show the quote
and a kiss, And this onecomes from birthday boy Stephen Tyler, and

he says, as good as Iam, I am nothing without my band.
It's kind of like words for life, right, your band it's your
friends, that's your people, yoursupport system. As good as I am,
I'm nothing without my band. Keepthose words in your mind. It's
all about the love we have inour lives. Kiss on three, kiss
on me one two three

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